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Thursday, May 17, 2007
need to be brave (3:06:20 PM):resizez imagez
need to be brave (3:15:07 PM):min is like a therapist lmao
kiss the radio (3:15:12 PM):lmao i decided to go with your "yoochun had a bad past" idea
need to be brave (3:15:35 PM):ah
need to be brave (3:15:41 PM):well min lives to help people
kiss the radio (3:15:35 PM):ehehe
need to be brave (3:17:55 PM):http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/dongbangshinki/30167.html#cutid1
need to be brave (3:19:30 PM):http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v346/malfooooy/me/Picture074.png
kiss the radio (3:19:46 PM):ehehe cutie
need to be brave (3:20:02 PM):pffft
kiss the radio (3:19:57 PM):<3
need to be brave (3:33:57 PM):is this the beginning of yoomin :O
kiss the radio (3:33:54 PM):yeah :O
need to be brave (3:34:09 PM):OOO :o
need to be brave (3:36:57 PM):junki has such a cute nose
kiss the radio (3:36:53 PM):ikr
kiss the radio (3:57:00 PM):grumblegrumblebitchbitch :|||
need to be brave (3:57:23 PM):she making you get off :-(
kiss the radio (3:57:30 PM):yeah i need to go with her to do some important stuff
need to be brave (3:57:48 PM):uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh
need to be brave (3:57:50 PM):but but
need to be brave (3:57:56 PM):he was gonna teach him how to kiss :'(
kiss the radio (3:57:51 PM):he still will, for sure
need to be brave (3:58:17 PM):ok i will pout until you return
kiss the radio (3:58:23 PM):i'll pout too
kiss the radio (3:58:24 PM):ily
need to be brave (3:58:38 PM):ilym
kiss the radio (3:58:46 PM):no way
kiss the radio (3:58:49 PM):i'll ttyl
need to be brave (11:24:21 PM):OMG YAY
kiss the radio (11:24:25 PM):omg >:o gimme time to be signed on!!!!
kiss the radio (11:24:27 PM):jk jk jk
need to be brave (11:24:41 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (11:24:48 PM):I GOTS ME A NEW COMPUTAR CHAIR
kiss the radio (11:24:46 PM):OMG YAY
need to be brave (11:25:07 PM):IT IS SO WEIRD BECAUSE IT MAKES NO NOISE LMAO
kiss the radio (11:25:13 PM):LMFAO
need to be brave (11:25:35 PM):i feel important now lmfao
kiss the radio (11:25:28 PM):aw good
need to be brave (11:25:47 PM):it's one of those office chairs~
kiss the radio (11:25:41 PM):ehehe
need to be brave (11:25:52 PM):LMAO AND IT VIBRATES
kiss the radio (11:25:46 PM):LMFAO OMG FUN
need to be brave (11:25:58 PM):but i doubt i'll use it
need to be brave (11:26:04 PM):unless for ~*fun*~
kiss the radio (11:25:58 PM):oooo ;-)
need to be brave (11:27:05 PM):i'm playing mahjong towers~
kiss the radio (11:27:43 PM):towers? hmm
need to be brave (11:27:59 PM):yep
kiss the radio (11:28:33 PM):is that like regular mahjong?
need to be brave (11:28:50 PM):yeah pretty much
kiss the radio (11:29:04 PM):i love mahjong
need to be brave (11:33:05 PM):lmao i suck at it
need to be brave (11:33:09 PM):mah boyz r on
need to be brave (11:34:35 PM):would you like  resend of what changmin~ said
kiss the radio (11:34:54 PM):yes
need to be brave (11:35:24 PM):yunho can talk to joongie
kiss the radio (11:36:36 PM):k
need to be brave (11:37:01 PM):until i figure out something for them to do lmao
kiss the radio (11:36:54 PM):lmao
Friday, May 18, 2007
kiss the radio (12:05:10 AM):lmao
kiss the radio (12:07:29 AM):wrong im? lmao
need to be brave (12:07:49 AM):LMAO YES
need to be brave (12:07:58 AM):i just clicked one and sent it sry
need to be brave (12:23:23 AM):http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s299/koyangineko/Just%20JunKI5/summer_0008_.jpg his hair is so cuuute
kiss the radio (12:23:29 AM):omg it is
need to be brave (12:26:58 AM):http://community.livejournal.com/heechulpetals/11375.html cannot.. function
kiss the radio (12:30:11 AM):lmao i lold
need to be brave (12:30:35 AM):lmao well at the beginning with the hips
kiss the radio (12:30:30 AM):yeah lmao
need to be brave (1:02:50 AM):i am going to bring in junki~ who are you bringing in?
kiss the radio (1:02:53 AM):idk yet
need to be brave (1:03:14 AM):o ok
kiss the radio (1:05:00 AM):someone that will flirt with changmin and spice things up between yoosu
kiss the radio (1:05:02 AM):yoomin*
need to be brave (1:05:37 AM):oooooooo
kiss the radio (1:07:22 AM):BRIAN
need to be brave (1:07:51 AM):brians 26 though lmfao why would he want a 19 year old
kiss the radio (1:07:50 AM):~~~~~younger man~~~~~
need to be brave (1:08:10 AM):ooo
kiss the radio (1:08:11 AM):lmao
kiss the radio (1:08:19 AM):either him of dongwook
kiss the radio (1:08:24 AM):or
need to be brave (1:13:54 AM):i luvs da dramas~
kiss the radio (1:13:49 AM):which'n
need to be brave (1:14:08 AM):you decide it's your character
kiss the radio (1:14:09 AM):kk
need to be brave (1:14:40 AM):do you think we could possibly add... not rape but close to it, into the story? i guess it would be called sexual molestation when it's not rape
kiss the radio (1:14:43 AM):to who?
need to be brave (1:14:55 AM):it would be implied
need to be brave (1:15:17 AM):well if it's brian he could be like "oh hay you're hot~" with changmin
kiss the radio (1:15:35 AM):see the thing with brian is i can't play him mean
need to be brave (1:16:11 AM):and you can with dongwook? lmao
kiss the radio (1:16:17 AM):no, i can't with either of them lmao
need to be brave (1:17:21 AM):well then it can be some random sick dude who's all "oh hay ur the fag~" and then get all touchy feely while laughing at him and shit. changmin tells yoochun about it one day, we don't have to rp it
kiss the radio (1:17:26 AM):k
need to be brave (1:18:42 AM):it will bring them closar
kiss the radio (1:18:54 AM):ehehe
need to be brave (1:19:12 AM):o__o internets went funny
kiss the radio (1:19:09 AM):oops
need to be brave (1:20:15 AM):yeeeeah it's a tad stupid sometimes idk what the prob is
kiss the radio (1:23:32 AM):i won't bring in my character until maybe the third meeting
need to be brave (1:23:47 AM):ok
kiss the radio (1:23:42 AM):he's shy~
need to be brave (1:25:36 AM):i am going to add that.. bit in so be prepared for an emo~ min
kiss the radio (1:25:40 AM):sigh k
need to be brave (1:26:00 AM):just to get it out of the way
kiss the radio (1:27:12 AM):right now?
need to be brave (1:27:52 AM):no he'll be back after you respond
kiss the radio (1:27:46 AM):ooh k
kiss the radio (1:27:59 AM):i'm gonna do junsu apologizing to jaejoong so they can be there
need to be brave (1:28:15 AM):ok
need to be brave (1:28:29 AM):i'm gonna end up with a zillion junki pics again lmao
kiss the radio (1:28:29 AM):lmfao share then to my pb plz
kiss the radio (1:28:33 AM):them ugh
need to be brave (1:28:57 AM):NO jk i will eventually
need to be brave (1:30:43 AM):naa's doing that rename thingymabobber saturday~
kiss the radio (1:31:17 AM):wb
kiss the radio (1:31:32 AM)::-(
need to be brave (1:32:24 AM):if you sent a message after mine where junki was all hi ^___^ i never got it
kiss the radio (1:32:29 AM):i didn't~
need to be brave (1:32:50 AM):ok, just checkin
kiss the radio (1:32:45 AM):i sent a message on aim tho
need to be brave (1:33:16 AM):ya lmao i did too and then the net was all LOL FAILS
kiss the radio (1:33:18 AM): kiss the radio (12:30:12 AM): :O what if junsu and jaejoong found changmin

kiss the radio (12:30:21 AM): while it was happening
need to be brave (1:33:36 AM):oooo
need to be brave (1:33:42 AM):yes ok
kiss the radio (1:33:47 AM):then they could walk him in there and all the people would see
need to be brave (1:34:01 AM):lmao when my internet crapped out for a sec i said naa's doing the rename thing
need to be brave (1:34:04 AM):on saturday
kiss the radio (1:34:02 AM):oooo
kiss the radio (1:36:56 AM):can we merge those two now?
need to be brave (1:37:19 AM):ok
kiss the radio (1:37:21 AM):we can keep the joongie one
need to be brave (1:37:38 AM):hokai
need to be brave (1:37:51 AM):wot r we doin in tha othur
kiss the radio (1:37:47 AM):idkkkkk
need to be brave (1:39:10 AM):the fiance one?
kiss the radio (1:39:06 AM):k
need to be brave (1:39:27 AM):today is ur day to st8rt
need to be brave (1:39:37 AM):felt like randomly putting an 8 in there
kiss the radio (1:39:32 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (1:44:19 AM):melissa has to stop sending me this song because it keeps disconnecting my internets when she does
need to be brave (1:45:57 AM):k so this time it decided to close my windows >:O
need to be brave (1:47:23 AM):R U THURR?
need to be brave (1:48:19 AM):?!!?!??!?!
kiss the radio (1:55:05 AM):SRY MY DOG IZ HERE
need to be brave (1:55:23 AM):o
kiss the radio (1:55:36 AM):i gotta wash off but brb
need to be brave (1:55:55 AM):okay
kiss the radio (1:55:48 AM):dog smell
need to be brave (1:56:11 AM):lmao i hate dog smell
kiss the radio (2:02:30 AM):wb on msn
need to be brave (2:02:43 AM):my internet is realllly bugging me
kiss the radio (2:02:36 AM):me too
need to be brave (2:13:52 AM):I AM ABOUT TO STAB EASTLINK
kiss the radio (2:13:50 AM)::-(
need to be brave (2:14:52 AM):ugh
need to be brave (2:26:06 AM):i am gonna cry soon
kiss the radio (2:26:04 AM):hugs
need to be brave (2:29:36 AM):maybe i should go because if it keeps happening i'm just gonna get mad. i already slammed my fist on the table lmao that hurt:-(
kiss the radio (2:29:40 AM):ow :-(
kiss the radio (2:30:01 AM):i should go too, so i can have enough sleep to swim tomorrow
need to be brave (2:30:21 AM):it's just annoying. this is the only time i have to talk to you for more than an hour
kiss the radio (2:30:32 AM):maybe if you rest the computer, it'll be better tomorrow
need to be brave (2:30:57 AM):eh, it's not my computer. it's the internet >:O
kiss the radio (2:30:59 AM):the internet, then. it could just be the company
kiss the radio (2:31:11 AM):whenever there are storms in south georgia, my grandpa's internet fucks up
need to be brave (2:31:50 AM):sighhh. so i guess tomorrow night again huh? :-(
need to be brave (2:32:11 AM):lmao watch my net work after you go :-(
kiss the radio (2:32:06 AM):possibly sooner, depending on when my sister gets back from her lasik surgery
kiss the radio (2:32:07 AM):lmao sigh
need to be brave (2:32:31 AM):flskdjfdsoij i don't think i could take a laser in my eye
need to be brave (2:32:36 AM):i can't even put eyedrops in
kiss the radio (2:32:51 AM):well it's for medical reasons, so she won't be blind sooner than she has to be. sigh. i'll take my glasses any day
need to be brave (2:33:26 AM):oh i wasn't dissing her for it, all the power to her. but flskdjfsoidj still
need to be brave (2:33:33 AM):it was enough to lay there while they did eyelid surgery on me
kiss the radio (2:33:26 AM):oh i know <333 me either oh man
need to be brave (2:33:51 AM):annnd laser surgery
need to be brave (2:33:55 AM):especially after it started to hurt omfg
kiss the radio (2:34:05 AM):as long as she's able to see and watch her daughter grow up, i'm fine
need to be brave (2:34:23 AM):but anyway, i'll talk to you tomorrow. have fun swimming! i wish i could but lmao it's only been 4-5 degrees here lately
kiss the radio (2:34:21 AM):lmao <33 gn
need to be brave (2:34:35 AM):<333 night
kiss the radio (3:12:52 PM):hey yo, hey giiiirl
need to be brave (3:13:16 PM):lmao???????????????????~
kiss the radio (3:13:07 PM):lmao sup
need to be brave (3:13:32 PM):not much. i thought my aim was on and then i checked and was like LOL O
kiss the radio (3:13:25 PM):lololol
kiss the radio (3:14:19 PM):i went swimming so i'm still in my bikini
need to be brave (3:15:22 PM):GO PUT SOME CLOTHES ON
kiss the radio (3:15:25 PM):I HAVE CLOTHES ON, OVER MY BIKINI
need to be brave (3:15:54 PM):i sighed joongie on so he can talk to chunnie or something
kiss the radio (3:15:55 PM):i'm at my grandpa's :-x
need to be brave (3:16:50 PM):well dammittttt
kiss the radio (3:16:49 PM):sry
need to be brave (3:17:48 PM):ok they can 'talk' on aim then
kiss the radio (3:17:53 PM):okee doke
need to be brave (3:57:27 PM):you can make up whatever you want about the junsu/changmin bond
kiss the radio (3:57:26 PM):k, we have time
need to be brave (3:57:45 PM):ok :-)
kiss the radio (4:18:30 PM):gonna make me some yummy noodles
need to be brave (4:18:49 PM):ok
need to be brave (4:18:53 PM):i had yummy noodles today mm
kiss the radio (4:18:45 PM):mmm brb
need to be brave (4:19:05 PM):ok
kiss the radio (4:36:18 PM):brb more
need to be brave (4:36:35 PM):ok
kiss the radio (4:45:57 PM):k back. i couldnt' eat at the computer
need to be brave (4:46:30 PM):no problemo~
kiss the radio (4:58:01 PM):hmmm. what should it be? maybe junsu saved him from drowning? or perhaps only junsu knows a secret of his
need to be brave (4:58:27 PM):it's up to you~~~
kiss the radio (4:58:41 PM):you hafta be halfway involved tho
need to be brave (4:59:14 PM):lmao well drop some ideas and i'll go for the one i like most
kiss the radio (4:59:23 PM):well i just did two. hmm. what about of changmin and junsu are cousins?
need to be brave (5:00:06 PM):the others would know thaat though ahah. um, how about he was getting beat up really badly and junsu stepped in and kicked some arse
kiss the radio (5:02:29 PM):the others would know that too though
need to be brave (5:03:20 PM):then idk lmao
kiss the radio (5:04:36 PM):i have no freaking clue
need to be brave (5:05:36 PM):it could be that neither ever told about what happened, even though changmin looked pretty rough the next day.
kiss the radio (5:07:10 PM):that's not really a big secret though. maybe if junsu was sleeping over and he witnessed changmin's dad hit him, that would fit
need to be brave (5:07:32 PM):ok
kiss the radio (5:07:37 PM):that's the only real idea i can think of that is a big secret
need to be brave (5:08:26 PM):that works. i was gonna suggest something like that but i wasn't sure.
need to be brave (5:42:01 PM):brb suppar~
kiss the radio (5:41:53 PM):k
need to be brave (6:05:47 PM):stuffed XP
kiss the radio (6:05:54 PM):hey my mom is on her way back with my sister, so i gotta go help clean up the house so i can watch after her
need to be brave (6:06:22 PM):ah ok. 11 pm?
kiss the radio (6:06:25 PM):i dunno, my aunt is up here too
need to be brave (6:06:45 PM):oh
kiss the radio (6:06:42 PM):but i'll text you if i come on
need to be brave (6:07:07 PM):alrighty. see you
kiss the radio (6:07:09 PM):bye <3
need to be brave (6:07:24 PM):<333
kiss the radio signed off at 6:07:37 PM
Saturday, May 19, 2007
need to be brave (12:18:39 AM):haaaaaaaaaay
kiss the radio (12:20:13 AM):i just texted you
need to be brave (12:20:28 AM):LMAO I SAW
kiss the radio (12:20:39 AM):i wanted to talk to you for a couple hours
need to be brave (12:20:55 AM):brb gettin meself a bowl of MULTI-GRAIN CHERRIOS
kiss the radio (12:20:47 AM):k
need to be brave (12:21:03 AM):is something wrong?
kiss the radio (12:20:57 AM):no, i just missed you
need to be brave (12:23:57 AM):awww
need to be brave (12:24:27 AM):i had a nap because i'd been feeling light headed on and off all day today
kiss the radio (12:24:24 AM):aww :-(
need to be brave (12:25:27 AM):mm cherrios tho
kiss the radio (12:27:11 AM):mmmmm
need to be brave (12:27:58 AM):so how was your day
kiss the radio (12:27:52 AM):tiring
kiss the radio (12:29:35 AM):i woke up at 8 to go with my cousin to find out what her baby is, then i chilled at my aunts for a while, then i went swimming then i've been waiting for night time for some quiet
need to be brave (12:30:16 AM):your fams poppin out the kids lately yo
kiss the radio (12:30:20 AM):not really tho
need to be brave (12:30:37 AM):lmao i was jk :-(
kiss the radio (12:30:31 AM):i'm tired lmao sry
need to be brave (12:31:29 AM):are you sure you want to be on then :\ i mean if you're tired you can go to bed
kiss the radio (12:31:58 AM):i wanna rp but i don't wanna suck
need to be brave (12:33:03 AM):there is always tomorrow~
kiss the radio (12:33:48 AM):i guess i should get some sleep just incase i get woken up at 5 in the morning because my mom and stepdad are going to florida tomorrow and she said they're leaving at 5 and i hope so so i can sleep
kiss the radio (12:34:00 AM):that doesn't make sense
need to be brave (12:34:20 AM):lmao i know wha tyou mean
need to be brave (12:34:28 AM):you want to get up to say bye, but then sleep when they're gone
kiss the radio (12:34:17 AM):i want to rp really bad though
need to be brave (12:35:25 AM):we can if you want, i'm just saying if you're really tired then i don't want to feel bad when you just suddenly want to leave sort of thing
kiss the radio (12:35:58 AM):i'm just gonna go so i can finish a scene right
need to be brave (12:36:29 AM):wait what lmao
kiss the radio (12:36:34 AM):if i rp now, i won't do it right. i'm gonna go to sleep so i'll rp right tomorrow
need to be brave (12:37:00 AM):oohh ok. i'll see you tomorrow baby.
kiss the radio (12:36:51 AM):gn
need to be brave (12:37:10 AM):gn~<3
kiss the radio signed off at 12:37:15 AM
Monday, May 21, 2007
kiss the radio (12:07:47 AM):told ya~
need to be brave (12:08:08 AM):OMG HI STRANGER
kiss the radio (12:07:56 AM):HAY SEXY
need to be brave (12:08:24 AM)::-[
kiss the radio (12:08:11 AM):<3
need to be brave (12:08:34 AM):<3
kiss the radio (12:08:33 AM):whassup
need to be brave (12:08:56 AM):nothing
need to be brave (12:09:06 AM):i've just been bored like crazy since friday
kiss the radio (12:09:07 AM):ya me too
need to be brave (12:09:31 AM):YA RITE U BEEN DOIN THINGZ
kiss the radio (12:09:24 AM):BUT I MISSED U
need to be brave (12:10:07 AM):you better have some ideas then
need to be brave (12:10:15 AM):lmao
kiss the radio (12:10:14 AM):lmao i wish i did
need to be brave (12:12:12 AM):i thought about restarting the celeb one, but idk
kiss the radio (12:12:14 AM):i don't remember that one lmao :-x
need to be brave (12:13:10 AM):lmao where they are normal dbsk and suju, just in the past
kiss the radio (12:13:00 AM):oooh
need to be brave (12:13:55 AM):do you mind starting over?
kiss the radio (12:13:44 AM):nope
need to be brave (12:14:07 AM):ok
need to be brave (12:14:12 AM):you gonna be yunho this time?
kiss the radio (12:14:02 AM):yeah :-D
need to be brave (12:14:26 AM):ok
kiss the radio (12:16:04 AM):is this pro-faint?
need to be brave (12:17:02 AM):lmao do you mean pre-faint?
need to be brave (12:17:08 AM):pro faint means your for fainting lmfao
kiss the radio (12:17:18 AM):no, i mean after. i've heard people say pro-blahhh before idk it sounded right
need to be brave (12:17:48 AM):i know what you mean
kiss the radio (12:17:34 AM):kk
need to be brave (12:17:59 AM):which do you prefer?
need to be brave (12:18:11 AM):it could be what makes YUNHO~~~~ become all posessive or something
kiss the radio (12:18:02 AM):lmao k before
need to be brave (12:18:27 AM):ok
need to be brave (12:18:34 AM):I KNOW WHAT YOU MEANT
need to be brave (12:18:36 AM):post-faint
kiss the radio (12:19:22 AM):YEAH
need to be brave (12:20:08 AM):aahaha :-)
kiss the radio (12:20:56 AM):oh
kiss the radio (12:20:56 AM):my
kiss the radio (12:20:58 AM):fucking
kiss the radio (12:20:58 AM):god
need to be brave (12:21:20 AM):?
kiss the radio (12:21:09 AM):http://m1.freeshare.us/147fs400628.jpg
need to be brave (12:21:43 AM):ehehe hyukjae~
kiss the radio (12:21:51 AM):i keep waiting to see teukie's name on the pictures for kiss the radio
need to be brave (12:22:25 AM):this week apparently!
kiss the radio (12:22:15 AM):ehehe
kiss the radio (12:23:31 AM):omg kyu news
need to be brave (12:24:01 AM):i read :-D
kiss the radio (1:02:27 AM):oooo jaeho camwhore pic
need to be brave (1:02:56 AM):yeeesum
kiss the radio (1:02:43 AM):mmm
kiss the radio (1:07:27 AM):why is junsu so perfect?
need to be brave (1:07:51 AM):i dunno, ehe
kiss the radio (1:07:40 AM):http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y238/cluvy/DBSK/LOTTE7watermark-less2.jpg sigh him
need to be brave (1:08:12 AM):hehe i have those pics
kiss the radio (1:07:55 AM):all of them, too. but him
need to be brave (1:08:22 AM):PFT
need to be brave (1:08:28 AM):changmin looks like he's gonna marry his lotte
kiss the radio (1:08:36 AM):eheheh
need to be brave (1:09:46 AM):i love that you can download videos from veoh
need to be brave (1:10:22 AM):lol this doesn't have english subs
kiss the radio (1:10:13 AM):lmfao ew
need to be brave (1:10:40 AM):doesn't matter they are so much fun anyway
kiss the radio (1:10:30 AM):ehehe
need to be brave (1:11:02 AM):it's dvd quality so
need to be brave (1:12:43 AM):i am content even though idk what they're saying
need to be brave (1:12:52 AM):lmao there's a scene where they put a pink flower in jaejoongs hair
need to be brave (1:12:58 AM):and someone said it suits him
need to be brave (1:13:01 AM):and he goes "SESSY"
need to be brave (1:13:09 AM):just the way he said it omfsdlkfsodijfdoi
kiss the radio (1:13:05 AM):omg
need to be brave (1:13:27 AM):it was adorable
kiss the radio (1:13:16 AM):i wanna see
need to be brave (1:13:40 AM):lmao you're gonna have to download it
need to be brave (1:13:42 AM):or i can send it
need to be brave (1:13:50 AM):it might ake awhile the video is 50+ minutes long
kiss the radio (1:13:45 AM):what's the name of the show or whatever?
need to be brave (1:14:06 AM):it's their dvd
kiss the radio (1:13:55 AM):ooooooohhhhhhh
need to be brave (1:14:13 AM):history in japan
kiss the radio (1:14:02 AM):send it, i'll wait
kiss the radio (1:14:05 AM):or luink it
kiss the radio (1:14:06 AM):link*
need to be brave (1:15:02 AM):you gotta get an account to download it tho
need to be brave (1:15:12 AM):aaaaaaand you gotta download the veoh player thing
kiss the radio (1:15:00 AM):..ew
need to be brave (1:15:25 AM):lmao :\
need to be brave (1:15:26 AM):BUT
need to be brave (1:15:28 AM):ITS THEM
need to be brave (1:15:33 AM):i got the house tour too :-(
kiss the radio (1:18:10 AM):there are some parts on youtube
kiss the radio (1:18:15 AM):like yunho teaching korean lmfao
need to be brave (1:18:36 AM):lmao
need to be brave (1:18:43 AM):it would be from the sky pv
need to be brave (1:19:33 AM):there was an a-nation concert they did and yunho couldn't be there because he hurt his leg, and they were so exhausted afterwords that jaejoong slipped on the step :\
kiss the radio (1:19:30 AM):awww :-(
need to be brave (1:19:59 AM):someone said "poor thing" but he had this glare lmao
need to be brave (1:20:08 AM):it was like ">:[!"
kiss the radio (1:19:55 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (1:20:47 AM):although it could've been the steps were slippery because there was like.. rain on the van they were in
need to be brave (1:20:54 AM):and their shoes made squeaky sounds
kiss the radio (1:20:41 AM):possibly
need to be brave (1:21:33 AM):lmao junsu got off the van like he was pregnant it was rather amusing
kiss the radio (1:21:22 AM):rofl
need to be brave (1:21:53 AM):i always lol when people wave crutches at concerts
kiss the radio (1:23:58 AM):ugh yunho is so handsome
need to be brave (1:24:42 AM):yes, yes he is ugh ugh
kiss the radio (1:25:20 AM):lmao this one part, yunho is "teaching" something and he is pointing to what jaejoong is doing and jae is just all "........mixes"
need to be brave (1:26:01 AM):i think i saw the caps of that
need to be brave (1:26:27 AM):i'll eventually take my own caps of this
need to be brave (1:26:29 AM):for you and i~
kiss the radio (1:26:15 AM):ehehe
need to be brave (1:27:03 AM):lmao i couldn't past those up
kiss the radio (1:27:34 AM):l m a o
need to be brave (1:28:08 AM):i saw caps of them before but someone put a stupid exclusion layer on them so
kiss the radio (1:28:21 AM):omg lmao yunho just said spoon
need to be brave (1:28:50 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (1:28:56 AM):did it even sound like spoon
kiss the radio (1:28:43 AM):yes
need to be brave (1:29:07 AM)::O amazing
kiss the radio (1:29:24 AM):he said spoon but said chopsticks in japanese
need to be brave (1:29:51 AM):LMAO maybe there is no word for spoon?
kiss the radio (1:29:44 AM):there is in korean lmfao
need to be brave (1:30:16 AM):ok so maybe there isn't in japanese?!
kiss the radio (1:30:06 AM):?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
need to be brave (1:30:31 AM):?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?1111`~~~
need to be brave (1:30:40 AM):omfg lmao some chick keeps leaving jaejoong wall posts
need to be brave (1:30:44 AM):"do you have an msn?????????????????????????"
kiss the radio (1:30:30 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (1:30:51 AM):"jaejoong answer me please????????????????????"
need to be brave (1:31:12 AM):i like that they alwyas sing live
need to be brave (1:31:16 AM):i wish super junior would do the same
kiss the radio (1:31:14 AM):with so many members, it's hard i would think
need to be brave (1:31:47 AM):yeah but then it's like.. why even bother?
kiss the radio (1:31:43 AM):they sing live sometimes
need to be brave (1:33:36 AM):idk, a lot of the live preformances, except acapella songs, are exactly like the cd and its kind of sad
need to be brave (1:33:42 AM):because i know they can sing
need to be brave (1:42:00 AM):lmao junsu keeps bumping the glass door behind him
need to be brave (1:42:02 AM):and i hear it rattle
need to be brave (1:42:06 AM):it's his butt
kiss the radio (1:41:52 AM):rofl yeah
need to be brave (1:42:18 AM):so cute sigh
need to be brave (1:47:52 AM):lmao yunho leans right in to give his lessons i'm like "o__o"
kiss the radio (1:47:46 AM):hm?
need to be brave (1:48:14 AM):yunho teaching korean
need to be brave (1:48:16 AM):he leans right in
kiss the radio (1:48:00 AM):ohh
kiss the radio (1:48:01 AM):lmao yeah
need to be brave (1:48:22 AM):i was lke
need to be brave (1:48:23 AM):like*
need to be brave (1:48:26 AM):HE'S COMING AFTER ME
need to be brave (1:49:44 AM):i regconize chicken!!!
need to be brave (1:49:46 AM):it was on my ramen
kiss the radio (1:49:51 AM):rofl
need to be brave (1:50:17 AM):lmfao it was i was excited :-[
need to be brave (1:50:22 AM):I TOOK PICTURES REMEMBER
kiss the radio (1:50:14 AM):YEAH
need to be brave (1:52:02 AM):sexual tension~~
kiss the radio (1:53:18 AM):lmao
need to be brave (1:54:03 AM):i think they should just be a big orgy in this one, no couplings.
kiss the radio (1:53:58 AM):but but but i like couplings
need to be brave (1:54:27 AM):lmao well there can still BE couplings
kiss the radio (1:54:53 AM):when do they put the flower in jaejoong's hair?
need to be brave (1:55:23 AM):when they flimed the sky pv
kiss the radio (1:55:06 AM):like what scene is before that
kiss the radio (1:55:08 AM):k
need to be brave (1:55:34 AM):LMAO I DON'T REMEMBER :'(
need to be brave (1:55:38 AM):i just watched it today so
kiss the radio (1:55:24 AM):kk
kiss the radio (1:55:57 AM):i'm only on the begin pv
kiss the radio (1:57:58 AM):lmfao @ jaejoong slapping changmin on the arm
need to be brave (1:58:24 AM):lmao they do that a lot
need to be brave (1:58:35 AM):he gives him a big shove in the step by step pv
need to be brave (1:59:56 AM):lmao chamgin must be really ticklish
need to be brave (2:00:13 AM):around his sides and stomach, because they tickle him there a lot
kiss the radio (2:00:02 AM):lmao aww
need to be brave (2:00:46 AM):i'm watching the ng's and yoochun starts tickling him and he hunches over and is like "AHHH HHH HH >:o"
kiss the radio (2:00:39 AM):l m f a o
need to be brave (2:01:05 AM):except they sounded more like sex noises :-[
kiss the radio (2:02:37 AM):lmfao dkghdghkdgh seh-shee
need to be brave (2:03:05 AM):LMAO YOU HEARD IT?!?!!?
kiss the radio (2:02:55 AM):YEAH LMFAODFJGHKDGHDKGH
need to be brave (2:03:25 AM):IS IT NOT THE CUTEST THING?
kiss the radio (2:03:12 AM):OMG SO CUTE
need to be brave (2:03:40 AM):ugh, love him so much
need to be brave (2:05:22 AM):the ngs they have on youtube aren't the whole thing
kiss the radio (2:05:23 AM):i'm not watching ngs, i'm watching joongie cuts
need to be brave (2:06:03 AM):well i'm just saying
kiss the radio (2:05:58 AM):i know~~~~~ i'll take what i can get tho
need to be brave (2:06:29 AM):lmao junsu is so loud
kiss the radio (2:06:19 AM):well duh lmao
kiss the radio (2:09:43 AM):smartass
need to be brave (2:10:19 AM):who?
kiss the radio (2:10:06 AM):yunho lmfao
kiss the radio (2:13:13 AM):LMAO????
need to be brave (2:13:36 AM):lmao in this video
kiss the radio (2:13:29 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (2:14:04 AM):LMAO HE DID
kiss the radio (2:13:59 AM):HIT HOW???
need to be brave (2:14:26 AM):lmao he's laughing so hard he can't stand still
need to be brave (2:14:33 AM):i love that changmin laughs with his body
kiss the radio (2:14:19 AM):rofl
need to be brave (2:14:46 AM):lmfao you know that thing yunho does that AHH AHH thing lmfao i can't describe it
need to be brave (2:15:02 AM):him and jaejoong were doing it and yunho just pulls his hand back and pats changmin on the butt
kiss the radio (2:14:56 AM):l m a o omg i wish i could see
kiss the radio (2:15:18 AM):doesn't veon or whatever have a website?
need to be brave (2:15:41 AM):yeah
kiss the radio (2:15:27 AM):isn't it like youtube? or is that something else
need to be brave (2:15:54 AM):yeah but better quality videos
need to be brave (2:16:02 AM):and you can download them if you download the veoh player
kiss the radio (2:15:53 AM):can you link me to it please?
need to be brave (2:17:19 AM):http://www.veoh.com/
kiss the radio (2:17:12 AM):i mean to the video
need to be brave (2:17:42 AM):you can't wait it all
need to be brave (2:17:44 AM):only 5 minutes
need to be brave (2:17:47 AM):you have to download it
kiss the radio (2:17:33 AM):oh
need to be brave (2:17:51 AM):WATCH
need to be brave (2:17:54 AM):i can send it though
kiss the radio (2:17:52 AM):it's okay, i've got videos loading on youtube to watch
need to be brave (2:18:14 AM):ok
need to be brave (2:18:34 AM):i'll send it tomorrow IF YOU ARE EVEN ON
kiss the radio (2:18:26 AM):~
need to be brave (2:19:42 AM):he said "see you next week"
need to be brave (2:19:47 AM):and yoochun keeps mocking him lmfao
kiss the radio (2:19:34 AM):lmao
need to be brave (2:19:54 AM):while changmin hits the wall
kiss the radio (2:25:58 AM):lmao aww yoochun feeding junsu strawberries
need to be brave (2:26:24 AM):hehehe
kiss the radio (2:26:32 AM):lmfao changmin looks like he just had an orgasm
need to be brave (2:27:14 AM):where was that?
kiss the radio (2:27:05 AM):http://youtube.com/watch?v=noLgm-hXY-A
need to be brave (2:27:44 AM):oh yes i saw that
need to be brave (2:27:55 AM):it's him and food so of course he had an orgasm.
kiss the radio (2:27:50 AM):rofl yunho dropped his strawberries
need to be brave (2:29:13 AM):i'm watching them arm wrestle
need to be brave (2:29:18 AM):chamgin lets jaejoong and yunho win
kiss the radio (2:29:05 AM):awww
kiss the radio (2:29:16 AM):lmao what is with you and misspelling his name like that
need to be brave (2:29:49 AM):who's, changmin?
need to be brave (2:29:52 AM):lmao idk :-(
need to be brave (2:33:07 AM):lmao yoochun is like a little kid when they play games
kiss the radio (2:32:57 AM):ilh
kiss the radio (2:33:05 AM):and jaejoong is a really good artist
need to be brave (2:33:35 AM):LMAO YOU ARE SARCASTIC RITE?
