Messenger Plus! Chat Log

Session Start: May 6, 2007

(11:58 PM) rella:hey did you see the new baby?
(11:59 PM) jungsu:what baby?
(11:59 PM) rella:the new member of the group is a baby
not litereally
he's 18
(11:59 PM) jungsu:we're not supposed to get a new member for another month
(11:59 PM) rella:he arrived today
(11:59 PM) jungsu:the manager didn't call, not all of us are here
(11:59 PM) rella:teukie, put your calender ahead ahaha it's may
(11:59 PM) jungsu:sungmin, donghae, ryeowook, and shindong aren't here
why didn't they call us?
(12:00 AM) rella:chill
maybe he wanted to come early?
(12:00 AM) jungsu:i have to call the guys and get them home so they can meet him
(12:00 AM) rella:you're spazzing aren't you
(12:01 AM) jungsu:i don't like when things aren't planned right
(12:02 AM) rella:then yell at him for arriving early
(12:02 AM) jungsu:yell at the manager
(12:02 AM) rella:or him
(12:02 AM) jungsu:the manager didn't call
(12:02 AM) rella:maybe he did and you didn't hear the phone?
(12:03 AM) jungsu:shut up i'm calling the guys
(12:03 AM) rella:i wouldn't know, i'm on the other end of the hall
(12:05 AM) jungsu:they're on the way
(12:06 AM) rella:alright. i'm making myself all pretty
(12:06 AM) jungsu:for sungmin, donghae, ryeowook, and shindong?
(12:06 AM) rella:DUH~
(12:06 AM) jungsu:oh, shiwon
(12:06 AM) rella:not again...
(12:11 AM) jungsu:okay so i'm coming now, bye
(12:11 AM) rella:ok~

Session Start: May 7, 2007

(12:47 AM) ron burgundy:Jaejoong looked down at his watch and cursed. He was late, he hated being late. He broke into a jog, although he couldn't run too fast because of his knee which he managed to somehow hurt at the club last night. That was the reason he was late, he didn't go to bed until three even though he knew he'd have to get up early the next morning. He was shooting with a new photographer and this certainly wasn't going to make a good first impression. He saw the building looming up ahead and tried his best to break into a fast run, only to slow down even more because of the pain in his knee.
(12:52 AM) jungsu:Yoochun was standing outside, since the model he was supposed to shoot was a half an hour late. He smoked his cigarette slowly, leaning against the wall while he waited. As he saw someone running towards the studio, he recognized the face and rolled his eyes, heading inside without holding the door open He didn't have time to be hospitable.
(12:57 AM) ron burgundy:"Yah! Hold open--" and the door just shut in his face. Growling, he pulled it open only to be met with the innocent face of Changmin. "I was about to come open the door for you, Jaejoong-sshi," he said, bowing. The tension he felt in those few seconds of being unverbally dissed by Yoochun flew away the moment he seen the sweet face. He heard through the business that Kim Heechul had taken to yelling at his assistance and sometimes smacking them around, but for some reason Changmin hung around longer than the others.
(1:03 AM) jungsu:Heechul had just finished up his photoshoot with Yoochun, and changed into his own clothes. He looked around and growled when he didn't see Changmin, picking up his messenger bag on his own. "SHIM CHANGMIN, YOU'D BETTER BE PULLING THE CAR AROUND!" Picking up his special carrier for his kitten, he slid into his shoes and walked towards the door. Yoochun rolled his eyes and sighed, getting his ...
(1:04 AM) jungsu:.. camera ready. "I sure hope that model I've been waiting for shows up soon. Oh dear." He looked at his assistant and best friend, Yunho, and smirked, flashing a grin at him.
(1:05 AM) ron burgundy:Changmin fled out the door before Jaejoong could say anything, quickly stepping out of the way as Heechul himself stormed past. He gave the older man the finger once the door closed and stepped out of his shoes, headingin to the room. "Excuse me, I am very sorry for being late. Lost track of time and well, my car broke down the other day and I haven't had to time to get it fixed." he said to Yoochun as he stepped further into the room.
(1:11 AM) jungsu:Looking at Jaejoong, he raised an eyebrow and shook his head. "It would have done wonders to call and tell me you were going to be late. I have a specific time to get these photos in, so please go change and we'll get started." He finally smiled and nodded, turning to talk to Yunho quietly.
(1:13 AM) ron burgundy:He bit his lip, bowing again in deep respect and apologised, leaving to get dressed. He hadn't noticed Yunho, but he did feel a pair of eyes on him while make up and hair was being fixed and applied.
(1:21 AM) jungsu:Yoochun handed Yunho money as the delivery boy came in with the large amount of food, setting his camera down to fix the background while Yunho paid for the food. He got rid of the colored background and put up a plain white one, since the pictures would be for a magazine. There were no clocks in the building, only the ones on peoples cell phones and watches. Yoochun didn't like schedules, ...
unless it got him paid.
(1:22 AM) ron burgundy:Once he was fixed up and made up, dressed in a coture type suit that had a high collar pulled up to his cheek bones, the stylist fussed over him a bit more to put everything perfectly then stepped away. Jaejoong looked awkward for a moment, waiting for his directions.
(1:26 AM)ron burgundy has changed his/her personal message to "please come closer, cause my heart doesn't touch yours anymore"
(1:27 AM)ron burgundy has changed his/her personal message to "please come closer, cause i don't even touch you anymore"
(1:28 AM) jungsu:Looking at Jaejoong, Yoochun turned on the lights above the background and picked up his camera. "Just stand there and don't smile until I tell you to." He nodded, a girl coming out dressed in a matching dress and standing beside Jaejoong in front of the white background.
(1:29 AM) ron burgundy:He nodded, flashing his trademark look that has crossed many fashion magazines in the past few months. He posed in many different ways, changing his looks so they suit the mood he was trying to convey. A few times he posed differently with the woman model, giving her a couple directions even though he figured Yoochun didn't like him taking order.
(1:31 AM) jungsu:He lowered his camera and looked at Jaejoong, annoyance visable on his face. "I'm the photographer, Kim Jaejoong. Chae Bin, that's all for today with you, thank you." Bowing to her, he smiled and kissed her cheek as she stepped away from the canvas. "Alright, Jaejoong. Let's get this over with so we can eat lunch."
(1:33 AM) ron burgundy:"Sorry, Yoochun-sshi," he said as he bowed lowly. He did a few more poses before he stepped off the set and got the make up removed, liking the faux hawk enough that he decided to keep it. Figuring the meal was only for the four of them, he gathered his things and started to head out the door, the feeling of eyes on him once again.
(1:34 AM) jungsu:"Jaejoong-sshi," Yoochun handed Yunho his camera and walked over, clearing his throat. "Here at Park Studio, we feed our models. I may be a firm director, but I'm not cruel. Join us, please." He nodded, motioning to the large table covered in food.
(1:36 AM) ron burgundy:He smiled a bit, bowing lowly again. "Thank you, Yoochun-sshi," he said as he followed him back into the room. He bowed to everybody sitting at the table before taking a seat. He noticed Yunho sitting on the right side of Yoochun and bowed to him, extending his hand. "Hello, I don't think I caught your name earlier."
(1:41 AM) jungsu:Yunho looked at Jaejoong and smiled, bowing and shaking his hand gently. "Jung Yunho, I'm Yoochun's assistant." He saw Heechul's favorite scarf and knew Changmin would be back any minute, so he excused himself and walked over to pick it up. Looking at Jaejoong, Yoochun offered him a pair of the takeout chopsticks. "So where do you come from, Jaejoong-sshi?"
(1:45 AM) ron burgundy:He took the chopsticks with a small bow and started to eat some ramen before he swallowed to answer Yoochun. "Believe it or not, I come from Chungnam," he said with a bit of a smile. "I had to work hard to hide my country accent but it tends to show if I'm excited or.. well, drunk," he blushed a bit. Changmin burst through the door a few minutes later, tears streaming down his face. "I am so sorry but have you seen Heechul-sshis favourite scarf?" he asked, not bothering to whipe his face. He had ten seconds to find it and leave.
(1:49 AM) jungsu:Walking over to Changmin, Yunho handed him the scarf, along with a business card, biting his lip. "Go on, before he comes in as well." He nodded, giving him a light push. Written on the card was his cellphone number and name. Smiling, Yoochun nodded and wiped his mouth. "Chungnam is a nice place, I shot there once." He dipped one of his sushi rolls in the soy sauce, letting it before eating it.
(1:56 AM) ron burgundy:He bowed lowly and rushed out the door with the scarf. Jaejoong nodded, twirling his chopsticks so his noodles wrapped around them and shoved the ball of noodles into his mouth. "I lived there with my adopted parents for a few years, then moved further into Seoul. But I've always been a country boy at heart." When Yunho returned, he glanced at him for a moment. "What was wrong with Changmin?"
(2:00 AM) jungsu:"Heechul is an asshole, that's what's wrong." He grumbled and sat down, stuffing a sushi roll into his mouth. Yoochun leaned over and motioned for Jaejoong to lean as well, talking quietly. "Yunho has a thing for Changmin, but the poor boy is too wrapped up in pleasing Heechul to even notice it." He smirked, sitting back up and eating his ramen.
(2:01 AM) ron burgundy:He smiled for real this time and nodded, picking a few radishes out of the bowl and munching on them. "Is it true that Kim Heechul abuses his assisstants?" he asked, wanting to know the truth before he passed it on to friends and maybe foes since he was just too nice to not let them know.
(2:04 AM) jungsu:Yoochun looked at Jaejoong, wiping his mouth. "He yells at them and smacks them upside the head, but he doesn't actually abuse them, no." He shook his head, sipping his tea. "Heechul is just a diva." Yunho grumbled loudly and picked up his plate, leaving to go eat in the dressing room.
(2:09 AM) ron burgundy:"I didn't mean to offend," he said, watching Yunho leave. He placed his chopsticks aside and pushed his half eaten food away, looking at his watch. "I should go, I have more modeling to do. Um, please tell your friend I'm sorry." He stood and bowed.
(2:10 AM) jungsu:Yoochun stood as well, shaking his head. "You didn't offend him, he just hates Heechul. The two of them used to be friends in grade school, and's a long story." He nodded, walking Jaejoong to the door. "It was a pleasure doing business with you today, I hope we have the chance to work together again."
(2:15 AM) ron burgundy:He smiled brightly and shook Yoochuns hand, handing him a card with his cell number on the back. "Anytime you want to just.. hang out as regular people you can give me a call. Or, if you just want to talk." He bit his lip, then bowed before leaving.
(2:18 AM) jungsu:He looked at the card and nodded, smiling as he slid it into his pocket. "Alright, bye." Waving, he let the door close and went back to his lunch. Heechul rolled down the window in the backseat of his car, watching Changmin. "What took you so long, anyway? The scarf was probably right by the door. Did you trip as usual?"
(2:19 AM) ron burgundy:Changmin stuffed the card in his pocket, but not after having programed the number into his phone incase Heechul thought I'd be sweet to steal it and rip it to pieces. "No, Heechul-sshi. I had to look for it but I have it," he got into the limo and handeded it to him.
(2:22 AM) jungsu:He snatched the scarf and wrapped it around his neck, stroking Heebum who was napping in his lap. "Come on, I'm hungry. I have a reservation at my favorite restaurant." Pulling out a cigarette, he lit it and turned on the radio, humming along.
(2:26 AM) ron burgundy:He sunk down in his seat as the limo started off, trying his best not to inhale the smoke from Heechuls cigarette. "Heechul hyung, do you.. mind not smoking around me please?" he asked kindly, hiding his phone behind the huge portfolio he carried around with Heechuls photographs inside. He sent a text to Yunho that simply said "I CANNOT BREATHE!"
(2:27 AM) jungsu:Raising an eyebrow, Heechul looked Changmin over. "Oh right, you're allergic. You know, you should really see a doctor,  I do think it's all in your head." He rolled his eyes and took a long drag from his cigarette before flicking it out the window. Yunho look at his phone and frowned, texing back with 'throw his cigarettes out the window!'
(2:31 AM) ron burgundy:He coughed a few times, his eyes starting to water them as he rubbed them before texting Yunho back; "he'd really throw a fit if i did that... and how did you know it was his cigarettes?". He dug around in his messenger bag for his inahler, taking a few puffs to clear his lungs.
(2:33 AM) jungsu:'you said once you were allergic and they caused you to breathe funny' He sighed and finished his food, throwing his trash away. Heechul looked at Changmin and rolled his eyes. "I threw it out and the smoke vented out along with it, so stop being so dramatic."
(2:35 AM) ron burgundy:Changmin flipped through the portfolio as he texted Yunho back with one hand: 'I can't stand this anymore. If my college funds - which I had to quit for to be his slave 24/7 - didn't cost so much to pay back I would've quit working for him long ago'. Sighing, he sent the text, hearing Heechuls words over and over in his head.
(2:38 AM) jungsu:When they arrived at the restaurant, Heechul grabbed his messenger bag and got out of the limo. "Come on, Changmin." He shut the door after telling the driver not to leave, then headed inside.
(2:38 AM) jungsu:'you should quit and work for yoochun, he would treat you better' Yunho texted back, heading over to talk to Yoochun.*
(2:39 AM) ron burgundy:Once Heechul was gone, he started to cry, his whole body shaking as he let it all out. He dailed Yunhos number, still crying hysterically because he was stressed to his limit.
(2:41 AM) jungsu:Looking at his phone, Yunho answered it immediately. "Hey, Changmin." Heechul turned around and saw that Changmin wasn't there, and clenched his teeth as he walked back to the limo. "Changmin, I said co--" He stopped when he saw him crying, raising an eyebrow. "Join me when you look better." He nodded and walked off.
(2:42 AM) ron burgundy:He sniffed a few times, surprised that Heechul hadn't yelled at him for his emotional breakdown in the limo. "Hello, Yunho-sshi," he said softly when the door was closed. "Do you think Yoochun could hire me like... soon?"
(2:44 AM) jungsu:"He would have hired you five months ago if you would have came to him." He frowned and sat down on a box, closing his eyes as he listened to Changmin sniffling. "You don't deserve the treatment that bastard gives you, Changmin. I hate seeing it."
(2:45 AM) ron burgundy:He sighed, running a shaky hand through his hair. "I would've, but he was paying the most at the time and I really needed the money for college. My parents don't even know I had to quit," he burst into a fresh set of tears. "They're going to be so ashamed of me."
(2:47 AM) jungsu:"No no no, listen to me. You're going to be fine, okay? As soon as you tell Heechul you're quitting, you come here and start working, and you'll be back in college in no time. Alright? Trust me, I've paid for a full year of dance college working here." Nodding to himself, he covered his eyes and frowned.
(2:50 AM) ron burgundy:He hiccuped, nodding as he got out of the car. Drying his eyes with his sleeve, he said goodbye to Yunho and stuffed the phone in his pocket. He made sure he had everything that was his on his person and headed into the resteraunt, taking a seat.
(2:51 AM) jungsu:Heechul looked up, sipping his water as he dipped his sushi into the soy sauce. "I ordered you vegetarian sushi, I saw you eating it once. I didn't feel like waiting." He slid the sushi roll into his mouth and watched Changmin as he chewed, looking him over.
(2:53 AM) ron burgundy:"I quit," he said simply, not looking up at the other man as he kept his eyes on the table. "I can't work for you anymore, Heechul. It's just too stressful for me. Believe or not. I've quit college for you, and I'm paying out my ass the bills for it. I can't do this, I'm sorry," he slowly stood.
(2:56 AM) jungsu:He swallowed slowly as he listened to Changmin talk, reaching over and placing his hand on the younger man's gently. "Changmin," His voice was much softer than he ever used before. "Please don't quit. I need you, I wouldn't get by without you." Tears came to his eyes and he looked down, shaking his head.
(2:57 AM) ron burgundy:He certainly didn't expect this and watched the other man quietly for a few moments before closing his eyes and breathing in and out a few times. "Ok, I won't quit but you have to treat me better. I don't like being yelled at all the time, and I really AM alergic to smoke," he picked up a sushi roll and nibbled on it. "Also, the hitting has to stop, too."
(2:59 AM) jungsu:"Deal." He instantly looked happier, as though he hadn't started to cry at all. Nodding, he let the happy look fade from his face and sipped his water. "Just don't think you can call the shots, because I pay you to keep me happy. Not order me around." He gave Changmin a look before eating his ramen.
(3:03 AM) ron burgundy:Instantly he regretted what he said and put the sushi roll back on the table. "Excuse me," he said as he bowed. He left for the bathroom and stumbled into a stall, slamming the door behind him. He pulled his phone out of his pocket with shaky hands, attempting to call Yunho back and tell him what happened when he dropped it into the toilet. "No!" he cried, lunging for it.
(3:06 AM) jungsu:Junsu happened to be in the bathroom when he heard Changmin, blinking and knocking on the door. "Excuse me, are you alright? Do you need help?" He hopped and tried looking over the top of the stall door when Heechul came into the bathroom. "Changmin-ah, the desert is almost here. I got you a slice of chocolate pie."
(3:07 AM) ron burgundy:He fished his phone out of the toilet and sighed. It was ruined, along with everything he had saved on it. "God dammit," he cursed, standing. "Chocolate pie?" he asked, turning around only to see Junsu looking at him. "Who are you?" he asked.
(3:09 AM) jungsu:"Kim Junsu." He grinned and bowed, starting to offer his hand when he saw Changmin's were wet. Making a face, he motioned to the wet phone. "You should fix that. I guess you don't need help! Bye." He waved and left the bathroom as Heechul looked over. "Drop your phone?"
(3:09 AM) ron burgundy:He nodded and tossed it into the dumpster, sighing as he washed his hands at a sink. His hands were still shaking and he couldn't seem to stop them. It could be because he hadn't really ate yet that day and he was starting to run on low.
(3:10 AM) jungsu:He pointed to the trashcan, looking at Changmin. "You shouldn't throw that away, I can get your little sim card put into your new phone." Nodding, he left the bathroom and went back to the table to eat.
(3:13 AM) ron burgundy:It had been a few months since Jaejoong saw Yoochun again, and this time he made sure he was early. He snuffed out his cigarette and stepped into the nice abandoned building he'd booked. He wasn't really looking forward to day, except maybe to see Yoochun, but being photographed with Kim Heechul wasn't high up on his priority list. "Hello?" he called once he entered the building.
(3:17 AM) jungsu:Yoochun was by a dusty window with the lights on the set they'd be using today, looking over when Jaejoong called. "Hey, over here." He grinned and adjusted his camera stand, snapping a few pictures of Heechul by himself. "We're finishing up his solo shots, you're just in time. Go get changed, please."
(3:18 AM) ron burgundy:He nodded and headed off to get changed into some tight pants and an oversized wooly sweater that made him really itchy. While he was in make up and hair, he noticed someone standing in the corner chewing on his finger nails. He swore he'd seen him before, but it couldn't be. Changmin looked much more happier when he'd seen him, now he looked absolutely miserable and as though he'd lost twenty pounds.
(3:22 AM) jungsu:While Yoochun was busy with Heechul, Yunho walked over to Changmin and touched his shoulder, talking quietly. "Hey, that's bad for your fingers, you know." He smiled and bit his lip, frowning instantly. "Changmin-ah..why haven't you quit yet?"
(3:23 AM) ron burgundy:Changmin jumped out of his skin almost when Yunho touched his shouler and he turned around, putting a hand to his chest. "Yunho-sshi," he said with a pure smile. "I.. told him I would but he played me. I'm stuck, if I say I'll quit again... I don't know what he'll do."
(3:25 AM) jungsu:"Then don't tell him. Just quit answering his calls, and start working for Yoochun. You will be much happier, I assure you, willI.." He nodded a bit and looked down, heading back to Yoochun when he wrapped up with Heechul's solo shoots and called for Jaejoong. "We only need a few shots of you together, so it won't take long."
(3:29 AM) ron burgundy:He looked at Yunho for a few minutes, then shook his head. "I can't, he'll find me. But on te other hand..." he looked over at Heechul. "I can't. I'm sorry." Jaejoong nodded and stood, heading over to pose next to Heechul.
(3:31 AM) jungsu:Yunho looked at Changmin once again before helping Yoochun, who breezed through the duo shots quickly to spare Jaejoong the trouble of having to stand beside Heechul. Without warning, Junsu burst through the doors, stomping towards the set. "KIM JAEJOONG! Who the hell has been calling your house phone every five minutes, asking where you are? Are you cheating on me?!" He stood with his hands on ..
.. his hips, staring at Jaejoong. Yoochun looked at Yunho then Jaejoong, his eyes wide.
(3:34 AM) ron burgundy:Jaejoong turned around when he heard Junsu, his eyes wide as well. He looked rather comical, like an anime character almost. "What do you mean?" he asked, completely clueless as to what Junsu was talking about. "What are you doing here, I'm working right now, Junsu. This looks very unprofessional on my part."
(3:36 AM) jungsu:"I DON'T CARE what it looks like! You don't just cheat on someone you've been with for three months, Jaejoong! Even Hyukjae says it's weird that you don't answer MY calls, but you answer other peoples! All you have to do is tell me you don't want to be with me!" He turned around and stormed out of the building, yelling the entire time. It took about two seconds before Heechul burst into ...
(3:37 AM) jungsu:.. laughter, which was very rare for him to do. This made Yunho laugh, though he covered his mouth and cleared his throat. Yoochun just looked at Jaejoong to make sure he wasn't going to cry.
(3:38 AM) ron burgundy:He couldn't get a word in while Junsu yelled, trying to but all that came out of his mouth were sputters and the starts of sentences. When he watched him storm out, the sound of laughter soon started to ring in his ears and he was so embarrassed. He opened his mouth again to say something, but ended up running to the bathroom instead.
(3:40 AM) jungsu:Putting his camera down, Yoochun ran after Jaejoong, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, it's okay. That's happened to me before, ex boyfriends are insane." Heechul caught his breath and walked over to Changmin, giggling. "I'll get changed and we can go." He nodded and walked into the dressing room.
(3:42 AM) ron burgundy:Changmin hadn't been paying attention. He heard Junsu come in and the screaming, but it didn't seem to register. Voices were muffled and his vision was blurry. He held onto the table edge to keep himself upright and when he thought Heechul had said something to him, he just nodded his responce. Jaejoong was splashing cool water on his face, looking over at Yoochun. The eyeliner that had been applied was running down his cheeks, looking like he was crying black tears. "I didn't think he was like that," he said quietly.
(3:45 AM) jungsu:Heechul came out in his jeans and white tanktop, sending a few messages with his phone. "Alright, Changmin. I'm ready." He didn't looked up as he walked, so he didn't notice the way Changmin looked. Yoochun nodded, placing a hand on Jaejoong's back. "Paranoia brings out the worst in people." He bit his lip, removing his hand. "Was it serious?"
(3:46 AM) ron burgundy:He shook his head, standing up straight. "Not really, I mean the most we did was kiss. It was only three months." He pulled some papertowel from the dispenser and started to wipe the runny eyeliner off his face. Changmin made two steps forward before he fell to the ground.
(3:48 AM) jungsu:"CHANGMIN!" Yunho rushed forward and scooped the younger man into his arms, feeling his face. "Someone call an ambulance, quick!" Hearing the yelling, Yoochun grabbed Jaejoong's hand and ran out of the bathroom, over to Heechul who was talking quickly with the ambulance dispatcher.
(3:49 AM) ron burgundy:Jaejoong was pulled in, some of the eyeliner still on his face. He looked down at poor, weak and sick looking Changmin and grabbed a hold of Heechul when he was done on the phone. "You fucking asshole, look what you've done to him!"
(3:52 AM) jungsu:Heechul looked up, tears in his eyes as Jaejoong grabbed him. "I didn't do anything to him! I've been nicer, how the hell could I have done this?!" Holding Changmin in his arms, Yunho ignored everyone else and carried him outside. Yoochun grabbed Jaejoong's hand, looking at him. "That's not going to help Changmin. We can't fight at a time like this, so please.." Heechul pushed Jaejoong's hands ...
.. off, wiping his cheeks before following Yunho.
(3:54 AM) ron burgundy:He let go of the older man and followed Yoochun outside as Changmin stared to come to. "Nicer my fucking ass," he mumbled, kneeling down to touch Changmins face. It was cool, but still gastly pale. He could hear the ambulances off in the distance getting closer, holding Yoochuns hand.
(4:00 AM) jungsu:Once they were at the hospital and Changmin was being worked on, Yunho paced the floors, staring off at nothing. Yoochun held Jaejoong's hand, not having let go since they got into Heechul's limo and drove to the hospital.
(4:03 AM) ron burgundy:As soon as Yoochun and Jaejoong arrived, still holding hands, the doctor came into the waiting room. "Are you all friends of Shim-sshi?" he asked, a bit surprised that so many people had arrived. Jaejoong was curious why, until he saw the nametag said Shim Junmin. "None the less, Shim-sshi is resting. He will be relased in about a weak, but right now he's very exhausted and weak. He's suffering from dehydration and exhaustion."
*and he figured it was his dad, or a relative.
(4:05 AM) jungsu:Heechul stood up immediately, standing in front of Yunho. "Can I sit with him? I'm his closest friend." He nodded, not caring what the doctor said and walking into the room anyways. Yunho thanked the doctor and sat down, running his fingers through his hair to calm himself. Looking at Jaejoong, Yoochun walked over to Yunho and sat beside him, just resting his hand on his friends back.
(4:07 AM) ron burgundy:The doctor looked at Heechul and raised an eyebrow. "You must be Kim Heechul, right? My son wrote me a letter two weeks ago telling me he had to quit college to work for you and that he tried to leave, but you forced him to stay," he said, crossing his arms. "I think the other three should see him before you."
(4:09 AM) jungsu:He looked at the doctor, slowly tucking his hair behind his ear. "I didn't..force him to stay.. And I didn't know he was going to college, if I did, I wouldn't have let him quit. Please, doctor, I just want to see him." Yunho stood up, looking at the doctor. "Doctor Shim, if it's alright with you, I'd like Heechul to see Changmin first so he can leave."
(4:10 AM) ron burgundy:He nodded, placing a hand on Yunhos shoulder. "He wrote to me about you, too," he smiled at Yunho, then looked at Heechul. "You have five minutes, say whatever is you want to and then please leave my son alone. He worked so hard for you.."
(4:12 AM) jungsu:"I bought him a new cellphone when he dropped his in the toilet, I even paid the bill, and I..I'm wasting my breath." He shook his head and picked up his bag, walking into Changmin's room and closing the door so he could have privacy. Biting his lip, he walked over to the bed and sat in the chair, slowly taking Changmin's hand.
(4:13 AM) ron burgundy:Changmin felt the presense in the room and turned his head, slowly opening his eyes. When he saw it was Heechul, he thought he was going to get an earful and tried to sit up. "I'm sorry, Heechul-sshi. I'll try to get out of here as soon as I can but my appa will probably keep me in here... I'll go back to work as soon as I can."
(4:15 AM) jungsu:Placing a hand on Changmin's head, he gently laid him back down, shaking his own head slowly. "No.. I don't want you working for me anymore, you're such a pain." He cleared his throat, holding Changmin's hand gently. "I've decided I need someone with more experience as my assistant, and you need to go back to college to get that experience."
(4:18 AM) ron burgundy:He blinked, looking at Heechul as if he hadn't heard what he said correctly. "But... " he began, but his mind was too fried to think of anything to say next and he nodded. "Ok, if that's what you wish of me. I'll go back to college. Working with you.. had it's moments.
(4:20 AM) jungsu:He nodded and looked at Changmin's hand, slowly letting it go as he stood up. "I wish you well in your future, Changmin." Leaning down, he pressed a soft kiss to the younger man's forhead, then kissed his lips before he stepped away. He looked at Changmin as he left the room, tears streaming down his cheeks as he walked down the hall.
(4:21 AM) ron burgundy:Jaejoong noticed the look on Heechuls face as he passed and finally let go of Yoochuns hand, approaching the older man. "Heechul?" he asked, touching his shoulder. "If you really cared for him as much as I see right now, why did you yell at him and boss him so much?"
(4:23 AM) jungsu:Wiping his eyes quickly, he looked at Jaejoong, clearing his throat. "Not all of us know how to show people that we care about them." He shook his head quickly and stepped into the elevator. Yoochun looked at Jaejoong when Yunho left his side to go into Changmin's room.
(4:24 AM) ron burgundy:He nodded and stepped away, heading back to the waiting area where he sat down by Yoochun again and replaced his hand in the others without realising it. Changmin was still awake when Yunho came in, sucking on a glass of juice a nurse had brought him.

Session Start: May 9, 2007

(1:05 AM) ron burgundy:Yunho parked the car at the local DQ and pulled his keys out of the ignition. He pat Jaejoong on the leg, smiling. "Seven years of friendship, all five of us. I figured, since college kept us busy these last two years - some of us far away than others - that we'd have a celebration meal to signify us together again." He turned around and looked at Yoochun, Changmin and Junsu. Yoochun was rolling his eyes. "You are so friggin' corny, Yunho."
(1:09 AM) shiwon:Jaejoong smiled and placed his hand over Yunho's, nodding. "You guys know what today is, right?" He looked at the others' clueless faces and rolled his eyes. "It's the exact day we first came here together as friends! God, guys." Getting out of the car, he ignored Junsu's loud laughter and just grinned, making sure he had his wallet.
(1:10 AM) ron burgundy:Yoochun groaned as he got out of the car, holding the door open so Changmin could get out. "I'm starving!" Changmin groaned, patting his stomach as it grumbled in protest. "Typical," Yunho said, laughing a little as they stepped into the DQ.
(1:13 AM) shiwon:"What ever do you mean, Yunho? Changmin hungry? That's the absolute first I've heard about it!" Junsu slung his arm around Changmin's shoulders and grinned, walking in with him. Right behind Yunho, Jaejoong walked in and instantly looked at the menu, humming. "I'll take a spicy chicken sandwich with no pickles, and a coke to drink. Gotta wash my hands." He wiggled his fingers and headed off.
(1:16 AM) ron burgundy:Yunho knew what everybody wanted and ordered, while Yoochun, Changmin and Junsu took to finding a place to sit. While he waited for the food, he kept glancing around the corner to watch for Jaejoong to return, thanking the chashier for the change.
(1:17 AM) shiwon:He came back a few moments later, rubbing his hands together. Smiling at Yunho, he stood beside him and played with a 'new blizzard flavor' display. "I might get one of these if I have room left over." He nodded and tilted his head, smiling at Yunho.
(1:21 AM) ron burgundy:"Mint Oreo," he said, nodding. "Sounds good but you normally don't have enough room. Changmins the one with the endless stomach. He'll pay for it later though," he winked. The meals started to arrive so he handed what he could to Jaejoong and picked up the other tray. "Ready? Perhaps if you have some room, we can share a blizzard."
(1:24 AM) shiwon:Holding the tray, he nodded and smiled, heading over to the table. He gave everyone their orders and pouted out his lips as he sat down, opening the wrapper to his sandwich. "Come to papa." Taking a big bite, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the sandwich as if he never had one before. Junsu stopped midbite to stare at Jaejoong.
(1:32 AM) ron burgundy:Yoochun smacked him to make him stop staring, although he knew how erotic Jaejoong could make eating food look. They were well into their meal when Yoochun looked up, something having caught his eye. "Shit!" he said, standing quickly. There was a loud sound  and suddenly Yoochun fell to the ground. Changmin gasped and stood as well to see what happened when another loud bang that sounded like fireworks went off and he too, collapsed on the floor. "What the he..." Yunho trailed off until he got a clear view of a masked man yeilding a gun. Quickly he drived under the table, pulling Junsu and Jaejoong with him and hugged them against him.
(1:35 AM) shiwon:Junsu had been looking at Yoochun when he was shot, and he saw everything, including Changmin being shot as well. When Yunho pulled him under the table, he was already crying and trying to get away, his hands outstretched towards his friends. Jaejoong had been looking down at the moment, and the shots came so suddenly that he didn't know what had happened. He couldn't see Yoochun or Changmin, ...
.. so when Yunho held them close, he looked at him. "What happened?!"
(1:38 AM) ron burgundy:Yunho held onto a struggling Junsu as he tried his best to fish out his cellphone and dailed 911. He was crying as well, his body trembling as he looked at Jaejoong. There was shouting and more gunshots, each sound making Yunho jump and hold onto the other two even tighter. The operator kept saying hello on the phone, but after the screams and gunshots rang through, they said an ambulance and police would be on their way. Yunho didn't hear, his attention was on protecting his friends.
(1:41 AM) shiwon:"YOOCHUN! Yunho, let me go, let me get to him!" He sobbed, trying to get Yunho's arm away as he clawed at the floor, doing his best to get over to his bleeding friends. Jaejoong burried his face into Yunho's neck, not knowing that Changmin had been shot. "Yunho, ohmygod..oh my god, Yunho, was Yoochun shot?"
(1:44 AM) ron burgundy:"Junsu please!" he cried, pulling him closer. He didn't care if he was scratching at his arm and hand. His hand cupped the side of Jaejoongs face and stroked it, brushing away the tears. He heard the abulances and police arrive and let out a somewhat relived sigh, but he still didn't want to let either of them go.
(1:47 AM) shiwon:He finally got free of Yunho's grip and crawled over to Yoochun, screaming when he saw the bleeding. "Yoochun, hold on! The ambulance is here, just hold on." Without really knowing how he did it, Junsu pulled Yoochun's upper body into his lap, cradelling him against him and rocking back and forth. Jaejoong looked up quickly, his eyes wide. "Changmin..oh my god, Changmin!" He moved away from ...
(1:47 AM) shiwon:.. Yunho and got out from under the table, losing his breath when he saw Yoochun and Changmin.
(1:49 AM) ron burgundy:The police burst into the building and took the gunman down, removing him before the paramedics could rush in. They removed Junsu with difficulty and came towards Jaejoong when Yunho moved in the way. "Let me handle it, please," he said weakly, crawling over to Jaejoong. He put his hand on his shoulder, tugging him towards him. "Come on, BooJae," he said in Korean. "They gotta look at Changminnie now."
(1:51 AM) shiwon:Putting his hand on his chest, Jaejoong finally breathed and let out a sob, covering his eyes. "Yunnie.. Changmin-ah is so pale.." He pressed his face into Yunho's chest and cried, shaking his head as he listened to Junsu's protests to be taken with Yoochun.
(1:54 AM) ron burgundy:The time grew blurry for Yunho and he hadn't realised he was in a hospital waiting room until he clued into Jaejoongs weight against his side. Shaking his head, he looked over at his friend, taking his hand and squeezing it. "I must've spaced out, is there any news on Minnie and Chunnie?" he asked.
(1:56 AM) shiwon:He shook his head slowly, looking up at Yunho with fresh  tears. "It's been two hours, Yunho.. Why is it taking so long? Junsu hasn't moved..not even an inch." Shaking his head again, he looked over at Junsu, who was sitting in the floor on the opposite wall, hugging his knees.
(1:57 AM) ron burgundy:Yunho kissed Jaejoongs temple then pried himself away from him to sit down beside Junsu. "Hey, Su," he said softly, wrapping himself around the other man. "Please know that I'm here for you, and so is Jaejoong."
(1:59 AM) shiwon:Junsu just stared at the wall, barely shaking his head. "I just need Yoochun and Changmin to be okay." He didn't cry, he just looked at the wall, blinking every now and then.
(2:04 AM) ron burgundy:A doctor stepped in shortly after Junsu said those words but Yunho didn't get off the floor. He had a somber look and took off his glasses, taking a seat across from Jaejoong. "Micky Park is in intensive care. He was shot in the chest and his one lung collapsed," he said, his voice monotoned but Yunho could tell he hated saying the words. "He's unconscieous right now, and you can see him in a few hours but... Max, you're other friend. I've already talked to his parents...." he trailed off, looking at the three before sighing. "Max died instantly from a gunshot to the head. I'm very sorry for your loss," he stood, sliding his glasses back on. "There will be a woman by the name of Lucy Miller in if you need someone to talk to, she's a greif councellor."
(2:09 AM) shiwon:Jaejoong's blood ran cold when heard those words, blocking out everything after 'died instantly'. His eyes fluttered closed and he swayed slightly, not hearing Junsu's sobbing as he slid out of the seat and onto the floor. Junsu curled up on the ground, hiding his face from the waiting room while he cried, screaming Changmin's name.
(2:12 AM) ron burgundy:Yunho didn't know what to do. Junsu was breaking down and Jaejoong had fainted. He was torn. Standing, he started for Jaejoong, then back to Junsu to try to get him to stop screaming, then attempted to head to Jaejoong again. A nurse came into the room when she heard the racket and saw Jaejoong on the floor, bending down to help him. Yunho felt so paniced he still kept moving back and forth, almost like a robot.
(2:15 AM) shiwon:Hours later, when Jaejoong had woken up and Junsu had been given something to calm him down, the doctor told them they could see Yoochun now. Clenching his hands together, Jaejoong stood up and slowly walked into the room, heading over to Yoochun's bed.
(2:17 AM) ron burgundy:He looked like he was asleep, just laying there with tubes to assist his breathing. Yunho stayed close behind to keep an eye on Jaejoong. He took a seat and started to massage his temples. He hadn't had a chance to let it all sink in, but seeing Yoochun made his heart hurt so he kept his eyes to the floor.
(2:19 AM) shiwon:He took a seat next to Yoochun's bed, gently taking his hand as he watched him, swallowing hard. "Chunnie..we're so glad you're okay." Nodding to himself, he leaned down and kissed his friend's hand, sniffling deeply to keep his tears from falling.
(2:20 AM) ron burgundy:Yoochun heard Jaejoongs voice and felt his touch, his fingers twitching a little before his eyes opened a bit. He started to struggle, looking slightly paniced by all the tubes and machines around him.
(2:22 AM) shiwon:"Calm down, you're okay. Please just stay calm." He reached up and gently stroked Yoochun's hair, nodding as he looked into his eyes. "You're okay.." Saying this brought tears to his eyes and he looked down.
(2:23 AM) ron burgundy:He eventually calmed down, looking at Jaejoong with worried eyes. He wanted to ask him what was wrong but everytime he did it hurt and he found it hard to breathe. He held a hand up weakly and made a motion for a pen and paper.
(2:24 AM) shiwon:Looking at Yoochun, he nodded and looked around, grabbing a piece of paper and a pen. He placed them in Yoochun's hands, wiping his cheeks a few times to dry them.
(2:25 AM) ron burgundy:He scribbed on the pad, asking about what happened and if everybody else was ok before letting his hand rest. His eyes fluttered closed for a moment, a small tear rolling down his cheek. He felt so weak, but he had to know.
(2:26 AM) shiwon:He swallowed hard as he read the paper, sliding it away along with the pen until it fell off the bed. Shaking his head slowly, he didn't look at Yoochun, whispering. "Changmin..He di--.." His voice croaked as he tried to say the word, but it wouldn't come, and he only broke into tears.
(2:30 AM) ron burgundy:Yoochun struggled again, fighting against anything that was holding him down as he shook his head from side to side. He started making low sounds deep in his throat which made the machines begin to go haywire. Seconds later, nurses rushed in and told both Jaejoong and Yunho to leave. Yunho nodded and took Jaejoongs hand, ushering him out of the room. When they were out in the silence of the hall of the ICU ward, he reached up to brush away Jaejoongs tears. "Joongie, there's nothing we can do for either of them right now... so how about we head back to my place just to have a change of scenery, ok?"
(2:32 AM) shiwon:Jaejoong did his best to stay by Yoochun's side, but he was too tired and weak to fight against Yunho. He sobbed quietly, shaking his head as he looked up at him. "No, I'm not leaving until he's alright. I can't, I made a promise to him when we were kids." A doctor came over to them, sliding a pen into his pocket. "Are you friends of Junsu Kim?"
(2:33 AM) ron burgundy:Yunho understood, keeping his arm around Jaejoong. "And I made a promise I'd be here for you, no matter what," he said to him, then turned ot the doctor. "We are, sir. Is something wrong?"
(2:34 AM) shiwon:"No, not at all. He's resting now, but the sedative should be wearing off soon. I'd reccomend you be there for your friend when he wakes up." He nodded and walked off, Jaejoong going in the other direction towards Junsu's room.
(2:35 AM) ron burgundy:With a heavy sigh, Yunho followed Jaejoong to Junsus room and repeated what he did in Yoochuns. He sat down in a seat and stared at the floor, wishing that all of this was just a horrible nightmare and he'd be waiting up to Junsus laughter any second now.
(2:37 AM) shiwon:Within half an hour, Junsu opened his eyes and stared at the cieling, blinking a few times. Jaejoong gasped and sat up, taking his hand. There was no objection from Junsu, he just laid there, staring.
(2:38 AM) ron burgundy:Yunho scooted closer and finally looked at his friend, smiling a little. "Hey, Susu," he said softly, taking his other hand. "How are you? Let us know you're ok, will you?"
(2:39 AM) shiwon:"Changmin is gone. I watched it happen, I saw everything. Yoochun..I have to see him.." He spoke slowly but made no effort to get up, a few tears rolling out of his eyes. "I want to see Chun.."
(2:40 AM) ron burgundy:He squeezed his friends hand, shaking his head. "You can't right now, Su. He's being looked at. But I promise you that before this day is through you'll get to see him. He's ok, he's alive...." he stopped talking suddenly and his face crumpled a bit. "Yoo..chun.. is fine..." he said slowly.

