It's Gonna Be D

To the tune of 'NSYNC's "It's Gonna Be Me"
Written by Katie

We might like A.J.
'Coz he's "so fly"
And Nicky can really flow, oh!!
Sure, Kevin is sexay
And Brian makes us believe he fell from the sky
But these four ain't why

Every little thing you do
Never seems too sweet for you
We don't wanna lose you again
But you're not like them
Baby, when we find that we
Really love somebody
Guess what?
It's gonna be D!!

He's got the voice, babe
His dancing's the bomb
You know, his purple corvette is great!!
The future's so right for me
'Coz in the end I know it's gonna be D
You can't deny
That he is the guy


There comes a day when he'll be the one
You'll see
It's gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna...

All that you do
Is just so sweet, it's true
We don't want you to lose it
But you're not like that
When we finally
We get to loooooooove
It's gonna be D!!