need to be brave (2:33:42 AM):being sarcastic
kiss the radio (2:33:34 AM):no lmao he drew a really cute cow
need to be brave (2:34:16 AM):lmao why do they beat each other up when the one looses
kiss the radio (2:34:29 AM):idkkkkk maybe it's in the rules
need to be brave (2:34:54 AM):lmao it's just so weird
need to be brave (2:35:03 AM):and changmin always douces it out the hardest
kiss the radio (2:35:39 AM):l m f a o @ yunho and junsu squeezing the utter and not getting milk
need to be brave (2:42:20 AM):mind if i move it ahead?
need to be brave (2:42:25 AM):or are you leavin :-(
kiss the radio (2:42:22 AM):i'm around for at least another thirty minutes
kiss the radio (2:42:36 AM):my blanket is in the dryer, so i gotta wait on it
need to be brave (2:43:06 AM):siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh
kiss the radio (2:43:03 AM):30 minutes is plenty of time to get stuff done tho
need to be brave (2:43:33 AM):BUT .... TWO DAYS W/O U :'(!!!
kiss the radio (2:43:26 AM):i know :-(
need to be brave (2:43:59 AM):and you prob won't be around tomorrow :\
kiss the radio (2:44:08 AM):i will be
need to be brave (2:44:33 AM):you said you would saturday
need to be brave (2:44:35 AM):and today
kiss the radio (2:44:41 AM):my weekends are unpredictable though
need to be brave (3:16:21 AM):this dvd like, never ends LMFAO
need to be brave (3:16:32 AM):then again it could be that i keep stoping it
kiss the radio (3:16:34 AM):omg legless chihuahuas, the poor things
need to be brave (3:17:01 AM):aw is that the one with only back legs?
kiss the radio (3:16:51 AM):yes omg
need to be brave (3:17:13 AM):so cute
kiss the radio (3:23:45 AM):bb i'm gonna go so i can get enough rest to go up to my grandpa's tomorrow
need to be brave (3:24:20 AM):alright. I BETTER SEE YOU ON TOMORROW OR I WILL CRY
kiss the radio (3:24:27 AM):i'll be on
need to be brave (3:24:51 AM):ok, sleep well bb
kiss the radio (3:24:45 AM):goodnight
need to be brave (3:25:07 AM):gn:-*
kiss the radio signed off at 3:25:22 AM
need to be brave (1:29:11 PM):G'DAY
kiss the radio (1:29:10 PM):hey. i'm gonna be on for about 30 minutes, then i'm going to the grocery store but then i'll be right back on.
need to be brave (1:29:35 PM):alright
need to be brave (1:29:39 PM):my hand is tingly
kiss the radio (1:29:24 PM):eep
need to be brave (1:29:44 PM):i slept on it
kiss the radio (1:29:34 PM):i hate doing that
kiss the radio (1:29:57 PM):I HAD A DBSG DREAM
need to be brave (1:30:28 PM):details!!!!
kiss the radio (1:32:30 PM):well from what i remember, i was seeing it from my point of view. you were there!! all seven of us were playing in a like.. dollar store or something like that, and we were playing tag. i think changmin was it. and so there were these box things with the middle cut out, so you could see through them, right? and well i stuck my hand through one and you held my hand and that made me squeal and giggle lmao and so the guys were hiding and changmin came running towards us, so we all ran off
need to be brave (1:33:14 PM):lmao aw
kiss the radio (1:33:18 PM):that's all i can remember lmfao
need to be brave (1:33:49 PM):that's the cutest dream ever
kiss the radio (1:33:39 PM):i loved it :-[
need to be brave (1:34:08 PM):the guys should play tag in a grocery store lmfao
need to be brave (1:34:11 PM):well no
need to be brave (1:34:17 PM):not a grocery store but you get the jist
kiss the radio (1:34:03 PM):lmfao yeah
need to be brave (1:34:36 PM):i'm sure jaejoong would flip if it was a grocery store
kiss the radio (1:34:26 PM):probably lmfao
need to be brave (1:37:47 PM):that can be their cute thing to do today
kiss the radio (1:37:36 PM):ehehehe
need to be brave (1:38:19 PM):while you're gone to the grocery store i'll clean out the fucking dishwasher
kiss the radio (1:38:09 PM):fucking dishwashers
need to be brave (1:39:00 PM):ugh srsly
need to be brave (1:40:53 PM):i hate that mom REMINDS ME and i know it was going. lmao it's against the wall my room is so i can HEAR it
kiss the radio (1:40:50 PM):lmao dang
kiss the radio (1:40:57 PM):that's like the wash room in our house
need to be brave (1:41:18 PM):it's old lmao so it's loud
kiss the radio (1:41:05 PM):it's right by the computer so it knocks the walls
need to be brave (1:41:48 PM):TEUKIE IS BACK
kiss the radio (1:41:33 PM):OMG
need to be brave (1:42:45 PM):i don't see anything wrong with his face
kiss the radio (1:42:40 PM):where are the pictures?
need to be brave (1:43:08 PM):http://community.livejournal.com/super_leader/23757.html
kiss the radio (1:43:04 PM):suddenly it's time to go
need to be brave (1:43:31 PM):lmao that was a quick 30 mins?
kiss the radio (1:43:24 PM):yeah
kiss the radio (1:43:35 PM):i'll be back
need to be brave (1:43:53 PM):YOU BETTER RETURN >:o
kiss the radio signed off at 1:43:58 PM
kiss the radio (3:06:04 PM):let's do this
need to be brave (3:06:32 PM):~ooooooooooooooooo o o o o ~
kiss the radio (3:06:22 PM):l m f a o i love how you knew
need to be brave (3:06:43 PM):LMAO
need to be brave (3:06:47 PM):i heard yoochuns voice in my head
kiss the radio (3:06:39 PM):ehehe
kiss the radio (3:06:46 PM):can you link me to the teukie thing again?
need to be brave (3:07:16 PM): http://community.livejournal.com/super_leader/23757.html
kiss the radio (3:07:02 PM):ty]
kiss the radio (3:07:04 PM):-]
need to be brave (3:07:25 PM):np~
need to be brave (3:08:06 PM):Neol eonjena saranghal kkeoya, = i will always love you :-[
kiss the radio (3:07:54 PM):awwwwww
kiss the radio (3:08:37 PM):omg shiwon
need to be brave (3:09:02 PM):?
kiss the radio (3:08:46 PM):and haw
kiss the radio (3:08:47 PM):hae
kiss the radio (3:08:49 PM):lmao haw
kiss the radio (3:08:53 PM):in this teukie thing
need to be brave (3:09:12 PM):LMAO HAW
kiss the radio (3:09:11 PM):and minnie
need to be brave (3:10:23 PM):and ryeo isn't it?
kiss the radio (3:10:12 PM):i think so
kiss the radio (3:10:19 PM):i was going to say kyu but duh
need to be brave (3:11:01 PM):LMAO
need to be brave (3:11:10 PM):sigh, kyu
kiss the radio (3:11:33 PM):i wish i had the link to the kiss the radio thing on the website, but it was on the old computer's faves
need to be brave (3:12:01 PM):YEAH I TAKE THAT AS A HINT
kiss the radio (3:11:47 PM):;-)
need to be brave (3:12:16 PM):http://www.kbs.co.kr/radio/coolfm/kiss/photo/index.html
kiss the radio (3:12:03 PM):ty
need to be brave (3:13:04 PM):TODAY IS YOUR DAY TO START
kiss the radio (3:13:00 PM):where should i start??
need to be brave (3:13:23 PM):anywhere, idc
kiss the radio (3:13:21 PM):you know i have to do it on aim right?
need to be brave (3:13:45 PM):yes
need to be brave (3:45:45 PM):the burrito i ate left a gross taste in my mouth
kiss the radio (3:45:32 PM):ew
need to be brave (3:45:59 PM):ya exactly x___X
kiss the radio (4:45:20 PM):yunnie is self concious about his chest, sigh
need to be brave (4:45:45 PM):awww
kiss the radio (4:53:49 PM):i've found a very good looking japanese trampolinist on this show on watch
need to be brave (4:54:16 PM):LMFAO
kiss the radio (4:54:10 PM):show i watch*
need to be brave (4:54:43 PM):what show do you watch where theres a trampolinist?
kiss the radio (4:54:52 PM):well there's all sorts of people on there, it's a japanese game show called ninja warrior
need to be brave (4:55:49 PM):ohhh
need to be brave (4:58:21 PM):lmao i just noticed i typed rubber wrong, but oh well. jaejoongs english sucks so
kiss the radio (4:58:26 PM):lmao
kiss the radio (5:22:08 PM):i said let me let me let me touch ya
need to be brave (5:22:40 PM):TOUCH MAH
kiss the radio (5:49:49 PM):i'm about to make a semi mean post in my journal
need to be brave (5:50:19 PM)::O about?
kiss the radio (5:50:11 PM):hang on, i'm almost done
need to be brave (5:50:40 PM):the bitches aren't saying shit again are they? if they are, i am tired of it
kiss the radio (5:50:29 PM):no, nothing like that
need to be brave (5:50:55 PM):oh ok lmao i was about to flip a lid
need to be brave (5:51:15 PM):http://s59.photobucket.com/albums/g315/aeromistress/DBSK/Group/?action=view&current=Ogroup12.jpg junsu is wearing two different shoes...
kiss the radio (5:51:25 PM):l m f a o
need to be brave (5:52:05 PM):so strange
kiss the radio (5:52:52 PM):posted
need to be brave (5:53:57 PM):how is that semi mean lmao
kiss the radio (5:53:53 PM):idk the whole part about only two people noticing i'll be gone
need to be brave (5:54:33 PM):lmao well only two people would notice if i was gone too
need to be brave (5:56:26 PM):did yunho not notice jaejoong standing there hah
kiss the radio (5:56:48 PM):no lmao he was in the kitchen after he passed changmin outside the bathroom
need to be brave (5:57:25 PM):aha
need to be brave (6:21:02 PM):brb supper
kiss the radio (6:20:52 PM):k
need to be brave (6:21:11 PM):will you still be here when i get back?
kiss the radio (6:21:01 PM):i think i have to go home, actually
need to be brave (6:21:23 PM):ah poop
need to be brave (6:21:24 PM)::\
kiss the radio (6:21:11 PM):i'll be back tonight though
need to be brave (6:21:30 PM):same bat time then?
kiss the radio (6:21:19 PM):yeah
need to be brave (6:21:42 PM):okay, c u~
kiss the radio (6:21:32 PM):bye~
need to be brave (11:06:57 PM):hay
kiss the radio (11:07:10 PM):haaay
need to be brave (11:08:05 PM):whassup
kiss the radio (11:08:05 PM):not going to florida
need to be brave (11:08:50 PM):ah, ok
kiss the radio (11:09:04 PM)::-D
need to be brave (11:09:52 PM)::-D!
kiss the radio (11:11:03 PM):i think we should start suju on the new celeb one
need to be brave (11:11:42 PM):alright
kiss the radio (11:11:42 PM):just because i rly love sungmin
need to be brave (11:12:02 PM):oh i checked, you can watch those movies
need to be brave (11:12:15 PM):you don't have to dl them
kiss the radio (11:12:57 PM)::O
need to be brave (11:13:37 PM):http://www.veoh.com/myFavorites.html
need to be brave (11:13:41 PM):the first two
kiss the radio (11:13:50 PM):ooooooooooo ty
need to be brave (11:14:32 PM):np np! you might have to get an account but that shouldn't be too bad
need to be brave (11:14:45 PM):they aren't subbed but still, i love it
kiss the radio (11:15:09 PM):kk
kiss the radio (11:18:41 PM):wait that takes me to my faves
need to be brave (11:19:14 PM):hm
kiss the radio (11:19:03 PM):are they in YOUR faves?
need to be brave (11:19:26 PM):lmao yes, hold on
need to be brave (11:19:41 PM):http://www.veoh.com/users/wankers
kiss the radio (11:19:25 PM):kk
kiss the radio (11:20:17 PM):i added you to my friends
need to be brave (11:20:44 PM):yay!!! i have a friend
kiss the radio (11:21:03 PM)::-)
kiss the radio (11:21:12 PM):this seems like it's better than youtube
need to be brave (11:21:41 PM):most videos are high quality
kiss the radio (11:21:34 PM):ehehehe
kiss the radio (11:21:58 PM):so who shall be who on the suju?
need to be brave (11:22:32 PM):idk! surprise me
kiss the radio (11:25:08 PM):lmao no
kiss the radio (11:25:08 PM):actually
kiss the radio (11:25:08 PM):you're a better sungmin
need to be brave (11:25:37 PM):lmao ok
kiss the radio (11:25:58 PM):there we go
need to be brave (11:26:34 PM):i think jaejoong should get a pet snake lmao
kiss the radio (11:26:20 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (11:27:04 PM):he's really good with them
kiss the radio (11:26:54 PM):yrsh
kiss the radio (11:26:56 PM):...
kiss the radio (11:26:56 PM):yeah
need to be brave (11:27:46 PM):mauaha
kiss the radio (11:29:46 PM):k i'll start yunho coming back like... three hours later
need to be brave (11:30:15 PM):ok
need to be brave (11:32:26 PM):omfg @ them playing mombo number 5
kiss the radio (11:32:16 PM):who?
need to be brave (11:32:51 PM):http://www.veoh.com/videos/v388961asT349XW near the end
need to be brave (11:33:01 PM):they play mombo number 5 and the baby dances lmao
Tuesday, May 22, 2007
kiss the radio (12:40:43 AM):i should create drama
need to be brave (12:43:23 AM):oooh how?
kiss the radio (12:43:15 AM):you'll see :-)
kiss the radio (1:15:43 AM):ps i'm hoping yoochun walks by
need to be brave (1:20:23 AM):he will, i wanted them sort of hot and heavy before he did
kiss the radio (1:20:11 AM):kk
need to be brave (1:20:57 AM):junsu shoudl be all "sex isn't that bad" and like, touch him and min should be like "ooooooooooooh" and then yoochun will walk by
kiss the radio (1:20:54 AM)::OOOOOOOO
need to be brave (1:43:49 AM):muahhahaha >:-D
need to be brave (1:43:51 AM):er
need to be brave (1:43:53 AM):>:]
kiss the radio (1:43:38 AM):whatttttttttttt?
need to be brave (1:44:24 AM):nothing.
kiss the radio (1:44:09 AM):sigh
need to be brave (1:44:52 AM):lmao you never tell me any more
kiss the radio (1:44:48 AM)::-(
need to be brave (1:45:48 AM):lmao there, now you know
kiss the radio (2:03:22 AM):changmin should like..............agree to think about it and lmao junsu could come in later~~~~~ and more drama
need to be brave (2:03:59 AM):ooo ok
need to be brave (2:56:14 AM):so ok how  is this gonna be drama lmao. does yoochun walk in again? it'd be possible if he didn't konk out.
kiss the radio (2:56:48 AM):junsu and changmin could be all giggly the next morning and yoochun could suspect something was up and then like out them
need to be brave (2:57:23 AM):ah ok. mins just being all shy and nervous~~~
kiss the radio (2:57:11 AM):ehehe
kiss the radio (3:14:52 AM):bb i hate to do this but this chair is hurting my ass
need to be brave (3:15:18 AM):raaaah
kiss the radio (3:15:18 AM):and i think i'm starting my period
need to be brave (3:15:47 AM):sigh well, same time tomorrow?
kiss the radio (3:15:33 AM):yes
need to be brave (3:16:01 AM):alrighty, ily and sleep well :-*
kiss the radio (3:15:48 AM):ily2
need to be brave (1:18:57 PM):ooo early today!
kiss the radio (1:18:52 PM):lmao ew jaejoong put ketchup on a cookie
need to be brave (1:21:48 PM):LMFAO
need to be brave (1:22:29 PM):what are you watching that he put ketchup on a cookie?!
kiss the radio (1:22:19 PM):the choosey lover dvd thing
need to be brave (1:22:52 PM):aha oh
need to be brave (1:23:27 PM):LMAO I MADE A NOTE
need to be brave (1:23:30 PM):IN JAEJOONGS FACEBOOK
need to be brave (1:23:33 PM):THAT HE LIKES TO POKE
need to be brave (1:23:35 PM):AND NOW HE HAS LIKE 5
kiss the radio (1:23:18 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (1:24:41 PM):it's cute
need to be brave (1:24:44 PM):his message was
need to be brave (1:24:57 PM): pooooooooke  share_data={max_recipients:20}

1:54am Today
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i like 2 poke!
kiss the radio (1:24:56 PM):rofl
need to be brave (1:25:35 PM): 

Jaejoong Kim
is poooooooooooooooooking!!
need to be brave (1:28:24 PM):so are you home or at your grandpas because you keep changing your font colours!
kiss the radio (1:28:21 PM):purple is my grandpa
kiss the radio (1:28:22 PM):s
kiss the radio (1:28:27 PM):any other color is home
need to be brave (1:29:01 PM):this font looks blue to me so i'm asuming home?
kiss the radio (1:28:57 PM):yeah but idk for how long. we don't have any food here and i'm rly hungry so i might go up there
need to be brave (1:29:29 PM):BUT. NO MSN >:o
kiss the radio (1:32:20 PM):i'll see if i can download it
need to be brave (1:32:40 PM):http://img260.imageshack.us/my.php?image=1179843322airyh7.jpg BLAST U, UGLY TAG
kiss the radio (1:32:43 PM):oh hey gorgeousness
need to be brave (1:33:12 PM):I KNOW BUT HIDEOUS TAG
kiss the radio (1:33:09 PM):i'm going to go up the street, i really need food
need to be brave (1:33:46 PM):sigh ok
kiss the radio (1:33:54 PM):i'll be back
need to be brave (1:34:20 PM):i know lmao
kiss the radio signed off at 1:34:25 PM
need to be brave (3:00:36 PM):wot did u eet
kiss the radio (3:00:25 PM):good~ lolz
kiss the radio (3:00:31 PM):FOOD
kiss the radio (3:00:32 PM):omg
kiss the radio (3:00:38 PM):my typing sucks this week
need to be brave (3:01:00 PM):lmao o rly?!
kiss the radio (3:01:36 PM):ya rly
need to be brave (3:03:06 PM):a hee heee
need to be brave (3:03:14 PM):SHALL I BEGIN?
kiss the radio (3:02:59 PM):plz
kiss the radio (3:05:44 PM):so did they ~touch~?
need to be brave (3:06:12 PM):yes~~~
kiss the radio (3:05:55 PM):ehehehe~~~
need to be brave (3:41:19 PM):lmao sumin are a bunch of horn dogs
kiss the radio (3:41:17 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (4:52:39 PM):teh sex can be ~*implied*~ if you want
kiss the radio (4:52:35 PM):fine with me~
need to be brave (4:53:02 PM):okie dokie~~~
kiss the radio (5:49:31 PM):i gotta go home for a bit to eat dinner and stuff
need to be brave (5:50:20 PM):alrighty, our supper is soon ready too. same bat time?
kiss the radio (5:50:04 PM):yep
need to be brave (5:50:33 PM):alright, see you then bb
kiss the radio (5:50:18 PM):byeee
Wednesday, May 23, 2007
kiss the radio (12:02:56 AM):iiiii'll be thereeee (i'll be there~) i'll be there for youuuuuu everydayyy
need to be brave (12:03:05 AM):yaaaaaaaaaaaay~
kiss the radio (12:03:29 AM):i thought dancing with the stars would never end
need to be brave (12:03:37 AM):LMAO
need to be brave (12:03:40 AM):it was the finale or something
kiss the radio (12:03:47 AM):yeah, my skater won ^__^
kiss the radio (12:03:53 AM):but i wanted joey to win
need to be brave (12:03:54 AM):ah i was wondering if he'd win
need to be brave (12:04:04 AM):lmao me too even though i never watched it. he was one of my favs in nsync
kiss the radio (12:04:12 AM):sigh
need to be brave (12:04:56 AM):so, i remade my jaejoong sim and omfg
kiss the radio (12:05:03 AM)::O
need to be brave (12:05:15 AM):let me finish this icon and i'll show you
kiss the radio (12:05:19 AM):kk
need to be brave (12:07:53 AM):O__O
kiss the radio (12:07:53 AM):fail?????
need to be brave (12:08:01 AM):there lmao
kiss the radio (12:08:19 AM): scary..................................... but hot
need to be brave (12:08:22 AM):LMAO WHAT?
need to be brave (12:08:29 AM):well he's not that pale
need to be brave (12:08:33 AM):i lightened it a bit
need to be brave (12:08:49 AM):plus he has eye makeup on to hide how choppy his eyes look without it
kiss the radio (12:09:11 AM):that's a total joongie sweater
need to be brave (12:09:35 AM):i love it, i am glad i found the mesh again because i had it but it wouldn't work without the mesh so i was cryin lmao
need to be brave (12:09:38 AM):well not rly but you know
kiss the radio (12:09:45 AM):lmao
kiss the radio (12:12:00 AM):i loooove hey front page
kiss the radio (12:12:02 AM):oops
kiss the radio (12:12:09 AM):lmao that first part went to someone else
need to be brave (12:12:21 AM):LMAO ???
kiss the radio (12:12:36 AM):what's wrong?
need to be brave (12:12:39 AM):oh hay there i am
need to be brave (12:13:04 AM):lots of things
need to be brave (12:13:15 AM):mostly the fact that i have no friends and i can't get a god damn job
kiss the radio (12:13:51 AM):i wish i could make you feel better
need to be brave (12:14:06 AM):i don't know what to do with myself
need to be brave (12:14:29 AM):25 years old and like.. you got someone like changmin who could probably retire
kiss the radio (12:16:03 AM):to be honest, i don't know what to say other than i love you and i'll listen to whatever you want to vent out
need to be brave (12:16:19 AM):i know, i just feel so useless
kiss the radio (12:16:26 AM):you're not useless
need to be brave (12:17:50 AM):i feel useless though
kiss the radio (12:18:20 AM):i feel like that too, trust me, but the only thing that will stop that feeling is if you keep trying for those job interviews
need to be brave (12:21:33 AM):siiigh anyway, onto happier things like... yoosumin lmfao
kiss the radio (12:22:29 AM):lmao :']
need to be brave (12:22:38 AM):they make me happy
need to be brave (12:22:44 AM):in the pantz 2
kiss the radio (12:23:01 AM):oh yeah, i got *the feeling* a lot
need to be brave (12:23:28 AM):lmao changmins gonna be a bit of a feind in the beginning tho
need to be brave (12:23:51 AM):just because well, he's never had it and it's like food - it's good so he wants it
kiss the radio (12:24:02 AM):lmfao
kiss the radio (12:24:09 AM):like waking junsu up in the middle of the night?
need to be brave (12:24:17 AM):yeah
need to be brave (12:24:26 AM):and disobeying yunhos "not before a concert" rule
need to be brave (12:24:33 AM):that he has yet to inforce
kiss the radio (12:24:43 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (12:25:10 AM):there will be no whiney changmin in this one, unless he wants sex lmfao
kiss the radio (12:25:46 AM):oh good lmfao
need to be brave (12:26:59 AM):jaejoong is on msn btw
kiss the radio (12:27:03 AM):kk
need to be brave (12:35:21 AM):jaejoong is clingy~
kiss the radio (12:35:33 AM):i noticed~ that might drive yunnie away
need to be brave (12:36:05 AM):that's the point
kiss the radio (12:36:18 AM)::O!!!
need to be brave (12:36:26 AM):lmfao no no
need to be brave (12:36:43 AM):i mean, he'll get all clingy and yunho will be like "JAEJOONG I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE IT'S OK >:o:
need to be brave (12:36:44 AM):"
kiss the radio (12:36:53 AM):lmfao oh man
need to be brave (12:54:28 AM):i am tired of this chick whining for people to send in stuff for her kyuhyun fanbook
kiss the radio (12:54:36 AM):sheesh
need to be brave (12:57:40 AM):wot u doin
need to be brave (12:57:46 AM):btw did you watch those videos?
kiss the radio (12:58:04 AM):which?
need to be brave (12:58:05 AM):o nvm
need to be brave (12:58:10 AM):the dvd
need to be brave (12:58:12 AM):ones
kiss the radio (12:58:14 AM):oh, not yet
kiss the radio (12:58:18 AM):i haven't had that much time
need to be brave (12:58:54 AM):ah
kiss the radio (1:27:43 AM):oops, i closed the msn im
need to be brave (1:27:51 AM):it's all good
kiss the radio (2:43:02 AM):http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p95/xinyi_1989/Hee%20Chul%20CY%20photo/tongue.gif
need to be brave (2:43:19 AM):flatlines
kiss the radio (2:43:34 AM):When I’m drinking water

I wanted to drink them all at one go

Stick out my whole tongue in

But only manage to drink half of it because mostly will spill out


Recently, I’m investigating the unknowns in lifeㅡㅡ?
need to be brave (2:43:44 AM):LMFAOOOO
need to be brave (2:43:47 AM):he's so random
need to be brave (2:43:48 AM):i love him
kiss the radio (2:43:56 AM):me2
need to be brave (2:44:21 AM):i like that he does everything i've done just about
need to be brave (2:44:36 AM):i used to stick my tongue in my pop just to feel it bubble against my tongue
kiss the radio (2:44:40 AM):lmao
need to be brave (3:23:36 AM):yunho should stop his hand~
need to be brave (3:23:44 AM):when he tires it again
kiss the radio (3:23:45 AM):duh
need to be brave (3:23:48 AM):lmao
kiss the radio (3:41:01 AM):bb i'm gonna go to sleep z_____z
need to be brave (3:41:17 AM):ok~
kiss the radio (3:41:22 AM):gn
need to be brave (3:41:28 AM):c u same bat time~~~
need to be brave (3:41:45 AM):gn
kiss the radio signed off at 3:42:11 AM
need to be brave (11:20:42 PM):well hay it's you!
kiss the radio (11:20:51 PM):it's me!
need to be brave (11:21:06 PM):whurr you been >:O
kiss the radio (11:21:23 PM):laying down, i somehow managed to sleep wrong last night!!
need to be brave (11:21:36 PM):ALL DAY??????
kiss the radio (11:21:49 PM):i slept until 1 lmao :-[
need to be brave (11:22:04 PM):well you should be quite rested then
kiss the radio (11:22:07 PM):i am
need to be brave (11:22:17 PM):lmao good
need to be brave (11:22:49 PM):i am so hxc with my cank copies of psp9 and winzip 11 lmao
kiss the radio (11:25:01 PM):woot woot
need to be brave (11:25:09 PM):lmao
kiss the radio (11:25:56 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (11:26:37 PM)::-D!
need to be brave (11:27:29 PM):i got those from someones pic spam
need to be brave (11:27:36 PM):and was like "oooooooomg the coloured one in hi res!"
kiss the radio (11:28:24 PM):oooooooooooo
need to be brave (11:29:11 PM):EHEHE IT'S MY DESKTOP NOW :-D:-D:-D
need to be brave (11:29:21 PM):except my rainlander covers chun
need to be brave (11:29:33 PM):mooooves it
kiss the radio (11:29:35 PM):lmfao
kiss the radio (11:31:55 PM):hot
need to be brave (11:32:03 PM):ugh totally
Thursday, May 24, 2007
kiss the radio (12:01:22 AM):oh man i should show you the hot japanese trampolinist
need to be brave (12:01:32 AM):ya you should
kiss the radio (12:01:48 AM):there's only a small picture of him but
kiss the radio (12:02:29 AM):http://www.acrobaticsports.com/images_article/M1917_1anLJZYWZDUmjPDk.jpg
kiss the radio (12:02:53 AM):that's actually a bad picture
need to be brave (12:03:00 AM):lmfao i was gonna say
need to be brave (12:03:04 AM):he looks like a crazy person in that
need to be brave (12:03:12 AM):but i can see the potental
need to be brave (12:03:18 AM):potential*
kiss the radio (12:03:23 AM):i'll describe him!
kiss the radio (12:04:31 AM):he's about as tall as changmin, maybe two inches taller, and he's got the most amazing body. like se7en only a little smaller, not so built. and when he smiles, oh man. it's beautiful.
need to be brave (12:04:57 AM):lmfao any reason why you're going into detail like this?
need to be brave (12:05:04 AM):se7en isn't as big as rain
kiss the radio (12:05:02 AM):no :-)
need to be brave (12:05:37 AM):ok lmao
kiss the radio (12:05:57 AM):there is actually lmao
kiss the radio (12:06:07 AM):but i changed my mind
need to be brave (12:06:13 AM):i figured
kiss the radio (12:07:25 AM):i wanted drama
need to be brave (12:07:32 AM):drama i sgood
need to be brave (12:07:33 AM):is*
kiss the radio (12:07:36 AM):very good
need to be brave (12:07:46 AM):you can add him in for drama ;-)
kiss the radio (12:07:49 AM):O RLY!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!
need to be brave (12:08:07 AM):YA RLY unless you know another cute jap to add lmfao
kiss the radio (12:10:06 AM):i found a video of him
need to be brave (12:10:37 AM):ooooooo
need to be brave (12:10:53 AM):that is a sex scene we HAVE to rp ok
kiss the radio (12:11:00 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (12:11:10 AM):dslfkjdl the positions
kiss the radio (12:11:15 AM):http://youtube.com/results?search_query=shunsuke+nagasaki
need to be brave (12:12:54 AM):he's just bouncin on that thing lmfao
need to be brave (12:12:59 AM):just a bouncin*
kiss the radio (12:12:59 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (12:20:51 AM):it was his left leg he hurt wasn't it?
kiss the radio (12:21:00 AM):i think so
kiss the radio (12:21:03 AM):http://www.acrobaticsports.com/images_article/M2029_1UFPfmBDkzblKiVz.jpg
need to be brave (12:21:15 AM):ok that looks better
kiss the radio (12:21:16 AM):indeed
need to be brave (12:21:34 AM):why do the japs do that with their eyebrows lmao
need to be brave (12:21:43 AM):they like.. tweeze them like crazy it's kind of scary
kiss the radio (12:21:43 AM):idk lmao
kiss the radio (12:24:39 AM):ignore his face, he is jumping after all http://www.viewimages.com/Search.aspx?mid=72807978&partner=Yahoo&epmid=2
need to be brave (12:25:45 AM):i can't really see it haha
kiss the radio (12:25:59 AM):see what
need to be brave (12:26:36 AM):his face
kiss the radio (12:26:38 AM):oh, then look at his body :-)
need to be brave (12:26:56 AM):it's TITE
kiss the radio (12:26:59 AM):word
need to be brave (12:27:16 AM):how old is he though
kiss the radio (12:27:27 AM):19
need to be brave (12:27:37 AM):oh!
need to be brave (12:27:42 AM):he looked older in that picture
kiss the radio (12:27:47 AM):ehee
need to be brave (12:29:34 AM):so are you having him suddenly show up or what lmao
kiss the radio (12:29:47 AM):you'll see :-)
need to be brave (12:29:55 AM):ok
kiss the radio (12:39:48 AM):do you have the G4 channel?
need to be brave (12:40:07 AM):no :-(
need to be brave (12:40:08 AM):i did
need to be brave (12:40:24 AM):well we did i mean. it was on digital cable and i only have regular cable in my room.
kiss the radio (12:40:31 AM):aw man
need to be brave (12:41:33 AM):yeaah, i know :-(
need to be brave (12:41:42 AM):i'd watch tv in the living room but blah
need to be brave (12:43:14 AM):i think we only have lone star and something else now anyway
kiss the radio (12:43:21 AM):sucky
need to be brave (12:43:38 AM):yeah, but i don't watch much tv
need to be brave (12:43:43 AM):i used to watch mxc lmfaoooo that show
kiss the radio (12:43:56 AM):wtf is happening on lost
need to be brave (12:44:09 AM):idk i haven't watch it in .. two months
kiss the radio (12:48:00 AM):i'm about to totally make some stuff up
need to be brave (12:48:12 AM):ok
kiss the radio (12:51:27 AM):watches videos ^__^
need to be brave (12:51:36 AM):lmao
need to be brave (1:01:18 AM):i want something special in that box but idk what they would be happy to see because idk korean food :-(
kiss the radio (1:01:48 AM):kimbap
need to be brave (1:02:08 AM):ok
kiss the radio (1:02:14 AM):kimchi
kiss the radio (1:02:15 AM):http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_cuisine
need to be brave (1:02:27 AM):tyyyyy
need to be brave (1:02:42 AM):that has been faved for another time
kiss the radio (1:02:45 AM):ehehe
kiss the radio (1:05:08 AM):kimbap is sushi lmao
kiss the radio (1:05:21 AM):basically
need to be brave (1:05:37 AM):all i know is that the ramen is different
need to be brave (1:05:45 AM):the guys have said a few times
need to be brave (1:07:54 AM):omg it all sounds so good
kiss the radio (1:07:58 AM):ikr
need to be brave (1:09:48 AM):Some Koreans consume dog meat. Although the sale of dog meat is illegal in South Korea, this law is not strictly enforced, and as such it is widely available. A recent survey of the consumption of dog meat done by The Office For Government Policy Coordination (국무조정실) states that 55.3% of Koreans have tried dog meat "at least once." The survey also concluded that between 1.6 million and 2.1 million dogs were consumed this year
kiss the radio (1:10:20 AM):we'll leave that out :|
need to be brave (1:10:40 AM):well we had a discusson on it once so i was just showin you ;(
kiss the radio (1:10:43 AM):<3
need to be brave (1:11:54 AM):well shit
need to be brave (1:12:02 AM):i'll have to teach myself how to use chopsticks with my right hand
need to be brave (1:12:15 AM):it's bad manners in korea
need to be brave (1:12:18 AM):to use the left
kiss the radio (1:12:26 AM):the guys use their left sometimes
need to be brave (1:12:35 AM):yeah i know but that's what it says lmao
kiss the radio (1:12:40 AM):lmao maybe that's at like really formal dinners
need to be brave (1:12:46 AM):using chopsticks or a spoon with a left hand (this always brings comments about being left-handed, which most elder citizens frown on),
kiss the radio (1:12:54 AM):goodness
need to be brave (1:13:09 AM):i hate being a leftie
kiss the radio (1:13:14 AM):it's so cute tho
kiss the radio (1:16:45 AM):lmao jaejoong should like come home while no one is in the living room/kitchen and go to yunho's bed......
need to be brave (1:17:00 AM):lmao but.. i'm heechul
need to be brave (1:17:03 AM):so that'd be weird?
need to be brave (1:17:09 AM):unless you wanna pick him up for that
kiss the radio (1:17:24 AM):i could
need to be brave (1:17:48 AM):ok
kiss the radio (1:22:58 AM):lmao forgive me if i am bed at heechul for this moment
need to be brave (1:23:41 AM):i'll switch back once he reacts and runs out to the kitchen
need to be brave (1:23:44 AM):and yunho is there.
