Stuck Without You

Words and music by Katie

We all make mistakes, some people may shrug and advise
But somehow in this case I don't think that excuse applies
You asked me why I did it, why I chose to hurt you so
And I'll readily admit it, the truth is, I don't know

And I am aware that you're hurt terribly
But, baby, I swear he meant nothing to me
You are the one that I want to be near
So don't try to run, please just stay and hear me out

I never meant to hurt you, though you may not believe it's true
And now I'm stuck without you, oh what in the world can I do?
I'll swallow my pride, try to unlock the door
I know that I lied, but I'm begging for one more
Chance to prove that I love you
And I'm never gonna cause you pain again

I remember how it was before, everything was like a dream
You'd kiss my lips, leave me wanting much more every time you'd leave
Your love would surround me when you'd hold onto me so tight
I'd feel your arms wrapped around me all through the long, cold night

And I realize that there's nothing you owe
But I look in your eyes and somehow I know
We're the perfect pair, we belong with each other
And this love is so rare, I will not find another like you


Why didn't I think of what this would do to you and me?
How did I manage to do something that hurt you so badly?
Somehow I suppose I just up and forgot
That you were perfect to me no matter what


I swear to you
I love you and I'll never hurt you again

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