Session Start: May 9, 2007

(11:58 PM) yunho:Jaejoong walked with Yunho to Yoochun's room, fully intent on getting their friend to the graveyard. There was no word from Junsu, not since the day after the shooting, but they knew he was alive. They'd spoken to his mother, who'd taken to living with him for now. Walking into Yoochun's room, Jaejoong had his hands clenched together, biting his lip.
(12:00 AM) ron burgundy:Yunho sighed loudly. They could get in a lot of trouble for what they were about to do, but he knew Yoochun would never be able to deal with himself if he didn't righteously say his goodbyes to Changmin. He stepped over to the side of Yoochuns bed, smiling. He didn't smile back. "We're here to kidnap you," he said simply. Yoochun quired an eyebrow.
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(12:13 AM) ron burgundy:Yunho sighed loudly. They could get in a lot of trouble for what they were about to do, but he knew Yoochun would never be able to deal with himself if he didn't righteously say his goodbyes to Changmin. He stepped over to the side of Yoochuns bed, smiling. He didn't smile back. "We're here to kidnap you," he said simply. Yoochun quired an eyebrow.

Session Start: May 10, 2007

(12:16 AM) yunho:Nodding, Jaejoong took Yoochun's hand, stroking it gently with his thumb. "We'll get you an oxygen tank, we brought you some clothes." He held up the bag, clearing his throat to hold back the tears. "Yunho will help you dress, I'll keep a look out."
(12:16 AM) ron burgundy:"Are you sure about this?" he asked softly, the thought of moving already making him breathless. He threw back the blankets anyway and gingerly climbed out of bed, pressing a hand to his chest as if he thought everything would fall out.
(12:18 AM) yunho:He put an arm around Yoochun's waist, helping him out of bed. "Very sure. We've never missed anything in Changmin's life, we're not letting you miss the funeral." His voice got softer and he nodded slowly, handing the bag to Yunho. He walked off to the door, closing it and looking out the small window.
(12:19 AM) ron burgundy:Yunho assisted Yoochun the best he could around the wires and such. When he was finished, he looked at the oxygen tank and bit his lip. "I don't know how we're going to sneak this out, it looks heavy."
(12:20 AM) yunho:Jaejoong looked around and pointed to the roller that is for the tank, snapping his fingers. "That, right there. Put the tank on that." He looked back out the window, lifting on his tiptoes. "We have to hurry, the service starts soon.."
(12:22 AM) ron burgundy:He nodded and put the tank on the roller. "Ok, you help him out the door and I'll distract the nurses," he said, giving Jaejoong a hug before stepping out into the hall and lounging across the nurses station. "Hey ladies," he purred, winking.
(12:24 AM) yunho:Grabbing a wheelchair, he helped Yoochun sit down in it and bit his lip as he wheeled him and the tank out of the room. He casually walked to the elevators, whistling loudly to get Yunho's attention.
(12:25 AM) ron burgundy:He blew the girls kisses as they giggled and sauntered to the elevator, letting out a long breath of air once he was safe inside. Yoochun looked somber and didn't say much, his gaze down at the floor.
(12:27 AM) yunho:Jaejoong kept his hand on Yoochun's shoulder throughout the elevator ride, as well as the funeral, even though he was crying into Yunho's chest. Standing many yards away from the grave site, Junsu watched on as they lowered Changmin into the ground, just standing there as if he were a robot toy that wasn't turned on.
(12:31 AM) ron burgundy:There was no possible way they would get a wheelchair over the rolling hills, so it took them forever to get to the grave once everybody had cleared. Yunho saw a familiar form standing near it and smiled sadly, touching his shoulder. "Hey, Su," he said softly. "There's someone here who'd like to see you."
(12:34 AM) yunho:Junsu slowly looked at Yunho, not looking like himself with tired eyes and dead eyes. "Please tell Jaejoong hyung I don't feel like visiting." His voice was flat, it didn't even have that raspy sound to it. Watching on from his place beside Yoochun, Jaejoong frowned when he saw Junsu's appearance, but knew why he looked so.
(12:36 AM) ron burgundy:"Susu-ah," Yoochun spoke up, stepping away from Jaejoong to wrap himself around around the other man. "I miss you," he said softly, pressing a kiss to his temple. Yunho held his breath so he didn't burst into tears and looked away, taking a rose from the five single ones they purchased. He knelt by Changmins grave and ran his fingers over the English letters, then the hangul. "Oh Minnie," he whispered, then burst into tears.
(12:39 AM) yunho:Walking over to Yunho, Jaejoong placed his hands on his back and knelt down beside him, looking at the headstone. Junsu closed his eyes and placed his hand over Yoochun's, letting the tears roll down his cheeks. " shouldn't be here, you're not strong enough.."
(1:00 AM) ron burgundy:He shook his head, and tugged Junsu over with him then sat down on the grass. He picked up a rose and sniffed it before placing it on the fresh grave. "Changminnie, I did a bad job protecting you didn't I?" he said softly, closing his eyes as a single tear fell from his eyes. The last rose was to signify Changmin, which was why it was white and the others were red. Yunho placed it in the center so the other four were around it, protecting it.
(1:03 AM) yunho:Junsu just sat and stared at the grave as Jaejoong reached over and held Yoochun's hand. "You were shot first, Yoochun. You couldn't have saved Changmin, even if you wanted to." He spoke softly, almost grim, not taking his eyes off the tombstone. "None of us could have saved him."
(1:04 AM) ron burgundy:Yoochun shook his head again, clenching his fists. "I said to him when we were younger that I would always protect him from bullies. Remember how they used to pick on him so bad because of his ears and how badly he'd cry?" his voice cracked even more and he started to shake a little. "I promised him... and look where it got him."
(1:07 AM) yunho:He looked at Yoochun, tears finally coming to his eyes. "Don't you get it? It isn't our fault, Yoochun, no matter what promises we made to him. We all made that same promise, and blaming yourself isn't going to being Changmin back!" Jaejoong closed his eyes tightly and covered his face, sobbing into his knees as tears rolled down Junsu's face.
(1:08 AM) ron burgundy:Yunho pulled Jaejoong into his arms, rubbing his back soothingly as he tried to calm him down. Yoochun looked away and apologised, wiping at his face to rid his cheeks of the tears. "I think I should go back now..." he whispered.
(1:09 AM) yunho:Junsu shifted and wrapped his arms around Yoochun, whispering into his ear. "We've already lost Changmin, we can't lose you as well. You fight to get better, you fight with as much strength you have in your body so you can come back to us. I need you. My heart..needs you.."
(1:13 AM) ron burgundy:He snuggled up against Junsu, resting his head in the crook of his neck. "Without you four, I don't know what I'd do but I'm fighting as best as I can, guys." he sniffed, wrapping an arm around Junsu to give him a hug.
(1:15 AM) yunho:Like in most movies, it started to rain suddenly and Jaejoong looked up at the sky, closing his eyes. Junsu pulled away from Yoochun and kissed his cheek, stroking his hair. "Yunho-sshi, it's time for Yoochun to go back.."
(1:19 AM) ron burgundy:Yunho nodded and stood, helping Yoochun stand. He said his goodbye to Junsu and wished he would visit him. Fast forward to a few months later and Yoochun was released. Yunho was hanging streamers at the apartment Jaejoong and Yoochun shared, humming to himself. "Is this level?" he asked anybody who was watching.
(1:20 AM) yunho:Jaejoong looked up from the small helium tank he had bought and laughed, shrugging. "What does it matter, Junsu and Yoochun will only play mummy in them later." He grinned and dodged the ball of paper Junsu had thrown at him.
(1:24 AM) ron burgundy:He laughed, sticking it up with tape and then stepping down from the ladder. "Well it's a god damn serious celebration. He's been in that hospital for four months," he sighed, biting his lip. "We should take a trip away for awhile to just... have new scenery to look at."
(1:27 AM) yunho:Gasping loudly, Junsu looked up at Yunho, standing up quickly. "We should go to Hawaii! It's the absolute opposite of the weather here, and I heard the luaus there are amazing!" Jaejoong laughed and sucked in some helium, looking at Yunho. "He just wants to go and see the big pig they roast, you know how he is." He grinned when Junsu burst into a fit of laughter at his high-pitched voice.
(1:29 AM) ron burgundy:Yunho burst into laughter as well, nearly falling over from laughing so hard. He shook his head, approching Jaejoong, stumbling a bit. "You're... so cute." he managed to sputter, putting his arms around him and hugging him. "Hawaii sounds wonderful, I can book tick--" suddenly his phone rang and thinking it was Yoochun, he shushed everybody only to see it was his parents.
(1:33 AM) yunho:Junsu and Jaejoong pressed their faces into their hands to muffle their laughter, only to giggle more whenever they looked at eachother. Yunho's father, who lived in Korea, spoke in a pleased tone. "Yunho-sshi! I'm glad you answered, I have very important news to tell you."
(1:34 AM) ron burgundy:"Oh, dad!" he exclaimed, excited to hear from him. It had been awhile since the two had talked since his parents divorced a few years ago. His father moved back to Korea while he and his mother and sister stayed back in Canada. "What's the news?"
(1:36 AM) yunho:"I have found you the perfect wife. I've spoken to your mother, she agrees that you should come to Korea at once to wed." His father sounded excited. Not knowing what was being said on the phone, Jaejoong rested his head on Yunho's shoulder, closing his eyes as he rested.
(1:37 AM) ron burgundy:He blinked, nearly dropping the phone. "Wh.. what?" he asked, even though he heard exactly what his father just told him. His whole body went ridged and he felt like he couldn't breathe. "But.. I..."
(1:39 AM) yunho:Jaejoong lifted his head and looked at Yunho, frowning deeply. "What's wrong?" He spoke quietly. "Yes, son, you are to wed in exactly one week. The planning has already started on the wedding, and your mother has sent me your sizes so I could get your tuxedo made."
(1:40 AM) ron burgundy:"This is insane, I can't!" he stood, forgetting Jaejoong was leaning against him. Yunho didn't really have much of a temper, so it was rare you ever saw him mad and right now, he was beyond it. "How can you do this to me? I'm only twenty one, dad. Not to mention, I AM GAY!"
(1:42 AM) yunho:"You are NOT gay, and as long as you are my son, you will obey my wishes! You will be on the next flight to Seoul, and you will wed Choi JooHye!" His father hung up just as Jaejoong was picking himself off the floor, brushing off his clothes with a deeper frown on his face.
(1:43 AM) ron burgundy:He slammed his phone shut and growled loudly, giving it a nice drill against the wall. He didn't care that it broke or that it would cost him money to pay for it, he was so pissed off that he couldn't control himself as his body started to shake. "You, fucking asshole!" he swore at the broken phone.
(1:44 AM) yunho:Jaejoong yelped and covered his mouth with one hand, pressing the other to the side of his face. Only Junsu stood and was brave enough to walk over to Yunho. "Yunho-sshi, what's wrong? What did your father say?"
(1:46 AM) ron burgundy:He ran a hand through his hair and started to pace. "My fucking father, he has an arranged marriage for me back in Korea. In a week I marry some chick I never met when I'm not even INTO chicks in the first place. I just.. I can't believe this. Mom said she'd MAKE SURE I don't get stuck into something like this because that's what they had."
(1:48 AM) yunho:Looking up slowly, Jaejoong lowered his shaking hands, looking at Yunho. "Ar..arranged marriage? Oh God.." He sat down and closed his eyes, breathing slowly so he didn't get sick. Junsu frowned and took Yunho's hand. "Why would he do that? If he knows.."
(1:51 AM) ron burgundy:He shook his head, sinking to the floor. "He doesn't believe I'm gay. And he said as long as I'm his son I'll obey his wishes," he spoke the last bit weakly and shook his head. "I can't believe this. you guys are so lucky you're second generation." He looked up at them with a lost expression, the sudden knock at the door made him jump. "Shit, that's probably Yoochun. Guys, don't tell him anything right now, please."
(1:53 AM) yunho:"I feel sick," Jaejoong stood up and ran to the bathroom, the sound of the lock clicking an obvious sign he wanted to be alone. Taking a deep breath, Junsu cleared his face and put on a happy smile, walking to the door. He pulled it open and grinned as he saw Yoochun, bouncing. "Chunnie!"
(1:55 AM) ron burgundy:Yoochun smiled and brust into the room, wrapping his arms and legs around Junsu and squeezed him. "JUNSU, OH MY GOD I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!" he exclaimed. Yunho didn't move off the floor, he felt like all the ambition he had was sucked out of him by the phone call.
(1:56 AM)ron burgundy has changed his/her name to "i has a karot"
(1:56 AM) yunho:Letting out a cry, Junsu bent his knees and rolled down onto his back, laughing as he hugged Yoochun tightly, rocking side to side. "I'm so happy too, oh my god, you have no idea! You look so good, Chunnie!"
(1:59 AM) i has a karot:His infamous highpitched giggle left his lips as he rolled back and forth with Junsu, throwing his head back. "It's so nice to be home and not in a fucking hospital room," he said, making Junsu stop rolling by stradling his hips. "I missed you, I missed..." he paused and looked up, Yunho was no longer where he was sitting earlier. "Where's Yunho.. and Jaejoong?"
(2:01 AM) yunho:He bit his lip and rested on his elbows, looking around before looking at Yoochun. "I'm not supposed to tell you, but.." Informing Yoochun on the situation Yunho was now in, he frowned and closed his eyes. "Jaejoong is crushed." In the bathroom, Jaejoong was sitting in the floor hugging his knees, crying hard into his knees.
(2:05 AM) i has a karot:His happy face left and he frowned, sighing. "Damn," he said softly, getting off of Junsu and helping him to his feet. "So do you want to see my battle wound?" he asked, hoping to lighten the mood a little. Yunho picked the lock to the bathroom and slipped in, sitting across from Jaejoong. "Joongie," he whispered, reaching forward to touch the top of his head and thread his fingers through his hair.
(2:10 AM) yunho:Standing up, he looked at Yoochun and nodded, a small smile coming to his face. Jaejoong looked up at Yunho, sniffling and not bothering to wipe his face. "No matter how you feel, Yunho, you have to marry this girl.. If you don't, you'll bring shame to your family.." Everyone knew that Jaejoong was a traditionalist, which was why he hadn't had sex. Even though he was gay, he followed the rules.
(2:14 AM) i has a karot:Grinning, Yoochun lifted his shirt and pointed to the three inch scar that was next to his nipple. "They had to cut me open to get the bullet so I have this sweet scar," he said with a small laugh. Yunho removed his hand and pulled it back, seemingly pulling into himself. Only Jaejoong would be able to tell, since they knew eachother better than he knew Junsu or Yoochun. "I... can't do that. I don't love her. I can't just marry someone I don't love, that's even more wrong than me being gay - which I personally do not think is WRONG."
(2:17 AM) yunho:Junsu reached up and ran his fingers over the scar, smiling as he tilted his head to the other side, laughing softly. "Something to remember Changmin by when you look at yourself in the mirror." He nodded, looking down and sighing. "I can't..I can't sleep at night, Chunnie.." Jaejoong shook his head and took Yunho's hand, looking at him. "I know but what can you do? He's your father. ...
.. Deep inside, I wish for a father that would do such things for me."
(2:19 AM) i has a karot:"Then you can become his son and get married," he said and stood, leaving the room. He looked absolutely heart broken when he stepped out into the living room area, picking up the bits of his phone. "I hate to be the downer of your party but I can't.. " he swallowed thickly. He didn't want to cry right now, not where they could see him. "I just gotta go." He left the apartment quickly. Yoochun let his shirt fall down and he watched Yunho rush down the hallway and disappear around the corner.

Session Start: May 10, 2007

(2:23 AM) yunho:"Yunho-sshi!" He stood up quickly and ran out of the bathroom, stopping and kissing Yoochun's cheek before running after Yunho. Jaejoong wasn't the best runner, so when he tried to turn the corner, he ran right into the railing, hurting his side. "Ow.. Yunho-sshi!" He looked down the hall as he held his side, slowing down to a trot.
(2:26 AM) i has a karot:He heard the sound and stopped, turning around. His cheeks were flushed and wet with tears and his eyes were red and puffy. "Jaejoongie, I cannot marry this woman knowing that I love you, it's not right. It would kill me," he said as he approched him, crying so hard he was hiccuping. "I can't hurt you."
(2:31 AM) yunho:Looking up at Yunho, he reached up and wiped his cheeks, even though it didn't do any good. "You can't.." He closed his eyes tightly, holding his side. "You can't shame your family for me, Yunho.. I'm not worth it." Looking down, he kept his hand on Yunho's cheek, sniffling softly. "You won't be able to make your father understand. I know how much he means to you.."
(2:33 AM) i has a karot:He shook his head, grabbing onto Jaejoong and shaking him a little. "YOU ARE WORTH IT, KIM JAEJOONG!" he said perhaps a bit too loud, but he didn't care. Figuring he lost the battle, he let him go and hung his head. "I will be absolutely miserable, you understand?" he said softly, his voice breaking. "I'll die inside, Boo..."
(2:36 AM) yunho:He frowned and looked at Yunho, placing his hand on his shoulder. "Then make your father understand. Don't you think this is hurting me as well? I've loved you since we were not even in our teens, it took me a lifetime to tell you that. I don't want to lose you but you know how I feel about family traditions. I never got to be apart of them, only when your four mothers invited me to holiday ...
.. dinners. I don't want you to go off and marry someone you've never met, I want you to stay here and marry ME!"
(2:39 AM) i has a karot:He sniffed and looked up, meeting Jaejoongs face and leaned in to kiss him. His arms wrapped around the smaller man and he held him tightly, his lips brushing against the others in a messy but loving kiss. When he broke it, he placed one on Jaejoongs forehead. "I'll make him understand. You are wroth not being apart of the family anymore, Joongie. I swear. You, Yoochun and Junsu are my family."
(2:42 AM) yunho:Hugging Yunho tightly, he used his boyfriend's shirt to dry his tears, nodding slowly. "I can't lose you, Yunnie." He shook his head and looked up at him, pressing a kiss to his lips. "We should..get back, Junsu and Yoochun are probably already bored." Standing up slowly, he took Yunho's hand and walked with him back to the apartment.
(2:46 AM) i has a karot:When they return, Yoochun had all the streamers ripped down and wrapped around himself. He had Junsu pinned to the floor again and some of the streamers was wrapped around his head. In his hand was a tub of ice cream and he let some of the melted ice cream drip onto Junsus lips as he giggled.
(2:50 AM) yunho:Jaejoong stopped in his tracks and looked at them, tilting his head as he watched Junsu with his mouth wide open, waiting for the ice cream to drop into his mouth. "Chunnie, let me have it!" He whined, sitting up a bit to get to the spoon.
(2:51 AM) i has a karot:"Maybe," he said, still giggling as he let the spoonful slide into his own mouth. "Mm, so good," he moaned. Yunho just rolled his eyes and searched for Jaejoongs camera to take pictures. When he turned it on, an image of Changmin was on the screen and he nearly dropped it.
(2:54 AM) yunho:Looking at Yunho, Jaejoong slowly took the camera and looked at the picture of Changmin making a heart with his hands, a smile coming to his face. "This was the day before he died," he spoke with a soft voice, but didn't cry. "He asked me to let him borrow the camera, and I was hesitant but I knew he wouldn't drop it. Changmin was always responcible and careful. I never looked at the picture.. ...
(2:55 AM) yunho:.. he asked me not to until we had them developed." He smiled again and let out a soft sigh. Junsu stopped moving and looked up at Yoochun as he listened to Jaejoong talk.
(2:57 AM) i has a karot:Yunho's bottom lip trembled a bit and he looked away from the camera. Everybody else was past their crying stages because they had let themselves heal, but Yunho hadn't. He was the one everybody leaned on to cry over Changmin or vent about the accident. Nobody knew how badly he was suffering inside, he hid it so well. "We should frame it," he spoke, his voice thick. Yoochun scooped another bit of icecream and nudged Junsu to get his attention.
(3:01 AM) yunho:He nodded and sat the camera down on the table, taking Yunho's hand. "Yunnie.." Looking at him, he pressed his lips together and walked him to the bedroom, closing the door behind him. Junsu looked at Yoochun and smiled a bit, opening his mouth to recieve the ice cream.
(3:03 AM) i has a karot:He followed Jaejoong, looking confused. "What?" he asked, taking a seat on the bed. Yoochun bent down and slowly let the spoonful of icecream slide past Junsus perfect lips. "Is it good?" he asked, smiling.
(3:05 AM) yunho:Jaejoong sat Yunho on the bed and sat beside him, stroking his cheek. "Yunnie, why won't you just cry? You don't have to be strong anymore." Swallowing the spoonful, he nodded and smiled, licking his lips. "Vanilla is my favorite."

Session Start: May 11, 2007

(12:11 AM) i has a karot:It was only two weeks and Yunho was returning already. He told Jaejoong it would at most be a month, and he expected the other man wouldn't know he was returning since he didn't alert him. It was a long flight, he was incredibly jet legged and exhausted. He hadn't ate in almost twelve hours so his stomach was bothering him and his ankle managed to swell up quite huge. But he still smiled, because he was free. Free from his father and the binds that would hold him in Korea. He approached the apartment door, hearing Junsus telltale laughter and grinned even wider, knocking on the door.
(12:19 AM) yunho:Junsu pulled himself away from Yoochun's tickling torture and composed himself, giggling as he walked to the door. He pulled it open and saw Yunho, gasping. "You're not takeout!" Practically jumping on him, he hugged his friend tightly, letting out a squeal.
(12:21 AM) i has a karot:"Ahh, Su," he whined, but hugged him back. His ankle twitched in pain but he missed his friends. He didn't care, it felt like he hadn't seen them in years when it was only two weeks. "Is Joongie home? I thought about him the whole time." Yoochun came over to the door, tucking his long, raven hair behind his ears. "I don't see a ring," he stated, quircking a brow.
(12:27 AM) yunho:"No, he's out buying things for his new apartment! He lives right next door, he said he couldn't go too far from us. We bought him a couch!" Grinning, Junsu kept his arms around Yunho and looked at Yoochun. "Chunnie, you knew he wasn't going to marry some chick."
(12:28 AM) i has a karot:He laughed, slipping his arm around Junsu. "True, I did. But I wanted to make sure," he kissed Junsus temple and Yunho squeezed inside since the two were so close to the door. "Can you two do me a big favour?" he asked, almost whining.
(12:32 AM) yunho:He looked up at Yunho and pouted out his lips, nodding. "You know we can, Yunho! Ask us anything." Pulling away, he walked over to his bowl of carrot sticks, munching loudly on one with a bright smile.
(12:33 AM) i has a karot:He looked at the carrot sticks and groaned, wrapping an arm around his stomach. "Make me something to eat. I haven't had anything in twelve hours and my stomach feels like it's eating itself alive."
(12:36 AM) yunho:"Yeah, we have some leftover spaghetti from last night. I'll heat it up for you, go shower. I can smell you from here." He made a face and waved his hand in front of his face as he headed into the kitchen. Getting out the bowl of spaghetti, he hummed and shoved it in the microwave, pressing a few buttons.
(12:38 AM) i has a karot:He laughed at the smelly comment and headed for the bathroom, but not before stealing some clothes from Yoochun who obviously moved in to take over Jaejoongs place. On his way down the hall, he passed what used to be Changmins room and paused for a moment. Reaching forward, he twisted the knob and stepped in.
(12:42 AM) yunho:Junsu sang while he waited for the spaghetti to cook, shaking his hips as he watched the bowl go round. It wasn't long before he had the bowl out on the counter, grinning. "Yunho is going to love this. It's my grandmother's recipe." He nodded, looking over at Yoochun.
(12:44 AM) i has a karot:Yoochun looked over at at Junsu and smiled, then continued to stare down the hall. "He went into Changmins room," he said softly. "I feel kinda bad for him because he hasn't really had the time to deal with it, you know?" Sighing, he moved away from where he was and sat down at the kitchen table.
(12:49 AM) yunho:He bit his lip and looked down the hall, placing his hands on the counter as he leaned against it, sighing. "Changmin's mom called yesterday. She asked if we would mind if she came and got his things." Looking at Yoochun, he shrugged lightly. "She's supposed to come by tomorrow."
(12:50 AM) i has a karot:He looked up at Junsu, a look of pain on his face  before he nodded. "She has a right to take his stuff, but.. I kind of liked keeping it the way it was. It... comforted me. Made me think that he's still here almost."
(12:55 AM) yunho:"All we have to do is tell her no, and she won't come. She knows how much he meant to us..I don't want her to take his things either." He shook his head, closing his eyes and sighing.
(12:56 AM) i has a karot:Not soon after Junsu said that, Yunho came around the corner with wet hair and Yoochuns clothes on. "I hope you don't mind," he said, pointing the the clothes. Yoochun shook his head and smiled as Yunho sat down.
(12:58 AM) yunho:He wiped the sat look off his face and turned around, putting a fork in the bowl. "That was a quick shower, Yunnie!" Smiling, he took a bite of the spaghetti before leaving it for Yunho, nodding.
(12:59 AM) i has a karot:"What can I say, I'm used to sharing the bathroom at home with my sister," he rolled his eyes, then looked down at the spagetti. "It looks good, Su, thank you." He then dug in, eating it rather quickly.
(1:03 AM) yunho:Nodding, he hugged Yunho before going over to the couch, sitting down and curling up. It was about an hour before Jaejoong came through the door, carrying a few bags. "Guys! You'll never believe what I got!"
(1:03 AM) i has a karot:Yoochun sprung to his feet and pretended to be excited. As much as he picked on him for it, he thought it was so adorable that Jaejoong got excited over the littlest things. "What, Joongie!"
(1:05 AM) yunho:He put the bags down and fished around in them for a moment, then pulled out a coo-coo clock that had a dog chasing a cat. Pressing a button, he swayed to the tune that played, his mouth open in a bright happy smile.
(1:06 AM) i has a karot:He watched it a few seconds before bursting into laughter and shaking his head. "You, buy the weirdst fucking shit, Jaejoong. But god dammit you're adorable about it," he ruffled the other mans hair. "Oh, there's a surprise for you in your old room."
(1:11 AM) yunho:Grinning brightly, he put the clock carefully back into the bag before hanging his keys on his designated hook. He grabbed his bags and hummed as he walked back to the room where his bed still was, since he was going to get a bigger bed for he and Yunho.
(1:13 AM) i has a karot:Yoochun followed him, smiling brightly when Jaejoong stepped in and saw Yunho laying on the bed, sleeping. "He came home an hour ago. He wasn't feeling well and the jet lag was killing him, we figure. Because he was hanging with us then suddenly up and walked off. We figured he was in Changmins room but I found him in here passed out."
(1:16 AM) yunho:He smiled as he saw Yunho, biting his lip. "Thank you, Chunnie. I dropped some groceries off next door, do you think you and Junsu could go put them up for me?" Looking at him, he held a certain bag against his chest, biting his lip.
(1:17 AM) i has a karot:"No prob, Jae," he ushered the other man further into the room before he closed the door behind him. "Junsu, wanna break into Jaejoongs place and eat his food that he just purchased?!" he called loudly, mostly joking.
(1:18 AM) yunho:Junsu grinned and stood up quickly, nodding. Opening the door, he snapped his fingers loudly. "Aish! Don't you dare!" He flicked them off then blew them a kiss, closing the door. Sighing, he smiled and walked over to the bed, biting his lip as he sat down next to Yunho. "My beautiful Yunho."
(1:21 AM) i has a karot:He felt the bed shift when Jaejoong sat down and  mumbled in his sleep, rolling from his side to his back. His shirt was nearly up around his neck, exposing his tanned chest and stomach. He had his left hand splayed across his chest, his fingers of coruse ringless.
(1:22 AM) yunho:He put the bag down and reached up, tugging the shirt down so Yunho would be more comfortable. Laying down beside him, he wrapped his arm around his boyfriend's waist, smiling.
(1:29 AM) i has a karot:His eyes slowly fluttered open and a sleepy smile spread across his lips. "Joongie," he said in a raspy, sleep ladden voice. "It's so nice to see your face in front of me than in poleroid form. I missed you."
(1:31 AM) yunho:Smiling, he nodded and leaned up, kissing his cheek. "I missed you too, baby. Wake up, I have a gift for you. I'll be in the kitchen getting you some juice." He kissed his lips and left the room, taking a bag with him.
(1:31 AM) i has a karot:He crawled out of bed and sauntered into the kitchen minutes after Jaejoong, scratching his stomach while he did. "Whatcha got me, gorgeous?" he asked, still looking sleepy. "Oh, I got you something, too."
(1:33 AM) yunho:"Me first. Drink this." He held out the orange juice with a smile, watching Yunho. "You really should learn to sleep on a plane, Yunnie, you look terrible."
(1:37 AM) i has a karot:He made a heart with his fingers, then took the glass of OJ. "You are the best at complimenting me. I came home early for this ridicule," he joked, his smile never leaving his lips. "Alright, gimmie."
(1:39 AM) yunho:Smiling, he nodded. "Close your eyes." He reached up and made sure they were closed before he took something out of the bag. Kneeling down, he opened the box and held it up, looking at Yunho. " up.."
(1:40 AM) i has a karot:He laughed and closed his eyes once he placed the glass of OJ aside. When he was told, he opened them and gasped, placing a hand to his chest. "Jaejoong," he said in a voice barely above a whisper, his eyes starting to well with tears.
(1:45 AM) yunho:Inside the box was a set of Catier love rings. He looked up at Yunho, his face stone set as he spoke in Korean. "Yunho-sshi, ever since I was thirteen years old, I have dreamed of marrying you. Never in my life have I thought of anyone else but you, and I want to spend my life with you. Please say you'll be mine, forever."
(1:47 AM) i has a karot:He covered his mouth with both hands, the tears falling freely from his face while he just stood there, listening to Jaejoong and staring at the rings. "They're so beautiful," he whispered, removing his hands. "BooJae I would want nothing more than to be yours. Yes, I say yes and I will continue to say yes forever."
(1:49 AM) yunho:Closing the box so the rings didn't fall out, he jumped up and wrapped his arms around Yunho, hugging him as he finally started to cry. He pulled away after a few minutes, a smile on his face. "I love you." Kissing Yunho, he pulled away and took out the rings with shakey hands, sliding them carefully onto Yunho's finger.
(1:54 AM) i has a karot:"I love you, too, BooJae," he mumbled, squeezing him tightly as he hugged him. He nuzzled his face into his fiances neck and smiled warmly, pressing kisses here and there. "I want you to know that this ... this can happen. Mom talked to Dad - she didn't agree with the arranged marriage. She knew my heart belonged to you. So he told us to go back and never come ot Korea again."
(1:58 AM) yunho:He smiled and hugged Yunho, nodding as he kissed his cheek. "I knew your mom was better than that. She has always been supportive of us." Giggling, he kissed Yunho and stroked his hair, not hearing the sounds of Junsu letting out a loud 'aww'.
(1:59 AM) i has a karot:Yunho heard them and lifted his head, looking over at Junsu and Yoochun with a shy smile. Yoochun was leaning against the door frame, making cute kissy faces. "Aren't they the most adorable thing you've ever seeeeeen?" he drawled.
(2:00 AM) yunho:Junsu put his hands on his hips, looking at Yoochun and suddenly talking in Korean. "Yah! How come you never do cute things for me, huh? Don't I mean something to you?!" Laughing softly, Jaejoong rested his face in Yunho's neck.
(2:01 AM) i has a karot:"Well let me rush right out and get you some flowers!" he said, pretending to leave the room only to come back a second later with a plastic flower that he tucked behind Junsus ear. "Awww, Ducky," he said, then gave him a kiss.
(2:03 AM) yunho:His mouth fell open and he touched the flower, not returning the kiss since he was too busy being in awe. "Yoochun..that was so sweet.." He covered his mouth and shook his head, tears coming to his eyes.
(2:04 AM) i has a karot:Yoochun smiled gently and brushed away his tears. "Don't cry, Susu," he said softly, kissing the wet trails his tears left behind. Yunho felt this was a good time to step in and reluctantly pulled away from Jaejoong. "Do you guys want your gifts from Korea?"
(2:05 AM) yunho:Junsu instantly moved away from Yoochun, wiping his eyes. "Gifts?" He smiled brightly, grabbing Chun's hand. Laughing softly, Jaejoong ran a hand through his fluffy blonde hair, heading over to sit on the couch.
(2:09 AM) i has a karot:He gave Jaejoong a loving kiss on the lips before he left the room and came back with his suitcase. "I didn't really get out much, the constant fighting with my family in Korea kinda depressed me so..." he bit his lip, then sat down on the floor, unzipping his suitcase. He pulled out a beautiful porcaline pig and handed it to Junsu. "It's the year of the pig over there, and I know how you like to collect good luck charms."
(2:11 AM) yunho:Laying on his stomache on the floor, Junsu gasped and held the pig, setting it on the floor in front of him as he looked at it. "Thank you so much, Yunho!" Jaejoong smiled, curling up on the couch and watching his friends, not saying anything.
(2:15 AM) i has a karot:"Yoochun," he said, handing him a shirt and some jeans. "The fashion there is absolutely amazing, I purchased these originally with Jae in mind because he's in love with ripped jeans but ..." he looked into the bag, then up at Jaejoong before pulling out a beautiful satin and silk jewellery box. "This isn't all I got you, but I thought you'd like something to put all your jewellery in. The other thing I got was... "he stood, then tugged his jeans down. On his hip was the hangul for Jaejoong.
(2:19 AM) yunho:He looked up when he was spoken to, a smile coming to his face. As he saw the jewelry box, he gasped and held it in his hands, feeling the soft touch of the fabric. "Baby, I've seen your di--.." He stopped short when he saw the tattoo, slowly setting the box down. "Yunho.."
(2:21 AM) i has a karot:He pulled his jeans back up and blushed, never one to expose himself like that without explaination. "I... all I could think about was you, Jaejoong. I figured since I always put my hands in my pockets when I'm nervous, I could now and realise that you're right there..."
(2:22 AM) yunho:Bringing a shakey hand to his mouth, he covered it and looked at Yunho, tears in his eyes. "I love you so much." He nodded and wrapped his arms around his fiancee, crying quietly into his chest.
(2:27 AM) i has a karot:He pulled Jaejoong against him and held him while they both cried, while Yoochun made Junsus pig dance to distract him from the crying. Eventually it stopped and he handed Junsu his pig back, smiling a bit. "Why don't you guys go back to your new apartment, yeah?" he suggeted, figuring they'd want to be alone.

