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Britney Spears Review
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Complete* Listing of Britney Spears Photo Galleries

Biggest Photo Galleries
A List
Britney Spears Now! (10,000+)
Spears Universe (2400+)
Britney Online (1640+) (1500+)
World of Britney (1400+)
Britney Spears UK (1298+) (1000+)
Britney's Photo Gallery (675+)
Britney Paradise (600+)
The Britney Mania (links)
Britney Spears Portal (links)
Britney Web Portal (links)
B List
Anything for Britney (2250+) (950+)
Britney Spears Picture Gallery (900+)
Britney Spears Network (700+) (700+)
Britney Spears ME (698)
Britney Spears Web (625+) (600+)
BJS2000 (500+)
Britney Spears Today! (500+)
Kenny's Cove (350+)
Rebecca's Britney Site (150+)
Britney-J-Spears (130+)
C List (10K+) - I hesitate adding this, as it seems affiliated w/some raunchy sites, but the Brit pics in the archive are legit.  If you find any nude Brit pics, they're doctored.
Britney Spears Addiction (1K+)
Playa's Sexy Britney Page (1K+) (750+) - their galleries are links to other sites listed elsewhere here.
Britney Europe (500+)
Britney A-List (250+)
MXPX1005's Britney Spears Page (140+)
Desktop Wallpapers
Britney Spears Now! (668)
Britney Online (17) (80)
Britney Spears Web (45)
Britney Spears UK (17)
Britney (15)
Sensual Britney (13)
Britney Spears Today! (11)
Britney free wallpaper (10)
Brilliant Britney (9) (9) (9)
Think Celebs - Britney (9) (2)
BritneySearch (2)
BritneyXSpears (2)
The Britney Mania (links)
Desktop Themes
Britney Spears Web (3)
Screensavers & Skins
The Big Picture (6)
Britney Spears Web (1)
Start-up Screen
Britney Spears Web (1)
Browser Skins
Britney (60)
WinAmp Skins (11)
Britney Spears Web (9)
The Britney2K Experience (5)
ICQ Skins
Britney Spears Web (4)
Free e-Postcards
Britney Xtreme Postcards (50+)
BritneySearch (16)
Britney Spears Web (8)
Britney Millenium Edition (6)
Small Quality Photo Galleries
A List
Britney (200+)
Britney Spears UK - magazine pics (195)
Britney Online - pic of the week
Britney (120+)
World of Britney (100+) - magazine pics
Britney Spears Review (12+) - quality, not quantity.
B List (350+)
100% Britney Spears inside (215+)
Images of Britney (200+)
famousbabes - Britney (160+) (150+)
Britney Spears UK - pic of the week
Kenny's Cove (75+) - new pics
Britney Spears Picture Gallery (55+)
Britney2K Experience (50+)
Britney Spears Picture Gallery (50+) (40+) (30+)
C List
Britney City (125+)
Britney Spears Picture Palace (60+)
Dan's Britney Pictures (52)
N-Tense Networks (50+)
Riffmaster's Brit Pic Gallery (35+) (27+)
Exquisite Single Shots
Britney Spears Now! - Stronger
Photos For Sale
BritneySpears Official Store (13)
The Britney Mania (links)
Vote for Britney on TRL
Sites to be Wary of  (blind links)
What's a "blind link"? Many sites have 1 or 2 to earn income, but some sites get carried away.
Britney Spears top 119 - it seems most, but not all, of these sites are rife with blind links.
Britney Spears Pop 2002 - one blind link, and zero content!
Sensual Britney - only wallpaper & 2000 calendar links are real!
The Big Picture - "Door 2" leads to the real site. The rest are blind.
Britney - I think they're all blind links!
Sexy Britney Pictures - Front page is mainly blind links.  Click "Go Straight to the Pictures" near the top, to avoid most of them.
Britney Spears Sexy Shots - Navigation side bar & "click for full-sized pic" are blind links.   Otherwise OK.

This list is amazing!

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Hottest Photo Galleries
A List
Hot Britney @ HotPix (50+) - high-quality hot pics.
Britney Exposť (150+) - lots of sexy pics, and provocative links.
Sexy Spears - Just 54 sexy shots.  No blind links!  (well maybe one).
Naughty Britney (100+) - lots of sexy pics.
Hot Britney Pics (150) - mostly hot pics.
Wet Britney (75+) - wet & bikini beach shots. Some blind links.
Kenny's Cove (20) - from FHM
Shocking Britney!!! (18+)- The latest, racy pics.
B List
Britney on the Beach (15+) - bikini closeups; some blind links.
Britney Kitten (15+)- Sexy Brit pics.
Sexy Britney Spears (270+)
Britney Spears Sexy Shots (40) - The "click for full-sized pic" are blind links.
Adorable Britney Spears (6) - on the beach
C List
Britney Spears Picture Gallery (900+) - a few hot pics.
Best of Britney (50+)
Hot Britney Spears pics (32)
Britney Spears Sexy Pics (23) - avoid the sidebar navigation and "Click here for full-sized pic" - they're blind links.  Link from the main page for each gallery & then hit "back" to find the next gallery.
Top Ten Britney Spears Pixs (10) - slow loading - (8 sexy pics)
Single Hot Pics
World of Britney
Adorable Britney Spears
Hot Britney Spears pics
Britney2K Experience
Britney Spears Gallery
Best of Britney
Britney Spears Now!
Are They Real?
World of Britney
Search Sites / Top Lists / Rings
Search & Directories
Britney Web Portal (S&D)

BritneySearch (S)
Britney Sites (D)
The Britney Mania (D)
Britney Spears Portal (D)
Britney Spears Review (D) - objective site reviews w/ratings.

Top Lists
Top 219 Britney (almost 219)
Britney Spears Top50 (215+)
Britney Spears Top 50 (175)
CoolTopSites - Britney (121)
Top 119 - very busy list (119)
Britney Top 100 Sites (100)
Britney Top 100 (almost 100)
Britney Spears Portal (75+)
50 Best Britney (75+)
BritSp3ars bestsites (60+)
Britney HotSites (50+)
Britney Online topsites (50 only)
Spears Network (48+)
Britney Top 101 (45+)
Britney's Top 66 (43+)
Britney Spears Top 40 (40 only)
Vanessa's Britney Top 100 (35+)
Jennie's Britney top sites (34+)
Generation Britney Top 50 (29+)
The Britney Mania Top 25 (28+)
Britney Paradise toplist (24+)
The Best of Britney Spears (18+) - Britney (16+)
Top 50 Britney Spears Sites (11+)
Best Britney Sites on the Net (9)
Britney Spears Top 50 (8+)
Britney Hotsites (NEW!)
Britney Spears club (275+)
Bomis Best of Britney Ring (75+)

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Hours & hours of surfing (enjoyable as it is) go into bringing you this list.  Enjoy!

* Okay, soon-to-be "complete". But 200+ links to start isn't bad.
** The A, B, C Lists are similar to grades.  Quality matters here.
*** Bracketed numbers are approximate numbers of photos (except in case of "Search Site", where it is number of sites).
**** Wherever possible (90%), links go straight to the galleries, to save you time.  Frames can prevent this.
***** All links were good when posted.  If one becomes broken, it defaults to a portal.  In this case, let me know.  Thanks.

If you know of a photo gallery that is not listed here, please email
If you are a webmaster and would like to be added to the list, a reciprocal link is greatly appreciated!

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