kiss the radio (1:23:48 AM):k
kiss the radio (1:40:19 AM):what's the letter say? :-D
need to be brave (1:40:40 AM):lets say it's a confession~~~ for more drama
kiss the radio (1:40:43 AM):omggggggggggggggg k
need to be brave (1:40:57 AM):maybe we can actually HAVE HYKSU
need to be brave (1:41:26 AM):lmao but then who for chunnie :'(
kiss the radio (1:41:42 AM):he'll be single for a while lmao
need to be brave (1:41:59 AM):ok
kiss the radio (1:42:22 AM):unless idk he chooses a suju boy
need to be brave (1:42:35 AM):idk who tho
kiss the radio (1:43:34 AM):donghae, hankyung, teukie
need to be brave (1:44:33 AM):surprise me
kiss the radio (1:44:34 AM):k
kiss the radio (1:59:42 AM):omg flatlines
need to be brave (1:59:50 AM):?!?!?!?
kiss the radio (2:00:17 AM):http://www.veoh.com/videos/v521215WNxJQ7RY&source=similarVideo like 1:24
need to be brave (2:01:36 AM):see what i mean though
need to be brave (2:01:43 AM):there's not even all of them and they're lip syncing >:o
need to be brave (2:01:49 AM):it's*
kiss the radio (2:01:53 AM)::| shiwon, look at shiwon
kiss the radio (2:02:07 AM):they always lipsync the studio shows though
kiss the radio (2:02:12 AM):even tvxq
need to be brave (2:02:35 AM):tvxq don't do it as often as super junior
kiss the radio (2:02:40 AM):i know but they do it
need to be brave (2:02:51 AM):aw kyu
need to be brave (2:02:53 AM)::'(!!
kiss the radio (2:02:54 AM):LOOK AT SHIWON
need to be brave (2:03:00 AM):I DID
need to be brave (2:03:04 AM):WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO SEE???
kiss the radio (2:03:06 AM):he did the hip rolly thing
need to be brave (2:03:15 AM):lmao pat pat
need to be brave (2:03:28 AM):i wonder if someone has fullhouse episodes on here
need to be brave (2:03:41 AM):YAY THEY DO
kiss the radio (2:04:01 AM):WOO
need to be brave (2:04:15 AM):must find english subs tho
need to be brave (2:04:23 AM):lmao found it~
kiss the radio (2:04:43 AM):ehehe
need to be brave (2:04:56 AM):DOWNLOADS IT EHEEHHEH
kiss the radio (2:05:01 AM):^__^
need to be brave (2:05:17 AM):well first i'm gonna make sure it matches with their mouthes sor tof thing
need to be brave (2:05:21 AM):SORT OF THING jesus
kiss the radio (2:05:22 AM):yeah
need to be brave (2:09:32 AM):the quality isn't the best but i'm just afraid of losing them on youtube
kiss the radio (2:09:34 AM):yeah
need to be brave (2:09:42 AM):.. yeah
kiss the radio (2:09:51 AM):that would suck, though
kiss the radio (2:09:58 AM):sorry lmao i was thinking about my reply
need to be brave (2:10:09 AM):YA IT WOULD  ;'(
need to be brave (2:10:26 AM):i forget what it is that gyina uploaded that i saved and can't watch because she FRIENDS IT
need to be brave (2:10:30 AM):and she hasn't added me back
need to be brave (2:26:24 AM):is about to cr8 drma~
need to be brave (2:26:30 AM):not rite now but soon
kiss the radio (2:26:34 AM)::O
kiss the radio (2:50:48 AM):what is teukie telling him :O
need to be brave (2:51:00 AM):he was talking to teukie
kiss the radio (2:51:01 AM):oh
need to be brave (2:51:08 AM):idk what teukie is saying since you are him lmao
kiss the radio (2:51:19 AM):teukie doesn't know anything, tho~
need to be brave (2:51:29 AM):lmao he told teukie tho
kiss the radio (2:51:34 AM):i mean about the secks
need to be brave (2:51:41 AM):o
need to be brave (2:51:48 AM):lmao junsu didn't mention the secks?
kiss the radio (2:51:53 AM):lmaodghkdgh nevermind
need to be brave (2:52:04 AM):what?
need to be brave (2:52:07 AM):he didn't!
need to be brave (2:52:23 AM):unless i read to fast again
kiss the radio (2:52:45 AM):nah, all junsu said was there is stuff he wishes he could undo
need to be brave (2:52:55 AM):o ok
need to be brave (2:53:06 AM):hyukjae doesn't care, he just loves his su
need to be brave (2:54:31 AM):you have found jaejoongs melting spot~ congrats!
kiss the radio (2:54:39 AM):lmfao
kiss the radio (2:54:40 AM):YAY
need to be brave (2:55:48 AM):no matter how mad he is, if he is touched there like yunho was earlier with his fist, he melts like a puddle of goo
kiss the radio (2:56:00 AM)::')
need to be brave (2:56:28 AM):he might get a tattoo there eventually since it's his fav spot for yunho to touch
kiss the radio (2:56:34 AM):ooooo
need to be brave (2:56:44 AM)::-D unsure yet, tho
need to be brave (2:56:50 AM):idk what would look rly hot on him there
kiss the radio (2:57:04 AM):a symbol
kiss the radio (2:59:07 AM):we can do the -- stuff for *THE* phonecall too
need to be brave (2:59:32 AM):ok
need to be brave (3:00:01 AM):the phonecall???
kiss the radio (3:00:16 AM):*the* phonecall
need to be brave (3:00:29 AM):the "ihadsexwithchangmin :-(" phonecall?
kiss the radio (3:00:32 AM):no omg no lmao shunsuke
need to be brave (3:00:43 AM):OH
need to be brave (3:00:46 AM):lmao sry
kiss the radio (3:01:04 AM):<3
need to be brave (3:01:31 AM):i think yunho should have a kink for jaejoongs piercings and tattoos bc you never mention them :-(
kiss the radio (3:01:48 AM):he isn't ready for a kink yet :-(
need to be brave (3:02:18 AM):but.. he can still play with them :-(
kiss the radio (3:02:23 AM):i'll do that :-(
need to be brave (3:02:30 AM):ok :-(
need to be brave (3:02:43 AM):o and jae got his nipple redone ;-)
need to be brave (3:02:49 AM):not irl but in this he did
kiss the radio (3:02:50 AM):oh lmao
need to be brave (3:03:04 AM):i wish he would irl but then again how would we know lmfao
kiss the radio (3:03:12 AM):srsly
need to be brave (3:51:06 AM):i THNK that's the word
need to be brave (3:51:09 AM):lmao i forget
need to be brave (3:51:12 AM):no wait maybe it's chan
need to be brave (3:51:13 AM):idk
kiss the radio (3:51:14 AM):chan is female
need to be brave (3:51:22 AM):lmfao well
need to be brave (3:51:29 AM):whomever rped teukie in the azn comm
need to be brave (3:51:33 AM):had ee tuek chan as his sn
kiss the radio (3:51:34 AM):lmfao oh my god
need to be brave (3:54:55 AM):ehehe
kiss the radio (4:32:24 AM):i meant to tell you, _____-san is also a japanese formality
need to be brave (4:32:53 AM):so is kun what he shoudl use?
need to be brave (4:32:55 AM):should*
kiss the radio (4:33:06 AM):either one, san and kun are for males, though
need to be brave (4:33:17 AM):ok
need to be brave (4:34:16 AM):LMFAO "in a non-stalkerish kind of way"
kiss the radio (4:34:16 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (4:40:36 AM):do u want dem 2 meet up~
kiss the radio (4:40:58 AM):i think i'm gonna go to bed after this phone call
need to be brave (4:41:17 AM):ya me too. WILL YOU BE ON .. LATER?? since it's today
kiss the radio (4:41:34 AM):yeah, i'm not doing anything today
need to be brave (4:41:46 AM):ok :-D they can meet up then
kiss the radio (4:41:48 AM):kk :-)
need to be brave (4:43:59 AM):yunho should tell changmin to go to bed~ hence why i added this in what i'm sending.
kiss the radio (4:44:40 AM):lmao k
kiss the radio (4:52:52 AM):SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH goodnight, bb
need to be brave (4:53:06 AM):gn, ily and see you later
kiss the radio (4:53:06 AM):ily2
kiss the radio (1:50:33 PM):holla
need to be brave (1:50:50 PM):back
need to be brave (1:52:27 PM):apparently charlie died in the lost season finale :-(
kiss the radio (2:05:11 PM):the internet keeps like..cutting out lmao
need to be brave (2:05:23 PM):weird
need to be brave (2:05:31 PM):i was wondering why you got so quiet
kiss the radio (2:05:37 PM):did you say anything?
need to be brave (2:05:52 PM):just that charlie apparently dies in the lost season finale
kiss the radio (2:05:59 PM):oooh
need to be brave (2:11:00 PM):SIGH :'(
kiss the radio (2:11:02 PM):hmm??
need to be brave (2:11:08 PM):ALTHOUGH I NEVER WATCH THE SHOW
kiss the radio (2:11:09 PM):OH, IKR
need to be brave (2:11:28 PM):THEY SAID THEY'D NEVER KILL HIM OFF >:o
need to be brave (2:12:07 PM):i got all teary :-(
kiss the radio (2:12:29 PM):omg hugs
need to be brave (2:12:43 PM):lmao i luved charlie
kiss the radio (2:12:42 PM):<33
need to be brave (2:12:49 PM):<3333
kiss the radio (2:13:00 PM):oo oo ooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh whoooooaaaaaaaaooooo.......
need to be brave (2:13:08 PM):LMAO
need to be brave (2:13:12 PM):-INSERT KOREAN HEREEEE-
kiss the radio (2:13:31 PM):lmao
kiss the radio (2:13:41 PM):stolen my soul, stolen my heart
need to be brave (2:13:55 PM):weeps some more
need to be brave (2:14:12 PM):begin makes me all weepy too
kiss the radio (2:14:35 PM):me too, i love that song
need to be brave (2:15:23 PM):and.. i think hello again
need to be brave (2:15:29 PM):where its all the LA LA LALAAAA'S
need to be brave (2:15:34 PM):that makes me weepy too for some reason
kiss the radio (2:15:59 PM):i haven't heard that song in a while
need to be brave (2:16:23 PM):do you want it? or do you have it i should say
kiss the radio (2:16:32 PM):what cd was it on?
kiss the radio (2:17:01 PM):and yoochun was right, this song does make me fall in love again
need to be brave (2:17:23 PM):five in the black
kiss the radio (2:17:29 PM):i never burnt that one
need to be brave (2:17:44 PM):its the last track before their cute aladin song
kiss the radio (2:17:50 PM):eeeee aladdin
need to be brave (2:17:57 PM):do you want me to send the song or the whole album?
kiss the radio (2:18:11 PM):i don't think i can burn cd's so maybe just hello again and begin??
need to be brave (2:18:20 PM):ok
kiss the radio (2:18:24 PM):plz & ty
kiss the radio (2:20:36 PM):ehehee ty
kiss the radio (2:23:31 PM):is shunsuke supposed to be at the restaurant?
need to be brave (2:24:07 PM):yeah
kiss the radio (2:24:15 PM):kk
need to be brave (2:24:40 PM):he said he was meating him at lunchtime to give him the backstage passes and tickets
kiss the radio (2:24:45 PM):gotcha
need to be brave (2:37:15 PM):http://community.livejournal.com/dbsg/1264096.html omg that bus, imagine seeing that drive past you. i think i'd faint.
kiss the radio (2:39:11 PM):yes, i would faint lmao
kiss the radio (2:39:18 PM):and if i ever saw yoochun, i'd comb his hair
need to be brave (2:39:27 PM):LMFAO
need to be brave (2:39:33 PM):i told you he has a rockstar mullet
kiss the radio (2:39:32 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (2:43:45 PM):http://guestms.cafe24.com/zboard/view.php?id=dbsg&page=1&sn1=&divpage=11&sn=off&ss=on&sc=off&select_arrange=headnum&desc=asc&no=72658&PHPSESSID=1ce9420336030bc0219675211ab7f14c
kiss the radio (2:47:17 PM):lmao jaejoong looks so awkward on stage
need to be brave (2:47:52 PM):lmao
need to be brave (2:49:33 PM):i love the suits and the outfit with the red suspenders
kiss the radio (2:49:40 PM):i love them period
need to be brave (2:50:00 PM):lmao yes but I WAS TALKING ABOUT THEIR OUTFITS IN GENERAL, NOT WHAT I LIKED MOST ;-)
kiss the radio (2:50:03 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (2:50:32 PM):http://guestms.cafe24.com/zboard/view.php?id=dbsg&page=1&sn1=&divpage=11&sn=off&ss=on&sc=off&select_arrange=headnum&desc=asc&no=72640&PHPSESSID=70bfa0bff873cdb8941dde7d430dc3a4 this page is full of cuteness omfg
need to be brave (2:52:30 PM):http://blogfile.paran.com/BLOG_580003/200705/1179978658_8.jpg faints
kiss the radio (2:52:44 PM):hello
need to be brave (2:52:55 PM):MROWR
need to be brave (2:52:57 PM):paws
kiss the radio (3:12:34 PM):lmfao http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/lol-i-r-jawz.jpg
need to be brave (3:12:48 PM):LMFAO
kiss the radio (3:13:02 PM):http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/friez-with-dat.jpg
need to be brave (3:13:56 PM):lmfao i love that site.
kiss the radio (3:14:00 PM):http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/lolhairdidz.jpg lmao :[ omg
need to be brave (3:14:17 PM):LMFAOOOO YES
need to be brave (3:14:19 PM):that poor rabbit
need to be brave (3:16:35 PM):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpiA9XMOAyA LMAO
kiss the radio (3:18:24 PM):i'm gonna have to be gone for like twenty minutes
need to be brave (3:18:35 PM):SIGH
kiss the radio (3:18:41 PM):i'll be back on here at my grandpa's though
need to be brave (3:18:52 PM):let me send this first
kiss the radio (3:18:51 PM):k
kiss the radio (3:19:56 PM):k and you'll resend that, right?
need to be brave (3:20:05 PM):yep
kiss the radio (3:20:07 PM):k i'll ttyl
need to be brave (3:20:16 PM):alright
kiss the radio (3:20:42 PM):my sister is on her way home so i only have to watch my nephew for a few minutes
need to be brave (3:20:59 PM):i'll be here
kiss the radio (3:21:01 PM):k ily
need to be brave (3:21:11 PM):ily2
kiss the radio signed off at 3:21:19 PM
kiss the radio (3:32:05 PM):jk she got here sooner than expected
need to be brave (3:32:14 PM):ahaha
need to be brave (3:49:51 PM):i am unsure if i want changmin and this dude hooked up
kiss the radio (3:49:58 PM)::O y
need to be brave (3:50:10 PM):lmao idk!
kiss the radio (3:50:09 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (3:55:04 PM):unless you pick up chun and we have minchun
need to be brave (3:55:29 PM):er, take up chun i mean
kiss the radio (3:55:47 PM):shunsuke could NOT show up at the concert so changmin decides to give up and try to get chun back on his good side??
need to be brave (3:55:59 PM):ok~
need to be brave (3:56:08 PM):lmao it's just that idk this guy so it feels awkward
kiss the radio (3:56:11 PM):lmfao he does :-[
need to be brave (3:57:34 PM):lmfao jihoon.. i froget which one he is. i know it's ss501
kiss the radio (3:57:56 PM):jihoon, vicki
kiss the radio (3:57:59 PM):JIHOON, VICKI
need to be brave (3:59:57 PM):.... :-(
kiss the radio (3:59:58 PM):RAIN
need to be brave (4:00:03 PM):OH
need to be brave (4:00:04 PM):LMFAO
kiss the radio (4:00:03 PM):OMG LMFAO
need to be brave (4:00:13 PM):SORRY I FORGOT HIS NAME
kiss the radio (4:00:12 PM):LMFAOOOOO
need to be brave (4:00:38 PM):BOOJAE MOMENT
kiss the radio (4:00:37 PM):TOTALLY
need to be brave (4:00:41 PM):A RLY BAD ONE TOO
need to be brave (4:00:49 PM):lmao :-(
kiss the radio (4:00:50 PM):<333
need to be brave (4:01:02 PM):hands yoochun to you~~
need to be brave (4:01:08 PM):ON A SILVER PLATTER
kiss the radio (4:01:06 PM):ehehe
need to be brave (4:01:12 PM):WITH NO CLOTHES ON
need to be brave (4:01:14 PM):;-) ;-)
kiss the radio (4:01:12 PM):OMG HUMPS
need to be brave (4:01:18 PM):LMFAO
need to be brave (4:33:24 PM):brb gotta restart
kiss the radio (4:35:49 PM):wb
need to be brave (4:36:03 PM):kay sry. it was doing the long ass EYECLASS searching whenever i ddi anything
need to be brave (4:36:04 PM):did*
kiss the radio (4:36:09 PM):goodness
need to be brave (4:37:35 PM):YA QUITE ANNOYIN
need to be brave (4:40:39 PM):watches full house lmao :-(
kiss the radio (4:40:49 PM):lmao :-(
need to be brave (4:41:20 PM):i am addicted to this show
need to be brave (4:46:04 PM):ffwds to backstage~
need to be brave (4:46:58 PM):lmao whats the guys name again
kiss the radio (4:47:48 PM):shunsuke
need to be brave (4:47:57 PM):ty
need to be brave (5:17:31 PM):i have to go make supper, so i'll see you when you get on later tonight, yeah?
kiss the radio (5:17:34 PM):yeah
need to be brave (5:17:44 PM):alright :-* ily
kiss the radio (5:17:48 PM):ily2
Friday, May 25, 2007
need to be brave (12:03:51 AM):hay gorjus
kiss the radio (12:03:57 AM):hay
need to be brave (12:04:08 AM):wussup
kiss the radio (12:04:12 AM):missin my mom :[ sup witchu
need to be brave (12:04:24 AM):awww HUGS
need to be brave (12:04:29 AM):n2m jus chillin
kiss the radio (12:04:39 AM):omfg great, my uncle got cigarette ashes in my fucking mouse
need to be brave (12:04:55 AM):blah
kiss the radio (12:06:03 AM):huff
kiss the radio (12:06:04 AM):s
need to be brave (12:06:14 AM):pat pat :-(
kiss the radio (12:08:01 AM):<3
need to be brave (12:08:12 AM):<3!!!
need to be brave (12:35:19 AM):did you want to start a new pb?
kiss the radio (12:35:30 AM)::O!!!
need to be brave (12:35:39 AM):lmao what
need to be brave (12:35:58 AM):only if you want, we can continue the other one unless jaejoong and yunho get engaged and married in our celeb one :-D
kiss the radio (12:36:16 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (12:36:58 AM):what
need to be brave (12:37:00 AM)::-(
kiss the radio (12:37:10 AM):idk :-) do you not like the fiance pb? :O
need to be brave (12:37:39 AM):lmfao no, it's just that we haven't played it in awhile
kiss the radio (12:37:40 AM):indeed
need to be brave (12:38:06 AM):i figured we could be rly twisted this time and play one where they're institutionalized? lmfao :-(
kiss the radio (12:38:20 AM):all of them?
need to be brave (12:38:47 AM):not all of them, some can be like.. nurses or something?
need to be brave (12:38:56 AM):volunteers
need to be brave (12:39:01 AM):guest speakers
kiss the radio (12:39:03 AM):oooo
need to be brave (12:40:13 AM):i am just rly twisted ok
need to be brave (12:40:20 AM):lmao it's an idea that's been floating around for awhile
kiss the radio (12:40:26 AM):i like it
need to be brave (12:41:26 AM):ok. who are you stickin in the crazy house?
kiss the radio (12:41:59 AM):i kinda wanna either do heechul or jaejoong
need to be brave (12:42:12 AM):ok, no prob
need to be brave (12:42:25 AM):it'll be min or chun for me
kiss the radio (12:44:00 AM):i have ideas already lmao :-[
need to be brave (12:44:23 AM):do you know which you're picking yet?
need to be brave (12:44:30 AM):lmao because i was gonna start
need to be brave (12:44:41 AM):my char was gonna be your chars new roomie
kiss the radio (12:44:39 AM):jaejoong
need to be brave (12:44:45 AM):ok
kiss the radio (12:44:57 AM):OMG WE'RE WINGING THIS STORYLINE??
need to be brave (12:45:12 AM):lmao what do you mean?
kiss the radio (12:45:18 AM):like "let's wing it" just go with the flow
need to be brave (12:45:26 AM):yep
kiss the radio (12:45:26 AM):kk
need to be brave (12:45:36 AM):whatever you wanna do, do. idc.
kiss the radio (12:45:40 AM):omg okay
need to be brave (12:45:52 AM):;D
need to be brave (12:46:18 AM):i picked chun
need to be brave (12:46:21 AM):and he has his long black hair
kiss the radio (12:46:20 AM):omg yum
need to be brave (12:46:57 AM):lmfao the name of that image
need to be brave (12:47:02 AM):like that
kiss the radio (12:47:17 AM):i love that hair
need to be brave (12:47:51 AM):me too
need to be brave (1:23:38 AM):have you ever heard anything by a tiwanese boyband called ferinheight. i can't spell but you know what i mean
kiss the radio (1:23:54 AM):yeah but not much, i just saw the name a few times
need to be brave (1:24:11 AM):is their music good?
kiss the radio (1:24:17 AM):never heard them
kiss the radio (1:24:23 AM):LMAO I CAN'T READ I'M SORRY
kiss the radio (1:24:28 AM):i thought it said about, not by
need to be brave (1:24:47 AM):LMAO it's ok
kiss the radio (1:25:51 AM):who should come talk to yoochun?
need to be brave (1:26:27 AM):surprise me
need to be brave (1:30:54 AM):lmdfosdi big bummed
kiss the radio (1:30:58 AM):lmfao
kiss the radio (1:52:27 AM):so who is jaejoong's friend? ;-)
need to be brave (1:52:51 AM):um idk? lmfao i'm the friend too?
kiss the radio (1:53:02 AM):lmao just for a moment :-[ if you don't mind
need to be brave (1:53:21 AM):nope, it's all good. anybody you'd like it to be?
kiss the radio (1:53:24 AM):suprise me~
need to be brave (1:53:49 AM):ok
need to be brave (1:54:15 AM):his friend is the heech
kiss the radio (1:54:17 AM):kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
need to be brave (2:19:43 AM):mind concentrating on just one rp?
kiss the radio (2:19:45 AM):mkay
need to be brave (2:20:12 AM):lmao i'm just distracted at the moment with other things
kiss the radio (2:20:13 AM)::-)
kiss the radio (2:20:21 AM):the clinic one?
need to be brave (2:20:37 AM):aha yeah that mostly yes
kiss the radio (2:20:44 AM):lmao
need to be brave (3:08:43 AM):moves it ahead to tonight so they can snoop~~
kiss the radio (3:08:46 AM):woot woot~
kiss the radio (4:35:27 AM):do i smell a couple?
need to be brave (4:35:46 AM):hehe maybe
need to be brave (4:55:46 AM):i am going to head to bed bb. will you be on today?
kiss the radio (4:55:53 AM):yep!
need to be brave (4:56:05 AM):alrighty~
kiss the radio (4:56:01 AM):ps junsu got caught and won't be around tomorrow
need to be brave (4:56:15 AM):gasp!
need to be brave (4:56:22 AM):but yoochun didn't?
kiss the radio (4:56:24 AM):i mean caught in the halls
need to be brave (4:56:31 AM):OH
need to be brave (4:56:33 AM):lmao sry
kiss the radio (4:56:31 AM):ehehe
need to be brave (4:56:45 AM):do you like it?
kiss the radio (4:56:52 AM):i love it
need to be brave (4:57:04 AM)::-D good, i do too.
kiss the radio (4:57:15 AM):<33
need to be brave (4:57:33 AM):love you, bb. c u l8r today
kiss the radio (4:57:33 AM):c u
kiss the radio (4:57:34 AM):ily2
Saturday, May 26, 2007
kiss the radio (12:17:16 AM)::-D
need to be brave (12:18:46 AM)::-D
kiss the radio (12:18:43 AM):sup bb
need to be brave (12:19:44 AM):n2m jus chillin
kiss the radio (12:19:52 AM):lmao lmao lmao fuck yunho senseless
need to be brave (12:20:05 AM)::-[!
need to be brave (12:20:20 AM):sfdlkjfd i do so badly omfg
kiss the radio (12:21:21 AM):me too mmm
kiss the radio (12:22:38 AM):ugh yewook, my heart
need to be brave (12:24:25 AM):mm i love yewook
kiss the radio (12:25:30 AM):that gif in linnie's post ugh
need to be brave (12:26:19 AM):it's cute
kiss the radio (12:26:40 AM):sometimes i wonder how they can even be so freaking cute
need to be brave (12:27:13 AM):a mystery that will never be solved
kiss the radio (12:27:22 AM):it was kangin that said "i don't easy" right?
need to be brave (12:27:40 AM):.. i don't easy??
kiss the radio (12:27:43 AM):when he wore the blonde wig in full house?
need to be brave (12:27:57 AM):idk
kiss the radio (12:28:05 AM):lmao who is it on veoh that has the subbed videos?
kiss the radio (12:28:13 AM):i'll find me some quote
need to be brave (12:28:38 AM):oh you mean when they did the whole english thing? idk what he said exactly
kiss the radio (12:29:43 AM):omg almost butt crack
need to be brave (12:29:54 AM):EHEH I KNOW
need to be brave (12:30:01 AM):i love that he looks sexy and dorky at the same time
kiss the radio (12:29:59 AM):FUCK YOU JAEJOONG, SO FREAKING CUTE
need to be brave (12:30:12 AM):LMAO
kiss the radio (12:30:18 AM):ugh. be still, my heart
need to be brave (12:30:36 AM):i am just a horny bitch :-(
kiss the radio (12:30:48 AM):i am a horny bitch's bff
need to be brave (12:31:04 AM):LMFAO
kiss the radio (12:31:09 AM):;-)
kiss the radio (12:32:42 AM):so :-[ shall we play the day after junsu gets out of isolation?
need to be brave (12:33:06 AM):i was gonna have changmin look for him and flip out because he couldn't find him
need to be brave (12:33:13 AM):so they let him out early to calm changmin down
kiss the radio (12:33:15 AM)::OOOOO so cute
need to be brave (12:33:30 AM):ehe i know
kiss the radio (12:33:45 AM)::-[ ilthis
need to be brave (12:33:59 AM):ilthis2
need to be brave (12:46:39 AM):did you read my post about yunho dancing to the fat joe song lmfao
kiss the radio (12:46:47 AM):yeah lmfao i want to see that
need to be brave (12:47:12 AM):i know shit and fuck are like.. nothing to them
need to be brave (12:47:16 AM):but wtf @ nigger?
need to be brave (12:47:23 AM):they have to know that's a racial slurr lmao
need to be brave (12:47:51 AM):i just kinda chuckled.. because i thought i'd only hear it once
kiss the radio (12:48:19 AM):goodness
need to be brave (12:48:50 AM):lmao i don't like the word, but it was uncomfortable in the sense that.. well, it was a dbsk concert and yeah
kiss the radio (12:49:01 AM):i don't like the word either
kiss the radio (12:49:27 AM):i think they care more for the beats
need to be brave (12:50:08 AM):yeah, i know but still
kiss the radio (12:50:04 AM):yeah
need to be brave (12:50:54 AM):o and hyukjae was there :-D:-D:-D he preformed with junsu
kiss the radio (12:50:55 AM):ehehehe!!!
need to be brave (12:51:11 AM):i didn't know that was him in the song
need to be brave (12:51:17 AM):then i thought "wait a sec..."
need to be brave (12:51:20 AM):LOLZ @ ME
kiss the radio (12:51:18 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (12:53:35 AM):there was one part where they danced with chicks and i swear jaejoong removes the girls hand from his shoulder as if disgusted by her touching him
kiss the radio (12:53:38 AM)::O
need to be brave (12:53:48 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (12:54:17 AM):u strt da otha rp
kiss the radio (12:54:32 AM):kk
need to be brave (12:54:49 AM):ty~
need to be brave (1:07:36 AM):lmao what happened to picking up hyukjae
kiss the radio (1:07:39 AM):LMAO omg oops
kiss the radio (1:07:50 AM):resends~
need to be brave (1:08:06 AM):lmao i was like "HYUKKIE???"
kiss the radio (1:46:26 AM):is there a card attached to the roses?
need to be brave (1:46:46 AM):yes
need to be brave (1:46:55 AM):it says "saranghae~"
kiss the radio (1:46:53 AM):awww
need to be brave (2:19:44 AM):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HH8iQpC1k-Q :'(!!!
kiss the radio (2:40:44 AM):omg charlie
need to be brave (2:41:12 AM):I KNOW :'(!!
need to be brave (2:43:18 AM):THE MUSIC BREAKS MY HEART
need to be brave (2:43:34 AM):not as much as when boone died though OMFG
kiss the radio signed off at 2:44:49 AM
kiss the radio signed on at 2:49:19 AM
need to be brave (2:49:27 AM):lol @ u :-)
kiss the radio (2:49:27 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (2:49:35 AM):need a resend on the other one?
kiss the radio (2:49:33 AM):please
need to be brave (2:56:06 AM):yoochun is being nosey~~~
kiss the radio (2:56:39 AM):ooooo~~~
need to be brave (2:57:02 AM):he wants to know jaejoongs story~
kiss the radio (3:17:22 AM):i've been thinking...i might bring shiwon back into the clinic
need to be brave (3:17:38 AM):oooooh
kiss the radio (3:17:44 AM):but i'm going to think up his problems, first
need to be brave (3:18:04 AM):i'm trying to think of what yoochuns prob is
kiss the radio (3:22:35 AM):i'm going to wait maybe two weeks before shiwon comes back
need to be brave (3:23:47 AM):no prob
need to be brave (3:24:03 AM):i thought about bringin a newbie to stir some shit~ up
kiss the radio (3:24:02 AM):oooooooo
need to be brave (3:24:19 AM):someone else to distract jaejoong
kiss the radio (3:24:19 AM):junki :-[
need to be brave (3:24:32 AM):lmao damn you
kiss the radio (3:24:28 AM)::O
kiss the radio (3:24:42 AM):distract him from what?
need to be brave (3:24:57 AM):from yunho~
kiss the radio (3:25:01 AM)::O
need to be brave (3:25:08 AM):he'll be like "mm yunh--- OMG NEW GUY IS HOT" sort of thing
need to be brave (3:25:16 AM):unless you want it to be ... jihoon~~~~
kiss the radio (3:25:18 AM):WHO????
need to be brave (3:25:29 AM):LMFAOOOOOO
need to be brave (3:25:31 AM):shut up
kiss the radio (3:25:31 AM):lmao we haven't used junki in a while though
need to be brave (3:25:44 AM):tru
need to be brave (3:25:47 AM):junki it is
kiss the radio (3:25:43 AM):ehehe
need to be brave (4:31:57 AM):lmao i love how changmin stands like a woman, sry i had to add it in
kiss the radio (4:31:59 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (4:32:22 AM):mom and dad are gonna be gone all day tomorrow~~
need to be brave (4:32:26 AM):er. today
kiss the radio (4:32:22 AM):ooooooo
kiss the radio (4:32:25 AM):porn time
need to be brave (4:32:35 AM):LMFAO
need to be brave (4:32:40 AM):i watch porn even when they're home
need to be brave (4:32:46 AM):on my computer that is
kiss the radio (4:32:52 AM):lmao i wish i had that luxury
need to be brave (4:33:42 AM):i rarely find anything good though
need to be brave (4:36:31 AM):r u gettin sleepy bb
kiss the radio (4:36:31 AM):nope!
need to be brave (4:36:44 AM):ok just checkin!
kiss the radio (4:36:45 AM):k
need to be brave (4:42:58 AM):my grandmother had a tube that went in her nose to her stomach and they fed her that way. that's what i meant.
need to be brave (4:43:05 AM):that was before they gave her a feeding tube in her stomach
kiss the radio (4:43:29 AM):oh, i didn't know they went up the nose
need to be brave (4:44:22 AM):http://www.hame.ca/blog2/pictures/feedtube.jpg like this
kiss the radio (4:44:29 AM):ouch
need to be brave (4:44:40 AM):ah yeah
need to be brave (4:45:03 AM):i think the feeding tube in the stomach would be worse though
kiss the radio (4:45:06 AM):yeah
need to be brave (4:48:44 AM):you can ffwd it to jaejoong talking to chun if you want.
kiss the radio (4:48:58 AM):mkay
need to be brave (4:54:35 AM):junkis hair is like this btw
kiss the radio (4:54:52 AM):mmmmm
need to be brave (4:55:14 AM):i knowwwwww
need to be brave (4:55:17 AM):i miss it :-(
need to be brave (4:55:24 AM):i hhaaate his haircut more than i hated chuns short cut
kiss the radio (4:55:27 AM):i haven't seen it
need to be brave (4:56:56 AM):http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s299/koyangineko/Just%20JunKI5/leejg_131.jpg
kiss the radio (4:57:12 AM):i like it but he doesn't look like himself
need to be brave (4:57:41 AM):it doesn't suit his face shape
need to be brave (5:24:38 AM):gives jaejoong bad news because i can~~~
kiss the radio (5:24:39 AM):ohnoez
need to be brave (5:24:50 AM):lolz
kiss the radio (5:39:43 AM):sigh
need to be brave (5:39:58 AM):wot :-(
kiss the radio (5:40:01 AM):chunnie
need to be brave (5:40:29 AM):he feels bad about what he did the poor thing
kiss the radio (5:40:55 AM):bb i'm gonna go to bed
need to be brave (5:41:11 AM):ok
kiss the radio (5:41:28 AM):i haven't stayed up this late in a long time
need to be brave (5:41:39 AM):will u b on l8r
need to be brave (5:41:41 AM):LMAO NEITHER HAVE I
need to be brave (5:41:44 AM):neither***
kiss the radio (5:41:53 AM):lmao idk but i'll try
need to be brave (5:42:14 AM):well, if you aren't on during the day, theres always night time
kiss the radio (5:42:11 AM):indeed
need to be brave (5:42:31 AM):txt me whenever you can get time to come online~
kiss the radio (5:42:34 AM):if my phone doesn't get cut off, i will
need to be brave (5:42:48 AM):alright. ily and sleep well
kiss the radio (5:42:45 AM):ily2
Sunday, May 27, 2007
need to be brave (12:00:37 AM):hay gorjus
kiss the radio (12:00:40 AM):haaay
need to be brave (12:01:03 AM):how r u
kiss the radio (12:01:09 AM):tired and hot. you?
need to be brave (12:01:29 AM):hot lmao it was rly warm today
kiss the radio (12:01:26 AM):o rly
need to be brave (12:01:50 AM):yes it was nearly 30!