Session Start: May 12, 2007

(1:56 AM) yunho:While Jaejoong and Yunho were snuggled up in their new apartment, since the bed had came, Junsu had opted for sleeping on the couch. Around one in the morning, he cried in his sleep, tossing and turning on the couch. He mumbled Changmin's name, getting louder with each time until he was screaming and crying for their late friend.
(1:57 AM) i has a corm:Yoochun heard Junsus cries and crawled out of bed, kneeling by his friend. "Susu," he called softly, stroking his cheek. "Wake up, Susu, please?" he begged, shaking him a little. He started to brush his fingers through the other mans hair, pressing kisses on his wet cheeks. His cries and sobs for Changmin was breaking his heart.
(2:09 AM) yunho:Whimpers escaped his lips before he shook awake, staring at Yoochun as if trying to remember who and where he was. He then closed his eyes and swallowed hard, wiping his cheeks. "I saw him, I was talking to him. I was talking to Changmin, he was right in front of me." Looking at Yoochun, he nodded and breathed slowly. "He told me.." He closed his eyes tightly, his chin wobbling.
(2:10 AM) i has a corm:Tears were falling down his cheeks as he brushed Junsus away, pressing a kiss to his wibbling chin. "He told you what, baby?" he asked gently, his fingers still combing through Junsus hair as he watched him with a sad look on his face.
(2:15 AM) yunho:He took a deep breath, calming down before he looked at Yoochun. "He told me he's okay. He misses us, but he's okay. And he told me not to be sad, because one day we'll be with him." Wiping his cheeks, he closed his eyes again and curled up against Yoochun.
(2:17 AM) i has a corm:His bottom lip began to tremble a bit as he looked down at his hands, intwining his fingers with Junsus. "I miss him, Junsu. I wish I hadn't stood, because if I didn't.. I wouldn't have gotten shot and he wouldn't have... and he'd be alive..." he trailed off and started to cry hysterically.
(2:20 AM) yunho:"Chunnie," he leaned up, hugging his boyfriend tightly as he pressed his face into his shoulder. "Baby, it wasn't your fault. You were only reacting, you didn't know what that man would do. They have him, and I know it won't bring Changmin back, but at least it won't happen to someone else. But it was not your fault, Yoochun."
(2:26 AM) i has a corm:He lifted his head, his face completely damp with his tears. "It just hurts, Su. I know you feel the pain as well but I sometimes want to whipe him from my memory so I can move on and not think about it, but at the same time I just want to lay in his room and inhale his sent off the bedsheets."
(2:33 AM) yunho:He nodded and sniffled, wiping Yoochun's cheeks. "I know what you mean. I'll never forget him, but I want to remember the good times we had more than this horrible thing. I told his mom that we would like to keep his things, she said all she would like is a picture of Changmin with all of us.."
(2:34 AM) i has a corm:"I feel bad that we won't let his own mother take his things. I think we should call her back and work out some kind of deal. We can keep a few things that we hold dear and that bring back memories, like his salsa stained shirt from when we all got drunk last Canada Day," he laughed, helping Junsu brush his tears away. "Then, I guess in order to move on from this we should put his room up for rent again."
(2:41 AM) yunho:He frowned and placed his head on Yoochun's shoulder, sighing. "As much as I want to try and move on from it, I really can't see us living with a new person. We'll have to talk it over with Yunho and Jaejoong before we do anything, they have an equal say in what we do."
(2:42 AM) i has a corm:He nodded and lifted Junsu into his arms to carry him off to his bedroom. "Maybe we should think about getting a smaller apartment then. I mean, I thought we might possibly take our relationship to the next step and share a bed."
(2:48 AM) yunho:"But Jaejoong just moved in next door, the smaller apartments are three floors down." He looked at Yoochun as he was carried, biting his lip. "You're so forward, Yoochun. Jaejoong has too much of an influence on you."
(2:50 AM) i has a corm:He quirked a brow as he laid Junsu down on his bed, after tugging the blankets down with one hand, then wrapped him up in the blankets. "What do you mean by that? I'm not getting down on one knee and handing you a ring.. I just ... I want to hold you at night is that a crime?"
(2:52 AM) yunho:"Chunnie, I was just kidding." He slid his arm around his boyfriend's neck and stroked the back of his hair. "I would like nothing more than to wake up and see your face every morning." Nodding, he smiled and leaned up, kissing him.
(2:55 AM) i has a corm:He laughed a little, feeling stupid for falling for it when he knew deep down Junsu couldn't have been serious. "Well I feel rather douchy," he said, before kissing his boyfriend back deeply.
(2:59 AM)yunho is now Offline
(2:59 AM)yunho is now Online
(3:03 AM) yunho:He broke the kiss, looking at Yoochun and pouting a bit. "Don't laugh, I was serious! I'll sock you if you laugh again." Nodding, he looked at him with his best scowl.
(3:07 AM) i has a corm:"I was laughing because I fell for your oh so serious face," he said softly, running his fingertips over Junsus face. "I love you, Junsu..."
(3:07 AM) yunho:Smiling, he tilted his head towards Yoochun's hand, nodding. "I love you too, Chunnie. Ever since the day I pushed you down in the sand box."
(3:08 AM) i has a corm:He started laughing again, tilting his head back. "Man, I remember that. I cried and hated you for months, then we became best friends. Actually, it was Changmin that was the reason became friends. We were in grade one and he was in primary, remember?"
(3:10 AM) yunho:He nodded, a bigger smile coming to his face. "He scolded me for pushing you down. I always thought he was a shy kid, but man was he pissed off. He poured sand in my hair!"
(3:11 AM) i has a corm:"His ears, God they were so huge when he was a little kid," he laughed, taking Junsus hand. "People used to call him Dumbo or ask if he was picking up radio stations. It would upset him so much. Thats how we bonded, becoming his personal bodyguards."
(3:13 AM) yunho:"I remember when we first met Jaejoong, he kicked a guy in the balls for picking on Changmin. I was so envious of Jae because he could get away with kicking since everyone thought he was a girl. Then Yunho came along and beat people up for giving Jaejoong girly things." He laughed loudly, closing his eyes.
(3:14 AM) i has a corm:He nearly fell over laughing, holding onto the side of the bed so he didn't. "Thats because Yunho too, thought he was a girl and would give him things. Jaejoong was just too sweet to say he wasn't so he accepted them. And Yunho would get jealous. Man, how long have those two been together anyway?"
(3:16 AM) yunho:Wiping the laughter tears from his eyes, he giggled and shrugged. "Officially, only like two years, but like..sixteen or seventeen years if you count first grade where Yunho said Jaejoong was his and his alone."
(3:18 AM) i has a corm:Yoochun fell over this time, litereally rolling on the floor laughing. "I REMEMBER THAT, OH MY GOD!" he hollared, his laughter becoming high pitched. He quickly scrambled to his feet again and took Junsus hand. "Remember when ... oh crap what was his name? He kept flirting with Jaejoong in the sixth grade and Yunho literally leaped over desks to pound him when the teacher was gone?"
(3:21 AM) yunho:Lifting his head, Jaejoong looked at Yunho and blinked. "Was that Yoochun laughing?" Junsu shifted and laid on his stomache, holding Yoochun's hand. "Dongwook? OH GOD, yeah! Jaejoong was so proud of Yunho, he kissed him after school. Remember that? I saw Yunho afterwards talking to Changmin, and he was blushing so bad." He laughed and laid his head on their hands.
(3:24 AM) i has a corm:Yunhos hand slid out of Jaejoongs hair when he lifted his head and he made a grunting sound. "Sad that we're right next door and can stil hear him," he said with a smile. Yoochun grinned, wiping away the laughter tears from the corners of his eyes. "It was cute when Yunho got up the courage to ask Jaejoong to the prom. I remember Yunho was so sick that day, from.. that accident," he bit his lip. "But he didn't want to upset Jaejoong anymore. It was the sweetest thing. Even though people picked on them when they slowdanced, calling them faggots.. they just ignored them. I don't think it even phased them."
(3:27 AM) yunho:"I'm gonna go see what they're up to." He pulled away from Yunho and slid out of bed, finding his pajama pants and tugging them over his bare bottom. "Wanna come? We can have midnight hot chocolate like we used to." Junsu smiled and kissed Yoochun's hand, sighing. "Those two have been through so much, I'm really glad we live in Canada so they can actually get married."
(3:29 AM) i has a corm:"Me too, I love it here. People are so neuteral. There's a few assholes, of course, but there's still the majority. I hope they can have some big, lavish wedding at a beautiful old curch," he smiled, looking at his fingers interlaced with Junsus. Yunho made a noise before drawing the sheets back and climbing out of bed. "But.. what if I was planning marathon sex?" he joked, tugging on his pajamas as well.

Session Start: May 13, 2007

(2:17 AM) yunho:Ryeowook walked out of his room and into the kitchen, having to flip on a light since everyone was asleep and the lights were off. His hair was sticking out in all directions, and his clothes were crumpled from sleep. Opening the fridge, he grabbed a bottle of water and made his way out, his eyes half closed.
(2:19 AM) joongie:Yesung was also on his way to the kitchen, but he was still awake. He was in the living room on the computer, totally transfixed with World of Warcraft. He saw the light go on and figured he could use something to eat since it distracted him from his game. Getting up, he saved his progress then sauntered to the kitchen. "Hey Wookie," he said nonchalantly, opening the fridge to get out a yogurt.
(2:21 AM) yunho:He made a soft grunting sound and leaned against the wall, sipping his water to get rid of the dry mouth he was having. "Yesung, it's after two. Why are you still awake?" Rubbing his eye, he looked at the man and watched him with a tired smile.
(2:23 AM) joongie:"Shindong showed me how to play War of Warcraft and I just can't seem to back away," he ripped the cover off the yogurt, licking it off before putting it in the trash. "What're you doing up?"
(2:24 AM) yunho:"Couldn't sleep. Kyuhyun and Sungmin were giggling over some anime thing Kyu showed Min." He sipped his water and walked over to Yesung, hesitantly wrapping his arms around his waist.
(2:25 AM) joongie:Smiling, he gave Ryeowook a loving hug and kissed the top of his head. "You look so cute when you're all sleepy, Wookie," he said softly. "If I sign off my game, do you want to come cuddle with me?"
(2:27 AM) yunho:He blushed and smiled, nodding as he pulled away. "I'll go get in your bed." Nodding again, he took his water and padded across the floor and out of the kitchen. He scurried off to Yesung's room before he could change his mind, and climbed into the bed.
(2:29 AM) joongie:He watched the little man rush off like a mouse and smiled brightly, leaving the kitchen to sign off the computer and shut it down. Picking up his yogurt from the kitchen on the way, he slipped into his room and flicked on the beside lamp. "This isn't too bright?" he asked Ryeowook as he put the yogurt on his beside table, then tugged off his shirt.
(2:31 AM) yunho:Looking up at Yesung, he shook his head and tugged the covers up to his chest, still wearing his shirt. He hadn't gotten that comfortable yet. "I sleep with Sungmin's pink lightlight all the time, I'm okay with light." Smiling, he snuggled back against the wall, opening the covers for Yesung.
(2:33 AM) joongie:Yesung yanked on a tanktop and crawled into the bed, sitting up to eat his yogurt. There was a bit left, so he scooped it onto the spoon, holding it out to Ryeowook. "Want soome?" he sang, waving the spoon around.
(2:36 AM) yunho:He looked up and nodded, lifting up onto his elbow. Looking at Yesung, he opened his mouth and waited for the yogurt to be fed to him. Without really knowing it, Ryeowook had started blushing, not being used to acting such a way.
(2:40 AM) joongie:He grinned and bent down a little, letting the spoon slide into Ryeowooks mouth. "Wookie, I was wondering," he said softly, removing the spoon when he knew Ryeowook was finished. "I mean, we're pretty much acting like a couple so.. why don't we solidify it?"
(2:41 AM) yunho:He pressed his lips down on the spoon and swallowed the yogurt, looking at the other man. Not saying anything, he nodded after a few moments, laying back on the pillow. "Alright," He nodded again, giving Yesung a small smile.
(2:47 AM) joongie:"Let me be formal," he said with a laugh, placing the empty yogurt container aside and then leaning over Ryeowook, touching his face gently. "Ryeowook, will you be my boyfriend?"
(2:49 AM) yunho:Blushing brightly, he nodded and smiled, looking into Yesung's eyes. "Yes." He flashed a smile and leaned up, pressing a quick peck to the other man's lips before snuggling back against the wall, blushing.
(2:56 AM) joongie:He smiled and laid down on the bed, scooping Ryeowook into his arms, starting to play with his hair. "You are too adorable, you know that?" he said, grinning.
(2:57 AM) yunho:He blushed and laid his head on Yesung's shoulder, closing his eyes. "I'm not adorable, that's Sungmin. But thank you for thinking that." Smiling, he wrapped his arm around Yesung, yawning softly.
(3:03 AM) joongie:"You sleepy?" he asked, bending his head to press a small kiss to Ryeowooks adorable nose. "And you are so, you're all tiny and cute but the voice that comes out of you, damn. You're just born with it."
(3:05 AM) yunho:Shaking his head, he smiled and hugged himself closer to Yesung. "You're just very comfortable. I didn't know you were like this." He looked up at his newboyfriend, smiling.
(3:09 AM) joongie:He nuzzled his face into Ryeowooks hair with a small smile. "The pudge makes for good cuddling," he joked, placing his hand on his boyfriends hip. "You can go to sleep if you're tired, Wookie."
(3:11 AM) yunho:He nodded and closed his eyes, cuddling with Yesung as he got comfortable. "Goodnight, Yesungie." Smiling to himself, he pressed his face into Yesung's chest before falling asleep.

Session Start: May 13, 2007

(3:21 AM) joongie:Sungmin was rolled onto his side into the fetal position. He felt a presense in his bed and rolled over a bit, drapping his arm around the figure and smiled in his sleep, mumbling something.
(3:21 AM) yunho:He smiled and cuddled against Sungmin, wrapping an arm around him. Closing his eyes, he just stayed quiet and laid there, until he had to turn his head to sneeze.
(3:22 AM) joongie:The sneeze woke him up and he rolled over completely. "Bless you," he whispered, squirming a bit until he was on his other side and spooned up against Kyuhyuns side. "Mmm, warm."
(3:25 AM) yunho:Sniffling, he wrapped his arms back around Sungmin, pressing a kiss to the top of his head. "Sorry I woke you, Minnie.. I couldn't sleep." He whispered, hugging Sungmin close.
(3:30 AM) joongie:"It's ok," he said, his voice still low. "I was feeling cold until you came along. You give off a lot of body heat. You need to share my bed more often."
(3:31 AM) yunho:He giggled lightly, closing his eyes as he rubbed Sungmin's arm gently. "Go back to sleep, I will keep you warm."
(3:34 AM) joongie:He shook his head, but didn't move. "I wanna ask you something," he said, tilting his head back a little. "What are your thoughts on a man loving another man?"
(3:35 AM) yunho:Opening his eyes, he looked at Sungmin and shrugged lightly. "Love is love, no matter who you are giving your feelings to. As long as you're happy."
(3:37 AM) joongie:Lifting his head, he looked at Kyuhyun directly in the eyes. "I'm gay," he said in a serious voice, not looking away. "And I like you... a lot."
(3:39 AM) yunho:He looked at Sungmin and blinked, not used to seeing such a serious side to the older man. "I like you too, hyung.." His voice was soft and shy as he spoke, biting his lip.
(3:41 AM) joongie:He broke out into a smile and squeaked, wrapping his arms around Kyuhyun. "Good, I was so scared that you'd either laugh at me or say I was being silly," he pulled back to capture the younger mans lips with his own.
(3:42 AM) yunho:The kiss caught him by suprise but he didn't pull away, he just closed his eyes and pressed his lips back against Sungmin's. He pulled back after a few long moments, a smile spreading across his face along with a blush.
(3:45 AM) joongie:Laying his head down on the pillow, he moved closer so he was nuzzled up against the crook of Kyuhyuns neck. "I promise I will take you on a date," he said in a voice barely above a whisper.
(3:49 AM) yunho:"You don't have to do that. Giving me my first kiss was plenty enough." He spoke softly, his eyes still closed as he rested his head against Sungmin's, a smile on his face.

Session Start: May 14, 2007

(1:19 AM) rella:yunhooooooooo
(1:19 AM) yunho:hey gorgeous
(1:19 AM) rella:ha
(1:20 AM) yunho:how are you>
not that i can type
(1:20 AM) rella:i'm amazing omg omg
(1:20 AM) yunho:ooo details
(1:20 AM) rella:i kissed him
(1:20 AM) yunho:him who
(1:20 AM) rella:shiwon
(1:20 AM) yunho:OH! details, more
(1:20 AM) rella:oh you just did that to make me say it
(1:21 AM) yunho:;)
(1:21 AM) rella:he came in with chocopies to apologise for not being able to have the house for the weekend, and i said it was ok.. and well i just leaned in and kissed him
(1:21 AM) yunho:bold
(1:22 AM) rella:um duh look who you're talking to
(1:22 AM) yunho:you'll never guess what i did the other night
(1:22 AM) rella:hm?
(1:23 AM) yunho:i had the most amazing sex
(1:23 AM) rella:O__O REALLY?
(1:23 AM) yunho:yes, oh my god
(1:24 AM) rella:well you guys had sex before so it's nothing big??? BUT I WANT DETAILS THIS TIME
(1:27 AM) yunho:well i just told him "jae, i'm horny" and then i asked him to dress up and he did. and when i saw him, i swear i almost came them
i can't even type
(1:28 AM) rella:aha dirty little bastards :D
(1:28 AM) yunho:it was amazing
(1:28 AM) rella:what did he dress up as?
(1:28 AM) yunho:a girl
(1:29 AM) rella:lmao that isn't much of a stretch
(1:29 AM) yunho:he wore a wig
(1:29 AM) rella:interesting!
(1:29 AM) yunho:shut up, it was amazing okay
(1:29 AM) rella:so i'm sure it was quick then eh? if it was such a turn on
i've kinda wondered what jaejoong would look like as a chick
(1:30 AM) yunho:he looks hot
(1:30 AM) rella:i watched king and the clown so that pretty much put my lee junki fantasty in full motion
(1:31 AM) yunho:stop thinking about junki and focus on shiwon
(1:31 AM) rella:hey i can still daydream :@
i'd take shiwon over him anyway
(1:31 AM) yunho:have you seen him naked yet?
(1:31 AM) rella:no
i saw him... excited the other day and wanted to touch it so badddd
(1:32 AM) yunho:you should touch it
(1:32 AM) rella:we're not even together
(1:32 AM) yunho:maybe if you touched it, you'd be together
(1:32 AM) rella:i think it would be strange to just walk over and be like "touchy touchy~"
(1:33 AM) yunho:wow you actually talk in im's like how you talk on your cyworld
(1:33 AM) rella:grrrr

Session Start: May 14, 2007

(1:36 AM) rella:heeeeeeeeeeeeey gorgeous
(1:36 AM) joongie:how are you?
(1:36 AM) rella:really good
i finally kissed shiwon
(1:37 AM) joongie:OH MY GOD, REALLY?
(1:37 AM) rella:yes :$
(1:37 AM) joongie:how was it?
(1:37 AM) rella:nice, and sweet.
interrupted :@ but great
(1:37 AM) joongie:aww
(1:38 AM) rella:he brought me chocopies and i just.. went with it. i really like him :$
(1:38 AM) joongie:you are so cute
(1:38 AM) rella:--;
(1:38 AM) joongie:well you are
(1:39 AM) rella:i want to ask him out
but it's like the trend right now
ryeowook and yesung hooked up
(1:39 AM) rella:kyumin
(1:39 AM) joongie:you already have slash names for them?
(1:39 AM) rella:ahah no the fans made them
(1:40 AM) joongie:oh
(1:40 AM) rella:whatever, jaeho
or yunjae
(1:40 AM) joongie:hey jaeho hwaiting
(1:40 AM) rella:HAHAAHAHAH
yes, i agree. i love you two together.
(1:40 AM) joongie:yoosu is in full force
(1:41 AM) rella:yes, them too
i guess its min and his hand eh?
(1:41 AM) joongie:i guess so since kangteuk is started..
(1:42 AM) rella:i think teukie figured changmin wasn't interested
(1:42 AM) joongie:oh god
(1:42 AM) rella:hm?
(1:42 AM) joongie:changmin talks about him nonstop
(1:43 AM) rella:well shit
he can have hankyung?
(1:44 AM) joongie:this is fucking great, jungsu is such an ass. he bitched yoochun out for us ignoring changmin's feelings and he goes off after a week of not talking to changmin and gets interested in kangin
(1:45 AM) rella:he's just silly, he wants someone ot give him attention right away. i told him it was wrong to persue changmin right now because you guys are busy in japan but ... the minute kangin was all <3__<3 he was right there
(1:46 AM) joongie:ugh
(1:47 AM) rella:i'm sorry, jaejoong.
(1:47 AM) joongie:changmin doesn't deserve this, i thought jungsu would be different
(1:48 AM) rella:how are you going to tell changmin?
(1:48 AM) joongie:i'm not, jungsu is
(1:48 AM) rella:i can go get him right now
(1:49 AM) joongie:that would be a damn good idea
(1:49 AM) rella:and you get min
(1:49 AM)joongie has changed his/her name to "jungsu"
(1:50 AM)rella has changed his/her name to "changmin"
(1:50 AM) changmin:hi hi ^_______________^
(1:51 AM) jungsu:hey changmin
(1:51 AM) changmin:we're homeeeee
(1:52 AM) jungsu:oh really?
(1:52 AM) changmin:yep
(1:52 AM) changmin:where have you been??? i've been emailing you and you haven't responded.
(1:52 AM) jungsu:i've been really busy with super junior and all that
(1:53 AM) changmin:it doesn't take that much to tell me you're ok
(1:53 AM) jungsu:i have something to tell you
(1:53 AM) changmin:what
(1:53 AM) jungsu:i'm with someone
(1:53 AM) changmin:..................
(1:54 AM) jungsu:i'm sorry
(1:54 AM) changmin:but..
(1:54 AM) jungsu:i know, but when you didn't email me for almost two weeks straight, i thought you found someone
(1:54 AM) changmin:...... wow.
(1:55 AM) jungsu:and i need someone i can actually see
(1:55 AM) changmin:well good for you.
(1:55 AM) jungsu:i'm really sorry
(1:56 AM)changmin has changed his/her name to "YOOOOOOOOOOOOOCHUN"
(1:57 AM) jungsu:my stupidity
(1:57 AM) jungsu:i'm sure you'll know soon enough
(1:58 AM) YOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH:does this have to do with changmin crying?
(1:58 AM) jungsu:yeah
(2:02 AM) YOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH:Changmin pulled away from Junsu, shaking his head. "I hate this, you have Yoochun, Jaejoong as Yunho and what does Changmin have? Nothing, nobody." He sniffed, nearly hiccuping as he left the room and pounded on Jaejoongs door. "Hyung can I please talk to you right now," he said, twisting the knob and stepping into the room. "Oh my God..."
(2:07 AM) jungsu:Jaejoong looked up from Yunho's chest, his eyes wide as he sat up, stark naked and excited. "Changmin!" he grabbed a blanket and covered he and Yunho, covering his own chest for some reason, like the women did in the movies.
(2:09 AM) YOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH:Yunho did the same, blushing a deep colour of pink and brought his legs up to hide anything that was exposed. Changmin looked absolutely pained as he left the room and slammed the door so hard it nearly came off its hinges. He stormed into his room and slammed that door as well, grabbing random things and tossing them against the wall. "I HATE THIS PLACE!" he screamed, then got out his laptop, typing up an angry letter.
(2:12 AM) jungsu:Wrapping the blanket around himself, Jae went out of the room and looked at Junsu with wide eyes. "What the hell happened?" Junsu explained with a frown, going into his room.
(2:13 AM)YOOOOOOOOOOOOOCHUN has changed his/her name to "changmin"
(2:13 AM)changmin has changed his/her personal message to "i hate everybody right now"
(2:13 AM)jungsu has changed his/her name to "ricky"
(2:14 AM) ricky:CHANGMIN!
(2:14 AM) changmin:what
(2:14 AM) ricky:....nothing..
(2:15 AM) changmin:i'm not in the mood to get picked on right now
(2:15 AM) ricky:i wasn't going to pick on you
(2:15 AM) changmin:well you normally do
(2:15 AM) ricky:i was going to say welcome me to korea
(2:15 AM) changmin:why are you in korea
(2:16 AM) ricky:i came to see you guys
(2:16 AM) changmin:that's cool
yoochun will be happy
(2:17 AM) ricky:what's wrong, min?
(2:17 AM) changmin:i fucking hate it
(2:17 AM) ricky:....
(2:18 AM) changmin:hey want to replace me? i don't want to be here any god damn more
(2:18 AM) ricky:changmin calm down, man
(2:19 AM) changmin:i'm done being calm about this shit
(2:19 AM) ricky:about what?
(2:20 AM) changmin:being fucking NOTHING in this group
(2:20 AM) ricky:you're not nothing
(2:20 AM) changmin:oh ok, whatever
(2:20 AM) ricky:yoochun talks about you all the time, so does su
(2:21 AM) changmin:so all their time is spent talking about me, rather than spending that time WITH me
(2:21 AM) ricky:look, i'm going to come see you okay?
(2:21 AM) changmin:ok
(2:26 AM) ricky:come out in the hall, i don't want yoochun to see me just yet. i want to talk to you
(2:26 AM) changmin:yeah, ok
(2:27 AM) changmin:Changmin left his room and snuck out into the hall, sliding down the wall and sat there listening to his ipod while he waited for Ricky to show up.
(2:27 AM) changmin:,* while munching on Reeses pieces chocolates.
(2:31 AM) ricky:Ricky showed up about ten minutes later, sliding the hood of his jacket off his head. "Hey." He smiled and came over, hugging Changmin, not caring if he wanted it or not.
(2:32 AM) changmin:He was shocked by the hug, but the sign of affection touched him and he started to cry instantly. "Nobdoy likes me, they just ignore me or they pretend to like me then find somebody else. What did I do wrong?" he whimpered.
(2:34 AM) ricky:"Changmin, everyone loves you. I don't know what their problem is but I know they love you." He nodded, stroking Changmin's hair as he held him close. "Whoever liked you and found someone else is an idiot. Come on, let's go inside. People will come out in the hall and take pictures soon."
(2:37 AM) changmin:He sniffled miserably and opened the apartment door, letting Yoohwan inside. "It doesn't feel that way. The guys say they'll be there when I need them but there was Jaejoong and Yunho, completely naked and about to have sex... Yoochun and Junsu are too busy doing whatever. And then there's fucking Teukie," his cheeks started to turn red, meaning he was getting angry again.
(2:38 AM) ricky:As he watched Changmin start to get angry, he bit his lip and thought of what to do, then suddenly moved in and kissed him. He kept his hands by his side, just pressing his lips against Changmin's, slightly awkwardly.
(2:39 AM) changmin:He stopped ranting the minute Rickys lips met his own and he looked down at the other before his eyes fluttered closed. He'd never had his first kiss before, so he wasn't sure what to do so he just stood there and didn't move.
(2:42 AM) ricky:He placed his hands on Changmin's cheeks, closing his eyes and just kissing him. After what felt like forever, he pulled away and blushed, clearing his throat. "I thought you'd never shut up," he joked, laughing slightly.
(2:43 AM) changmin:He blushed, lowering his head shyly. He didn't say anything, but he did extend his hand to Ricky for him to take and when he did, he lead him to his room.
(2:46 AM) ricky:Taking Changmin's hand, he walked with him to the room and looked around for Yoochun. He closed the door behind them and looked at the other man, smiling.
(2:48 AM) changmin:He stepped forward, taking Yoohwans hands before ever so slowly leaning in to kiss him again. His kisses were of course very weak and sloppy, but he was trying his best to be perfect.
(2:49 AM) ricky:He smiled and watched Changmin's lips as he moved in, kissing him slowly. Closing his eyes, he squeezed his hand nervously, standing close.
(2:51 AM) changmin:He pulled one hand free and wrapped it around Yoohwan, pressing it against the small of his back as he stepped back, pulling him with until the back of his legs hit his bed. Only breaking the kiss for a moment, he laid back on the bed and pulled Yoohwan with him  , giggling.
(2:55 AM) ricky:Biting his lip, he blushed and smiled, crawling on top of Changmin. He licked his lips a bit, leaning back in and kissing him slowly, resting a hand in his hair as he closed his eyes. Shifting slightly, he moved Changmin's legs apartment shyly, just to make it more comfortable by laying between them.
(3:02 AM) changmin:He deepened the kiss a little, now that he was getting used to the feeling and the sensations. His arms wrapped around the other and he slid his hands up and down Yoohwans back, sighing softly. He was really getting into the kiss and his body was reacting as well as Yoochun suddenly burst into Changmins room. "WHAT THE FUCK!" he exclaimed in English. He rushed over and hauled Changmin off of his brother, not caring that he threw him onto the floor.
(3:05 AM) ricky:Yoohwan yelped when Changmin was yanked away from him, sitting up. "YOOCHUN!" He got off the bed and moved over to Changmin, helping him up. "Are you okay?" Brushing off his clothes, he bit his lip, not acknowledging Yoochun.
(3:05 AM) changmin:Yoochun reached over and grabbed his shoulder. "What the hell was he doing!" he was still shouting in English. Changmin picked himself up off the floor. Figuring Yoochun was saying bad things about him, he left the room in tears.
(3:07 AM) ricky:"We were making out, what the hell did it look like!?" He looked at Yoochun, shaking his head. "Now you made him cry, way to go!" Leaving the room, he caught up to Changmin, taking his hand. "Hey, it's okay.."
(3:09 AM) changmin:"It's not ok!" Changmin exclaimed, so upset he was shaking. "This is exactly what I mean. This is how I'm treated!" Yunho heard the rucus and came out of the bedroom, dressed in what looked like Jaejoongs boxers since they were a bit tight. "What is going on?" he asked. Yoochun came out into the hall. "I'll tell you, Changmin was all over my brother!" he screamed.
(3:11 AM) ricky:Yoohwan looked at Yoochun, his arms around Changmin. "Shut up, I wanted him to be! I kissed him first, anyway. I came here just to tell him how I felt." Jae came out next, a toothbrush in his hand. "Yoochun, stop yelling. Minnie, what's wrong?"
(3:14 AM) changmin:Everybody started to talk at once, Yoochun loudly in English to his brother. Changmin eventually gave up and just sat down on the couch, crying into his hands. Yunho was getting fed up and clapped his hands. "SHUT UP!" he screamed, his eyes knit. "Now, one at a god damn time. What, in the fucking hell, is going on!"
(3:16 AM) ricky:Rolling his eyes, Yoohwan turned to Yunho, talking calmly. "I came over to talk to Changmin, because he was upset when I talked to him on MSN. And we came in, his face was getting red with anger, so I kissed him. Then we came into his room and kissed again, and we laid on his bed with him on top of me. We didn't do anything but kiss, and Changmin on top of me was the only comfortable way to kiss."
(3:18 AM) changmin:"Understandable why your brother would be angry, he's always jumping to conclusions like that," Yunho narrowed his eyes at Yoochun when he tried to say something. "But that doesn't mean he has to be disrespectful and speak English LOUDLY like that. It's rude, plus Changmin must think you're insulting him. Look what you're doing to him," he pointed to Changmin who was beong consoled by Junsu. He was shaking and crying so hard he could barely breathe.
(3:22 AM) ricky:With his arms wrapped around Changmin, Junsu tried everything to get him to calm down, even singing him a lullaby. Jaejoong looked at Yoochun, looking upset. "You spoke English, knowing Changmin doesn't understand it? Yoochun, you know you can't do that!" Pressing his palms against his temples, Yoohwan moved to Changmin, kneeling down. "Changmin, do you want to go for a walk with me?"
(3:23 AM) changmin:He nodded and stood, grabbing a jacket on his way out the door as he slipped into a pair of sandles. His crying could be heard even outside while he waited for Yoohwan. Yunho sighed, bringing his hands up to massage his temples. "But he was doing things with my BROTHER!" Yoochun exclaimed.
(3:25 AM) ricky:Turning to Yoochun, Yoohwan clenched his teeth together as he spoke. "You don't get it, do you? All we did was kiss! We weren't naked, we weren't touching, we were just kissing. God, is this how it's always going to be? I like him, Yoochun! A LOT!" He shook his head and left the apartment.
(3:27 AM) changmin:Yoochun stood there dumbfounded for a few moments, then looked at Yunho, Jaejoong and Junsu who all looked disappointed in him. "Chun, I know he's your brother and you're protective of him, but Changmin wouldn't do anything like you think. He's like your little brother, too. And what you did just now, well it's gonna take a lot for him to forgive you." Yunho said softly.
(3:29 AM) ricky:Jaejoong put his hand on Yoochun's shoulder, pressing his lips together. "Jungsu just told Changmin he found someone else. That's why he was crying in the first place, Chun. I think you owe both of them an apology." He nodded and headed into the kitchen.
(3:31 AM) changmin:"He was also upset that he walked in on you two half naked," he muttered, leaving the hall to sit down in the living room. He looked down at the floor, chewing on his bottom lip. Changmin opened the heavy steal door to the roof and let Yoohwan out first before he walked out himself. "The landlord never locks it," he said softly, jumping when the heavy door slammed shut.
(3:36 AM) ricky:Yoohwan nodded, walking over to the edge and peering over. "It's nice up here. Really peaceful." He looked at Changmin, pulling the hood of his jacket over his head. "I'm sorry about what Yoochun did. He's got the worst temper when it comes to me."
(3:37 AM) changmin:He sat down on the edge of the building with his back to the street and building surrounding them, nodding. "I know," he said in a voice so soft he wasn't sure Yoohwan heard him. "He feels bad that he wasn't able to be a good hyung for you all these years."
(3:39 AM) ricky:He walked over and stood in front of Changmin, nodding. "I keep telling him it's okay, but he doesn't let it go through his head." Moving his hands, he slid his fingers in Changmin's palms, holding his hands.
(3:43 AM) changmin:He looked at their hands and smiled a bit, finally looking up, his big doe eyes looking innocently at Yoohwan. "So you like me... a lot?" he asked, his smile spreading further onto his lips.
(3:44 AM) ricky:Nodding, he blushed and smiled, looking at him. "I do, yeah. Ever since we played patty cake at the first concert I came to over a year ago." He shrugged a bit, looking dow.
(3:46 AM) changmin:He let out a little giggle and blushed as well, his eyes looking down at their hands before he gave Yoohwans a yank to get him to move closer. "C'mere," he whispered, licking his lips.
(3:47 AM) ricky:He looked up and stepped closer, smiling as he leaned down. Closing his eyes, he pressed his lips to Changmin's, stroking his hands with his thumbs.
(3:48 AM) changmin:"Could this work?" he asked, then started kissing him again, with much better perfection. "Because I really want it to. I don't care what Yoochun thinks."
(3:51 AM) ricky:"I want it to work," he nodded, pecking Changmin's lips a few times. "I'm thinking of signing up to be an SM trainee next year when I'm finished with school."
(3:53 AM) changmin:He grinned even wider, removing his hands to wrap them around Yoohwan. "When we have a break, I will come visit you in Virgina," he said, which sounded more like Berginya.

Session Start: May 14, 2007

(1:52 PM) changmin:He grinned even wider, removing his hands to wrap them around Yoohwan. "When we have a break, I will come visit you in Virgina," he said, which sounded more like Berginya.
(1:56 PM) ricky:"I'd like that." He nodded, wrapping his arms around Changmin's shoulders as he smiled. "You would like it there, it's sunny a lot. The beach is right down the road, too."
(2:00 PM) changmin:His eyes lit up and he stood, bouncing slightly. "Beach!?" he exclaimed. "Oohh, I've never really been to the beach besides the time we shot pictures for a photo book."
(2:03 PM) ricky:Grinning, he nodded and stroked Changmin's hair shyly. "The beach is really fun, I hope you can come to Virginia so we can go together."
(2:04 PM) changmin:"I want to go back with you," he said softly, a look of pain coming over him. "I need to go away for awhile, to clear my head and give the others a break. Do you think that would be ok?"
(2:06 PM) ricky:"You know it would be fine with me, but what would the manager say? Do you have time off coming up?" He bit his lip and sat beside Changmin, taking his hand.
(2:09 PM) changmin:He hung his head and shrugged his shoulders a little, his whole body seemingly drooping with depression. "Yeah, he'd probably say no without me even saying what it was I wanted. Forget it. Let's just go inside." He pulled his hand free from Yoohwans and headed for the door.
(2:13 PM) ricky:"No, Changmin." He stood up and took his hand, looking at him. "Let's go. In one week, when I am supposed to return home, you'll come with me. We won't tell anyone until we're on the plane."
(2:25 PM) changmin:He lifted his head, his eyes wide. "But that..." he began, then smiled, nodding enthusiastically. "Ok, yes. I like that. I can't wait!" He ran out the door, forgetting to hold it open for Yoohwan.
(2:35 PM) ricky:Yoohwan caught the door and ran after Changmin, a grin on his face. "Don't tell anyone, though, not even Junsu." He shook his head, walking to the stairs.

