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Thursday, May 17, 2007
elegance tide (3:07:12 PM):Yoochun tossed and turned that night, whimpers escaping him as he kicked off his sheets, muttering in his sleep. "No..stop it, don't do that.." He turned onto his back and began to cry, much like a child. "Stop it."
need to be brave (3:08:27 PM):Changmin was confused as the crying broke him from his slumber. He sat up, rubbing his eyes before realising it wasn't on tv or in his head. He frowned, watching Yoochun for a few seconds before getting out of bed and sliding into Yoochuns. "Chun?" he said softly, wrapping his arms around the other man.
elegance tide (3:10:14 PM):Feeling the body hold him interfered with his dream, and he grabbed hold of Changmin's shirt. "I've got you, they won't hurt you. They won't..NO!" He jerked awake and breathed heavily for a few moments, just staring at Changmin with tears rolling down his cheeks. "Changmin..what are you doing here?"
need to be brave (3:11:30 PM):He looked stunned, blinking a few times before he sputtered somesort of an answer. "I heard you crying.. dreaming.. so I came over and.. tired to calm you down. Are you ok?" He bit his lip, prepared to be yelled at or pushed out of the bed.
elegance tide (3:12:36 PM):He nodded slowly, not letting go of Changmin. "Yeah, I'm.. I'm okay..just a dream.." Closing his eyes, he caught his breath and sat up slowly, wiping his cheeks. "I'm sorry I woke you."
need to be brave (3:15:00 PM):He sat up as well, getting out of Yoochuns bed and sat down on his own. "What happened in your dream? Was it something that went on in your past?" he asked, grabbing his box of tissues and sitting down at the foot of Yoochuns bed, pulling out  a tissue to wipe away his tears.
elegance tide (3:17:48 PM):Keeping his eyes closed, he let Changmin wipe his cheeks and eyes, sighing. "It's...it's really hard to explain. And I'm not sure if I have the energy right now, it would take a while." He looked at Changmin, still visably upset. "Could you just..lay with me?"
need to be brave (3:21:09 PM):He gave him a sympathetic smile and nodded, drying his cheeks before tossing the tissue into the garbage can. He slid  his legs under the covers, then touched Yoochuns shoulders gently. "C'mere," he whispered, tugging him a bit to get him to lay down.
elegance tide (3:22:48 PM):He took another deep breath before laying down beside Changmin, closing his eyes. "There's..another reason why I came to Korea, Changmin. Not only because I wanted to learn my culture." Shaking his head slowly, he swallowed hard and looked at him.
need to be brave (3:25:27 PM):He wrapped his arms around him and nodded, listening. "If you want to tell me, then you can. Whatever you say will never leave this room. And if you don't want to tell me now or ever, then that's ok too. Just know that I'm always here for you to talk to. Even if I'm asleep and you need somebody, don't be afraid to wake me."
elegance tide (3:29:21 PM):"Well, you see.. I haven't always been such a good kid. I used to hang out with some bad people, and there was an incident back in Virginia. Someone got seriously hurt, and I was going to be blamed for it. I threatened to turn in the person who did it, and they threatened to shoot my family. So we picked up and moved to Korea after I told, so we could be safe." His voice stayed soft throughout his explanation, his eyes closed.
need to be brave (3:31:58 PM):His face crinkled a bit to show genuine concern and he didn't say anything more, just slid his arms tighter around Yoochun and hugged him tightly, hoping it would convey how he felt about the whole situation. He started to rub his hands up and down Yoochuns back, sighing softly.
elegance tide (3:34:10 PM):He wrapped his arms around Changmin and pressed his face into his chest, breathing slowly. "I was apart of the fight, I helped tease him. I never knew he'd get hurt, I never wanted that." Shaking his head, he shook slightly. "I tried to keep them from hurting him, but they kicked me too."
need to be brave (3:37:57 PM):"You did a brave thing, leaving your family in order to save them from harm. Some people wouldn't even do that, and the fact that you felt guilty about what happened also tells me that deep down inside you are a wonderful person," he said softly, bringing his hand up to stroke Yoochuns neck. "The Yoochun I saw I'm sure is the Yoochun you really are. Everybody has things in their past they're ashamed of, and sadly we can't go back and change things. We can change our future though, by making up for those mistakes and getting on the right track. That's what you're doing."
elegance tide (3:39:16 PM):Not saying anything, he just looked at Changmin and nodded slowly. He smiled a bit as he put his hand on the other man's back, leaning in and pressing their lips together slowly. Not being one to make people do what they didn't want to, he just kept his lips to Changmin's, keeping the kiss innocent.
need to be brave (3:41:19 PM):Changmin froze for a moment, just staring at him before his eyes fluttered closed and he gently started to kiss him back, the obvious noviceness of his kissing showing when he accidentally leaned in too close and they clunked teeth. Plulling back, he placed a hand over his mouth and blushed so deeply that he practically glowed rose in the night. "I'm so sorry, I've never been kissed before."
elegance tide (3:43:16 PM):The accident was endearing to him and he just smiled, shaking his head as he rubbed over his teeth with his tongue. "It's fine. It would make me feel bad if you were an excellent kisser." He laughed softly and bit his lip, looking at Changmin. "I like you, Min."
need to be brave (3:45:14 PM):"Me?" he said, pointing to himself as though there was someone else in the room he could be talking to. "Really? Why me?" he asked, suddenly becoming painfully shy. Changmin was never popular, he was known as a nobody around the college pretty much. Well, he was known as a faggot because he took so much pride in the gay and lesbian group that was privately started, but other than that nobody really knew him.
elegance tide (3:46:57 PM):"Because..you're not like the other guys. And I know I said I wasn't gay, but something about you is just.. irresistable. I can't help but be attracted to you, and I find myself just wanting to be near you." He nodded slowly, blushing as he put his hand on Changmin's cheek.
need to be brave (3:48:55 PM):He giggled a little, a shy smile spreading across his lips. "I like you, too. I thought you were cute since the first day I met you but I thought, since you said you weren't gay that it was silly so I just kinda ignored how I felt but..." he shrugged, scared to look Yoochun in the eyes. "The first guy I fell for back in high school, he ..." he stopped, biting his lip.
elegance tide (3:50:19 PM):He shook his head and touched Changmin's lips, rubbing his thumb over them. "I'm not the guy from high school, Changmin. I won't hurt you, or let anyone hurt you." Leaning in, he pecked the other man's lips a few times, whispering. "I promise."
need to be brave (3:52:29 PM):"I've gone through a lot after coming out and being openly gay, Yoochun. I've never really had a real relationship. I haven't done anything, girl or guy. I want to be sure that you're positive about this before I persue it because I don't think my heart could take you changing your mind," he said softly, his eyes flickering up to meet Yoochuns. Deep inside them was sadness and concern.
elegance tide (3:53:47 PM):"Changmin, I've never felt this way, about anyone. Since I've met you, I've started liking you more and more. I know my heart, and I know I'm not changing my mind." He shook his head, looking into Changmin's eyes, his own full of truth and care.
need to be brave (3:55:28 PM):His lips curled into a smile and he inched forward a bit as if to kiss Yoochun but stopped. "This might seem like a silly proposition, but do you think you could.. teach me how to kiss? I'm afraid I'm eather going to suck your face off or crack your teeth."
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Friday, May 18, 2007
need to be brave (3:18:24 PM):hey, how's min?
elegance tide (3:18:30 PM):he's still pretty shaken up
need to be brave (3:19:01 PM):did he sleep last night?
elegance tide (3:18:56 PM):not really
need to be brave (3:21:17 PM)::\ is there anything i can do to help?
elegance tide (3:21:21 PM):just be there for him, i think he could use friends
need to be brave (3:22:14 PM):i was going to stop by and walk him to his classes, but he probably doesn't want to go does he?
elegance tide (3:22:51 PM):no, but junsu is going around for him and getting his homework. thank you, though
need to be brave (3:24:08 PM):what should i tell his teachers?
elegance tide (3:24:19 PM):i guess just tell them he's sick
need to be brave (3:26:01 PM):what's he doing right now? i'm at the store so i'll bring him his favourite candy
elegance tide (3:26:17 PM):he's...staring at the wall. jaejoong, he's so innocent, why would anyone want to hurt him?
need to be brave (3:28:20 PM):i don't know, yoochun. he had it pretty rough in high school, too. he wanted to join sports and they'd harass him so badly at practice that he never came back. so he dove into his school work. at lunch he was always.. ALWAYS at the library curled up with a pile of books
elegance tide (3:28:41 PM):pathetic
need to be brave (3:30:33 PM):he had us, though. junsu, yunho and me. yunho and junsu were athletes and got a lot of backlash for hanging around him but it never made sense. changmin has always been that sweet, shy and awkward boy. i'd hate to know what would happen if we weren't his friends
elegance tide (3:31:31 PM):i hope i can mean as much to him as you guys do
need to be brave (3:32:39 PM):he set out first thing when he found out about you being his room mate to befriend you. he likes you a lot. he doesn't play favourites.
need to be brave (3:32:54 PM):although i do think he likes you in THAT way more than us
elegance tide (3:32:55 PM):well he's my boyfriend, so i'd hope so :-[
need to be brave (3:33:18 PM):AW REALLY?!?! HE NEVER SAID
need to be brave (3:33:31 PM):soooo cute omg. that's so sweet.
elegance tide (3:33:44 PM):thanks :-[ i don't consider myself gay but i really like him
need to be brave (3:35:15 PM):well, i'm crossing the street and approaching the dorms so i'll be there in a few minutes, ok?
elegance tide (3:35:09 PM):ok
need to be brave (3:36:26 PM):Jaejoong stuffed his cellphone in his pockets and headed into the dorms. Ten minutes later, he was letting himself into Changmin and Yoochuns room, holding out a plastic bag filled with sweets. "I got your favourites," he sang to Changmin, but the other man didn't move or turn around.
elegance tide (3:38:03 PM):Yoochun looked up when Jaejoong came in, sitting at and massaging Changmin's legs. He bit his lip and lowered his head, working his way to the younger man's foot. "You can leave them by the bed, he'll get them."
need to be brave (3:41:46 PM):He nodded, placing the bag on the floor by the bed and sat down on Yoochuns bed which was across from Changmins. "Has he said much?" he asked gently, playing with his fingers, staring at Changmins back.
elegance tide (3:43:17 PM):"I asked him if he wanted something to eat and he started to say no, but just shook his head. It's still soon." He nodded, resting his hands on Changmin's legs. "I have faith in him that he'll overcome this."
need to be brave (3:46:01 PM):"I told Yunho I was coming over and he said he'd be dropping by when his class is finished, which should be soon. Junsu has practice so," he licked his lips, letting his shoulders sag a bit. Changmin rolled onto his back then, his arms loosely drapped across his stomach. "I want to see Junsu," he said so softly that Jaejoong barely heard him.
elegance tide (3:47:10 PM):Yoochun looked at Changmin and reached up slowly, touching his hand. "Junsu has practice, but I'm sure he'll stop by before." He nodded, biting his lip. "Changmin-ah, can I lay with you?"
need to be brave (3:49:21 PM):He made a whimpery sound and rolled back onto his side again, going back to staring at the wall. Jaejoong frowned, getting up to touch Yoochuns shoulder. "Chun, can we talk in private for a moment?" he said, gently squeezing his shoulder.
elegance tide (3:50:20 PM):He frowned slightly and carefully moved Changmin's legs off his lap, standing up. Running a hand through his hair, he walked out into the hall with Jaejoong. "He let me hold him for hours yesterday.."
need to be brave (3:52:28 PM):"I wish I could explain it, but I don't really know how. Only him and Junsu know what happened, but they have something special. Nothing like that, of course," he put his hands up in defense. "I'm not really sure what happened exactly, but whenever anything happened he always wanted Junsu."
elegance tide (3:54:17 PM):Listening to Jaejoong, Yoochun hooked a hand on the back of his neck, sighing as he rolled it around. "I can understand that. The way Junsu defended Changmin in the bathroom, it seems likely their strong bond had something to do with it." He nodded, looking back inside at Changmin. "I just wish I could help him when Junsu isn't here."
need to be brave (3:56:36 PM):He looked as well, wrapping an arm around Yoochun to comfort him. "I think it is because you and him just met sort of thing, he tends to cling to things from the past. Besides us, you're the only friend he's had in such a long time. Besides Junsu, he usually listens to Yunho, he's like our leader," he smiled. "I'm sure if Yunho told him Junsu has practice and he's busy, he'd let you hold him."
elegance tide (3:58:17 PM):"If he wants Junsu, then I want him to have Junsu. Whatever helps Changmin get better." He nodded, looking at Jaejoong with a slight smile. "I have nothing but time to wait for him to come out of the shadows." Nodding again, he pat Jaejoong's hand and walked back into the room.
need to be brave (3:59:45 PM):He followed Yoochun back in and took his seat again, getting out his phone. He dialed Junsus cellphone and waited for him to answer while Changmin rolled onto his back again. "Sweets?" he said, looking at Yoochun with tired eyes.
elegance tide (4:01:00 PM):Yoochun smiled at Changmin and picked up the bag, setting it beside him on the bed. "Help yourself." Looking at his phone, Junsu opened it quickly, pressing it to his ear. "Hey, Jaejoong. Is everything okay?"
need to be brave (4:02:32 PM):"As ok as it can me, Changmin wants you," he said, stretching out on Yoochuns bed. Changmin slowly sat up and opened the bag, pulling out a package of gummie worms. "I love these," he said, cracking a bit of a smile and handing the package to Yoochun to open it for him.
elegance tide (4:03:23 PM):He nodded and smiled, sitting down before opening the bag for Changmin. "Here you go." Junsu picked up his books when class was over, holding the phone as he walked. "O
elegance tide (4:03:42 PM):I'll get some food and be right there."*
need to be brave (4:05:37 PM):He took the gummie worms and picked out a green and yellow one, sucking on a bit of it before taking a bite and chewing on it. "Ok, see you in a bit then. I hope this isn't going to hurt you being team captain," he said the last bit quietly so Changmin didn't hear.
elegance tide (4:06:39 PM):"Practice was cancelled, the coach had a family thing to go to. I'll be there as soon as I can." He hung up and left campus to get them some food. Smiling, Yoochun sat back and watched Changmin, his hair covering his eyes.
need to be brave (4:09:36 PM):Jaejoong snapped his phone shut and placed it on the table between the two beds, propping himself up on his elbow. He watched Changmin sit up and tuck the hair behind Yoochuns ears. "I like your eyes," he said quietly, laying back down again and picking out another gummie worm.