kiss the radio (12:01:51 AM):WOW
need to be brave (12:02:35 AM):i was thinking about bringing sungmin in~
kiss the radio (12:02:31 AM):awww
need to be brave (12:03:16 AM):and you can bring someone in for him
kiss the radio (12:03:19 AM):kyu
need to be brave (12:03:33 AM):eee ok
kiss the radio (12:04:33 AM)::-)
kiss the radio signed off at 12:07:06 AM
kiss the radio signed on at 12:07:15 AM
need to be brave (12:07:22 AM):wot happened??
kiss the radio (12:07:15 AM):aim is really stupid
need to be brave (12:07:28 AM):o
kiss the radio (12:07:26 AM):it froze lmao
need to be brave (12:07:44 AM):laame
need to be brave (12:08:58 AM):ur turn to strt~
kiss the radio (12:10:06 AM):i hope two weeks passes soon so i can bring shiwon back
need to be brave (12:10:25 AM):you can move it ahead if you want lmao
kiss the radio (12:10:31 AM)::O
kiss the radio (12:10:31 AM):k
need to be brave (12:10:45 AM):;D
kiss the radio (12:11:03 AM):i found out what i want his problem to be
need to be brave (12:11:20 AM):o?
kiss the radio (12:11:18 AM):ya. suprise
need to be brave (12:12:02 AM):sungmin is one 2
need to be brave (12:12:03 AM):er
need to be brave (12:12:07 AM):well what's wrong with him
kiss the radio (12:12:57 AM):kk
need to be brave (12:40:37 AM):changmins gonna have a fit and be put into isolation~~~
kiss the radio (12:41:16 AM):omg :O
need to be brave (12:43:56 AM):you'll find out why he's so protective of the spot on the couch
need to be brave (1:02:46 AM):shiwons a drunk too?
kiss the radio (1:02:49 AM):yes
need to be brave (1:03:14 AM):but junsu is too?
need to be brave (1:03:15 AM):lmao
kiss the radio (1:03:07 AM):i don't know anything about drugs to put them in :/
need to be brave (1:03:24 AM):i don't either, you don't have to
need to be brave (1:03:27 AM):we can make it up
kiss the radio (1:04:35 AM):junsu is alcohol and cutting. shiwon is alcohol, anger, and idk.... sex
need to be brave (1:05:06 AM):oooooooooooh
need to be brave (1:05:08 AM):i like the sex
need to be brave (1:05:09 AM):lmfao
kiss the radio (1:05:04 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (1:05:58 AM):jaejoongs is everything else? ahah
kiss the radio (1:05:59 AM):pretty much!
need to be brave (1:06:18 AM):wot about kyu?
kiss the radio (1:06:17 AM):i'm still thinking about him
need to be brave (1:06:30 AM):oooh
need to be brave (1:14:41 AM):~brings in minnie~
kiss the radio (1:14:39 AM):ehehehee
need to be brave (1:15:18 AM):dongwook is admitting him btw~ unless you want to make another nurse or something.
kiss the radio (1:15:30 AM):dongwook admits them all~
need to be brave (1:15:43 AM):ok
need to be brave (1:20:47 AM):i might as well tell you because you can't very well do the admitting if you don't know what's wrong
kiss the radio (1:20:57 AM):word
need to be brave (1:21:42 AM):his father - after his mother commited suicide - threw gas on him and lit him on fire. he's burned from his cheek down to his waist on that side, though the worst is up near his face.
need to be brave (1:21:49 AM):hence why he's hiding his face
kiss the radio (1:21:58 AM):ouch :-(
need to be brave (1:22:13 AM):it wasn't recent
need to be brave (1:22:17 AM):so he's all healed
need to be brave (1:22:23 AM):he just has scars
kiss the radio (1:22:22 AM):what's he being admitted for?
need to be brave (1:23:00 AM):sucide attempts and manic depression.
need to be brave (1:23:07 AM):er attempting suicide*
kiss the radio (1:23:01 AM):ah
need to be brave (1:41:59 AM):shit i was gonna tell you something but i forgot
kiss the radio (1:41:58 AM):omg
need to be brave (1:42:41 AM):lmfao ugh
kiss the radio (1:42:36 AM):lmao
need to be brave (3:02:36 AM):i gave u a testi 2dai
kiss the radio (3:02:37 AM)::O
need to be brave (3:02:52 AM):GO REED
kiss the radio (3:03:05 AM):ily
need to be brave (3:03:26 AM):ily2
need to be brave (3:14:28 AM):wot should happen next????
need to be brave (3:25:21 AM):?
kiss the radio (3:25:36 AM):SRY!! umm we could skip to tomorrow with kyuhyun coming in
need to be brave (3:25:52 AM):ok
kiss the radio (3:26:40 AM):i'll strt
need to be brave (3:26:54 AM):o ok
need to be brave (3:26:58 AM):~~
need to be brave (3:59:57 AM):bb, i'm gonna go to bed :-(
kiss the radio (3:59:55 AM):aww :-( i was about to send, too
need to be brave (4:00:16 AM):send, i will cont tomorrow~
need to be brave (4:01:35 AM):alrighty, see you tomorrow whenever you are on
kiss the radio (4:01:32 AM):c u
need to be brave (4:01:50 AM):ily~
kiss the radio (4:01:47 AM):ily2~~~
Monday, May 28, 2007
need to be brave (1:04:48 AM):omg finally
kiss the radio (1:04:47 AM):ikr
need to be brave (1:08:38 AM):woo
need to be brave (1:08:45 AM):sry helping melissa with last fm
kiss the radio (1:08:40 AM):it's cool
need to be brave (1:10:40 AM):alrighty~
need to be brave (1:10:51 AM):strts teh celeb one
kiss the radio (1:10:48 AM)::-D
need to be brave (1:10:59 AM):well sort of
kiss the radio (1:10:54 AM):lmao??
need to be brave (1:11:22 AM):LMAO he's gonna be all bitchy the guys are out doing things and he can't
kiss the radio (1:11:16 AM):lmao aww
need to be brave (1:12:22 AM):he'll get over it
need to be brave (1:12:27 AM):YUNHO WILL SAVE HIM????
kiss the radio (1:12:21 AM):YEAH!!!!
need to be brave (1:16:12 AM):lmao this chick is stupid. she didn't understand the first pirates.
kiss the radio (1:16:11 AM):lmao
need to be brave (1:17:53 AM):she doesn't see how jack wronged them
need to be brave (1:18:05 AM):i wonder if she blacks out in the middle or something
kiss the radio (1:18:00 AM):wow
need to be brave (1:18:20 AM):or doesn't understand i mean
need to be brave (1:19:26 AM):i was thinkin that someone should get kidnapped in the celeb one~~~
kiss the radio (1:19:37 AM)::OOOO
kiss the radio (1:20:05 AM):that is so strange, someone just got kidnapped in this fic i'm reading
need to be brave (1:20:22 AM):LMAO
need to be brave (1:20:56 AM):this was an original idea. i didn't steal it from a fic
kiss the radio (1:20:54 AM):i know lmao
need to be brave (1:21:58 AM):o and i was thinkin someone exposes sungmins face and idk someone gets a little mean about it
kiss the radio (1:22:07 AM):like heechul?
need to be brave (1:22:30 AM):yeah
kiss the radio (1:23:03 AM):i wanna be the victim in the celeb one lmao :[
need to be brave (1:23:30 AM):ok
need to be brave (1:23:40 AM):so junsu then? although they would fall apart if it was yunho
kiss the radio (1:23:33 AM):yes
kiss the radio (1:27:11 AM):lmao junsu wouldn't look away from his soccer game, bb
need to be brave (1:27:42 AM):i thought it said he looked over. sry
kiss the radio (1:27:41 AM):oh my bad. no, he's looking at the tv
need to be brave (1:28:17 AM):aha no i just read it wrong bc i'm dum~
need to be brave (1:32:39 AM):LMAO R U EVAR GUNNA REPLY
need to be brave (1:33:10 AM):just.. .say it was heechul looking at him lmao
need to be brave (1:33:17 AM):plus the celeb one has a post 2
kiss the radio (1:33:13 AM):i know, i'm working on it
need to be brave (1:33:27 AM):ok
kiss the radio (1:44:27 AM):is sungmin's hood up?
kiss the radio (1:44:32 AM):wait, dumb question
need to be brave (1:45:01 AM):ok
need to be brave (1:45:02 AM):yes lmao
kiss the radio (1:49:25 AM):i thought i was yoochun?
need to be brave (1:49:50 AM):what was yoochun?
kiss the radio (1:49:51 AM):what?
need to be brave (1:50:10 AM):LMAO OH SRY
need to be brave (1:50:11 AM):ugh
kiss the radio (1:50:04 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (1:50:22 AM):*changmin stepped up to yunho
need to be brave (2:12:21 AM):ffwd >> to after the ~*announcement*~ so junsu can go missing.
kiss the radio (2:12:22 AM):after the concert and all??
need to be brave (2:12:40 AM):yep
kiss the radio (2:13:30 AM):it's your turn so you can say junsu went to get something and hasn't come back
kiss the radio (2:13:39 AM):like, he forgot something in the dressing room??
need to be brave (2:13:57 AM):ok
need to be brave (2:14:02 AM):lmao i know it's my turn i was just saying
kiss the radio (2:13:55 AM):oh lmao k
need to be brave (2:17:17 AM):mm sweaty changmin
kiss the radio (2:22:29 AM):so who kidnapped su?
need to be brave (2:22:50 AM):idk some crazy fan maybe?
kiss the radio (2:22:49 AM):like in the drama?
need to be brave (2:23:04 AM):yeah
kiss the radio (2:25:44 AM):wots it say? :O
need to be brave (2:26:26 AM):it's just a letter saying he's been kidnapped and that she isn't going ot give him up or something lmao
kiss the radio (2:26:23 AM):lmfao
kiss the radio (2:26:46 AM):she must be one tough chick
need to be brave (2:27:19 AM):LMFAO do you think he'd resist though? i mean, he'd be too nice
kiss the radio (2:27:26 AM):he'd be scared as hell, thinking she's an anti
need to be brave (2:27:47 AM):she could've pretended to be working and coming to get him
need to be brave (2:27:51 AM):and that , too
kiss the radio (3:40:08 AM)::-( how long will junsu be gone
need to be brave (3:40:52 AM):not long. you can make it the next day and he walks in all freaked out, talking about the crazy fan
need to be brave (3:41:24 AM):or.. i can have it the next day lmao
kiss the radio (3:41:22 AM):maybe two days ;-) just to be harsh
need to be brave (3:41:49 AM):ok
need to be brave (3:48:08 AM):lmao if that doesn't wake everybody, then idk what would
kiss the radio (3:48:13 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (4:16:17 AM):someone should walk in on changmin and junsu~
need to be brave (4:16:32 AM):i'll mention them being all hot and heavy
kiss the radio (4:16:28 AM)::O
need to be brave (4:17:09 AM):lmao
need to be brave (4:55:00 AM):http://images.asianfanatics.net/gallery/albums/Korean-Male/Shim-Changmin/11800966350705162009320qj6.jpg IDK IF YOU CAN SEE THIS BUT UGH
kiss the radio (4:55:19 AM):..................omg
need to be brave (4:55:54 AM):i am somewhat sad that min is becoming so manly
kiss the radio (4:55:53 AM):lmao :-(
need to be brave (4:59:15 AM):http://images.asianfanatics.net/gallery/albums/Korean-Male/Super-Junior/146.jpg LMFAO SHIWONS FACE
kiss the radio (4:59:20 AM):LMFAO he looks like he smelt bad cheese
need to be brave (4:59:38 AM):LMFAOOOOO
need to be brave (4:59:49 AM):i am closing the celeb rp bb.
kiss the radio (4:59:43 AM):kk
need to be brave (5:03:37 AM):http://images.asianfanatics.net/gallery/albums/Korean-Male/Shim-Changmin/1179569041_20.jpg this is the womanly stance i mentioned before lmao
kiss the radio (5:03:39 AM):he's still hot ungh
need to be brave (5:04:02 AM):oh i know lmao but when he stands like that my gaydar goes off
need to be brave (5:10:11 AM):so did they just hump or did they have sex~
kiss the radio (5:10:09 AM):ummmm you choose
need to be brave (5:10:34 AM):ok
need to be brave (5:23:56 AM):pretend yoochun asked in there what he needed ot know lmao
need to be brave (5:32:37 AM):ok darlin, i am heading off to bed. will you be around l8r?
kiss the radio (5:32:32 AM):possibly!
need to be brave (5:32:50 AM):why possibly :-(
kiss the radio (5:32:55 AM):it's possible either way that i will or won't be around
need to be brave (5:33:18 AM):are you doing something?
kiss the radio (5:33:21 AM):i might be going swimming
need to be brave (5:33:54 AM):i hate that you can go swimming already >:O
kiss the radio (5:33:48 AM):lmao :-[
need to be brave (5:34:10 AM):our pool still has the cover on
need to be brave (5:34:11 AM):sigh
kiss the radio (5:34:06 AM):is it frozen?
need to be brave (5:34:20 AM):no
need to be brave (5:34:30 AM):it just hasn't been nice enough to take it off
kiss the radio (5:34:25 AM):ooh
need to be brave (5:35:14 AM):anyway, i'll see you at night if you aren't on during the day
kiss the radio (5:35:15 AM):<33 ily
need to be brave (5:35:32 AM):<33 ily2
Tuesday, May 29, 2007
need to be brave (6:31:11 PM):i had stir-fry for suppa
kiss the radio (6:31:27 PM):yummmmm
need to be brave (6:32:04 PM):twas good
kiss the radio (6:32:07 PM):i have to go to the freaking dentist tomorrow
need to be brave (6:32:28 PM):shudder
kiss the radio (6:32:28 PM):i want to cry, actually
need to be brave (6:32:55 PM):i don't blame you, i hate the dentist
kiss the radio (6:33:16 PM):lmao if they tell me i have to have my wisdom teeth pulled, i'm jumping out of the chair
need to be brave (6:33:51 PM):i apparently have to have mine pulled. i want to cry.
kiss the radio (6:33:44 PM):holds :-(
need to be brave (6:34:05 PM):SNUGGLES :-(
need to be brave (6:34:15 PM):boojae is on~
kiss the radio (6:34:08 PM):kk~ i'll be on in a sec
need to be brave (6:36:38 PM):allllllrighty
need to be brave (6:38:17 PM):jaejoong is out on the balcony tanning lmao
kiss the radio (6:38:18 PM):lmfao
kiss the radio (6:38:35 PM):i'll start a scene!
need to be brave (6:38:53 PM):ok!
need to be brave (6:42:50 PM):so what happened yesterday that you weren't around? did you go swimming?
kiss the radio (6:43:03 PM):no, i hung out with my mom and got to see my niece, we went shopping
need to be brave (6:43:38 PM):ahh.
kiss the radio (6:49:50 PM):i have a new ui :-[
need to be brave (6:50:45 PM):HEE
need to be brave (6:50:51 PM):yunnie~
kiss the radio (6:50:40 PM)::-D
need to be brave (6:50:56 PM):WE MATCH :d
need to be brave (6:51:00 PM)::-D
kiss the radio (6:50:48 PM):i was like "i need to match her..."
need to be brave (6:51:07 PM):LADLKA
kiss the radio (6:51:22 PM):ehehe :-)
need to be brave (7:03:09 PM):i drempt of yoomin sex last night~
kiss the radio (7:03:01 PM):omg~
need to be brave (7:03:20 PM):it was hawt
need to be brave (7:03:27 PM):changmin has some pretty powerful orgasms
kiss the radio (7:03:24 PM):wow
need to be brave (7:03:59 PM):he has a lot of pent up sexual tension lmfao
kiss the radio (7:03:56 PM):lmfao
kiss the radio (7:05:58 PM):mmm i found the video of my changmin smurf jumping gif
need to be brave (7:06:28 PM):lmao what
kiss the radio (7:06:35 PM):the gif i have of changmin jumping, and they are wearing their smurf balloon outfits
need to be brave (7:07:04 PM):oh
need to be brave (7:07:13 PM):lmao it took me a minute to figure it out
kiss the radio (7:07:02 PM):lmao
need to be brave (7:10:59 PM):i saved a dragon fly today
kiss the radio (7:11:31 PM):omg aw
kiss the radio (7:11:59 PM):lmao jaejoong and changmin holding hands, they are so cute
need to be brave (7:12:21 PM):ehehe yes
need to be brave (7:12:36 PM):although i do think jaejoong pouting because he can't get up and nobody helping him is cute, too
kiss the radio (7:12:38 PM):yes, so cute. but i meant in this video!
need to be brave (7:13:40 PM):AHAHAHAHAHHA
kiss the radio (7:13:49 PM):LMFAO OMG JAEJOONG
need to be brave (7:14:12 PM):LMFAO
need to be brave (7:15:55 PM):AHAHAHAHAHAHA
need to be brave (7:15:59 PM):I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS
kiss the radio (7:16:01 PM):lmfaoooooo
need to be brave (7:27:24 PM):lmao i can't stop laughing
kiss the radio (7:27:24 PM):;-)
need to be brave (7:46:47 PM):http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/dongbangshinki/32264.html?#cutid1
kiss the radio (8:01:24 PM):dinnerrrrrrrrrrrrr
need to be brave (8:01:49 PM):okkkkk how long will you be :-(
kiss the radio (8:01:47 PM):like an hour and a half, to two hours
need to be brave (8:02:10 PM):jeeze, long dinner lmao
need to be brave (8:02:16 PM):i take 5 minutes at the most
kiss the radio (8:02:05 PM):well i'm watching a show too lmao
need to be brave (8:02:28 PM):ah ok.
kiss the radio (8:02:23 PM):i'll be back tho
need to be brave (8:02:49 PM):alright, i'll be here. i might play mah simz
kiss the radio (8:02:38 PM):kk
need to be brave (8:02:57 PM):so if it takes me a bit to come back don't freat
need to be brave (8:03:04 PM):my computer loads a bit slow after i close the came
need to be brave (8:03:08 PM):GAME
kiss the radio (8:02:56 PM)::-)
kiss the radio went away at 8:03:47 PM
Wednesday, May 30, 2007
kiss the radio (12:23:12 AM):x.x
need to be brave (12:23:18 AM):woooooooooooo~
kiss the radio (12:23:22 AM):haaay gf~
need to be brave (12:23:58 AM):haaaay i linked you with my jaejoong image in my ui lmao
kiss the radio (12:24:05 AM):lmao aww
need to be brave (12:26:08 AM):i was beginning to think you wouldn't be back and i was gonna get emo
kiss the radio (12:26:26 AM):i promised, and i didn't want to break it
need to be brave (12:26:37 AM):lmao you said 2 hrus tho
need to be brave (12:26:41 AM):hrs*
need to be brave (12:26:49 AM):but YOU ARE BACK so i am happy
kiss the radio (12:26:53 AM):i know and i thought it would be
need to be brave (12:27:43 AM):cos if you get anything done to your teeth you prob won't come on tomorrow :'(
kiss the radio (12:28:17 AM):i'm more than likely only getting a cleaning. i won't let them do anything other than that
need to be brave (12:30:09 AM):i hope so lmao. i cannot deal without you being around :-(
kiss the radio (12:32:34 AM):i'll be around :-)
need to be brave (12:32:37 AM):bob saget likes my band says:

melissa drama doesn't follow me, it rides on my back says:
lmfao hes like WHAT

bob saget likes my band says:
and yunho is all "TEE HEE SK8 BOARD!"
need to be brave (12:32:44 AM):lmao i went back to find a post for melissa and this amused me
kiss the radio (12:33:16 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (12:35:53 AM):boojae is on
kiss the radio (12:35:58 AM):kk
need to be brave (12:38:33 AM):you can start the crazy rp if you want lmao. since it's your turn and all~
kiss the radio (12:38:44 AM):i will in a few :-D
need to be brave (12:38:48 AM):ok :-D
need to be brave (1:00:04 AM):http://www1.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/586517/2/istockphoto_586517_music_notes_vector.jpg ~
kiss the radio (1:00:14 AM):i love that
need to be brave (1:01:07 AM):http://www.marsneedsguitars.com/blog_pics/music%20notes.jpg this is what i have on my back with stars :-D
kiss the radio (1:01:23 AM):i love that tattoo on you :-[
need to be brave (1:01:31 AM):it's certainly my favourite
kiss the radio (1:29:38 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (1:29:51 AM):that's what "i lke 2 poke" got me lmfao
need to be brave (1:36:31 AM):SINCE YOU DIDN'T START LYKE U SAID U WOULD
kiss the radio (1:36:42 AM):OH SORRY, I WAS FOOLING WITH MY AUNTS IPOD
need to be brave (1:36:47 AM):lmao
need to be brave (1:36:49 AM):it's ok
need to be brave (1:36:59 AM):you can start tomorrow ~
kiss the radio (1:37:10 AM)::-)
need to be brave (1:55:00 AM):whats the pillow shape of?
kiss the radio (1:55:26 AM):ummm i'll say a star with two shades of pink, and a small star stitched on the front
need to be brave (1:55:31 AM):ok
kiss the radio (1:56:41 AM):my message won't send to the boojae name
need to be brave (1:56:48 AM):hold on
need to be brave (1:59:09 AM):ugh it's not letting me log back into him >:O
kiss the radio (1:59:13 AM):ew :|
need to be brave (1:59:20 AM):use elegence tide
kiss the radio (1:59:24 AM):k
kiss the radio (2:10:05 AM):yunho, bb
need to be brave (2:10:16 AM):o
need to be brave (2:10:18 AM):UGH
need to be brave (2:10:21 AM):lmao i just read the y and that was it
kiss the radio (2:10:24 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (2:13:03 AM):SCUSE WHAT I SAID THEN, I WILL RESEND
kiss the radio (2:13:09 AM):KAY
need to be brave (2:32:57 AM):lmao did you mean eroctic or did you mean exotic
kiss the radio (2:33:19 AM):yeah, erotic
need to be brave (2:33:25 AM):oooh!
kiss the radio (3:12:37 AM):which one do you want to concentrate more on? i'm gonna go at three so i have enough sleep for the stupid dentist
need to be brave (3:13:09 AM):doesn't matter lmao you choose
kiss the radio (3:14:21 AM):celeb
need to be brave (3:14:27 AM):k
kiss the radio (3:15:33 AM):lmao junsu is webcamming with hyukjae
need to be brave (3:15:45 AM):aaha is he?
kiss the radio (3:15:52 AM):yes, i said so
need to be brave (3:15:56 AM):lmfao ok
need to be brave (3:18:06 AM):lmao "WEBCAMMING" eh?
kiss the radio (3:18:11 AM):;-)
kiss the radio (3:32:20 AM):http://img402.imageshack.us/my.php?image=1180440702arena37yh9em9pj4.jpg mmm
need to be brave (3:32:44 AM):ooooooh god
kiss the radio (3:33:35 AM):flatlines............
need to be brave (3:33:45 AM):ugh
need to be brave (3:33:49 AM):wants to bone them all
kiss the radio (3:33:50 AM):http://img413.imageshack.us/my.php?image=1180440702arena37yh11mgyi9.jpg
need to be brave (3:34:04 AM):sdfoijesodsidj
need to be brave (3:34:17 AM):his eyes don't go squinty they go ~
kiss the radio (3:34:38 AM):ugh he's perfect
need to be brave (3:34:58 AM):he is.
kiss the radio (3:35:27 AM):o m g
need to be brave (3:35:33 AM):?
kiss the radio (3:35:47 AM):http://img126.imageshack.us/my.php?image=1180440702arena37yhsi6hr2.jpg you can see his boobie :-[
need to be brave (3:36:32 AM):apparently he's loosing his moobs
need to be brave (3:36:40 AM):he's been eating egg whites and working out
need to be brave (3:36:54 AM):but he said he's done that before and they come back
kiss the radio (3:37:06 AM):rubs them :-(
need to be brave (3:37:24 AM):loves up on his moobs
kiss the radio (3:38:01 AM):now this
kiss the radio (3:38:03 AM):is hot
kiss the radio (3:38:03 AM):http://img253.imageshack.us/my.php?image=nice9tkalo684qlargefg0yx6.jpg
need to be brave (3:38:20 AM):ugh, yes
need to be brave (3:38:21 AM):his ears
need to be brave (3:38:35 AM):i want to kiss them and nibble on them so bad
kiss the radio (3:38:39 AM):me toooo
need to be brave (3:38:49 AM):chun needs to
kiss the radio (3:40:02 AM):mmm chun in a chair
need to be brave (3:40:23 AM):i saved one of the chun ones. i am hoping for hi res ;9
need to be brave (3:40:25 AM)::-(
need to be brave (3:42:42 AM):tomorrow we should rp the ~day off~
kiss the radio (3:42:48 AM):yes
need to be brave (3:52:00 AM):ehehe
kiss the radio (3:52:25 AM):here comes the temper
need to be brave (3:52:34 AM):chuns?
kiss the radio (3:52:36 AM):yes
kisstheradio (4:09:32 AM):sigh bb what happened to your internet :-( goodnight
need to be brave (11:15:59 PM):come baaaaaaaaaack :'(
kiss the radio (11:16:04 PM): where is that girl of mine? the one who smiles and makes the world shine.
Thursday, May 31, 2007
need to be brave (1:55:46 AM):dfasljdfasoidj
kiss the radio (1:55:55 AM):ikr
need to be brave (1:56:12 AM):i am so sorry about last night. ugh.
kiss the radio (1:56:29 AM):it's fine bb
need to be brave (1:56:48 AM):i was not pleased
kiss the radio (1:56:53 AM):<3
need to be brave (1:57:15 AM):did you get to read my update at all?
kiss the radio (1:57:55 AM):yeah i read it
need to be brave (1:58:10 AM):i didn't know because you didn't comment
kiss the radio (1:58:26 AM):i got into watching videos :-[
need to be brave (1:58:35 AM):oh
kiss the radio (1:58:52 AM):i was only on for like two hours and it was spent searching
need to be brave (1:59:05 AM):yeah i see
kiss the radio (1:59:22 AM):but i did read it. it really sucks, but i understand
need to be brave (1:59:58 AM):so much for chun flipping out heh
kiss the radio (2:00:08 AM):lmfao darn
need to be brave (2:03:11 AM):can you start today :\
kiss the radio (2:03:20 AM):of course
need to be brave (2:03:27 AM):ty bb
kiss the radio (2:04:18 AM)::O but i want to find out what happens with chun and min
need to be brave (2:04:40 AM):i'll resend what i said last then
kiss the radio (2:04:41 AM):please
kiss the radio (2:19:25 AM):I GOT FREAKING DEATHNOTE
need to be brave (2:19:34 AM):?
kiss the radio (2:19:40 AM):the manga
need to be brave (2:19:45 AM):oh
need to be brave (2:19:56 AM):lmao there's like.. 492384739847398473 chaps though
kiss the radio (2:19:58 AM):lmao
need to be brave (2:20:05 AM):i want to read the manga too
kiss the radio (2:20:14 AM):i think it's chapter 11
need to be brave (2:20:31 AM):wouldn't it be smart to start with vol. 1?
kiss the radio (2:20:34 AM):they didn't have it :-(
need to be brave (2:20:57 AM):pat pat
need to be brave (2:21:02 AM):when i went to teh city they didn't have it either
need to be brave (2:21:05 AM):they had vol. 2 though
kiss the radio (2:21:15 AM):lame
need to be brave (2:22:32 AM):peeps rly want da deth note!
need to be brave (2:22:55 AM):i saw the other movie the other day
kiss the radio (2:22:59 AM)::O
need to be brave (2:23:17 AM):i luv L
kiss the radio (2:23:24 AM):i haven't seen/read anything
need to be brave (2:23:56 AM):http://www.encorefilms.com/images/poster-deathnote-A.jpg
kiss the radio (2:24:18 AM):omg i seriously thought that was hankyung and heechul
need to be brave (2:24:24 AM):LMFAO
need to be brave (2:24:33 AM):the one dude was in battle royale
kiss the radio (2:24:39 AM):i never saw that :-[
need to be brave (2:24:55 AM):you wouldn't like it
kiss the radio (2:25:08 AM):wasn't that the james bond movie?
need to be brave (2:25:14 AM):he's pretty cute tbh, but he has a chipmunk face
need to be brave (2:25:16 AM):LMAO no
need to be brave (2:25:20 AM):it's a japanese movie
need to be brave (2:25:31 AM):well there IS a james bond movie with it but i'm talking about the japanese movie
kiss the radio (2:25:42 AM):ohhh
need to be brave (2:27:16 AM):http://www.horipro.co.jp/hm/fujiwara/img/profile.jpg see? chipmunk face
kiss the radio (2:27:40 AM):hello. gorgeous.
need to be brave (2:27:47 AM):lmao srsly
need to be brave (2:28:10 AM):lmao there is a pic of jaejoon gon this page
need to be brave (2:28:16 AM):jaejoong*
kiss the radio (2:28:17 AM):lmao
need to be brave (2:28:24 AM):with his name in the image name
need to be brave (2:28:26 AM):wt. h
need to be brave (2:28:59 AM):he's younger than me :-D
kiss the radio (2:29:00 AM)::O
need to be brave (2:29:13 AM):lmao not by much. his birthday is may 15th
need to be brave (2:30:27 AM):the dude who plays L looks totally different, jesus
need to be brave (2:32:07 AM):http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken%27ichi_Matsuyama
kiss the radio (2:34:19 AM):whoa, way different
need to be brave (2:34:38 AM):o well i still luv L
need to be brave (2:35:38 AM):http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_%28actor%29 LMAOOOO
kiss the radio (2:36:10 AM):awww :-[
need to be brave (2:36:26 AM):i just thought it was funny, i wasn't laughing AT him
kiss the radio (2:36:30 AM):i know <3
need to be brave (3:02:37 AM):starts the other rp with what i sent last~
kiss the radio (3:53:10 AM):bb i'm trying to keep my eys open but it's getting hard
need to be brave (3:53:21 AM)::\ fine
need to be brave (3:53:30 AM):gnight then
kiss the radio (3:53:37 AM):i want to stay on but i'm more tired than i thought. i'm sorry
need to be brave (3:53:52 AM):just go, i'm used to it
kiss the radio (3:54:11 AM):vicki, i'm sorry.
need to be brave (3:54:16 AM):will you be on tomorrrow?
need to be brave (3:54:19 AM):tomorrow*
kiss the radio (3:54:25 AM):yes
need to be brave (3:54:35 AM):ok, see you then
need to be brave (3:55:36 AM):i'm sorry, i'm just upset about last night and stuff.
kiss the radio (3:55:52 AM):ily. goodnight
need to be brave (3:55:58 AM):night
need to be brave (12:40:45 PM)::-D
kiss the radio (12:40:49 PM):i finally have two hours so i can watch videos >:O
need to be brave (12:41:00 PM):lmao
kiss the radio (12:41:11 PM):VIVA LAS VEOH
need to be brave (12:41:24 PM):LMFAOOO
kiss the radio (12:41:29 PM):sup bb
need to be brave (12:41:42 PM):n2m
kiss the radio (12:42:10 PM):let us rp?
need to be brave (12:42:19 PM):yessum
need to be brave (12:42:37 PM):changmin is on msn for a change
kiss the radio (12:42:55 PM)::O i'll sign on in a sec
need to be brave (12:43:34 PM):hokai
need to be brave (12:43:43 PM):do you not like the pb :-(
kiss the radio (12:43:51 PM):which pb?
need to be brave (12:44:01 PM):the one we have lmao
kiss the radio (12:44:06 PM):no, i like it
need to be brave (12:45:24 PM):ok, i was wondering because lately i've had to start and i thought maybe you didn't lik eit
need to be brave (12:45:27 PM):like it*
kiss the radio (12:45:34 PM):i love it, actually :-[
need to be brave (12:45:47 PM):mee tooo
need to be brave (12:48:03 PM):i thought about bringing in hannie to make drama with shiwon and heechul
kiss the radio (12:48:06 PM):oooooo
need to be brave (12:48:30 PM):u lyke?!
kiss the radio (12:48:34 PM):YES
need to be brave (12:49:00 PM):i'll bring him in when you sign in then~ :-D
kiss the radio (12:51:08 PM):i'd like even more to be able to shut the door and keep the smoke out of my house but my stepdad freaking opened it :|
need to be brave (12:51:28 PM)::-(
kiss the radio (12:55:44 PM):but he did buy me three manga books, so i'm gonna have to like him for now
need to be brave (12:55:56 PM):hahahah
need to be brave (12:56:49 PM):lmao that wasn't intended to be completely a quote, woops. o well
kiss the radio (12:57:03 PM):lmfao
kiss the radio (1:02:16 PM):yesung is so gorgeous
need to be brave (1:02:26 PM):he is, sigh
need to be brave (1:05:16 PM):thats for reference of hannies hair
kiss the radio (1:05:42 PM):i miss that hair
kiss the radio (1:06:09 PM):shiwon's is lmao the fluffy hair from spring waltz
need to be brave (1:06:40 PM):lmao ok
kiss the radio (1:06:45 PM):i found a really cute video of him dancing
need to be brave (1:07:06 PM):shiwon?
kiss the radio (1:07:06 PM):yes
need to be brave (1:07:19 PM):ooo lemmie seeeee
kiss the radio (1:07:34 PM):http://youtube.com/watch?v=caI0yU6rfG4
kiss the radio (1:09:38 PM):it's not working for me
need to be brave (1:09:52 PM):what isn't?
kiss the radio (1:09:53 PM):the video lmao
need to be brave (1:11:29 PM):it's cute
kiss the radio (1:11:33 PM):i love his hair
need to be brave (1:11:52 PM):lmao it looks like yunhos light socket hair
kiss the radio (1:11:54 PM):lmfao
kiss the radio (1:14:59 PM)::O teukie changed his shirt, wooooooooow
need to be brave (1:15:10 PM):LMFAO
kiss the radio (1:15:19 PM):now HE would make a good resident
need to be brave (1:15:34 PM):you could bring him in for heech
need to be brave (1:15:41 PM):since i want hanwon :-[
kiss the radio (1:15:42 PM):<3333333333
kiss the radio (1:17:43 PM):ryeowook is so fucking cute
need to be brave (1:19:45 PM):yess he is
need to be brave (1:43:55 PM):i read the bigeast radio thingy that dbsk do in japan
need to be brave (1:44:03 PM):and apparently changmin talks and laughs in his sleep lmao
kiss the radio (1:44:44 PM):omg aw
need to be brave (1:45:08 PM):lmao jaejoong was like "it looks like he's sleeping deeply and then he'll suddenly laugh"
kiss the radio (1:45:12 PM):lmfao
kiss the radio (1:45:25 PM):ps i'm completely trying to stir up drama with yunho
need to be brave (1:45:35 PM):ooh
need to be brave (1:57:25 PM):lmao i love how heechul says things to calm yunho down
kiss the radio (1:59:44 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (2:00:56 PM):tbh, if he said it to me i'd be like "you are amazing."