Session Start: May 15, 2007

(12:53 AM) i has a corm:Changmin was hanging up a poster on his side of the dorm room, his long, slender form spread nearly out over the wall as he held his hands up to smoothe the rolling poster onto the wall. His shirt was riding up his back a little, exposing a bit of his reddish brown skin. Mumbling to himself, he removed one of the pushpins he had in his mouth to push into the wall with the pad of his thumb.
(12:56 AM) ricky:Yunho came in carrying two ice cream cones, licking his while he walked. He watched Changmin with a smirk, tilting his head. "Knock knock, Minnie!" Walking over to the bed, he sat down and held out the other ice cream cone while he licked his.
(12:58 AM) i has a corm:He looked down at the ice cream and gasped, letting go of his poser. It swung back and forth a few times, lopsided since he hadn't put the other pushpin to hold it up right. "What flavour?" he cooed, taking the cone from him.
(1:00 AM) ricky:"Vanilla of course, like I would give you anything else." He smiled and licked his cone, moving over to let Changmin sit beside him. "Junsu said he's going to try out for the soccer team this year. Are we going to be his cheerleaders like we were in grade school?" Looking at Changmin, he licked the ice cream flat before biting into the cone.
(1:03 AM) i has a corm:He licked his cone slowly, which looked rather sexual if anybody had been watching him. "No doubt, or he'll make us. Where's Jaejoong?" he stopped licking to rest his tongue a bit, it was getting cold from the ice cream. "Off flirting?"
(1:05 AM) ricky:He laughed, shrugging. "Probably, that's what he does best. If he isn't flirting, he's shopping." Eating his cone, he finished just in time when Junsu came walking into the room. "Hey, where's my ice cream?" He pouted, heading straight for Changmin.
(1:06 AM) i has a corm:"Ask Yunho, he brought it to me!" he exclaimed, pointing, but ended up handing his half eaten cone to Junsu in the end. "I'm curious as to who my room mate is. The councellor talked to me today and told me to help him out, he's from America apparently."
(1:09 AM) ricky:"America?" Junsu looked at Changmin, quickly eating the ice cream. "He probably doesn't know Korean. I'll help you, Minnie." He nodded, wiping his face while Yunho laughed. "Come on Junsu, let's go raid Jaejoong's closet for dirty pictures." He winked at Changmin and waved as he dragged Junsu away.
(1:10 AM) i has a corm:Jaejoong was laying on his bed, his arms strewn across his eyes and his shirt hitched up to his ribs. Judging from the gentle rise and fall of his chest, he was asleep. He didn't hear Junsu and Yunho come in, but he felt their presence and moved a bit on his bed.
(1:13 AM) ricky:Grinning, Junsu winked at Yunho before grabbing a bottle of chocolate syrup, heading over and standing over Jaejoong. The four of them always played pranks on eachother, and most of Junsu's involved food. He pulled the top up and bit his lip, letting the chocolate go from just above Jae's belly button, to the bottom of his ribs.
(1:14 AM) i has a corm:His arm moved from over his eyes to his side, smacking Junsus hand as he was spreading the chocolate syrup on his stomach. He grunted in his sleep, but didn't wake up. If anything he fell deeper into sleep, feeling safe with his friends in the room.
(1:16 AM) ricky:When Jaejoong didn't wake up, Junsu pouted and looked at Yunho, who only shrugged. Getting an idea, Junsu grinned before bending down, licking at the chocolate syrup. Yunho burst out laughing, even though inside he wished it was his own tongue on Jae's stomache.
(1:17 AM) i has a corm:The strange sensation of something wet lapping at his stomach brought him out of his sleep and he lifted his head, looking down at Junsu. "Su, what're you doin?" he slurred, his country accent so thick you could barely understand what he said if you didn't know him.
(1:19 AM) ricky:"Licking chocolate off your stomache." He stated the obvious, sitting up and looking at Jaejoong with a 'duh' expression. Laughing harder, Yunho pressed his face into his pillow, the look on Junsu's face turning his jealousy into pure amuse.
(1:20 AM) i has a corm:He dropped his head back down on the pillow and puffed out his cheeks, his eyes closing again. "Lick it all up, I don't want sticky skin," he mumbled, rolling his head until he was looking at Yunho and reopening his eyes. "You let him do this to me?"
(1:22 AM) ricky:Yunho shrugged and smirked, lowering the pillow. "Junsu is a force to be reckoned with, you know I can't stop his pranks. I'd be next on his list!" Licking up the chocolate, Junsu wiped his face and nodded. "You'll be sticky anyway but a little water should undo it."
(1:23 AM) i has a corm:He pushed Junsu away and kept his shirt up as he climbed off the bed, grabbing a piece of paper towel. "I was thinking about piercing my belly button," he said nonchalantly, wetting the paper towel and wiping at his smoothe abs.
(1:25 AM) ricky:"Well you show it off enough, might as well have some decoration." Yunho stood, stretching his arms out. "Changmin is getting a room mate tomorrow I think, some one from America. Headmaster wants Min to make him feel at home, and help him get to know the place."
(1:26 AM) i has a corm:He dropped the paper towel in the garbage and made a face. "America?" he said, raising an eyebrow as he passed Junsu and flicked his ear. "Shush, you. I was gonna have you come with me so you can get that new ear piercing you wanted but now you can stay here."
(1:28 AM) ricky:Junsu's jaw dropped and he instantly put on a pout. "But Joongie, I really want my piercing!" He whimpered and clung to Jaejoong, putting his face right up to Jae's. Yunho smirked and shook his head, heading to the closet to change into more comfortable clothes.
(1:29 AM) i has a corm:"Fine, get your things," he dropped a kiss to Junsus lips before ducking away and getting his wallet. He grabbed a beanie and slapped it on his head, stretching his arms out. "Yunnie, you wanna come with?" he asked, dropping his arms back at his sides again.
(1:29 AM) ricky:[l m f a o smack a ho]
(1:30 AM) i has a corm:[ lmao what??? ]
(1:30 AM) ricky:[that's what the little msn things are doing]
(1:30 AM) i has a corm:[ ah i turned them off on my end i guess they aren't on yours ]
[ idk how to get rid of them :@ ]
(1:30 AM) ricky:[ooo lmao]
(1:32 AM) ricky:"Oh my gosh, a Kim Jaejoong kiss!" He 'fainted' onto the bed with a dramatic sigh, then got up to get his things. Yunho looked at Jaejoong and smiled, shaking his head. "I have a lot of stuff to do around here."
(1:33 AM) i has a corm:He rushed over and jabbed Junsu in the side roughly, sticking his tongue out to look menacing. "Ok, suit yourself. I'll just show it off to you later." He slid over to Yunho and gave him a hug, then hooked his arm with Junsu. "Come on, twat."
(1:34 AM) ricky:Holding his side, Junsu sat up, scowling. "Ow, you bitch!" He growled when he was pulled off, waving to Yunho to waved back and called out. "Don't get your penis pierced!"
(1:35 AM) i has a corm:Jaejoong paused a moment, tapping his bottom lip as if contimplating it then laughed. "Maybe some other time," he called back, winking as he started down the hall.
(1:36 AM) ricky:"Yah! Don't you dare!" He walked out into the hall and pointed at them. "I'll rip it out!" Junsu put a hand over his crotch, looking at Jaejoong. "Would he really?"
(1:38 AM) i has a corm:"He nearly ripped out my nipple ring, so probably. I'm surprised he's not threatening to do anything about getting my belly button peir--" Jaejoong stopped talking as he ran into someone, falling back hard on his ass. "Yah! Asshole, watch where you're going!"
(1:44 AM) ricky:Yoochun dropped his bags as he bumped into someone, catching himself from falling down. "I'm sorry, really sorry. Can I help you up?" He held out his hand, not looking as if he'd just come from America. Even his accent was thick as if he'd lived in Korea his whole life.
(1:46 AM) i has a corm:He looked up at him with narrowed eyes before taking his hand, letting the other man help him to his feet. "Thanks," he muttered, smoothing his hands over his pants to get the dust off. He turned his hip a bit, lifting his foot to look at his butt. His jeans hugged as he did it, although he wasn't intentionally trying to show his body off as he normally would.
(1:48 AM) ricky:"I hope it isn't broken," he joked, smiling nervously as he pulled his messenger and duffel bag onto his shoulders. Looking at Jaejoong, he bowed low in respect. "My name's Park Yoochun." Junsu smirked and bowed, waving. "I'm Kim Junsu!"
(1:49 AM) i has a corm:"Kim Jaejoong," he said, hooking his thumbs into his belt loops which pulled his pants down a little, revealing his pale, porcelaine skin and the indentations of his hips. "I'd stay and talk but I'm getting my belly button pierced."
(1:51 AM) ricky:Yoochun nodded, picking up the rest of his bags. "Have fun with that." Without another word, he walked off down the hall to find his dorm. Junsu was just grinning, watching him go before looking at Jaejoong. "He's hot."
(1:52 AM) i has a corm:He rolled his eyes, pulling on Junsus arm. "Come on. I swear you're as bad as me sometimes." Changmin was back to hanging posters up in his room, standing on his tippy toes to hang one up above his computer. His shirt was halfway up his back this time, but since he was hot it was a nice relief. Summer and Seoul was always smothering, especially if you were close to the city.
(1:54 AM) ricky:Walking up to the room, Yoochun stopped at the door to make sure he had the right one before heading inside. He saw the tall, slender man hanging posters and shifted a bag, knocking on the door. "Are you Shim Changmin?"
(1:55 AM) i has a corm:He turned his head over his shoulder, smiling and nodding. "Yes, I'm him." He pushed the last pushpin in and stepped away, pulling his shirt down and bowing. "Hi, you must be my roomie?"
(1:57 AM) ricky:He bowed and placed his bags on the floor, nodding. "Yeah, I'm Park Yoochun." Smiling, he ran a hand through his long hair, wiping the sweat off his forehead. "I bet you were expecting some American kid to walk in, hm?"
(1:58 AM) i has a corm:He blushed and nodded, walking over to the beds and opening the single window in the room. "Yeah, actually. They didn't say you were Korean, just... American. So I expected this white kid." He sat down on his bed, biting his lip.
(1:59 AM) ricky:"Thought so. All the Headmaster needs to hear is American and he thinks white white white, I'm sure." He walked to the empty bed, dragging his beds and placing them beside it.
(2:01 AM) i has a corm:He watched Yoochun closely, pulling his feet up on the bed and sitting cross legged. "So, how did you get into a Korean college?" he asked, then blushed. "That sounded rude. I am very sorry." He bowed his head lowly.
(2:05 AM) ricky:Smiling, he shook his head and sat down. "I applied here so I could get back to my roots and experience Korea like I couldn't when I was only eight." He nodded, standing up and heading to the empty dresser to put his clothes away.
(2:08 AM) i has a corm:"Ooh, that's cool. I've always wanted to visit America," he smiled. "My friend Jaejoong has a thing against it though, I'm not sure why. I think he looks into the negativity of the situations that's been going on lately and made up his mind. Although I'm sure they will change once he gets to know you."
(2:12 AM) ricky:"Jaejoong?" He looked up at Changmin, tilting his head as he put his empty bags away in the closet. "I think I just met him, actually." Nodding, he put his bedsheets on his bed, sitting down to put his pillow into a pillowcase.
(2:13 AM) i has a corm:He tilted his head. "Long black hair, really pale? Big round lips and huuuuge eyes. Deep, alluring voice?" he asked, making sure this was the same person. "He's kinda flirty, enjoys flaunting himself. I think it's just to make up for the fact that inside he's rather insecure."
(2:17 AM) ricky:He nodded, smoothing out the bedsheets. "Yeah, that's him. He wasn't flaunting himself though, I sort of knocked him down. He said something about going to get his belly button pierced, he had someone named Junsu with him." Shrugging, he moved and sat back against the wall.
(2:17 AM) i has a corm:Changmin rolled his eyes. "Great, even more reason for him to be lifting his shirt up to random guys he thinks is hot. He's like those ditzy chicks in the movies that flash their breasts," he laughed. "Except he's not ditzy."
(2:29 AM) ricky:Yoochun walked with Changmin into the cafe, having been invited by the younger man to join him and his friends for dinner. He laughed as he told a funny story about one time at summer camp, using his hands to elaborate his words.
(2:33 AM) i has a corm:They were heavy into conversation when Jaejoong arrived, grinning like a chesire cat. "Well, wanna see?" he asked, rocking back and forth on his feet as Junsu slid into the booth and he followed suit.
(2:35 AM) ricky:"You actually went through with it, huh?" Sliding his hands into his pockets, Yoochun smirked and decided to wait for Changmin to sit down before he would. Yunho came in, stepping up beside Jaejoong. "Show me."
(2:36 AM) i has a corm:He grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it up, a silver barbell pierced through the top of his belly button. A big grin spread across his full lips and he looked directly at Yunho. "Well?" he said as Changmin squeezed into the booth, having a hard time since he was so tall.
(2:38 AM) ricky:"It'll look better when the swelling goes down." He nodded and slid in beside Jaejoong, as Yoochun slid in beside Changmin. Junsu looked at Yunho, motioning towards Yoochun. "That's Yoochun, we met him in the hall. I guess Changmin did too."
(2:42 AM) i has a corm:Jaejoong clued in that someone else was there and his smile faded a little. "Guys, this is my room mate Yoochun," he said, putting his arm around the other man for a moment then removed it. Jaejoongs smile faded completely and his eyebrows narrowed. "Really... that explains why he ran into me."
(2:45 AM) ricky:Yoochun looked at Jaejoong, his smile fading as well. "That was an accident, I couldn't see over my bags. I apologized.." Looking at Jaejoong, Yunho nudged him a bit. "Jaejoong, be nice. This is his first day, he said he didn't mean to."
(2:50 AM) i has a corm:He made a face, but didn't say anything more. Changmin sighed, picking up a menu and sharing it with Yoochun, hiding them behind it. "Don't mind him, he's just ... kinda cold when you get to meet him at first."

Session Start: May 16, 2007

(1:12 AM) yunho:hey boo
(1:12 AM) jaejoong:hiii
(1:12 AM) yunho:what's up?
(1:12 AM) jaejoong:nothing, just looking over my schedual
(1:14 AM) yunho:i wonder if we have any classes together
(1:14 AM) jaejoong:eh, i dunno.
[insert schedual here]
(1:15 AM) yunho:hey we have two classes together
(1:15 AM) jaejoong:really? awesome
(1:15 AM) yunho:yeah i checked with everyone else, we all have at least one class together
(1:15 AM) jaejoong:i see.
(1:15 AM) yunho:yep!
(1:16 AM) jaejoong:the american too?
(1:16 AM) yunho:he has a name
and he's not american, he's korean
(1:16 AM) jaejoong:he's from america, that means he's american
(1:16 AM) yunho:jaejoong
(1:16 AM) jaejoong:what
(1:16 AM) yunho:stop
(1:17 AM) jaejoong:i'm not doing anything, i'm just stating that he's american
(1:17 AM) yunho:he's korean and lived in america for a few years
(1:17 AM) jaejoong:oh well
(1:18 AM) yunho:what is your problem?
(1:18 AM) jaejoong:nothing
(1:33 AM) jaejoong:yunho?
(1:34 AM) yunho:what
(1:34 AM) jaejoong:you stopped talking
(1:35 AM) yunho:i know
(1:35 AM) jaejoong:why...
(1:35 AM) yunho:you piss me off
(1:35 AM) jaejoong:.. what did i do now?
(1:35 AM) yunho:you're an ass to someone that didn't do anything to you, just because he's american
from america*
(1:36 AM) jaejoong:sorry
(1:37 AM) yunho:no you're not
(1:37 AM) jaejoong:how the fuck do you know
(1:37 AM) yunho:because you don't feel regret, jaejoong
(1:37 AM) jaejoong:something else has to be bugging you, what is it?
(1:38 AM) yunho:nothing
(1:38 AM) jaejoong:fine, whatever
(1:38 AM) yunho:yeah, whatever
(1:38 AM) jaejoong:you all me the ashole and then go off on me like this? and you won't even say why?
(1:39 AM) yunho:i told you
(1:39 AM) jaejoong:ugh
i need a fucking smoke, bye
(1:40 AM) yunho:bye
(1:40 AM)jaejoong has changed his/her name to "changmin"
(1:40 AM) changmin:hiiiiiiiiiii yunho!
(1:40 AM) yunho:hey minnie!
(1:41 AM) changmin:i was checking out the schedual and it looks like we both have world history together
(1:41 AM) yunho:yeah, cool huh?
(1:42 AM) changmin:that's awesome!
(1:42 AM) changmin:yoochun thinks you guys are cool
i said he could sit with us at lunch and stuff.
(1:43 AM) yunho:he can
(1:43 AM) changmin:well, all but jaejoong
(1:44 AM) yunho:jaejoong can fuck himself
(1:44 AM) changmin:O__O
(1:45 AM) yunho:well he can
(1:45 AM) changmin:what did he do now
(1:45 AM) yunho:he's an ass
(1:46 AM) changmin:you guys are angry at each other every second day
how have you managed to stay friends for so long?
(1:46 AM) yunho:i'm in love with him :/
(1:47 AM) changmin:... omg?
oh hyung :\
(1:47 AM) yunho:yeah
(1:47 AM) changmin:you should tell him
(1:47 AM) yunho:no
(1:47 AM) changmin:why not?
(1:48 AM) yunho:it's just not a good thing
(1:49 AM) changmin:how so?
(1:50 AM) yunho:he's not into me
he's not into anyone unless it's his one night stand
(1:51 AM) changmin:that's kinda mean of you to say
(1:51 AM) yunho:it's true and you know it
(1:51 AM) changmin:i don't think he's a slut
(1:51 AM) yunho:he sure acts like one
(1:52 AM) changmin:i've never see you be this mean about him before
(1:53 AM) yunho:i've never seen him be this rude about someone he just met
(1:53 AM) changmin:i have
(1:54 AM) yunho:never this rude
(1:54 AM) changmin:he just showed up here
(1:54 AM) yunho:aish
(1:55 AM) changmin:he's smoking like a fright train
(1:55 AM) changmin:and he's talking to yoochun like a human being
(1:55 AM) yunho:probably trying to see if he's a spy
(1:56 AM) changmin:oh come off it yunho
(1:56 AM) yunho:that's how he acts changmin. and i'm tired of it
(1:56 AM) changmin:he's asking him about his family and stuff
(1:57 AM) changmin:and if you're so tired of it, do something then.
(1:58 AM) yunho:i told him
(1:58 AM) changmin:what did you tell him?
(1:59 AM) yunho:that he pisses me off
(1:59 AM) changmin:ah
he's showing off his piercings...
(2:00 AM) yunho:he's hitting on yoochun
(2:00 AM) changmin:and his tattoos? when did he get those!
(2:00 AM) yunho:two years ago
(2:00 AM) changmin:oh
i never noticed
ok that one is rather low on his hip
(2:01 AM) yunho:fucking...... ugh
stop it
(2:01 AM) changmin:.. sorry
(2:02 AM) yunho:i'm going out
(2:02 AM) changmin:ok
(2:05 AM) yunho:Yoochun just smiled and was polite as Jaejoong talked, showing his tattoos. He fanned his face a bit to get the cigarette smoke away, clearing his throat. "So how long ago did you get your tattoos?"
(2:06 AM) changmin:"The one on my back is two years old, but the one on my hip is the newest," he said, sitting down again and opening the window to help filter the smoke out as he lit his third smoke since he'd been there. "I would've showed Yunho but.. I piss him off apparently."
(2:09 AM) yunho:He nodded a bit, smiling and glancing over at Changmin. "I'm sure he'll come around, Changmin tells me Yunho is very forgiving. He also said he can't hold grudges to save his life." Sitting back against the wall, he ran a hand through his hair, then fixed his bangs.
(2:10 AM) changmin:Jaejoong shrugged his shoulders, looking out the window. Changmin took a seat next to Yoochun and smiled, not really knowing what to say. The room fell silent until Jaejoong got up and fixed the tiara he had in his hair. "I'm going to the club," he mumbled, stubbing out his smoke and leaving before anybody could say anything to him.
(2:14 AM) yunho:Yoochun looked at Changmin, his eyes a bit wide. "I'm sorry but I can't help but feel like something's up. He's just suddenly being nice to me.. Not that I don't want him to be, but it's just kind of odd." He nodded slowly, taking a hairtie and pulling his hair back into a pony tail.
(2:15 AM) changmin:"Yunho hyung told him he was being rude to you and well, when Yunho tells him somethings pissing him off, Jaejoong fixes it. To be honest, I think they're both madly in love with one another. Jaejoong flirts to make Yunho notice him and Yunho gets angry at him so Jaejoong will notice."
(2:18 AM) yunho:He sighed and laid back on the bed, looking up at the cieling. "I hope they resolve it soon, I'd hate to be the reason two friends end a frienship." Junsu ran in, holding a red jersey. "I made the team! I made the team!"
(2:19 AM) changmin:Changmin sprang up and warpped his arms around Junsu, hugging him tightly. "That's wonderful, Su! I'm happy for you. I'll be your cheerleader as much as I can. I signed up for a commity." he pulled back and sat down on the bed, blushing a little. "I found out today some people are putting together a gay and lesbian group so.."
(2:24 AM) yunho:He grinned and hugged back, then moved and hugged Yoochun as well, giggling. Once he heard Changmin talk, he looked at him and smiled. "That's cool, Minnie. I'd join that just to support you." Yoochun smiled at Changmin, but chose not to say anything.
(2:25 AM) changmin:"I just thought it was so amazing that people were going to do that, even though a lot of people are so against it around here. I never really got the support of my parents when I first came out so, it'd be really nice to be there for people who are in the same situation," he said, his face lighting up as he talked about how he enjoyed helping people. "Oh, I want to warn you - Yunhos angry at Jaejoong so.."
(2:29 AM) yunho:Junsu groaned, shaking his head. "They'll be at it for days. I'm going to go to the club. Oh, and Minnie.. You know you have us, even though we can't replace the love of your real family." He hugged Changmin and left the room.
(2:30 AM) changmin:He hugged Junsu back and smiled warmly, patting him on the back. "Congradulations. I'll get changed and we'll meet you later, ok?" he said before Junsu was gone. He turned to Yoochun and smiled a bit, lowering his head. "I'm sorry if.. me being gay is... something you're not comfortable with. I can understand if you get another room mate."
(2:32 AM) yunho:Shaking his head, he sat up and shrugged. "Just because I lived in America doesn't mean I'm not okay with homosexuals. I'm not, myself, but I've had plenty of friends who were. I've been the straight kid in those meetings, supporting the gay kids who got picked on." He nodded, smiling.
(2:34 AM) changmin:He let out a relieved sigh and nodded, his grin spreading over his face again. "Thank you, that means a lot. I expect your friends were very appriciative. I'm glad you're my room mate," he patted Yoochun on the back then grabbed the hem of his shirt, tossing it onto his bed. Changmin wasn't exactly built, but he was slender and had the cutest curves that Jaejoong loved to pinch and call his love handles. "I'm gonna take a shower and go to the club for a bit. Did you want to come with me?"
(2:38 AM) yunho:He nodded and smiled, sitting back against the wall. "Yeah, that sounds fun. Do you mind if I do my hair while you shower?" Tilting his head, he scratched his shoulder, pressing his lips together. Junsu walked into the club wearing his tightest jeans, looking around for Jaejoong.
(2:39 AM) changmin:"Nope," he said, unbuckling his pants and tossing them on the bed as well. He dug clean clothes out of his dresser and set them out on a chair, then grabbed a towel and headed into the bathroom. Jaejoong was in a corner, dancing quite naughty with a tall, rather effeminate looking man.
(2:48 AM) yunho:He waited until Changmin was in the shower to go in with his hair straighter, plugging it in. Once he had straightened his hair, he walked off to find some good looking clothes. Spotting Jaejoong, Junsu decided not to go over and found someone to dance with, dancing close and sexy-like.
(2:50 AM) changmin:When he was done dancing, he broke free from what he was doing with the other man and squeezed through the crowed for something to drink, ordering a bottle of water. Although he had some sort of reputation of being a slut and a drinker, he was neither of those things, but got a kick out of the rumours anyway. He spotted Junsu and smirked, capping his bottle of water and approaching him.
(2:57 AM) yunho:Junsu didn't noticed Jaejoong as he danced with the cute faced man with a dimple on his cheek, too into his grinding. He didn't seem it, but Junsu was a really good dancer, both slow and fast. He could work his hips like no other, except maybe Jaejoong.
(3:00 AM) changmin:Changmin arrived not long after, letting Yoochun go in first. "This is the club," he said, grinning. "What do ya think?" he asked. Jaejoong danced his way further to then and started to push up against the man with the dimple as well, giving him his sexy look.
(3:02 AM) yunho:Looking around, Yoochun nodded and smiled, his hair straight now, instead of it's usual poof and curlyness. "I like it, I've never been to a club." Jungsu looked at Jaejoong and moved away with Junsu, who gave Jaejoong a smirk. "Sorry Jae, this one's all mine."
(3:04 AM) changmin:Jaejoongs face went almost black and he turned on his heal, marching away. He slid into a booth and slammed his water bottle onto the table, crossing his arms over his chest. Changmin put his arm around Yoochun to lead him through the crowed, waving to Junsu when he saw him. "Never?" he said, looking stunned. "I'm surprised."
(3:08 AM) yunho:Junsu waved back, dancing closer to the other man. "Never, I just didn't have time." Shaking his head, Yoochun spotted Jaejoong and pointed, noticing how mad he looked. "Should we go over?" Yunho showed up wearing this ( outfit, making his way through the crowd.
(3:10 AM) changmin:Changmin looked over, biting his lip as he saw how mad Jaejoong looked. "I don't know, he's pretty lethal when he's mad. Not that he's like, violent or anything, but he can say nasty things." He spotted Yunho and oohed, rushing over to see him. "Yunnie, hey. I'm sorry about earlier. I didn't mean to upset you."
(3:12 AM) yunho:"It's okay, Minnie." He smiled and hugged him, kissing his cheek. "I just didn't want to hear about Jaejoong hitting on Yoochun, because..well you know." He nodded, smiling again. Yoochun walked over slowly and put his hand on Jae's table. "Hey, mind if I sit with you?"
(3:13 AM) changmin:He looked up, uncapping his bottle and taking a long sip while noddong. "Sure, why not," he grumbled, a bit of his dark look disappearing since someone was paying attention to him now. Changmin smiled warmly and put his arm loosely around Yunhos waist. "You look hot tonight, I'd dance with you if I could actually dance."
(3:15 AM) yunho:Sitting down, Yoochun looked around the club and tapped his fingers on the table. "Cool place here. I've never been to a club." Yunho smirked and wrapped his arm around Changmin's shoulders. "It doesn't matter. Once you get into the groove, anyone can dance. Come on, I'll help you."
(3:16 AM) changmin:"If you insist," he said, laughing uneasily as he followed Yunho out onto the dance floor. Jaejoong didn't notice, he was too busy looking at Yoochun. "You're kidding, right? I would've figured you'd be to all sorts of clubs back home."
(3:18 AM) yunho:"I'm not actually the club type, I don't think. Going out wasn't my thing, dumb blonde bimbos in tight clothing wasn't fun to see." He shook his head, looking at Jaejoong. Once they got to the dance floor, Yunho showed Changmin some basics, then danced beside him to the beat.
(3:20 AM) changmin:Changmin awkwardly tried to follow them but ended up stumbling too much, shaking his head as he laughed. "Look, let's do it this way," he said, reaching over to stand in front of Yunho and put his hands on his hips. "I'll move my hips with yours." Jaejoong played with a strand of his hair, moving closer to Yoochun. "Well, you won't see that here. More like sexy asian boys." he smirked.
(3:22 AM) yunho:He nodded and put his arms around Changmin's shoulders, laughing. "Just get comfortable, don't think about your dancing. Go with the flow." Yoochun looked at Jaejoong, chewing on a toothpick. "I'm straight, sexy asian boys don't do it for me." He gave a guilty face and shrugged lightly.
(3:23 AM) changmin:He pouted and moved closer, putting his hand on Yoochuns thigh. "You sure about that?" he purred, finally catching Changmin dancing with Yunho. "What.. the fuck." he snarled, then slid out of the booth quickly. He started towards the two, grabbing Changmin by the arm and pulling him away. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" he exclaimed loudly.
(3:25 AM) yunho:Looking at Jaejoong, Yunho moved over to Changmin, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Are you okay? Jaejoong, what the hell is your problem?" He took Changmin's hand and walked away from Jaejoong, bringing Min with him as he made his way through the crowd.
(3:26 AM) changmin:Changmin was too stunned to do anything. He followed Yunho out of the building, his arm still stinging from where Jaejoong grabbed him. "He's.. never done that before," he said softly once they were outside. Jaejoong didn't follow, he disappeared into the crowed for someone to dance with, although he did look angry.
(3:29 AM) yunho:Yoochun followed Changmin and Yunho out of the building, though stayed back. Shaking his head, Yunho rubbed Min's arm, sighing. "He's probably pissed that he's offered to dance with me so many times and I don't ever dance with people. He'll get over it." Yoochun finally caught up, looking at Changmin. "Are you okay?"
(3:30 AM) changmin:He nodded, still visibly shocked by how Jaejoong grabbed him and tore him away like that. "Yeah, but I think I wanna go back to the dorms. I don't really feel like being at the club right now," he said, looking at Yunho then Yoochun. "Sorry, if you want to stay you can."
(3:32 AM) yunho:"No, I don't really want to be there either." He shook his head, sliding his hands into his pockets. Junsu found Jaejoong a while later, walking over. "Hey!" He smiled, sipping his water as he moved his hips slightly to the music.
(3:33 AM) changmin:"Hey," Jaejoong said, sweaty and danced out for the night. "Did you have fun dancing with Mr. One Dimple?" he asked, tilting his head to the side to roll the cool bottle of water up and down his neck. Changmin gave Yunho a hug and said his goodbye, telling him he'd see him in class before he started off for his dorm, not waiting for Yoochun to follow.
(3:37 AM) yunho:"Yeah, he's a good dancer. You ready to go?" He fanned his face, wiping the sweat from his forhead. Downing his water, he put the bottle on the table and sighed. "It's so hot in here, let's go. Come on, I have news." He nodded and took Jae's arm, leading him out of the club.
(3:38 AM) changmin:He followed Junsu out of the club, letting out a sigh or relief to be met with cooler air. "It's the end of summer, you'd think they'd put on the air conditioning. So what's the news?" he asked, squeezing Junsus arm.
(3:43 AM) yunho:He grinned, looking at Jaejoong as a cool breeze came through. "I made the soccer team!" Bouncing, his smile brightened and he nodded. "The coach said I was a natural, and said I might be captain."
(3:44 AM) changmin:He stopped in his tracks and wrapped himself around Junsu in a big hug. "Ahh, that's so awesome for you Su! You're dream was to become a professional athlete. I'm so excited for you. We need to celebrate this weekend or something." He pulled back, looking at his friend then suddenly leaned in and started to kiss him.
(3:46 AM) yunho:He was about to say something when Jaejoong kissed him, which made his eyes widen. Not pulling from the kiss just yet, he let Jae kiss him, but pulled away a few moments later. "What ...what was that for?" He licked and bit his lip, looking at Jaejoong.
(3:47 AM) changmin:He grinned, finally stepping away but not saying anything more. He headed off down the street, his fingers looped in his belt loops as he accentuated his hip movements just to tease Junsu.
(3:51 AM) yunho:Rolling his eyes, he followed Jaejoong, walking beside him. "Jungsu said he'd like to have the both of us in bed at the same time." He nodded, checking his phone for messages.
(3:52 AM) changmin:He turned his head to look at him, raising an eyebrow. "Really, and what did you tell him?" he asked, inching his arm around Junsu as he walked down the street with him. "He's rather cute."
(3:53 AM) yunho:"I told him I'd give him a call once I talked to you." He nodded, wrapping his arm around Jaejoong's waist as he pulled out his phone. "So what do I tell him?"
(3:54 AM) changmin:"I'm up for it, I've never really done a whole threesome thing before," he tapped his bottom lip with his free hand. "What about you, would you do it?"
(3:55 AM) yunho:Shrugging, he found Jungsu's number. "I've never done it, but it can't be much different, can it?" He stopped walking and talked to Jungsu.
(3:55 AM) changmin:Jaejoong grinned, standing in front of Junsu with his hands on the other mans hips, dancing his fingers over his hip bones. "This is such a hot idea..."
(3:56 AM) yunho:He smirked as he talked to the other man, telling him to meet them at his dorm, then hung up. "I'm so glad I have a single room."
(3:57 AM) changmin:When Junsu hung up the phone, Jaejoong leaned in and started kissing his neck, pressing his body against the other mans. "What if I can't wait?" he said, his voice husky.
(3:59 AM) yunho:"It'll be so much hotter with Jungsu, gorgeous." He tilted his head, licking his lips. "It's not much futher to the dorm, come on. He lives clothes." Nodding, he slid his arms around Jaejoong, walking with him.

Session Start: May 17, 2007

(12:18 AM) invisible handsh:Jihoon flipped the pancake perfectly with a smirk, then began whistling to himself. It had been a few weeks since he and Jaejoong had their talk and he gradually started to warm up to Dongwook, giving him hugs and kisses - even in public. Today he was making them breakfast before Dongwook got up, excited to surprise him with such a treat.
(12:23 AM) yunho:The smell of breakfast woke Dongwook up and it took him a few minutes to realize that Jihoon was cooking breakfast. Smiling to himself, he climbed out of bed and pulled on a robe, slowly walking out into the kitchen. He ran his hands through his hair to fix it before he got to Jihoon, the smile not leaving his face.
(12:27 AM) invisible handsh:He removed the pancake from the frying pan and placed it with the others in the oven to keep them warm, turning around. "Ah!" he cried, jumping a bit with a laugh. "Dongwook, I didn't know you was up. I was going to surprise you."
(12:29 AM) yunho:"Oh, okay." He nodded and smiled, wrapping his robe around him more. "Suprise me with what fruit and juice you'll give me. I'll go back to bed." Turning around, he walked back into the bedroom, taking off the robe and climbing into bed.
(12:33 AM) invisible handsh:He grinned as he watched Dongwook leave, then got out some watermelon, strawberries and whipped cream along with freshly squeezed orange juice. He placed the pancakes on trays for the two of them and picked them up, making his way to the bedroom. "Close your eyes if you want to be surprised," he joked, coming into the room with the trays.
(12:36 AM) yunho:Dongwook covered his eyes, a smile on his face as he sat up, waiting for Jihoon to come closer. He lowered his hands a few moments later, looking at the trays and smiling wider, looking up at his boyfriend. "Watermelon, my favorite. You're so amazing, Jihoon."
(12:37 AM) invisible handsh:A very faint blush crept onto his cheeks and he made a pish sound, placing the tray on Dongwooks lap. "I remember the things you tell me, even though it might not seem like it."
(12:41 AM) yunho:He nodded, putting his hands on the tray as he looked at Jihoon. "Thank you, this really means a lot to me." Smiling, he picked up his fork and took a bite of the pancakes slowly, sighing. "Perfect."
(12:42 AM) invisible handsh:Sitting down, he put his tray on his own lap and started to eat the pancakes, handing Dongwook his favourite pancake syrup. "So what did you want to do today? I figured, you should pick what to do."
(12:48 AM) yunho:"There's a music fest downtown that I wanted to check out, my friend is performing so I thought I'd go support him." He finished off his pancakes then started the watermelon, making sure to eat neatly.
(12:49 AM) invisible handsh:Jihoon handed him napkins incase he made a mess and went back to his food. "Oh? Who? Have I met him?" he asked, then paused. "That sounded like I was quizzing you, I'm sorry. I'm just curious as to who he is."