elegance tide (4:11:19 PM):He bit his lip and tilted his head, smiling. "Thanks." About twenty minutes later, Junsu showed up with a bag of food from the sushi diner down the street, a smile on his face. "Hellooo!" He closed the door behind him.
need to be brave (4:13:08 PM):Changmin started to climb out of bed, happy to see Junsu but was so weak from barely sleeping and eating - since he did those most frequently, he ended up getting dizzy and stumbling back onto the bed. Jaejoongs hands shot out to keep him from falling. "Careful, Min. Your body isn't used to the lack of food and sleep."
elegance tide (4:16:48 PM):Junsu pressed his lips together and sat the bag on the table, walking over to Changmin. "Hey, kid..let's get some food into your system, hm?" He nodded, sittind down beside him on the bed with his arms around him.
need to be brave (4:19:02 PM):He nodded and snuggled up against Junsu, closing his eyes. Jaejoong stood, ruffling Changmins hair and got the sushi, handing out the shares before taking his seat on the bed again. "Anything good happen in class today?" he asked, just to start conversation.
elegance tide (4:24:06 PM):"I got a perfect score on that practice test we had." Junsu nodded, keeping his arm around Changmin as he put his plate in his lap. "Yoochun did too, we both had it." He popped a sushi roll into his mouth, giving Yoochun a smile as he set up a table for Junsu and Changmin to use.
need to be brave (4:26:00 PM):"Is teacher-sshi mad that I didn't come to class?" Changmin asked, picking up a sushi roll and starting to eat it. Jaejoong occupied himself with his food, and texting Yunho with his one hand while eating. He looked up at Yoochun every now and then, amazed by how great he's been acting throughout all of this.
elegance tide (4:47:32 PM):Shaking his head, Junsu rubbed Changmin's arm as he ate his rice. "Not at all, I told him you were sick but you will make up everything on time." He nodded, looking at his friend with a smile. "There are onoy two bits of homework, anyway."
elegance tide (4:47:53 PM):only*
need to be brave (4:50:16 PM):He put his the half aten sushi roll down on the table and hung his head. "Was he there," he said lowly, diving back into his shell again. Jaejoong wasn't paying attention at all anymore, giggling about a text Yunho sent him. Changmins head shot up and he looked at Jaejoong. "It's funny, is it? It's funny that some fucking asshole decided to touch me?!"
elegance tide (4:51:29 PM):Junsu wrapped his arms around Changmin protectively, looking over at Jaejoong, hoping for an explination. "Jaejoong, this isn't the time to be laughing.." He shook his head slowly, just as Yunho walked through the door.
need to be brave (4:53:23 PM):Jaejoongs mouth opened a couple times as he tried to say something, but he couldn't get the words out. Changmin burst into tears, tearing himself away from Junsu and curling up against the wall on his bed. "I.. but..." Jaejoong stuttered, looking over at Yunho for help.
elegance tide (4:54:59 PM):Frowning instantly, Yunho shut the door and walked in, getting informed by Junsu what had happened. He bit his lip and moved over to the bed, sitting down. "Changmin-ah, Jaejoong wasn't laughing at you. You know me and my bad timing, I sent him a joke through a text and it must have made him laugh. He would never laugh at you." He kept his voice calm and soothing, watching Changmin.
need to be brave (4:57:21 PM):"I don't care, I want you all to leave!" he exclaimed, grabbing a pillow and putting it over his head. "All of you except Junsu, get out, please. Leave me alone!" Jaejoong bit his lip and stood, taking Yunhos hand. "Why do you favour Junsu over us, Minnie? We want to help you, and you're really hurting us by doing it like this." he said softly.
elegance tide (5:10:42 PM):Junsu looked up at Jaejoong, biting his lip. "Just go, please. There's a lot you don't know, and I can't tell you." He shook his head as Yoochun stood up and walked over to Jaejoong and Yunho. "Come on, let's just..give them space. You said Junsu is the only one he prefers in situations where he's upset, so..let's go."
need to be brave (5:13:25 PM):He protested, but followed them out anyway. Once they were out of the room, he kicked a wall and continued on down the hall. "I just want to help him, he's like a little brother to me!" He kept going down the hall, not realising nobody was following him. Changmin calmed down a bit when everybody was gone and slowly sat up. "Thank you for what you did the other day, Su."
elegance tide (5:14:42 PM):Yunho and Yoochun stopped to talk about a few things, glancing at Jaejoong as he went off on a rant. Turning around, Junsu looked at Changmin and nodded. "Of course, you know I would do anything for you." He nodded, wrapping his arms around his friend and holding him close. "I couldn't do anything back then, but I'm older now."
need to be brave (5:18:01 PM):"I feel bad that the others get pushed away, but... you've always protected me," he said softly, laying his head down on Junsus lap. "I'm worried that Yoochun might take things the wrong way and I really like him. Did I tell you he's my boyfriend?" he smiled big and blushed. Jaejoong came back a few minutes later, looking much calmer. "I want to go to the club tonight, I need to dance out this stress."
elegance tide (5:24:41 PM):"Yoochun knows we're close, I'm sure. Your boyfriend? Changmin, that's so great!" He smiled and leaned down, kissing his temple. "I'm so happy for you, really." Yunho looked at Jaejoong, taking his hand. "We can go for a little while, I don't want to be out too long incase Changmin calls.
elegance tide (5:24:43 PM):"
need to be brave (5:26:35 PM):He glared at Yunho a moment, squeezing his hands. "Why would he call us, we're not Junsu," he stated dryly, then let go and headed to his dorm room to get changed. Changmin giggled a little, picking himself off of Junsus lap. "He's so nice and sweet to me, Junsu. I keep thinking it's gonna go bad or something. I've never had good luck."
elegance tide (5:29:26 PM):Frowning, Yunho said bye to Yoochun before going into the room, closing the door behind him. "Jaejoong, you've always known how Changmin acts when it comes to Junsu. They've been close since before we became friends." Junsu grinned and shook his head. "I have a feeling about Yoochun, I really think you two are going to make it a long time."
need to be brave (5:32:51 PM):He nodded and stood, taking Yunhos hands. "I know, I just wish he'd let us help him too. We all care, especially Yoochun. You know they're together now?" he smiled a bit. Changmin climbed off the bed, approaching the door. "Yoochunnie?" he said quietly, looking at him.
elegance tide (5:34:06 PM):Yunho smiled and shook his head, wrapping his arms around Jaejoong. "That's really good, Yoochun was talking to me a few days ago about how much he liked Changmin, even though he's not attracted to any other guys." Looking up from staring at his shoes, Yoochun smiled at  Changmin. "Hey,"
need to be brave (5:36:46 PM):He stepped out into the hall, not caring that people were walking past and watching them since Changmin was still dressed in his pajamas and looked, well, like crap. He wrapped his arms around Yoochun and hugged him, nuzzling his face into his neck. "I want you to hold me," he said softly into his ear. Jaejoong dug through his clothes once he took off his dirty ones, his muscels moving nicely under his pale skin as he pulled out a pair of jeans from the bottom drawer.
elegance tide (5:39:01 PM):Yoochun closed his eyes and held Changmin close, rubbing his back slowly. "Alright," he nodded and walked with him back into the room, his arms not moving from around him. Looking at Jaejoong, Yunho smiled and went over to his closet, pulling out a tight long sleeved shirt. "I like this one on you."
need to be brave (5:41:50 PM):He walked over, pulling it on, accidentally getting the fabric caught in his belly button piercing. "Ah!" he cried out, putting a hand over it. "Yunnieeee, help me!" he pouted, shuffling towards him. Changmin waited for Yoochun to lay down before he did beside him, curling up against him. "I'll be ok now, Su. Thank you. For everything."
elegance tide (5:44:01 PM):Unable to help himself, Yunho let out a giggle, walking over and batting Jaejoong's hands away. "Calm down, or it will get tangled." He worked the belly button ring out of the shirt and put his hand on Jaejoong's skin as he looked up at him, smiling. "There." Junsu smiled and nodded, pressing a kiss to Changmin's cheek. "I'll leave the food for you, incase you get hungry. Goodnight, Min." He nodded and left the dorm.
need to be brave (5:44:13 PM):U AH SOH GORJUS~!
Monday, May 21, 2007
elegance tide (3:17:08 PM):"YOOCHUN, STOP IT!" Junsu ran out of the bathroom in his boxers as his friend was trying to squirt him with a mini water gun, whining about how he'd just straightened his hair. He ran into the kitchen, opening a lower cabinet and hiding behind it.
need to be brave (3:19:47 PM):Yoochun let out an evil cackle and raced after Junsu, squirting the gun at his back and mostly his butt which was soaked by now. "You can't hide from me, Kim Junsu," he bellowed, finding him behind the cupboard and squirted him on the head while laughing. Jaejoong heard the fuss outside and cracked open an eye, finding he was staring at Yunhos chest. "Yunnie?" he whispered, leaning back to look up at his face.
elegance tide (3:20:51 PM):"I hate you!" He whimpered and covered his head, trying to crawl away. Yunho kept his eyes closed, wrapping his arms more around Jaejoong and pulling him closer. "Shh, just close your eyes." He nodded, pulling the covers up to their shoulders. "The door is locked."
need to be brave (3:22:49 PM):He poised the gun to shoot at Junsus back, but he'd run out of water. "Ah, dang," he said, sighing as he tossed it onto the counter. "You win this round, sort of. Only because I ran out of water." Jaejoong nuzzled up against Yunho, gently pressing a kiss to his chest before closing his eyes again and falling back asleep.
elegance tide (3:31:54 PM):Lifting his head, Junsu grinned and stood up with his fists in the air. "No one can beat Super Su!" He shook his hips, sticking out his tongue. With a smile on his face, Yunho fell back into a deep sleep, holding Jaejoong closely against his body.
need to be brave (3:33:45 PM):Yoochun made a scoffing sound and walked away, heading to his room he shared with Jaejoong to get something to wear. Changmin was the last to get up, his hair a mess as he sauntered his way to Yunhos room, trying the handle. He mumbled when he found it locked and stumbled into the kitchen in search of food.
elegance tide (3:34:36 PM):Junsu huffed and followed Yoochun to wear his clothes, moving onto his bed and laying down. "Find me something to wear, Chunnie." He pouted, looking at him with big eyes. "All of my clothes are dirty and I don't want to wear dirty clothes."
need to be brave (3:36:05 PM):"Do you want dry boxers with that request?" he asked, digging through his clothes and tossing Junsu some while he was looking. "I wonder what Jaejoong and Yunho are doing. I bet they're sexin," he joked, making thrust motions with his hips.
elegance tide (3:37:16 PM):"No, I'm not going to wear any boxers." He shook his head and stood up, pulling off his boxers. "Yunho-sshi isn't gay, so you would lose that bet." Nodding, he pulled on the clothes Yoochun had given him, finding a belt and pulling it on as well. "These pants are huge."
need to be brave (3:39:10 PM):He grinned, sitting down on his bed while he tugged on a shirt. "I love how you said Yunho isn't gay but you didn't say Jaejoong wasn't," he pointed out, grabbing his earrings from his bedside table and putting them on. "I want to go shopping today. And shut up, I had to give you my bigger pants to get over your ass."
elegance tide (3:40:36 PM):He looked at Yoochun with his mouth open, reaching over and smacking his arm. "My ass is not that big!" Looking behind him, he looked at his ass and pouted, leaving the room. "I'm going shopping with you." He returned a few moments later with his earrings in and his sunglasses and hat in hand. "Meet me in the kitchen." Nodding, he left to go to the kitchen, grabbing a banana.
need to be brave (3:42:53 PM):He yanked on a pair of pants and came out of the bedroom to find Changmin tossing empty boxes of cereal out behind him. "Nothing, nothing!" he said over and over again, getting angrier the more he found empty boxes of cereal. "I am hungry!"
elegance tide (3:43:42 PM):Junsu looked at Changmin while he opened his banana, taking a bite. "There's a few boxes under my bed, you're welcome to them. Or you can go with me and Chunnie, we'll eat out." He nodded, shrugging as he took another bite of his banana. "Up to you."
need to be brave (3:45:12 PM):He stood up, his hair resembling a porkypine. He squinted his eyes at Junsu for a few moments, then nodded and left the room. Yoochun laughed, taking a seat. "I think he prefered going out to eat rather than digging under your bed, Su," he said with a smirk. "So you think Jaejoongs gay?"
elegance tide (3:46:54 PM):He finished his banana in one more bite, tossing the peel away before he looked at Jaejoong. "Yeah, kind of. I think he's more bisexual than gay, but..he's into guys." Nodding, he pulled out a juice box and finished it off quickly. "Not that there's anything wrong with that."
need to be brave (3:49:07 PM):"Never said there was, and I think you're right to be honest. Although I haven't really seen him show interest in girls," he crossed his legs, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "What about you, Su. Are you gay or straight or bisexual?" he asked, a sly grin coming to his face.
elegance tide (3:50:14 PM):Looking up from peeling another banana, he looked at Yoochun and shrugged. "I've never really thought about it." He shook his head, taking a bite of his banana as he pulled his hat on. "I don't want to label myself as anything until I know."
need to be brave (3:51:59 PM):He stood, putting his arm around Junsu. "Whatever your sexuality is won't bother me, Susu-ah. I'll support you," he smiled and kissed his friends forehead, unwrapping his arm as he watched Changmin storm past to put his shoes on. "We better go, Changmin is hungry and you know that's dangerous."
elegance tide (3:52:44 PM):He laughed and pushed Yoochun away, finishing off his banana. Throwing away the peel, he quickly left a note on the dry erase board that he'd put on the fridge, telling Yunho and Jaejoong where they went. He grabbed his keys and put on his shoes, running after Changmin.
need to be brave (3:57:26 PM):Changmin was first into the booth when they finally reached a restaurant in the mall they frequent, grabbing a menu. Yoochun attempted to slide in with him but got a glare and a growl, so he squeezed in next to Junsu. "Man, he's like a pregnant woman if he doesn't get food."
elegance tide (3:58:15 PM):Junsu grinned and looked at Yoochun, scooting over so he could sit down. "He hasn't eaten since last night, you know he needs his food. I bet you I could get him to let me sit beside him." He nodded, looking over his menu as he pushed his lips out.
need to be brave (3:59:32 PM):"Really, what makes you so special?" he said, cocking an eyebrow as he scooted out and waved his hands like Vana White, although Junsu probably had no clue who Vana White was or Wheel of Fortune. "Show me your special powers, Junsu."
elegance tide (4:00:34 PM):He stared at Yoochun for a moment before getting out of the booth, smoothing out his shirt. "Alright, fine." Moving over to Changmin, he leaned down and whispered so only he could hear. "I'll give you twenty-five dollars if you let me sit beside you."