kiss the radio (2:00:58 PM):ikr
need to be brave (2:07:26 PM):do i sense dbsk orgy~
kiss the radio (2:08:35 PM):maybe~
need to be brave (2:08:49 PM):my chars are ok with it lmao
kiss the radio (2:12:27 PM):junsu isn't
need to be brave (2:12:40 PM):lmao o rite
kiss the radio (2:22:43 PM):tearjerker
need to be brave (2:23:19 PM):oh sobby
need to be brave (2:25:08 PM):pretend i said hangeng came from a chinese clinic~ lmao
kiss the radio (2:25:44 PM):lmao k
kiss the radio (2:29:07 PM):idk if you've heard chinese be sung, but it's beautiful
kiss the radio (2:29:11 PM):especially slow
need to be brave (2:29:41 PM):i haven't :-( i've only heard it fast speed lmao. i had rising sun in chinese
need to be brave (2:29:44 PM):it sounded strange LMFAO
kiss the radio (2:29:45 PM):lmao
need to be brave (2:30:04 PM):mostly because i hadn't heard it in anything other than korean back then
need to be brave (2:30:26 PM):SRY that was short
kiss the radio (2:49:20 PM):if i'm slow, my aunt is walking behind me. she's having a tough time but i'm still on
need to be brave (2:49:41 PM):if somethings wrong you can go
kiss the radio (2:49:48 PM):no, it's all fine
kiss the radio (2:49:53 PM):she's just all confused about living up here
need to be brave (2:50:14 PM):alright, as long as you think it'll be ok
kiss the radio (2:51:35 PM):it will be
kiss the radio (3:15:56 PM):maybe teukie and heechul 's cases can be very alike
need to be brave (3:16:16 PM):ooh thinking about bringing him in already? :-D
kiss the radio (3:16:17 PM):yes
need to be brave (3:16:23 PM):heee
kiss the radio (3:18:33 PM):my aunt needs to do an application online, so i'm gonna have to go for a bit
need to be brave (3:19:20 PM):alright. i would ask when you'll be back but
kiss the radio (3:19:37 PM):nearly 3 hours of rping in the day time with no interruptions is a record tho
need to be brave (3:19:49 PM):tru tru
need to be brave (3:19:59 PM):can you text me when you'll be coming back on?
kiss the radio (3:20:08 PM):yes, shouldn't be long unless something come sup
kiss the radio (3:20:10 PM):comes up
need to be brave (3:20:16 PM):alright
kiss the radio (3:20:29 PM):<33
need to be brave (3:20:35 PM):<333 ily
kiss the radio (3:20:34 PM):ilym
need to be brave (3:20:43 PM):nuh uh
kiss the radio (3:20:43 PM):totally
need to be brave (3:20:54 PM):lmao just go :-*
kiss the radio (3:20:53 PM)::-*
kiss the radio went away at 3:21:02 PM
need to be brave (8:11:34 PM):i are taking a shower but i will b baq
kiss the radio (8:11:34 PM): where is that girl of mine? the one who smiles and makes the world shine.
kiss the radio (11:38:01 PM):sigh
need to be brave (11:38:10 PM):wot :-(
kiss the radio (11:38:10 PM):i missed you
need to be brave (11:38:19 PM):i missed you, too
kiss the radio (11:38:24 PM):<3
need to be brave (11:39:20 PM)::-D but you're back
kiss the radio (11:39:23 PM):yes
need to be brave (11:39:59 PM)::-D:-D
need to be brave (11:40:30 PM):ready to continue??
kiss the radio (11:41:18 PM):yes just a minute, i gotta look something up
need to be brave (11:41:34 PM):ok
need to be brave (11:41:44 PM):are you a memeber of yaoi_daily on lj? because fdlkjsdoifjsodifj so much porn
kiss the radio (11:41:49 PM):no, but i'll join
need to be brave (11:42:02 PM):it's hot
kiss the radio (11:46:14 PM):i'll reply to the msn's
need to be brave (11:46:25 PM):you still have them?
kiss the radio (11:46:26 PM):yeah, i didn't close them
need to be brave (11:46:36 PM):ok :-D just makin sure
Friday, June 01, 2007
kiss the radio (12:07:17 AM):( hi :[ sorry it took so long )
kiss the radio (12:07:21 AM):EHEHEHE
kiss the radio (12:07:23 AM):JUST KIDDING
need to be brave (12:07:34 AM):.. LMAO WHAT?
kiss the radio (12:09:39 AM):that was supposed to go to someone else lmao
need to be brave (12:09:59 AM):CHEATING ON ME? :'(
kiss the radio (12:10:00 AM):YOU GOT IT
need to be brave (12:10:08 AM):OUCH
need to be brave (12:10:10 AM):MY HART
kiss the radio (12:10:14 AM):healz
kiss the radio (12:13:20 AM):i gotta run somewhere real fast but brb
need to be brave (12:13:40 AM):ARG
kiss the radio went away at 12:13:41 AM
kiss the radio returned at 12:23:21 AM
kiss the radio (12:23:35 AM):i'm back, not going anywhere now
need to be brave (12:23:50 AM):YOU BETTER NOT BE
kiss the radio (12:24:00 AM):i'm not
need to be brave (12:24:22 AM):ok :-D
need to be brave (12:46:45 AM):his last name is park, bb
kiss the radio (12:46:57 AM):-_- i was thinking of junsu lmfao
need to be brave (12:47:07 AM):lmao i've done i tbefore don't worry
need to be brave (1:29:29 AM):yoochun looked at yoochun
need to be brave (1:29:30 AM):lmao
kiss the radio (1:29:33 AM):-_-
kiss the radio (1:29:37 AM):lmao @ me
need to be brave (1:29:41 AM):i know what you mean
need to be brave (1:29:45 AM):but its still funny
kiss the radio (1:29:45 AM):lmfao
kiss the radio (2:12:49 AM):omg http://xd6.xanga.com/34cd557120731115463052/z81361498.jpg
need to be brave (2:13:05 AM):awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
need to be brave (2:13:12 AM):kisses the eggys boo boo
kiss the radio (2:13:15 AM):so cuteee
kiss the radio (3:23:14 AM):which one do you want to concentrate on bb?
need to be brave (3:23:27 AM):the celeb
kiss the radio (3:23:28 AM):k
kiss the radio (4:06:32 AM):i feel like iconing that death note poster even though i haven't seen it lmao
need to be brave (4:06:46 AM):you should
need to be brave (4:06:51 AM):lmao i iconed deathnote yaoi :-(
kiss the radio (4:07:06 AM):OH i meant to go join that community
need to be brave (4:07:18 AM):UGH yes go
need to be brave (4:07:40 AM):i was gonna link you to the hotness but i wasn't sure if you joined.
kiss the radio (4:08:17 AM):link plz
need to be brave (4:08:34 AM):DID YOU JOIN
kiss the radio (4:08:34 AM):yes
need to be brave (4:08:48 AM):alright let me find it
kiss the radio (4:08:47 AM):k
kiss the radio (4:09:53 AM):i just need a new icon to look at lmfao
need to be brave (4:11:31 AM):http://community.livejournal.com/yaoi_daily/4036346.html#cutid1
need to be brave (4:12:24 AM):http://community.livejournal.com/yaoi_daily/4039729.html#cutid1
kiss the radio (4:16:39 AM):goodness
need to be brave (4:16:49 AM):HAHAHAH
need to be brave (4:17:06 AM):what did you expect, cuteness?
kiss the radio (4:17:16 AM):lmfao no but the graphics
need to be brave (4:17:31 AM):aha yeah, they're pretty graphic
kiss the radio (4:19:12 AM):can we imply the foursome? i'm getting kind of sleepy and i don't want to half ass it
need to be brave (4:19:22 AM):ok
kiss the radio (4:22:41 AM):was it jae or changmin that said no kissing?
need to be brave (4:22:59 AM):jae i think
kiss the radio (4:23:04 AM):min should kiss yunho :O
need to be brave (4:23:15 AM)::O!
kiss the radio (4:23:17 AM)::O!!!!
need to be brave (4:23:26 AM)::O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
kiss the radio (4:23:37 AM)::O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
need to be brave (4:37:07 AM):well bb, i am gonna go to bed~
kiss the radio (4:37:09 AM):aw ok
need to be brave (4:37:21 AM):will you be on today?
kiss the radio (4:37:26 AM):if i don't sleep all day
need to be brave (4:37:42 AM):DON'T SLEEP ALL DAY >:o
kiss the radio (4:37:49 AM):I'LL TRY
need to be brave (4:38:05 AM):if you're not on during the day, will you at least be on at night
kiss the radio (4:38:07 AM):yes
need to be brave (4:38:26 AM):alright. cul8r ily
kiss the radio (4:38:25 AM):<3 ily
need to be brave (4:39:04 AM):<3333 have nice yaoi boy dreamz
need to be brave (4:39:10 AM):woopz
kiss the radio (4:39:12 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (4:39:45 AM):byeeeeeeeeeee~
Saturday, June 02, 2007
need to be brave (12:26:43 AM):baaah brb i have to restar, laaaaaaaaaame
kiss the radio (12:26:44 AM):k
kiss the radio (12:30:59 AM):lmao what would you call yesung/sungmin? yemin?
need to be brave (12:31:11 AM):yep
kiss the radio (12:31:13 AM):http://z7.invisionfree.com/SJFullHouse/index.php?showtopic=7860
need to be brave (12:31:22 AM):lmao or sungsung lmfao
kiss the radio (12:31:19 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (12:31:34 AM):DLFAKJDSOD
need to be brave (12:31:40 AM):<333333333
need to be brave (12:31:45 AM):hey thats a pairing we've never done
kiss the radio (12:31:41 AM):he is my new defauly
kiss the radio (12:31:42 AM):t
kiss the radio (12:31:50 AM):i <3 them
need to be brave (12:32:10 AM):we should do yemin
kiss the radio (12:32:08 AM):we should
kiss the radio (12:32:12 AM):LOOK at them
need to be brave (12:32:38 AM):I AM AND I AM SAVING
kiss the radio (12:32:53 AM):the last picture is going to be my new default
need to be brave (12:33:13 AM):HE LOOKS SO CUTE AS A NERD
need to be brave (12:33:19 AM):that was not meant to be in caps lmao
kiss the radio (12:33:15 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (12:35:07 AM):feheorie YEMIN~
kiss the radio (12:35:09 AM):feh what
need to be brave (12:35:45 AM):celeb obv.
need to be brave (12:35:50 AM):lmao we have so many character sin the other
need to be brave (12:35:54 AM):CHARACTERS
kiss the radio (12:36:00 AM):lmfao yeah
need to be brave (12:40:13 AM):thurr
kiss the radio (12:41:06 AM):thurr what
need to be brave (12:41:21 AM):lmao look on msn?
kiss the radio (12:41:56 AM):what am i seeing
need to be brave (12:42:10 AM):sungmin >:o
need to be brave (12:42:19 AM):and what is yunho waiting for, christmas?
kiss the radio (12:43:25 AM):my aunts dog got sick, but i'm starting
need to be brave (12:43:38 AM):oh, sry
kiss the radio (12:43:35 AM):it's kool
kiss the radio (12:46:14 AM):i don't see sungmin
need to be brave (12:46:27 AM):my msn
need to be brave (12:46:29 AM):should say
need to be brave (12:46:30 AM):sungmin
kiss the radio (12:46:36 AM):oh, there it is
need to be brave (1:09:02 AM):lmao idk how to describe anything else >:O
kiss the radio (1:09:16 AM):lmfao yesung just wants min around
need to be brave (1:09:59 AM):lmao oh i showed melissa the video of yunho dancing to sexyback and she was like "omg that azn boy can dance WATCHES AGAIN"
kiss the radio (1:10:00 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (1:18:11 AM):is yunnie gonna perposeeee???
kiss the radio (1:18:12 AM):noooo
need to be brave (1:18:23 AM):lmao ok
need to be brave (1:22:54 AM):http://www.veoh.com/videos/e149524knfAKTYe?searchId=7489860228695582667&rank=154 his voice is adorable
need to be brave (1:23:13 AM):junsus i mean
need to be brave (1:23:15 AM):it's so high lmao
need to be brave (1:24:18 AM):omg jaejoongs face was so chubby
kiss the radio (1:24:27 AM):oh i know, i love that video
need to be brave (1:25:08 AM):i am somewhat sad the sound doesn't go with the voice
need to be brave (1:32:38 AM):llmfaoo i love that teukie is always pulling kangin out of the room
kiss the radio (1:32:37 AM):lmfao
kiss the radio (1:39:49 AM)::-[ http://pics.greatestjournal.com/userpic/39481377/1713284
need to be brave (1:40:23 AM)::-D
need to be brave (1:40:29 AM):let me guess, you want it
kiss the radio (1:40:24 AM):plz
kiss the radio (1:40:54 AM):ty!!!
need to be brave (1:41:06 AM):NP!!!!!
need to be brave (2:04:01 AM):just so you know, sungmin isn't kissing first >:o
kiss the radio (2:04:07 AM):LMFAO well duh
need to be brave (2:09:30 AM):sry dat wuz short~
kiss the radio (2:09:27 AM):HOLY SHORT >:o
need to be brave (2:09:54 AM):LMAO WELL THERE WASN'T MUCH ELSE I COULD DO
need to be brave (2:09:57 AM):and that's what he's gonna give him
kiss the radio (2:10:02 AM):awwww
need to be brave (2:10:38 AM):lmao >:o
kiss the radio (2:10:36 AM):;-)
need to be brave (2:12:19 AM):lmao if you want him to propose
kiss the radio (2:12:21 AM):lmfao that's what it looks luike
need to be brave (2:12:28 AM):to be proposing*
kiss the radio (2:12:22 AM):like
need to be brave (2:12:40 AM):he can't just give him a ring because he loves him?
kiss the radio (2:12:46 AM):lmao sorry i miss the fiance sl :-[
need to be brave (2:12:58 AM):me too ok
need to be brave (2:13:06 AM):so it can be whatever way you wanna take it
need to be brave (2:19:00 AM):how many banjun dramas where there?
kiss the radio (2:19:05 AM):i have no clue
need to be brave (2:19:16 AM):lmao ok
need to be brave (2:19:27 AM):i have six
kiss the radio (2:20:20 AM):8, 9 if you count first love as two parts instead of one
need to be brave (2:21:19 AM):i have dangerous love, the masked fencer, tokyo holiday, unforgettable love or sometimes i've seen it as unforgettable girl, and finding lost time/uninvited guest is downloading right now
kiss the radio (2:21:40 AM):the kings men
kiss the radio (2:21:55 AM): [edit] Banjun Theater In 2005 and 2006, TVXQ released Banjun Theater, which aired on Korean television station SBS, that featured the boys as budding actors. They have acted in their own one- or two-episode dramas titled First Love (Parts 1 and 2), The Masked Fencer, The King's Men, Yunho's Tokyo Holiday, Dangerous Love, Finding Lost Time, Uninvited Guest, and The Most Unforgettable Girl in My Life.
need to be brave (2:22:04 AM):ah but that was just a show
need to be brave (2:22:09 AM):er, well
need to be brave (2:22:11 AM):not really a drama
kiss the radio (2:22:17 AM): yeah
kiss the radio (2:22:19 AM): true
kiss the radio (2:22:20 AM): ew
need to be brave (2:22:29 AM):lmao
kiss the radio (2:22:30 AM): it won't change back lmfao
kiss the radio (2:22:41 AM): there
need to be brave (2:23:43 AM):i'm downloading it anyway because it's funny how changmin uses his head as a gong
kiss the radio (2:23:49 AM): lmfao
need to be brave (2:24:43 AM):i think jaejoongs gonna take on yunhos name
need to be brave (2:24:51 AM):this time*
kiss the radio (2:24:50 AM): in the fiance one?
need to be brave (2:24:59 AM):yep
kiss the radio (2:24:55 AM): awwww
need to be brave (2:25:10 AM):he'll be tripe j
need to be brave (2:25:14 AM):TRIPLE
kiss the radio (2:25:14 AM): lmfao
need to be brave (2:25:53 AM):tee hee sungmins little speech is so cute adflksjdofijdaodij i love him
kiss the radio (2:26:49 AM): nooooo fiance
need to be brave (2:27:05 AM):?
kiss the radio (2:27:05 AM): it went on his right finger
need to be brave (2:27:20 AM):OH lmao sry he hadn't noticed yet
kiss the radio (2:27:21 AM): lmaooo
need to be brave (2:27:42 AM):when they're done kissing he'll fix it
kiss the radio (2:27:35 AM): yunho is so making out with changmin tonight
need to be brave (2:27:49 AM):hot
need to be brave (2:27:52 AM):HE HAS TO NIBBLE ON THE EARS
need to be brave (2:27:53 AM):OK
need to be brave (2:27:55 AM):someone has to
need to be brave (2:27:59 AM):his ears are neglected :-(
kiss the radio (2:27:56 AM): yoochun is at his brother's place
need to be brave (2:28:03 AM):i just love his ears ok
kiss the radio (2:28:05 AM): and a storm is coming
kiss the radio (2:28:09 AM): yunho is awake
need to be brave (2:28:20 AM):ugh
kiss the radio (2:28:18 AM): lmfao i'm so setting up a porn flick
need to be brave (2:28:28 AM):do you know how hot
need to be brave (2:28:30 AM):that is
need to be brave (2:28:42 AM):leader-sshi all over his dongaseng
kiss the radio (2:28:41 AM): ikr
need to be brave (2:28:52 AM):MELTS INTO A PUDDLE OF HAPPY GOO
kiss the radio (2:28:50 AM): dongsaeng lmao
need to be brave (2:29:02 AM):we've been reading too much yaoi
need to be brave (2:29:07 AM):SORRY KOREAN IS NOT MY LANGUAGE
kiss the radio (2:29:05 AM): LMAO i haven't read any!
need to be brave (2:29:17 AM):i have been for the past two days
need to be brave (2:29:19 AM):i am addicted
need to be brave (2:29:23 AM):FUCK YOU, ANIME :'(
kiss the radio (2:29:35 AM): lmao lmao lmao "i don't like anime"
need to be brave (2:29:52 AM):yeah but this is GAI BOYZ
kiss the radio (2:29:51 AM): mhmmmm
need to be brave (2:30:16 AM):i like the gay boys
kiss the radio (2:30:13 AM): me too
need to be brave (2:31:50 AM):every now and then i miss kyuhyun rly bad :-(
kiss the radio (2:31:55 AM): I CLAIM KYU
need to be brave (2:32:22 AM):.. for what lmao
kiss the radio (2:32:22 AM): to play when he comes home lmfao
need to be brave (2:32:35 AM):oh duh, of course bb
need to be brave (2:32:40 AM):i love your kyu
kiss the radio (2:32:38 AM): :-[
need to be brave (2:33:24 AM):but i have to say your junsu is my absolute favourite
kiss the radio (2:33:27 AM): i <3 your changmin
need to be brave (2:33:43 AM):lmao really? i hate him half the time
kiss the radio (2:33:52 AM): lmfao he's a whiney bitch but i love him
need to be brave (2:34:01 AM):i'm not sure why, but i don't quite know how to play him
kiss the radio (2:33:55 AM): even though
kiss the radio (2:34:02 AM): none of them are as good as your heechul
need to be brave (2:34:14 AM)::-[!
need to be brave (2:34:28 AM):i enjoy being a catty bitch
kiss the radio (2:34:26 AM): ehehe
need to be brave (2:34:44 AM):but i have to say him and jaejoong are my favs to play, then yoochun
kiss the radio (2:34:56 AM): i love playing yunho
need to be brave (2:35:19 AM):you're better at him than me, i think
need to be brave (2:39:49 AM):http://www.veoh.com/videos/e169634A4yQbDn9?searchId=1620745998320902386&rank=256 i miss changmin laughing openly like this :-(
need to be brave (2:41:46 AM):did you want to ffwd to that night?
kiss the radio (2:42:13 AM): yes please. yunho is in the guest room with the light on, on his laptop
need to be brave (2:42:26 AM):ok
need to be brave (2:42:32 AM):but isn't he going in to see changmin lmao
need to be brave (2:42:49 AM):or was changmin supposed to be "hyung i'm scared D:"
kiss the radio (2:42:54 AM): i figured you'd have changmin be scared again lmao
need to be brave (2:43:05 AM):ok
need to be brave (2:43:14 AM):.. again? lmao i don't recall him being scared before of storms
kiss the radio (2:43:42 AM): there was once when we did them first starting out and changmin crawled into junsu's bed
need to be brave (2:43:56 AM):OH right
need to be brave (3:02:31 AM):LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO SHINDONG
kiss the radio (3:02:32 AM): lmfao
kiss the radio (3:02:40 AM): he doesn't get enough play :-(
need to be brave (3:02:56 AM):sry bb
kiss the radio (3:03:00 AM): i know WHY but lmao in this case, it's just funny
need to be brave (3:03:30 AM):he can be the comedic relief
kiss the radio (3:04:09 AM): lmao if heechul
kiss the radio (3:04:12 AM): shows up in teukie's room
kiss the radio (3:04:14 AM): i'll lmao
need to be brave (3:04:26 AM):LMFAO
need to be brave (3:04:48 AM):he'd have to go across the hall and then break in
need to be brave (3:04:58 AM):that would be so fucking hlarious though
need to be brave (3:05:08 AM):"AAAAHHH *runs across hall, breaks down door*"
kiss the radio (3:05:10 AM): "OMG A STORM???!?!?!! *RUNS TO TEUKIE'S ROOM*"
need to be brave (3:05:26 AM):"OMG TEH POWAR IS OUT"
need to be brave (3:11:03 AM):veoh has the deathnote anime
need to be brave (3:11:11 AM):pretend i put a space between death and note
kiss the radio (3:11:07 AM): lmfao
need to be brave (3:11:33 AM):not sure all the episodes are here though
need to be brave (3:20:03 AM):lmao it was heebum, btw
kiss the radio (3:20:03 AM): lmfao
kiss the radio (3:20:39 AM): heechul should like
kiss the radio (3:20:44 AM): lay between kangin and teukie
need to be brave (3:26:01 AM):KNFAFDIDUHIDH
kiss the radio (3:26:07 AM): lmao
need to be brave (3:27:40 AM):what's the spelling again.. manage?
kiss the radio (3:27:40 AM): magnae
need to be brave (3:27:58 AM):ugh i'm always so close
kiss the radio (3:27:54 AM): :-)
need to be brave (3:33:04 AM):aww lmao that's so cute
need to be brave (3:33:13 AM):seeing as kibum is younger than ryeo
kiss the radio (3:33:12 AM): lmao ikr
need to be brave (3:39:42 AM):dlfkdodij this anime is really good
kiss the radio (3:40:08 AM): :O
need to be brave (3:40:33 AM):lmao you are making me an extreme nerd
kiss the radio (3:40:32 AM): lmfao
need to be brave (3:50:31 AM):LMFAO WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT
kiss the radio (3:50:31 AM): LMAO JUST TO POST
need to be brave (3:50:48 AM):we can end that and concentrate on minho
kiss the radio (3:50:50 AM): it's so cute tho
need to be brave (3:51:04 AM):lmao but they all fell asleep tho
need to be brave (3:51:19 AM):and ahfdosfidh heebum suddenly brushing up against heechul. he must've picked the lock too eh?
kiss the radio (3:51:22 AM): you got it lmfao
need to be brave (3:51:38 AM):lmfao amazing cat
need to be brave (3:51:57 AM):i wish suzzie could do that. although she does use the door handle to open the door if it's not closed
need to be brave (4:06:37 AM):i love how everytime there's a 'show your celeb crushes' post and mine are all azn boys
kiss the radio (4:06:45 AM): lmfao
need to be brave (4:42:03 AM):hahaaaaa
kiss the radio (4:41:59 AM): lmfao
need to be brave (4:45:56 AM):http://community.livejournal.com/dbsg/1280907.html?#cutid1 LMFAOOOOOO @ what someone did to this
kiss the radio (4:47:54 AM): "superglue man" that's not funny :-(
need to be brave (4:48:20 AM):i laughed :\ but it hurt to laugh. so idk why i did
need to be brave (4:51:01 AM):probably because i thought o fit as like.. the actual super glue, like he keeps the grou ptogether
need to be brave (4:51:07 AM):am not fixing typoz
kiss the radio (4:51:17 AM): sigh
need to be brave (4:53:29 AM):i am gonna go to bed~ you prob won't be on during the day so i'll see you tonight?
kiss the radio (4:53:40 AM): yeah, i'll be on
need to be brave (4:53:59 AM):it's the weekend tho so i figured
kiss the radio (4:54:04 AM): it is? oh lmfao
need to be brave (4:54:15 AM):lmao yes
need to be brave (4:54:19 AM):today is saturday
kiss the radio (4:54:17 AM): oh rofl
need to be brave (4:54:36 AM):LMAO so i'll see you at our usual bat time?
kiss the radio (4:54:42 AM): yes
need to be brave (4:54:58 AM):and everybody can be mean to changmin~
kiss the radio (4:54:58 AM): awwww
need to be brave (4:55:11 AM):i'll have heechul sign on so yunho can vent about it
kiss the radio (4:55:09 AM): k
need to be brave (4:55:22 AM):ily and see you tonight~:-*
kiss the radio (4:55:25 AM): ily~
kiss the radio (3:22:03 PM):haaay
need to be brave (3:22:15 PM):haaaaaaaaay
kiss the radio (3:22:15 PM):sup?
need to be brave (3:22:28 PM):noooooooooothin
kiss the radio (3:22:32 PM):ehehhee
need to be brave (3:23:11 PM):how long you on foar
kiss the radio (3:23:15 PM):all day unless something comes up
need to be brave (3:23:28 PM):ooooooooooh~
kiss the radio (3:23:24 PM)::-)
need to be brave (3:24:53 PM):signs heechul on
kiss the radio (3:24:54 PM):i'm at my grandpa's
need to be brave (3:25:12 PM):dlfkjsd ok nvm
kiss the radio (3:25:18 PM):hugs
need to be brave (3:25:43 PM):yunho can IM him on here then
kiss the radio (3:29:12 PM):lmao i'm going to have a tvxq video marathon
need to be brave (3:32:18 PM):death note was banned in china ha ha
kiss the radio (3:32:18 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (3:33:05 PM): Some schools in Shenyang, China have banned the manga after some of their students started to tease friends and teachers by altering a notebook to resemble a Death Note and writing their names in them.[18]
The newspaper Shenyang Night Report
called Death Note "poison, creating wicked hearts".[18] Others however, including one major Chinese newspaper, felt that the ban is an overreaction and is inappropriate.[18]
also has a ban on "horror stories" around schools to protect the "physical and mental health" of students, which includes local adaptations of Death Note.[19] China itself is likewise trying to weed out pirated copies of the books and TV series (and other Japanese horror magazines), where no legal publication house prints it. Wang Song of the National Anti-piracy and Anti-pornography Working Committee has said that the series "misleads innocent children and distorts their mind and spirit".
kiss the radio (3:34:05 PM):i wonder if gravitation and fruits basket are banned in china, they have homosexual tendacies
need to be brave (3:34:26 PM): i have no idea
kiss the radio (3:54:42 PM):i can't find making of choosey lover part 1 with subs
need to be brave (3:55:14 PM): i think i had it but it was one of the videos that got suspended
kiss the radio (3:55:08 PM):i know sanbi has it, damnit
kiss the radio (3:55:13 PM):on veoh
need to be brave (3:55:29 PM): oooh you're looking on there?
kiss the radio (3:55:25 PM):yeah
need to be brave (3:55:49 PM): i'm not sure if it's there lmao. did you type in the search dbsk choosey lover?
kiss the radio (3:55:57 PM):i saw the second part on sanbi's videos
kiss the radio (3:56:23 PM):it's probably friended ugh
need to be brave (3:56:41 PM): i don't think you can friend videos on veoh
kiss the radio (3:56:37 PM):oh
kiss the radio (3:56:42 PM):lmao then she doesn't have it :|
need to be brave (3:56:58 PM): let me look 4 u
kiss the radio (3:57:10 PM):all sorts of unneccesary stuff comes up when i search
need to be brave (3:59:08 PM): lmao jaejoong dances so awkwardly
kiss the radio (3:59:50 PM):lmfao we always say this
need to be brave (4:00:12 PM): lmao i know but i can't help not mentioning it
kiss the radio (4:00:09 PM):lmfao
kiss the radio (4:02:10 PM):omfg yunho's sister is so cute
need to be brave (4:02:31 PM): she looks like him eh?
kiss the radio (4:02:29 PM):so much like him
kiss the radio (4:02:40 PM):with his chubbier cheeks from the hug days
need to be brave (4:02:53 PM): theres a video of here singing floating around somewhere
kiss the radio (4:02:53 PM):yeah i'm watching it
need to be brave (4:05:29 PM): for some reason this person only has part three LMAO WHAT IS THE POINT OF THAT???
kiss the radio (4:05:30 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (4:06:02 PM): i'm looking tho
kiss the radio (4:06:01 PM):ty bb
need to be brave (4:06:44 PM): the only ones i can find are without subs :-(
kiss the radio (4:06:44 PM):aw :-( ty anyway
kiss the radio (4:07:51 PM):lmao i love how yunho's crotch is the center of attention in this video
need to be brave (4:08:13 PM): LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
need to be brave (4:08:21 PM): maybe jaejoong took control of teh camera?
need to be brave (4:08:22 PM): the
kiss the radio (4:09:05 PM):he adjusted himself in the beginning, then i think junsu runs over and covers his crotch lmao
need to be brave (4:10:32 PM): HAHAHA sigh, these boys
kiss the radio (4:10:41 PM):he does this hot ass kick though
kiss the radio (4:13:05 PM):this couldn't be cuter http://www.veoh.com/videos/e129024bKpKn6Nx
need to be brave (4:14:07 PM): awww
need to be brave (4:20:23 PM): yoochuns birthday is this month i do believe
kiss the radio (4:20:46 PM):june 4th!
need to be brave (4:21:05 PM): LMAO THAT'S SOPHIES BIRTHDAY TOO
kiss the radio (4:21:02 PM):LMFAO
kiss the radio (4:22:57 PM):there's apparently a new suju photo set and i can't find it
need to be brave (4:23:16 PM): who says?
kiss the radio (4:23:12 PM):linnie
need to be brave (4:23:31 PM): well ask her where she got it lmao
kiss the radio (4:33:52 PM):http://community.livejournal.com/super_junior/411893.html
need to be brave (4:34:37 PM): UGH BRB
kiss the radio (4:34:34 PM):k
need to be brave (4:53:12 PM): thurr the pool cover is off
kiss the radio (4:53:10 PM):wb!
need to be brave (4:53:37 PM): ty!
kiss the radio (4:53:38 PM):yw
need to be brave (4:55:38 PM): brb gotta cut onions
kiss the radio (4:55:35 PM):lmao k
need to be brave (4:55:43 PM):U AH SOH GORJUS~!
kiss the radio (5:15:39 PM):wb again
need to be brave (5:15:50 PM): mah eyes burrrn
kiss the radio (5:15:50 PM):washes out!
need to be brave (5:16:01 PM): ty ty
need to be brave (5:16:04 PM): now my hands are gonna stink
kiss the radio (5:16:00 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (5:16:08 PM): for DAYS
kiss the radio (5:16:14 PM):i love the smell of onions mmm
need to be brave (5:16:26 PM): me too
kiss the radio (5:16:39 PM):http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t13/superteams/Super%20Junior/01HanKyung.jpg

need to be brave (5:17:27 PM): these pics
need to be brave (5:17:29 PM): are HAWT
kiss the radio (5:17:27 PM):ikr
need to be brave (5:17:45 PM): oh hay hannie~
kiss the radio (5:17:38 PM):idk where those are from but mmm
need to be brave (5:19:11 PM): i like the group shot BUT WHO PUT THE FUCKING EXCLUSION LAYER ON IT
kiss the radio (5:19:17 PM)::| the idiot who found them
need to be brave (5:20:25 PM): i fucking hate it
need to be brave (5:20:54 PM): i also hate the fucking tags
need to be brave (5:21:02 PM): WHY TAG THEM, YOU DID NOT TAKE THE PICTURES
need to be brave (5:24:17 PM): sry :-[
need to be brave (5:24:28 PM): it just bugs me because i like making graphics and it's hard with tags and shit
kiss the radio (5:24:36 PM):yeah i hate that :| it really makes no sense
need to be brave (5:24:56 PM): it seems like the azns like to put shit on their images
need to be brave (5:25:00 PM): like lines
need to be brave (5:25:06 PM): making them reeeeeeeeeally fucking bright
kiss the radio (5:25:07 PM):and untaggable
need to be brave (5:25:19 PM): lmao like yesungs cyworld pictures
kiss the radio (5:25:17 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (5:25:39 PM): that one of hyukjae
need to be brave (5:25:41 PM): sriejfsodi
need to be brave (5:25:48 PM): that's what he's gonna wear at the airport
kiss the radio (5:25:46 PM):mmmm
need to be brave (5:27:07 PM): http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u137/Teukiluv/band.jpg
need to be brave (5:27:14 PM): that's how its supposed to look
kiss the radio (5:27:39 PM):is it that outfit he's wearing or the one of him alone?
need to be brave (5:28:02 PM): the one of him alone
kiss the radio (5:28:05 PM):and omg heechul's leg between shiwon's :-[ dlfjkghdk they sre so cure
kiss the radio (5:28:06 PM):CUTE
need to be brave (5:28:16 PM): i am surpsied sungmin isn't in the pink seat
kiss the radio (5:28:09 PM):i can't even type
need to be brave (5:28:28 PM): i gues his hair makes up for ti LMFAO
need to be brave (5:28:30 PM): GUESS
need to be brave (5:28:31 PM): IT
kiss the radio (5:28:25 PM):LMFAO
need to be brave (5:28:34 PM): lmao i am as bad as you
need to be brave (5:29:52 PM): suppar time now. will you be here when i get back? i won't be long
kiss the radio (5:29:55 PM):yeah i'll be here
need to be brave (5:30:05 PM): ok~
kiss the radio (5:30:00 PM):k
need to be brave (5:48:37 PM): mmmm that was good stuff
kiss the radio (5:48:36 PM):mmmm
need to be brave (6:05:42 PM): i promise this is the last time, lol. but i'll brb. i have to get moms laundry off the line. it's only a few pieces so it won't take me more than 5 minutes
kiss the radio (6:05:44 PM):lmao k
kiss the radio (6:09:24 PM):lmao ps junsu is washing a very drowsy yoochun's hair
need to be brave (6:10:29 PM): ok hay and that's fine lmao. changmin doesn't care. he knows their friendship is v. strong.