Session Start: May 17, 2007

(12:54 AM) yunho:Stepping closer to Jaejoong, he still held the ball, looking at him. "Yeah..I read. I'm not going to make things complicated, I promise. I'll still act like regular Su." He nodded, pressing his lips together.
(12:55 AM) joongie:He made a whimpery noise and wiggled his fingers, pouting. "Come here, I'm not gonna hurt you, Junsu," he whined, moving over so the other man could sit on the bed.
(12:56 AM) yunho:He nodded slowly and sat down beside Jaejoong, resting the ball between his feet. "Yunho said you had a headache. Are you feeling okay?" Looking at him, he tilted his head to the side.
(12:59 AM) joongie:He took Junsus hand and laid against him, closing his eyes. "Yeah, I woke up and felt like I'd been run over. I haven't really been sleeping all that great but eh, I took some tylenol so my head ache should go soon."
(1:02 AM) yunho:"You should sleep, Jae." Nodding to himself, he leaned the other man back slowly and leaned in, kissing his lips gently. He had his arm wrapped around Jae's back, closing his eyes slowly.
(1:03 AM) joongie:Jaejoong slid an arm around Junsu and softly kissed him back, nearly melting in his arms. He thought he dreamt about those kisses while he attempted sleep the past few days, but he hadn't. They were as soft as he remembered them to be.
(1:07 AM) yunho:He smiled into the kiss, sliding his tongue into Jaejoong's mouth to deepened their connection, not even hearing when the door opened. Yunho stared at the site before him, his heart dropping into his stomache before he slammed the door and walked down the hall to Changmin's room.
(1:11 AM) joongie:He suddenly crawled onto Junsus lap and stradled him, breaking the kiss to kiss down Junsus neck. A sudden hunger had brewed in his stomach and he wanted to taste him, lick his skin and tease him. Changmin looked up from his laptop when Yunho walked in, his glasses about to fall off his nose. "What's wrong?"
(1:13 AM) yunho:Not saying anything, Yunho just took off his shoes, slowly crawling up to lay on Changmin's bed. He curled up into the fetal position, closing his eyes tightly. Junsu groaned softly, his head leaning back until he felt the soccer ball at his feet. "Jaejoong-ah," He licked his lips and lifted his head, sighing. "I have soccer practice."
(1:16 AM) joongie:Changmin put his laptop aside after saving the paper he was working on and shimmied down his bed to lay down beside Yunho, wrapping his arm around the other man. "If you want him, you have to fight for him Yunho..." he whispered. Jaejoong didn't stop what he was doing, starting to push his hips against Junsus while he nipped at Junsus ears teasingly. He slid his hands up the back of Junsus jersey, dragging his fingernails down the small of his back right by his butt.
(1:19 AM) yunho:"He's already slept with Junsu, and I just saw them kissing. How can I compete with that, since he's already so wrapped up with Junsu?" He looked up at Changmin, wiping his eyes. "I might as well just forget it, since it's never going to happen." Junsu bit his lip and reached around, taking Jaejoong's hands. "Jaejae, I really have to go. If I don't go to this practice, I'm off the team."
(1:21 AM) joongie:He started to rub Yunhos shoulders, shrugging. "I don't know, hyung. I've never had a boyfriend, or my first kiss. So I don't know. But if you love him as much as you do, you should tell him and fight for him. Don't you think he's worth it?" Jaejoong growled low in his throat, but removed his arms and slid off of Junsus lap. "You better come back."
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(1:23 AM) yunho:"I will, hyung. I promise." He nodded and stood up, picking up his soccer ball before leaving. Yunho sat up and nodded, clearing his throat. "He's more than worth it." He moved and grabbed a pad of paper and a pen, leaning against the wall as he started to write.
(1:25 AM) joongie:Changmin smiled, watching Yunho write for a few moments before he picked up his laptop and continued with his paper. Jaejoong decided that since Junsu was gone, he would take a nap but he couldn't. He laid down, he closed his eyes but all he could do was feel bad about the kiss they shared.
(1:28 AM) yunho:Yunho didn't stop writing for half an hour, and by then he had written ten pages or more. He sighed happily and tore out the pages, folding them neatly in a professional way. "I'll be right back." Nodding, he left the room to go down the hall, biting his lip and sliding the envelope with Jaejoong's name on it under the door. He nodded to himself and went back to Changmin's room.
(1:32 AM) joongie:Jaejoong heard something and sat up, watching the paper curiously as it was shoved under the door. It was thick, really thick. Getting up off the bed, he shuffled over and picked it up, recoginizing the handwriting. Taking it over to the bed with him, he unfolded it and started to read. Changmin pushed his glasses up his node and looked up again when Yunho returned. "Feel better?"
(1:34 AM) yunho:Nodding, Yunho moved up on the bed and laid back beside Changmin, curling up to his side. "I do, actually. I feel a lot better. I'm going to win Jaejoong's heart with that letter." He closed his eyes and soon fell asleep, his arm wrapped around his friend's waist.
(1:39 AM) joongie:He read the letter about five times over, especially the confession that took almost two pages. He was crying hysterically by the time he finished, pressing the letter against his chest while he cried. Changmin let his fingers comb through Yunhos hair while he read over his paper, checking to make sure it sounded ok before he saved it.
(1:46 AM) yunho:Yunho smiled throughout his nap, giggling a few times and scooting closer to Changmin. He opened his eyes about twenty minutes later, shifting and stretching his arms above his head, yawning. "That felt so good." Nodding, he sat up, his hair sticking up on one side.
(1:49 AM) joongie:Changmin giggled, pointing to Yunhos hair. "Its sticking up, Yunnie," he said softly, reaching forward to run his fingers through the other mans hair in order to flatten his hair. "You should probably go back, your night class starts in awhile and you don't have your things."
(1:52 AM) yunho:He smiled and turned to Changmin, shaking his head. "It's my dancing class, I don't need anything. And I don't want to go to him, I want him to come to me. I don't want to seem too eager to know if he's read it."
(1:55 AM) joongie:"Ok, good luck," he blew Yunho a kiss all cute like and jumped back when he saw Yunh collide with someone in the hall when he stepped out. "Oh my God," he said, getting up and rushing over. On the floor was Jaejoong, holding a hand over his nose which was bleeding.
(1:57 AM) yunho:"Oh my God," he covered his mouth, kneeling down and sitting Jaejoong up slowly. "Jaejoong, are you okay? Changmin, get a rag, hurry." Biting his lip, he felt his blood run cold.
(1:59 AM) joongie:He lifted his head and looked at Yunho, his eyes bloodshot and puffy from crying so much earlier. "Yunho, I was looking for you. I read the letter over and over like.. five or six times..." Changmin came back with a rag and handed it to Yunho, helping him get Jaejoong to his feet. Blood was trickling down his chin and onto his shirt, but Jaejoong didn't seem to notice. His eyes were locked on Yunho. "I love you too, Yunho. I've been so torn lately... so torn."
(2:01 AM) yunho:Yunho nodded, keeping his hand on Jaejoong's back. "If you choose Junsu, that's fine. I'll just keep fighting for you." He nodded again, helping the man into the room and over to Changmin's bed. Slowly removing the rag, he checked Jaejoong's nose to make sure it wasn't  broken, then pressed the rag back to his nose.
(2:03 AM) joongie:Jaejoong just watched him with extreme interest, his eyes huge and taking in every move that Yunho made. When he mentioned Junsu, his eyebrows crinkled and he looked away, taking Yunhos hand to move it away from his nose. "I'm in such a mess... I don't know what to do. I ..." he didn't finish his sentence and started to rock back and forth.
(2:06 AM) yunho:Biting his lip, Yunho sat beside him and wrapped his arm around him. "BooJae, listen.. Everything will work out, it always does. You're not a mess, you're a teenager. We're all allowed to try new things, and that's what you did."
(2:08 AM) joongie:"But Junsu will be so heartbroken, I can't hurt him, Yunho. I can't look at him and see that in his eyes and I don't think I can take him being upset with me," he explained, starting to cry again. His nose was still bleeding, but not as much as before. "I want you both to be happy and I want to be happy at the same time.
(2:10 AM) yunho:A few minutes later, Junsu poked his head in and saw Yunho with his arm around Jaejoong and bit his lip. He had dirt in his hair and mud on his clothes, but he still smiled. "Good, you two are together, then."
(2:11 AM) joongie:Jaejoong blinked and looked around Yunho at Junsu, tilting his head. The most adorable look of confusion spread across Jaejoongs face as Changmin started to giggle a little. "Wait.. you're not upset?" he asked, placing a hand to his head. "Ugh, my head."
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Jaejoong blinked and looked around Yunho at Junsu, tilting his head. The most adorable look of confusion spread across Jaejoongs face as Changmin started to giggle a little. "Wait.. you're not upset?" he asked, placing a hand to his head. "Ugh, my head."
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(2:12 AM) joongie:Jaejoong blinked and looked around Yunho at Junsu, tilting his head. The most adorable look of confusion spread across Jaejoongs face as Changmin started to giggle a little. "Wait.. you're not upset?" he asked, placing a hand to his head. "Ugh, my head
(2:16 AM) yunho:"Well, I.. I ran into Jungsu, and he invited me to coffee.. Since you and Yunho are..together, I assume, I was going to persue that." He nodded, biting his lip and leaving. Yunho looked at Jaejoong. "You still didn't get any sleep?"
(2:17 AM) joongie:He shook his head, his hand still pressed to the side of his head. "I feel dizzy," he mumbled, closing his eyes for a moment. Changmin bit his lip and got some orange juice out of the mini fridge, handing it to Yunho. "Has he ate much lately?" he asked, sitting down on the bed.
(2:18 AM) yunho:Shaking his head, Yunho took the juice and held Jaejoong close. "He doesn't eat when he's upset, I should have remembered. Jaejoong, drink this." He held the glass to his lips, his arm strongly around him.
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(2:24 AM) joongie:He took the orange juice and drank it slowly, getting someon his chin. When he was finished, he looked at Junsu, dropping his hand to his side limply. "So everything is ok? I don't have to worry anymore? I can be with Yunho without upsetting anybody?"

Session Start: May 17, 2007

(11:36 PM) yunho:hey jae
(11:37 PM) joongie:hi!
(11:37 PM) yunho:what's up?
(11:37 PM) joongie:nothing, just trying to get through this boring lecture
(11:39 PM) yunho:yeah me too
(11:40 PM) joongie:ehe i see you
(11:40 PM) yunho::)
(11:40 PM) joongie:*giggles and waves*
(11:42 PM) yunho:-- winks and waves with a few fingers --
(11:42 PM) joongie:*blushes*
(11:43 PM) yunho:cutie
(11:43 PM) joongie:who? where?
(11:43 PM) yunho:you!
(11:43 PM) joongie:no :$
(11:43 PM) yunho:yes
(11:44 PM) joongie:iloveyou
(11:44 PM) yunho:iloveyoutoo
(11:44 PM) joongie:changmin texted me earlier and asked if we'd come to his gay and lesbian meeting tonight, meet some people
(11:45 PM) yunho:i heard about it, i'm gonna go
(11:45 PM) joongie:i'm not really sure about it :\
(11:47 PM) yunho:why?
(11:47 PM) joongie:i don't really want to go through being called a fag throughout college like i did in high school
(11:48 PM) yunho:alright
(11:48 PM) joongie:you're disappointed aren't you
(11:49 PM) yunho:no, i understand
(11:49 PM) joongie:oh to hell with it, i'll go. because i owe changmin. i never went when he tried to start one in high school.
(11:49 PM) yunho:he'll understand, jae
(11:50 PM) joongie:no, i don't care. why should i care? i never did before. maybe i'm just scared it'll come between us.
(11:50 PM) yunho:why would it come between us?
(11:50 PM) joongie:i guess ... i'm afraid you'd get upset with the insults and leave me so they'd stop
(11:51 PM) yunho:if i was leaving, i would have left in high school
(11:51 PM) joongie:but we werent together in high school
(11:52 PM) yunho:i still liked you in high school. and we were friends
(11:53 PM) joongie:i'm tired of hiding, although it's obvious that i am pretty damn gay haha
(11:54 PM) yunho:you could wear pink everyday and i'd still be there beside you
(11:54 PM) joongie:eh, i'm more of a black fan ;)
(11:54 PM) yunho:you look so good in stripes though
(11:55 PM) joongie:pink stripes???
(11:55 PM) yunho:noo that gray striped shirt
(11:55 PM) joongie:ooooh
(11:56 PM) joongie:maybe i'll wear that tonight for you
(11:57 PM) yunho::)
(12:03 AM) joongie:with some eyeliner
and those boots you like
(12:03 AM) yunho:and pants
(12:04 AM) joongie:what pants are your favourite?
(12:05 AM) yunho:those tight ones
(12:08 AM) joongie:what tight ones?? you'll have to pick them out for me
(12:10 AM) yunho:i'll come by before
well.... i have to
(12:10 AM) joongie:ahaha we share a dorm, yunnie
(12:11 AM) yunho:i forgot for a moment
(12:12 AM) joongie:hehe
(12:23 AM) yunho:junsu just texted me
(12:23 AM) joongie:mm about what?
wait, never mind
(12:23 AM) yunho:haha
(12:29 AM) joongie:CLASS IS OVER YAY
(12:30 AM) yunho::D
(12:32 AM) joongie:Back at the dorm, Jaejoong plunked his slender frame onto his bed which made him appear tinier than he actually was. "So, find me these pants," he said, placing the other clothes Yunho had mentioned he liked beside him. He jumped when Junsu burst into the room, letting out a squeak.
(12:35 AM) yunho:Grinning like a fool, Junsu ran over to Jaejoong, pulling him up and holding his hands. "Guess who was just named captain?" Yunho smiled and pulled the pants out of Jaejoong's dresser, patting Junsu on the back. "Congradulations."
(12:38 AM) joongie:Jaejoong stripped right there, pulling the jeans on and ooohed. "You just want to look at my ass!" he said, grinning widely as he smacked Yunho on the arm gently. He pulled off his shirt and tugged on the one Yunho said he liked, then left to apply eyeliner.
(12:39 AM) yunho:When Jaejoong didn't reply to him, Junsu frowned and stared after the other man. "Jaejoong..did you even hear me?" He sounded devistated that he was ignored, tears coming to his eyes.
(12:40 AM) joongie:"Su, I got your text. I know you're captain. You were captain ov every football team you ever joined," he said, coming out of the bathroom. "I'm proud of you, I am. It's just..." he sighed. "I'm going to Changmins meeting thingy tonight and I'm nervous."
(12:42 AM) yunho:"Screw Changmin, I'm supposed to be your best friend. So what if you got my text, you should be happy for me to my face. Not just ignore me because you have an hour to get ready for a half hour meeting." He shook his head, grabbing his dropped messenger bag and walking out the door.
(12:44 AM) joongie:His eyebrows furrowed and he went after Junsu, grabbing his arm. "Listen to yourself. Screw Changmin? Wow, that was really low of you. You know how hard it was for him to come out, and then the backlash he got. This is important to him, I'm sorry I didn't show the slightest interest the moment you stepped through the door but god damn, it's just football."
(12:46 AM) yunho:He jerked his arm away from Jaejoong, looking at him. "This means everything to me, it's all I have to look forward to. I know how it was for Changmin, I held him while he cried too, Jaejoong. But when is it going to be about me? It's always about you, or Yunho getting hurt because of you, or Changmin having a breakdown. I hold in my emotions to help my friends, and I get nothing in return. A ...
(12:46 AM) yunho:... one night stand with someone I pretended not to care about. What a prize, thank you." He shook his head and took off running down the hall.
(12:48 AM) joongie:Jaejoong watched him run off down the hall and stepped back into the the room, looking down at his hands. "I think I'm gonna stay here," he said softly, his voice barely above a whisper. He approached his bed and pulled back the covers, crawling under them and yanking them over his head.
(12:50 AM) yunho:Frowning, Yunho decided it would be best not to bother Jaejoong and nodded to himself. "I'll come by after the meeting..please still be here." He closed the door behind him as he left, sighing.

Session Start: May 18, 2007

(1:33 AM) yunho:Junsu showed up at Jaejoong's dorm room about twenty minutes after Yunho left, walking in and starting to talk. "Jaejoong, this is stupid, I shouldn't be upset because you ignored me, even though you shouldn't have." He rambled on and apologized about twenty times over, repeating himself about how sorry he was until he was crying and on his knees begging for forgiveness.
(1:35 AM) joongie:Jaejoong pulled the blankets back and looked at Junsu, sitting up. "I didn't intentionally ignore you, I just have a one track mind. You know that Su. I am proud of you, you always said you wanted to be team captain of whatever college you went to." He inched forward and wrapped his arms around his friend. "I'm sorry, congradulations."
(1:36 AM) yunho:Instantly clinging to Jaejoong, Junsu hugged him tightly, sniffling as he smiled. "I love you, Jae, you're my best friend. Now let's go support Changmin." He nodded and pulled away, wiping his eyes and taking a deep breath.
(1:38 AM) joongie: He smiled and got out of bed, stepping into his boots and sliding on his favourite hat. He linked arms with Junsu and followed him out of the dorm into the hall. As they approached one of the bathrooms on their floor, Jaejoong heard laughing and cruel taunts, along with a familiar sound of someone crying. "Su, do you hear that?"
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Session Start: May 21, 2007

(11:33 PM) donghae:Three hours later, Yunho finally had his head cleared and he decided it would be best to get home before the rain moved in. He unlocked the door and walked in, setting his keys on the table as he shut the door and started to take off his shoes.
(11:34 PM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:Yoochun heard Yunho arrive and came over, leaning against the wall. "Tisk, where have you been?" he scolded playfully, shaking his head. "You missed supper, Jaejoong isn't too pleased."
(11:35 PM) donghae:He looked at Yoochun and smiled a bit, hanging up his jacket. "That's why they are called leftovers." Walking into the kitchen, he opened the fridge and pulled out a water.
(11:37 PM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:"Really?!" he said, pretending to be surprised. "He's all in a huff that Junsu got a fake dog, he says he wants a pet now. You'll.. have to talk to him about what he wants," he said, biting his lip. "Personally I don't approve."
(11:38 PM) donghae:Sipping his water, he looked at Yoochun and furrowed his eyebrows. "What does he want?" He walked out of the kitchen and off towards Jaejoong's room, stopping to see the robotic dog that Junsu was playing with.
(11:39 PM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:Jaejoong was sitting on his bed, flipping through a photo album just to pass the time. He heard Yunho come home, but was rather miffed he wasn't there for supper since he prepared a nice meal. His journal was sitting beside him where he'd add random things to the entry he had earlier.
(11:41 PM) donghae:He laughed as Junsu made the dog do tricks, then pat Junsu's head and stood up. With a sigh, he sipped his water and walked off into Jaejoong's room, smiling. "Hey, Jaejoong. I'm sorry I missed dinner, I promise I will make it up to you." He nodded, biting his lip.
(11:43 PM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:He made a noise in his throat to show his irritation and closed his book, looking at Yunho. "I wish you wouldn't walk away whenever you get upset, it really makes me worry because anything can happen out there."
(11:44 PM) donghae:"I wasn't upset, Jae." He shook his head and leaned against the doorframe. "And I was just two blocks away, at the park." Sipping his water, he set it aside and slid his hands into his pockets.
(11:45 PM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:"If you were that close you could've came home for supper. I made a big family meal and you weren't here. I am somewhat insulted," he picked up his diary and started to write in it.
(11:50 PM) donghae:Frowning, he walked over and lowered the diary, looking at Jaejoong. "I'm sorry. All you had to do was call me, I would have come home if I knew this dinner was so important to you."
(11:51 PM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:He put the diary down and sighed, looking up at Yunho. "I feel like you're mad at me about something, Yunho. I mean, it's not like I haven't not accepted you wanting to look after me before but lately it's like... you take it as offense."
(11:54 PM) donghae:"You fainted the other day and you wanted to go on with doing the concert. I know you're dedicated, Jaejoong, but next time you might put yourself in the hospital for a very long time. And I can't handle that." He shook his head, turning away.
(11:56 PM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:He reached forward as if reaching out for Yunho, then stopped. "I know, but you do the same. And don't give me that leader stuff, because I know, but to me you are my friend and..." he paused, not finishing his sentence.. "You are the same way."
(12:01 AM) donghae:He sighed and looked at Jaejoong. "I'll stop if you stop." Turning around, he walked out of the room slowly, heading to his own room. Junsu put the dog to sleep and walked off into Changmin's room, having not given him the gift yet. "Changminnie, I have something for you."
(12:03 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:Changmin looked up from his laptop, his face consideraibly paler than earlier. He felt nausious, only because he ate to make Jaejoong happy even though his stomach didn't want anything. "You didn't have to get me anything, hyung," he said softly, laying back against his pillow. Jaejoong sighed loudly and got out his laptop, hoping there'd be someone for him to talk to.
(12:06 AM) donghae:He smiled and kept his arms behind his back, walking over to the bed. "I wanted to, you need a new book to read. But you can't open it until I'm out of the room, okay?" Nodding, he placed the package on Changmin's lap, smiling brightly.
(12:07 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:He placed his laptop aside and picked up the book, surprised it was actually really thick and heavy. He figured if Junsu was going to buy him something to read, it'd be manga or something simple like that. "Ok, hyung. Thank you," he bowed.
(12:08 AM) donghae:Leaning in, he pressed a kiss to Changmin's cheek, patting his shoulder before he left the room. He pressed his ear to the door once he shut it, a grin coming to his face as he waved Yoochun over.
(12:09 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:Yoochun rushed over and grinned, knowing exactly what was going on as he pressed his ear to the door as well. Changmin unwrapped the colorful paper on the book, opening it to a very detailed picture of a sexual position. "YAH!" he said loudly.
(12:13 AM) donghae:He burst out laughing, falling down onto his butt on the floor as he laid back, rolling around a bit. Kicking his feet, he held his stomache as he laughed loud and hard, ending up coughing and crying from it.
(12:15 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:"YUNHO HYUNG!" he shouted even louder, tossing the book onto Junsus bed in disgust. Yoochun cursed, picking Junsu up and lugging him into his room before Yunho saw them sitting there.
(12:16 AM) donghae:Groaning, Yunho picked himself up off his bed and walked out of the room, and into Changmin's and Junsu's. He rubbed his eyes, looking at the younger man. "Yes, Minnie?"
(12:17 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:He pointed to the book, his cheeks red. "Look what Junsu got me as a gift," he said, obviously still disgusted. Yoochun sat down on his bed, stifling his laugh into his hands.
(12:23 AM) donghae:He picked up the book and made a face, shaking his head slowly. "I'll deal with them." Taking the book, he walked into Yoochun's room, throwing the book onto the floor. "What the hell do you think you were doing, buying Changmin something like that? You know he can't even stand hearing dirty jokes, and there you go, buying him THAT? You go apologize to him, Junsu, he is disgusted with you right ..
.. now." He shook his head and left, leaving Junsu staring at him with a hurt look on his face.
(12:25 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:Yoochun stood, putting his hands on his hips. "He needs to chill he hell out, it was just a joke. Not like I wasn't going to take the book back from him. Besides, Junsu didn't buy it," he said, covering for the other man. "I did, and I would've given it to him too, but Junsu just wanted to tease him. He shouldn't be so disgusted with sex, it's only natural."
(12:31 AM) donghae:"Next time, put a background on his desktop, don't waste your time buying a book. That's like making a mess in Jaejoong's kitchen." Yunho shook his head and left the room, shutting the door to his own. Standing slowly, Junsu walked into Changmin's room with his head hung. "Changmin, I'm really sorry about the book. I thought since you watched those videos, you would laugh the book off. But I ...
(12:31 AM) donghae:.. was mistaken, and I apologize." He talked softly as he bowed and turned to leave the room.
(12:32 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:"Junsu hyung," Changmin spoke up, his voice sounding weak. "C'mere," he held out his finger, wiggling it to get him to move closer to him. Jaejoong by now was crying so hard anybody standing outside could probably hear him, and Yoochun did. He tapped Yunho on the shoulder and pointed to Jaejoongs room. "Is he ok?"
(12:35 AM) donghae:Looking up, Yunho stared at Jaejoong's door before walking over, knocking gently. "Jaejoong?" He walked in slowly, frowning as he heard him cry. Junsu walked over and sat down on the bed, but didn't look up from his lap. "If you want to hit me, you can. I deserve it."
(12:36 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:Jaejoong quickly lifted his head, his normally pale face rosy from crying. He snapped his laptop shut and hiccuped, moving it aside. "I'm ok," he said, his voice cracking. Changmin slowly sat up, taking Junsus hands. "Yoochun is right, I shouldn't be so revolted by sex. Maybe it's because I've never even had my first kiss that I'm.. scared of it or something."
(12:42 AM) donghae:He walked in and sat beside Jaejoong, taking his hand. "Jaejoong, if you need to talk..I'll listen. I'll always listen." Junsu looked at Changmin and tilted his head, pressing his lips together. "You haven't had your first kiss? But you're already out of your teenage years, that's not right."
(12:45 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:"I can't tell you, because it'll just hurt more," he said, wiping his eyes clear from the tears. "It's just something stupid I have to get over, because if I don't it's gonna eat me alive." Changmin nodded, blushing. He got out of bed and picked up the book, opening it again. "I'm afraid of sex," he said softly.
(12:56 AM) donghae:"I wish you didn't keep stuff from me, Jae.." He shook his head slowly, looking down at their hands and slipping off into a 'BooJae' moment. Junsu moved and licked his lips, smoothing out his shirt as he stepped up beside Changmin. "Hey, Minnie.." He put a hand on his upper back and moved, pressing his lips against the younger man's.
(12:58 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:Jaejoong looked up, biting his lip. "God," he said, sighing. "Jung Yunho, I've been in love with you for two years now. Yeah, I know. You're straight but I had to say it ok?" He bit his lip, then burst into tears again. "I wish you could love me back." Changmin pulled back in surprise, blinking a moment. "Ju... hyung?" he said, confused.
(1:01 AM) donghae:Frowning, Yunho looked at Jaejoong, giving his hand a soft squeeze. "I'm sorry..I don't like hurting you." Junsu blushed brightly and stepped back, looking down. "I, um..Sorry.. I just..I wanted to kiss you, your lips looked so inviting.."
(1:06 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:He blushed as well, pulling Junsu closer. "Can you.. try again?" he asked, nibbling on his bottom lip in a bit of a teasing way. Jaejoong fell apart in front of Yunho, crying and shaking. For some reason, deep down inside of hm, he wished Yunho would've realised he wasn't straight after all.
(1:11 AM) donghae:He nodded, licking his lips before leaning in slowly, pressing his lips to Changmin's once again. Putting his hands on the younger man's waist, he closed his eyes, relaxing. Yunho watched Jaejoong for a moment before moving and pulling him into his arms. He didn't say anything, he just held the man in his arms, his eyes closed as he rocked back and forth slowly.
(1:15 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:Jaejoong curled himself around Yunho and held onto him while he cried, his heart aching painfully in his chest. It felt like forever he wished the day he finally told Yunho would be a happy one, but it wasn't. He wasn't one to accpet rejection well. Changmin gently kissed Junsu back, confused as to where to place his hands so he put them on Junsus back, running them shly over the exposed skin.
(1:23 AM) donghae:Stroking Jaejoong's hair, Yunho held him close and sang a lullaby softly, tears coming to his eyes. Junsu smiled into the kiss, wrapping his arms more around Changmin as he slowly pulled from the kiss. "You know..Minnie..there's more than just sex.."
(1:26 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:"Yeah?" he said, tilting his head to the side. "I kinda know that but, the videos I downloaded weren't exactly.. straight porn." He turned deep scarlet. Jaejoong eventually calmed down, but his tears didn't stop falling. "I'm sorry, Yunnie," he said in a raspy voice.
(1:28 AM) donghae:Blushing, Junsu looked down and smiled, placing a hand on Changmin's chest. "Can I um..touch you?" He bit his lip, looking at the younger man. Yunho shook his head, rubbing Jaejoong's back. "Don't apologize for your heart's decision. There's nothing you can do about it."
(1:29 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:He wiped his eyes, but didn't move. "This isn't going to change things between us, is it?" he asked, sounding almost scared. Changmin bit his lip again, the redness of his cheeks moving to his ears as he nodded. "Ok," he said in a shy voice.
(1:31 AM) donghae:"No, I wouldn't let it. You're my best friend, Jae, this won't change anything." He shook his head again, hugging Jaejoong close. Junsu bit his lip as he slid his hand down Changmin's chest slowly, moving it into his pants. He looked at him while his hand moved further inside Changmin's boxers, not stopping until the other man's member was in his palm.
(1:38 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:Changmin gasped, his lips parting a bit as he moved his hips towards Junsus hand. "Hey!" came a loud voice, making him jump and pull himself away from Junsu. Yoochun stormed into the room, looking angry. "What the hell is going on?!" he exclaimed. Jaejoong slowly sat up, looking at Yunho. "Are you sure you're not gay or bi or at least curious? I mean if you wanted to use me as something to get you off I'd be ok with that!" he said quickly, his big eyes watching Yunho.
(1:43 AM) donghae:Turning around, Junsu looked at Yoochun, his eyes already starting to glass over. "Huh? Nothing.." He licked his lips, putting his hands over his crotch. Yunho looked at Jaejoong and shook his head. "I couldn't do that, I couldn't just use you like that. And to be honest..I haven't told anyone, but I am a little curious.." He looked down, as if he were ashamed. "But I kept it to myself and said...
.. I was straight, because I don't want to take my shirt off."
(1:45 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:Yoochun closed the door, locking it when the other two weren't looking. "Yeah, ok. That's why you were feeling up Changmin and got a boner, hm?" he said, tilting his head to the side. "Why didn't you ask me to join, I could've helped in this venture." Jaejoong wiped his eyes dry again with the back of his hand, taking a hold of Yunhos shirt and played with the hem of it. "I love your body, though. I like that it's not perfect." he looked down at his fingers. "If I kissed you, would that be ok?"
(1:50 AM) donghae:Junsu looked at  Yoochun and blinked a few times, staring at him for a moment. "Why did you get pissed off, if you want to join?" He looked from Yoochun to Changmin, then back to Yoochun. Yunho looked at Jaejoong and blushed slightly, shrugging a bit. "It would be okay, yeah.. I'm not too good of a kisser, but..I'll try.."
(1:51 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:Jaejoong smiled a little, a small blush creeping to his cheeks. "I'm not either, and I figured these big lips would get in the way of kissing anybody anyway," he laughed a bit to ease the tension. Yoochun shrugged, "I wasn't really angry, anyway," he approached Junsu, sitting down on the bed. "Do you wanna?"
(1:54 AM) donghae:Laughing softly, Yunho nodded and licked his lips nervously, clenching his fingers together. "So um..are you going to kiss me? Or should I kiss you?" Junsu shrugged, looking at Yoochun. "It's not up to me, it's up to Changmin. Ask him." He nodded, sitting down and taking Changmin's hand.
(1:56 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:"This is all coming at me so quickly," Changmin said, placing a hand to his chest. "I'm not sure how to answer, I mean... it's not like I haven't thought of you guys ... in .. that way," he said, turning almost as red as a tomato. Jaejoong nibbled on his bottom lip for a moment, then sat crosslegged across from Yunho. "I will," he said, looking at his friend before closing his eyes and leaning in, his lips coming in contact with Yunhos.
(2:03 AM) donghae:"You don't have to say anything, Minnie. We'll let you think about it and you can come to us when you're ready." He nodded and smiled up at Changmin, tilting his head to the side. Yunho looked at Jaejoong just as the other man leaned in, and let a soft sound escape his throat. He was about to pull away when he felt the softness of Jaejoong's lips, his eyes closing as he pressed his lips back.
(2:05 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:Jaejoong made a small sound of content when his lips finally started to move against Yunhos and he reached forward, balancing himself by holding onto Yunhos legs while he kissed him slowly. Changmin nodded, running a hand through his thick hair. "I'll think about it, I will." he nodded, smiling at Junsu. Yoochun got up, taking Junsus hand. "Lets leave him be for a bit, Su," he suggested, tugging on the mans arm.
(2:12 AM) donghae:Yunho slipped his arms around Jaejoong a little while into the kiss, slowly pulling him closer as he got more into the kiss. He sighed against Jaejoong's lips, stroking his back slowly. Nodding, Junsu smiled at Changmin and waved a bit, standing up. He left the room and went to his own, flopping down on the bed. "Poor kid."
(2:15 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:"Poor kid?" Yoochun asked, sitting down on the bed with Junsu. "How so?" Jaejoong pulled back slightly and bit Yunhos bottom lip, tugging on it before sucking on it. He thought about doing that many times while watching Yunho talk, that plump bottom lip just teasing him. He eventually worked his legs around Yunhos waist, kissing him again.
(2:20 AM) donghae:"He's never been kissed, until tonight. He's never been touched, until tonight..kind of." He sighed, shrugging and rolled onto his stomache. "He's innocent." Yunho held onto Jaejoong's waist as he kissed him deeper, sliding his tongue into his mouth as well. He probably couldn't explain it, but he justed wanted to taste Jaejoong's kisses.
(2:23 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:Jaejoong moaned softly, pressing his body against Yunhos as close as he could. He wanted so badly to be close to him that his whole body tingled whenever he touched him or kissed him. He yanked on the hem of Yunhos shirt, his hips slowly rocking while he teased Yunhos tongue with his own. Yoochun laughed a bit, patting Junsus butt. "Touched by someone else, no. We need to taint dear little Changmin, it's great just us two being the perverts but I want a fresh face in our little club."
(2:27 AM) donghae:Meeting Jaejoong's hips with his own, he groaned loudly at the feeling, feeling himself get hard inside his jeans. He moved his lips and pressed them to Jaejoong's neck, sliding his tongue along the skin. Junsu laughed and wiggled his butt, turning over and looking at Yoochun. "I'm gonna go to sleep, Chunnie. Goodnight." He moved and climbed under the covers, yawning.
(2:29 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:"Yunnie," he gasped, tilting his head to the side to expose more of his throat to him, his fingers digging into Yunhos back as he moved his hips again. Yoochun nodded and undressed, climbing under the covers as well. He was out almost instantly, snoring as soon as his head hit the pillow.
(2:33 AM) donghae:"Grind harder, it feels so good.." He blushed brightly as he said this, but the feeling was just too much to not want more. Watching Yoochun for a moment, Junsu tried to sleep, but he kept feeling Changmin on his hand. He bit his lip and slid out of bed, walking slowly into Changmin's room.
(2:34 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:Changmin was laying on his side, a book about Japanese tourist sights open beside him. His eyes were half closed like he was about to fall asleep. He didn't hear Junsu come in since he was listening to music on his ipod. Jaejoong did was requested, grabbing a hold of Yunhos sides as he ground his hips harder. "Oohh, Yunho," he moaned, perhaps a bit too loud but it felt really good.
(2:38 AM) donghae:Junsu closed the door and walked over to Changmin, tapping his shoulder lightly. "Changmin-ah.." He bit his lip, kneeling down so he was level with the younger man. Grinding back against Jaejoong, Yunho sucked his neck as he moaned against it, shifting a few times to find the point where they got the most friction.
(2:41 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:He jumped, blinking a few times as he removed the earbuds from his ears. "Hyung?" he asked, puzzled for a moment. "Did Yoochun get boring or something?" he joked. Jaejoongs fingernails dug into Yunhos sides as he felt him sucking at his neck, mumbling quietly until Yunho found a spot there the friction almost made him drool. "Aish," he said, grunting. "Yunnie-ah, touch me."
(2:45 AM) donghae:He laughed softly, shaking his head a bit. "No, I just.. I wanted to.. finish what we started earlier." Yunho wasted no time in sliding his hand into Jaejoong's pants, still sucking his neck as he felt the other man's member. Once he actually felt what he was doing, he slowly pulled away from Jaejoong's neck, licking his lips and slowly stroking his friend's manhood.
(2:48 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:Jaejoong let his head roll back and moaned low in his throat, his fingers curling and uncurling around Yunhos shirt. By now he was panting, not just from kissing but from Yunho touching him as well. Changmin pursed his lips, rising himself up on his elbows. "You've only been gone like.. thirty minutes, hyung." he said with a giggle.
(2:54 AM) donghae:Keeping his strokes slow, Yunho leaned back in to Jae's neck, resuming his sucking so he could leave a hickey. Junsu nodded slowly and swallowed hard, shrugging. "I know, but I..I want to touch you before anyone else has the chance to.."
(2:56 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:He started to mumble nonsense, his hands sliding up and down Yunhos back roughly, eventually unable to sit up anymore and leaned against him, breathing in his ear. Changmin crinkled his brow, closing his book. "I don't know, Su. I mean, thirty minutes really isn't much of a time to think about this. I went from never being kissed to being invited to do sexual things with you and Yoochun in a matter of seconds. It's all strange."
(3:02 AM) donghae:"You're right, you should think more." Junsu nodded and stood up, tugging his shirt. "It felt longer to me, I'm sorry. I'll be in my room." He nodded and left the room, rubbing himself through his jeans with a whimper. Yunho shivered and held Jaejoong close, moaning into his ear as he grinded against him harder. He eventually couldn't hold it any longer and came in his jeans while moaning ...
.. Jaejoong's name.
(3:05 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:"Wait!" Changmin called, getting off the bed and reaching for Junsu. He tugged him into the room, biting his lip. "I want to, I do, I'm just.. I've never done anything like this so I'm nervous." Jaejoong felt Yunho shudder and moan his name, and that was all he needed to fuel his fantasies for a month. His hips twitched and he threw his head back, the hickey Yunho had created starting to form on his pale skin, moaning deeply while he came into Yunhos hand.
(3:09 AM) donghae:He looked at Changmin and nodded, biting his lip as he walked into the room. "Neither have I, just to myself.. But I'm willing to try new things." Groaning, Yunho stopped his hand moving and licked his lips, pulling his hand out and looking at it. He licked it clean and blushed as he swallowed Jaejoong's come, looking at him.
(3:11 AM) CAPTAIN TURDFACE:Jaejoongs eyes fluttered open in time to catch Yunho cleaning his come off of his hand and groaned, nearly going cross eyed. "Thats so hot," he mumbled, leaning in to kiss him. He could taste himself on Yunhos tongue and it almost turned him on all over again. Changmin took Junsus hand, closing the door behind him when he was inside. "Do.. you want me to undress?" he asked.

Session Start: May 24, 2007

(2:19 AM) melissa brush yo:Heechul bit his lip, squeezing Yunhos hand. "Sorry, I've been kinda stressed lately. I didn't mean to snap," he turned around, taking the smoke from Yunho and took a long drag. "So, do you still feel scared about the whole Jaejoong matter?"
(2:24 AM) junsu:He shrugged and looked at Heechul, smiling a bit. "I talked to him about it, he said he will be here for me when I need him. It lightened the darkness that was in my mind. It made me feel better, because I know he will be here for me no matter what."
(2:27 AM) melissa brush yo:"Ah, good," he smiled and wrapped his arm around Yunho. "You two are adorable, I think. I've said this numerous times but mostly to see Jaejoong get all flustered about it." He laughed at the memories.
(2:32 AM) junsu:Laughing, he nodded and stroked Heechul's back, sighing as he closed his eyes. "You two have been my best friends for so long, I couldn't make it in this world without either of you."
(2:37 AM) melissa brush yo:He reached between them and tilted Yunhos head up, bringing his lips down for a kiss. It was nothing, he always kissed Yunho because he loved him - not in the way Jaejoong did, but almost. There was a sudden banging on the balcony doors and Heechul jumped back to see a very angry looking Jaejoong cursing at him on the other side of the door.
(2:40 AM) junsu:Yunho jumped and looked at the doors, sighing gently and muttering. "Stay here." He let go of Heechul and walked to the doors, opening them and sliding them shut before Jaejoong could get through. Taking Jaejoong's hand, he pulled him to his room and shut the door, looking at him. "Calm down."
(2:41 AM) melissa brush yo:He sat down on the edge of the bed and crossed his arms, his face dark. "I don't like you two kissing, I know that's how he shows affection but it makes me angry." he grumbled, picking at the holes in his pants, ripping one bigger.
(2:44 AM) junsu:"I can't just stop being one way with my best friend just because I'm starting to be with you." He sat on the bed and put his arm around Jaejoong, rubbing the small of his back. "You know how I feel about you and how I love Heechul. It's different."
(2:54 AM) melissa brush yo:He relaxed instantly when he felt Yunho rubbing the small of his back, slumping against him. "I know, I'm just being stupid and jealous and... well stupid," he said in a soft voice, closing his eyes and nuzzling up against him. "I love it when you do that."
(2:58 AM) junsu:He smiled and kept rubbing Jaejoong's back. "It's okay, I would probably overreact too if I were in your position. But look, you lay down and I'm going to go back out to the balcony. I left him all alone out there, so.."
(3:01 AM) melissa brush yo:"Ok," he said, pouting a bit as he pulled away from Yunho and pulled off his shirt, tossing it aside. He started to work on his pants, tilting his head and slipping off into BooJae world.
(3:04 AM) junsu:Nodding, he smiled and stood up, walking out of the room slowly and closing the door behind him. He walked out to the balcony, closing that door as well with a sigh.
(3:05 AM) melissa brush yo:Heechul looked up from the city, turning to look over his shoulder. "What happened? Is he ok?" he asked, turning around completely and leaning back against the railing.
(3:09 AM) junsu:"Yeah, he's fine. I don't know why it's bothering him now if he's liked me for so long. Maybe it's not that I know." He shook his head and shrugged, leaning against the railing. "It scares me a little that he's already so jealous like this."
(3:12 AM) melissa brush yo:He shrugged, taking Yunhos hand and pulling him close. "Maybe it was something that just hit him at the moment. He is half woman, maybe he's on his period?" he joked, grinning.
(3:16 AM) junsu:He laughed and laid his head on Heechul's shoulder, shaking it slowly. "You did kiss me a little more intimately this time, though. We might have to watch just how open our mouths are."
(3:18 AM) melissa brush yo:"I like to show the people I love how much I love them," he said, reaching up to thread his fingers into the other mans hair. "But I won't kiss you like that anymore, unless I know Jaejoong isn't hovering over us."
(3:23 AM) junsu:"It's getting late, we should probably get to sleep." He nodded and looked at Heechul, smiling as he tucked the man's hair behind his ear. "You'll be staying in the guest room, it's got a big bed. You can spread your leg out."
(3:24 AM) melissa brush yo:He nodded, giving him a big hug and patted him on the back. "We can talk more in the morning about what's bothering you and I can try to help you somehow. I went through the same thing when I first hooked up with Shiwon." He opened the door and stepped into the apartment.
(3:33 AM) junsu:Nodding, he smiled and walked in with him, locking the balcony door before following Heechul to the guest room. "It's really comfortable in here, I sleep in this bed sometimes when my back is bothering me." He nodded and went over to the bed, pulling the covers back.
(3:34 AM) melissa brush yo:Heechul dug through is suitcase for a shirt of Shiwons he theifed before he left and pulled it on once he undressed, tugging on the collar to sniff it. "Mm, smells like Wonnie," he said softly.
(3:38 AM) junsu:"Why don't you call him so you can hear his voice before you go to sleep?" He fluffed the pillows and looked at Heechul, smiling as he ran a hand through his hair. "As long as you don't have phone sex." He winked, heading out the door.
(3:39 AM) melissa brush yo:He shook his head, crawling under the covers once he had pajama bottoms on. "He's probably asleep, I don't want to bother him. I'll call him in the morning, though. I sent him a text when I landed to let him know things are ok." He pulled the blankets back up and yawned. "Go back to your boyfriend."
(3:43 AM) junsu:"Sleep well, Heechul. And as late as you want, you are on vacation." He smiled and nodded, pulling the door closed as he left. Walking through the apartment, he flicked off any appliances and lights before going into his room. "Jaejoong-ah?"
(3:44 AM) melissa brush yo:Jaejoong was laying on the bed on his stomach, the schedule open in front of him. He was chewing on the end of his pen and didn't hear Yunho come in while he filled in bits of information about tomorrow.
(3:45 AM) junsu:He changed into his pajamas and gently got on the bed, getting under the covers. "Jaejoong-ah," Reaching over, he put his hand on the other man's wrist, smiling. "Let's go to bed."
(3:46 AM) melissa brush yo:He looked over at him, his hair falling into his eyes. "I'm not really tired," he said, looking back at the book for a moment before closing it and stuffing the pen inside it. "But if you want, I can go to bed."
(3:48 AM) junsu:Shaking his head, he smiled and moved bambi aside. "No, I'll stay up with you. We can watch a movie, if you want." He nodded and sat up more, running a hand through his hair.
(3:49 AM) melissa brush yo:"If you're tired you can go to bed, Yunnie. I can read or something. You look tired," he slid under the covers and wrapped his arms around him. "I wanted to apologise to you about earlier, something inside me just snapped and I got mad. I know you and Heechul are really close, I mean you knew him before me."
(3:59 AM) junsu:"I want to stay up with you and keep you company." He wrapped his arm around Jaejoong and rubbed his shoulder, looking up at the ceiling. "You don't have to apologize, really. It's understandable, how you reacted."
(4:01 AM) melissa brush yo:He nuzzled his face into Yunhos neck, pressing kisses here and there as he sighed. "I just don't want to come off as possessive and jealous, because that would break us up and ... I love you."
(4:07 AM) junsu:He nodded and held Jaejoong close, kissing his forehead. "You won't, because you know that I'm not going anywhere. I'm not the type to have wandering eyes, Jaejoongie."
(4:17 AM) melissa brush yo:He hummed, still kissing Yunhos neck before starting to suck a little. "Mm, I love how your skin tastes," he purred, his voice a bit rough. He pressed his body up against Yunhos hip while he started to suck on his neck again.
(4:21 AM) junsu:Closing his eyes, he rubbed Jaejoong's back, biting his lip. "Joongie.." He knew he wouldn't be able to stop him, so he moved his hand down to the other man's lower back, gently kneeding the small of his back with his fist.
(4:22 AM) melissa brush yo:Jaejoong melted like butter and removed his lips, purring almost like a cat as he curled back against Yunhos hand, his body going completely limp.
(4:24 AM) junsu:He kept doing this as he spoke. "We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow, Joongie. Please get some rest." Nodding, he kissed Jaejoong's forhead, slowly removing his hand.
(4:25 AM) melissa brush yo:His eyes fluttered open when Yunhos fist was removed and he looked at him innocently for a moment, then nodded. "Ok, I am kinda sleepy now that you mention it," he covered his mouth as he yawned.
(4:27 AM) junsu:"Do you want a back massage so you wake up refreshed?" He smiled, stroking Jaejoong's hair as he got comfortable on the bed. Moving his arm from around him, he turned on his side.
(4:27 AM) melissa brush yo:He smiled, not covering his mouth although he had to stop himself from lifting his hand. "Really? Ok!" Rolling onto his stomach, he got comfortable after fluffing up his pillow.
(4:29 AM) junsu:Laughing softly, he sat up and stayed to the side of him, using his fists to give Jaejoong a back massage. He worked especially on his lower back, doing his best to help him sleep.
(4:30 AM) melissa brush yo:Jaejoong groaned and moaned happily, his fingers curling around the pillow as he relaxed under Yunhos massage. "That feels so good, Yunnie-ah," he gasped, closing his eyes. When he started working on his lower back, he was a puddle. Light snores could soon be heard as he'd fallen asleep.
(4:33 AM) junsu:He smiled and laid down beside Jaejoong, just watching him sleep in a non-stalkerish kind of way.