need to be brave (4:02:06 PM):Changmin lifted his head, giving Junsu the most evil glare Yoochun ever saw. "I'm right fucking here, I can hear you guys," he snarled, slamming his menu down on the table and pushing Junsu away. Yoochun burst into laughter, getting back into the booth.
elegance tide (4:03:07 PM):He yelped as he was pushed, looking at Changmin with big eyes. "Well you should listen next time! Let me sit with you, I don't like Yoochun today." Shaking his head, he pouted and stuck out his bottom lip. "Please, Minnie? Pleeease?"
need to be brave (4:04:53 PM):"Why?" he asked, sliding his arms around his stomach. "I'm so hungry, I need food," he moaned, looking as if he were in pain. "Fine, fine. Sit. I don't care. I just want food." Yoochun stuck his tongue out at Junsu and picked up a menu, looking it over for a food few minutes.
elegance tide (4:05:44 PM):Grinning widely, he sat down and slid an arm around Changmin, holding him close. "Why don't you eat the complimentry bread noodles, Minnie?" He put them in front of Changmin as the waitress came over to take their order.
need to be brave (4:09:00 PM):He started to shovel the bread into him, only stopping to say his order then finished them off. Yoochun was able to get one out of the group before Changmin had them all gone. Once the food arrived, everybody was too busy eating to say much of anything, until in the middle of it Changmin made a strange noise. He started nudging Junsu. "Bathroom!" he exclaimed, placing hands over his mouth.
elegance tide (4:10:00 PM):Junsu looked at Changmin and got out of the booth, watching him go as he slowly sat down. "He ate too fast." He nodded and sat down, dipping his sushi in the soy sauce before shoving it into his mouth. "I always told him not to eat too fast."
need to be brave (4:11:29 PM):"Or he caught Jaejoongs flu," Yoochun replied, twirling the ramen around his chopsticks before stuffing them in his mouth. "He seemed in pain earlier waiting for something to eat, but I figured I'd keep my mouth shut just in case he felt like coking someone."
elegance tide (4:12:32 PM):He nodded slowly, sighing and eating another sushi roll. "I'll check his forhead when he comes back. Changmin usually has a really good immune system, I think he just ate too much too fast." Nodding again, he stuffed some rice into his mouth, looking around.
need to be brave (4:15:12 PM):Changmin returned a few minutes later, puffing out his cheeks. He looked down at his half aten food and winced. "I'm not hungry anymore," he said, pushing his food towards Junsu since he knew he'd eat it. Yoochun finished his noodles and pat his stomach, sighing. "Ah, I feel better now. So where exactly did you want to go shopping, Su?"
elegance tide (4:16:26 PM):Looking at the food, he set it aside and finished off his own. "Maybe the place we always go." He nodded and looked at Changmin, putting a hand on his shoulder. "What's wrong, Min? Do you have the flu?" His hand quickly went to the younger man's forehead, feeling for heat.
need to be brave (4:18:57 PM):He quickly moved away, shaking his head. "No, I'm fine," he said, moving back a few more steps so Junsu couldn't feel his forehead. Yoochun noticed but didn't say anything. He knew how Changmin hated to be told he didn't look well or asked if he was sick, even when he was. "Sounds good, I'll pay for this." He grabbed the bills and left the two alone.
elegance tide (4:19:45 PM):"Hey, I know you aren't sick, you just ate too fast." Junsu nodded and held Changmin's water up to him. "Just drink this, it will make your stomache feel better." He flashed a smile and stuffed a couple sushi rolls into his mouth.
need to be brave (4:22:28 PM):He took the glass of water with both hands and slowly darnk it, bowing towards Junsu in thanks. Yoochun returned a few moments later with mints in his hand. He handed one to each one, then stuffed his wallet in his back pocket. "Alright, lets go shopping!"
elegance tide (4:23:28 PM):Looking up, Junsu had his teeth in a sushi roll, looking up at Yoochun. "I'm not done." He shook his head, stuffing the roll into his mouth and sucking the soy sauce off of his fingers. Taking his time, he finished up his sushi and started on Changmin's food, humming to himself.
need to be brave (4:26:08 PM):He sat down and crossed his arms over his chest, then helped Junsu eat the food. Back at home, Jaejoong stirred in his sleep, opening his eyes. He looked around for a few minutes, letting himself wake up. Slowly he sat up, his body still weak and achy from his flu but he felt hungry for the first time in a few days. "Yunnieee," he whined, grabbing onto Yunhos shoulder and shaking it.
elegance tide (4:27:38 PM):Yunho jerked and looked at Jaejoong for a moment, then slowly relaxing. "What's wrong?" He sat up and rubbed his eyes, stretching his arms and legs out with a soft groan. Sighing, he pushed the covers down only to reveal a very naked Jaejoong, quickly pulling the covers back over the man's lower waist.
need to be brave (4:29:16 PM):"I'm hungry," he said with a pout, not caring too much if Yunho exposed him or not. He was the only one out of the five he felt most comfortable in his own skin anyway. "Can you make me some soup or something? Please?" he gave him his best puppy dog face, leaning in to nuzzle against him. "With crackers and some tea?"
elegance tide (4:30:30 PM):He looked at Jaejoong and sighed, nodding as he smiled. "Alright, stay here." Climbing out of the bed, he slid on his fuzzy house slippers and walked out of the room. He came back twenty minutes later with a tray of food containing cup ramen poured into a bowl, a cup of tea, and a few crackers on the side.
need to be brave (4:32:55 PM):He smiled warmly at Yunho and took the tray, thanking him with a bow and started to eat his ramen. "Ooh, it's good!" he said, looking a bit surprised. "You've improved your cooking, Yunnie." He gave him a tumbs up, digging int the noddles again. "It's so quiet, where's everybody?"
elegance tide (4:34:00 PM):"BooJae, it's cup ramen." He laughed softly and carefully sat down on the bed, leaning against the wall. "They all went shopping, Junsu left a note on his oh so precious dry erase board." Laughing again, he leaned over and opened his mouth for some soup.
need to be brave (4:35:46 PM):Jaejoong giggled, blushing a little as he scooped some ramen onto his chopsticks and leaned in, feeding Yunho. "That thing has come in handy a few times, so I'm glad he got it. What I don't like is Yoochun leaving dirty American words on it. As amusing as it is," he said with a chuckle. "I haven't had time like this with you in awhile, it's almost surreal."
elegance tide (4:37:11 PM):Eating the noodles, he nodded and sat back against the wall, wiping his lips. "It's our day off and they'd rather be out on their feet, shopping. I'd prefer peace and quiet over a noisy mall any day." He shrugged and stood up, stretching. "I'm going to shower."  Nodding, he got out his clothes and carried them to the bathroom with him.
need to be brave (4:39:30 PM):He placed his cup ramen aside and slid off the bed, reaching after Yunho. "Me me me!" he exclaimed, following him to the bathroom. Changmin flopped onto a bench beside some old Korean lady, hunching over slightly as he watched Yoochun and Junsu play tag in some fancy clothing store that he had no interest in. He wanted to go home, but he didn't want to spoil their fun. It was rare that they ever felt like normal people and got to do fun things.
elegance tide (4:41:24 PM):"You just showered last night, Jae." He laughed and put his clothes on the lowered toilet lid, turning on the water and testing it. Junsu grabbed Yoochun and looked at him. "Okay, stop. I want to get some clothes, and I want to buy Jaejoong hyung something." He nodded and flicked Yoochun's nose before actually looking.
need to be brave (4:43:16 PM):Yoochun cried out and smacked Junsu on the butt, then took a seat on one of the plush sofas near the changing rooms. He looked out at the bench Changmin was sitting on and sighed. "Make it quick, Changmin doesn't look to happy," he said, pointing. "And is that grandmother hitting on him?" Jaejoong shrugged, grinning. "I don't care. I can always be clean again."
elegance tide (4:44:59 PM):He looked over his shoulder and laughed, shrugging. "She might be." Grabbing a few things, he went into a changing room to try them on. "Chunnie, get me one of those gray shirts in a medium." Yunho bit his lip and looked down for a moment, then nodded slowly. "Alright." He turned around so his back was to Jaejoong before he took off his shirt, sliding down his boxers.
need to be brave (4:47:17 PM):Getting up, Yoochun dug through the clothes and pulled out a medium, tossing it over the change room door to Junsu with a laugh. Jaejoong was already naked so he didn't have to undress. He got out some towels and peaked in the bottom drawer of the sink. "Oooh, bubble bath!" he exclaimed, pulling it out.
elegance tide (4:48:44 PM):Yunho looked over his shoulder and looked at Jaejoong. "The tub isn't big enough for two, JaeJae." He shook his head, pressing his lips together as he turned on the shower. Pulling on a pair of tight-ish pants and the gray shirt, which was slightly clinging to his body, Junsu came out of the dressing room and looked at Yoochun. "What do you think?"
need to be brave (4:51:29 PM):Yoochun looked over from the clothes that caught his attention, looking him over. He looked very attractive to him right now and he grinned. "Nice, I love it. You look sexy," he commented, giving a thumbs up. Jaejoong pouted and put the bubble bath back, crossing his arms over his chest. "Pooey."
elegance tide (4:53:08 PM):Junsu grinned and nodded, heading back into the dressing room to undress. He tossed the clothes over the top and let them land on Yoochun. "Keep those, I want to buy them." Looking at Jaejoong, Yunho sighed. "I'll run you a bubble bath after my shower, okay? I'll even let you use the rubber ducky."
need to be brave (4:55:24 PM):He stumbled a bit when the clothes landed on him and laughed, pulling the few that were still around the top of the door. "Good, because if you didn't I'd be very ticked off." he joked, folding the clothes neatly before picking them off the couch he used to fold them on, waiting.
need to be brave (4:55:44 PM):"Rubbery ducky, you are the one," Jaejoong sang in English, rocking side to side.
elegance tide (4:57:18 PM):"You're not wearing my clothes, Yoochun. So forget it." He pulled on some baggy shorts and a loose shirt, coming out. "How about this one?" Yunho smiled and shook his head, stepping into the shower and pulling the door closed. He stood under the water, the glass already steamy but slightly see-through.
need to be brave (5:00:48 PM):"Aish, I wouldn't wear them. I thought they looked hot on you," he said, rolling his eyes. "Those, however, don't look that great on you. The shirt maybe, but.." he put the folded clothes aside, getting a different pair of shorts. "Try these ones." Changmin approached them before Junsu started for the change room. "Guys, are you done yet?" he asked. Jaejoong watched, humming to himself the rubber ducky song - well, what he knew of it. His eyes started to wander and he blushed when he finally saw Yunhos lower half, looking away.
elegance tide (5:04:31 PM):He took the shorts and looked at Changmin. "Yeah, as soon as I try these on. Yoochun, take Changminnie home and meet me at the toy store." Nodding, he went into the dressing room. Yunho washed his hair with his new vanilla scented shampoo and conditioner, and his body with the same old body wash. "Jaejoong, will you get me a towel, please?"
need to be brave (5:06:44 PM):He snapped out of his daze and blushed again, grabbing a towel. "You'll have to come out to get it," he said in a teasing voice, grinning. Yoochun nodded and ruffled Junsus hair, placing an arm around Changmin to escort him out of the store. A few minutes later, he arrived at home and let Changmin in since the other didn't have a key. "Go get some rest," he said, then left again to meet Junsu at the toy store.
elegance tide (5:12:07 PM):"Joongie, please." He turned off the shower and stuck his arm out of the shower door. Junsu had his bags in his hands as he looked around the toy store, a box for an electronic pet under his arm. He spotted Yoochun and grinned, waving his free arm wround to get his attention.
need to be brave (5:13:37 PM):Yoochun jogged over, pointing to the box. "Oh no, what crazy contraption did you get this time?" he said, grinning. Jaejoong held out the towel like he was going to hand it to him, then pulled it away giggling. "Yunnie, come on. You have a sexy body, don't be shy."
elegance tide (5:15:39 PM):He held up the robotic dog, grinning more. "Since you're allergic to real dogs, and all of us want one, I decided it's time to get an electronic one." Yunho sighed and pressed his forhead against the shower door. "Please, I just want to dry off.." He sounded desperate, still holding his arm out. Everyone knew he was embarrassed by his chest, no matter how long they had known eachother.
need to be brave (5:18:52 PM):He took the box from Junsu and looked at it, giggling a bit. "Cute, what're you going to name it?" he asked, tilting his head to the side and hooked his arm with Junsu. Jaejoong reached out for Yunhos hand, sliding his own into the grasp. "What's wrong, Yunho?" he asked, his voice soft and caring. He moved over so he could look at the other man.
elegance tide (5:21:48 PM):"Umm...YooSuMinJaeHo!" He grinned brightly, nodding as he took the box and started walking down the aisle to look more. Looking at Jaejoong, Yunho did his best to keep his parts hidden, shaking his head slowly. "I just want the towel..please. I want to get dressed."
need to be brave (5:24:09 PM):He handed him the towel and sat back down on the toliet seat, just as something banged on the door. He jumped, crying out. "Hyung?" came Changmins voice. "I need the bathroom, please let me in." Yoochun laughed, following Junsu fruther into the store. "Su, have you ever.. found yourself attracted to anybody in the group?" he asked, biting his lip.
elegance tide (5:27:35 PM):Yunho looked over at the door as he wrapped the large towel around himself like females do, stepping slowly out of the shower. He took his clothes and walked out of the bathroom and off into his room. Looking at another toy, Junsu shook his head and picked up a yo-yo. "Why do you ask?"
need to be brave (5:29:37 PM):Jaejoong wrapped a towel around himself as well, following behind Yunho while Changmin slammed and locked the door of the bathroom. "Yunho, are you mad at me?" he asked, sitting down on the bed even though he had a feeling he was about to get kicked out. Yoochun shrugged, squeezing a koosh ball. "Because, I do sometimes but... eh." he shrugged again.
elegance tide (5:31:38 PM):"No, I'm not mad." Shaking his head, Yunho kept his back to Jaejoong as he used the towel to dry himself off, sliding on his boxers. "I just wish you wouldn't tease me by not giving me the towel, when you know I don't like showing my chest." He kept his voice low, pulling on his pants. Junsu looked at Yoochun and put the yo-yo back. "You and Jaejoong-sshi would be nice together."
need to be brave (5:33:46 PM):He stood, playing with the fuzzies on his towel. "But I like your body," he said shly, looking down at his hands. Yoochun looked at Junsu for a moment before laughing a bit. "Really? Never thought about it. It was more of a.. sexual attraction. In the sense that, ... well Su when you get really horny and you want to do something about it..." he trailed off, unsure of how he wanted to explain things.
