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Britney Spears Review

Britney Spears Site Reviews

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Britney Online
Part of the network of humor, entertainment & intrigue sites.
News, forum, chat, store, bio, quizzes, lyrics, MIDIs, video feeds, weekly newsletter. Large photo gallery, but there are pop-up ads w/each photo. *grrr* Also beware the links page - some pretty bad sites in there! 8.0 go
Britney Spears Portal
Fan Site Portal w/good navigation & clean layout.
Lyrics, mp3s, news, gossip, chat and fan sites rated by visitors.  Photo gallery is closed at the moment. 8.0 go
Britney Spears Network
A nice looking site, with neat navigation. One of the oldest fan sites (started in 1998).
News, photos, Brit e-cards, forum, chat, horoscope & links. Some broken images. The webmaster is very nice & tells me the site is "currently under MAJOR construction". 7.0 go
Lou Cass' Britney Spears Shrine
Fan site showcasing Britney Memorabilia.  A little slow-loading due to all the photographs.
A nice looking fan site with a difference.   The pages are in linear layout, with each page displaying photos of this fan's extensive collection of Britney Memorabilia. Some very interesting pieces, incl. dolls, pillows, cards, stand-ups, & rare items. The last page is links. 7.0 go
Adorable Britney Spears
Fan site w/limited info.
Bio, lyrics, photos, store, audio & video clips, karaoke player, and links.  Bit cluttered. 6.5 go
Britney Fan Dot Com
Fan site.  Kinda slow loading.  Looks like it's updated every 2-4 weeks.
News, bio, lyrics, photos (many from magazines), tour dates (2000), postcards (temporarily closed), links & more. 6.5 go
Spears Universe
English & Spanish versions.  Takes a while to load.
Lyrics, discography, bio, forum, chat, free email, online karaoke, photos.  A few broken links though, and pop-ups on every page. 6.5 go
Britney Spears (links)
Just links: that's it.
Just links. Categorized by Fotos, Lyrics, Fansites, & Info. You have to vote for them on the mosiqa Top 100 sites to even get in. 5.0 go

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