Session Start: May 25, 2007

(12:48 AM) i can has cheese:The nurse led a slender young man with long black hair into his room, talking to him softly to tell him the rules. The young man didn't really register he was listening, his eyes downcast. She handed him his suitcase which had been rummaged through numerous times for anything that he could use to harm himself. She stepped up next to Jaejoong, waiting for him to notice she was there. "Kim Jaejoong?" she spoke.
(12:51 AM) junsu:It took the blonde haired, pale skinned man a few moments to look up from his journal, setting his pen inside before shutting it. He nodded slowly, then noticed Yoochun standing beside the nurse. "Who's this?"
[shit, sorry]
(12:52 AM) junsu:Opening his journal, he looked back down and scribbled a few things, then closed the book back. He picked up a long gray sweater and pulled it on, holding it closed by crossing his arms over his chest.
(12:53 AM) i can has cheese:She smiled sweetly and stepped away from Yoochun. "This is Park Yoochun, he's your new room mate. I hope you will give him the tour and tell him the rules of this floor, as well as what his job will be." She bowed and left the room. Yoochun stood where he was, still staring at the floor.
(12:55 AM) junsu:"He's a resident now, RinHye, he doesn't have a job." He said quietly before the door was shut, tucking his journal under his pillow. Standing up, he tied his sweater and looked at Yoochun, tilting his head. "Since you don't want to look up, you can lay down. Lunch isn't for a while now, then you can meet everyone."
(12:57 AM) i can has cheese:He finally lifted his head, nodding and taking his luggage to his side of the room. He started unpacking, placing a photograph of his mother and brother on the table between their beds, then his casual clothes as long as the three pairs of hospital outfits he was given. "So..." he finally spoke, his voice soft and deep. "Is it wrong to ask why you're here?"
(1:02 AM) junsu:He paused as he heard Yoochun's question, nodding slowly. "Yes. Yes, it is." Sitting back down on his bed, he took out his journal once again, scribbling furiously before putting it away. "You're too new here to know about me." He looked at Yoochun and stood up, sliding on his slippers before heading to the door. "We're allowed to go out into the courtyard. It's down the hall, through the doors."
(1:04 AM) i can has cheese:"Ok," he said, pulling on one of the sweaters he was given. It was a pale grey much like Jaejoongs, but not as worn out. Noticing this, Yoochun came to the conclusion that Jaejoong must've been here for awhile and that made him feel a bit sad. "Are you going to give me a tour?" he asked, slipping into his slippers as well. "Or do I stumble around blindly myself?"
(1:08 AM) junsu:"Come on." He left the room, the end of his long, custom made sweater whipping the door frame as he walked. With his arms crossed over his chest, he walked slower once he was a ways from the room, taking a few deep breaths at the thought of having to meet another new person. He cleared his throat and shook his head slowly, waiting for Yoochun.
(1:09 AM) i can has cheese:Yoochun stepped out of the room, his hands in the pocket of his sweater. "Oh, do they have a designated smoking area?" he asked, stepping up next to Jaejoong. "They let me have my smokes but, not my lighter of course. I might burn myself or something," he shrugged his shoulers.
(1:14 AM) junsu:Looking at Yoochun, he stayed about two feet away from him, nodding. "You go to your counceller when you want to smoke. They will go with you and light your cigarette. They watch you to make sure you don't burn yourself." He turned the corner, pointing to the office. "That's where you can find them. And there is where we watch tv." Pointing to the rec room, he continued walking.
(1:16 AM) i can has cheese:He nodded, listening to what the other man had to say. He noticed only one person in the tv room, a young looking boy with big expressive eyes who somehow had his long, frail figure curled up in a ball while he watched tv. "Who's that?" he asked, pointing to him as they headed to the left.
(1:19 AM)i can has cheeseburger? has changed his/her name to "i can has cheezeburger?"
(1:20 AM) junsu:"Shim Changmin. He doesn't talk much." He shook his head, walking down another hall and pointing to random rooms, giving a short description of what they were. When they got back to where they started, he looked at Yoochun. "That's it, basically."
(1:22 AM) i can has cheeze:When they returned to the tv room, Yoochun asked for a smoke and sat down across from the other boy, watching him. He looked like any slight movement would make him cry and hide. It made him somewhat uncomfortable, so he tried to stay very stiff while he smoked his cigarette, blowing the smoke out the window.
(1:30 AM) junsu:A loud, cute, big bummed man walked into the rec room, holding a stuffed soccer ball since he couldn't have a real one. He saw Yoochun and studied his face for a moment, walking over and sitting beside him. "You're new here. Hi, I'm Kim Junsu."
(1:38 AM) i can has cheeze:He turned his head, looking at the new person and smiled. "Park Yoochun," he said, offering his hand that wasn't holding his cigarette. "Soccer fan I see?" he nodded towards the ball. "I used to play soccer in high school."
(1:43 AM) junsu:"I love soccer. I never played on a real team but I love playing it." He nodded, shaking Yoochun's hand with a smile. "So who are you rooming with? They only let you room alone if you are a danger to others, and I know you aren't because you're in the rec room."
(1:46 AM) i can has cheeze:He took a puff off of his smoke, blowing it out the window. "Kim Jaejoong," he said, jumping when Changmin let out a sudden scream. A nurse came running over, putting her hands on him to get his attention. "Shit, kid." he mumbled, putting a hand to his chest as his heart beat wildly in his chest. The nurse ushered Changmin off when he started to cry and he turned to Junsu again. "What happend to that poor kid?"
(1:49 AM) junsu:Junsu looked over as Changmin was taken away, sighing. "No one really knows, actually. He doesn't tell anyone, the nurses aren't alowed to tell anything.. One day, I'll sneak into the file room and found out." Nodding, he looked at Yoochun as Jaejoong walked in the rec room with a friend of his.
(1:51 AM) i can has cheeze:"Whatever it was, it had to be pretty fucking twisted. I've never seen anybody that... fucked up before," he shook his head, his heart going out to him. "Sneak into the file room, eh? I know how to pick locks. We should do that. How about tonight?" he grinned at Junsu, looking up when Jaejoong came in. "Hey, what's up?" he said, stubbing out his smoke.
(1:56 AM) junsu:"Tonight's good." he grinned and tossed his fake soccer ball up, catching it. Jaejoong looked at Yoochun, his arm linked with his friend's. "Hello." He said politely, walking over to the other side of the room and sitting on the couch, talking quietly with his friend.
(1:58 AM) i can has cheeze:His friend looked even more frail than Changmin and had haunting eyes. Though, he still seemed quite gorgeous, almost as gorgeous as he thought Jaejoong was. "What do you know about those two?" he asked Junsu, watching them talk. It was the closest he'd seen Jaejoong sit next to someone, but then again he'd only been there a few hours.
(2:00 AM) junsu:Glancing over at them, Junsu turned to Yoochun, talking quietly. "They've been friends for as long as I know, but I've only been here for a while. They always sit together, they hardly associate with anyone else unless they have to, and neither of them attend group meetings." He shook his head, looking at Yoochun. "Kim Jaejoong and Kim Heechul are the most unknown residents here."
(2:03 AM) i can has cheeze:He turned around completely so neither could see what he was saying incase they could read lips and propped his head up with his hand, his elbow against the back of the sofa. "Seems like they've both been here awhile judging by the wear and tear of their clothes. I've only been in clinics for a year, this is my.. third place?" he scrunched his face up, shrugging. "First one I got kicked out of for beating up some guy, second my insurance ran out. This was the only place left that would take me with my record and no money."
(2:09 AM) junsu:"This is my first clinic, I've been here for about three months. I've still got a long time." He smiled sadly and leaned his head against the wall, shrugging. "Apparently drinking and driving is wrong." Jaejoong turned from looking at Yoochun, looking at Heechul. "And so he just flat out asks me why I'm here, like he knows me or something. I just met him, who does he think he is?"
(2:11 AM) i can has cheeze:Heechul scoffed, picking his fingers. "Some fuckers think they'll get an answer. Well sorry, but we're locked vaults and we ain't saying shit. The most I'd give him is the time of day, and that's if he gets down on his knees and kisses the ground I walk in," he winked. "No, seriously. Maybe it worked in the other clinics he was in, but it ain't working here. I'm getting a new room mate soon," he looked away from Jaejoong, a hurt expression on his face. "I miss Shiwon."
(2:16 AM) junsu:Putting his hand on Heechul's, Jaejoong scooted closer with a small smile. "He's finally better, Cinderella. And he said in his letter that he'd come visit you, and you know he will." He nodded, touching Heechul's cheek. "You will be out in the world with him soon, together."
(2:19 AM) i can has cheeze:He shook his head, not looking at Jaejoong while he spoke. "I won't be, Joongie. I'm too damaged, too much.. past. I don't even know why he loves me like he does. I don't know how he can," he bit his lip to distract himself from crying.
(2:24 AM) junsu:"He loves you for the same reason I love you. You are amazing, and he can see that exactly how I can." He nodded, leaning in and hugging Heechul gently. "I have faith in you that you will get well enough to live outside these walls. Shiwon will be here next week to visit you, his visits will help you get better."
(2:26 AM) i can has cheeze:He looked up, his sad eyes locked on Jaejoongs as he took his hands and squeezed them, rubbing his thumbs over them. "And you'll make it out of here, too, Joongie. I know you will. And when you do, you better come find me and we'll go out somewhere to just hang out... it'll be great."
(2:32 AM) junsu:He smiled sadly at Heechul, looking into his eyes. "Sometimes I'm not so sure about that. I'm not sure I want to leave, either. The outside world.." Sighing, he shook his head slowly, closing his eyes. "The people in my world are why I'm here. I can't go back, but I have no place to go when they release me."
(2:34 AM) i can has cheeze:"Not true," he said, shaking his head. He leaned in and nuzzled against Jaejoong, stroking his hands through the other mans hair. "You can come stay with me, I'll keep you safe. If anybody touches you or messes with you, then I'll fucking kill them. I mean it. I'd go to jail for you, Jaejoong." He pulled back, jumping when he saw Changmin standing beside them, just watching. "Hey, freak. Find another place to sit. I know this is your favourite but it's occupied."
(2:43 AM) junsu:Dongwook, one of the few male nurses around, came over and looked at Heechul. "Mister Kim." He just looked at Heechul with a kind look before turning to Changmin. "Come on, it's time for your medicine, Mister Shim." Jaejoong was staring at Dongwook with a silly grin on his face, zoning out as he twirled a bit of his short hair.
(2:45 AM) i can has cheeze:Changmin kept staring at them before he was taken for his medication and Heechul rolled his eyes. "You look cute when you do that," he said, nudging Jaejoong. "Got a thing for Dongwook, hm? Oh, did you see the new male nurse?" He got up on his knees, looking around until he found him being insturcted by Dongwook what to do. "There, his name is Yunho." He pointed to him, a slender man with a small, handsome face.
(2:49 AM) junsu:"Huh?" He looked around, his eyes landing on Yunho and he let out a small gasp. "Ohmygod..he's..gorgeous.." Junsu lost control of his plush ball and accidently kicked it over at Heechul, hitting his leg. He bit his lip and stood up, walking over to them. "I'm sorry, really sorry."
(2:51 AM) i can has cheeze:Heechul looked down at the stuffed ball and picked it up, looking it over. "You make this in arts and crafts, balloon butt?" he asked, tossing it back to him. "Cute," he winked, then turned around again to watch Yunho with Jaejoong. "I figure he dances in his free time, I mean look at the way his hips move even when he's just walking."
(2:55 AM) junsu:Junsu bowed and walked back over to Yoochun with a blush on his face. Staring at Yunho, Jaejoong nodded and looked over his body. "He's pretty built, but not as much as Dongwook. Even though he's ten times more gorgeous." He nodded, looking at Heechul. "Is it time for medicine?" Biting his lip, he grinned and hid his smile with his hand.
(2:58 AM) i can has cheeze:He was about to answer when Yunho walked over, bowing and holding a clipboard. "Hello, I'm Yunho. I'm new here so I thought I'd come over and introduce myself," he looked at everybody and smiled. His eyes lingeredon Jaejoong for a moment before he tore them away. "It's time for your medication so if you could line up over there, I'll hand them out. Thank you." He bowed again and walked off. Heechul made a grunt noise as he stared at Yunhos ass. "That, is a nice ass."
(3:02 AM) junsu:He blushed more and pulled the hood of his sweater over his head, being really one of the only ones that had a long, sweeping hooded sweater. "I know, it's perfect." Linking arms with Heechul, he walked over and lined up first, Junsu pulling Yoochun along and holding his soccer ball under his arm. "So you can sit with me at lunch if you want."
(3:04 AM) i can has cheeze:"That'd be cool, because I get the feeling my roomie doesn't like me too much," he said with a smile, pulling the sleeves of his shirt down to cover the long scars littered across his arm. He stood in line behind him as other men came out and waited. Yunho looked up from his charts, smiling when he saw Jaejoong. "Hello, Kim Jaejoong?" he said, looking at him and then handed him two paper cups, one with water the other with pills.
(3:07 AM) junsu:Jaejoong smiled and nodded, taking the pills and swallowing them with the water. He smiled when he handed Yunho the cups, not removing his arm from Heechul's. "Yeah, you'll feel like that for a while. He might not talk to you, but he could suprise you and strike up a random conversation. You never know with Jaejoong." Junsu shook his head slowly, looking around until he saw Changmin, just watching
him for a moment.
(3:10 AM) i can has cheeze:Late that night, Yoochun snuck out of his room with the hair pins in his pocket that he found on top of Jaejoongs dresser. He met Junsu where the other told him and smiled when he saw him, waving. "Hey," he whispered, patting him on the arm. He glanced at the couch in the tv room to see Changmin sitting there still, where he'd been all day. "Does he ever sleep?" he asked as they walked away from the tv room.
(3:15 AM) junsu:"Not that I know of," he whispered, walking with Yoochun quietly to the office. Looking at the other man, he motioned to the door and kept lookout. La la la. Once they were in the office, he closed the door and went to the M-Z file, finding Changmin's file. "Here, you read it. I didn't bring my reading glasses." he shook his head, handing the file to Yoochun.
(3:17 AM) i can has cheeze:He rifled through the folder, opening it. "Dang," he said, biting his lip. "Says here he was abused by his father up until he came here two years ago. He was raped in high school, his mother passed away before he came here," he flipped through the pages, sighing. "He's been molested... damn, this kid is damaged."
(3:20 AM) junsu:Frowning deeply, Junsu took the file and put it away. "No wonder he's so messed up. Jaejoong has been here almost four years, I read his file once when I first got here." He nodded, finding the file and handing it to Yoochun. "He's tried to kill himself a few times, and for some reason he just doesn't get better."
(3:23 AM) i can has cheeze:He flipped through a few more pages, nodding. "Seems as though Changmins done it too, here a few times as well. This is what one says. 'Shim somehow managed to get a hold of a knife and proceeded to cut his arms and legs. Some were superficial wounds, but others were deep enough that they required stitches and will leave perminate scarring.'" Yoochun closed the file, handing it back to Junsu. "My heart goes out to him."
(3:29 AM) junsu:"I'm going to try and talk to him. Maybe make him something in arts and crafts." He nodded, putting everything away and turning to Yoochun. "We should probably go, they do rounds soon." Walking back to the door, he left and pulled it shut after Yoochun walked through. "I'll see you tomorrow." He smiled and made his way to the rec room, walking slowly over to Changmin. "Hi.."
(3:30 AM) i can has cheeze:He nodded and waved, leaving Junsu as he headed back to his room. Changmin didn't look up, but he was awake, staring blankly at the tv in front of him that wasn't on. He was sitting in with his legs crossed instead of in a ball, seemingly more relaxed now that everybody was in bed.
(3:32 AM) junsu:Jaejoong was awake when Yoochun returned, looking quite upset. "I could turn you in for taking my things." Biting his lip, Junsu sat down off to the side but in front of Changmin, watching him. "My name's Junsu." He smiled politely, nodding.
(3:34 AM) i can has cheeze:He handed back his hair pins, wondering why the other man looked so upset when he clearly had a wack of them littered across his dresser. "It's just hair pins, Jaejoong. You have them back." He sat down on his bed, removing his slippers as he laid down on the made sheets. Changmin turned his head a little, but didn't look at Junsu. He lifted a hand in what looked like a wave.
(3:37 AM) junsu:"You should have asked first, I don't like people touching my things." He looked as if he could cry, going from angry to hurt in just a few seconds. Shaking his head, he walked back to his bed and laid down, covering himself up. Junsu smiled more and waved back. "I want to make you something in arts and crafts, but I don't know your favorite color."
(3:39 AM) i can has cheeze:Yoochun looked over at him, sighing. "I'm sorry, I won't touch them without asking next time. I just didn't think it would matter." Changmin dropped his hand and the corner of his lips twitched. "I like blue," he spoke, his voice soft for misuse.
(3:41 AM) junsu:He nodded, wiping his eyes. "It's fine, just remember next time you want to borrow something." Nodding, Junsu clasped his hands in his lap. "Blue is my favorite color also. That's why I'm so happy my sheets were blue when I arrived." He giggled, grinning as he nodded.
(3:42 AM) i can has cheeze:Changmin broke out into a smile, but still didn't look at Junsu. "I saw you sneak into the file room," he said, wiggling a finger at Junsu. "You're bad." He grinned again.
(3:44 AM) junsu:"I needed to know something, so I found out." He smiled, hugging his knees and watching Changmin. "Do you have another favorite color besides blue? That way if I want to make something that needs more than one color, I'll know what to put."
(3:45 AM) i can has cheeze:His eyes flickered over to Junsu for a moment and he started to rock back and forth. "Please tell me you didn't read my file, please?" he started saying please over and over again, looking as if he could cry.
(3:46 AM) junsu:Frowning deeply, he shook his head and put his hands on the floor. "I didn't read your file." Technically, he wasn't lying. He shook his head again, inching closer. "Please calm down, Changmin."
(3:47 AM) i can has cheeze:He slowly stopped rocking, lifting a hand to wipe his eyes as a few tears leaked out. "Ok, ok," he said, nodding and sniffing. "I like green. Green is nice. Why are you talking to me?"
(3:49 AM) junsu:"You're always alone, and I saw you sitting here so..I decided to come talk to you." He nodded, smiling slightly. "If you want me to go, I will..I just thought someone as young as you shouldn't be alone."
(3:51 AM) i can has cheeze:He finally looked at Junsu, just staring at him with so many emotions going on behind his eyes. "I do not like it when that one boy calls me a freak and takes my spot. I like this spot."
(3:53 AM) junsu:Sighing softly, he nodded and leaned against the wall. "Heechul is an asshole, you just have to learn to ignore him. Or I'll stop him next time he says something to you."
(3:54 AM) i can has cheeze:A flicker of sadness appeared in his eyes, but he didn't look away. "You shouldn't do that, I deserve it even if I don't like it. I am a freak. But here I am accepted and I am safe."
(3:56 AM) junsu:He frowned, choosing not to saying anything, and instead changed the subject. "Hey, we get chocolate cake tomorrow, since it's Friday. Do you like chocolate cake?"
(3:57 AM) i can has cheeze:"Yeah," he said softly, nodding a bit. "Do you make things like your soccer ball? I like that. It's neat. Can you make me something?" The more Junsu paid attention to him, the more he spoke and felt safe in front of him.
(4:01 AM) junsu:"Yeah! I made the soccer ball about two weeks ago, my counceller sat with me and watched me with the needle." he nodded, holding the soccer ball up. "I could make you a star pillow, I get softer fabric next time."
(4:02 AM) i can has cheeze:He smiled and got up from the couch, sitting down across from Junsu so close their knees touched. "I like you, you are so nice to people. And your laugh is very fun. You are so happy. Why are you here?"
(4:03 AM) junsu:He blushed and smiled, looking at Changmin. "I'm here because I drank and drove a few times. I guess you could say..I have a problem with alcohol and glass."
(4:05 AM) i can has cheeze:"Ooh," he reached forward and hovered his hand over Junsus knee before pulling it back as if he was going to touch him to comfort him. "I ask a lot of questions, I'm sorry. Ask me something."
(4:08 AM) junsu:"No, it's okay. I'm glad you're talking." He smiled placing the soccer ball in Changmin's lap, tapping his chin. "Do you like sports?" Grinning brightly, he tilted his head.
(4:09 AM) i can has cheeze:He shook his head, picking up the soccer ball and rubbing it against his face like it was a kitten. "I don't hate them,but I don't like them either. Do you have a room mate?"
(4:11 AM) junsu:Shaking his head, Junsu leaned against the wall and watched Changmin. "I haven't gotten a room mate yet, I'm not really sure why. Do you have a room mate?"
(4:15 AM) i can has cheeze:He shook his head, handing him his soccer ball back. "I'm not safe to have room mates. To be honest, this is the closest I've been to a person in two years."
(4:16 AM) junsu:He nodded slowly, tossing the plush ball up and catching it. "I would really like a room mate, it gets lonely when I can't sleep at night. That happens a lot, too."
(4:22 AM) i can has cheeze:"I want a room mate too, but my therapist says I need to be more social and trust people before I do that. So... that and well, I've been self mutilating again," he looked down at his fingers. "I'll probably get moved to another ward soon but.. "
(4:25 AM) junsu:Frowning deeply, Junsu put his hand on Changmin's arm gently without really thinking. "But then I wouldn't be able to make you things or talk to you like this late at night.. I really don't want that to happen.."
(4:27 AM) i can has cheeze:He flinched, pulling away and moving back. "Don't touch me," he said, putting a hand where Junsu had touched him. He was quiet for a few moments, slowly relaxing again. "I'm sorry, I just don't like being touched."
(4:29 AM) junsu:"I..I'm sorry..I don't always think.." He shook his head and looked down, wrapping his arms around himself. "I just.. You're finally opening up, and I feel like I had something to do with that. I want to help you get better.."
(4:31 AM) i can has cheeze:He looked around before moving closer to Junsu again. He slowly reached out and held his hand over the other mans head before finally placing it there gently. "I'm sorry," he said softly, letting his fingers thread into the hair.
(4:34 AM) junsu:He looked at Changmin, slowly relaxing. "Sorry about what? I'm the one who shouldn't have touched you, it was wrong.. It's one of the rules and I broke it for the first time."
(4:35 AM) i can has cheeze:He removed his hand and suddenly leaned forward, wrapping his arms around Junsu and hugging him. It wasn't very tight, it was rather limp and loose, but it was a hug none the less.
(4:38 AM) junsu:Blinking, he slowly wrapped his arms around Changmin, keeping them loose so he didn't scare him again. He felt bad deep down for getting Yoochun to read Min's file, but now he would know to be more cautious around him."
(4:41 AM) i can has cheeze:"Nobody has ever really shown actual care for me like this," he said softly, pulling back. "Maybe if my therapist sees me being social with you, she'll let us get a room together?"
(4:43 AM) junsu:He suddenly smiled, nodding as he looked at Changmin. "That might work, if she saw you looking happier and getting out of the chair." Smiling more, he put his fists to his cheeks. "Then we would both be happy."
(4:44 AM) i can has cheeze:He suddenly started laughing. It was loud and boisterious, making his whole body shake. His eyes were mismatched which looked quite adorable. He covered his mouth with his hands to muffle his laughter, his shoulders bobbing
(4:45 AM) junsu:Listening to Changmin laugh made Junsu laugh, his loud raspy laugh. He leaned against the wall again, putting a hand on his stomache. Finally, after a few minutes, he stopped and looked at Changmin, laughing softly and wiping his eyes. "You have a cute laugh."
(4:46 AM) i can has cheeze:He blushed and removed his hands, suddenly breaking out into a yawn. "I'm sleepy," he said to nobody in perticular, his body getting droopy. "I think I'm going to go to bed. It was nice talking to you, Junsu. Thank you."
(4:47 AM) junsu:He nodded and smiled, standing up. "Hopefully you will feel like talking tomorrow." Biting his lip, he put his hand behind his neck. "Mind if I..walk you to your room?"
(4:48 AM) i can has cheeze:He stood, stretching out his long, thin body and shook his head. "I don't mind at all. I'm pretty close to the tv room actually." He smiled at Junsu and started for his room.
(4:49 AM) junsu:Smiling, he walked with him, sliding his hands into his sweater pockets. "I hope your therapist gets to see you like this, she would be proud of you for being able to actually smile."
(4:52 AM) i can has cheeze:He opened the door to his room which was decorated nearly floor to ceiling with pictures he'd taken himself in the courtyard of flowers, storm clowds, rainbows, rainy days, sunsets etc. He pulled back the blankets on his bed, sliding under the blankets. "It's really hard to talk to her about my past, and she doesn't know I've been hurting myself again. So I'm scared."
(4:54 AM) junsu:He walked into the room and looked around, then at Changmin. "Maybe you could stop.. I mean, I've hurt myself a lot, and I feel the pain whenever I look at my arms. I don't want you to get transferred, that wouldn't be very fun for me.." Shaking his head, he frowned a bit. "Goodnight, Changmin. I'll see you tomorrow."
(4:55 AM) i can has cheeze:He nodded and curled up in the fetal position, hugging his body pillow as he closed his eyes and fell asleep, a small smile on his face.
(4:55 AM) junsu:He left when Changmin was asleep, smiling and going back to his own room.