elegance tide (5:38:13 PM):He stayed quiet for a moment, looking down at his feet. "I don't." Pulling on his shirt, he took his towels and walked off to put them in the hamper. "You mean a fuck buddy?" Junsu asked a bit too loudly, walking over to the costume section of the toy store. "Ohh, I bet Jaejoong would love some angel wings."
need to be brave (5:41:29 PM):Jaejoong bit his lip and quietly left the room, sitting down on the bed in his room for a few minutes before getting up to get some clothes. He pulled on a pair of boxers and a baggy pair of pants. Changmin finally stepped out of the bathroom, the sound of the toliet flushing behind him. He wiped his mouth and continued to his room. Yoochun blushed, smacking Junsu. "We're in a toy store, you could at least keep your voice down a tad," he said, the nodded. "Yeah, he probably would."
elegance tide (5:43:03 PM):Yunho saw Changmin and bit his lip, walking over. "Go get in bed and don't move, and I mean it." He nodded, heading into the kitchen.
elegance tide (5:43:06 PM):[oops]
elegance tide (5:44:26 PM):Grinning, Junsu grabbed three different colors of wings as well as matching wands and halos, nodding to himself. "This should make him feel better. I'll get Changmin a book." He grabbed Yoochun's hand and dragged him to checkout.
need to be brave (5:46:37 PM):"Why?" Changmin asked, looking at Yunho as if he did something wrong. Yoochun made a noise when Junsu dragged him to the check out, laughing. "He'll go nuts and probably try to wear all of them at the same time." He grabbed something on his way, a prank gum that tasted like pepper. "I'm giving this to Yunho."
elegance tide (5:48:18 PM):"Because your leader said so." He gave Changmin a look, pulling a new box of cup ramen out of the cabinet that he called 'the sick cabinet'. Junsu laughed and nodded, looking at Yoochun. "Then I'll give him a CD to make up for it." He nodded again, putting his purchases on the counter.
need to be brave (5:50:14 PM):He grumbled to himself, but did as he was told. When Changmin was gone, Jaejoong took his place, watching Yunho with big eyes and a worried look on his face. He knew Yunho was sensitive about his body just as he was about his at times, but today really seemed to hit him hard. Yoochun paid for his trick gum, threading his fingers with Junsu. "You got so much stuff, and here I am with my tiny little bag of gum."
elegance tide (5:55:18 PM):Grinning, Junsu looked at Yoochun. "Your gum that Yunho is going to beat your ass over. I'm so excited to see that." He nodded and got his bag, pulling his friend out of the toy store and to the book store. Yunho cooked the soup and poured it into a bowl  for Changmin, getting the crackers and tea onto the tray as well as he walked into his room. "Here you go."
need to be brave (5:58:11 PM):"He won't beat my ass," he said, rolling his eyes. "He might yell and scream a little, since he's been so moody lately with his precious Joongie all sick and stuff. So what kind of book are you going to get Changmin? Something about Japan would be great, he's been reading about it lately. Or no..." he grinned devlishly. "Get him one about sex." Changmin took the cup of ramen and made a face. "I'm not really hungry, hyung."
elegance tide (5:59:54 PM):"Changmin, you really should at least eat the crackers. They will soak up the sickness in your stomache." He nodded, his eyes full of desperation as he held a cracker out to Changmin. Junsu grinned brightly and ran to the back of the book store, looking in the Adult section. "I'll get him a Japanese sex book." He nodded, grabbing one from the Japanese section and laughing loudly.
need to be brave (6:02:01 PM):Yoochun laughed as well, taking the book to look at it. "Is the Karma Sutra Japanese or Chinese?" he asked, scrunching his face up as he thought. "Ah, it doesn't matter. This one is good enough. He'll fucking flip," he smirked. Changmin took the cracker and ate it, looking mad. "I'm not sick," he muttered, finishing the cracker and taking another. "Why do you look so stressed?"
elegance tide (6:08:38 PM):Yunho sighed and shook his head, looking down. "I don't like when you and Jaejoong fuss when I try to take care of you. I know you two don't like being cared for, but that's what I do. I just wish you would let me." He stood up and slowly walked out of the room. Junsu shrugged and took the book into the music section of the store, looking around at the CDs. "Yunho-sshi doesn't have The TRAX album, does he?"
need to be brave (6:11:40 PM):Jaejoong was waiting for Yunho when he stepped out of Changmins room and he latched onto him, hugging him. "I'm sorry, Yunnie. I didn't mean to upset you." he said softly, sounding like he could cry. Yoochun was quiet as he thought, then shrugged. "I thought Jay gave him and Heechul copies?" he asked.
elegance tide (6:12:49 PM):"I think I broke his copy, so I'll buy it." He nodded and took the CD, then looked at Yoochun. "Alright, let's go." Yunho looked at Jaejoong when he hugged him, slowly wrapping his arms around him. "You didn't. I just wish we could have a few days off, so we all wouldn't be so testy."
need to be brave (6:15:40 PM):He looked up at the taller man and cupped his face, leaning in as if he was going to kiss him. "You could do that, couldn't you?" he pulled back, shaking his head and removing his hands. "What am I asking, that's wrong. Forget that, Yunnie, I'm sorry. You shouldn't take light of your position like that. We'll be fine." He nodded, although the look in his eyes weren't sure of what he just said. Yoochun kept his fingers interlaced with Junsus, liking the idea of keeping him close like that.
elegance tide (6:17:27 PM):Looking at Jaejoong, Yunho nodded slowly and slid his hands into his pockets. "I'm going to go for a walk..please take care of Changmin while I'm out." He walked over to the door and slid on his shoes, putting his keys and cellphone into his pocket. Walking to the cashier, Junsu put the book and CD on the counter, pulling his hand free of Yoochun's to pull out the money to pay.
need to be brave (6:20:12 PM):He watched Yunho walk off and sighed, going into his bedroom to read a book but ended up getting out his private journal and writing in it about how confused he was by how he was feeling lately towards Yunho. Yoochun waited until he finished paying to take Junsus hand again, leading him out to his car. "Onward!" he said, pointing towards the exit and sticking his key in the ignition.
Tuesday, May 22, 2007
need to be brave (3:04:50 PM):Jaejoong woke up the next morning to hear Changmin and Junsu running about the apartment, giggling and playing tag. Mumbling something, he attempted to roll over onto his side only to come in contact with Yunho. A smile spread across his lips and he snuggled up against the other man, memories of last night flashing in his mind. Changmin ducked behind the couch and tried to hide his tall frame behind it, but it was impossible.
elegance tide (3:08:27 PM):Junsu ran after Changmin, clad in only his boxers and socks, giggling as he slipped on the hardwood floor. He caught himself before completely falling, diving over the couch and tickling Changmin. Feeling Jaejoong curl up against him, Yunho wrapped his arm around the smaller man, smiling in his sleep.
need to be brave (3:10:40 PM):Changmin let out a cry before he was a writhing mass, giggling uncontrollably. Yoochun heard the noise outside his room and stepped out, running a hand through his hair. "What are you two doing?" he asked, half asleep. He had his pack of smokes in his hand, along with a lighter, on his way for his morning cigarette. Jaejoong nuzzled his face against Yunhos clothed chest and sighed, bringing his hand up to gently touch what made him so sensitive about bearing his body.
elegance tide (3:12:16 PM):Looking up from holding Changmin down on the ground, Junsu chuckled and poked the younger man's stomache a few times. "Playing tag. I won." He nodded and went back to tickling Changmin. Yunho felt Jaejoong touch his chest and moved his hand up, resting it over Jaejoong's. He opened his eyes and looked at him, not saying anything.
need to be brave (3:15:09 PM):He went into another fit of giggles, twitching and squriming about and laughing so loudly that Yoochun himself couldn't help it and started to laugh as well. "Try to be careful, ok? He might piss himself." He took out a fresh cigarette and headed for the balcony. Jaejoong tilted his head back to look at Yunho, the hickey the other man had given him shining brightly on his pale skin. "Hey," he said softly, palming Yunhos chest gently.
elegance tide (3:16:41 PM):He nodded and leaned down, pressing kisses to Changmin's neck before getting off of him. "Okay, Minnie. I'll let you breathe. But only because I'm hungry." Yunho smiled a bit, gently moving Jaejoong's hand down further on his chest. "Morning. Stay here, okay? I have a suprise for you." He  nodded and kissed Jae's lips, sliding out of the bed.
need to be brave (3:19:24 PM):Jaejoong nodded, smiling again but covering his mouth. He'd always been cautious of how he smiled, having said many times he didn't really know how to. He pulled himself up into a sitting position and played with Yunhos Bambi while waiting for his return. Changmin squirmed about as Junsu kissed his neck, his fingers grabbing a hold of the other mans back. He pouted when he pulled back, then got to his feet. "Foood!" he purred.
elegance tide (3:21:35 PM):Pulling on some pajama pants and a shirt, Yunho left the room and walked into the kitchen. He warned Junsu not to go in yet, which left the dolphin pouting. "But, Yunnie, I'm really hungry!" Junsu pouted more and laid on the floor, curling up. Shaking his head, Yunho got the grapefruit he'd bought for himself and cut it in half, laying it on a plate. He got some powdered sugar and sprinkled it on the grapefruit halves, then poured some orange juice before taking the plate and cup, walking back into the room with Jaejoong.
need to be brave (3:23:58 PM):Changmin giggled at Junsu and picked him off the floor, whispering something into his ear about the night before. Yoochun came inside smelling of smoke but he looked more awake than he did earlier. "What's with the silly faces?" he asked, pointing to the two of them. "Wait, look who I'm asking. You always look silly." Jaejoong placed Bambi aside when Yunho came back in, smiling behind his hand again. "Aw, Yunnie.. this is sweet!" he cooed.
elegance tide (3:26:49 PM):Yunho smiled, pushing the door closed with his foot but not locking it, incase something important came up. "I bought the biggest grapefruit I could find the other day, and I wanted to share it with you." He nodded and came over, placing the plate in Jaejoong's lap. Looking at Yoochun, Junsu just grinned and tapped Changmin's shoulder, running off into the kitchen. "Manager hyung brought some cereal by yesterday afternoon, the nice one." He pulled down Changmin's favorite cereal, grinning brightly.
need to be brave (3:29:38 PM):Yoochun raised an eyebrow, following the two into the kitchen. It seemed like Changmin was suddenly attached to Junsus hip. He leaned against the smaller man while he reached for the boxes of cereal on the top shelf, giggling. He had to do a double take when he thought he was Changmin somewhat grind himself against Junsu. "I think I need more sleep," he mumbled, flopping down at the table and sprawling himself across it. Jaejoong blushed and removed his hand, trying not to let his smile show. "I didn't know you were such a romantic, Yunnie-ah," he said, pursing his lips. "I guess this means you're ok with last night?"
elegance tide (3:32:45 PM):Junsu wrapped his arm around Changmin's waist when Yoochun was out of his line of sight, leaning in and kissing his lips. He moved his hips and rocked them against Changmin's, leaning him against the counter to grind against him. Blushing, Yunho nodded and looked down, taking Jaejoong's hand. "I watched you sleep for a long time last night. And I realized the feeling I get when I want to be around you isn't just because I like your company. It's because I am attracted to you."
need to be brave (3:37:03 PM):Changmin gasped, reaching back to hold onto the counter as Junsu ground his hips against him. He bit his lip, trying to hold back his moans but it was difficult. Being that he hadn't really done anything sexual, his hormones were that of a fifteen year old. Jaejoong blushed and looked down, actually smiling without covering his hand. "Really? You're not just saying that to comfort me are you?" he asked, using his spoon to dig out bits of grapefruit.
elegance tide (3:39:15 PM):"Changmin-ah, let's take a shower." He whispered, giving one last thrust against his hips before licking his lips and pulling away. Nodding, he took a deep breath and headed out of the kitchen, towards the bathroom. Yunho looked at Jaejoong and shook his head. "No, I'm not. You mean a lot to me, Jae, and this isn't me taking you up on your offer to use you to get off. I want to be with you, but you'll have to excuse me of I get shy.." He nodded, giving Jaejoong a smile.
need to be brave (3:42:29 PM):He grunted his responce and followed Junsu like a dog in heat, stripping his clothes while he did. He didn't care if someone saw the clothes and wondered about them, his mind was only on one thing. Jaejoong turned a deep shade of red which was unusual for him. He ate his grapefruit slowly, looking up at Yunho. "I want to be with you too," he said around his spoon, slipping into a BooJae moment while his tongue licked the spoon for reminance of the grapefruit.
elegance tide (3:45:28 PM):Junsu shut the door behind them and stripped off his clothes, turning on the shower before he turned to Changmin. He licked his lips and walked over, kissing the younger man deeply. Watching Jaejoong, Yunho smiled and took the other spoon, working on his grapefruit half as he just let Jaejoong daydream.
need to be brave (3:48:21 PM):Snapping out of his daydreaming, he finished off his grapefuit complete with making faces whenever he got a sour spot, then placed it aside. He crawled towards Yunho and cupped his face, smiling a bit. "When I'm with you, things seem much brighter," he said, leaning in to kiss him. Changmin stumbled back a little, bumping into the sink as he slid his arms around Junsu, placing his hands on his ass.
elegance tide (3:52:25 PM):Yunho nodded and wrapped his arms around Jaejoong, kissing him slowly. He pulled back and looked at him, smirking. "Brighter, except for when you slip into your sunless BooJae world." Pulling from the kiss, Junsu stepped into the shower and brought Changmin in with him, closing the shower door. He pressed him against the wall of the shower, resuming the grinding he'd started in the kitchen.
need to be brave (3:55:51 PM):He blushed again, looking down. "Well, that world is bright too because I usually think of you," he bit his lip, playing with his fingers for a few seconds before stopping and taking one of Yunhos hands, playing with his fingers instead. Changmin moaned low in his throat, his arms going around Junsus ass once again and squeezing this time. Yoochun lifted his head, having fallen asleep on the table. "Ah,shit," he mumbled a sore spot on his head, getting up. He needed to pee, so he stumbled his way to the bathroom. He opened the door, his fingers on the fly of his pants when he saw Changmin and Junsu, his mouth falling open.
elegance tide (3:58:28 PM):"You're so cheesy, Jaejoong." He laughed softly and bit his lip, looking down at their hands. "But I like it. I feel like a schoolgirl, really." Nodding, he looked at Jaejoong and smiled, tilting his head. Junsu held onto the safety bar in the shower as he leaned down, sucking at Changmin's neck. He moved his hand down, stroking the other man's member now.
