Beruja - They are one of the most sensitive of vampires, next to the Ejousan. Beruja are athletically built and can run, jump and hunt extremely well. They can daze mankind with their angelic voice to make them easier pray to kill, but have short attention spans and occasionally daydream. Because of their sensitivity to things around them, they sometimes find vampire life disheartening and are prone to being moody, which ends with them not feeding for days at a time and becoming weak and easy targets. Beruja are one of the few breeds that can withstand sunlight for a certain amount of time, so they can blend in with humankind. They are usually the ones who bring in the money and pay for things the other members of their pack might need.

Numarai - They are known as the flirtatious ones of all vampire breeds, which makes them experienced hunters. They mostly hunt for beautiful women and attractive young men. They are spunky and sassy, and have a knack for staying up late in the night hours, only to be yelled at by the Clammoret member of the pack. Being that they are the ‘party animal' of sorts, they tend to get out of control, but are reliable when other pack members need a feed quickly. Although they are slightly careless, they are also very conscientious, and their sharp night vision can prove to be very helpful. Numarai can eat regular human food, but garlic can prove to be deadly if taken in huge dosages. They can also extend their nails to deadly, razor sharp nails much like the Ejousan. The only difference is that the Numarai possess poison in their nails that can stun a vampire for a short length of time and can kill a human with an instant prick.

Clammoret - This breed is usually the leader in vampire packs because of the knowledge they possess. Seeing as they are known to be the oldest existing clan in history, it makes them somewhat of a father figure to younger vampire breeds like the Jismora and Ejousan. Not only do they have the capability to speak more languages than the Numarai, they also developed the ability to morph into a wolf. Also, they do not have to hunt as frequently as the Beruja and Ejusan. They can hold their energy much longer. They can also feast on human food and have no allergies to such things as garlic, like the Numarai.

Ejousan - They help the Clammoret keep everybody organized and are the shyest of the vampire clans, which makes for good hunting seeing as they are quiet. It helps the fact that they are not very stealthy hunters because they are one of the youngest clans known to date. This is also why they hold a weakness of extreme emotional sensitivity. They are also quite mysterious, which is why there is not much known on their breed. Ejousan hold the ability to jump very high and can also eat human food without any problems, though they cannot touch or eat garlic as it can be deadly. Their skin is immune to sunlight, however their eyes are not. They are often found with sunglasses which only help for a certain amount of time. When angry - which happens rarely - three inch claws extend from their fingers.

Jismora - Jismora have the best sight out of all vampire clans which is why they are usually the one to lead, although it's quite rare to find a Jismora looking after any one unless it is a Numari. They have a kinship to the Numari because they were once rescued by them in a battle back in the eighteenth century. They have a horrible attention span which makes them easy targets, and they react rather slowly since they despise battle of any kind. They have a spunky sense of humour and tend to be the most upbeat, always there to pick other vampire breeds in their clan up off their feet. They are unable to step foot in sunlight or look at bright light. They have an intense sensitivity to light which is why they have such strong nighttime sight.

Limorsa - They are known as the enemy. Their name is much like the Jismora since they were cross breeders, or Jismora members who went bad. Limorsa only breed with the Hajesa which are a dying breed. It has been said there is only three left of the Hajesa clan. There is not much known other than they are the biggest clan known to date, since other breeds are getting scared and joining out of fear of dying out. The Limorsa enjoy killing for the sake of killing, not caring the outcome of their actions. They enjoy blood lust in all sorts of shape and forms, sometimes feeding more than they have to. They are nothing but pure evil, inside and out.