Linzey's Stories

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All Five    A.J.
Howie    Kevin and A.J.


The Woman! Series

Temptations and Confessions A.K.A. Woman!

Sticks and Stones A.K.A. Woman! Woman!

Twisted Relationships A.K.A. Woman! Woman! Woman!

Only Trust Your Heart A.K.A. Woman!!!!

Stay A.K.A. Women!!!!!

Woozy A.K.A. Woman!!!!!!

Mixed Feelings and Mistakes A.K.A. Women!!!!!!!

This series is about all the Boys, but mainly Kevin, A.J., and Brian, and their little sisters, Kati, Linz, and Sarra, who happen to be best friends. See what happens when Linz gets involved in the drug market and endangers the lives of Kati and Sarra in the first story. And when Linz forms a relationship with one of the other Boys in Woman #2. All this and more in the Woman! series.


Stay With Me Forever

Linzey is a 15-year-old crack addict. A.J. is a world-famous singer. He is volunteering in the rehab center of a hospital one day when suddenly he starts to talk to Linz...and that's when everything inside of both of them starts to change.


The Bet

Howie, A.J., and Nick make a bet to see who can get a random girl to have sex with them first. Nick and A.J. think that Howie hasn't got a chance, and they naturally assume that one of them will win. But then Howie meets a poor actress named Linzey...

Kevin & A.J.

I Love Being Here With You

Kevin and A.J. are vacationing in Paris with their girlfriends when all of a sudden, Kati, Kevin's girlfriend, turns out to be missing. Where did she go? You have to read to find out!

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