need to be brave (4:02:11 PM):Jaejoong turned and even deeper shade of red as he stretched out his bad leg, pausing the finger play for a moment to massage his knee, then continued again. "I felt like that pretty much anytime you and I did anything coupley. I thought you was catching on because lately, you kinda pulled back a lot," his eyes flickered up to look at Yunho a moment, then he looked down at their hands again, more comfortable staring at them while he talked. Changmin groaned, his fingers digging into Junsus ass as he kneeded the other mans flesh. Yoochun stormed over to the shower, throwing the door open, making Changmin jump. "Again, you didn't invite me!" he exclaimed, shaking his head.
elegance tide (4:04:59 PM):Yunho shook his head slowly, moving his free hand to lift Jaejoong's chin. "I can see your eyes when you look up." He spoke softly, nodding and stroking Jae's chin with his thumb. Looking at Yoochun, Junsu licked his lips and kept stroking Changmin's member. "Then ask Minnie if you can get in, before he gets off!"
need to be brave (4:07:44 PM):Changmin stilled Junsus hand, puffing out his cheeks while he caught his breath. "What kind of stuff would we be doing?" he asked, his voice thick with lust. He didn't even look at Yoochun, his eyes stayed on Junsu which made something deep within Yoochun twist with jealousy. Jaejoong bit his lip, never good with eyecontact. "Did you know I liked you, is that why you became somewhat distant with me, Yunnie?"
elegance tide (4:11:33 PM):Junsu looked at Yoochun, then Changmin. "Nothing involving penetration, not until you're ready." He shook his head, squeezing the younger man's member gently. Shaking his head, Yunho laid down and put Jaejoong's hand over his heart. "I had no idea, really. I was just upset that you never let me take care of you, and I wanted to have time to myself to figure out if I had done something wrong which made you not want to be around me."
need to be brave (4:14:55 PM):He looked between Junsu and Yoochun, his hips twitching a little as Junsu squeezed him. "Ugh, if you keep doing that I'll do anything you want me to," he groaned. Quickly, he removed Junsus hand and got down on his knees, taking the other mans member in his own hands, his tongue flicking out for a moment to tease Junsu. Yoochuns mouth parted a bit and he slipped into the shower, wrapping his arms around Junsu to support his weight. Jaejoong spread his fingers over Yunhos chest, tears coming to his eyes. "I care about you so much sometimes that it hurts. I wish there was a way I could show you exactly what you mean to me, but I don't know how."
elegance tide (4:17:41 PM):Yunho looked up at Jaejoong, reaching his free hand up to stroke his cheek. "Just be here for me. This is going to be difficult, and I need you by my side as my friend, and as my future lover." He nodded, his voice soft and slightly scared. Leaning back against Yoochun, Junsu watched Changmin, breathing heavily from the suprise the younger man had given him. "Changmin-ah.."
need to be brave (4:20:26 PM):Changmin thought of the porns he'd been watching lately and wrapped his lips around the head of Junsus cock, sucking gently like he'd seen in the movies, his hands reaching up to toy with the other mans nipples. Jaejoong nodded, laying down beside Yunho and spooning his small body against his friend. "I won't go anywhere, I promise. I'll always be here, Yunnie."
elegance tide (4:22:35 PM):"Shit," he leaned his head back on Yoochun's shoulder, gripping his hips to have something to dig his nails into. Yunho nodded and held Jaejoong close, resting his hand on the smaller man's back. "All I need is you by my side. And the guys, of course. I wouldn't have been able to make it in this world without all four of you, you all mean so much to me. Especially you, Jaejoong. My best friend."
need to be brave (4:26:05 PM):Yoochun just watched, unsure of what to do since things seemed to be taken care of. He tilted his head a bit and softly kissed Junsus neck and over his adams apple as it bobbed when he swallowed. Changmin eased the rest of Junsu into his mouth, almost gagging for a moment until he eased off a bit. He used a hand to hold onto the base and started sucking, enjoying what he was doing as if it were a popsicle he was eating on a really hot day. Jaejoong flushed again and burried his face into the crook of Yunhos neck, a real smile spreading across his lips. This time he didn't hide it. "None of us will leave you, Yunho. I am positive of that."
elegance tide (4:31:07 PM):The feeling of both the men's mouths on his body was almost too much for Junsu to handle, but he managed to calm down so he didn't release too early. He moved his hand so he had Yoochun's member in his palm, stroking him slowly and with uneven strokes. Yunho smiled and moved his head, kissing Jaejoong's lips a few times. "It's really quiet. The guys were just in the living room, I wonder what happened."
need to be brave (4:33:53 PM):"I dunno," Jaejoong said, shrugging his shoulders rather cutely before he sat up, running a hand through his messy hair. "But we gotta get going soon, we have interviews and all that good stuff. Plus I think we have our radio show don't we?" he tilted his head, another BooJae moment coming on as he tried to remember their schedule. Changmin let Junsu slip out of his mouth, teasing the slit of his cock. "Junsu, I want you to take me," he whispered, hoping the other man heard him over the rush of the shower. Yoochun grunted against Junsus neck, flicking over the hickey he created.
need to be brave (4:34:01 PM):flicking his tongue**
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elegance tide (4:49:52 PM):Junsu looked down at Changmin as he spoke, a blush coming to his cheeks and he bit his lip, nodding slowly. "Okay..here?" Sitting up, Yunho pulled out his dayplanner and looked at the schedule, finding the date. "Yeah, we have two interviews and the radio show. But it's all wrapped up by five, so we'll have the rest of the night.
need to be brave (4:52:04 PM):Jaejoong clasped his hands together, scooting closer to Yunho. "Do you think that afterwards, you and I could go shopping or something?" he asked, tilting his head and staring at Yunho with his big, brown eyes. "I haven't done any shopping in awhile." Changmin nodded, turning around as he got on all fours. Yoochun removed his lips from Junsus neck and looked down, his eyes wide. "Whoa," was all he could say.
elegance tide (4:54:37 PM):"Of course, BooJae." He smiled and leaned in, kissing Jaejoong slowly. "Just you and me." A short while later, after Junsu had taken Changmin and finished off inside him, he held the younger man close, panting heavily. He stroked Changmin's stomache, still shaking from his orgasm, resting his head on his shoulder.
need to be brave (4:57:59 PM):Changmin was panting heavily as well, his eyes tightly closed as his fingers curled into his palm. He'd really been missing out, sex was the most amazing thing he'd ever experienced in all nineteen years of his life. He lifted his head, finally opening his eyes. "I think we should really shower now," he said in a raspy voice, wiggling a bit to bring Junsu back to his senses. Yoochun was leaning against the wall of the shower, spent as well. It was all too much watching Junsu have sex with Changmin. Jaejoong pulled an oversized sweater on over his graphic t-shirt and fixed his belt, humming to himself as he dug through his jewellery to find something to go with what he was wearing.
elegance tide (5:00:20 PM):Nodding, Junsu carefully slid out of Changmin and stood, his knees a little shakey as he helped the younger man to his feet. He leaned in, kissing him gently before making the shower warm again. Yunho walked in wearing an unzipped fitted jacket over a white tank top, as well as faded jeans and a hat. "How do I look?"
need to be brave (5:03:08 PM):Jaejoong looked over at Yunho and nodded. "You look sexy," he said, placing a hand over his mouth while he grinned widely. He turned back to his jewellery and found the cartier love rings the fans had given both him and Yunho, slipping it on along with the ring his biological mother gave him. "There, I don't feel so naked anymore," he said more to himself than anything. Changmin wased his hair and scrubbed himself clean, stepping out before anybody else. His legs fellt like jell-o and he liked it, it made him grin. He wrapped a towel around himself and headed for his room.
elegance tide (5:05:13 PM):He smiled and played with the rings that were already on his finger, tilting his head as he walked out into the kitchen for a drink. Seeing Changmin, Yunho smiled and called out to him, waving until he saw Junsu walk up behind the younger man and wrap an arm around his waist. "Yah!" He gasped, watching them and pointing. "Yah, what were you two doing in there!?"
need to be brave (5:07:31 PM):Yoochun froze where he was, about to leave as well but figured it'd be best to hang back and see what Yunho was going to say to them. Changmin turned around quickly, his wet hair nearly whipping Junsu in the face. "Um.. we um.. took a shower?" he said, blushing profusely since that was sort of what they did. Jaejoong came out of his room then, noticing the two clad in only towels and in a very sweet embrace. "Oooh.. wow," he said, his eyes widening.
elegance tide (5:12:39 PM):"Chunnie didn't join you? I know he didn't go back to sleep, it's not eleven oclock yet." Yunho looked around, as if trying to find Yoochun. "Where did he go?" Biting his lip, Junsu looked at Changmin then slowly let him go, walking back into the shower. He took Yoochun by the arm and walked out slowly, a guilty smile on his face. "Oh look, I found Chunnie..!"
need to be brave (5:15:34 PM):Yoochuns eyes were wide open when he was pulled out into the hall, not even a towel wrapped around him. Jaejoong started to giggle, which turned out into a full blown laugh he tried to muffle with his hand. Changmin looked like he could cry from embarrassment, but swallowed it back as he stepped forward. "We like to have fun, and it was the best time I've had in awhile. My hyungs were gentle."
elegance tide (5:17:11 PM):Clearing his throat, Yunho stepped forward as well, putting his hands on Changmin's shoulders. "As long as you are happy, Minnie." He pressed a kiss to his forehead and nodded, smoothing his wet hair back and smiling. Doing the same to Junsu and Yoochun, Yunho grabbed Jaejoong's hand and walked with him into the kitchen. "Now stop dripping water all over the floor."
need to be brave (5:18:56 PM):Jaejoong started laughing again, bowing over as it poured out of him in loud 'A HA HA HA HA's. Changmin blushed and took Junsus hand, tugging him to the room which of course brought Yoochun with since Junsu was holding onto his hand. "The look.. on Chunnies face!" Jaejoong managed to excalim between his fits of laughter.
elegance tide (5:22:05 PM):"Joongie, this is serious." He looked at him as he got out a bottle of water, sipping it and leaning against the counter. "Changmin is having sex now, I think we need to have that talk with him." Junsu shut and locked Changmin's door, taking his towel and wrapping it around Yoochun's waist. "Jaejoong was rude to laugh like that."
need to be brave (5:24:10 PM):He stopped laughing, clearing his throat and rubbing the back of his neck. "Sorry, it was just funny kinda," he shrugged, blushing. "What sort of talk? I'm sure he knows about protection and all of that. He does.. watch videos," he snickered a bit then stopped when Yunho gave him a look. "Sorry again," he bit his lip. Yoochun sat down on one of the beds, shrugging. "He's got a small penis," he said casually.
elegance tide (5:28:02 PM):"Who's got a small penis?" He sat down and laid behind Yoochun, resting his head in his hand. Yunho sighed and put his water down, shaking his head. "We need to talk to him anyway, that's what parents do. We'll do it tonight after we get back from shopping." He nodded and got an energy bar from the cabinet, unwrapping it and taking a bite.
need to be brave (5:29:58 PM):"Jaejoong does," he said, smiling back at Junsu. Changmin unwrapped his towel and started to fluff his hair dry, feeling a lot more comfortable walking around naked with the guys now. He dug out his clothes, sitting them on his bed while he watched Yoochun play with Junsus damp hair. "I walked in on him in the shower once and it's not that big," he chuckled. "I think he's embarrassed by it because he covered it up and yelled at me."
elegance tide (5:31:35 PM):Junsu closed his eyes, since he usually got calm when someone played with his hair. "He shouldn't be embarrassed, he should hone it and be confident about it. If he does that, then he'll have no problem being good in bed for Yunnie." He smirked and looked up at Yoochun, nodding. "I heard them last night.."
need to be brave (5:33:51 PM):Yoochun looked down at Junsu, tearing his eyes away from Changmin when he stretched out his arms. He liked that the younger man wasn't exactly fit, but he wasn't chunky either. He still had baby fat that clung to his hips and stomach. "Yeah, what do you think they did?" he asked, looking back down at Junsu, twirling the bits of hair between his fingers. Jaejoong hopped up on the counter, letting his feet dangle as he reached out for an energy bar. "What kinds of things did you have in mind, because I don't think I'd be good with the sex talk."
elegance tide (5:38:42 PM):"From what I heard and put together, Jaejoong was on Yunho's lap grinding. And Yunho was really into it, he told Jaejoong to go harder." He shrugged and stood up, stretching his arms above his head. Yunho bit into the energy bar before handing it to Jaejoong, shrugging and adjusting his hat. "Stuff like..when and when not to have sex, like before concerts is a no-no. Anywhere out of this apartment is a huge no-no."
need to be brave (5:41:36 PM):"Ohh, I can do that. I'll list the rules and you inforce them. You have a better leader voice than I do," he grinned and started to eat the energy bar, swinging his feet a little like a little boy as he munched on the leftover bar. Yoochun sat up as well, crossing his legs. This wasn't his room, so he didn't have any of his clothes to put on. "I'm gonna go to my room and get dressed," he said, standing and grabbing the towel Changmin discarded, wrapping it around him. "I liked what happened today, you guys are fucking hot," he said, then left the room. Changmin blushed, pulling a hoodie over his head.
elegance tide (5:43:30 PM):Smiling, Junsu walked over to Changmin and wrapped his arms around his waist, stroking his back slowly. "I liked it too, Minnie. I'm sorry it took so long, though..I didn't want to hurt you." He shook his head, biting his lip. Yunho reached up and ruffled Jaejoong's hair, smiling as he sipped his water. "The guys will be ready soon, then we can go to the interviews."
need to be brave (5:47:56 PM):He turned around in Junsus arms and placed his hands on the other mans hips, smiling to comfort him. "It hurt a little, but then it got really good. And I want to do it again, and again... and again?" he giggled a bit, blushing. "Would it be silly if I said that for awhile now I wanted you to be the one to take away my virginity?" he asked, his big eyes watching Junsu. Jaejoong grinned without the aide of his hand, which looked more like he was bearing his teeth to bite something.
