Woozy AKA Women!!!!!!

Nick woke Linzey up quickly.

"What? What is it, baby?" Linz looked up at him.

"Did you hear that howling?" Nick looked around worriedly.

"It's just a wolf. We're in the mountains, sweetie." Linz kissed Nick.

"Can he get into the cabin?" Nick looked down at Linzey.

"No, it's just like a house. It is a house. Come on, let's go back to sleep," Linz said as she pulled Nick back under the warm covers.


A.J. held Kati in his warm arms. Everyone was taking the tour break to a large extent. They all needed after the previous week's events.



"What time is it?"


"We should get some more rest if we're going skiing with Linzey and Nick t'morrow."

"Who said we have to ski?" A.J. kissed Kati's neck.

"I like the way you think." Kati smiled.


"Nicky. Wake up, baby," Linz kissed Nick as he woke up.

"Hey." Nick kissed back.

"We have to get up. Will you go wake up A.J. and Katy. I'll go wake up Howie, Kev, and Brian. Please?" Linz begged.

"If you really don't want to wake them up, I guess I will." Nick smiled jokingly at her.

The two kissed passionately before getting up.


"Time to get up lovebirds." Nick walked in.

"Speaking of which, where's your lovebird?" A.J. sat up as he kissed Kati awake.

"She didn't want to wake you two up," Nick explained.

"We do owe her an explanation, sweetie." Kati looked up at A.J.

"We'll explain later today," A.J. said to her.

"Okay. We're leaving in an hour for the mountains so hurry up," Nick said before leaving the room.


Brian followed Linz around.

"I didn't know we were skiing. I can't ski," Brian argued.

"I'll teach you." Linz smiled.

"I don't have a ski suit," Brian remembered.

"Borrow one of Kev's."

"It'll be too big."

"Kevy. Time to wake up." Linz knocked on the door.

"Okay," Kevin's deep voice answered.

Linz threw Brian into the room and walked over to Howie's door. She opened the door to see Howie holding a woman in his arms. Both were sleeping. She closed the door and walked back to Kevin's room.

"Can I come in?" Linz knocked on the door.

"Yeah, I'm pretty decent I guess," Kevin answered.

"This is the smallest one I have." Kevin handed a ski suit to Brian.

"Howie is sleeping," Linz whispered to Kevin and Brian.

"So wake him up." Kevin looked confused.

"It's kind of hard to do that when there's a girl on top of him," Linz spit out.

"There's a girl on top of D?" Kevin asked with unbelieved eyes.

"Did she fall or something?" Brian joked.

"I gotta get a picture of this." Kevin smiled.

Brian grabbed his camera and went into Howie's room and took a picture and came back with a smile spread across his face.

"You two are just like little kids." Linz smiled and walked out the door. She walked into Howie's room and to his bed side. She gently shook him.

"Linzey! What's going on?"

"I was gonna ask you the same thing." Linz smiled down at him.

The woman moved closer to Howie as she woke up.


"Hey." The woman seemed surprised to see Linzey there.

"I'm Linzey, you are?" Linzey held her hand out to the woman.

"I'm Rebeka. You know Howie?" Rebeka shook Linz's hand.

"We're just friends." Linz smiled. "We're going skiing soon. I don't know if you want to come, Rebeka, you can come too if you want."

Howie smiled and Linz smiled at both of them and left the room.


Nick found himself on the bed as Linz kissed him. They rolled over. Linzey shifted as Nick started to kiss her neck.

"We have to get ready." Linz pulled away.

"Oh baby. Come on. Please." Nick tried to talk her into it by kissing her neck again.

"I talked everyone into it. Come on, just wait until t'night." Linz ran her finger down Nick's chest.


Brian fell for the fifth time on the run as Linz maneuvered the snow with ease on her snowboard.

"How does she do that?" Brian asked frustrated.

"She's been doing it since she was five, B-Rok." Nick stopped next to him and helped him up. Howie stopped next to them and Brian couldn't help but snicker. Rebeka sped past them just as Linz did.

"Wow, she's good." Howie smiled.

"Is that what you were sayin' last night, D?" Brian laughed.

"How'd you? Brian!" Howie's eyes widened as Brian took off down the mountain.


A little further down the mountain, Linz and Rebeka had stopped waiting for the others.

"So when did you meet Howie?" Linz made conversation.

"When I was sent to check out a break in at his house that he shared with the other guys," Rebeka explained.