Session Start: May 26, 2007

(12:36 AM) forrest gump:The next morning, Changmin ate his breakfast in his room like usual and left to go to the tv room. His spot was taken and it made him anxious so he paced about, hoping Junsu would show up. When he didn't, he started to panic. He approached Jaejoong in hopes that he'd know, hopping from foot to foot. "You see Junsu?" he said, not caring if it was the first time the other man had heard him speak.
(12:42 AM) junsu:Jaejoong looked up at Changmin from sipping his juice box and reading a book, frowning and shaking his head slowly. "No, I'm sorry.. But he has arts and crafts today, you might want to check in that room." Giving a friendly smile, he went back to reading his book as Dongwook came over with his clipboard. "Changmin, you're talking to other residents! That's good, very good." He nodded and smiled.
(12:43 AM) forrest gump:He looked at Dongwook for a moment then looked away, storming towards the rooms and opening the doors. "Junsu?" he called as he opened the doors. Sometimes he was yelled at, other times things thrown at him. He came back a few moments letter, shaking and tears streaming down his face. "JUNSU?!" he exclaimed, shaking so hard he could barely stand still.
(12:48 AM) junsu:Frowning, Dongwook spoke to another nurse when he heard Changmin calling for Junsu, then went over to the upset man. "Changmin, calm down. Junsu is in isolation, but I sent a nurse to get him out for you. You just have to calm down." A few minutes later, Junsu came in with his arms wrapped around himself, a placid look on his face.
(12:52 AM) forrest gump:He looked at Junsu and approached him, opening his arms to hug him but was afraid to. "Why," he sniffled, whimpering like a little boy who'd been yelled at by his parents. He was still shaking, which worried Yunho. It was his first time working at such a place and he wanted to help, but he didn't know what to do.
(12:54 AM) junsu:"I got caught walking to my room after hours." His voice was soft as he spoke, moving closer to Changmin, slowly putting his arms down. "I'm sorry I'm late." Not looking up at the other man, he sniffled as well, shaking his head a bit. "They told me you were upset, and I wanted to run to you but my body wouldn't let me."
(12:56 AM) forrest gump:Changmins bottom lip trembled as he suddenly reached out again and hugged Junsu as if his life depended on the other man. "It's my fault you got in trouble, I'm sorry Junsu. Please forgive me!" Yunho approached the two, accidentally touching Changmin. The younger man tore away from Junsu and tackled Yunho to the ground, screaming at him to leave him alone.
(12:59 AM) junsu:He started to say something as he hugged Changmin, but gasped and watched him tackle Yunho. "Minnie! No!" Kneeling down, he gently put his hands on his back, tugging him away and wrapping his arms around him quickly. "Changmin, I've got you. I've got you, I won't let them hurt you!" Dongwook rushed over ready to give Changmin a sedative, but waited to see his reaction to Junsu.
(1:07 AM) forrest gump:He fought a little bit before calming down, heaving his breath in and out of him as he tried to relax. Something about the way Junsu was holding him was calming and it helped a lot. Yunho pulled himself to his feet, biting his lip. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that. I just... I don't know... and.." he stuttered over his words, trying to explain to Dongwook what happened.
(1:13 AM) junsu:Looking at Yunho, Dongwook took his arm and walked him out into the hall. "I thought the other nurses would have told you for sure, but.. Changmin is one of our most difficult residents. You can't touch him unless he touches you first. Read his file, alright? You'll understand. Keep a watch on the room, please. I need to talk to the head doctor." He nodded and walked down the hall. Junsu rocked...
(1:13 AM) junsu:.. back and forth slowly, singing quietly into Changmin's ear as he held him close, closing his eyes.
(1:16 AM) forrest gump:Yunho sighed, leaning against the wall and rubbing his temples. When he looked up, Yoochun was standing in front of him holding a smoke. "Mind lighting this?" he asked, thrusting it forward. He was in a bad mood and didn't want to hear any bullshit. Yunho chewed on his lip, he didn't have a lighter. "Um, I'm sorry but I don't have a lighter on me. You'll have to wa--" Yoochun's face darkened and he flicked the cigarette at Yunho, getting him in the cheek. "Mother fuckers, don't you think you control ENOUGH of my life?!" he shouted.
(1:19 AM) junsu:Since Jaejoong had shown good behavior lately, he was allowed to carry a lighter a short distance. He got one from the nurse and walked over to Yunho and Yoochun, flicking the lighter and holding it up to Yoochun. "Need a light?" His voice wasn't the usual soft tone he used before, but instead was a dark, defensive tone.
(1:20 AM) forrest gump:He turned to face Jaejoong, bending down to pick up his smoke. He lit it and stormed off to sit where he was yesterday, resting his chin on his legs while he stared out the window. Yunho let out a relieved sigh, smiling at Jaejoong sadly. "Thanks, I appriciate that."
(1:24 AM) junsu:Jaejoong turned to Yunho, handing him the lighter while the nurse was still watching. "You have to toughen up if you want to make it here, Yunho. The residents may be insane or a little crazy, but they will test you until you break. Especially if they see you sweat." He reached up and wiped Yunho's forhead, smirking as he walked back to his spot.
(1:26 AM) forrest gump:Heechul was sitting in a chair, fidgeting nervously, his foot bouncing as he tried to sit still. "Joongie," he said to the other man when he sat down, his fingernails digging into the wooden arms of the chair he was sitting in. "I think I should go to the group meeting today."
(1:27 AM) junsu:He looked at Heechul, frowning and resting his hand over the other man's. "What's wrong?" Moving closer to him, he ended up kneeling beside the chair to look at him, stroking his wrist gently.
(1:29 AM) forrest gump:He closed his eyes tightly, a few tears escpaing. "I don't know, I just feel like I'm going to flip out or something. I'm so anxious, my anxiety is driving me crazy. I think tounging my pills is starting to get to me," he said the last bit softly, holding out his hands to Jaejoong. They twitched every now and then.
(1:30 AM) junsu:His eyes went wide and he moved closer to Heechul. "Cinderella, you know you have to take those pills. If they find out, you won't get visitations. Shiwon is coming in three days, please tell me you will start taking them?" He shook his head slowly, taking Heechul's hands and holding them close.
(1:32 AM) forrest gump:"I don't like taking them, they make me sick." he said quietly, moving around in his seat like someone with parkensins disease would. "I think I'm going ot go back to my room and try to sleep or something. Take care of yourself while I'm napping ok?" He stood, fidgeting and playing with his shirt before walking off.
(1:35 AM) junsu:"Wait, Heechul." He walked over and hugged him, whispering into his ear. "Please don't hurt yourself." Shaking his head, he kissed his cheek and went back to his seat. Dongwook came back towards the rec room after close to ten minutes, a pleasant look on his face. He walked over to Yunho, taking his clipboard. "I think I may have found the solution to Changmin's outbursts."
(1:36 AM) forrest gump:Yunho looked up from the file he was reading, Changmins name on it. "Oh?" he said, sitting the folder down on the table and turning to face Dongwook. "I'm reading his file and I feel like I should apologise to him personally about touching him. I .. didn't know he had so much deep routed issues."
(1:39 AM) junsu:He took a bottle of water and sat down, shaking his head. "Don't show that kind of weakness, it could be used against you. He will apologize to you when he calms down. Anyway, about the ourbursts. I talked to the head doctor and told him about how quickly Junsu calmed him down. And he agreed to sign off on letting Junsu go with Changmin to his meetings. Junsu is on a different schedule than ...
.. Changmin, but I got it changed." Nodding, he sipped his drink and leaned back.
(1:42 AM) forrest gump:"Sorry," he bit his lip and looked down at the file, reading it over thuroughly. "Has he ever been attached to someone like that before?" he asked, lifting his head. "Here it looks like it took him nearly a year to even talk to therapists and let nurses even step within his 'personal space', which is said to be three feet?" He looked shocked. "Wow..."
(1:44 AM) junsu:Sighing, he shook his head sadly, setting his bottle down. "I've been here almost six years, and I've never seen a resident like Changmin. Oh, another thing..don't call them patients, residents is a much kinder way of addressing them. Anyway, no.. Changmin has never even spoken to another resident unless he's had to, and that's a rare occasion."
(1:48 AM) forrest gump:He couldn't read anymore and closed the file, putting it back in the huge filing cabnet, pausing for a moment to pull out Kim Jaejoong and Kim Heechuls files. He was surprised that they were so thick, placing them onto the table with a solid thud. "I'm asuming these guys have been here awhile?" he said, looking at Dongwook. "If you guys think him spending more time with Junsu is a good thing, then I support it. But, if he's as unperdictiable as you say, would it be safe?"
(1:53 AM) junsu:"Yes, they have been here the longest I've seen. Kim Jaejoong is here for a number of reasons, including self mutilation and bipolar disorder." He nodded, sipping his water. "I'm absolutely sure that Changmin wouldn't hurt Junsu. I watched them together late last night, sitting in the rec room. He actually had Changmin talking about himself, someone we haven't been able to achieve yet."
(1:56 AM) forrest gump:Yunho nodded, opening up Heechuls folder first. There was pictures from when he first arrived and he gasped. "Jesus," he said, putting a hand to his chest. The pictures of Heechul were horrible, he was stick thin and cuts up his arms. He turned the photos face side down and checked the date he was brought in. "Kim Heechul has been here six years?" he said, his jaw dropping. "I'm almost afraid to read further."
(2:02 AM) junsu:He nodded slowly, capping his water and putting it aside. "Someone he was close to recently got released, and now the only person he has is Jaejoong. Their cases are so alike, I think that's why they've become close friends. I hardly see them talking to anyone else." Checking his watch, he looked at Yunho. "We should get back, it's almost time for medication."
(2:06 AM) forrest gump:He closed the file and placed the both back in their appropriate order, standing. Yoochun finished off his smoke and stubbed it on the window ledge before flicking it out the open window. He heard the annoucement about medication and stood, stuffing his hands in his pockets and lining up behind Jaejoong. "Hey," he said, his voice rough. "Where's your boyfriend?"
(2:12 AM) junsu:Jaejoong pulled the hood of his sweater up and looked over his shoulder at Yoochun. "I don't have one." He waited in line while the ones before him got their medication from Yunho,  tying his sweater closed.
(2:13 AM) forrest gump:Yunho smiled as he handed Jaejoong his pills and the paper cup with water. "Where is your friend? I expected him to be next to you," he asked, taking the paper cups back and tossing them in the trash.
(2:15 AM) junsu:"He didn't feel well, so he went to lay down." He took the medicine and handed the cups back, smiling. "Thank you." Adjusting his hood, he turned and brushed Yoochun's shoulder with his own when he passed him.
(2:26 AM) forrest gump:Yoochun shot him a look and took his medication, heading back to the couch to stare out the window again. Heechul arrived a bit late, twitching and shaking. "Dongwook," he called, unsure if he should give Heechul any medication being that his condition didn't look well.
(2:28 AM) junsu:Dongwook looked up from his clipboard, over at Heechul and watching him for a moment. "I'll talk to him. Check off when the residents take their medication." He walked over to Heechul, a smile on his face. "Hey, Heechul. Can we talk for a minute?"
(2:29 AM) forrest gump:He nodded and followed Dongwook to a quiet corner, hugging himself to try and stop the shaking but he couldn't. Yunho ticked off the reisdents names as he gave out the pills, watching in the corner of his eye.
(2:30 AM) junsu:"Heechul, we're friends, right? I feel I can trust  you to tell me the truth." he nodded and leaned against the wall, watching Heechul. "Have you been taking your pills, or have you been spitting them out?"
(2:32 AM) forrest gump:He shook his head no, closing his eyes for a moment. "N.. no. I've been taking them," he lied, but he was good at lying. Although his voice shook a little, he looked Dongwook dead in the eyes. Only thing is that his body didn't obey him and kept shaking and twitching.
(2:34 AM) junsu:Biting his lip, he nodded slowly, looking into Heechul's eyes. "If they make you feel sick at any time, you know you can always ask for the lower dose. That's what Jaejoong gets, since he's calmed down since last year."
(2:35 AM) forrest gump:"Really?" he asked, sitting down before his legs gave out from under him. "They never stay down. I eat after I take them like you guys told me to but.. I always get sick. You're not mad, are you?"
(2:36 AM) junsu:He shook his head, kneeling down. "I had a feeling you didn't take them. The lower dosage pills are smaller, they go down easier. Just ask, and I'll get your medication changed."
(2:38 AM) forrest gump:He nodded, wringing his fingers. "I would like that, please. I'm going to go back to my room now. I figured if I didn't show you'd ... freak out or something." He stood, staring to leave the tv room.
(2:39 AM) junsu:"We prefer the residents to show up, yes. But I'll go talk to the doctor now, so you can have your medications today." He nodded and walked past Heechul as Jaejoong ran over to him. "Heechul, what did he say? What did he want?"
(2:41 AM) forrest gump:He stopped to take Jaejoongs hand, then lead him down the hall with him. "He's going to give me a smaller dosage so I don't get sick, thank God. I thought he was going to tear me a new one because I saw him go ape shit on a resident before for not taking his medication." Yunho had finished giving out the medication and was back to reading the files again, totally engrossed in them.
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(2:49 AM) forrest gump:He stopped to take Jaejoongs hand, then lead him down the hall with him. "He's going to give me a smaller dosage so I don't get sick, thank God. I thought he was going to tear me a new one because I saw him go ape shit on a resident before for not taking his medication." Yunho had finished giving out the medication and was back to reading the files again, totally engrossed in them.
(2:52 AM) junsu:Jaejoong rubbed Heechul's arm as he held his hand, looking at him. "Dongwook is my favorite nurse, I really like him when it comes to getting treated nicely." He nodded, biting his lip. "Heechul, do want to get better, don't you? So you can be with Shiwon?" A few minutes later, Dongwook came back and looked at Yunho. "Check Kim Heechul's name, he's about to take his medicine." ...
.. He nodded and carried the cups off to find Heechul, calling his name when he saw them.
(2:55 AM) forrest gump:His face contorted to many different emotions before hearing his name called and turned to face Dongwook. "Thank you," he said, bowing as he took the pills, showing him he really took them this time. He then turned around and took Jaejoongs hand, leading him to his room. Yoochun followed, stopping outside the door and listened since Heechul left his door open. Residents weren't allowed to close them during the day, especially if they were deemed unsafe like Heechul was.
(2:59 AM) junsu:Sitting down on Heechul's bed, he kept his hands and looked at him, frowning slightly. "Please answer my question. Do you really want to get better, so you can be with Shiwon?" Everyone in the facility knew of their friendship, since Jaejoong had been put in isolation many times for going into Heechul's room late at night to cry on his shoulder.
(3:03 AM) forrest gump:Heechul sat down on his bed, playing with Jaejoongs fingers. "I'm scared to leave here, Jaejoong. Absolutely terrifed. This place has been my home for six years. When I came here, I was nearly dead. I was a stick thin version of what I am now. I starved myself because when I modeled out there, they kept telling me I wasn't small enough, I wasn't good enough. So I starved myself and kept starving myself and threw up everything I ate..." he closed his eyes. "I still hate food, I hate looking at it, how it tastes, the textures.."
(3:05 AM) junsu:"You've gained weight and you're not exactly healthy now but you're better than when you came in. I remember the first time I saw you. Heechul, I nearly cried. You are so beautiful, and I love you so much." he moved closer to Heechul, touching his cheek. "Shiwon saw the beauty in your eyes and fell in love with you, the same way I did. He is still fighting for you, even though he got better. ....
(3:07 AM) junsu:.. I know he hated leaving you, he told me so himself. Heechul, you may be scared but I'm scared as well. Scared that one day, I'll wake up and come to your room, and you won't be there. You won't be there because you got too sick." Tears came to his eyes and he looked away, shaking his head slowly.
(3:09 AM) forrest gump:He leaned in and wrapped his arms around Jaejoong, hugging him close as he rocked him. "I just feel safe here, I don't have people critizing me. But I do miss Shiwon. My heart hurts the longer he stays away from me..." he sniffed, trying not to cry. "But I feel like the minute I leave here, I'll just go back to my old tricks and ..." his voice trailed off and he didn't finish his stenence. "I'm scared to leave you here, too. I can't do that to you, Jaejoong."
(3:11 AM) junsu:He looked up at Heechul, touching his face again. "If I promise to make an effort to getting better, will you make an effort to gain weight? I'm so scared to hug you too tightly, it's like you could break." Wiping his eyes, he nodded slowly, coughing to clear a swallowed sob.
(3:11 AM) junsu:"If I have to leave here, I want it to be with you by my side. So we can fight the world together, with Shiwon of course."*
(3:14 AM) forrest gump:Heechul sniffed, letting his tears fall as he looked into Jaejoongs eyes. "I promise that I'll get better as long as you get better with me, ok? Then we can get a little place together and you and I can protect each other from are demons. Because you're the best friend I've ever had, Kim Jaejoong," he leaned in and gave him a small kiss.
(3:19 AM) junsu:Returning the kiss, he wiped his eyes and nodded, smiling slightly. "The only way I'd leave is with you. No matter how long it takes." He leaned in and kissed Heechul's lips again, touching his cheek. "You know I can't be in here too long. Rest, I'll come check on you soon."
(3:21 AM) forrest gump:He nodded and hugged Jaejoong tightly, letting him go eventually to lay down. He pulled a knit blanket around him and closed his eyes, trying to fall asleep. Yoochun stood and started to walk away before Jaejoong could see him, sighing. He wanted to hear Jaejoongs story, but got Heechuls instead.
(3:26 AM) junsu:Once he was back in the tv room, Jaejoong watched as Dongwook came over to Changmin with a smile on his face. "Changmin, I've got some good news. Can you come with to the main office?"
(3:28 AM) forrest gump:Changmin looked up from the tv, nodding as he stood. He followed Dongwook to the office, seeing Yunho still reading the files. "What is he doing?" he asked, his tone rather rude. Yunho jumped, turning around. "I.. I'm reading up on everybody so I know what to do and what not to do." he explained, his voice strong. Another male nurse came in and dropped a new file on the table. "Fresh meat, guys," he said, grinning.
*The other nurse hadn't seen Changmin standing there.
(3:34 AM) junsu:Being that Dongwook was the superior nurse, ranking above the others, he gave the male nurse a look, using a strong tone. "The residents are not to be called 'meat', do you understand? One more mistake like that, and I will report you to the board." He put his hand on the file, bringing it closer to him. "You are dismissed to take your break." Turning to Changmin, he gave him a kind smile. .......
(3:35 AM) junsu:.. "I talked it over with the head doctor, and he's agreed to change Kim Junsu's schedule, so he can attend sessions with you."
(3:39 AM) forrest gump:The nurse bowed and left as Yunho opened the file, starting to read. Changmin watched him, almost missing what Dongwook had said. "Really?" He suddenly broke out into a smile and bowed low in respect. "Thank you, hyung. I appriciate this. I'm going to go tell him!" He the took off, calling out for Junsu. Yunho turned around, holding the folder. "Lee Junki. Twenty six. Has had problems with bulimia since he was fourteen. He's admitted here for trying to attempt suicide." He put the folder down on the table. "Do we take his picture, like the other files?"
(3:43 AM) junsu:Junsu looked up from watching tv, standing when Changmin came into the room. "Minnie, you're smiling. What was Dongwook's news?" Looking over Yunho's folder at the file, Dongwook nodded and got out the newer, silver polaroid. "It's manditory. We take a picture once a month for residents with eating disorders to see their progress. Looks like he'll be in room twenty c, that's two down from Kim ....
.. Jaejoong. Can you go get the room ready, please?"
(3:46 AM) forrest gump:Yunho nodded, getting the things needed to get the room ready and left just as another nurse - a female one - brought over Lee Junki. He was almost in as bad of shape as Heechul and had thick gauze bandages on his arms. The nurse was helping him stand. "Dongwook-shi, this is Lee Junki. We had a bit of an altercation signing him in so he's been drugged." Changmin sat down next to Junsu, nearly brusting with excitement as he told him what Dongwook said. "Isn't that great?!" he exclaimed.
*as Heechul was when he first arrived
(3:48 AM) junsu:Frowning, Dongwook nodded, holding the camera. "I really hate first meetings like this. You can just put him in the chair, I'll handle him. Thank you." He bowed and nodded, taking Junki's picture when he was sat in the chair. Placing the picture into his file, Dongwook looked at Junki and sighed. "Looks like you'll get your tour tomorrow." Junsu grinned and nodded, taking Changmin's hands. .....
.. "That's so great! I get to spend more time with you!"
(3:51 AM) forrest gump:Junki slumped in his chair, letting his head roll back as he mumbled something in reply but it didn't make any sense at all. Yunho returned from getting his room ready, glancing at the man clearly drugged out of his mind in the chair. "What did they give him?" he asked, watching Junki try to get up but having extreme difficulty. Changmin slowly scooted forward, giving Junsu a loose hug again and pulled back, looking over where Dongwook was. "There's a new guy over there," he said, pointing. An announcement was made over the loud speakers that it was supper time and Changmin sprung to his feet. "I think for the first time since I came here, I'm gonna eat in the dinging hall."
(3:54 AM) junsu:"A sedative. There was a problem when they were signing him in. I don't like meeting new residents like this, because they wake up in their rooms and freak out. I'm going to keep him right here until it wears off." He nodded, picking Junki up and putting him in a deep arm chair. Standing up, Junsu smiled and bit his lip, nodding. "I'll eat with you, I'm suddenly very hungry." He held in a giggle..
(3:54 AM) junsu:.. and started walking as Jaejoong stayed seated in his chair.
(3:57 AM) forrest gump:Yoochun didn't move either, he was smoking his third cigarette, watching Junki slump lifelessly in the chair. He finished his smoke quickly when his stomach grumbled in hunger. He got up, stuffing his hands in his pockets, staring at Jaejoong as he passed. Yunho kept his eye on Junki, clearing his throat. "Doesn't Jaejoong eat with the others?" he asked, not noticing if he left yesterday or not.
(4:00 AM) junsu:Jaejoong looked at Yoochun when he felt his eyes on him. "Stop staring at me." He pulled his sweater around him more, curling up in his chair. Sighing, Dongwook shook his head, looking over Junki's file. "He does every now and then, sometimes he gives up a  priveledge to have dinner in his therapists office. He's very fond of his therapist." He nodded, looking at Yunho. "You can go to dinner.....
.. "I've got Lee Junki."
(4:02 AM) forrest gump:Yunho nodded and left to have his lunch. The sedative started to wear off on Junki and he shook his head, rubbing his eyes. "Mm," he grunted, feeling like he'd been waken up from a heavy slumber. He lifted his head and looked at Jaejoong. "Who are you?" he asked, his voice deeper than his image portrayed.
(4:05 AM) junsu:Looking over at Junki, not having noticed he was there, Jaejoong slid the hood of fhis head. "Kim Jaejoong." He nodded slightly, laying his head back down. Dongwook heard Junki talking and stood up, walking over. "Lee Junki, you're finally awake." He smiled, bowing slightly. "I'm Dongwook, head nurse."
(4:07 AM) forrest gump:"Head nurse of what?" he said, eyeing the other man curiously. He didn't want to be admitted to begin with, it was his brother that staged an intervention when he noticed Junki was losing weight quite rapidly and found out he was taking two different diet pills. His expression darkened when he realised what was going on and stood, getting angry. "Junshi, I'll fucking kill him!"
(4:09 AM) junsu:Moving quickly, Dongwook got behind Junki and pressed his fingers into a pressure point on the man's neck, one that would make him calm immediately. Jaejoong bit his lip and got out of the chair, rushing out of the room quickly. He decided to go to the lunch room, walking in slowly.
(4:11 AM) forrest gump:He slumped back into the chair when he felt like his whole body was going to give out on him, trying to bat Dongwooks hand away. "God dammit, I didn't want to end up in this kind of place," he said, shaking his head once Dongwook released him. Yoochun was sitting alone, poking his food. He was hungry, but for some reason he didn't feel like shoveling food into him like some of the other residents were.
(4:13 AM) junsu:"This kind of place isn't like the other clinics you hear about. We don't drug you up or hypnotize you into getting better." he shook his head and sat down across from Junki. getting a plate of food, Jaejoong walked over and sat in front of Yoochun, pulling the hood of his sweater up. "There aren't drugs in the food."
(4:15 AM) forrest gump:Yoochun lifted his head, his eyes red as if he'd just been crying. "Yeah, well. Never liked hospital food," he said in a raspy voice, finally eating a bit of the rice. Junki covered his eyes with his one hand, his lips curling into a pout. "I just wanted to look the way I wanted to, the way I saw myself. Why did he have to intervene? I'm not perfecty yet."
(4:20 AM) junsu:Watching Junki, Dongwook frowned and bit his lip to keep from saying anything. "You talk about these things with your therapist, not me. I'm just the nurse." He nodded, standing. "Come on, I'll show you to your room and answer any questions you have." Jaejoong ate the food slowly, looking at Yoochun. "Why were you crying?" He asked simply, sipping his water.
(4:23 AM) forrest gump:Junki stood, wiping his eyes as he followed Dongwook to his room, keeping his other arm wrapped around his thin waist. Heechul passed them, taking a long look at Junki before he entered the dining hall to get something to eat. Yoochun swallowed his mouthful of rice and sighed. "I miss my brother," he said in a soft voice. "He..." he stopped talking when Heechul sat down with his own portioned food since he didn't eat what the others did. "Did you see the new guy?" he asked him, ignoring Yoochun.
(4:28 AM) junsu:Looking at Heechul, Jaejoong smiled brightly, nodding. "He talked to me, but then he started to get angry at Dongwook, so Mister Nurse had to do that pressure point thing on his neck. I swear, Dongwook could be an action star." He nodded again, eating some of his food before looking at Yoochun. "We'll talk tonight, yeah?" Dongwook lead Junki into the room, looking at him. "Looks are decieving, ...
(4:29 AM) junsu:.. the bed is actually very comfortable. If you need assistance, there is a button you can press, and one of the nurses will come to help you."
(4:31 AM) forrest gump:Yoochun nodded and picked up his tray, returning it even though he barely ate anything and left the dining hall. Heechul watched him leave, then turned back to Jaejoong. "He's very handsome, yeah?" he grinned. "He looks in bad shape, though. I figure laxatives." He nodded and took small bites of his food. Junki sat down on the bed, running his hands over the sheets. "So I get my own room?" he asked.
(4:35 AM) junsu:"He has a deep voice to be so woman-like." He nodded, sipping his water. "He might be in your group sessions. Noddong, Dongwook clasped his hands behind his back. "To begin with, yes. The more good behavior you show, the more likely you are to get a room mate, and the more preveledges you will get."
(4:38 AM) forrest gump:"I see," Junki said, nodding. "What about eating, do you make us eat?" he looked up at Dongwook. "Last time my family tried to put me in a clinic they tried to make us eat. And if we didn't, they'd tie us down and shove a tube in our nose and feed us that way." He shuddered at the memories, hugging himself. Heechul swallowed his small bites with difficulty, listening to Jaejoong. "I don't go to them, but since we made a promise to each other I probably will now."
(4:42 AM) junsu:"Up your..nose..?" He frowned and shook his head. "No, if you don't eat then we give you the option of taking vitamins or drinking a drink that helps you gain weight." Jaejoong looked at Heechul and put a hand on his shoulder, talking softly. "I know it'll be hard for you, because it'll be hard for me too..but I don't want to see you suffering anymore, you mean too much to me. I want you to be ...
(4:42 AM) junsu:.. able to eat without the thought in the back of my mind that you'll get rid of it as soon as you can.."
(4:48 AM) forrest gump:He sighed and brought his legs up to his chest, resting his chin between them. "Thanks," he said softly, closing his eyes for a few moments. Heechul nodded, taking a few more bites of his food. "I want to be able to look at food without hating it, Joongie," he said softly.
(4:52 AM) junsu:Later that night, about ten minutes before their curfew, Jaejoong took his nightly walk up and down the hall, carrying his pillow. He passed Junki's room and stopped to look in on him, leaning against the door frame.
(4:54 AM) forrest gump:Junki was sitting in the middle of his bed, his arms wrapped around his legs and his head resting between his knees. He felt a presence outside and turned his head, looking at Jaejoong. "Hi," he said, smiling a bit.
(4:59 AM) junsu:"Hi," he walked in and stayed about five feet away from Junki's bed. "You should know not to fight Dongwook, he knows how to bring you down in two seconds."
(5:00 AM) forrest gump:He laughed a bit, looking away from Jaejoong. "I didn't intend on fighting him. I was just upset that my family stuck me into another clinic because I was treated badly at the last one. I figured this would be the same."
(5:03 AM) junsu:He shook his head. "It's not. For future reference, don't struggle with him, he will win. Goodnight." Turning around, he started walking out of the room.
(5:04 AM) forrest gump:Yoochun was laying on his back on his bed, yet again ontop of the covers. It was like he planned on leaving at any moment, even though he wouldn't. He looked over when Jaejong came in, but didn't say anything.
(5:06 AM) junsu:Walking over to his bed, he put his pillow down and sat on his bed, looking at Yoochun. "You can talk to me now. I'll listen to everything you say about your brother."
(5:08 AM) forrest gump:"He's dead," he said in a monotoned voice, looking away from Jaejoong. "Simple as that. Mom too." He rolled onto his side, his back to Jaejoong. "I don't see why I should tell you anything if you won't tell ME anything."
(5:10 AM) junsu:He blinked a few times, watching Yoochun. "I don't know you well enough to tell you about why I'm in here." His voice was soft and he laid down, covering himself up and soon crying softly into his pillow.
(5:12 AM) forrest gump:He sat up, looking over at Jaejoong. "I have bipolar disorder along with manic depression. I lost my mother and my brother in a drunk driving accident three years ago. Ever since then, I've been in and out of clincis because my dad doesn't want to look at me and apparently, because I cut myself and drink it's bad. So here I am, in another fucking clinic and I probably won't ever get out. There, happy? You can stop crying now, God dammit!"
(5:17 AM) junsu:Jaejoong stopped and slowly looked over at Yoochun, sitting up in his bed. "I was crying because it makes me sad that you lost your family. I've never had a family, the only thing closest to a brother for me is Heechul. I've been in this exact same clinic for almost five years, Yoochun, FIVE years. I haven't gotten to see a movie since I was sixteen, I was admitted here after trying to ...
(5:19 AM) junsu:.. kill myself at a foster home where the other kids picked on me for being pretty. I was diagnosed with minor bipolar disorder three days after I was admitted, and the only person who hasn't judged me is Heechul. DON'T yell at me!"
(5:22 AM) forrest gump:He looked at Jaejoong for a few moments, then started to cry, covering his face with his hands. "I just hate this, ok? I hate being this way and I hate that people have had it worse than me and that this world is a fucked up place. I hate that you went through so much shit and that Heechul hates himself os much that he has to starve himself. I hate that Changmin was raped, molested, abused and that his mother died. I hate it," he sobbed, not realising he just spilled everything he'd meant to keep a secret.
(5:26 AM) junsu:Jaejoong paused, looking over at Yoochun. "You read their files? How could you? Those aren't meant for you to see!"" He faced the wall and yanked the covers up to his ears, glaring at the wall instead of Yoochun. "I'm suprised you didn't read mine as well."
(5:27 AM) forrest gump:"I only read Changmins," he said, removing his hands and placed them on his knees. "I overheard Heechul talking to you. I wanted to know about you, I'm sorry. I just couldn't believe someone as beatiful as you could be so damaged and it really.. breaks my heart."
(5:29 AM) junsu:"Stop it!" He sat up and looked at Yoochun quickly. "I'm not beautiful, that's what you call a girl. I told you not to stare at me, so stop it, okay?" Laying back down, he covered his head with the pillows as if to hide his face.
(5:31 AM) forrest gump:He felt defeated and laid down on his bed for a few moments. He reached over and picked up the photograph of his brother and mother, taking it to the bathroom with him. Once he was inside, he took the photo out and threw the glass on the floor, watching the pieces shatter. Picking one up, he pulled back to sleelve of his shirt and closed his eyes, pressing the sharp tip against his arm before dragging it up his arm.
(5:33 AM) junsu:Jaejoong heard the glass shatter and slowly got out of bed, walking to the bathroom. He opened the door, looking at Yoochun as he rubbed his arm. "I'm supposed to report'll have to be in isolation for a week since you hurt yourself.." Walking away, he went over  to the red button and pressed it, curling back up on his bed.
(5:35 AM) forrest gump:He didn't care what Jaejoong said and drug the glass up his arm again, tears rolling down his cheeks as he did. Changmin was sitting in his regular spot when he heard the alarm go off and watched Dongwook rush off. He hung over the sofa and waited to see who was in trouble this time.
(5:37 AM) junsu:Dongwook ran into the room and grabbed the glass away from Yoochun easily, throwing it aside. He held the man's arms behind his back and walked off with him, talking to him with a kind voice as a few others came in to monitor Jaejoong while the glass was cleaned.
(5:38 AM) forrest gump:Yoochun didn't struggle and let Dongwook take him away. When he was bandaged and put into a small room that had only a bed, he laid down and staired up at the ceiling, picking at the tape that held the bandage on his cuts.

Session Start: May 28, 2007

(1:17 AM) forrest gump:Sungmin slowly approached the tv room, looking around at everybody in there. The room was considerably packed for once since there was a soccer game on tv. He climbed into a large leather bound seat and pulled his knees up to his chest, peaking over them to watch everybody curiously.
(1:20 AM) junsu:Junsu was sitting the closest to the tv, gripping his plush soccer ball and talking to the screen. Seeing Sungmin walk into the tv room, Kyuhyun bit his lip and ventured over, sitting in a seat next to his. "I never really understood soccer." He shook his head, smiling.
(1:26 AM) forrest gump:He turned his head a bit to look at Kyuhyun, smiling cutely. "Yeah, me either. But apparently it's a big thing here seeing as everybody is out here." He turned back and saw Junsu looking at him, wondering why he was. "That guy keeps looking at me."
(1:36 AM) junsu:He shrugged and glanced over at Heechul, biting his lip again. "I don't know why he would keep staring." Smiling, he looked at Sungmin. "Do you want to go for a walk later?"
(1:41 AM) forrest gump:Heechul nudged Jaejoong, trying to get his attention. "Hey, that pink freak keeps staring at us," he said, knowing it would bother Jaejoong since he hated people staring at him. "You should go tell him off." Sungmin looked at Kyuhyun again. "Yeah, ok. I just wanna get use to everybody first."
(1:48 AM) junsu:Jaejoong looked up from his book, closing it with a snap and setting it aside. Without a word, he walked over to Sungmin and snatched his hood down. "Why do you keep staring at us, huh? Do you have some kind of problem?" Seeing Jaejoong pull Sungmin's hood down, Dongwook walked over and stood as tall as he could. "Is there a problem here?"
(1:51 AM) forrest gump:Sungmin whimpered and made a reach to pull his hood back up as Heechul stepped up behind Jaejoong. "Oh ew, look at his face. It's like.. infected or something," he said loudly, getting everybodies attention. Some gasped, some pointed and a few laughed. Sungmin got up quickly and pushed through the crowed, running to his room.
(1:55 AM) junsu:Kyuhyun stood up quickly and ran after Sungmin, while Dongwook looked at Heechul and Jaejoong. "If you two don't want to spend two weeks in isolation, I suggest you be more sensitive to residents whom you don't know the story behind their stay here." He turned and walked out of the room, telling Yunho to watch over them. Putting a hand on his chest, Jaejoong breathed slowly, tears coming to his...
.. eyes. "Oh my god, I feel horrible.."
(1:58 AM) forrest gump:"Ok, so maybe he wasn't staring," he said with a shrug. "It looked like he was. I'm going to go hang with Shiwon." He pat Jaejoong on the back and headed off to Shiwons room, unphased by what Dongwook said. Yoochun came into the tv room as Heechul left, looking like he hadn't slept in days. As he passed Jaejoong he slowed down, then backed up. "Hey, what's wrong?" he asked, sounding ginuinely concerned. Sungmin crawled under the covers of his bed and hid, crying into his pillow.
(2:00 AM) junsu:"I was just so horrible to someone and I had no reason to be. And Heechul..he said such mean things about the new resident. I mean, I didn't know his face was burned, I never would have pulled his hood down if I had known. I'm horrible!" Kyuhyun knelt down beside Sungmin's bed, slowly putting a hand on his upper back. "Sungmin.."
(2:10 AM) forrest gump:He bit his lip, touching Jaejoong shoulder gently for a second. "Why not go apologise?" he offered, sitting down in the chair that occupied Sungmin just moments ago. "That usually helps sometimes." Sungmin didn't say anything, but his crying muffled a bit. "What?" he sniffled, pulling the blankets back a bit.
(2:19 AM) junsu:He wiped his eyes, sniffling a few times. "I've never apologized to anyone before, it's hard for me. Why am I getting so emotional?" Shaking his head, he left the room and went to his therapists office. Kyuhyun looked at him, placing his chin on his hands as he whispered. "I think you're beautiful."
(2:24 AM) forrest gump:Yoochun sighed and sunk down in the seat, looking out the window and getting lost in the sunsetting outside. Sungmin was quiet for a few moments before pulling the blankets down, his blond hair standing up from static cling. "You.. do?" he said softly. "How? I'm not just burned on my face. The left side of my body is badly burned down to my torso. I'm hideous." He started to cry again.
(2:31 AM) junsu:"I don't care about your burns, what I see is cute your appearance is." He spoke softly, putting his hand on Sungmin's shoulder. "I'm sorry if I upset you.. I may be a little shy but I sometimes put my foot in my mouth.." Junsu leapt up when Korea won the soccer game, hugging random people and giving them high fives, a bright grin on his face after he let out a dolphin call.
(2:35 AM) forrest gump:Sungmin blushed, wiping away his tears as he smiled at Kyuhun. "No, I'm upset about what that guy said to me. I don't like people feeling pitty about my burns. I just..." he sighed. "You're beautiful too. I don't care about your scar. I think it's nice, actually." Yoochun laughed a bit, watching Junsu but stopped when Changmin came into the room with a paniced look on his face. "Junsu," Yoochun called to get his attention.
(2:41 AM) junsu:He smiled and looked down, biting his lip. "That guy is an idiot, he can't see what I see. Who says he's so perfect, huh? You're much cuter than either one of them could hope to be." Looking over at Yoochun, Junsu's smile faded when he followed his eyes to Changmin. He walked over quickly, taking his hands. "What is it, what's wrong?"
(2:42 AM) forrest gump:Changmin squeezed Junsus hands, looking over at all the people. "Why is there so many people here?" he asked, not used to it since he was in a different ward last year. Sungmin grinned and leaned forward, wrapping his arms around Kyuhun. "Thank you, you are so sweet."
(2:48 AM) junsu:"The soccer match against Korea and Italy was playing, and so everyone came to watch it. Do you want to go out to the courtyard to get some fresh air?" He stepped closer to Changmin, holding his hands and tilting his head. Blushing, Kyuhyun returned the hug and smiled. "You're welcome."
(2:51 AM) forrest gump:He nodded, attaching himself to Junsu as the two left for the courtyard. Yoochun sat back down in his seat, sighing sofly. It seemed like everybody was making friends or hooking up, and here he was with.. nothing.
(2:56 AM) junsu:Jaejoong came back about fifteen minutes later, walking over and sitting beside Yoochun. He cleared his throat and wiped his eyes, looking at him. "Who won the game?" Trying to smile, he failed and just pulled the hood of his sweater up.
(3:00 AM) forrest gump:"Korea," he said softly, turning his head to look at Jaejoong. "Or I suspect they did, Junsu got up and let out a dolphin cry so..." He shrugged and looked out the window again, the sky growing dark.
(3:05 AM) junsu:A real smile came to Jaejoong's face. "Him and his dolphin cry.. Heechul and I gave him the nickname Dolphin the first week he was here because he would let out such a high pitched scream." He nodded slowly, looking out the window. "Hm, rain.."
(3:06 AM) forrest gump:He chuckled a bit at the nickname. "Do you like the rain?" he asked, turning around to face Jaejoong. He looked at him for a few moments before glancing back out the window. "I like it, it's nice to walk in. Refreshing and.. calming."
(3:10 AM) junsu:"I love the rain. It washes away your worries, if only for a few minutes." He whispered, standing slowly and walking towards the door to the court yard, looking at Yoochun. Motioning for him to follow, he opened the door and stepped out.
(3:12 AM) forrest gump:Yoochun stood and followed. Once he was outside, he threw his head back and held out his arms, letting the rain wash over him for a few minutes. He followed Jaejoong to a secluded area of the courtyard, reaching out to take his hand for a moment. "I would like to try to be your friend, if that's ok," he said softly, letting go of his hand.
(3:17 AM) junsu:Jaejoong looked at Yoochun, staying quiet for a moment before nodding slightly. "We could try. I don't trust easily, but you're my room mate. And I'll be here for a while, so we might as well be friends." He moved away and sat on a park bench, closing his eyes and just feeling the rain, his blonde hair flattening with each drop.
(3:18 AM) forrest gump:He sat down on the bench and watched him for a few minutes, then gently reached forward to brush the hair off his forehead. Before he knew it, he was leaning in and pressing a kiss to his forehead. Quickly, he pulled back and bit his lip, afraid that Jaejoong would freak out.
(3:26 AM) junsu:Opening his eyes slowly, Jaejoong looked Yoochun, just watching him for a moment. He reached over and grabbed him by the shirt, pulling him close before kissing his lips hard. Letting him go, he stood up and walked away, going back inside the clinic.
(3:28 AM) forrest gump:He sat there for a good while, confusion written across his face. He didn't care that he was now shivering and the rain was litereally pelting down on him. Changmin pulled Junsu into his room and sat down on the bed, shaking his wet hair. "I was going to ask Dongwook about maybe sharing a room with you."
(3:30 AM) junsu:Junsu looked at him and smiled, running his fingers through his hair. "That would be pretty cool, I could be closer when you needed me." He nodded, feeling off his wet sweatshirt. Dongwook poked his head out of the door leading to the courtyard, calling out over the rain. "Yoochun, come inside!"
(3:34 AM) forrest gump:Yoochun didn't move, he was afraid to. If he got up, he might end up going back to a moody Jaejoong that shoots him dirty looks and hides from him. Here he could at least remember what it felt like to have his lips on his own. Changmin grabbed the hem of his shirt and slowly pulled it over his head, revealing his upper body to Junsu.
(3:39 AM) junsu:Looking over Changmin's body, Junsu bit his lip and blushed. "If a guard catches us in here like this, we'll both be in trouble. And I really want to move into the room with you." He nodded slowly, adverting his eyes. "But you have a nice body." Walking over to Yoochun, Dongwook tapped his shoulder. "Come on, this storm is going to be bad."
(3:44 AM) forrest gump:He looked over at Junsu and smiled, blushing a little. He peaked out a moment, the guards busy with someone then closed the door. He stepped up next to Junsu and slid his arms around him, pressing his body against him before capturing his lips with his own. Yoochun snapped out of his daze and stood, nodding. "Sorry," he mumbled, heading back to the building
(3:48 AM) junsu:Slowly wrapping his arms around Changmin, Junsu returned the kiss and closed his eyes, stroking his bare back. As soon as Yoochun and Dongwook got inside, lightening struck and the lights went off. Jaejoong let out a cry and grabbed the nearest hand he could find, which happened to be Junki's.
(3:50 AM)forrest gump has changed his/her name to "vick bc i am awesum"
(3:50 AM)vick bc i am awesum has changed his/her name to "vicki bc i am awesum"
(3:51 AM) vicki bc i am aw:Junki hadn't really been paying any attention to anything around him, chosing the mute route while he was there. When Jaejoong took his hand, he looked over and raised an eyebrow. Changmin didn't notice the power go out until he pulled back from Junsu, looking around. He grinned, kissing him again but this time he ground against him gently. Yoochun didn't care that he was soking wet as he sat back down in the chair he was in earlier, frowning a bit when he saw that Jaejoong was holding Junkis hand.
(3:53 AM)vicki bc i am awesum has changed his/her name to "gregory house"
(3:55 AM) junsu:Looking at Junki, Jaejoong blushed and cleared his throat, letting go of his hand. "I'm sorry.. That scared me.." Junsu ground back slowly, resting his hands on Changmin's hips as he held him close. He moved back and laid down on the bed, bringing Changmin on top of him.
(3:57 AM) gregory house:He didn't stick around to see if he let go, getting up to change his clothes in his room. The bandaged on his arms weren't sticking anymore since they got wet and he pulled them off, accidentally pulling his stitches which made him bleed. Sitting down on his bed without a shirt, he watched the blood slowly trickle down his arm. Changmin stradled him, tickling Junsus hips before he slid them up his body, biting his bottom lip.
(4:03 AM) junsu:Jaejoong saw Yoochun leave and stood up, walking after him. He came into the room and saw the blood, immediately thinking one thing. " didn't.." Tears came to his eyes as he stepped closer. Junsu ran his arms up Changmin's thighs, looking up at him as he moved his hands away. "Are you sure you want to do this?"
(4:05 AM) gregory house:Changmin nodded, shivering as he felt Junsus hand on his legs. "Yes, I've never been more positive," he whispered, looking directly into Junsus eyes. Yoochun looked up, shaking his head. "No, the bandages were wet so they wouldn't stay. I pulled it off and I guess I ripped my stitches a bit," he explained, touching Jaejoongs face to wipe away his tears, jumping when a clap of thunder ripped through the sky nearly making the room shake.
(4:12 AM) junsu:He nodded slowly, leaning up and kissing Changmin and wrapping his arms around his waist. Jaejoong whimpered and got on the bed with Yoochun, curling up at his side. "I hate this part of the storm, it's so loud and..ugh.." He wrapped his arms around his waist, moving in close as he closed his eyes tightly.
(4:17 AM) gregory house:Yoochun gently slid his arms around Jaejoong, holding him close as the storm rumbled above them. He took the oppertunity to stroke the smaller mans back, lingering near the small of his back for a few moments before bringing his arm back to rest against his shoulders. The storm passed in half an hour, but by then Yoochun was too comfortable to want to  move. Changmin sucked ernstly on Junsus neck, wanting so badly to mark his beautiful neck. He pushed his hips towards the other man, grunting low in his throat.
(4:26 AM) junsu:Dongwook came through checking the rooms for residents, the lights coming back on when he came into Changmin's room. He saw the two and gasped, turning around a bit. "Sorry.." Clearing his throat, he thought for a moment then closed the door. Jaejoong was asleep by the time the storm passed, his arms wrapped around Yoochun's waist and his hair covering his eyes slightly.
(4:29 AM) gregory house:When the lights came on, Yoochun sheilded his eyes until they ajusted to the lights. He glanced down at Jaejoong and smiled. He didn't care if the man thought beautiful was for girls, he WAS beautiful. With his fingertips, he brushed away the hair covering Jaejoongs eyes. Changmin froze when he heard Dongwook, glancing over just as the door was closed again. "Did I just hear Dongwook?" he asked.
(4:36 AM) junsu:Junsu looked over at the door, then at Changmin. "I didn't hear anything." He shook his head, biting his lip and grinding against the other man. "We can still finish.." Jaejoong twitched and slowly opened his eyes, looking up at Yoochun. He made a soft sound and shifted, staying against Yoochun as he sat up.
(4:38 AM) gregory house:"Hey," he said softly, brushing more of Jaejoongs hair off of his face. "You slept really well, I was surprised." He dropped his hand back to his side, smiling. "If it helps, you can always curl up with me at night." Changmin grunted again, closing his eyes as he lost himself in the pleasure.
(4:53 AM) junsu:He smiled a bit, nodding as he rubbed his eyes. "I might do that, thank you. How long have I been sleeping?" Yawning, he stood up and stretched his arms above his head. Junsu moaned into Changmin's ear as he felt himself nearing release, holding his hips more.
(4:57 AM) gregory house:Yoochun looked at the clock in hopes that it would give him the time, but it was flickering 12:00 back at him. "I'd say about.. an hour or two?" he said, shrugging. "I'm not sure, but it was nice." Changmin felt a warmth begin to pool in his lower stomach and his hips twitched. "Junsu," he breathed, coming between the two of them.
(5:08 AM) junsu:He moaned into Changmin's ear as he came a few moments after him, gripping his hips tightly. Panting hard, he shivered and held Changmin close, muttering quietly. Jaejoong smiled and ran his fingers through his hair, sighing. "I haven't slept that good in a while."
(5:12 AM) gregory house:His hips continued to rock as he rode his orgasm, finally coming to a stop in a few seconds. He placed his hands over Junsus and held onto them, relaxing and closing his eyes. "If that's what THAT is like, then I'd probably die having sex," he said, then giggled. Yoochun smiled back, standing to wash the dried blood on his arm. "I .. wanted to ask you about the kiss earlier," he said, looking around the corner at Jaejoong. "It was nice."
(5:20 AM) junsu:"I hope you don't die during sex, I'd really like to be your first and not kill you." He blushed and looked at Changmin, leaning down to kiss his lips slowly. Jaejoong looked at Yoochun and bit his lip, blushing as he sat down. "I liked it too. But you's hard to have a relationship in a place like this. Kissing is innocent enough, sneaking into someone's bed for a quicky is worth getting.
(5:20 AM) junsu:.. caught if it's good." He looked at Yoochun. "It's a good thing we're room mates. We don't have to sneak around. But you need to know something."
(5:22 AM) gregory house:He came out of the bathroom and sat down on his bed, nodding. "I understand, I've never really tried having a relationship in these places because.. well, I guess there wasn't anybody like you there that intriuged me enough," he blushed a bit. Changmins giggles were drowned out by Junsus kiss and he snaked his arms around the other mans neck, deepening the kiss.
(5:30 AM) junsu:He looked at him with a serious expression on his face. "I don't know how to be in a relationship. I've only had a couple of one night stands and a few make out sessions with people, but never a relationship. And if I need space, I need it." He nodded slowly, biting his lip. Junsu smiled into the kiss, hugging Changmin close as he suckled on the younger man's tongue.
(5:32 AM) gregory house:Yoochun nodded, gently placing his hand on Jaejoongs shoulder. "It's fine. I haven't really either. I've spent my teen years in places like this so I don't really know how to have a relationship either. And I agree with the space thing," he looked into Jaejoongs eyes. "Just know I would never do anything to hurt you, Jaejoong."

