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Gaile - 12/23/00 20:13:54
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Quote: If you walk to the beat of your own drummer, you will never walk alone
Pet Peeve: My little brother
Fave Movie: The Last of the Mohicans
Fave Actor: Adrian Paul & James Marsden
Fave Actress: Katie Holmes
Fave BSB: AJ & Howie
I really like your layout and you guys write some good stories :).

Gaile - 11/20/00 03:33:27
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/animorphchick/
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Quote: If you walk to the beat of your own drummer, you will not walk alone
Pet Peeve: I hate it when people go into my room and take my stuff. URGH!
Fave Movie: The Ref
Fave Actor: James Marsden &Will Smith
Fave Actress: Katie Homes
Fave BSB: AJ
You guy's stories look really good. I've yet to read one, but I will get around to it. Then I'll sign you guestbook again.(I can imagine you thinking 'someone's gonna sign our guestbook twice?I think I'm gonna have a heartattack'):)

anything you want it to be - 10/03/00 22:54:29
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Quote: "Everyone listens to what you say. Friends hear what you say. Best friends hear what you don`t say."
Pet Peeve: People who yell and think they are talking so they just keep yelling.
Fave Movie: not sure
Fave Actor: Josh Jackson
Fave Actress: not sure
Fave BSB: NICK!!!!!!!!!!!
NICK is da bomb!!!!!!!! He is the hotest Backstreet Boy. The others are hot too, but Nick is the hotest!!!! I like the stories on this page!!!

Angelyn - 10/01/00 00:47:48
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Quote: "No man is worth your tears, and the one that IS won't make you cry"- Brian Littrell
Pet Peeve: umm......annoying boys
Fave Movie: Men in Black
Fave Actor: Will Smith and Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Fave Actress: The Olsen twins
Fave BSB: Kevin,Nick,Brian,Aj,& sometimes Howie
Very good page I like your stories.

Chelle - 09/24/00 11:58:26
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Quote: Always remember...wherever you go...there you are
Pet Peeve: People who eat when they talk on the phone
Fave Movie: The Godfather
Fave Actor: Al Pacino
Fave Actress: Meryl Streep
Fave BSB: Howie
I loved the site...you've done an excellent job with everything and you deserve to give yourselves a super hard pat on the back. Needs more Howie but of course I'm sure that will come in time. I loved the D parody (even if it was to a ::cough crappynsyn song cough::) So keep up the good work and maybe I'll come back some day...and I'll even bring friends. Won't that be fun? C-Ya

Powerz - 09/23/00 21:06:03
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Quote: "If one asks a question, he/she will be a fool for 5 minutes, if one never asks a question, he/she will be a fool for life!"
Pet Peeve: Not a lot of time
Fave Movie: Strictly Ballroom
Fave Actor: Many
Fave Actress: Many
Fave BSB: can I say all?
Hey, nifty site! great layout. I say I can never make up a site like this. It'll take me like 5 years... great job!

Jenni - 09/23/00 18:54:11
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Quote: You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose but you cant pick your friends nose
Pet Peeve: "BOYS"
Fave Movie: Any thing with tommy in it
Fave Actor: Tom Cruise
Fave Actress: Nope
Fave BSB: KEVIN!!!
I like your page and I like the pictures! nice job!

Kimberley Cartier - 07/26/00 05:28:39
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Quote: "It's not that something is wrong about my obessesion with them, it's just that there is something wrong with your unobessesion vein that is working over-time in you!"
Pet Peeve: Those 'Anti-Anything-That-Mades-No-Sense' people.
Fave Movie: Titanic and Back to The Future
Fave Actor: Michael J.Fox
Fave Actress: Claire Danes
Fave BSB: Nick & Kevin & Brian & AJ & Howie [Sorrie, can't leave any out! =P]
Katie!!!! You're sooo cool! And it's even cooler to see my last name being used in your story, Someone Like You! =) Keep up your writing spirit and also the faith in Backstreet Boys! =P

ste - 07/20/00 17:35:52
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Quote: 'life is strange.oh yes,but compared to what?'...sorry,i can't remember who said it....
Fave Movie: uhm...'Shakespeare in love'
Fave Actor: Mel Gibson
Fave BSB: Kevin
I like your story 'someone like you', so i downloaded every chapter you wrote so far...keep it comin',gurl! I need more!

Powerz - 07/17/00 03:58:57
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Quote: hi
Pet Peeve: laziness
Fave Movie: Strictly Ballroom
Fave Actor: many...hehe
Fave Actress: many...hehe
Fave BSB: ?????
Hiya Katie, fancy page! Now I know why every story I read had Linz hehe... I'm crazy..I signed a lot of guestbooks today. I went through some of your pics and links and stuff. COol! anyway, have a nice day!