"Oh you're the police officer," Linz remembered.


Brian sped past Linz and Rebeka.

"Whoa, he's a fast learner," Rebeka exclaimed.

"Good job, Brian. Keep it in control!" Linz called back to him.

"Brian come back here," Howie said as he sped past the two girls. Rebeka followed after Howie.

"I got to hear about this." Linz almost sped off after them but was caught by Nick from behind.

"Where do you think you're going?" Nick pulled her close to him and whispered something to her ear.

"What kind of a surprise?" she asked out loud.

"You'll be surprised." Nick kissed her neck.


"I'll be right back," Rebeka called to Howie.

"Okay baby." Howie blew her a kiss.

She pretended to catch it as she walked down the stairs to the bathroom. When she was out of his sight she rolled her eyes and let the disgusted look on her face show through.

"What a dork!" she exclaimed as she went into the employee room to see Kelly and Ryan.

"Good, you're here," Kelly smirked.

"Hello baby. I missed you." Ryan kissed Rebeka as he grabbed her ass. "Is that Howie guy bugging you?"

"Yes. He's so dorky!" Rebeka rolled her eyes.

"Well, we'll be through with him by t'night."

"About that, here's the knock out pill you'll slip into his drink, after that Ryan will go in and get him. Justin, JC, and Morgan are already at the warehouse," Kelly sneered. "Ryan you may use any force possible if someone gets in your way. Just don't make a mess."

Ryan smiled at Kelly but turned back to Rebeka. "I can't wait to have you back to myself."


Nick walked around the house, he thought he saw Rebeka but he was sure. He went to the door to check but was pushed back by a man that looked like him. Nick tried to shake his head to see straight but was quickly clobbered by a metal object. Nick fell unconscious to the ground.


Ryan closed the car trunk. Howie and Nick were both passed out. Thanks to his trusty lead pipe.

"Nick? Nick, where are you?" a familiar voice called out.

Ryan rolled his eyes and picked up his lead pipe. He would just hafta leave whoever it was outside because he had no room in his car.

He tapped the person on the shoulder. She turned around only to reveal herself as Linz McLean. He pushed her to the snow covered ground and hit her hard a couple of times with the lead pipe. He got up and left her there to die in the cold.


Kevin wrapped his bathrobe around him and went to shut the door. He almost shut the door without noticing the limp body in the snow. He ran up to it to see an unconscious Linz.

"Oh G-d," he muttered as he picked up her limp, freezing body from the snow and brought her inside.

He laid her down on a couch next to the fireplace. He turned on the fire and covered her with five warm blankets.

"Oh G-d Linz, please be okay," Kevin begged as A.J., Katy, and Brian walked in after hearing the commotion.

"Katy go get me some gauzes. Quick," Kevin called to her.

"Oh lord, what happened?"

"I don't know, I was really cold so I went to close the door and I saw her," Kevin explained as he cleaned her head wound.

"Linz, please be okay, please you have to." A.J. knelt down beside her.


Linz screamed in pain as she woke up. She tried to sit up but everything turned black when she did. A large hand gently eased her back down. She looked up to see Kevin, he smiled at her.

"Guys she's awake," Kevin called and then hurried to her. "You've been sleeping for a whole day. What happened?"

"They took Nick and Howie." Linz almost faded out of consciousness again. "I tried to stop 'em but they hit me over the head with a lead pipe, three times." Linz held up two fingers.

"Oh G-d, Brian bring advil." Kevin massaged Linz's head.

A.J. walked in wearily and hugged her. She tried to hug back but she was too weak. She laid back down and felt Kevin's fingers start to massage her head again.

"What happened?" A.J. asked.

Linz started to talk but fell out of consciousness.

"They hit her with a lead pipe three times. She's really out of it, Bone." Kevin kept massaging her head.

"Oh G-d!" A.J. began to cry.

"She'll be okay," Kevin reassured as Brian brought him the advil.

Kevin gently shook Linz awake.

She moaned in pain and looked up to see A.J. crying.

"What's wrong? Am I gonna die?" Linz asked as Kevin gently slipped her four advil in her mouth and helped her swallow them by rubbing a large hand over her throat.

"We don't know," Kevin answered as A.J.'s sobs got louder.

"Who did this to you?" A.J. looked up with pure anger filling his tear streaked eyes.

"R-Ry-Ryan," Linz answered as she tried to sit up.

"Lay back down," Kevin said in a fatherly tone.

"Nick and Howie," Linz muttered.

"What about them sweetie? We know they're gone. The police won't report it though." A.J. held her warm hand.

"I hafta save 'em." Linz started to cry.

"Shhh. We'll find 'em. Don't take everything upon yourself." Kevin massaged her head even harder this time making her moan in pain.

"Kevy, it's too hard," Linz moaned.

"I know, it'll feel better in a minute," Kevin whispered in her ear.

A.J. got up to get the door as the doorbell rang. He opened the door to see Nick unconscious on the ground.

"Crap, now we have two of them." A.J. picked up Nick and dragged him into the house. He laid Nick down on a nearby couch. Kevin went to get up but A.J. stopped him.

"Stay there, Kev. I'll take care of Nick." A.J. checked for wounds.

Kevin kept massaging her Linz's head as she fell out of consciousness.


When Linz woke up she saw a pair of baby blue eyes staring right back at her.

"Hey," Linz said after realizing it was Nick.

"How are you feeling?" Nick kissed her.

"Like dying." Linz tried to stay conscious.

"Don't say that." Nick knelt down to be next to her.

"I just want to get rid of all of this pain," Linz said.

"I know, baby. You're strong, you got hit three times and you're still with us." Nick kissed her forehead.

"It's not my time yet." Linz sat up dizzily.

"What are you doing?" Nick looked at her confusedly.

"If I'm gonna get better, I have to kick it into high gear." Linz blinked fruitlessly to get the dizziness to go away.

"You can barely see, how are you gonna get up?" Nick tried to reason with her.

Linz just looked at him smugly.

"Oh no! I can't help you. I'll get in trouble. You need to lie back down," Nick coaxed her.

"No, I have to save Howie," Linz argued.

"Linz-baby you can't." Nick looked at her.

"I have to!" Linz tried to get up but fell back down.

"Get rest." Nick tucked her in.

"Okay." Linz closed her eyes only to dream about Howie.


Howie woke up slowly to find himself on a cold ground. His head ached but he managed to sit up.

"Morning sleepyhead." Kelly came over to him seductively.

"Fuck off, Kelly!" Howie struggled with his tied up arms.

"You know what this is?" Kelly held up a syringe filled with an odd goo. "It's morphine. Liable to knock anyone out if given enough."

"I'm all for it," Howie said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes.

"Not yet." Kelly straddled him. "When Linzey gets here."

"Linz is dead." Ryan walked in.

"Dead?!" Morgan struggled for the first time. "You killed her, didn't you? You bastard, she was my friend!"

"She was my friend too!" Howie said with anger.

"Don't hold the funeral procession yet, I just hit her over the head with a lead pipe three times," Ryan laughed.

"Like this," a voice said from behind Ryan as a feminine hand brought a lead pipe down over Ryan's head and repeated the action two more times.

"I should put you out in the cold, you bastard!" Linz pulled down her hood to reveal a beat up head and soaking red hair. Her body could barely hold itself up.

"Well, Linzey, don't you look pitiful." Kelly got off of Howie and dropped the syringe.

"Linz you're okay!" Howie smiled.

"Barely." Linz tried to keep herself composed.

"Don't you like my little party?" Kelly smiled at Linz as she got in her paler than usual face.

Justin let out a painful moan as he woke up.

"Justin so nice to see you again, sweetie." Kelly walked over to him.

"Bitch, shut up!" Justin said before Kelly kicked him in the face and straddled him.

Linz went over to JC and untied him. He stood up and helped keep Linz up. Kelly turned to them to see the events.

"Well, well, well. Poor baby can't keep herself up." Kelly laughed.

Linz pulled a gun out, cocked it, and aimed at Kelly.

"Be reasonable, McLean," JC told her.

"Reasonable?! She's caused me so much pain, so much trouble, and now she takes my friends and ties them up! Beats my boyfriend and leaves him on my front door step in the cold unconscious! Leaves me in the cold for two hours after beating me! How I could be reasonable before even strikes me as odd!" Linz found strength through her anger and began walking fast towards Kelly. Kelly stood still, but smirked after a minute.

"Linz! Behind you!" Howie warned.

Linz turned around just in time to see a muscular black man turned her around, make her drop the gun, and muffle her cries for help. He turned her around to show her the unconscious JC.

"JC!" Linz yelled to him.

"That's how you're gonna be in a minute," he warned.