Thursday, May 24, 2007
need to be brave (2:16:10 PM):Changmin took a seat next to Yunho in the restaurant, picking up his fork to tap it on the table while Jaejoong slid in on the other side of him and snuggled up against his boyfriend. Yoochun hadn't said much all day, which worried him because Yoochun never really was one to be this quiet. Picking up a menu, Jaejoong held it for him and Yunho, puffing his cheeks out.
elegance tide (2:20:16 PM):Junsu was sitting next to Yoochun, about in the same state as him, thoughtful and looking into nowhere, not saying anything. Looking around at them, Yunho frowned and sighed, looking at Heechul. "Order whatever you want, okay? All of you. Don't worry about the cost."
need to be brave (2:22:28 PM):Heechul looked up from the menu, shaking his head. "You don't have to pay for me, really. I can do it. I got some money transfered before I left." He smiled and placed a hand over Yunhos that was holding Jaejoongs. Yoochun was poking his placemat, sighing while Changmin kept sitting up and looking around.
elegance tide (2:27:31 PM):He nodded and smiled, then looked at Changmin. "Waiting for someone, Minnie?" Using his free hand, he sipped his water and put his thumb over Heechul's hand while he held Jaejoong's. A few moments later, Shunsuke walked through the doors of the restaurant, looking around for Changmin.
need to be brave (2:30:19 PM):Changmin bounced in his seat, standing up a bit and waving his hand around to get Shunsukes attention. Yoochun slid out of the booth, suddenly leaving them there. Jaejoong lifted his head from Yunhos shoulder, watching him pretend to head for the bathrooms, then start for the doors. "Yunnie, he's leaving," he said to him, frowning.
elegance tide (2:33:19 PM):Yunho looked up and excused himself from the table, only to be beat to leaving by Junsu. He grabbed Yoochun's hand, walking outside with him but stopping and looking at him. "What's wrong?" Walking over to Changmin, Shunsuke smiled and bowed, then bowed to the others at the table. "Good Afternoon."
need to be brave (2:35:12 PM):Yoochun stopped in his tracks when Junsu took his hand, but he didn't turn to look at him. "Just let me go, Junsu. This isn't the place to discuss it ok?" he slowly turned around, looking sad. "We'll talk later.. I guess." Changmin pulled Heechul further in so Shunsuke could get into the booth. "Hello, I'm glad you were able to make it." He dug in his back pocket, pulling out the ticket and backstage pass.
elegance tide (2:37:13 PM):"No, Chunnie. Talk to me now, or I'll just go with you to where ever you are going." He shook his head, keeping a firm grip on Yoochun's hand. Shunshuke sat down slowly, trying to not let the feeling of Yunho's eyes burning a hole in his head bother him. "I don't want to intrude on your lunch, I was just going to pick up the ticket and pass and be on my way."
need to be brave (2:39:09 PM):Jaejoong was confused since he hadn't been told about the situation and watched Yunho glare, raising an eyebrow. "Um, Yunho?" he said, tugging on his sleeve to get his attention. Changmin frowned a little and nodded, sliding the pass and ticket across the table to him. Heechul watched, amused by the interaction and the effect it had on Yunho. Yoochun sighed, nodding. "Come on then, lets fine somewhere private."
elegance tide (2:41:58 PM):He turned and whispered in Jaejoong's ear in Korean. "Changmin just met him, he doesn't know anything about him." Putting on a smile, he sipped his water and looked around. Shunsuke bowed his head, holding the pass and ticket. "If it's okay with your friends, I will stay. But I wouldn't want to intrude on your first day seeing your friend, Heechul, again."
need to be brave (2:43:30 PM):Heechul looked over when he heard his name, quirking an eyebrow in sheer interest. "What are you saying about me?" he asked, even though he was sure the other man didn't know at all what he was saying. Jaejoong giggled a bit, finding it quite endearing that Heechul didn't know any Japanese except the typical 'hello' and 'cute' that nearly everybody knew.
elegance tide (2:46:39 PM): Looking from Heechul to Changmin, Shunsuke bit his lip nervously and tapped his chin. "What did he say? Does he think I'm talking bad about him?" He shook his head and looked at Heechul, trying his best to say "Nothing bad" in Korean. Yunho couldn't help but smirk, hiding his smirk in his water as he sipped it.
need to be brave (2:49:15 PM):"Just ignore him, he's ignorant," Changmin said, rolling his eyes. Jaejoong lifted his head and opened his mouth to say something but was speachless. He'd never known Changmin to be disrespectful to anyone older than him. Yoochun found a small park near the restaurant and tugged Junsu with him, sitting down on a park bench. "I heard Changmin on the phone last night, I don't know who he was talking to.. but the things he said," he sighed and massaged the back of his neck with his hand, telling Junsu what he heard.
elegance tide (2:55:40 PM):Hearing Changmin, Yunho sat down his water and reached over, grabbing his hand harshly. "Listen, you little hard ass. You will not talk about Heechul like that, do you understand me? In Korean or Japanese, you are not to disrespect him in any language." He looked directly at him, narrowing his eyes. Shunsuke bit his lip and just looked down, muttering an apology to Heechul and telling Changmin to call him, grabbing the pass and ticket. He stood up and bowed quickly, leaving the restaurant. Junsu bit his lip and looked down, sighing gently. "I'm sorry that hurt you, Chunnie. I didn't know you liked him like that."
need to be brave (2:59:18 PM):Changmin narrowed his eyes back at Yunho and pulled his hand back, slipping out of the booth as well. "How dare you do that to someone you don't even know, you just chased him away. He thinks he said something bad about Heechul who just makes bad judgement when he hears his name no matter the language it's in," he spat, tugging his jacket on. "I'm leaving, I dont care if you like it or not. I'm fed up with listening to you tell me what to do." With that, he walked off. Jaejoong sat there, dumbfounded and Heechul was livid. Yoochun shrugged. "I don't like him like that, it was more like.. fun for me but I didn't know he was afraid of me. I didn't want him to be afraid, I mean I love him, but.. not like that?" he sighed, running a hand through his hair that was already a mess. "Maybe we should just end this. I figure Hyukjaes letter was pretty serious because you haven't been yourself, so we might as well just say I lost you as well in all of this."
elegance tide (3:03:22 PM):He threw his napkin down and shook his head, closing his eyes as he brought a shakey hand to cover his eyes. "I can't believe he said something like that, he's never been like this. What is wrong with him?" Junsu frowned and hugged Yoochun, stroking his back. "I've been in love with Hyukjae for a long time, I just supressed by feelings because I didn't know he liked me. But I don't want this to affect our friendship, you know what you mean to me. We can't be the Fighting Spirit of YooSu without eachother." He smiled a bit, trying to get a smile out of Yoochun.
need to be brave (3:07:49 PM):Sensing the tension, Heechul relaxed his expression even though the words Changmin had said really got on his nerves. He scooted over to touch Yunhos shoulders, hoping it would relax him a little. Jaejoong had grown tense, his features taunt. Nothing like this had ever happened so it was scaring him. Yoochun laughed softly, nodding. "Yeah, as long as nothing between us changes frendship wise, I'll be ok. It was fun while it lasted."
elegance tide (3:10:39 PM):"I'm not hungry anymore. I'd actually like to be alone, if you two don't mind." He nodded a bit and sipped his water, downing it all before setting the glass back down. "I'm going to go to the park." Smiling a bit, Junsu nodded and hugged Yoochun again, kissing his cheek. "Nothing will change, I won't let it." Shunsuke hadn't gotten far once he left the restaurant, walking slowly down the sidewalk, looking at the concert ticket.
need to be brave (3:13:43 PM):Jaejoong slid out of the booth to let Yunho out and sunk back in, hanging his head. He didn't like this, the fighting and Changmins temper towards Yunho as well as his comments to Heechul. He started picking at his fingers, biting his lip. Heechul watched him, easing an arm around him. "We'll see you later," he said to Yunho. "Call me or text me or something if you need me." Yoochun wrapped his arms around Junsu and hugged him warmly, rubbing his back. "I wish nothing but good luck for you, Susu-ah," he whispered into his ear. Changmin caught up to Shunsuke, touching his shoulder. "I'm sorry you had to witness that, really."
elegance tide (3:16:13 PM):Looking at Changmin, Shunsuke put the ticket in his pocket and shook his head, smiling a bit. "I have brothers, I sort of know how it feels. I just wish I wouldn't have caused it, by saying his name. I thought he knew Japanese." Junsu pulled back and looked at him, kissing his lips gently. "Let's go back, Chunnie. I'm getting hungry." Nodding, Yunho looked at Jaejoong and touched his shoulder, putting on his jacket before he left.
need to be brave (3:19:31 PM):Yoochun stood as well, taking Junsus hand and lead him back to the restaurant, surprised to see only Heechul and Jaejoong left. "Yah, where'd everybody go?" he asked, sitting down. Heechul informed them of what happened, a snarl tugging his lips. He felt Jaejoong tense more in his arms and stopped, looking at him. "So, things are a bit tense right now," he said, nodding. Changmin smiled a bit as well, follwing him down the street. "He only knows a few things, he's never really been to Japan before so."
need to be brave (3:32:46 PM):Yoochun stood as well, taking Junsus hand and lead him back to the restaurant, surprised to see only Heechul and Jaejoong left. "Yah, where'd everybody go?" he asked, sitting down. Heechul informed them of what happened, a snarl tugging his lips. He felt Jaejoong tense more in his arms and stopped, looking at him. "So, things are a bit tense right now," he said, nodding. Changmin smiled a bit as well, follwing him down the street. "He only knows a few things, he's never really been to Japan before so."
elegancetide (3:36:05 PM):Junsu sighed and laid his head down on the table, pounding his fist a few times. "What is wrong with this family? We can't even have meal together." Nodding, Shunsuke walked with him, sliding his hands into his pockets and biting his lip. "I hope things don't become too tense between all of you."
need to be brave (3:39:45 PM):Jaejoong slid out of the booth, unable to stand everybody so worked up and left for the bathroom. Heechul sighed, massaing his temples. "You guys need to get Changmin in order, that's what I think." Changmin shrugged, stuffing his hands in his pockets as well. "It won't, don't worry about it. We're just tired from working so hard. But tonight when you see us, we'll be fine. I promise."
elegance tide (3:42:50 PM):"I sure hope so. You don't get friends like Yunho, Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun every day." He smiled and turned the corner, scruffing his feet on the ground a few times. Looking up, Junsu nodded and pulled out his phone, texting Changmin and telling him to call him. "I'll talk to him, he'll listen to me. Jaejoong gets upset, Yunho gets angry, and Yoochun doesn't like confronting people."
need to be brave (3:44:42 PM):"So who's going to deal with Jaejoong then?" he asked, looking up when the waitress returned to ask them if they were ready to order. "One of you will have to order for me." He looked at the other two. Changmin opened his mouth to say something when his phone rang, he stopped in his tracks and flipped his pone open. "Hello?"
elegance tide (3:47:41 PM):Junsu looked up and ordered the large platter of sushi and raddishes, bowing to the waitress as she walked off. "Chunnie, go talk to Jaejoong." He turned when Changmin answered, talking quietly. "Hey, Minnie. When you get back, I'd really like to talk to you, okay? Nothing bad or anything, I just want to talk."
need to be brave (3:49:35 PM):Yoochun nodded and got out of the booth, heading for the bathroom. Changmin sighed and leaned against the wall of the building, nodding. "Ok, I'm gonna come back because I'm starving and I want food," he pat his stomach as it grumbled. "See you in a bit." He said goodbye and closed his phone, looking over at Shunsuke. "I should go back. I'll see you tonight, right?"
elegance tide (3:52:24 PM):Shunsuke nodded and smiled, bowing to Changmin. "I'll be there. Bye." He waved a bit and started off down the street. Sighing, Junsu put his phone back into his pocket, looking at Heechul. "I'm sorry he was so rude to you, hyung. It's not like Changmin to be like this, there's really no excuse at all for his comment." He reached over and took Heechul's hand, a bright grin coming across his face. "I have a boyfriend," he whispered.
need to be brave (3:57:08 PM):Heechul raised an eyebrow at the sudden change in Junsus demenor and laughed a bit, squeezing his hand. "Oh yeah? Hyukjae I presume?" he grinned brightly. Yoochun returned, sans Jaejoong and sat down. "Jaejoong will be back in a few minutes, he just has to make himself presentable. He's worried himself sick," he sighed, running a hand through his hair as Changmin returned, getting into the booth.
elegance tide (4:02:25 PM):"Yeah, and I'm really happy. We'll talk later." He winked at Heechul and scooted over to give Changmin room. "Hi, Minnie." Putting an arm around him, he took his hand and looked at him. "You know you upset your hyungs, they are worried about you." He spoke in a soft voice as Yoochun sat beside Heechul, going back to moping and not saying anything.
need to be brave (4:04:17 PM):He looked at Yoochun, reaching over and tugging on his wonderful mullet. "What's got you all pouty?" he asked. Changmin frowned a little, looking down. "I didn't mean to, I guess I just thought if I acted different that he'd like me." He picked at the table cloth, biting his lip. "I should apologise to Yunho, I was really mean to him." Jaejoong returned and slowly sat down, looking ill again.
elegance tide (4:06:56 PM):He nodded, rubbing Changmin's hand with his thumb. "You should, before it gets too far. But you should also know that you don't have to change to get someone to like you. Be you, and if that's not enough..that's their own fault." Yoochun turned to Heechul and leaned in, quickly and quietly explaining the situation with Changmin. When he finished, the large platter of sushi arrived.
need to be brave (4:09:30 PM):Changmin pulled out his phone while Heechul rested his arm around Yoochun, whispering in his ear about how it'll all be ok, that it was only because he was young and unexperienced. "He doesn't fear you as in, run from you sort of thing. It's the sex that he's scared of, that's all. He must think you know more because you kinda boast about it, sort of thing," he whispered, nodding. Jaejoong picked out a piece of sushi and ate it slowly.
elegance tide (4:12:06 PM):Yoochun smiled a bit at Heechul and nodded, picking up his chopsticks and starting to eat. "Jaejoong hyung, maybe you should get soup instead of sushi. Your stomache might get upset again." He nodded slowly, touching his hand. Yunho was laying under a cherry blossom tree at the park, his arms behind his head. As he felt his phone ring, he slowly took it out of his pocket, not bothering to look at the ID. "Hello?"
need to be brave (4:15:01 PM):"Hyung, it's Changmin," he said, bowing his head as he spoke into the phone. "I wanted to apologise for how I acted. I wanted to seem like .. some sort of bad ass in front of Shunsuke instead of the shy timid person I am and well, I feel really bad for how I spoke to you and I'm very sorry." Jaejoong didn't hear Yoochun, he was spacing out again while he slowly munched on his sushi. Heechul sighed, removing his arm from around Yoochun and tossed a piece of his sushi at Jaejoong. "Yah!" he cried out, picking the fish out of his hair. "Why'd you do that?"
elegance tide (4:16:58 PM):He looked at his phone before putting it back to his ear, his voice soft. "You shouldn't try to change yourself, Changmin. You are perfect how you are, Shunsuke isn't worth losing the respect of your hyungs." Junsu couldn't help but laugh, leaning his head back and letting it boom throughout the restaurant. "Joongie hyung, your face was so cute!"