Ken - 06/17/00 12:24:00
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Quote: money will never make you happy,and happt will never make you money...Groucho Marx
Pet Peeve: none
Very nice site...Please come and visit ours

Linze McLean - 05/30/00 18:07:37
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Quote: "Snootchie Pootchie Nootchies"Alexander McLean or is that Johnny NoName? Wait I'm confused. "Oh no, I've gone cross-eyed
Pet Peeve: Still people that go to a school, that I don't like because mine is soooooo mucho better
Fave Movie: Hmmmmm, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Harrison come get some lovin')
Fave Actor: Howard Dwaine Dorough (I love you Howie!)
Fave Actress: Lucy Liu
Fave BSB: I made up a new Backstreet Boy, I think everyone will love him his name is Alexander Scott Gene Littrel Dorough (You figure it out)
First of all, I'd just like to tell whoever's reading this that Katie, my dearest friend ever, has done everything for this page and she has done a wonderful job, so if you think differently then I'll beat you up because she's put a lot of time and effort and work into this amazing page and is still my bestest friend ever!!!! So love her and be good. Thank you and Goodnight.

Carrie - 05/15/00 16:39:19
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Quote: "You can't make someone love you - all you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in."
Pet Peeve: Teenyboppers.
Fave Movie: That Thing You Do
Fave Actor: Jim Caviezal ::sigh::
Fave Actress: Gillian Anderson
Hi Katie! I'm sooooooooooo glad you finally have your stories posted! Keep writing!

Linzey 'this is getting annoying ' McLean - 03/19/00 16:16:38
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Quote: we did this already
Pet Peeve: people who repeat themselves
Fave Movie: we did this already
Fave Actor: we did this already
Fave Actress: we did this already
Fave BSB: we did this already
Ok in your quote Katie. You say 'I'm Howie. Wink Wink' Okay. Howie doesn't say the wink wink he just does it. Duh!! How stupid can you be. How stupid can you be. Did I mention that I hate people that repeat themselves. How stupid can you be. How stupid ca you be.

Vanessa (aka Yer Weird) - 02/27/00 02:26:21
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Quote: I used to be a skitzofrenic, but we're okay now.
Pet Peeve: When Katie isn't there for rehearsals!!!
Fave Movie: Star Wars.. DUH
Fave Actor: Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson.. where have YOU been?
Fave Actress: Natalie Portman.. DUUUUUR
You are totally obsessed. And possessed for that matter. Anyway, Ewan sent me a Valentine and he didn't seeeeeeeeend yoooooooooou ooooooooone. BWA HA HA HA HA! *evil laugh* Well, have fun being an obsessed BSB fan. Yuck.

Sammi with an "i" - 02/26/00 00:45:52
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Quote: this is from my stupidest things ever said calendar- "Whatever is going to happen is going to happen whin it happens, regardless of what happens."
Pet Peeve: certain stupid annoying idiots at school, i.e. ryan, mason, jason, etc.
Fave Movie: ummm....American Pie
Fave BSB: ummmmmmmmm.........Kevin, i guess (as long as katie likes him)
Wow! What an awesome page! It's the best one I've ever seen. (j/k) Ummmmmm, I don't know what to write. Well, I guess it'll be better when you put the stories up. Good job! Keep working on it, Katie! (sorry if this seemed rude and sarcastic) <3, samantha

Julie Kumar - 02/20/00 22:55:50
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Quote: um . . .
Pet Peeve: um . . .
Fave Movie: um . . .
Fave Actor: um . . .
Fave Actress: um . . .
Fave BSB: kevin!
I can never pick favorites . . . there are too many choices, ya know?

Sarah-aka RahRah, Zeus, and a lot more that you came up with! - 02/20/00 18:51:47
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Quote: "Oh. Bitch goes down." "You wait your whole life for a moment, and them suddenly it's tomorrow." "Do I make you horny?"
Pet Peeve: Just about anything will bug the hell out of me.
Fave Movie: anything with comedy.
Fave Actor: Jim Carey
Fave Actress: I don't know. I like a lot of them. I would probably have to say Lisa Kudrow.
Fave BSB: I am going to have to go with um....I don't know, I like N SYNC. I think I am going to go with my brother, BRIAN.
Hi Katie!! Great site. WIll you add something for me? You know what it is.... (hint hint-Z's story, no wait. Bad example. I want a pic ofyou know who.) Well, you did a great job, and you can always have an affair with Kevin. Love Sarah

Whatever I want it to be - 02/19/00 23:37:50
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Quote: Do you like driving cars?
Pet Peeve: Fake people
Fave Movie: Trainspotting
Fave Actor: Ryan Gosling
Fave Actress: Me
Fave BSB: