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Payback Lyrics

Payback Lyrics

Itís a payback
Get outta my face
Get outta my pocket
Get off of your free ride
And get right out of my sight
Itís a payback
Get off of my case
Get off of my lady
Get into your fat Mercedes
And right outta my life (2x)

You walk in, right into my world
Right into my backyard
I gave to you all that I got
You gave to me jack
And you pretend
To be my friend
But you're surounded
When all this time, you turned it
Enough, off of my back

How does it feel to be down on your knees
Tell me, how does it feel for ya
How does it feel to be down on your knees<>/br Tell me, how does it feel for ya

Iím chilliní with the boys from the south
Better make a word cause you know itís gonna go down
I say everything that you say
And by the way did you say that you couldnít make a better day
Better leave real quick cause you know me
Everything I do, everything I fake
Itís a payback, and itís all
Better listen to the words of the song


You say youíre sorry now
That you feel bad about it
You make it up to me
There ainít no doubt about it
You must think Iím a fool
That I was born yesterday
Some kinda simple sucker
Thereís nothing you can say
You stupid motherf**ker