need to be brave (4:20:55 PM):Jaejoong blushed, flicking bits of the rice at Junsu in response. Heechul pointed to Yoochun, laughing. "He said you should eat soup if your stomach's upset. You should listen to your dongasengs," he smirked. Jaejoong stuck his tongue out at Heechul and picked up a bowl of soup. "If it will make you all feel better." Changmin nodded, tearing up a little. "Please come back, hyung. I want to give you a hug."
elegance tide (4:22:59 PM):Grinning, Junsu picked up a sushi roll and dipped it in soy sauce, stuffing it into his mouth. Yunho sighed and closed his eyes, rubbing his stomache slightly. "I'll be back soon, Minnie. Please apologize to Heechul, you wronged him more than you did me." He nodded to himself and hung up the phone, sliding it back into his pocket.
need to be brave (4:26:49 PM):Changmin closed his phone and placed it on the table, looking over at Heechul. "I am so sorry I talked about you like I did, really." He then dropped his head again, covering his face with his hands and started to cry. Heechul bit his lip, patting him on the back. "Hey, it's ok. I've heard worse from Teukie. We all make mistakes, don't cry, Changmin." He looked at the others for help.
elegance tide (4:28:27 PM):Slowing down his chewing, Junsu watched Changmin cry, swallowing his bite before putting a hand on his back. "Minnie, don't cry. It's okay, everything will be okay." Yoochun looked away from making sure Jaejoong ate his soup, frowning when he saw Changmin crying.
need to be brave (4:32:51 PM):"One day off isn't enough, we need more than that," Jaejoong said, reaching across the table to touch Changmins one hand when he dropped it, sniffing. "Although that's just me dreaming too high. We'll be home before we know it, I'm sure." He offered a smile, but it didn't seem to deter the frown on Changmins lips.
elegance tide (4:36:11 PM):Yunho showed up a few minutes later, his own eyes red and puffy from crying. He walked over to Changmin and put a hand on his shoulder, sitting down beside him slowly. "Don't cry, Changmin. It doesn't do justice to your cute face." Smiling a bit, he slid his arm more around his younger friend, whispering in his ear. "Everything is okay."
need to be brave (4:37:29 PM):Changmin blushed over the compliment and eventually stopped crying, leaning against his hyung for comfort. Jaejoong finished his soup first and started on his rice, taking his time. He watched Changmin and Yunho for a few moments, smiling to himself at how cute they looked.
elegance tide (4:39:07 PM):Taking some chopsticks, Yunho started to eat, keeping his arm around Changmin. Junsu got happy again when Changmin stopped crying, and began eating at his normal quick pace, talking excitedly about the concert. Watching everyone, Yoochun just stayed quiet, eating slowly.
need to be brave (4:40:15 PM):Jaejoong noticed Yoochun was still very quiet and scooted closer to him, touching his leg. "Yoochunnie, what's wrong?" he asked, looking at him with his big, soulful brown eyes. Changmin joined into the happy chatter with Junsu after awhile, feeling much better about everything while Heechul teased them both relentlessly.
elegance tide (4:43:34 PM):He just shook his head a bit, giving Jaejoong a smile as he ate a piece of sushi. Picking up a few raddishes, Junsu put a few in front of Changmin after he ate some, going off into a babble about Hyukjae and the letter. Yunho smiled as he ate, looking over at Heechul.
need to be brave (4:51:57 PM):Heechul took a seat on one of the couches backstage, looking at his watch. The guys still had half an hour til they hit the stage, so he was in no rush to get his spot backstage. Changmin was waiting by the door for Shunsuke, fidgeting nervously. Jaejoong was pretending to do Yunhos hair, singing softly to him while he did, sticking bows in his hair.
elegance tide (4:55:14 PM):Yunho turned around when he felt Jaejoong put something in his hair, laughing softly. "What was that you put in my hair?" Playing cards with Junsu, Yoochun threw his fists in the air when he won, only to be pounced and playfully beaten by Junsu. "You cheated, I know you did!"
need to be brave (5:01:16 PM):Changmin came back into the room, taking a seat on the couch. He looked disappointed and quite grumpy, judging by the way his lips pouted into a scowel. Jaejoong just giggled and fixed the bows so they looked presentable. "You look so cute!" he said with a grin. Heechul started laughing, grabbing his compac mirror and holding it up so Yunho could look at himself.
elegance tide (5:04:28 PM):He took the mirror and looked at himself, laughing as a hairstylist came over. "Yah, Jaejoong! I just did his hair, now you messed it up! Come on, Yunho." The hairstylist grabbed Yunho and tugged him over to the chair. Pouting, Yunho looked over at Jaejoong as the bows were taken out. Junsu saw Changmin and bit his lip, walking over. "Changmin-ah, what's wrong?"
need to be brave (5:06:40 PM):Jaejoong pouted in return, crossing his arms over his chest as he was scolded for trying ot have some fun. "It's not like it'll be hard to take them out and then fix his hair." he mumbled to Junsu as he sat down. Changmin sighed, looking up at him. "Shunsuke said he'd come but he's not here. I think he ditched me."
elegance tide (5:08:03 PM):Frowning, Junsu put his hand on Changmin's shoulder, leaning in and kissing his cheek. "I'm sure he'll be here, Minnie. Did you check your messages? He might have left a voicemail." Yoochun walked over and sat beside Heechul, reaching up to play with his hair in hopes to annoy him.
need to be brave (5:09:25 PM):Shockingly, it didn't bother him since he was so used it by now. Shiwon was the one who got him out of that habit by playing with his hair all the time. All he did was turn to look at Yoochun for a moment before sticking his tongue out at him. Changmin nodded, getting up to get his phone and turned it on, checking his texts and voice mail.
elegance tide (5:12:03 PM):Laughing, Yoochun stuck his tongue out in return, tucking Heechul's hair behind his ears. "I miss your long hair, hyung. It was a lot easier to play with." There was a voice mail from Shunsuke on Changmin's phone. "Changmin-kun, it's Shunsuke. I know I'm supposed to be meeting you right now but I've decided not to come. The last time I showed up, there was so much drama created between you and your friends. I shouldn't be there, you should all work it out. I'm really sorry."
need to be brave (5:15:08 PM):He sunk to the couch, defeated and snapped his phone shut. "He's not coming," he said softly, getting teary eyed. He got up again and left the room, obviously upset. Jaejoong was fildding with the cards, trying to build something with them and he didn't notice Changmin leave, his tongue poking out the corner of his mouth. Heechul sighed, a longing expression on his face. "Ah, I miss my long hair too. As does Shiwon."
elegance tide (5:16:19 PM):Yoochun noticed Changmin go and frowned, looking at Heechul. "I have to go see if he's okay. I'll be right back." He nodded and stood up, hurrying after Changmin and taking his hand. "Min, are you alright?" Junsu sighed and laid down on the couch, pulling out his phone and calling Hyukjae.
Wednesday, May 30, 2007
elegance tide (1:59:44 AM): Shaking his head, he sighed and put his face in his hands. "I care about him but I don't know if I can say those words. It seems whenever I say them, my relationship gets cursed. I don't want to ruin what I have with him."
need to be brave (2:03:34 AM):"You don't have to say them, Chun. He's not forcing you. It probably took a lot for him to even confess something like that. I've had my heart broken a few times, I understand," he wrapped his arms around Yoochun and hugged him tightly. "Yunho is talking to him right now, so maybe he'll make him understand. I'm sure he doesn't want to ruin what he has with you, either."
elegance tide (2:06:45 AM): "I want him to know that I do care, it's just hard. I don't want to rush this, I want to actually take my time." He sighed again and looked at Jaejoong. "I don't like knowing he's upset because of me, I just don't. I hate it, actually." Yunho walked over to Changmin and sat beside him on the couch, slowing wrapping an arm around him.
need to be brave (2:08:26 AM):Changmin looked up when he saw Yoochun come into the room and leaned against him as they hugged. "I'm sorry I scared you with what I said. It wasn't meant to be like that, I ... I won't say it until you're ready," he sniffled, leaning back to kiss Yoochuns forehead.
need to be brave (2:13:17 AM):*COUGH*
need to be brave (2:15:09 AM):Changmin looked over at Yunho as he wrapped his arms around him, sniffing a little as he stopped crying. "I really messed up, hyung. I said the dreaded three words that doom every relationship when said too early and now I'm sure Chunnie's going to tell me it's over."
elegance tide (2:25:50 AM): Shaking his head, Yunho held Changmin close, kissing his forhead. "He won't do that, he wants to make it work with you. Besides, you're too sexy to be dumped." He smiled and kissed his cheek, nodding.
need to be brave (2:27:25 AM):He laughed bitterly, pulling away from Yunho and gave him a look. "I'm not sexy," he said in a broken voice, wiping his eyes. "I'm going to go apologise for hurting him and explain that... I just wanted to say it because I do love him."
elegance tide (2:32:27 AM): He frowned, taking Changmin's hand. "You are sexy, Min. In your own way, you're very erotic and attractive." Nodding slowly, he let go of his hand and stood up. "You should talk to him, though."
need to be brave (2:35:17 AM):He blinked for a moment, looking down at Yunho. Now that he was standing, he nearly towered over the other man. "Eroctic?" he asked, never having heard that in the same sentence as his name before. "How am I erotic?"
elegance tide (2:38:09 AM): "Well," he looked around, biting his lip. "Don't take this the wrong way, because I care about Jaejoong, I just..want you to know." Nodding, he sat Changmin back down, a shy smile coming to his face. "When you're dancing, um..you get this look on your face, and you'll be sweating, it just..it's erotic."
need to be brave (2:41:20 AM):Changmin fidgeted from foot to foot a few times, biting his lip as his cheeks started to turn pink, eventually making his ears turn pink as well. "I.. well... thank you," he said softly, hanging his head as he turned even redder. "I'm going to go talk to Yoochun now, um.. thank you, hyung." He bowed low in respect and walked off to Yoochuns room.
elegance tide (2:49:53 AM): Yoochun was leaning against Jaejoong, crying softly onto his shoulder, not noticing Changmin come in. "I was hurt so bad, I didn't know what to do." He shook his head, sobbing quietly. "It hurts, Jaejoong."
need to be brave (2:53:05 AM):"Chunnie?" he spoke softly, coming further into the room and sitting down. Jaejoong pulled away and let Yoochun rest against him. Changmin slipped his arms around his boyfriend and held him while he cried, feeling absolutely horrible he'd done this. "Chun, I am so sorry. I wasn't thinking. I didn't know it would upset you."
elegance tide (2:59:12 AM): He stopped crying instantly and looked at Changmin, wiping his eyes. "It's not that, Minnie.. I was hurt before, because I said those words too soon. I just don't want to ruin what we have, you mean so much to me." Nodding, he sighed and looked down. "I don't want you to take them back, I just..please be patient with me."
need to be brave (3:03:33 AM):He cupped Yoochuns face with his hands and leaned in, kissing him passionately for a few moments before pulling back and looking into his eyes. "I will be patient for however long it takes, Yoochun. I'm not going anywhere.. I promise."
elegance tide (3:06:44 AM): He returned the kiss and was still winded when Changmin pulled away, looking at him. Nodding, he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and hugged him close. "I want this to work with all that I am, really."
need to be brave (3:11:04 AM):"So do I," he said, nodding as he leaned in and started kissing him again, deeper than before. His hands slid around Yoochuns neck and rested there, toying with his hair. Jaejoong limped his way back into the living room, nearly tripping over something Junsu left on the floor. "Aish, JUNSU!" he called, sitting down next to Yunho and laying his injured leg on his lap.
elegance tide (3:17:40 AM): Closing his eyes, Yoochun kissed him again, holding him close as he slid an arm under his shirt. Yunho looked at Jaejoong and smiled, resting a hand gently on his leg. "Feeling okay, gorgeous?" he ignored the sounds of Junsu moaning over his music, and just looked at jae.
elegance tide (3:17:42 AM): Jae.*
need to be brave (3:20:47 AM):Jaejoong shrugged his shoulders, reaching over to take off his knee brace. "This brace is so annoying, I feel like I weigh thirty extra pounds because of it." He picked up on the moan and lifted his head. "Did.. I just hear Junsu moan?" he asked. Changmin purred against Yoochuns lips, arching against his hands like a cat when you scratched it's sweet spot.
elegance tide (3:25:22 AM): "He's probably jerking off or something, who knows." Shrugging, he ran his hand gently over Jaejoong's knee, the other resting on his thigh. "I have a suprise for you on our day off." Yoochun smirked and laid back on the bed, pulling Changmin on top of him as they kissed deeply.
need to be brave (3:28:27 AM):He sighed, closing his eyes as Yunho massaged his knee, nuzzling up against him as best as he could. "Would that be a new knee? That I can walk fine again and I can stop disappointing our fans?" he said, looking hopeful. Changmin removed his lips and attacked Yoochuns neck, sucking and nipping at the soft flesh down to his collar bone. "You have a sexy collar bone, Chunnie," he said in a thick voice, bending down to kiss his collar bone.
elegance tide (3:31:56 AM): He frowned, shaking his head. "Nothing like that, I'm sorry. But you don't disappoint the fans, they love you. Your knee will be all fine soon, and you'll be back fighting fit." He nodded, sighing. Yoochun tilted his head and groaned, wrapping his arms around Changmin as his phone rung, Yoohwan's ring tone playing. He let out an annoyed groan and moved his hands.
need to be brave (3:36:07 AM):"Noo," Changmin whined, but continued kissing Yoochuns collar bone, lapping it and running his fingers over it. Jaejoong pouted a bit and kissed Yunhos cheek. "If you say so. But what is the surprise?" he asked, grinning. "You won't tell me but I feel like pestering anyway."
elegance tide (3:44:30 AM): "It's Yoohwan, something could be wrong. It'll only take a moment." He nodded, stroking Changmin's hair and leaning over, grabbing his phone. Pressing yes, he put the phone to his ear, talking to his brother. Yunho shook his head, smiling as he put an arm around Jaejoong. "I'll never tell what it is, so give up."
need to be brave (3:46:27 AM):He sighed and sat up, putting his hands on his hips and watched him talk to his brother on the phone. Eventually you got tired of it and placed his hands on Yoochuns chest, rubbing it gently as he started to rock his hips. Jaejoong giggled a bit, slowly bending his leg since he was tired of holding it out all day, but it hurt and he winced.
elegance tide (3:50:28 AM): He looked up at Changmin and bit his lip, patting his hip in hopes to get him to stop while he talked. Looking at Jaejoong, Yunho rubbed his hand over his knee and sighed. "Take it easy, Jae. You don't want to potentially damage your knee more." He shook his head, kissing his fingers before putting them to Jae's knee.
need to be brave (3:51:43 AM):"My leg is stiff though," he whimpered, laying it out straight again. "Do you know how hard it is to sleep at night with my leg out straight?" He pouted, looking like he could cry. Changmin brushed his hands away and grinned, pushing his hips roughly against Yoochuns, his lips parting as he let out a soft moan.