kiss the radio (6:10:54 PM):i know but imagine it lmfao junsu's pants legs are rolled up so are his sleeves and he's got yoochun in a bubble bath washing his hair lmfao
need to be brave (6:11:13 PM): lmoafosidjfsdo so cute
need to be brave (6:12:57 PM): makes icons from those supah juyna piktchas
kiss the radio (6:12:54 PM):holla
need to be brave (6:13:39 PM): o and changmin is laughing because it's cute
need to be brave (6:13:50 PM): and because he doesn't quite understand the rubber ducky song
kiss the radio (6:13:48 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (6:14:34 PM): i have had 'hug' stuck in my head all day
need to be brave (6:14:56 PM): that and balloons ALWAYS gets stuck in my head
kiss the radio (6:15:03 PM):balloons is the cutest damn song they've ever done
need to be brave (6:15:22 PM): UM NO TIC TOC IS
kiss the radio (6:15:27 PM):tvxq, bb
need to be brave (6:15:45 PM): lmao o
kiss the radio (6:15:42 PM):LMAO HELLO, BOOJAE
need to be brave (6:15:51 PM): i thought you said the cutest damn song ever
need to be brave (6:15:57 PM): LMAOO SRY YUNNIE :-[
kiss the radio (6:17:36 PM): maybe it's intuition, something you just don't question
need to be brave (6:17:55 PM): are you singing or telling me
kiss the radio (6:17:56 PM):singing >:O
need to be brave (6:18:06 PM): lmfaooo ok
kiss the radio (6:18:15 PM):finds this video
need to be brave (6:18:56 PM): wot r u singing lmao
need to be brave (6:19:02 PM): sry if it's obvious
kiss the radio (6:19:01 PM):yoochun and minnie singing i knew i loved you
need to be brave (6:19:15 PM): i don't really listen to lyrics
need to be brave (6:19:16 PM): O
need to be brave (6:19:18 PM): ok
need to be brave (6:20:25 PM): personally i think jaejoong would've sung that song better. not dissing yoochun or anything, he did ok but he kinda did a bit bad on the high notes lmao
kiss the radio (6:20:39 PM):that's why he brought minnie in lmfao but yes, i would like to hear jaejoong sing this
kiss the radio (6:20:51 PM):although jaejoong did a good job on the sisqo song
need to be brave (6:21:07 PM): i didn't see him sing that
kiss the radio (6:21:09 PM):i'll see if i can find it
need to be brave (6:21:20 PM): ok~
kiss the radio (6:23:57 PM):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pOqKMBUENw
need to be brave (6:25:07 PM): oh this song
kiss the radio (6:25:07 PM):i love this song
need to be brave (6:25:15 PM): i used to have sisqos cd
need to be brave (6:25:28 PM): omfg his english is so cute
kiss the radio (6:25:26 PM):ikr!!!!
kiss the radio (6:25:38 PM):lmao wait til you hear him say lengerie
kiss the radio (6:25:42 PM):idk how to spell it
need to be brave (6:26:18 PM): lmfao he like slurrs it
need to be brave (6:26:24 PM): lanuruguuummmm yeaahhhh
kiss the radio (6:26:21 PM):lmfaoo
need to be brave (6:27:21 PM): my life ish encompete!!!!
need to be brave (6:29:18 PM): i should have him sing a song to yunho in english
need to be brave (6:29:22 PM): and write it out all fobby like
kiss the radio (6:29:27 PM):rofl aww you should
need to be brave (6:29:54 PM): it was so cute that he slurred the words he wasn't sure to pronounce
need to be brave (6:30:19 PM): lmao he sings like me, i always do that and english is all i know
kiss the radio (6:30:52 PM):lmfao me too
need to be brave (6:31:22 PM): like expensive
need to be brave (6:31:29 PM): all da espensss cars
need to be brave (6:33:10 PM): what song should he sing?
need to be brave (6:33:12 PM): you pick
need to be brave (6:33:18 PM): lmao i have to kinda know it though
kiss the radio (6:33:17 PM):i knew i loved you
kiss the radio (6:33:20 PM)::-[
need to be brave (6:33:30 PM): aw ok
kiss the radio (6:33:29 PM):http://youtube.com/watch?v=CKz-8vy7Gc4
need to be brave (6:33:50 PM): i saw it lmao you sent it to me before
kiss the radio (6:33:53 PM):if you need to listen to it there it is lmao
need to be brave (6:34:25 PM): i can find the lyrics online~
kiss the radio (6:34:25 PM):WELL FINE >:O
need to be brave (6:34:41 PM): LMFAO SRY!
need to be brave (6:34:46 PM): i'll watch it when he actually sings it
kiss the radio (6:34:43 PM):k
kiss the radio (6:37:18 PM):http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18989526/?GT1=10056 X_____________X
need to be brave (6:37:49 PM): LMAO YEAH I SAW THAT ON TV THE OTHER NIGHT
kiss the radio (6:38:11 PM):holy ..... pig
need to be brave (6:38:23 PM): LMFAOOOO
need to be brave (6:39:12 PM): http://www.nikdaum.com/news/mancoon.jpg big pussy
kiss the radio (6:39:25 PM):OMFG
kiss the radio (6:40:43 PM):ps that song is perfect for jaeho because in that interview, jaejoong said he was like... in awe of yunho
kiss the radio (6:40:46 PM):when he first met him
need to be brave (6:41:00 PM): ehehe yes
need to be brave (6:41:02 PM): i remembe rthat
need to be brave (6:41:29 PM): http://cellar.org/2002/recordgoldfish.jpg holy goldfish
kiss the radio (6:41:39 PM)::O that looks like a koi fish
need to be brave (6:43:48 PM): Most Kittens In A Lifetime
A tabby named "Dusty" gave birth to 420 documented kittens in her lifetime. Let's hope that nobody else attempts this record. Like Bob Barker says, "Have your pet spayed or neutered!"
kiss the radio (6:43:56 PM):wow
need to be brave (6:44:14 PM): Largest Litter
The largest litter was produced by a Burmese\Siamese mother. There were 19 kittens. However, 4 of the kittens were stillborn.
kiss the radio (6:44:15 PM):awww :-(
need to be brave (6:45:11 PM): http://www.hdw-inc.com/sandy14moback.jpg this cat is beautiful
need to be brave (6:45:20 PM): sry it ate my font
kiss the radio (6:45:24 PM):yes, it  is
need to be brave (6:45:53 PM): OOOOOOOOOOMG
need to be brave (6:45:59 PM): http://bp3.blogger.com/_nFOB9r5IWco/RfYSLgvxIxI/AAAAAAAAAAM/7JaE8FPOqu8/s1600-h/1722038-m.jpg
need to be brave (6:46:04 PM): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 it is so cuteeeeeee
kiss the radio (6:46:23 PM):o m f g
need to be brave (6:53:27 PM): i wants it
kiss the radio (6:53:26 PM):me too omg
need to be brave (7:07:29 PM): like that incase you need a visual
kiss the radio (7:07:49 PM):he's so cute
need to be brave (7:09:54 PM): eheh yes, he is. i love his akward smile
need to be brave (7:09:58 PM): he's just.. awkward period
need to be brave (7:10:01 PM): but SO CUTE
need to be brave (7:32:11 PM): happy tears tho
kiss the radio (7:32:13 PM):awww
need to be brave (7:43:17 PM): sungmin has such an innocent smile
kiss the radio (7:43:15 PM):ikr
need to be brave (7:49:49 PM): ~goes to find jungsu i nthe closet for the surprise~~~ welcome home party~
kiss the radio (7:49:59 PM):lmao closet???
need to be brave (7:50:15 PM): u will see
need to be brave (7:50:22 PM): lmao it was a hiding place ok
need to be brave (7:50:27 PM): they are all hiding around somewhere
need to be brave (7:50:32 PM): well some of them not all
kiss the radio (8:03:28 PM):i love that yunho had fame already before tvxq
need to be brave (8:03:52 PM): it makes him a gr8 leader
kiss the radio (8:03:50 PM):indeed
kiss the radio (8:05:42 PM):if he didn't date dana while he was rapping for her, i'll kick him
need to be brave (8:06:01 PM): lmao why
kiss the radio (8:05:59 PM):she's beautiful
need to be brave (8:06:23 PM): o
need to be brave (8:06:26 PM): he could've, idk
kiss the radio (8:12:49 PM):can we pretend heechul doesn't know about the engagement?????
need to be brave (8:15:33 PM): ok
need to be brave (8:24:15 PM): you should watch the death note anime on veoh
kiss the radio (8:24:14 PM):i shall
need to be brave (8:24:32 PM): i'm hunting down all the episodes and faving them
need to be brave (8:24:35 PM): as i watch lmao
kiss the radio (8:24:30 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (8:31:38 PM): it is sungmins dream~
kiss the radio (8:31:41 PM):ROFLMFAO
need to be brave (8:33:46 PM): he just wants to throw pink flowers
kiss the radio (8:33:47 PM):<33 so cute
need to be brave (8:40:13 PM): kangin is only gentle with a few people - teukie, yunho, jaejoong and heechul.
kiss the radio (8:40:12 PM):ehehe
kiss the radio (8:57:03 PM):lmfao the golden fishery thing with yoochun and jaejoong is so funny
need to be brave (8:57:19 PM): LMFAO I KNOW
kiss the radio (9:06:44 PM):l m a o they chose junki in the end
need to be brave (9:07:10 PM): LMFAO that bad junki impression had me loling so bad
kiss the radio (9:07:13 PM):<3 ho dong
need to be brave (9:08:29 PM): i love him
need to be brave (9:08:34 PM): i wish he was on my tv :-(
kiss the radio (9:08:34 PM):me too :-(
need to be brave (9:09:40 PM): takes you to korea with me
kiss the radio (9:09:38 PM):ehehe
need to be brave (9:11:26 PM): LMFAOO CHEESE
need to be brave (9:24:40 PM): LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :-(
need to be brave (9:27:24 PM): darlin, i'm gonna go for a bit. will you be on your usual time?
kiss the radio (9:27:37 PM):i'm gonna try to be
need to be brave (9:28:04 PM): if you're not, then that's ok. we got quite a few hours clocked in today lmao
kiss the radio (9:28:04 PM):lmao a lot :| my butt hurts
need to be brave (9:28:27 PM): HAHAH sry
need to be brave (9:28:31 PM): c u l8r~
kiss the radio (9:28:25 PM):c u
need to be brave (9:28:34 PM): ily
kiss the radio (9:28:29 PM):ily2
Sunday, June 03, 2007
need to be brave (12:46:06 AM):~hay~
kiss the radio (12:46:18 AM):~~hay~~
need to be brave (12:46:38 AM):how you doin
kiss the radio (12:46:42 AM):good! you?
need to be brave (12:47:05 AM):i had a bit of a nap and i'm kinda dozey still but other than that, good
kiss the radio (12:47:06 AM)::-)
kiss the radio (12:47:54 AM):i get to sleep on an ~air matress~ tonight
need to be brave (12:48:10 AM):oooo ur spechul
kiss the radio (12:48:59 AM):ikr
need to be brave (12:50:47 AM):who should i sign on~
kiss the radio (12:51:11 AM):a suju boy
need to be brave (12:55:08 AM):hyukjae is on
need to be brave (12:57:31 AM):heechul is 2~ on my msn
need to be brave (1:00:27 AM):shakes mah booty to dis song~
kiss the radio (1:00:30 AM):woot woot~
kiss the radio (1:03:42 AM):lmao i started to read death note then realized i missed way too much to just pick up at book 11
need to be brave (1:03:57 AM):lmfao i told you
kiss the radio (1:04:08 AM):if you come across episode 11, i'll watch it and see if it's alike
need to be brave (1:04:25 AM):i've never read the manga
need to be brave (1:04:31 AM):lmao how would i know if it's alike?
kiss the radio (1:04:30 AM):I SAID I'LL WATCH IT, BOOJAE
need to be brave (1:04:48 AM):OH
need to be brave (1:04:51 AM):FSAHOEISJADO
kiss the radio (1:04:48 AM):LMFAO TWO IN ONE DAY
need to be brave (1:05:25 AM):i think the anime follows the manga straight on except for very few things. that's what wiki said
need to be brave (1:11:22 AM):you are totally getting me to explain this aren't you lmfao
kiss the radio (1:11:27 AM):lmao yes but you don't have to
need to be brave (1:11:46 AM):it's fine, i just don't remember everything exactly
need to be brave (1:27:45 AM):kangin didnt quit his radio show bb, where'd you get that from btw?
kiss the radio (1:28:04 AM):someone posted and said tonight was most likely his last night, because of his busy schedule
need to be brave (1:28:31 AM):ohhhh
need to be brave (1:28:44 AM):i thought you meant after the accident that he quit
kiss the radio (1:30:45 AM):leave it to yesung to be an asshole lmfao
need to be brave (1:31:03 AM):LMFAO
need to be brave (1:31:14 AM):he should be like heechul and ask for descriptions
kiss the radio (1:31:14 AM):oh he will lmao
need to be brave (1:33:14 AM):lmao what
kiss the radio (1:33:09 AM):yesung
need to be brave (1:48:14 AM):lmao ryeowook doesn't know what yesung means
kiss the radio (1:48:15 AM):lmfao
kiss the radio (1:49:25 AM):POOR KIBUM >:o
need to be brave (1:49:40 AM):lmfao he said MAYBE
need to be brave (1:50:35 AM):for some reason my lastfm isn't picking up my tracks
kiss the radio (2:08:04 AM):I'LL START! :-D:-D:-D
need to be brave (2:08:17 AM):o ok~
need to be brave (2:14:29 AM):yesung looks like hankyung in his.. new picture from that photoshoot thing
kiss the radio (2:14:54 AM):mmmm hannie
need to be brave (2:15:12 AM):dreamysigh
need to be brave (2:27:28 AM):actually he's exactly a month older than kibum
need to be brave (2:27:35 AM):er wait
need to be brave (2:27:42 AM):two months
kiss the radio (2:27:37 AM):ooo
need to be brave (2:29:32 AM):can u put yunho on for heechullie
kiss the radio (2:29:28 AM):k
need to be brave (2:29:40 AM):ty :-D
need to be brave (2:55:41 AM):oh gosh cutest confession ever
kiss the radio (2:55:39 AM):ehehehe
need to be brave (3:00:58 AM):http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q59/SHAKA___/tvxqxiahandmax4ah.jpg lmao changmins face
kiss the radio (3:01:45 AM):LMAO SO CUTE OMG
kiss the radio (3:25:28 AM):bb i'm gonna go
need to be brave (3:25:42 AM):ok
kiss the radio (3:25:49 AM):i gotta shower before my interview tomorrow and look *presentable* :|
need to be brave (3:26:10 AM):plz come on and tell me how it went
kiss the radio (3:26:09 AM):i will
need to be brave (3:26:22 AM):alright, good luck
kiss the radio (3:26:18 AM):ty, ily
need to be brave (3:26:34 AM):ily2 gn
kiss the radio (5:10:10 PM):BB
need to be brave (5:10:22 PM):U AH SOH GORJUS~!
need to be brave (5:29:57 PM):I WUS EATIN
need to be brave (5:31:27 PM):HALLO???????????
kiss the radio (5:35:52 PM):SORRY I WAS TAKING PICTURES
need to be brave (5:36:12 PM):yay pictures!!
kiss the radio (5:36:35 PM):almost done! brb!@
need to be brave (5:37:24 PM):U BETTER
kiss the radio (5:40:38 PM):ehhehee
need to be brave (5:41:41 PM):i want 2 c pix
kiss the radio (5:41:46 PM):i'l editing them now
kiss the radio (5:41:48 PM):i'm*
kiss the radio (5:42:29 PM):listenin' ro rain~
kiss the radio (5:42:31 PM):TO
kiss the radio (5:42:32 PM):WTF
need to be brave (5:42:52 PM):LMAO WHAT IS THE PROB 2DAY
kiss the radio (5:42:48 PM):LMFAO
need to be brave (5:44:06 PM):we should celebrate yoochuns bday in rp land 2dai
kiss the radio (5:44:03 PM):yes, we should
kiss the radio (5:44:33 PM):let me sign on my grandpa's newly downloaded msn
need to be brave (5:45:03 PM):aha he finally broke down?
kiss the radio (5:45:00 PM):lmao it was on here when i came over
need to be brave (5:45:18 PM):ah
need to be brave (5:46:47 PM):need a teukie icon?
kiss the radio (5:47:08 PM):got one :-D
need to be brave (5:47:37 PM):ok!
kiss the radio (5:48:21 PM):kk
need to be brave (5:50:09 PM):http://www.veoh.com/videos/v526114XSzgj4xe
kiss the radio (5:51:21 PM):l m a o at me for not bringing my manga with me
need to be brave (5:51:39 PM):lmfao fool
kiss the radio (5:51:38 PM):i remember kinda tho
kiss the radio (6:00:12 PM):http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t13/superteams/Personal/1.png http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t13/superteams/Personal/2.png http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t13/superteams/Personal/3.png
need to be brave (6:01:14 PM):that shirt looks really good on you, babe
kiss the radio (6:01:08 PM):ty
kiss the radio (6:02:21 PM):idk which one to make my new myspace default though
kiss the radio (6:02:45 PM):i might just uplaod them all
need to be brave (6:02:55 PM):3rd one
kiss the radio (6:02:47 PM):upload
kiss the radio (6:02:49 PM):kk
need to be brave (6:04:51 PM):lmao mins nervous that's why he's showing the gifts off
kiss the radio (6:04:50 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (6:36:13 PM):LMFAO "NO... bring mah cat ~"
kiss the radio (6:36:10 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (6:36:24 PM):sigh heech
kiss the radio (6:44:23 PM):teukie to the rescue!
need to be brave (6:44:43 PM):SUPAR TEUKIEEEEE~
kiss the radio (6:44:43 PM):scenes
need to be brave (6:48:14 PM):tee hee @ what i'm about to mention~
kiss the radio (6:48:22 PM):LMFAO
need to be brave (6:48:49 PM):4 drama~
kiss the radio (6:48:50 PM):that means i'm jihoon
need to be brave (6:49:02 PM):and then eventually jihoon and dongwook will hook up
need to be brave (6:49:07 PM):i am gonna flirt with myself?
kiss the radio (6:49:11 PM):implied so yunho can get angry!
kiss the radio (6:49:25 PM):there's a reason i wanna be jihoon :-[
need to be brave (6:49:40 PM):lmao ok
need to be brave (7:04:24 PM):http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/12808000.html#cutid1 people are saying emmas dress is ugly but it's beautiful
kiss the radio (7:05:53 PM):i love it
need to be brave (7:06:08 PM):me too
need to be brave (7:06:17 PM):it goes nice with her skin
need to be brave (7:06:25 PM):i love jk's dress as well
need to be brave (7:06:29 PM):LMAO SORRY
kiss the radio (7:06:25 PM):lmfao
kiss the radio (7:22:59 PM):lmfao minnie
need to be brave (7:23:18 PM):he's fanboying
need to be brave (7:23:26 PM):he'll do the same when bi comes
kiss the radio (8:35:32 PM):http://americandreamcakes.com/images/web_2_Korean_flag.jpg that's the cake teukie is going to walk out with
need to be brave (8:36:00 PM):aw
need to be brave (8:36:02 PM):that is sweet
kiss the radio (8:35:55 PM):ehehe
kiss the radio (8:36:04 PM):only not smeared or anything
need to be brave (8:36:28 PM):lmfao i figured
need to be brave (8:36:32 PM):is su with them?
need to be brave (8:36:38 PM):because lmao you never mentioned him
kiss the radio (8:36:31 PM):yes lmao
kiss the radio (8:39:28 PM):it's about to start storming so after you send that, i'm gonna have to go
need to be brave (8:39:47 PM):well poop
kiss the radio (8:39:44 PM):i'll be on later though
need to be brave (8:39:58 PM):alright
need to be brave (8:40:19 PM):c u l8r ~
kiss the radio (8:40:21 PM):c u
Monday, June 04, 2007
kiss the radio (12:32:36 AM):GLOMPS YOU ^__________________^
need to be brave (12:32:52 AM):THANK MY CAT SHE WOKE ME UP LMAO
kiss the radio (12:32:46 AM):LMFAO
need to be brave (12:33:19 AM):i was partially awake and then she made this weird sound that sounded like my name so i was like "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
kiss the radio (12:33:19 AM):L M F A O WOW
kiss the radio (12:33:30 AM):http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/8818/untitledra0.png
kiss the radio (12:33:32 AM):NEW
need to be brave (12:33:49 AM):lmfaoooo i know it was strange
need to be brave (12:34:25 AM):YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY MIN
kiss the radio (12:34:30 AM):ehehehehe
need to be brave (12:35:05 AM):lmao poor kangin must be like "... they replaced me some quick"
kiss the radio (12:35:04 AM):poor thing
need to be brave (12:35:20 AM):lmao i'm sure he knew tho
kiss the radio (12:35:15 AM):yes
need to be brave (12:37:36 AM):if he didn't he'd probably beat him lmfao
need to be brave (12:37:42 AM):"WTF SUNGMIN >:O!"
kiss the radio (12:37:36 AM):LMAO I WAS GONNA SAY THAT
need to be brave (12:37:55 AM):lmao poor min
need to be brave (12:39:10 AM):melissas been on her phone the past two days. i think she's avoiding me because i see her make posts in divierto
kiss the radio (12:39:11 AM):goodness
need to be brave (12:42:16 AM):whatever
need to be brave (12:42:34 AM):if she can't come down this summer that's fine, she doesn't have to hide from me
kiss the radio (12:43:00 AM)::-( hugs
need to be brave (12:44:21 AM):anyway jaejoong is on so we can continue
need to be brave (12:52:46 AM):ps dongwook isn't doing anything bad, he was just kissing jaejoong on the cheeks
need to be brave (12:52:55 AM):being a bit forcefull but not majorly
need to be brave (12:53:05 AM):LMAO
kiss the radio (12:55:21 AM):whyyyyyyyy did he cover jaejoong's mouth
need to be brave (12:55:42 AM):lmao so yunho wouldn't hear him
need to be brave (12:55:59 AM):he didn't expect him to cry out
kiss the radio (12:55:56 AM):lmfao scared
need to be brave (12:56:14 AM):lmao no it wasn't like "WTF SHUT UP"
need to be brave (12:56:23 AM):it was more like "OMG NO, DON'T SCREAM PLEASE :'("
kiss the radio (12:56:20 AM):LMFAO LIKE I SAID, SCARED
need to be brave (1:14:19 AM):Yunho: There are lot of times like that. Because JJ and I have a smaller age gap, so when he laughs, I will naturally laugh along. Sometimes when I'm depressed, JJ will come and talk to me to adjust the mood, imitating my laughter like a silly clown. Seeing that side of him makes me feel at ease so my smile will naturally appear. However, since the 4 of us are very close, so which ever member who smiles will serve as a big encouragement to my depressed self.
kiss the radio (1:15:15 AM):awwww
kiss the radio (1:15:21 AM):where did you read that
need to be brave (1:15:47 AM):a jaeho comm. someone translated it from a recent magazin article
kiss the radio (1:15:43 AM):liiiiiink?
need to be brave (1:17:07 AM):http://community.livejournal.com/jaeho_yongwonhi/424863.html
kiss the radio (1:17:03 AM):ty
need to be brave (1:20:32 AM):np
kiss the radio (1:21:41 AM):http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i15/Yunie133/munchmunch.gif lmfao
need to be brave (1:22:17 AM):lmfao he never really covers his mouth when he eats
kiss the radio (1:22:21 AM):ilh
need to be brave (1:23:34 AM):ilh2
need to be brave (1:23:57 AM):i would've had min get him an engagement ring but i thought there is already two and it would be like beating a dead horse
kiss the radio (1:23:58 AM):yeah
need to be brave (1:24:16 AM):eventually he will tho
need to be brave (1:27:35 AM):lmao the random comment i just got
kiss the radio (1:27:32 AM):hm?
need to be brave (1:27:52 AM):http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/dongbangshinki/21552.html?thread=433968
kiss the radio (1:28:02 AM):o_O
need to be brave (1:30:43 AM):lmao i don't like anime but i like death note
kiss the radio (1:30:38 AM):lmfao
kiss the radio (1:31:18 AM):i'm stealing everyoneisdead's icon...
need to be brave (1:31:44 AM):go ahead, she stole mine lmao
kiss the radio (1:31:42 AM):and i'm not crediting lmfao
kiss the radio (1:31:43 AM):jk
need to be brave (1:32:01 AM):lmfao she prob didn't make it
need to be brave (1:32:39 AM):i bet that comment came from one of them
kiss the radio (1:32:35 AM):oh well
need to be brave (1:33:40 AM):i don't really need them dissing me about it
kiss the radio (1:34:25 AM):can i comment with "sometimes people start liking things after giving it a try"
need to be brave (1:34:40 AM):i feel nerdy enough about liking it and yaoi
need to be brave (1:34:41 AM):yes plz
need to be brave (1:44:42 AM):http://community.livejournal.com/yaoi_daily/4156683.html this is drawn so beautifully
kiss the radio (1:45:37 AM):[Error: Database handle unavailable at /home/lj/cgi-bin/LJ/User.pm line 346. @ w83]
need to be brave (1:46:06 AM):O_O
need to be brave (1:46:08 AM):refresh lmao
kiss the radio (1:46:19 AM):ah, it did it twice. there it goes
need to be brave (1:47:15 AM):yeah lj can be a cunt sometimes
kiss the radio (1:47:14 AM):holy nice drawing
need to be brave (1:47:33 AM):the betta fish was beautiful
need to be brave (1:55:47 AM):lkjdfsoidj the image of changmin latching onto yoochun laughing.. dreamysigh
kiss the radio (1:55:44 AM):lmfao ikr
need to be brave (1:56:01 AM):that laugh
need to be brave (1:56:02 AM):i love it
need to be brave (1:56:06 AM):i wish he wouldn't hide it
kiss the radio (1:56:08 AM):junsu lets his floooooooooooow
need to be brave (1:56:32 AM):I LOVE HIS TOO
need to be brave (1:56:42 AM):i would be sad if he hid his
kiss the radio (1:56:43 AM):it's too big to hide
need to be brave (1:57:05 AM):so's changmins. i don't know how he does it
need to be brave (1:57:12 AM):i can't hide mine, he should give me tips
kiss the radio (1:57:10 AM):lmao
need to be brave (1:57:41 AM):lmao it got my net disconnected ok
kiss the radio (1:58:07 AM):sigh
need to be brave (1:58:34 AM):dane cook + me = not a good combo at 4 am
kiss the radio (1:58:32 AM):fo realz
need to be brave (2:03:09 AM):yunho won't be able to leave even if he wanted to now lmao
kiss the radio (2:03:05 AM):lmao
need to be brave (2:03:28 AM):jaejoong is a brat when he's sick sry
kiss the radio (2:03:23 AM):ilh
need to be brave (2:03:38 AM):ilhm
need to be brave (2:04:12 AM):i love how yunho always talks about their closeness, then adds "BUT I AM CLOSE TO THE OTHER MEMBERS AS WELL1!!" to cover up
kiss the radio (2:04:14 AM):LMAO yeah
need to be brave (2:04:33 AM):their love is so pure
need to be brave (2:12:58 AM):changmins first time saying baby to yoochun got overlooked :-(
kiss the radio (2:13:04 AM)::O i didn't see it
need to be brave (2:13:34 AM):he said happy birthday baby :-[
kiss the radio (2:13:33 AM):let me add a part then!
need to be brave (2:13:46 AM):ok
need to be brave (2:14:06 AM):you can add it into the reply if you want instead of the whole * ordeal
need to be brave (2:14:12 AM):nvm lmao
kiss the radio (2:14:08 AM):lmao let me finish that
need to be brave (2:14:47 AM):...... they called me a hypocrite
kiss the radio (2:14:53 AM):.....
kiss the radio (2:15:29 AM):ummm can they give a time when you've been a hypocrite?
need to be brave (2:15:49 AM):lmao i don't see how it makes me a hypocrite
need to be brave (2:15:55 AM):i just said i don't really like anime
kiss the radio (2:15:49 AM):you changed your mind, big woop?
need to be brave (2:16:00 AM):and i don't
need to be brave (2:16:09 AM):lmao i like death note though
kiss the radio (2:16:00 AM):the storyline is interesting, ftw
need to be brave (2:16:13 AM):I DID
need to be brave (2:16:17 AM):BACK WHEN I WAS 12
need to be brave (2:16:20 AM):I WATCHED SAILOR MOON
need to be brave (2:16:24 AM):AND SAUMRI PIZZA CATS
need to be brave (2:18:53 AM):i mean sailor moon made me cry ok
kiss the radio (2:19:06 AM):don't explain yourself, i know
need to be brave (2:19:43 AM):i went through this with lord of the rings too
kiss the radio (2:19:40 AM):it's stupid
need to be brave (2:20:41 AM):rather!
kiss the radio (2:23:47 AM):i should get to sleep so i can go ahead and get that job :|
kiss the radio (2:25:37 AM):i'll be around for sure tomorrow though
kiss the radio (2:25:45 AM):all i have to do is a 5 minute thing
need to be brave (2:26:19 AM):......... i thought you had it
kiss the radio (2:26:20 AM):i didn't do the drug test, i gotta go back. it's in the morning though
need to be brave (2:26:40 AM):oh right
need to be brave (2:26:46 AM):sigh
kiss the radio (2:26:47 AM):so i'll be on around like 11
need to be brave (2:27:17 AM):alright. i'll try to be on then
kiss the radio (2:27:12 AM):i'll text you
kiss the radio (2:27:31 AM):ily bb
kiss the radio (2:27:36 AM):they are idiots, okay?
need to be brave (2:27:53 AM):ily2 and i know
kiss the radio (2:27:51 AM):<3
need to be brave (2:28:10 AM):<3~
kiss the radio (2:28:14 AM):AHAHAHAHHA
kiss the radio (2:28:49 AM):ikr
kiss the radio (2:28:51 AM):gn bb
need to be brave (2:29:10 AM):gn~
kiss the radio signed off at 2:29:15 AM
need to be brave (12:39:08 PM):did you have fun peeing in a thingy?
kiss the radio (12:39:14 PM):lmao i didn't pee
need to be brave (12:40:05 PM):well then what kind of drug test is it lmao. i thought they make you pee in a cup
kiss the radio (12:40:11 PM):they just swabbed my mouth
need to be brave (12:41:08 PM):well that isn't going to do much lmfao
kiss the radio (12:41:16 PM):lmao oh well, i got the job anyway
need to be brave (12:43:04 PM):good~
kiss the radio (12:43:54 PM)::-)
need to be brave (12:44:55 PM):boojae is on
kiss the radio (12:47:14 PM):i watched tvxq in the junkyard finally lmao
need to be brave (12:47:54 PM):ahaha
need to be brave (12:50:32 PM):???
kiss the radio (3:54:06 PM):lmao i clicked your name and it came up on elegance, oops
need to be brave (3:54:31 PM):LMAO
kiss the radio (3:54:33 PM)::-)
need to be brave (3:55:08 PM):joongie is waiting
need to be brave (3:57:48 PM):i can't get rid of the pop ups i am getting emo
kiss the radio (3:57:40 PM):ew
kiss the radio (3:57:46 PM):ps i want to scene that
need to be brave (3:58:03 PM):ok~
kiss the radio (3:59:17 PM):lmao the truth game with suju
kiss the radio (3:59:40 PM):hyukjae watches racey videos on his pmp lmfao
need to be brave (4:00:11 PM):LMFAO
need to be brave (4:00:15 PM):where are you watching this
kiss the radio (4:00:09 PM):http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZRe0rz7b10M
need to be brave (4:01:09 PM):lmao 'old men'
kiss the radio (4:01:43 PM):omg apparently rain was in atlanta?????
kiss the radio (4:01:46 PM):idk when but s;dlghdklfgh
need to be brave (4:02:20 PM):lmao shindong gets nervous right off the bat
kiss the radio (4:02:15 PM):ikr lmao i love him so much
kiss the radio (4:02:22 PM):i'm gonna go ahead and start the scene from last night
need to be brave (4:02:39 PM):ok
need to be brave (4:04:55 PM):heechul gets out of everything becuse of his leg
kiss the radio (4:05:07 PM):poor thing. but at least they take it into consideration
need to be brave (4:05:39 PM):yeah, i know. i'm trying to figure out why he wouldn't be able to do it, but i'm guessing the metal in his leg would mess up the machine?
kiss the radio (4:05:41 PM):i guess so
need to be brave (4:06:27 PM):signs heech on so teukie can talk to him
need to be brave (4:10:47 PM):LMAO OH MY GOD HEECHULS LAUGH
kiss the radio (4:10:46 PM):LMAO ISN'T HE THE CUTEST
kiss the radio (4:11:02 PM):LMAO
need to be brave (4:20:37 PM):lmfaoo @ heechul falling on his butt trying to get up
kiss the radio (4:20:32 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (4:22:15 PM):lmaaaaaaaaaao who is laughing so hard when eunhyuk asks about the breasts
kiss the radio (4:22:15 PM):i'm not sure
need to be brave (4:25:04 PM):my computer just spazzed the fuck out
kiss the radio (4:24:58 PM):what happened
need to be brave (4:25:22 PM):it like... opened a window a zillion times
kiss the radio (4:25:16 PM):O_O
need to be brave (4:25:58 PM):weeps and i was watching something. stupid computer
kiss the radio (4:25:55 PM):link the link again???
need to be brave (4:26:25 PM):nah i faved it
kiss the radio (4:26:15 PM):k
kiss the radio (4:26:19 PM):don't forget the part two lmao
kiss the radio (4:30:00 PM):i'm watching it again lmao
need to be brave (4:30:19 PM):lmao
need to be brave (4:30:25 PM):ugh brb i should restart
kiss the radio (4:30:18 PM):k
kiss the radio (4:33:26 PM):wb
need to be brave (4:33:49 PM):this is so annoying omg
kiss the radio (4:33:41 PM):what's it doing?
need to be brave (4:34:20 PM):when i got the massive pop up thing, it like, ate my msns and i couldn't close them because they weren't showing
kiss the radio (4:34:19 PM):wtf
need to be brave (4:35:33 PM):idk!
kiss the radio (4:35:27 PM):is it working now?
need to be brave (4:36:03 PM):if i don't go on IE and don't get pop ups
kiss the radio (4:35:55 PM)::|
need to be brave (4:36:20 PM):i luv infecting my pos computer!!!
kiss the radio (4:36:12 PM):kicks it
need to be brave (4:36:42 PM):resend plz
kiss the radio (4:37:48 PM):chullie should get into trouble~
need to be brave (4:38:13 PM):how?~
kiss the radio (4:38:03 PM):with rain
need to be brave (4:38:31 PM)::O
kiss the radio (4:38:32 PM):of course, shiwon will forgive him but i'd like some drama
need to be brave (4:43:47 PM):drama rama~
kiss the radio (4:45:19 PM):i'll start :-D
need to be brave (4:45:35 PM):ok
need to be brave (4:49:24 PM):lmaaaao the pmp song
need to be brave (4:50:21 PM):i think that really high pitched laugh is sungmin
kiss the radio (4:50:23 PM):during the pmp discussion?
need to be brave (4:50:48 PM):that laugh i kept saying "WHO IS LAUGHING SO HARD?"
need to be brave (4:50:51 PM):i think it's him
need to be brave (4:51:03 PM):because shindongs is.. loud but not high
kiss the radio (4:52:12 PM):the laughing during the breast thing is shindong lmao but idk during the pmp
need to be brave (4:54:43 PM):ohh i get it, he couldn't go on the thing to be thrown back. not the machine.
need to be brave (4:54:47 PM):they did not clarifiy
kiss the radio (4:54:42 PM):ah
kiss the radio (4:56:49 PM):i wanna see the drama suju t did
need to be brave (4:57:49 PM):what is it even called
kiss the radio (4:57:47 PM):i don't remember
kiss the radio (5:00:01 PM):lmao at teukie falling
need to be brave (5:00:53 PM):LMAOOO that was so cute
kiss the radio (5:00:57 PM):lmao you can see him move forward then he just like WOO
need to be brave (5:02:00 PM):slipz~
need to be brave (5:02:08 PM):and then kangin is like "YOU DID THAT FOR ATTENTION"
kiss the radio (5:02:00 PM):he so did lmao
kiss the radio (5:03:37 PM):i love hearing sungmin talk
need to be brave (5:03:54 PM):mm me too
need to be brave (5:06:03 PM):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzW1MVg4nnQ oh my gosh
need to be brave (5:07:41 PM):lmao i forget the name of hankyungs dog
kiss the radio (5:07:38 PM):rongrong?
need to be brave (5:08:03 PM):hm.
need to be brave (5:08:36 PM):oh well that's what i'll use
kiss the radio (5:08:31 PM):i think that's it
need to be brave (5:09:26 PM):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83onpphZZMg DFKLDJFSDOI
kiss the radio (5:09:56 PM):lmao lmao "jaejoong-ah! look at us!"
need to be brave (5:10:14 PM):LMAOOO I KNOW
need to be brave (5:13:25 PM):lmaoooo yes
need to be brave (5:13:30 PM):i love that man
kiss the radio (5:40:43 PM):my cousin just called me and asked if she could use my middle name for her daughter :-[
need to be brave (5:41:10 PM):awwwwwwwwwww
need to be brave (5:43:35 PM):what is your middle name?
kiss the radio (5:43:28 PM):leann
need to be brave (5:43:52 PM):ooh you have such a pretty name
kiss the radio (5:43:55 PM):shush :-[
kiss the radio (5:46:00 PM):we can skip the dinner and have them getting ready to pay if you want
need to be brave (5:46:17 PM):ok
kiss the radio (5:46:36 PM):what thing
need to be brave (5:46:55 PM):lmao their playing
kiss the radio (5:46:54 PM):oh lmfao is he talking to yunho?
need to be brave (5:47:14 PM):yeah
kiss the radio (6:00:31 PM):lmao pinky
need to be brave (6:00:55 PM):i think i finally got rid of the pop ups. knock on wood for me.
need to be brave (6:01:02 PM):lmao pinky is what we call sophies new toy
kiss the radio (6:00:54 PM):ding dong
need to be brave (6:04:12 PM):heechul is nervous~
kiss the radio (6:04:10 PM):aww`
kiss the radio (6:04:11 PM):~
need to be brave (6:06:36 PM):eheheeee
kiss the radio (6:22:16 PM):i have to watch the video again so i can describe the hippy thrust lmao :-[
kiss the radio (6:22:20 PM):not that i mind
need to be brave (6:22:40 PM):dslfkjsdoi i just watched it awhile ago
need to be brave (6:22:50 PM):i waslike "dsfjeosidjfod .......................................... ------------------------ ded"
kiss the radio (6:22:44 PM):seriously ungh
kiss the radio (6:23:01 PM):i didn't think anyone had more sex appeal than yoochun but boy was i wrong
need to be brave (6:23:24 PM):lmaaao rain IS sexappeal
need to be brave (6:23:30 PM):yoochun is sexy but rain is the appeal
kiss the radio (6:23:21 PM):fuck yeah
need to be brave (6:24:17 PM):brb suppar
kiss the radio (6:24:09 PM):k
need to be brave (6:46:10 PM):i luv tomato soup~
kiss the radio (6:46:03 PM):mmm
kiss the radio (6:46:20 PM):you're gonna shiver at my reply
need to be brave (6:46:49 PM):dlfejsdoasid
kiss the radio (6:46:53 PM):i had a shit eating grin on my face when i typed it up
need to be brave (6:47:49 PM):HAHAHAH
need to be brave (6:49:02 PM):you can move dbsk ahead a few days if you want
kiss the radio (6:49:14 PM):mkay
kiss the radio (6:49:26 PM):is joongie better by then?
need to be brave (6:49:44 PM):yep! all healed
kiss the radio (6:49:37 PM):including his knee?
need to be brave (6:49:55 PM):yessum
kiss the radio (6:49:46 PM):yay!
need to be brave (6:50:00 PM):well almost
kiss the radio (6:49:49 PM):k
need to be brave (6:50:03 PM):he can walk better now
need to be brave (6:53:29 PM):http://community.livejournal.com/dbsg/1288428.html?#cutid1
kiss the radio (6:54:00 PM):i saw mmm
kiss the radio (6:54:26 PM):http://z7.invisionfree.com/SJFullHouse/index.php?showtopic=7931
need to be brave (6:56:10 PM):sigh that man
kiss the radio (6:56:03 PM):mmm
kiss the radio (6:56:10 PM):4 whole entries of heechul cuteness
need to be brave (6:57:05 PM):pft i like his hair styled like that
kiss the radio (6:56:57 PM):me too
kiss the radio (7:06:21 PM):wait yoochun sings bass lmao
need to be brave (7:06:47 PM):wiki said yunho does
need to be brave (7:07:00 PM):or wait maybe it was dbsg on lj
kiss the radio (7:07:02 PM):on wiki it says yunho sings baritone. but oh well, it's us
need to be brave (7:07:57 PM):Name: Jung Yunho (정윤호)
Stage Name: U-know Yunho (International)
Birthday: February 16, 1986
Height: 183cm
Weight: 66kg
Voice: The bass of the group - his voice has a warm echo-like quality to it.
need to be brave (7:08:08 PM):that was from dbsg on lj
kiss the radio (7:08:08 PM):they're right, wiki gets changed too much
need to be brave (7:08:30 PM):people have been fucking with it lately
kiss the radio (7:08:20 PM):yeah
need to be brave (7:08:47 PM):baritone is a form of bass anyway
kiss the radio (7:08:40 PM):yeah
need to be brave (7:21:07 PM):so what is supposed to happen to cause shichul drama?
kiss the radio (7:21:09 PM):dancing and kissy kissy
kiss the radio (7:21:35 PM):well kissy kissy hopefully at the dorm when jihoon drops him off
kiss the radio (7:30:12 PM):kissy kissy? :-D:-D:-D
need to be brave (7:30:32 PM):lmao do it
kiss the radio (7:31:45 PM):COME ON, HEECHUL! CHEAT ON SHIWON!
need to be brave (7:32:03 PM):LMAO
kiss the radio (7:32:00 PM):i plan on having shiwon walk out if he does
need to be brave (7:32:39 PM):THURR
kiss the radio (7:32:34 PM):THANKS!!
need to be brave (7:32:50 PM):LMAO
kiss the radio (7:37:42 PM):LMAO HE'S GOING TO SMILE AND WAVE WHILE SHIWON IS HURTING?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!
need to be brave (7:38:03 PM):IT WAS A SAD SMILE
need to be brave (7:38:07 PM):like "i'm sorry :\"
kiss the radio (7:37:58 PM):AHAHAHAHA
kiss the radio (7:45:53 PM):seeing avril lavigne with kat-tun is so cute
need to be brave (7:46:15 PM):i saw that haha
kiss the radio (7:51:28 PM):ring on the table, y/n?
need to be brave (7:51:50 PM):y :-(
kiss the radio (7:51:42 PM):SOBS
kiss the radio (7:55:57 PM):lmao i've seen rain videos but i've yet to look up a se7en video
need to be brave (7:56:34 PM):i've seen... two se7en videos
need to be brave (8:20:37 PM):MIN TO THE RESCUEEE
kiss the radio (8:20:33 PM):YAY MIN
need to be brave (8:40:47 PM):we can move it a head a few days and yunho can tell heechul aaaaall about his sex~
kiss the radio (8:40:48 PM):lmao lmao
need to be brave (8:41:11 PM):lmao
need to be brave (8:41:13 PM):wot
kiss the radio (8:41:14 PM):i can picture it now, yunnie blushing and grinning
need to be brave (8:41:32 PM):ehehe
need to be brave (8:41:40 PM):waits till ur msn looks lik yunho`
need to be brave (8:41:42 PM):~
kiss the radio (8:44:11 PM):ps shiwon came back like the next day lmao
need to be brave (8:44:29 PM):lmao
kiss the radio (9:38:05 PM):i can see it now.. yunho will be kinky with changmin and gentle with jaejoong
need to be brave (9:38:35 PM):he's dr jekle and mr hyde lmao
kiss the radio (9:38:25 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (9:41:52 PM):min loves it tho
need to be brave (9:46:23 PM):lmao heechul is all "wtf!!!??"
kiss the radio (9:46:26 PM):lmao
Tuesday, June 05, 2007
need to be brave (12:38:45 AM):haaay. i was gonna go but it's not storming as hard and i'm trying to figure the fuck out what is going on with this pos computer
kiss the radio (12:38:50 AM):kicks it
need to be brave (12:40:56 AM):beats it up too
kiss the radio (12:41:20 AM):<33333
need to be brave (12:41:39 AM):min is on msn
need to be brave (12:41:53 AM):changmin that is
kiss the radio (12:42:02 AM):kk
kiss the radio (12:54:46 AM):brb real fast
kiss the radio (12:54:52 AM):i'm going to fix the computer
need to be brave (12:55:08 AM):k
kiss the radio went away at 12:55:12 AM
kiss the radio returned at 12:58:17 AM
kiss the radio (12:58:11 AM):now try a game
need to be brave (1:26:43 AM):i missed this game lmao
kiss the radio (1:26:40 AM):lmao ugh me too
need to be brave (1:42:24 AM):the game~ is ahead ok?
kiss the radio (1:42:20 AM):game?
need to be brave (1:42:34 AM):like.. they got home
need to be brave (1:42:41 AM):they're home*
need to be brave (1:42:48 AM):after taking yoochun to the airport
need to be brave (1:42:50 AM):the pool game
kiss the radio (1:42:47 AM):ooohh
kiss the radio (2:59:26 AM):msn sucks omg
need to be brave (2:59:49 AM):what did it do?
kiss the radio (2:59:41 AM):froze
need to be brave (3:00:05 AM):laaaaaaaaaame
need to be brave (3:00:55 AM):do you need a resend?
kiss the radio (3:00:56 AM):please
kiss the radio (3:02:31 AM):http://i19.tinypic.com/2v2yt1k.png
need to be brave (3:03:56 AM):lmfaoooo
need to be brave (3:19:19 AM):you should change your msn to jihoon so dongwook can talk to him
kiss the radio (3:19:14 AM):lmao i was just doing that
need to be brave (3:19:33 AM):lmao oh
need to be brave (3:26:18 AM):omf idk what is wrong with sophie but she won't leave me alone
kiss the radio (3:27:30 AM):maybe she has to potty
need to be brave (3:27:58 AM):no, i let her out twice and gave her food and water.
kiss the radio (3:27:55 AM):does she want to play?
need to be brave (3:28:21 AM):no, she wants to sit on my lap
kiss the radio (3:28:24 AM):awwww!!!!!
need to be brave (3:28:53 AM):lmao its hard to type around her though
kiss the radio (3:28:45 AM):so cuuuuute
need to be brave (3:29:19 AM):i dunno whats got her so freaked out though
kiss the radio (3:29:15 AM)::-(
need to be brave (3:30:05 AM):if i put her down, she wants up. if i put her on my bed, she digs
need to be brave (3:30:22 AM):if i put her in the kitchen, she digs at the fences and whimpers
kiss the radio (3:30:22 AM):poor sophie
need to be brave (3:32:31 AM)::-(
need to be brave (3:38:03 AM):i think im gonna go, its so hard to type around her
kiss the radio (3:38:06 AM):hugs
need to be brave (3:38:41 AM):HUGS. i love you. see you tomorrow?
kiss the radio (3:38:53 AM):yes
kiss the radio (3:38:54 AM):ily
need to be brave (3:39:18 AM)::-*
need to be brave (5:18:58 PM):WASSUP CUTIE PIE
kiss the radio (5:18:52 PM):I HAVE A GAY MANGA!
need to be brave (5:19:36 PM):lmfao for someone who hates penis...
kiss the radio (5:19:45 PM):well it doesn't show anything but it's homosexually driven
need to be brave (5:20:07 PM):ah
need to be brave (5:20:11 PM):some do, some don't
kiss the radio (5:20:34 PM):it's so cute
kiss the radio (5:20:49 PM):i've seen the anime but now i have the manga
need to be brave (5:21:53 PM):u r soh speshul
kiss the radio (5:21:43 PM):i love it
need to be brave (5:22:07 PM):boojae is on~
kiss the radio (5:24:50 PM):.....dead
kiss the radio (5:25:14 PM):so dead
need to be brave (5:25:44 PM):lmao
kiss the radio (5:25:37 PM):omg mmm
kiss the radio (5:25:57 PM):omf
kiss the radio (5:26:39 PM):omfg mmm
need to be brave (5:26:59 PM):ahahah i knowww
need to be brave (5:29:33 PM):O__O
kiss the radio (5:29:31 PM):ah shit, i closed the wrong thing
need to be brave (5:29:49 PM):LMAO
kiss the radio (6:04:03 PM):so i'll be mister beautiful?
need to be brave (6:04:24 PM):if you want to be
kiss the radio (6:04:20 PM):i want to see how jaejoong will react lmao :-(
need to be brave (6:04:39 PM):ahah ok
need to be brave (6:13:04 PM):brb supar~
need to be brave (6:25:37 PM):oh hay~ i am back
kiss the radio (6:25:28 PM):wb~
need to be brave (6:30:23 PM):lmao woops
kiss the radio (6:30:12 PM):lmao oh well
need to be brave (6:30:50 PM):yunho can call him
need to be brave (6:30:53 PM):for him*
kiss the radio (6:30:42 PM):k
kiss the radio (6:44:03 PM):http://youtube.com/watch?v=1eSc7tb4SoA this is the cutest thing
need to be brave (6:44:29 PM):SO WHO IS JUNKI MARRIED TO???
kiss the radio (6:44:20 PM):skret
kiss the radio (6:44:22 PM):sekret
need to be brave (6:44:39 PM):LMFAO
need to be brave (6:44:52 PM):OMG YES I SAW THAT TODYA BC I DLED IT
need to be brave (6:45:02 PM):he's like "dials"
kiss the radio (6:44:53 PM):lmao lmao
need to be brave (6:45:16 PM):notice he was not paying attenion at all
need to be brave (6:45:26 PM):total boojae moment
kiss the radio (6:58:04 PM):http://youtube.com/watch?v=2LMpUryR9JE
need to be brave (6:58:47 PM):LMFAO HIS DOLPHIN SOUNDS
kiss the radio (6:58:42 PM):LMAO LMAO LMAO
kiss the radio (6:59:28 PM):LMAAAAAAOOOOOOOOO
need to be brave (6:59:56 PM):I HOPE HE'D LAUGH AS HARD AS ME
kiss the radio (6:59:54 PM):i so feel like watching that now lmao
kiss the radio (6:59:58 PM):just to see him
need to be brave (7:00:40 PM):he's so cute sigh
need to be brave (7:00:52 PM):wtf.
kiss the radio (7:00:46 PM):she broke the fucking law
need to be brave (7:01:04 PM):exactly
kiss the radio (7:00:54 PM):she shouldn't even be getting the special treatment
need to be brave (7:14:09 PM):eheh i have a clean bed to sleep in tonight
kiss the radio (7:14:01 PM):yay!
need to be brave (7:23:30 PM):what does taebin look like? lmao
need to be brave (7:23:35 PM):i know OF him but not what he looks like
kiss the radio (7:23:51 PM):http://gallery.asianfanatics.net/index.php?act=thumbs&aid=1607
kiss the radio (7:24:45 PM):he is just implied though
need to be brave (7:25:05 PM):ah ok
kiss the radio (7:25:07 PM):unless you want him to be in but until then, he's just a ghost character
need to be brave (7:25:35 PM):he's rather cute
kiss the radio (7:25:26 PM):he's fucking gorgeous
kiss the radio (7:25:28 PM):lmao
need to be brave (7:25:50 PM):LMAO ok he's gorgeous
need to be brave (7:25:51 PM):i admit
kiss the radio (7:25:41 PM):he used to be apart of 1tym, the korean rap group i like
need to be brave (7:26:17 PM):i have no quams being him
kiss the radio (7:26:41 PM):i think they are still together, actually
kiss the radio (7:26:50 PM):they just haven't been doing anything
need to be brave (7:27:41 PM):i was looking at their wiki the other day and it didn't say anything about them being broken up
kiss the radio (7:27:36 PM):ah, good
kiss the radio (7:27:39 PM):they are amazink
need to be brave (7:28:22 PM):i had their stuff dled but when i put it in itunes it was all messed up and i was too lazy to change it lmfao
kiss the radio (7:28:17 PM):lmao
need to be brave (7:34:03 PM):the picture of him with the puppy is cute
kiss the radio (7:34:00 PM):i <3 that one
need to be brave (7:34:57 PM):hehe that can be him and junkis puppy
kiss the radio (7:34:55 PM):aww yeah
kiss the radio (7:35:22 PM):how long have they been married? two years almost?
need to be brave (7:35:49 PM):however long you want them to be, babe.
kiss the radio (7:35:50 PM):almost 2 years so we can do a cute anneversary :-[
need to be brave (7:36:10 PM):eheh ok
kiss the radio (7:36:17 PM):you can pick taebin's hair
need to be brave (7:36:41 PM):i'm lookin
need to be brave (7:36:54 PM):i am so dling his cd
kiss the radio (7:36:51 PM):he's so ungh
kiss the radio (7:36:56 PM):rap and r&b mixed
need to be brave (7:37:20 PM):so like rain
kiss the radio (7:37:10 PM):yes
need to be brave (7:38:10 PM):so is.. taebin supposed to answer his phone or is junki coming back in?
need to be brave (7:38:14 PM):and did he take on junkis name?
need to be brave (7:38:33 PM):Im Junki looks weird lmfao
kiss the radio (7:38:30 PM):he can be at the apartment, and either one really because they still go by their real names so no one knows
kiss the radio (7:38:37 PM):lmao k lee taebin
kiss the radio (7:41:11 PM):find his tattoos >:O o m g sexy, seriously
need to be brave (7:41:33 PM):i'm LOOKING lmao
need to be brave (7:41:38 PM):my IE is being lame
kiss the radio (7:41:33 PM):i believe he has two, one on his arm of a cross and one on his upper back
kiss the radio (7:41:37 PM):and his muscles mmmm
need to be brave (7:42:05 PM):yeaaah i saw that on the first page lmao
kiss the radio (7:42:00 PM):unst unst unst
kiss the radio (7:42:27 PM):taebin is older by two years
need to be brave (7:42:50 PM):i read up lmao
kiss the radio (7:42:40 PM):mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
need to be brave (7:43:16 PM):http://gallery.asianfanatics.net/index.php?act=image&pid=162165&page=5 flatlines
kiss the radio (7:43:17 PM):god damn
need to be brave (7:43:37 PM):junki is a lucky bitch
kiss the radio (7:43:36 PM):ehehe i'm so glad i brought him up
need to be brave (7:44:09 PM):lmao yeah because i need more koreans to obsess over
kiss the radio (7:43:59 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (7:44:35 PM):i think the blond/black hair is cute
kiss the radio (7:44:27 PM):me too
need to be brave (7:44:51 PM):http://gallery.asianfanatics.net/index.php?act=image&pid=162141&page=8 like this
kiss the radio (7:44:54 PM):i love that hair
need to be brave (7:45:21 PM):he's got a tattoo on both arms
need to be brave (7:45:29 PM):something life and a kanji symbol
kiss the radio (7:45:45 PM):eheh
need to be brave (7:46:29 PM):so taebin is yunhos crush eh?
kiss the radio (7:46:33 PM):no lmao
need to be brave (7:47:02 PM):lmao i thought he was by the way he was like "UGH UGH" with heechul
kiss the radio (7:47:06 PM):he was kidding lmao but he does think it's hot
kiss the radio (7:47:08 PM):anyone would
need to be brave (7:51:20 PM):http://gallery.asianfanatics.net/index.php?act=image&pid=126334&page=15 ahdhasodshsh
kiss the radio (7:51:47 PM):love. him.
kiss the radio (8:00:50 PM):http://youtube.com/watch?v=JZTHvryCxLY this is actually my fave song
need to be brave (8:01:06 PM):EVERYTHING LOCKED UP
kiss the radio (8:00:57 PM):WTF???????????
need to be brave (8:01:20 PM):lmao didn't you notice i restarted?
kiss the radio (8:01:13 PM):no lmao it didn't say anything
need to be brave (8:01:48 PM):weird. i need a resend btw
kiss the radio (8:01:56 PM):LMAO
kiss the radio (8:02:09 PM):when you sign back on, i'll resend
need to be brave (8:05:49 PM):mauahah i have a surprise for yunho
kiss the radio (8:05:40 PM)::O
kiss the radio (8:06:42 PM):lmao in that video http://youtube.com/watch?v=JZTHvryCxLY you get to see taebin being a dork
need to be brave (8:07:22 PM):yeah i'm watching it lmao
kiss the radio (8:07:16 PM):ehe what time are you on
need to be brave (8:07:40 PM):2:54
kiss the radio (8:10:36 PM):don't die on junki, taebin~
need to be brave (8:11:00 PM):lmaoo sorry
need to be brave (8:15:52 PM):http://youtube.com/watch?v=36nBBKulRx0
kiss the radio (8:15:56 PM):eheheh i love their song together
need to be brave (8:16:11 PM):lmao se7en thinks he's so gangster
kiss the radio (8:16:01 PM):LMAO
need to be brave (8:16:23 PM):it kind of makes my heart hurt
kiss the radio (8:16:27 PM):yunho used to think he was gangsta too
need to be brave (8:16:51 PM):lmao not as bad as se7en though
kiss the radio (8:17:11 PM):you can name the dog
need to be brave (8:17:31 PM):ok
kiss the radio (8:17:54 PM):i love taebin's voice
need to be brave (8:18:12 PM):lmao wait till you see the dogs name
kiss the radio (8:20:16 PM):L M F A O
kiss the radio (8:22:21 PM):tie bin
kiss the radio (8:22:24 PM):sevvvvvvvven
need to be brave (8:22:50 PM):lmao he liked saying seven
kiss the radio (8:23:19 PM):i love those two
need to be brave (8:24:23 PM):two for the price of one~
need to be brave (8:33:41 PM):arg this computer >:[
kiss the radio (8:33:35 PM):kicks it :|
need to be brave (8:38:00 PM):i am not amused
kiss the radio (8:37:56 PM)::-(
need to be brave (8:38:51 PM):if you replied i never got it
need to be brave (8:39:07 PM):ty
kiss the radio (8:38:58 PM):yw
kiss the radio (8:43:15 PM):LMAO NUDGES BACK???
kiss the radio (8:45:40 PM):lmao married couples
Wednesday, June 06, 2007
kiss the radio (1:08:03 AM):haay
need to be brave (1:08:07 AM):hay
kiss the radio (1:08:12 AM):sup
need to be brave (1:09:00 AM):oh my computer is geh, that's all
kiss the radio (1:09:16 AM)::-(
need to be brave (1:10:13 AM):i looked up what to do to get rid of whatever the fuck it is, but it didn't get rid of it
kiss the radio (1:10:27 AM):ew
need to be brave (1:11:21 AM):i am just all sorts of awesomeness
kiss the radio (1:11:38 AM):i think you are
need to be brave (1:12:10 AM):yeah, by infecting my computer with a trojan. that takes a lot of awesomeness
kiss the radio (1:12:39 AM):you didn't mean to
need to be brave (1:12:54 AM):that isn't what my dad'll say
kiss the radio (1:13:00 AM)::/
need to be brave (1:15:17 AM):sigh
kiss the radio (1:15:24 AM):ily
need to be brave (1:20:00 AM):hyukjae is on msn
need to be brave (1:20:46 AM):i figured yunho could bitch him out for hogging junsu
kiss the radio (1:21:05 AM):i figure you need to get out of my brain
need to be brave (1:21:58 AM):LMAOOO
need to be brave (1:22:04 AM):but i like being there, gets comfy. i am safe there
need to be brave (1:23:19 AM):i am asuming the pb is dead?
need to be brave (1:23:38 AM):did you ex out msn again
kiss the radio signed off at 1:23:41 AM
kiss the radio (1:26:58 AM):internet glitch O___O
need to be brave (1:27:03 AM):lmao o
need to be brave (1:27:08 AM):i was like "............ wth"
need to be brave (1:29:26 AM):before  you left i said i am assuming the pb is dead
kiss the radio (1:29:41 AM):i'm hoping not
need to be brave (1:29:53 AM):lmao we never rp it
kiss the radio (1:30:00 AM):we need to :-(
need to be brave (1:31:31 AM):idk what to do with them tho
kiss the radio (1:31:38 AM):me either really
need to be brave (1:32:28 AM):the dog is in my room again. it's like she's afraid of the dark
kiss the radio (1:32:42 AM):you must be mad at her O_O
need to be brave (1:32:54 AM):no?
need to be brave (1:32:59 AM):i don't mind it actually
kiss the radio (1:33:00 AM):the dog lmao :-(
need to be brave (1:33:11 AM):LMAO i use that even when i'm not mad
kiss the radio (1:33:14 AM):ooh
need to be brave (1:33:18 AM):she's being silly and idk why
need to be brave (1:36:44 AM):http://userpic.livejournal.com/61532674/891651 lmfao
kiss the radio (1:37:06 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (1:37:43 AM):tries to unzip taebin again
kiss the radio (1:37:58 AM):oh boy
need to be brave (1:38:04 AM):WOO it let me this time
kiss the radio (1:38:09 AM):WOO
need to be brave (1:38:27 AM):omf SHOOTS THE VIRIUSES
kiss the radio (1:38:34 AM):does too :|
need to be brave (1:39:33 AM):so do you have any idea for a pb
need to be brave (1:39:38 AM):new* pb
kiss the radio (1:40:13 AM):no but i'm sure i could think of one
kiss the radio (1:43:02 AM):i want yunho/heechul :-x
need to be brave (1:43:07 AM):OMF YEAH
kiss the radio (1:43:42 AM):and i want to play yunho completely different than how he is, sort of
need to be brave (1:44:18 AM):ok
need to be brave (1:44:19 AM)::-D
kiss the radio (1:44:35 AM):basically, i want it to be like au
need to be brave (1:44:43 AM):that's the point of pb
kiss the radio (1:44:49 AM):lmao good
need to be brave (1:45:25 AM):heechul will be a bitch just because that's heechul
kiss the radio (1:45:32 AM):oh god yeah
need to be brave (1:48:22 AM):and gasp
need to be brave (1:48:24 AM):i think
need to be brave (1:48:27 AM):one of my chars will be a hooker
kiss the radio (1:48:32 AM)::O
need to be brave (1:48:36 AM):not heechul
kiss the radio (1:48:39 AM):like pretty woman?
kiss the radio (1:48:41 AM):darn
need to be brave (1:49:02 AM):lmao
need to be brave (1:49:05 AM):not exactly
kiss the radio (1:49:08 AM):the only beautiful guys we have are heechul, jaejoong, and junki
need to be brave (1:49:22 AM):it's not gonna be one of them though
need to be brave (1:49:26 AM):it's gonna be changmin
kiss the radio (1:49:28 AM):OMF
need to be brave (1:49:33 AM):IKR
kiss the radio (1:49:36 AM)::OOOOOOOOO
need to be brave (1:49:49 AM):yunho could find him and be like "i saw this hot boy toy~"
need to be brave (1:49:59 AM):i forget what they're called. escorts or something
kiss the radio (1:50:02 AM):yeah
need to be brave (1:50:11 AM):that's what he is
kiss the radio (1:50:11 AM):so he's a high class whore
need to be brave (1:50:16 AM):LMAO
kiss the radio (1:50:48 AM):speaking of junki :-[
need to be brave (1:51:00 AM):what about him
kiss the radio (1:51:11 AM):taebin~
need to be brave (1:51:15 AM):ehehe
kiss the radio (1:51:46 AM):but yes, our pb
need to be brave (1:52:08 AM):i quite luv taeki as well
need to be brave (1:52:16 AM):and pickle
need to be brave (1:52:18 AM):ehehehehe
kiss the radio (1:52:20 AM):ehehehhee
need to be brave (1:52:59 AM):so do heech and yunnie live together?
kiss the radio (1:53:12 AM):sure!
need to be brave (1:53:20 AM):are they TOgether?
kiss the radio (1:53:37 AM):lmao ummmm they can play together
need to be brave (1:53:47 AM):ok~
need to be brave (1:54:50 AM):thurr
need to be brave (1:54:55 AM):heech is a blondie btw
kiss the radio (1:54:58 AM):oooooo
kiss the radio (1:55:25 AM):yunho has his current hair
need to be brave (1:55:29 AM):mmmm
need to be brave (1:55:54 AM):are they korean or american or what
kiss the radio (1:56:03 AM):korean, it's sexier
need to be brave (1:56:08 AM):hahah ok
need to be brave (1:57:33 AM):heech works at a sex shop btw
kiss the radio (1:57:38 AM):i thought so
need to be brave (1:57:44 AM):lmao
kiss the radio (1:59:58 AM):yunho isssss............. a delivery boy
need to be brave (2:00:04 AM):lmao nice
kiss the radio (2:04:45 AM):you know those people that start dating someone and fall head over heels even though they get treated like crap but are like "he loves me" and stay with the dude?
need to be brave (2:04:57 AM):yeah
kiss the radio (2:05:07 AM):to me, jaejoong fits that type
need to be brave (2:05:24 AM):yeah, that's what he is~
kiss the radio (2:05:35 AM):i thought changmin was a hooker?
need to be brave (2:05:40 AM):he is
need to be brave (2:05:44 AM):he's friends with jaejoong
need to be brave (2:05:58 AM):hoockers gotta by toys too you know
kiss the radio (2:06:02 AM):lmao
need to be brave (2:06:09 AM):hoockers*
need to be brave (2:06:13 AM):HOOKERS* OMF
kiss the radio (2:06:16 AM):LMFAO
need to be brave (2:07:07 AM):his boyf is just a mystery man btw. some big lug who thinks he owns jaejoong
kiss the radio (2:07:15 AM):oooo
need to be brave (2:19:28 AM):l m a o did he expect jaejoong to be all "OK SURE LETS MEET IN THE BACK ROOM"
kiss the radio (2:19:49 AM):no lmao
kiss the radio (2:20:07 AM):even players like yunho are used to not getting what he wants without a fight
need to be brave (2:20:39 AM):lmao ok
need to be brave (2:26:40 AM):does yunho think min is a beast too :-(
kiss the radio (2:26:55 AM):no, he's not as harsh as heechul :-(
need to be brave (2:27:04 AM):ah ok lmao
kiss the radio (2:27:11 AM):but he wants jaejoong lmao
need to be brave (2:27:20 AM):WHO DOESN'T, SRSLY
kiss the radio (2:28:22 AM):yunho's dad is a really rich, really powerful business man
kiss the radio (2:28:27 AM):well known
need to be brave (2:35:07 AM):so is it time for changmin to arrive?
kiss the radio (2:35:37 AM):yeah, i'll make junki come in tomorrow
need to be brave (2:35:45 AM):ok
need to be brave (2:36:22 AM):he's wearing the outfit i showed you in one of the images i sent you today. where he's half in the dark.
kiss the radio (2:36:33 AM):ooooooooo yum
kiss the radio (3:50:46 AM):junki has a thing with the back of his ear
need to be brave (3:51:00 AM):when he's nervous?
kiss the radio (3:51:07 AM):yeah during interviews
need to be brave (3:51:17 AM):jaejoong does, too
kiss the radio (3:57:31 AM):heehee...joongie should call and yunnie could answer it
need to be brave (3:57:46 AM):he will :-D
need to be brave (4:01:05 AM):how would you describe jaejoongs voice? besides deep lmao
kiss the radio (4:01:11 AM):rushed
need to be brave (4:01:24 AM):rushed??
kiss the radio (4:01:43 AM):yeah, sometimes when he's excited he talks too fast and has to pause to collect his words
need to be brave (4:01:53 AM):hahaaha oh joongie
kiss the radio (4:03:53 AM):as in "i might tell him you called but i doubt it" lmao
kiss the radio (4:07:27 AM):l m a o at this fic-let
kiss the radio (4:07:32 AM):jaejoong and justin timberlake
need to be brave (4:07:39 AM):.. uhhhhhhhhhhhhh
kiss the radio (4:08:03 AM):dies
need to be brave (4:08:23 AM):the thought crossed my mind like ONCE for a SPLIT SECOND but then i thought "that is too fucking awkward"
kiss the radio (4:08:37 AM):lmfao seriously. yoochun maybe but not jaejoong
need to be brave (4:08:54 AM):ahahah srsly
kiss the radio (4:08:57 AM):yunho even
need to be brave (4:08:59 AM):how would they even communicate
kiss the radio (4:09:25 AM):in the fic, tvxq spent six months to a year i think learning english
need to be brave (4:09:41 AM):still
need to be brave (4:09:42 AM):lmao
kiss the radio (4:09:45 AM):i know lmao
need to be brave (4:33:46 AM):yoochun has like.. one double eyelid lmfao
kiss the radio (4:33:58 AM):lmao
need to be brave (4:35:40 AM):sry i am watching the banjun dramas ;X
kiss the radio (4:35:51 AM):ehehe
kiss the radio (4:39:06 AM):http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b78/ganbatte_uchi/envrac/gif/teuki_gneee.gif
need to be brave (4:39:27 AM):lmfaoo yes i saw that today
need to be brave (4:39:30 AM):what a spaz
need to be brave (4:41:06 AM):jaejoongs gonna call all emotional ~
kiss the radio (4:41:17 AM):which phone?