Session Start: May 30, 2007

(1:36 AM) gregory house:It had been almost a month since Junki had arrived, and he hadn't been eating. He'd managed to somehow sneak around the people monitoring him and throw up whatever he was told to eat. Today he was feeling the weakness of not eating as he sat down on the couch and remembered he was sitting in Changmins spot. He attempted to get up, but he couldn't so he just stayed there and closed his eyes to block out the world.
(1:45 AM) yunho:Jaejoong walked into the tv room and saw Junki, a smile coming to his face as he walked over. "Hi, Junki." Junsu came out of the arts and crafts room with a bright smile on his face, holding the prized possesion he'd just made. He walked down the hall, going to Sungmin's room. "Hiii!"
(1:47 AM) gregory house:He opened his eyes and looked around, finally spotting Jaejoongs fine white blond head. "Hey," he said, his voice rough and raspy. He hadn't been sleeping well either, and it was really showing in his face. Sungmin lifted his head, smiling when he saw Junsu. He had his hood up, but you could see a bit of his burn scars. "Hii!!" he exclaimed back, giggling.
(1:53 AM) yunho:"You look like hell." He knelt down beside his chair, whispering. "You shouldn't sit here, you know. Not after what happened last time." Shaking his head, he smiled and stood back up. Junsu walked into the room, holding the pillow behind his back. "It took a couple weeks but I finally got it perfect!" He pulled the pillow from behind his back, holding it out to Sungmin.
(1:55 AM) gregory house:"I haven't been sleeping," he said, rolling his head back a little and letting his lips part a bit. "I would get up but it takes too much strength." Sungmin bounced towards Junsu, his hood falling down but he didn't care. he held out his arms and grinned brightly. "Oohh, I love it!" he exclaimed, taking the star shaped pillow and hugging it.
(2:00 AM) yunho:He glanced at Sungmin's face but didn't stare, his smile not faltering. "I'm glad you like it, that's the second biggest project I've ever had. My biggest was the soccer ball I made." Smiling proudly, he nodded and ran a hand through his hair. Jaejoong nodded, putting a hand on Junki's. "You should try, I don't want you getting hurt again."
(2:04 AM) gregory house:Sungmin placed the pillow gently on his bed, then flung himself at Junsu and hugged him tightly. Changmin peaked in the room, knowing Junsu had come in here and screamed. "GET OFF OF HIM, HE'S MINE!" he screamed viciously, tearing Sungmin off of Junsu and throwing him to the floor. Junki whimpered as his body tried all it could not to co-operate with him as he pulled himself out of the couch and into a chair.
(2:09 AM) yunho:Junsu returned the hug then gasped when Changmin threw Sungmin to the floor, looking at him. "Changmin, calm down. Come here, listen." He slid his arms around Changmin, hoping to calm him down. "He was thanking me for making his pillow, it was nothing more than a friendly hug." Jaejoong sat in the chair beside Junki, watching him. "You shouldn't get rid of your food."
(2:12 AM) gregory house:Changmin heaved air in and out of his chest, calming down as Junsu spoke to him, looking at Sungmin laying on the floor crying. "Oh..." he said slowly, biting his lip. "I'm sorry," he turned and ran from the room, looking like he could cry as well. Junki looked at Jaejoong, raising an eyebrow. "Who died and made you king? I can do what I want."
(2:22 AM) yunho:He knelt down beside Sungmin and put a hand on his arm. "I'm so sorry..Oh God, I'm really sorry." Jaejoong stared at Junki as if trying to burn a hole in his head, standing up slowly. "Well excuse me for caring about you, remind me not to actually open up and start thinking about someone else!" He yanked his hood up and left the room quickly, walking to Heechul's room.
(2:25 AM) gregory house:He curled away from Junsu, shaking his head. "No, it's ok. It's ok. I just.. what did I do to him? Why did he do that?" he asked, lifting his head to look at Junsu. Heechul didn't look up when Jaejoong came in. He was sitting on his bed, cradling his head with  his hand. His newly dyed black hair was hanging over his face.
(2:28 AM)gregory house has changed his/her name to "MFC"
(2:30 AM) yunho:"He's got really sensitive feelings, and he's sort of protective. But when he isn't in a mood, he's a really great guy. Honestly, please don't hold this against him." He shook his head, frowning deeply. Jaejoong stopped short and looked at Heechul, slowly walking closer. "Cinderella..?"
(2:35 AM) MFC:Heechul lifted his head when he heard Jaejoongs voice and smiled, lookg exhausted. "Hey, Joongie. What's up?" he asked, closing the book he was reading and tucking it under his pillow. Sungmin uncurled from the ball he was in and sat up, wiping his eyes. "I'm sorry, I won't hug you again. I was really happy someone made me something. Nobody has ever made anything for me before.."
(2:39 AM)MFC has changed his/her name to "SHARK ROCKET"
(2:43 AM) yunho:He walked over, sitting down and looking at him. Without being able to stop himself, he spilled everything about what happened with Junki, getting angrier with each word. "He was such an asshole to me!" Junsu shook his head, biting his lip. "Don't mention it. I liked doing it, I haven't challenged myself in a long time."
(2:46 AM) SHARK ROCKET:He listened, then wrapped his arms around Jaejoong and nuzzled him to calm him down. "Joongie, do you remember when we first met and you said the same thing to me? Remember how offended I got? It's probably the same thing for him." He slid his fingers into Jaejoongs hair. Sungmin sat down on his bed, touching the pillow. "You can go talk to him now, and tell him I'm sorry for upsetting him."
(2:56 AM) yunho:He sighed, nodding as he closed his eyes. "He didn't have to yell at me, though. I was only trying to help him, and he hurt my feelings." Looking at Heechul, he shrugged a bit. "I guess I'm getting better, people are actually starting to get to me." Junsu nodded slowly, biting his lip. "I'll see you later, okay?" He nodded again, walking out the door as Kyuhyun walked in.
(2:58 AM) SHARK ROCKET:"I don't think I am," he said softly. "But I want to get out of here, to get away from Shiwon. He's... he keeps coming at night asking for sex." He closed his eyes and shivered, holding onto Jaejoong. "Anyway, how are you doing with your roomie?" he asked, changing the subject. Sungmin looked up when Kyuhyun came in, smiling softly.
(3:02 AM) yunho:Jaejoong stared at Heechul, shifting and taking his hand. " you give it to him? Do you let him use you like that?" His tone went from soft to hard in a moment as he shook his head. "I'm going to talk to him." Kyuhyun smiled and sat on his bed, looking at the pillow. "Is that the pillow Junsu made for you?"
(3:09 AM) SHARK ROCKET:Heechul stood up quickly, following after Jaejoong. "I don't know, I mean. I do sometimes but I love him. I just..." he stopped and covered his face, shaking his head as he started to cry. "I have to go talk to my therapist," He turned around on his heal and walked off. Sungmin nodded, holding it out for him. "Do you like it?"

Session Start: May 31, 2007

(3:02 AM) SHARK ROCKET:Heechul stood up quickly, following after Jaejoong. "I don't know, I mean. I do sometimes but I love him. I just..." he stopped and covered his face, shaking his head as he started to cry. "I have to go talk to my therapist," He turned around on his heal and walked off. Sungmin nodded, holding it out for him. "Do you like it?"
(3:13 AM) yunho:Kyuhyun took the pillow, looking it over with a smile. "I do like it, it looks like it's professional." He nodded and handed it back to Sungmin, smiling at him. Jaejoong watched Heechul and sighed, shaking his head before going back to his room.
(3:15 AM) SHARK ROCKET:Yoochun was curled up on his bed asleep when Jaejoong returned, hugging one of Jaejoongs long sweaping sweaters to himself. Sungmin placed the pillow back on his bed and rocked back and forth on his heals. "Didja wanna go check out the courtyard?"
(3:20 AM) yunho:Stopping in his tracks, Jaejoong stared at Yoochun hugging his sweater, tilting his head to the side. He walked to his bed and laid down, watching and waiting for him to wake up.  Kyuhyun smiled, nodding. "That sounds fun."
(3:24 AM) SHARK ROCKET:After a few moments, he stretched out his arms over his head and yawned, opening his eyes. His arms came in contact with a body and he turned his head, smiling when he saw Jaejoong. "Hey," he said softly, not caring if the other man saw him hugging his sweater. Sungmin bounced and took Kyuhyuns hand, leading him out to the courtyard.
(3:29 AM) yunho:He waved a bit, his face really the only thing visable except his hand. "You're hugging my sweater.." Smiling brightly, Kyuhyun walked outside with him, looking around at all the flowers. "It's so pretty out here." He nodded, picking a pink rose and handing it to Sungmin.
(3:30 AM) SHARK ROCKET:He nodded, pulling it out from under him and handing it to Jaejoong. "It smelt like you, it soothed me to sleep," he said, sitting up before getting out of bed. Sungmin took the flower and blushed, tucking it in his hair. "Thank you," he said, bowing. He looked around, finding a koi fish pond and got to his knees, sticking his hand in to try and touch a fish.
(3:39 AM) yunho:He smiled and sat on the bench, watching Sungmin with the fish. Tilting his head, he bit his lip and decided to join him, sitting on his butt. "I used to have one of these outside my house. A pond, I mean." Jaejoong walked over and took the sweater, nodding slowly. "You can keep it. Since it helps you sleep."
(3:45 AM) SHARK ROCKET:Sungmin lifted his head, looking over at Kyuhyun. "Really?" he asked, his eyes full of interest. "Tell me about yourself, about your family. I'm really interested." Yoochun shook his head, patting Jaejoong on the shoulder. "It's ok, it was just to hold while you were gone."
(3:49 AM) yunho:"Well I'm an only child, but I never really had the attention I wanted from my foster parents. You would think they'd want to spend time with their adopted child but," he shrugged, looking at the pond. "I'd spend my days at the pond, just feeding the fish." Shaking his head, Jaejoong held the sweater out to him. "Take it, really. I have another one."

Session Start: May 31, 2007

(1:02 PM) changmin:morning, hyung.
(1:02 PM) yunho:good morning, minnie
(1:03 PM) changmin:what's for breakfast?
(1:05 PM) yunho:i made waffles
(1:05 PM) changmin:ooooooooh!
(1:06 PM) yunho::) help yourself, there is also strawberries
(1:06 PM) changmin:ohhhhh~
(1:10 PM) changmin:mm they're good
your cooking has improved!
(1:11 PM) yunho:thank you!
(1:15 PM) changmin:where's joongie hyung?
(1:16 PM) yunho:still sleeping
(1:17 PM) changmin:ohh did you tire him out? ;)
(1:17 PM) yunho:hush, you
(1:17 PM) changmin:nuh uh, i want to know :D
(1:17 PM) yunho:we had a nice long bubble bath to relax his knee
(1:21 PM) changmin:did it work?
(1:21 PM) yunho:as i said, joongie is asleep :)
(1:22 PM) changmin:ah, well. ok then haha. is he still depressed about his knee?
(1:22 PM) yunho:he's upset that he can't dance, but i wouldn't say depressed
(1:31 PM) changmin:at least he's able to sing. i can't imagine if both were taken away what would happen.
(1:31 PM) yunho:me wouldn't be a good thing, he'd go crazy
(1:31 PM) changmin:the fans are happy to see him even if he can't dance. so it works out. he still thinks he's disappointed them, though.
(1:35 PM) yunho:i think i might let him sing with us on the slow songs where we don't dance
like begin, he loves that song
(1:35 PM) changmin:if he can sit for them, then i don't see why not.
(1:36 PM) yunho:we could all sit on stools, maybe
(1:37 PM) changmin:all i know is, when we come home after the show, he looks like he's about to snap from sitting around all day
(1:37 PM) yunho:i'm going to suprise him tonight
(1:38 PM) changmin:ohh with what?~
(1:38 PM) yunho:the concert, minnie
(1:38 PM) changmin:oh
(1:38 PM) changmin:sorry :$
(1:38 PM) yunho::)
(1:39 PM) changmin:yoochun walked past in nothing but a towel so it distracted me X__x
(1:39 PM) yunho:pervert
(1:39 PM) changmin:sorrrrrrrrrry
(1:39 PM) changmin:not like you wouldn't have the same reaction if jaejoong went past with a towel on
(1:40 PM) yunho:i wouldn't have to, i've seen him naked
(1:40 PM) changmin:yoochun said he was small
(1:40 PM) yunho:he is not
(1:40 PM) changmin:you would say that though, he's your boyfriend
(1:41 PM) yunho:i don't think he's small, he's just right
(1:42 PM) changmin:all i can remember is he said he was small and he was embarrassed about it. we were discussing your moobs and he brought that up.
(1:42 PM) yunho:why would any of you be talking about my chest?
(1:43 PM) changmin:i forget why we were
(1:43 PM) yunho:well don't
(1:43 PM) changmin:i would rather have that than big ears and lips
(1:44 PM) yunho:your big ears and lips are a turn on
(1:45 PM) changmin:pft
(1:45 PM) yunho:changmin, would i lie to you?
(1:46 PM) changmin:yes
to make me feel good
(1:47 PM) yunho:i don't lie
(1:47 PM) changmin:sure, hyung. everybody lies.
(1:47 PM) yunho:i wouldn't lie to you
(1:48 PM) changmin:junsu said i have "dick sucking" lips
(1:48 PM) yunho:well :$ he's tight
(1:48 PM) changmin:HAHAH
(1:48 PM) yunho:i meant right, i'm not thinking dirty
(1:48 PM) changmin:bull
but um.. thanks?
(1:49 PM) yunho:you believe me, don't you?
(1:49 PM) changmin:that you think i have dick sucking lips? yeah probably. you guys are worse than me, you're just mute about it
(1:50 PM) yunho:i  think you're gorgeous
(1:50 PM) changmin:aha how? i'm awkward
(1:50 PM) yunho:it's attractive
(1:51 PM) yunho:yoochun's dorky laugh is what makes him appealing, jaejoong's awkward dancing makes him appealing, and junsu's stupid ways make him irresistable
(1:51 PM) yunho:i'd be with all of you if i could
(1:52 PM) changmin:ohh
i thought i was the only one who thought that...
(1:52 PM) yunho:oh god, i am gay..
(1:52 PM) changmin:.........
nothing wrong with that
(1:52 PM) yunho:i have to go
(1:52 PM) changmin:ok.....
(1:53 PM) yunho:Yunho signed off quickly and could soon be heard crying softly in his room. He pulled out his phone with shakey hands and dialed Heechul's number, closing his eyes as he waited.
(1:54 PM) changmin:Heechul picked up quickly, as he always did whenever Yunho called. He pressed the phone to his ear and smiled. "Sup, cunt?" he said, which was his usual greating.
(1:55 PM) yunho:"Heechul, I'm sexually attracted to my band mates!" He blurted out, then muffled his soft sobs into his pillow. The thought of being completely gay scared the life out of Yunho, since he was always told being gay meant going to Hell.
(1:57 PM) changmin:"Whoa, whoa," he said, putting the phone on speaker so he could get dressed. "Breathe, Yunho, breathe. Then smack yourself because being gay isn't that bad. You're not going to hell yadda yadda all the other shit people say. Love is the most purest feeling in the world," He pulled off his tanktop he slept in and tossed it aside. "Being sexually attracted to the sexy bitchces you live with - minus Changmin because that's just awkward for me being that I'm much older than him - that's perfectly fine as well. I've been there."
(2:02 PM) yunho:"I'm even attracted to Changmin, though. I find myself thinking about each and every one of them during the day, just..going off in my own little world of sex with them by my side. What's wrong with me?" He sniffled, shaking his head slowly. "The thought of having sex with them until the sun comes up doesn't bother me, but the thought of being terrifies me, Heechul."
(2:06 PM) changmin:He sat down on his bed once he had his pants on and sighed, looking at his phone. "Yunho, it's ok. I mean I understand where you're coming from because even I get scared sometimes but you know what? You have seventeen amazing friends and then some. We're all here for you, we all love you. You'll be ok." He brought Heebum onto his lap and hugged him. "You know that, right?"
(2:12 PM) yunho:Calming down a bit, he nodded to himself. "I know that. I'm just afraid my family will hate me if they ever find out. Not that I'd go up to my dad and say I'm gay, but..rumors and all. I don't want to break their hearts while trying to fill mine."
(2:13 PM) changmin:"Yunho," he began, putting Heebum on the floor since the cat was squirming. "I hate to say this but it's true - fuck your parents. If they can't love you just because of that, then that's just wrong. Really fucking wrong. I'm sorry."
(2:14 PM) yunho:"I know..God, I know. I can't help but put others feelings head of mine, I've always been like that. Even during my lowest point, I will go out of my way to help someone else." He sighed, shaking his head. "Maybe it's time I start helping myself for a change."
(2:19 PM) changmin:He smiled a bit, taking the phone off speaker and pressing it to his ear. "Exactly, think about yourself for once. I've been telling you that for years, especially after you were posioned." He paused and sighed. "Yunho, I love you, you and Donghae are like.. my best friends and I would bend over backwards for you two more than anybody else. I want you to be happy."
(2:22 PM) yunho:He sat up, thinking for a moment. "You know I'd do anything for you, Heechul. When I had no one else, I knew I had you. You can light up my day just by calling me a twat or a cunt." Laughing softly, he shook his head a bit. "You're the brother I never had."
(2:24 PM) changmin:He bit his lip and teared up a bit, sniffing as he wiped they from his eyes. "God damn you, you made me cry," he said with a laugh. "Just... please be happy for me? If you have nobody, you have me. You'll ALWAYS have me, Jung Yunho. Always."
(2:27 PM) yunho:"I love you, Heechul. I'll always love you just like you will always love me." He smiled to himself, wiping his eyes. "I'm going to call you back later, okay? I have some thinking to do." Nodding slightly, he cleared his throat, taking a deep breath.
(2:30 PM) changmin:"Ok, take care of yourself," he said softly before saying goodbye and hanging up the phone.
(2:32 PM) yunho:After about an hour, Yunho finally got up the courage to take his clothes off. He knew everyone would be up and moving by now, and that's what he wanted. Undressing down to his boxers, only his boxers, he gave his chest a light squeeze before walking out of his room.
(2:33 PM) changmin:Jaejoong was on the couch, his glasses on his nose as he read a book. Changmin was helping himself to some more food, talking to Yoochun about the random things he wanted to do on their day off, his arms flying around as he discussed it animatedly.
(2:36 PM) yunho:Yunho took a deep, quiet breath before passing the living room and going into the kitchen. He'd chosen to wear his tighter boxers that day, the dark color complementing his skin. Opening the fridge, he pulled out a juice and some assorted fruit, moving over to get a fork.
(2:37 PM) changmin:Changmin stopped talking when he saw Yunho and watched him, nudging Yoochun to get his attention as well. Jaejoong lifted his head when he heard everything fall silent and  tried to see what Changmin was staring at, but couldn't see around him. "What am I missing?!" he exclaimed, pouting.
(2:38 PM) yunho:Hopping up onto the counter, acting as if he didn't notice Changmin and Yoochun, Yunho lifted a leg and rested it on the counter, giving a nice view to anyone if they looked right. He ate his fruit slowly, wiping the juices with his fingers, which he then licked off.
(2:39 PM) changmin:Jaejoong gave up trying to see and grabbed his crutches, wobbling over. Once he laid his eyes on Yunho on the counter, he nearly fell over. "Yunnie," he breathed, swaying a little. Changmin pulled out a chair and had Jaejoong sit down, chuckling a little. "Yeah, I agree," he said in a thick voice.
(2:41 PM) yunho:He opened his eyes, thankful for his good acting lessons as he acted suprised at their faces. "What's so amazing?" Sipping his water, he set the bottle aside and put his fork in the sink. "Metal makes the fruit taste funny." He spoke mostly to himself and picked up a pineapple chunk, eating it slowly.
(2:42 PM) changmin:"You look good," Changmin said, speaking for everybody. He tilted his head a bit and blushed. "Really good." Jaejoong looked over at Changmin and nudged him as if to tell him not to stare at his boyfriend, a preditory look coming over his face.
(2:58 PM) yunho:"Thank you, Minnie." He smiled and slid off the counter, bringing his fruit with him. "Jaejoong-ah, can I talk to you?" Putting the cap on his bowl, he held his hand out to Jaejoong, a smile on his face. Yoochun just smirked, looking at Changmin.
(2:59 PM) changmin:Jaejoong took Yunhos hand, looking at him curiously for a moment. "You know I can't use my crutches and hold your hand at the same time," he noted. Changmin turned even redder as Yoochun smirked at him, fidgeting nervously.
(3:06 PM) yunho:"I'll carry you." He nodded and swiftly picked Jaejoong up in his arms, pecking his lips. Smiling, he walked them back to his room, closing the door with his foot. "Oh man, there's a nice thought for alone time tonight." Yoochun grinned, fanning his face. "I know you'd like a piece of that."
(3:08 PM) changmin:He looked over at Yoochun for a moment, a bit surprised then nodded in agreement. "I don't understand why he's so afraid to show us his body, he's fucking hot," he puffed out his cheeks, adjusting himself in his pants. Jaejoong grinned as he was lifted up and carried away, hugging his boyfriend. "Yunnie, you look so sexy," he purred.
(3:11 PM) yunho:Wrapping an arm around Changmin, Yoochun licked his lips. "I think we need to talk our hyungs into a little Dong Bang fun." He nodded, smirking. Blushing, Yunho set Jaejoong on the bed and closed the door, putting his fruit aside. "Joongie, I need to talk to you. And I'm just going to come out and say it, but I don't want you to get uspet." He nodded, taking a breath. "I think the only way for ...
(3:11 PM) yunho:.. me to be comfortable in my own skin is to have more than just you touching it."
(3:16 PM) changmin:Jaejoong watched him, digesting the words and went off into a long Boo Jae moment before meeting his boyfriends eyes again. "Do you mean... doing sexual things with the other people?" he asked. Changmin nodded, chewing on his bottom lip. "I agree, very much so."

Session Start: May 31, 2007

(11:52 PM) changmin:He tilted his head, falling into another BooJae moment while he considered it. Changmin grinned at Yoochun, leaning in to kiss him passionately. "I have only one rule, though," he said, looking him in the eyes. "Only you can have sex with me."
(12:07 AM) yunho:Looking at Changmin, Yoochun nodded slowly, smiling as he held him close. "What about if one of the others wants me to have sex with them?" Yunho watched Jaejoong as he thought, biting his lip. "Jae Jae?"
(12:11 AM) changmin:"Who do you want to do this with?" he asked, snapping out of his daze and looking at Yunho, interested and curious. Changmin slid his hands up and down Yoochuns back, shaking his head. "No, you're mine when it comes to that."
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(12:26 AM) yunho:"The guys, if they're up for it. I wouldn't do it with anyone else." He shook his head, sitting down beside Jaejoong. "It's safer that way." Yoochun smiled, stroking Changmin's hair. "Just touching and sucking, then."
(12:28 AM) changmin:He moved to the end of the bed where Yunho was and grabbed him by the hips, looking up into his eyes. "As long as I'm included in this. Because I want to see you all hot and bothered. Just.. no sex. Or kissing. That's for me." Changmin leaned in and nuzzled against Yoochuns neck before starting to kiss right below his ear.
(12:36 AM) yunho:He looked at him, nodding. "I wouldn't do this unless you were doing it with me, Jae. You're the reason I want to do this, to get comfortable with myself to make love to you." Yoochun licked his lips as Changmin kissed below his ear, hugging him closer. "How'd you find that?"
(12:38 AM) changmin:Jaejoongs cheeks turned red and he bit his lip, trying to hold back the urge to smile. "Ok, I'm fine with it. Just.. nothing happens without me there, ok?" he looked up at Yunho again, a serious look on his face. "If I'm there, it.. doesn't feel like cheating if that makes any sense." Changmin pulled back, giggling a bit. "I don't know, I just kissed there?" he said, shrugging.
(12:42 AM) yunho:"Nothing at all. You'll be there for everything that happens between any of us, I promise." He nodded, leaning in and kissing Jaejoong. "I would never cheat on you." Yoochun grinned. "I like it, it's sort spot, you could say. Nice going, Min."
(12:43 AM) changmin:He smiled into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Yunho. "Your skin is like caremel," he purred when he broke the kiss, running his hands over Yunhos toned body. "Looking at you is giving me the shivers." Changmin blushed, then leaned in and started kissing right below his ear again, making small moaning noises.
(12:54 AM) yunho:Just as Yunho was about to lay down with Jaejoong, Junsu ran through the house screaming and crying. Yoochun jumped and looked up, looking at Changmin before hurrying to Junsu in the living room.
(12:55 AM) changmin:Changmin followed, sitting down next to him on the couch. Jaejoong hopped out on one foot, falling over himself as he did. "Junsu, what's wrong?" Changmin asked while Jaejoong struggled to get up.
(12:58 AM) yunho:Junsu cried and held his finger, jumping up and down a few times. Once Yunho had helped Jaejoong into the living room, Junsu held up his finger, pointing. "PAPERCUT!"
(12:59 AM) changmin:Jaejoong blinked, pressing a hand to his chest. "You scared the crap out of me over a papercut?" he asked, completely dumbfounded. He held onto Yunho and burried his face into his bare chest, shaking his head. Changmin wrapped his fingers around Junsus and brought it to his lips, giving it a kiss. "I'll get you a band-aid, hyung."
(1:05 AM) yunho:"I hurts, Joongie, it hurts so bad!" He whimpered and watched Changmin, wiping his tears with his sleeve. "Don't forget the disinfectant." Nodding, he sniffled and walked over to Yoochun, snuggling up in his arms as he waited for Changmin.
(1:09 AM) changmin:Changmin came back with a bright pink Hello Kitty! band-aid and the disinfectant, sitting back down on the couch. "Give me the injuried finger," he said in a professional voice, holding open his hand.
(1:10 AM) yunho:He held out his finger, hiding his face in Yoochun's chest. Laughing softly, Yoochun held Junsu close, stroking his hair. "Easy with him, doctor. He's sensitive."
(1:12 AM) changmin:He smoothed his hand over Junsus before uncapping the disinfectant and dabbing it a little at his cut. Once his finger was wrapped in the bright band-aid, he kissed it and waved a lolly pop around. "Just for being a good boy, you get this lolly pop!"
(1:14 AM) yunho:Looking at Changmin, Junsu squealed and moved forward, reaching for the lolly pop. "Gimme gimme gimme!" He spoke in English, biting the tip of his tongue. Yunho looked at Jaejoong, whispering. "Since we're all together..I should ask."
(1:17 AM) changmin:Jaejoong nodded, hopping to a seat and sitting down. Changmin handed Junsu the lolly pop, smiling so brightly his eyes had that tellitale uneaven look. "You're too cute sometimes, hyung. Now give me back my boyfriend."
(1:21 AM) yunho:Walking over, Yunho sat down on the couch. "Guys, I have something to ask all of you." He nodded, holding Jaejoong in his lap as he told them about his idea, and explained the 'rules' to them.
(1:22 AM) changmin:Changmin nearly brust at the sceems when Yunho proposed his idea, springing to his feet. "That's so weird because Yoochun and I were talking about it too and was gonna ask you guys," he said quickly, his eyes going uneaven again.
(1:29 AM) yunho:Junsu frowned, standing up and shaking his head. "No. I won't be apart of it." He walked back to his room, closing the door behind him. Sighing quietly, Yoochun looked at Yoochun.
(1:31 AM) changmin:Changmin stood, patting Yoochun on the leg and left the room. He nudged the door open and sat down next to Junsu, looking at him. "Nobody said you had to, hyung. It was just a proposition. Ok?" he smiled a bit.
(1:44 AM) yunho:He looked at him, hugging his dolphin. "He made it sound like he wanted all of us to do it. I don't want to do it, I love Hyukjae. I don't want to cheat on him, I would never do that."
(1:45 AM) changmin:"Well I'm saying you don't have to, and I'm sure the other guys are fine with it as well. We know you love Hyukjae," he pat him on the shoulder. "I just hope you won't look at us differently."
(1:52 AM) yunho:"I won't, I want you guys to have fun, just.. I don't want to do it." Shrugging, he sighed and bit his lip. "I'm going to take a nap, Minnie.." He leaned up, kissing his cheek.
(1:53 AM) changmin:He nodded and kissed him on the forehead, helping him lay down. "And you don't have to, hyung. Really," he smiled softly, tucking him in. "Sleep well." He blew a kiss before closing the door, coming back into the living room.
(2:00 AM) yunho:He waved and smiled, closing his eyes as he curled up with his dolphin. Yunho looked up when Changmin came back, biting his lip. "What did he say? Is he disgusted?"
(2:01 AM) changmin:"He said he doesn't want to be apart of it, but he's not disgusted. He just felt like he had no choice, but I told him it was ok that he didn't join if he didn't want to. He won't judge us, either." he explained, taking a seat. Jaejoong watched everybody with his big doe eyes, playing with his bottom lip.
(2:09 AM) yunho:Yunho nodded slowly, rubbing his chin as he thought for a moment. "We could move him into the room by himself, that way if we wanted to play at night..we wouldn't wake him." He nodded, looking up as Yoochun wrapped his arms around Changmin.
(2:10 AM) changmin:Changmin leaned in and started kissing Yoochuns sensitive spot right behind his ear, sighing softly. Jaejoong watched, squirming a bit. "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Give him your room. We can share the other two rooms."
(2:23 AM) yunho:"Minnie, come on now..shouldn't we invite our new play friends?" He smirked, pulling him back gently as he looked at Jaejoong and Yunho. Yunho bit his lip and looked at Jaejoong, tilting his head.
(2:24 AM) changmin:Jaejoong leaned back and looked at Yunho, whispering in his ear to carry him to the bedroom. "You guys can come with," he said, biting his lip when he was lifted up. Changmin stopped what he was doing and started to get to his feet, holding out his hand to Yoochun.
(2:28 AM) yunho:Picking Jaejoong up, Yunho carried him to Jae's bedroom, sitting him down. Yoochun held Changmin's hand and walked into the room, sitting on the opposite bed and sitting back against the wall. "It would be hard to do much with Jaejoong's knee hurting."
(2:31 AM) changmin:"That's ok, we'll be gentle," Changmin said, climbing onto the bed. He reached down to pull his shirt over his head, tossing it onto the floor. He tugged Yoochun onto the bed with a giggle, starting to kiss his neck more passionately.
(2:43 AM) yunho:Yoochun grinned and hugged Changmin close, stroking his back as he closed his eyes. Looking at Jaejoong, Yunho bit his lip and moved in, kissing him slowly and resting a hand on his knee.
(2:45 AM) changmin:Jaejoong sighed into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Yunho while Changmin pulled back from Yoochuns neck. "Wait," he said, crawling over to Yunho. He pecked his cheek before climbing off the bed and turning on the dvd player. He bit his lip as he searched for a sexy song, then started to dance. He swayed his hips to the beat, doing hip rolls and thrusts as he worked the belt of his jeans open. Jaejoong watched, his mouth falling open.
(3:03 AM) yunho:Yoochun licked his lips and slid off his jeans, putting them on the floor as he watched his boyfriend dance, a grin on his face. Sitting back against the wall, Yunho watched Changmin with a hand resting over his crotch, biting his lip.
(3:06 AM) changmin:He slipped his jeans down his hips and stepped out of them once they pooled at his feet, climbing onto the bed and heading for Yunho. "Do you want to touch me, hyung?" he asked in a husky voice, his eyes watching him.
(3:13 AM) yunho:Yunho scooted forward slowly, glancing at Jaejoong before he put a hand on the younger man's hip. He looked up at him as he moved his hand to slide down Changmin's boxers.
(3:17 AM) changmin:Jaejoong moved aside, pressing his back against Yoochun as he watched Changmin drop his head, his hair falling over his face. "Go ahead, Yunnie," Jaejoong said, smiling a bit. "Play with your toy."
(3:27 AM) yunho:Looking at Jaejoong, Yoochun slowly wrapped an arm around his friend, rubbing his chest. Yunho slid his arm around Changmin, kissing his stomache while he felt the younger man's member, closing his eyes.
(3:28 AM) changmin:Changmin twitched slightly, letting his head roll back as he bit his bottom lip. Jaejoongs eyes fluttered closed when he felt Yoochuns hand brush across his nipples, instantly making them hard.
(3:37 AM) yunho:He licked up to Changmin's nipple and bit it gently, laying him on the bed before getting on top of him. Yoochun bit his lip, stroking his thumb across Jaejoong's nipple ring a few times, slowly moving his hand down to his lower regions.
(3:39 AM) changmin:Jaejoong opened his legs a bit, blushing. This was something he'd have to get used to, it was enough to expose himself to Yunho. Changmin gasped when Yunho bit his nipple, reaching up to palm Yunhos chest as he watched him to see if it was ok.
(3:51 AM) yunho:Yunho nodded slowly, looking at Changmin with a bit of a smile as he leaned back down to suck his nipple slowly. Looking at Jaejoong, Yoochun moved his lips to kiss his neck, whispering. "You okay?"
(3:53 AM) changmin:He looked over his shoulder at Yoochun, a bit of a dazed look on his face. "Huh?" he said, shaking his head. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just kinda shy." Changmin arched his back slightly, pinching Yunhos nipples before tugging them playfully.
(4:01 AM) yunho:He smiled a him and nodded, stroking his stomache instead of his member, resting his head against Jae's. Yunho wasted no time in stroking Changmin's member, sucking his nipple and pinching the other.
(4:04 AM) changmin:He rolled over slowly onto his other side, looking at Yoochun as he ran his fingers down his cheek to his collar bone, following the lines. Changmin gasped again, letting out a strangled moan as he rolled the other mans nipples with his fingers.
(4:24 AM) yunho:Yunho lay beside Changmin once they were all finished playing, catching his breath and wrapping his arm around the younger man with a smile on his face. Being the lazy one, Yoochun was already half asleep with his arms around Jae, laughing softly.
(4:25 AM) changmin:Changmin placed his hands on either side of Yunhos face and leaned in, slowly starting to kiss him with those oh so soft lips. Jaejoong removed the arm he had over his eyes in time to catch it and sat up quickly, grabbing onto Changmin roughly. "No!" he said in an angry voice, shoving him hard. Changmin lost his balance and ended up falling off the bed, landing on the floor with a painful thud.
(4:29 AM) yunho:Sitting up quickly, Yunho looked at Jaejoong before moving to help Changmin off the floor. "Min, are you okay?" Yoochun got off the bed and looked at Jaejoong, confused. "What was that for?" He rubbed his eyes before helping Yunho get Changmin off the floor.
(4:30 AM) changmin:"No kissing, that was in the rules," he said, glaring at Changmin as if he'd burn a hole in his head. The younger man rubbed his wrist, looking at Yoochun and Yunho. "Sorry, I just.. got caught up in the moment and ... I like kissing," he said softly.
(4:32 AM) yunho:"I don't like that rule, hyung. If we know we aren't going to be with anyone other than our boyfriend, why does it matter? We can trust eachother, right?" He sat with Changmin on the bed as Yunho looked at Jaejoong. "You didn't have to throw him off the bed, Jae.."
(4:34 AM) changmin:Jaejoong sighed and pulled himself towards Changmin, wrapping his arms around his bare midsection and nuzzled the small of his back. "I'm sorry, Min. I just.. jealousy got the better of me. I guess kissing is ok. Just no.. sex." He peaked around Changmins hip.
(4:36 AM) yunho:Yoochun looked at Jae. "Hey, don't look at me. The only dick I want inside me is Changmin's." he nodded, laying back on the bed. Grinning, Yunho sat in front of them, sighing. "I'm tired, let's move these beds together."