Kelly came up to her as the black man held Linz back and Kelly injected the morphine into Linz.


Nick woke up to see Linz gone.

"Shit!" Nick stood up only to find that Kevin, A.J., and Brian had already found her note.

"That's Linz for ya," A.J. sighed.

"Where'd she go?" Nick asked.

"To find Howie." Brian turned to him.

"Well, let's go to where she went," Kevin suggested.

"K, let's fly," Nick suggested.

"Off we go then," A.J. said as they all headed out the door.


A warm hand shook Linz's body awake.

"Linz wake up, they're gone......McLean!" JC said.

"Where's everyone else?" Linz sat up.

"I don't know." JC helped her stand up.

They heard a yelp from a different room. JC ran after the sound and pulled Linz along. When they got to the room they saw Howie laying in his own blood. No one else was in the room.

"D!" Linz managed to run to him.

"Linz, leave while you can."

"No!" I have to get you out of here." Linz helped him up.

"He's staying right here thank you." Kelly threw her cigarette to the floor.

"Go away Kelly, I don't want to kill you." Linz struggled to keep her and Howie up.


JC started to move as towards Kelly, but Kelly pulled her gun on him. Linz set Howie down in a chair.

"Don't look." She kissed his forehead as she shot Kelly. "Get him outta here, JC."

"Not without you," JC insisted.

"Leave! I have to get the others!" Linz pulled away from him.

"Fine keep this." JC handed her a walkie talkie.

"Get Howie help. Take my cell." Linz handed it to him before running upstairs.

"You know I'm much stronger than you but damn you hit hard." Ryan walked towards her.

"Ryan! You bastard." Linz turned to him.

"Shhh. Don't talk or Justin dies." Ryan shined a light on the scared Justin.

"It wouldn't be that much of a loss," Linz joked.


"I'm kidding."

"Well, it's good that you can have a sense of humor since you'll be next." Ryan put a gun to her head. "Shhh. It'll only hurt for a minute."

Ryan cocked the gun but before he could shoot her, a large man pinned Ryan down as Nick fell back into Nick's arms.

"Come on let's get you outta here." Nick kissed her forehead.

"No!" Linz managed to pull away from Nick's comforting grip. "Morgan's still somewhere around here. I hafta find him."

"Come on baby, let's leave. I can'tó"

Nick was interruptd by a passionate kiss from Linz. Nick pulled her closer, never wanting to let her go, but she ruined Nick's dreams by running upstairs.

Upstairs she heard cries for help that led her into a smaller science lab, only to see Morgan sprawled out on the floor, struggling to get his restraints off. Linz bent down and undid the rope and took off his gag.

"Come on get out of here." Linz helped him up.

"Thanks Linz." Morgan hugged her before running away and downstairs.

Linz walked toward the door but before she could get out she was pushed against the wall by a strong, unmovable force. She felt a searing pain in her back as the strong man punched her repeatedly in the stomach and then threw her down to the ground and left.


"Where's Linz?" Kevin asked after tying up Ryan.

"She went upstairs." Nick put his hands to his head and jokingly pretended to pull his hair out.

"I'll go get 'er," Kevin laughed.

As Kevin got upstairs he heard moaning and ran towards it only to find Linzey laying down on the ground in pain.

"Linz!" Kevin ran over to her.

"Kevin, Kev, is that you?" Linz squinted as her eyes tried to roll into the back of her head.

"Come on I gotta get you help." Kevin began to pick her up but she screamed in pain.

"What, what is it?"

Linz pointed to her back to help Kevin find the syringe still stuck in her. He threw it down angrily after looking at it.

"Oh G-d, I hafta get you outta here." Kevin took her in his arms and she curled up close to him instinctively.

"Is everyone else okay?" Linz said before falling out of consciousness.


Linz woke up to feel everything hurting. She moaned in pain.

"Baby, you okay?" Nick woke up from her bedside.

"I will be." Linz looked down at him with a warm smile as she pushed some of his hair out of his face.

"I love you."

"I love you too, Nicky-baby." Linz kissed him and fell out of consciousness again.

Nick smiled warmly and kissed her forehead.


Linz woke up unusually warm and comfortable.

"What the hell?" Linz said as she felt the floor moving.

"Shhh. It's okay, baby, we're on the tour bus," Nick whispered soothingly into her ear.

"Okay." Linz moved closer to Nick.

"Everything's fine." Nick kissed her forehead as she fell back asleep in his arms.


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