need to be brave (4:41:26 AM):the one on the charger
kiss the radio (4:41:28 AM):k
need to be brave (4:46:07 AM):what happened to yunho/heechul LMFAO
kiss the radio (4:46:19 AM):hell if i know lmfao
kiss the radio (4:50:06 AM):love at first sight, that's what happend
kiss the radio (4:50:08 AM):ed*
need to be brave (4:50:27 AM):ahaha aw
kiss the radio (4:50:37 AM):fucking jaeho
need to be brave (4:50:46 AM):HAHAHA WE CANNOT ESCAPE THEM
kiss the radio (4:50:49 AM):LMFAO
need to be brave (4:51:31 AM):i read the hahaha as like, some evil cackle
kiss the radio (4:51:43 AM):ehehe
kiss the radio (5:03:45 AM):i'm gonna have to watch this suju princess diaries thing one day lmao
need to be brave (5:03:59 AM):is that the thing suju t did?
kiss the radio (5:04:27 AM):no, it's from april of last year. donghae teukie hankyung and shindong went on dates with the same girl so she could choose who she liked most
need to be brave (5:04:37 AM):OOOH right that
kiss the radio (5:04:42 AM):hankyung <33333
need to be brave (5:06:40 AM):awwwww yes he'd be my pick lmfao sry to the others but i bet he's a real sweetie
kiss the radio (5:07:07 AM):http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b78/ganbatte_uchi/envrac/bscap8341.jpg
need to be brave (5:08:22 AM):mad luv for chinese man
kiss the radio (5:13:57 AM):i try to imagine yunho sleeping on the couch and jaejoong coming in to cuddle for comfort but all i can see is changmin lmao
need to be brave (5:14:10 AM):lmao cuddling?
kiss the radio (5:14:16 AM):yes
need to be brave (5:14:26 AM):jaejoong might
need to be brave (5:14:31 AM):yunho is his hero~
kiss the radio (5:14:34 AM):ehehe
need to be brave (5:22:21 AM):shall we continue or do you want to wait till later today?
kiss the radio (5:22:32 AM):i'm fine with continuing
need to be brave (5:22:38 AM):ok
need to be brave (5:37:07 AM):changmin has a big mouth. in more ways than one.
kiss the radio (5:37:25 AM):lmfao
kiss the radio (6:02:03 AM):http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u137/Teukiluv/20070523_03.jpg
need to be brave (6:02:55 AM):hehehe i have that
need to be brave (6:03:00 AM):i haven't iconed it yet tho
kiss the radio (6:03:08 AM):ehehe
kiss the radio (6:20:23 AM):25 thousand dollars
need to be brave (6:20:30 AM):holy shit
need to be brave (6:20:53 AM):babe, it's like 6:20 am lmao. i'm gonna go get a few hours sleep
kiss the radio (6:21:01 AM):lmao me too  @______________________@
need to be brave (6:21:11 AM):see you l8er?
kiss the radio (6:21:16 AM):yes
need to be brave (6:21:25 AM)::-D~ ily
kiss the radio (6:21:28 AM):ily2~~~
need to be brave (2:31:08 PM):WE'RE GETTING A PUPPY I THINK
kiss the radio (2:31:10 PM):OMG
need to be brave (2:31:16 PM):ANOTHER SOPHIE
kiss the radio (2:31:20 PM):AWWWW
need to be brave (2:31:35 PM):WE'RE GONNA NAME HER SARAH :-D
kiss the radio (2:31:41 PM):CUUUUUUUUUTE!
need to be brave (2:31:49 PM):HEHE I AM EXCITED
kiss the radio (2:31:54 PM)::-D
need to be brave (2:32:07 PM):THE BITCH IS ON BTW lmao
need to be brave (2:32:17 PM):yunho should chew him out for last night
kiss the radio (2:32:28 PM):lmao lmao yes
need to be brave (2:33:11 PM):lmfao i've never seen someone so excited to bitch at heech
kiss the radio (2:33:19 PM):i'm so excited ungh
need to be brave (2:33:28 PM):LMAO
kiss the radio (2:41:26 PM):shiwon, anyone?
need to be brave (2:41:39 PM):wa?
kiss the radio (2:41:47 PM):he could be *the one* for heechul
need to be brave (2:41:54 PM):ehehe
kiss the radio (2:41:54 PM):later on
kiss the radio (2:42:03 PM):like... idk he doesn't kick him out after sex
kiss the radio (2:49:10 PM):now if you were heechul, the playboy, and you saw a gorgeous creature like shiwon walking out of the rain and into your store, how would you react?
kiss the radio (2:49:49 PM):bare in mind that his shirt is unbuttoned and showing that toned, gorgeous chest of his
need to be brave (2:50:02 PM):i would react like this
need to be brave (2:50:07 PM):"sdlfkjsaoijdfaosidjfdkfldjf -----------------"
kiss the radio (2:50:08 PM):lmao lmao
kiss the radio (2:50:37 PM):i guess we'll find out how heechul would react, yes? ;-)
need to be brave (2:50:58 PM):yes we will~
kiss the radio (2:53:08 PM):oh and i'm sorry if i get all weird and describe little things in the other IM lmao i want to hit that spot in your imagination that makes things ten times better
need to be brave (2:53:24 PM):ok lmao
kiss the radio (2:53:28 PM):LMAO I SOUND LIKE I WANT TO HIT YOUR G-SPOT
need to be brave (2:53:36 PM):LMFAOOOOOO
need to be brave (2:53:41 PM):THAT WOULD REQUIRE FINGERZZZ
kiss the radio (2:53:47 PM):LMAO THA G-SPOT OF YO MIND~
need to be brave (2:54:01 PM):MM MM BABY STIMULATE IT
kiss the radio (2:54:03 PM):LMAO LMAO LMAO
kiss the radio (3:02:13 PM):is changmin a klepto? lmao
kiss the radio (3:02:21 PM):or is he trying to find something to use to hurt heechul
need to be brave (3:02:29 PM):he was trying to find money
need to be brave (3:02:51 PM):or something to pawn
kiss the radio (3:02:55 PM):let's leave out the check bit last night, i want to finish that
need to be brave (3:03:06 PM):ok
need to be brave (3:05:02 PM):yunho the hero~
need to be brave (3:05:06 PM):or youngwoon
kiss the radio (3:05:40 PM):hm?
need to be brave (3:06:00 PM):yunho is going to be jaejoongs saviour~
kiss the radio (3:06:05 PM):youngwoong, i think???
need to be brave (3:06:12 PM):oh yes
need to be brave (3:08:39 PM):jaejoong has a bunch of tatts but i have yet to figure out what yet
need to be brave (3:08:47 PM):and piercings, too.
kiss the radio (3:08:48 PM):mmm
need to be brave (3:15:40 PM):i know too much about sex toys...
kiss the radio (3:15:45 PM):lmao
need to be brave (3:15:53 PM):I AM SUCH A PERV
kiss the radio (3:15:57 PM):LMFAO
need to be brave (3:25:21 PM):25 grand still?
kiss the radio (3:25:24 PM):yep
need to be brave (3:25:31 PM):ok
need to be brave (3:31:53 PM):BETCHA DIDN'T SEE THAT COMIN
kiss the radio (3:32:03 PM)::OOOOOOOOOOOOO
kiss the radio (3:43:13 PM):shiwon won't call tonight teehee
need to be brave (3:43:25 PM):hehe he didn't expect him to
need to be brave (3:47:05 PM):are you gonna be the boss?
kiss the radio (3:47:29 PM):suuuuuuuuure, hon!
kiss the radio (3:47:36 PM):TIC TOC, NO IT'S THE CLOCK AGAIN
need to be brave (3:47:41 PM):EHEHEHEHE
need to be brave (3:48:25 PM):LMAO OK
need to be brave (3:52:20 PM):ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
need to be brave (3:52:26 PM):JUNKI???
kiss the radio (3:52:27 PM):YEP LMAO
need to be brave (3:52:33 PM):AHAHAHAHFDSOIFDJSODIJ
kiss the radio (3:59:25 PM):junki: *unst unst unst thrust* heechul: "oh shiwon~"
need to be brave (3:59:32 PM):LMAOOO
kiss the radio (4:12:29 PM):we can imply that if you want, junki is a dirty whore
need to be brave (4:12:37 PM):ok lmao
kiss the radio (4:19:04 PM):oooo junki touched a nerve~
need to be brave (4:19:17 PM):yeeeeeeep
need to be brave (4:21:35 PM):is someone gonna come save yunho and changmin, because 1) he doesn't have a license and 2) he isn't gonna make it to the hospital like that lmfao
kiss the radio (4:22:23 PM):we can say lmao......... a john walks by and takes them to the hospital
kiss the radio (4:23:34 PM):DUN DUN DUN, SUPRISE
need to be brave (4:23:53 PM):gasporz
kiss the radio (4:25:51 PM):CHUNNIEEEEEEEEEEEEE
need to be brave (4:26:05 PM):EEEE
kiss the radio (4:28:07 PM):WHERE IS HE GOING
need to be brave (4:28:16 PM):he's running away :-(
kiss the radio (4:28:18 PM):to america???
need to be brave (4:28:21 PM):he feels bad
need to be brave (4:28:22 PM):no
need to be brave (4:28:24 PM):just away
kiss the radio (4:28:25 PM):dlfghdkfgh chunnie will stop him
kiss the radio (4:28:51 PM):chunnie to the rescue >:OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
need to be brave (4:29:02 PM):he didn't want yunnie getting hurt tho so he feels reallly bad
kiss the radio (4:33:07 PM):....  OH OH OH
need to be brave (4:33:14 PM):wot
kiss the radio (4:33:22 PM):ehee nothing :-)
kiss the radio (4:33:26 PM):O:-)
need to be brave (4:33:34 PM)::-P
kiss the radio (4:33:36 PM):you'll see
need to be brave (4:33:57 PM):i c but wot?
kiss the radio (4:34:02 PM):not now, but soon
need to be brave (4:34:09 PM):o lmao
need to be brave (4:37:30 PM):OH I GET IT
kiss the radio (4:37:36 PM):hm?
need to be brave (4:37:48 PM):his friend is yoochun
kiss the radio (4:37:52 PM):ehehe
kiss the radio (4:40:26 PM):yoochun is scared lmao he screamed random things at shiwon
need to be brave (4:40:48 PM):LMAO
need to be brave (4:49:41 PM):http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2007/06/roflmfao.jpg
kiss the radio (4:49:57 PM):lmfaoooo
need to be brave (4:50:24 PM):http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2007/06/pancakeschc.jpg
kiss the radio (4:50:53 PM):lmfao omg cute
need to be brave (4:51:21 PM):much luv for da kitties
need to be brave (4:58:20 PM):poor minnie, nobody gonan go see him :-(
need to be brave (4:58:22 PM):GONNA
kiss the radio (4:59:08 PM):poor joongie >:O
need to be brave (4:59:15 PM):LMAO SERIOUSLY
kiss the radio (5:00:06 PM):he could call yunho's phone and heechul could tell him
need to be brave (5:00:29 PM):changmins gonna tell yoochun.
kiss the radio (5:00:34 PM):ooooooo
need to be brave (5:03:25 PM):mm long haired chun
kiss the radio (5:03:31 PM):mmmm
need to be brave (5:34:12 PM):brb supper
kiss the radio (5:34:17 PM):k
need to be brave (5:50:47 PM):HAY
kiss the radio (5:50:50 PM):wb!
need to be brave (5:51:34 PM):ty we had chicken mmm
kiss the radio (5:51:36 PM):mmm
kiss the radio (6:08:55 PM):http://youtube.com/watch?v=YWnmzZxlVOA gangstah se7en but nekkid taebin
need to be brave (6:14:01 PM):LMAO
need to be brave (6:14:16 PM):mind moving it ahead a few months, so changmins gone to america~
kiss the radio (6:14:52 PM):k. he's gonna run into a friend~
need to be brave (6:15:23 PM):ok~
kiss the radio (6:16:41 PM):what state are they in?
need to be brave (6:16:52 PM):idk you pick
kiss the radio (6:16:59 PM):idk it doesn't matter lmao
need to be brave (6:17:18 PM):virgina
kiss the radio (6:17:18 PM):k
kiss the radio (6:19:22 PM):in all fairness, jaejoong was touching se7en "too much" at xman also
need to be brave (6:19:44 PM):lmao i know, but did you see yunhos death glare
kiss the radio (6:19:46 PM):lmao lmao
kiss the radio (6:22:08 PM):lmao changmin laughs like he's trying to suck it back in so no one hears
need to be brave (6:22:27 PM):LMAO I KNOW
need to be brave (6:26:11 PM):ehe changmin is such a kid
kiss the radio (6:26:15 PM):ehehe
need to be brave (6:58:59 PM):i'm gonna go for a bit darlin, watch some tv~ i shall catch you on our regular bat time?
kiss the radio (6:59:07 PM):k~ yep!
need to be brave (6:59:14 PM):ilyyyyyy
kiss the radio (6:59:14 PM):ilyyyyyyy
need to be brave (6:59:22 PM):we can rp the guys coming to visit chun and min
kiss the radio (6:59:22 PM):yunho i love youuuuuu~~~
need to be brave (6:59:28 PM):EHEHEHEH
kiss the radio (6:59:35 PM):lmao ehehe k bye
Thursday, June 07, 2007
need to be brave (1:58:58 AM):I THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER SHOW
kiss the radio (1:59:24 AM):i had intended to be on over an hour ago but nooooo of course not
need to be brave (1:59:59 AM):your aunt hog the computer again
kiss the radio (2:00:02 AM):different aunt
need to be brave (2:00:10 AM):ah
need to be brave (2:21:12 AM):we're going to see the puppy tomorrow ehehehe
kiss the radio (2:21:21 AM):eeeeeeeee
need to be brave (2:21:32 AM):I AM EXCITED
need to be brave (2:21:36 AM):and sophie is in my room again lmao
kiss the radio (2:21:37 AM):lmao
need to be brave (2:22:04 AM):it's like she's emo she turned 3 lmao
kiss the radio (2:22:08 AM):lmfao awwww
need to be brave (2:24:20 AM):so is it ok if i say yoochun and min are together?
kiss the radio (2:24:35 AM):yeah!
need to be brave (2:24:40 AM):ok!
kiss the radio (2:24:52 AM):maybe like two weeks tho
need to be brave (2:24:59 AM):ok
need to be brave (2:51:11 AM):remember min has a crazy sex drive
kiss the radio (2:51:14 AM):lmao
need to be brave (2:52:01 AM):i thought it'd be interesting.
kiss the radio (2:52:09 AM):it is, especially since chunnie is a virgin
need to be brave (2:53:05 AM):ah yes. can we have it that minnie hasn't said anything about being an escort?
kiss the radio (2:53:12 AM):yes
need to be brave (2:53:29 AM):ok
need to be brave (3:02:11 AM):http://mitsu-no.livejournal.com/11554.html he's laying like this btw
kiss the radio (3:02:58 AM):omg.....................that's exactly what yunho is doing :O
need to be brave (3:03:07 AM):hehehehe
need to be brave (3:09:26 AM):later, not lately REOISAJFDO your typos have worn off on me
kiss the radio (3:09:40 AM):lmao
need to be brave (3:10:15 AM):thme is the best one though
kiss the radio (3:10:22 AM):ikr
need to be brave (3:10:49 AM):oh hay rains bday is this month
kiss the radio (3:11:04 AM)::O
need to be brave (3:16:01 AM):he will be 2-5!
kiss the radio (3:16:03 AM):wow
need to be brave (3:16:24 AM):ya we're old farts him and i
kiss the radio (3:16:27 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (3:16:34 AM):and lee junki
kiss the radio (3:16:38 AM):speaking of junki
need to be brave (3:16:49 AM):ooo~?
kiss the radio (3:16:57 AM):i wanna do the celeb one lmao :-[
need to be brave (3:17:09 AM):aw ok
need to be brave (3:23:32 AM):my taskbar ate itself so now my itunes is missing
need to be brave (3:23:38 AM):YET IT IS STILL PLAYING I MIGHT ADD
kiss the radio (3:23:46 AM):lmfao wow
need to be brave (3:25:04 AM):when this thing is done uploading for melissa, i'm gonna just.. fucking go. i am so annoyed with this pos.
kiss the radio (3:25:13 AM)::-( ok
need to be brave (3:25:53 AM):NVM I GOT IT BACK
kiss the radio (3:25:56 AM):WOO
need to be brave (3:26:18 AM):you can start the junki one in the other im if you want
kiss the radio (3:26:25 AM):which one, co-nana?
need to be brave (3:26:38 AM):yep
need to be brave (3:26:42 AM):lmao that is my typo
need to be brave (3:26:48 AM):i was talking about conan with melissa
need to be brave (3:26:54 AM):and typed conana
kiss the radio (3:26:54 AM):lmfao
need to be brave (3:36:40 AM):what would be a cute pet name for junki? since he calls taebin tae
kiss the radio (3:37:07 AM):idk. hmm....
need to be brave (3:37:42 AM):i was thinking june
need to be brave (3:37:48 AM):since you say his name june-key
kiss the radio (3:37:50 AM):that's cute
need to be brave (3:38:12 AM):ehe ok
need to be brave (3:40:03 AM):GR8 MY COMPUTER LOCKED UP AGAIN
kiss the radio (3:40:08 AM):kicks it
need to be brave (3:40:18 AM)::-( i'm just gonna go
need to be brave (3:40:25 AM):i can't get your other ims
kiss the radio (3:40:25 AM)::-(
need to be brave (3:40:31 AM):it won't let me click on the taskbar
kiss the radio (3:40:36 AM):stupid computer
need to be brave (3:40:44 AM):nooo stupid me
kiss the radio (3:40:55 AM):sigh
need to be brave (3:41:15 AM):ugh great, i can't even say goodby eto melissa now
kiss the radio (3:41:22 AM)::-(
need to be brave (3:41:29 AM):dlfjsdoidjfosdij
need to be brave (3:41:35 AM):well, g'night :-(
kiss the radio (3:41:39 AM):goodnight :-(
need to be brave (3:45:25 PM):haaaay
need to be brave (3:45:32 PM):when do you start work :-(
kiss the radio (3:45:30 PM):haaay
kiss the radio (3:45:32 PM):idk
need to be brave (3:45:40 PM):lmao
kiss the radio (3:45:59 PM):our heechul has someone he likes~
need to be brave (3:46:19 PM):huh?
need to be brave (3:46:21 PM):oh
need to be brave (3:46:24 PM):LMAO
need to be brave (3:46:26 PM):yes i read that
kiss the radio (3:46:26 PM):poor fing
need to be brave (3:46:51 PM):he's unsure of what to do because asian fans are retarded
kiss the radio (3:46:56 PM):seriously
kiss the radio (3:47:26 PM):man sjfullhouse is still cleaning
need to be brave (3:47:38 PM):I KNOW WTF ARE THEY CLEANING???
kiss the radio (3:47:48 PM):those stupid rumor posts and such
need to be brave (3:48:02 PM):what rumour posts lmao
need to be brave (3:48:09 PM):i must've missed it
need to be brave (3:48:19 PM):the boyz are on btw
kiss the radio (3:48:28 PM):like a few months back people posted things asking if they were rumors or not and i guess they are just cleaning out the stupid posts
kiss the radio (3:48:46 PM):LMAO APPARENTLY HYUKJAE HAS A SE RET
kiss the radio (3:48:48 PM):SECRET
need to be brave (3:48:57 PM):lmao se ret
kiss the radio (3:49:08 PM):Hyukjae’s Diary that is quickly keeping up with the globalization era...2 41st

I’m sorry I can’t tell anyone…

By. Hanryu Star LeeHyukJae
need to be brave (3:49:21 PM):... what is the point of posting that
need to be brave (3:49:24 PM):seriously
need to be brave (3:49:41 PM):omf my msns locked up
need to be brave (3:49:43 PM):FUCK
kiss the radio (3:49:44 PM):hyukjae posted it, i guess they wanted us to see it
kiss the radio (3:49:45 PM):WTF
need to be brave (3:50:12 PM):idk :'( i only wanted to change a display pick
need to be brave (3:50:14 PM):PIC
kiss the radio (3:50:17 PM)::-(
kiss the radio (3:51:17 PM):aw chaeyeon said heechul has an innocent side
need to be brave (3:51:38 PM):the woman never called today and of course my parents are working bingo tonight so AGAIN i don't get to see the puppy
kiss the radio (3:51:41 PM)::-(:-(:-(:-(:-(
need to be brave (3:52:01 PM):my lyf sux
kiss the radio (3:52:02 PM):ily
need to be brave (3:52:25 PM):ily2
need to be brave (3:53:18 PM):obv msn wants my display pic to be jaejoong
kiss the radio (3:53:20 PM):obv
need to be brave (3:53:35 PM):ugh brb
kiss the radio (3:58:54 PM):wb?? :-(
need to be brave (3:59:19 PM):siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh
kiss the radio (3:59:18 PM):<3
need to be brave (3:59:32 PM):i have rightly named this pos satan
kiss the radio (3:59:35 PM):yes
need to be brave (4:00:15 PM):i just want to take it to a shop and have them fucking clear the c drive so i can start over again. idc anymore.
kiss the radio (4:00:41 PM):it would save trouble
need to be brave (4:00:58 PM):i have 400 dollars left of the money from dads truck. i might as well do it before i have none.
kiss the radio (4:01:07 PM):yeah :-(
need to be brave (4:02:42 PM):savin my sim dls into my f drive
kiss the radio (4:02:50 PM):is that where your songs and pictures are?
need to be brave (4:02:59 PM):yep
kiss the radio (4:03:13 PM):crawls into your f drive
need to be brave (4:03:29 PM):saves you there 4 ev
kiss the radio (4:03:39 PM):ehehehe plays with tvxq ^__^
need to be brave (4:03:59 PM):and rain and se7en and junki and super junior
kiss the radio (4:04:00 PM):yeah, then too
kiss the radio (4:04:02 PM):themn
kiss the radio (4:04:04 PM):t h e m
need to be brave (4:04:10 PM):LMAO
kiss the radio (4:09:29 PM):;-)
need to be brave (4:09:37 PM):LMFAO
kiss the radio (4:10:32 PM):okay lmao i'm done placing myself in the sl now
need to be brave (4:10:42 PM):thank you
need to be brave (4:10:43 PM):LMFAO
kiss the radio (4:10:51 PM):crystal = bored and hungry lmao
need to be brave (4:10:55 PM):perhaps i will have them visit you~ sometime
kiss the radio (4:10:55 PM):~~
need to be brave (4:13:00 PM):uninstallin my sims for the zillionth time
kiss the radio (4:13:02 PM):sigh
need to be brave (4:24:08 PM):heech is about to give something away ehehe
kiss the radio (4:29:53 PM):my food is going to be here soon so i oughta go then i can go to my grandpa's
need to be brave (4:30:06 PM):aw i was about to start
kiss the radio (4:30:13 PM):aw i'm sorry :-( i'll be back tho
need to be brave (4:30:21 PM):ok :-(
kiss the radio (4:30:19 PM):<33
need to be brave (4:30:27 PM):<3333333333333
need to be brave (6:18:31 PM):OK SO, TOMORROW AT 3:30 PM WE GO SEE THE PUPPY LMAO
kiss the radio (6:18:35 PM):yunho was so kyuuuuuuuuuuute with his chubby cheeks
kiss the radio (6:18:37 PM):AWW YAY
need to be brave (6:18:47 PM):i know he looked 12 lmao
kiss the radio (6:18:47 PM):so precious
need to be brave (6:19:26 PM):lmao there goes my cat to taint her clean litter box. sigh
kiss the radio (6:19:31 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (6:19:47 PM):NVM she changed her mind lona
need to be brave (6:19:51 PM):... lmao
kiss the radio (6:19:57 PM):lmfaoooo wow
need to be brave (6:20:13 PM):da boyz r on
kiss the radio (6:20:38 PM):junsu had his arm around yoochun's back so when yunho called yoochun and he turned around, junsu rubbed his chest like "DON'T TURN AROUND"
need to be brave (6:21:09 PM):HAHAH
need to be brave (6:21:14 PM):yunho was bossy back in the early days
need to be brave (6:22:14 PM):i keep getting a runtime error...
kiss the radio (6:22:11 PM):what a whore lmao jaejoong said "i'll show you my muscles" and took off his jacket
kiss the radio (6:22:14 PM):ew
need to be brave (6:22:21 PM):LMAO YES
need to be brave (6:22:26 PM):and then he gets all shy and giggles about it
kiss the radio (6:22:30 PM):LMAO AFTER HE RUBS YUNHO'S CHEST
need to be brave (6:22:52 PM):LMAOOO yunho rubbed his first
kiss the radio (6:22:51 PM):true lmao
need to be brave (6:25:08 PM):mah brotha is comin home for friday night
kiss the radio (6:25:12 PM):ooo
kiss the radio (6:25:19 PM):so that means trouble?
need to be brave (6:25:45 PM):lmao nah
need to be brave (6:25:48 PM):just felt like sharin
kiss the radio (6:25:47 PM):ooh
need to be brave (6:26:06 PM):eheh sophie's laying in the sun
kiss the radio (6:26:10 PM):awww
need to be brave (6:27:02 PM):i was gonna take her to the store with me since it's just up the road, but mom said there's been a lot of little dogs getting stolen lately :'(
kiss the radio (6:27:10 PM):oh no :-(
need to be brave (6:27:48 PM):i'm not sure how you could and not get found out? i mean ... everybody knows everybody and bridgewater is a small town so.
kiss the radio (6:34:21 PM):lmao "you're done for the day. what do you want to do now?" yunho "i want to go home and sleep" yoochun "i want to go to a sauna" changmin "i want to eat" junsu "...................you ate before!" lmfaosrkghdkghdfg
need to be brave (6:34:40 PM):LMFAOOOO I KNOW SO CUTE
need to be brave (6:34:43 PM):he's so excited about it
kiss the radio (6:34:47 PM):he LEANED OVER to get the camera lmfaoi
kiss the radio (6:34:49 PM):-i
need to be brave (6:34:54 PM):he's like "I WANT TO EAT :-D :-D :-D"
kiss the radio (6:34:58 PM):lmfaodfkghdkgh
need to be brave (6:35:06 PM):i love that boy
kiss the radio (6:35:06 PM):me too sigh
need to be brave (6:36:18 PM):in half an hour i'm gonna walk to the store, but i shant be long.
kiss the radio (6:36:23 PM):mk
need to be brave (6:36:45 PM):just thought i'd tell you ahead of time because if i don't i won't even get off my ass LMFAO
need to be brave (6:36:50 PM):FSDLK SORRY
kiss the radio (6:36:51 PM):lmfao
need to be brave (6:39:03 PM):i am gonna do the celeb one in the other window~ just because.
kiss the radio (6:39:05 PM):~ k
kiss the radio (6:42:02 PM):i gotta let ass on for like 5 minutes
need to be brave (6:42:25 PM):ugh i might as well go to the store then.
kiss the radio (6:42:34 PM):yeah :| you'll be back before me
need to be brave (6:42:51 PM):lmao well, idk. it might take me ten minutes to walk up there
kiss the radio (6:42:56 PM):i'll be on then lmao
need to be brave (6:43:05 PM):ok~
kiss the radio (6:43:10 PM):c u
need to be brave (6:43:59 PM):spam my away if you come back before me
kiss the radio (6:44:07 PM):k. why don't you take your bike u p there?
need to be brave (6:44:28 PM):it's in the basement and i need to put a bigger seat on it
kiss the radio (6:44:29 PM):oooh
kiss the radio (6:44:34 PM):well i'll be here when you get back
need to be brave (6:44:40 PM):ok
kiss the radio (6:50:56 PM):RAAAAAAAAAH
need to be brave (6:51:00 PM):U AH SOH GORJUS~!
kiss the radio (6:50:59 PM):i know
kiss the radio (6:51:01 PM):ehehehe
kiss the radio (6:54:11 PM):i hope you are safe while you walk to the store
kiss the radio (7:07:06 PM):hurry up lmao
need to be brave (7:23:29 PM):HAY
kiss the radio (7:23:34 PM):i love when hyukjae and junsu talk about eachother
need to be brave (7:23:56 PM):lmfao yes
need to be brave (7:26:50 PM):i got myself some coffee ice cream
kiss the radio (7:26:51 PM)::O it would be something if jaejoong took interest in junsu
kiss the radio (7:26:53 PM):YUM
need to be brave (7:26:59 PM):and a mint areo bar
need to be brave (7:27:03 PM)::O
kiss the radio (7:27:03 PM):ew mint lmao
kiss the radio (7:27:07 PM):jk i've never tried it
need to be brave (7:27:19 PM):we've never done jaesu
need to be brave (7:27:27 PM):i spelt it wrong aero* lolz
kiss the radio (7:27:26 PM):lmao
need to be brave (7:27:48 PM):it's good. do you like mint chocolate ice cream?
kiss the radio (7:27:52 PM):i've never tried it actually
need to be brave (7:28:02 PM):mmmmmm good stuff
kiss the radio (7:30:50 PM):i know i'd fall for junsu after hearing his laugh
need to be brave (7:31:20 PM):LOOK LOOK LOOK
need to be brave (7:31:24 PM):JAEJOONG ORDERING
need to be brave (7:32:48 PM):yeah i'd pretty much melt if i made him laugh, too.
need to be brave (7:35:40 PM):er, instead of coke i mean cola. that's what koreans call pop. they don't say soda, ehehe. it's kinda cute actually because it doesn't have a korean name. just COOLA
kiss the radio (7:35:52 PM):kk
need to be brave (9:31:23 PM):i'm gonna restart in hopes that these runtime errors will go away
kiss the radio (9:31:23 PM):mk
kiss the radio (9:37:56 PM):wb
need to be brave (9:38:17 PM):ty~
kiss the radio (9:41:25 PM):SO MUCH FOR JAESU
need to be brave (9:41:51 PM):LMAO yeah but... what if yunho found someone else. i hate it always being MY character that does.
kiss the radio (9:42:20 PM):he wouldn't have lmao he would have waited for jaejoong
kiss the radio (9:42:29 PM):but junsu is scared of jaejoong now
need to be brave (9:42:37 PM):no i mean..
kiss the radio (9:42:40 PM):OH
kiss the radio (9:42:42 PM):oh i get it
need to be brave (9:42:47 PM):if he cound someone in this visit
kiss the radio (9:42:58 PM):my mouse is stuck
kiss the radio (9:43:02 PM):but that could work
need to be brave (9:43:10 PM):ok~
kiss the radio (9:43:19 PM):omg stupid wireless
need to be brave (9:43:38 PM):wot????
kiss the radio (9:43:42 PM):the mouse and keyboard are wireless
need to be brave (9:43:55 PM):haha that is why i never get wireless shit
kiss the radio (9:44:04 PM):omg
need to be brave (9:44:40 PM):??????????
kiss the radio (9:44:41 PM):there we go
kiss the radio (9:44:48 PM):or not
kiss the radio (9:44:51 PM):lmao
need to be brave (9:44:59 PM):LMAO
need to be brave (9:45:05 PM):did the batteries die?
kiss the radio (9:45:06 PM):i think so
need to be brave (9:45:39 PM):lmao lovely you can't even really sign off
need to be brave (9:45:47 PM):well you can but that would be just turning the computer off completely
kiss the radio (9:45:55 PM):i'm gonna switch the batteries
need to be brave (9:46:05 PM):ok
kiss the radio (9:46:40 PM):of course not omg
need to be brave (9:46:55 PM):no batteries?
kiss the radio (9:47:09 PM):this is fucking stupid omg
need to be brave (9:47:33 PM):lmao oh hon. you might as well just go and we can continue later. ok? :-*
kiss the radio (9:47:37 PM):no, i'm going to get this
need to be brave (9:47:53 PM):ok!
kiss the radio (9:50:17 PM):tra la la he's getting battiers
kiss the radio (9:50:21 PM):batteries
kiss the radio (9:50:34 PM):i'm going to close this window, just this window though
need to be brave (9:52:34 PM):ok
kiss the radio (9:59:16 PM):alright so since we're getting yunho interested in someone, what are we going to do about that confession?
need to be brave (9:59:53 PM):it could be that he's just confirming that he likes yunho, as in, a friend kind of thing
kiss the radio (9:59:57 PM):ooooooooohhhhhhhhh okay
need to be brave (10:00:25 PM):idk who to hook yunho up with though
kiss the radio (10:00:52 PM):coughjustintimberlakecough
need to be brave (10:01:11 PM):UM NO I AM NOT PLAYING JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
kiss the radio (10:01:11 PM):LMFAO
kiss the radio (10:03:36 PM):taebin maybe
need to be brave (10:03:51 PM):taebin is kinda old lmfao
need to be brave (10:03:55 PM):he's two years older than me
kiss the radio (10:04:10 PM):hmm jihoon or dongwook?
kiss the radio (10:04:21 PM):OH OH OH
kiss the radio (10:04:22 PM):BRIAN?
need to be brave (10:04:27 PM):if you WANT taebin though, we can just lie
need to be brave (10:04:31 PM):LMAO BRIAN IS OLDER
kiss the radio (10:04:29 PM):LMFAO
kiss the radio (10:04:37 PM):how about baby?
need to be brave (10:04:49 PM):I SAID IF YOU WANT TAEBIN YOU CAN HAVE HIM
need to be brave (10:04:54 PM):WE WILL JUST LIE ABOUT HIS AGE lmao
kiss the radio (10:04:51 PM):IDC
need to be brave (10:05:13 PM):i never really got into ss501 so
need to be brave (10:05:40 PM):it's kinda like how i liked nsync and bsb, but didn't care for 98 degrees
kiss the radio (10:05:42 PM):yeah
need to be brave (10:06:23 PM):taebin will be the ice cream truck driver L M F A O
kiss the radio (10:06:25 PM):lmfaooo
need to be brave (10:07:34 PM):just thought i'd be amusing
need to be brave (10:07:36 PM):;D
need to be brave (10:54:04 PM):ur mom is late tonight :O
kiss the radio (10:54:29 PM):she's already at home sleeping, i just can't get a ride
need to be brave (10:54:39 PM):OOooooh
kiss the radio (10:54:58 PM):i should actually work on that
need to be brave (10:55:12 PM):ahaha
kiss the radio (10:55:23 PM):i'll talk to you tomorrow :-( sigh
need to be brave (10:55:40 PM):ok bb, ily~
need to be brave (10:55:45 PM):I WILL TELL YOU ALL ABOUT THE PUPPY
kiss the radio (10:55:44 PM):OKAY!
need to be brave (10:55:51 PM):BYEEEE
kiss the radio (10:55:52 PM):<33
need to be brave (10:55:59 PM):<3333