Saturday, June 02, 2007
elegance tide (3:26:30 PM):you will never believe the night i had
need to be brave (3:26:44 PM):oh?
elegance tide (3:27:06 PM):well first off i might as well tell you.. jaejoong and i are engaged
need to be brave (3:27:19 PM):WHAT
elegance tide (3:27:19 PM):yes
need to be brave (3:27:49 PM):wow, that's surprising. in a good way i mean
elegance tide (3:27:56 PM):he gave me a ring yesterday and i accepted it
need to be brave (3:28:05 PM):just kinda shocked me
need to be brave (3:28:11 PM):ooooh what kind?
elegance tide (3:28:19 PM):this gorgeous thick silver band with diamonds
need to be brave (3:29:14 PM):that is painfully sweet
elegance tide (3:30:13 PM):i took him out on a picnic and it was so beautiful outside, then he gave me the ring. and later, it stormed and changmin came into the guest room to get comfort, yoochun wasn't home. and well we made out, and it got pretty heavy but that's not even the bad part.
elegance tide (3:30:36 PM):changmin so openly said horrible things about our engagement in front of jaejoong, he was crushed
elegance tide (3:31:06 PM):he was more worried about our engagement ruining the group that he was his sick and injured boyfriend
need to be brave (3:31:40 PM):changmin is such a brat sometimes
need to be brave (3:31:58 PM):it's hard to believe he's as mature as he plays himself out to be when he pulls shit like this. i am so sorry he did that to you guys.
elegance tide (3:32:43 PM):he said he can't "play" with me anymore with "that" staring him in the face
need to be brave (3:33:25 PM):someone wasn't thinking when they were talking!
elegance tide (3:34:31 PM):i just can't believe he would say something like that
need to be brave (3:34:46 PM):how's jaejoong?
elegance tide (3:34:44 PM):not talking
elegance tide (3:35:11 PM):he already can't perform with us, now he's upset because changmin apparently won't give us his blessing
need to be brave (3:36:51 PM):ugh i wish you guys were here
elegance tide (3:37:01 PM):me too. maybe it's because he misses home that changmin is being an ass
need to be brave (3:37:18 PM):or maybe he's just a dick
elegance tide (3:37:28 PM):i have the right mind to tell the managers we can't finish the japan tour
need to be brave (3:37:52 PM):i can't imagine how painful it's got to be for jaejoong, seeing as he holds everything inside worse than me
elegance tide (3:37:54 PM):it's horrible on him
need to be brave (3:38:04 PM):i mean at least you're talking to me
need to be brave (3:38:09 PM):he probably wouldn't even mention it to me
elegance tide (3:38:12 PM):he doesn't like to be fussed over, you know that
need to be brave (3:38:23 PM):i know
elegance tide (3:38:28 PM):and now yoochun is hurt and sick and ugh..
need to be brave (3:38:54 PM):what happed to chun?
need to be brave (3:39:00 PM):happened*******
elegance tide (3:39:31 PM):he came home late last night during a storm and he slipped on the water that dripped off his clothing. he landed right on his back, and he could hardly move last night. but we took him to the hospital and he's resting now
need to be brave (3:40:16 PM):jesus, you guys are falling apart. you need to stop the tour, yunho. i'm sorry, i know you'll get a lot of backlash but what are you going to do with TWO members unable to dance?
elegance tide (3:41:18 PM):the fans will be so upset but i have to think about my brothers. we can't perform without the morale of all of us together
need to be brave (3:43:54 PM):when you're hurt, it's just impossible.
need to be brave (3:44:01 PM):and you all have worked SO HARD
elegance tide (3:44:48 PM):i think if we just got back to korea with our families and our friends, we'd get better soon
need to be brave (3:45:16 PM):you can just put things on pause and take a two week break
elegance tide (3:45:47 PM):i'm going to call
need to be brave (3:46:25 PM):alright, i'm here if you need me
elegance tide (3:50:15 PM):well... he yelled, then another one yelled.. but we're coming home
need to be brave (3:51:14 PM):yeesh, i'm sorry they're assholes
elegance tide (3:51:43 PM):at least we're coming home
need to be brave (3:52:08 PM):that's good, you guys really need a rest
elegance tide (3:52:13 PM):i'm going to go tell the others while they are still all here
need to be brave (3:52:33 PM):hyukjae will be happy
elegance tide (3:52:43 PM):sigh. i'll talk to you later
need to be brave (3:52:56 PM):ok, take care~
elegance tide (3:52:57 PM):you too
elegance tide (3:54:23 PM):Yunho left the guest room and made his way to Jaejoong's bed, stroking his side. "Joongie, group meeting.. Come on, I'll carry you." He knelt down so he was level with the bed, looking at his fiance.
need to be brave (3:56:23 PM):He sat up and slid his arms around Yunhos neck, moving closer to him so he could pick him up. He didn't say a word, and he looked absolutely exhausted from tossing and turning the night before.
elegance tide (3:58:00 PM):He carried him to the couch and sat him down carefully before going to Junsu's room, calling him into the living room. Looking at Changmin's room, he bit his lip and walked in, his voice soft and tired. "Guys, please come to the living room. We're having a group meeting."
need to be brave (4:02:13 PM):Changmin put his things aside and got up, crossing the room to hold out his arms to help Yoochun. "I know you're mad at me, or upset. But will you let me help you?" he said softly, biting his bottom lip. Jaejoong watched Junsu sit down and smiled faintly at him before resting his head on the younger mans shoulder.
elegance tide (4:03:53 PM):Junsu looked at Jaejoong and smiled, leaning his head against him while they waited. Looking at Changmin, Yoochun nodded slightly and pulled himself out of bed, leaning against his boyfriend as they walked out to the living room. Yunho was sitting in the armchair, looking tired and worried.
need to be brave (4:04:54 PM):He helped Yoochun out into the living room, gently sitting him down on the couch next to Jaejoong and he himself took a seat on the floor. Jaejoong frowned heavily when he saw Changmin and looked away, burring his face into Junsus sweatshirt.
elegance tide (4:07:05 PM):"Guys, I talked to the managers about our situation right now. Two of you are hurt, and all of us need to get our spirits up. We're not connected anymore, not like we are when we're home in Korea." He shook his head, looking down at the floor. "We're going home tomorrow, the Japan tour is over now."
need to be brave (4:08:35 PM):Changmin sat up straight, looking at Yunho with a stunned expression. "What, but.. what about the fans?" he asked, starting to look worried. Jaejoong lifted his head and looked at Yunho with a relieved look on his face, then burried his face again.
elegance tide (4:11:29 PM):Yunho shook his head, looking at Changmin. "The fans will understand. But for once, I'm not thinking about them, I'm thinking about us. We can't go on like this, we're fighting and getting hurt.." He looked at Jaejoong then Yoochun, and finally Junsu. Junsu slid an arm around Jaejoong, nodding. "Jaejoong hyung needs to go home more than anyone."
need to be brave (4:15:19 PM):"If you say so, then I'll do as you wish, hyung," he said with a bow, getting to his feet. "I'm going to go pack, I'll pack for you too, Chunnie." He looked at the older man and left the room quietly. Jaejoong lifted his head again, sighing softly.
elegance tide (4:17:08 PM):As soon as Changmin left his side, Yoochun sneezed loudly into the crook of his elbow, coughing lightly. Junsu looked at him, frowning as he held Jaejoong close. "Chunnie's sick. Do we have any masks?" Nodding, Yunho pointed to the bathroom. "There's some in there, we'll give him one when we leave tomorrow. I have to call the news station and do an interview." He nodded and walked back to the guest room, closing the door behind him.
need to be brave (4:19:24 PM):Jaejoong stood up on his one foot gingerly, limping towards the guest room. He opened the door and stepped inside, accidentally applying too much weight on his bad knee and whimpered. Changmin folded up clean clothes and made a pile of dirty laundry to take down to wash later, wiping tears from his eyes.
elegance tide (4:21:42 PM):Yunho looked up from his spot on the bed, patting next to him for Jaejoong to sit while he dialed the number to the station. Getting off the couch, Junsu helped Yoochun lay down and covered him up, then went off to Changmin's room. He saw him wipe the tears and frowned, walking over to him. "What's wrong, Min?"
need to be brave (4:24:04 PM):He sat down on the bed, pulling himself into a more comfortable sitting position where his legs were elevated and snuggled up against Yunhos back, hugging him tightly. Changmin sat down on the edge of his bed, spilling everything to Junsu about the other night - including the things with Yunho.
elegance tide (4:28:59 PM):"That's what's bothering you? Someone other than Chunnie turned you on?" He sat beside Changmin, taking his hand. When the studio answered, Yunho gave a live phone interview, since it was time for the evening news. His voice broke and he cleared his throat. "We apologize to the fans, but we feel that this is best so we can come back to Japan next time with better performances."
need to be brave (4:30:32 PM):He nodded, using his free hand to wipe away his tears. "And because he's upset with me, I love him and it hurts that he's angry or hurt because of me and my stupid self." Jaejoong nuzzled against Yunhos back, pressing kisses there to calm him down and comfort him.
elegance tide (4:31:57 PM):Junsu nodded, wrapping an arm around Changmin. "Just talk to him, apologize. I know he'll understand, he never stays mad." Clearing his throat again, Yunho finished the exclusive interview and ended with "This is Tohoshinki's Yunho" and hung up the phone.
need to be brave (4:34:50 PM):Jaejoong kept quite for a few more moments, then placed his hands against Yunhos stomach. "I love you, Yunnie-ah," he said softly, rubbing his hands up and down to comfort him. Changmin sniffed, hugging Junsu back. "I'm gonna do that now, or I'm just gonna be a mess." He removed his arms and stood, leaving the room.
elegance tide (4:37:03 PM):Yunho closed his eyes and put his hands over Jaejoong's, sniffling softly. "I hate doing that, but we need it so badly. We need the month we're going to get off, so you can heal and Yoochun can get better." He wiped his eyes, sighing. "I wish Changmin could see that I truly do care about all of us as a group, everything I do is for us, for our well being."
need to be brave (4:37:10 PM):U AH SOH GORJUS~!
need to be brave (4:55:28 PM):Changmin stepped into the living room and knelt down beside Yoochun, smoothing his fingers over his warm skin. "Yoochunnie, I wanted to apologise for whatever I've done to upset you. I love you, I truly do. I know it's hard for you to express it because you're afraid, but I want you to know it. I can not hold back and keep it inside. If there is anything I can do to fix what I've broken, name it." Jaejoong slid around to Yunhos font, laying over his lap. "He's young and naive, he can't help it, Yunho. We all have moments where we stick our feet in our mouth."
elegance tide (5:16:07 PM):Yoochun looked at Changmin, swallowing thickly. "You played with Yunho without Jaejoong or I around..I thought we agreed to do it all together? Even if you don't like it, you shouldn't have done it with Yunho.." Sighing, Yunho held Jaejoong close, nodding. "He's stuck both his feet in his mouth, majorly. And he hasn't even apologized for it."
need to be brave (5:18:38 PM):"Please let me explain. It just happened, and I really am sorry about it. I know we made a promise to only play with our boyfriends but I'm not the only one ok? Yunho did, too. So why isn't he getting treated like this?" His bottom lip trembled a bit. "We weren't going to have sex, we just.. kissed and that's it. I am so sorry." Jaejoong sighed, his eyes getting glossy and teary before he closed them tightly shut. "So when do we go home?" he asked, changing the subject.
elegance tide (5:21:31 PM):"Because Yunho isn't my boyfriend, you are. Jaejoong can deal with him, I'm trying to get this through my brain that you...practically cheated on me. It hurts, Minnie.. I care so much about you, it's all I've done since we started seeing eachother, and it just hurts because I love you!" Tears flowed down Yoochun's cheeks as he closed his eyes, trying not to sob. Yunho looked at jaejoong, stroking his hair. "Tomorrow, first thing. We'll have time to eat breakfast and wake up properly."
need to be brave (5:49:34 PM):Changmin started to cry as well, wrapping his arms around Yoochun. "I'm sorry, so sorry Yoochun." He mumbled over and over again, wetting the older mans shirt with his tears. Jaejoong lifted up Yunhos shirt, leaning in to kiss his toned abdominals. "I wish you'd be happy, Yunho. But I guess if I'm miserable, you will be too."
elegance tide (5:51:19 PM):Yoochun slowly wrapped his arms around Changmin, but didn't pat his back or hold him close. "I wish you wouldn't have done it, but there's nothing I can do about it. I'll just have to try and get past it." Smiling, Yunho nodded and pushed Jaejoong's hair off his forhead. "I'll be alright, Joongie. I just want to get you better first."
need to be brave (5:53:18 PM):He lifted his head, his face wet with tears and his eyes red and puffy. "I want to make it up to you, Yoochun. Anyway that I can. I'll be your slave, I'll do anything!" he exclaimed, whimpering. Jaejoong sat up, leaning in to kiss Yunho. "No matter what happens, I will always love you, Jung Yunho."
elegance tide (5:55:01 PM):"Stop it, Changmin." He shook his head and sat up slowly, grimacing in pain but he still got off the couch. "I don't want you to be my slave, I just want you to apologize to Jaejoong for hurting him. Because as much as you hurt me, you hurt him ten times more by saying what you did about their engagement." Yunho smiled and kissed Jaejoong, hugging him close. "I love you too, Kim Jaejoong."
need to be brave (5:59:01 PM):He backed up, hiccuping and nodded, getting to his feet. "I was going to," he said softly, then left the living room. Jaejoong pressing kisses on Yunhos face, whispering 'I love you' over and over again when he knocked on the door and stepped inside, bowing low in respect. "Yunho and Jaejoong hyung, I wanted to come apologise if you will let me."
elegance tide (6:01:09 PM):Looking over at Changmin, Yunho held Jaejoong close and nodded slightly.  He slid his hands under his fiance's shirt to warm them, rubbing his sides gently as he looked at Changmin. Yoochun walked slowly into the bathroom, sneezing along the way as he ran some warm water for his bath.
need to be brave (6:04:38 PM):He stepped further into the room, Jaejoongs eyes watching every move he made like a hawk. "Jaejoong hyung, I am sorry for crushing your heart like I did. I guess I let my head take over my heart and I apologise for upsetting you," he turned to Yunho. "Yunho hyung, I apologise to you for what I said and I want to be there when you two wed. Because I love you both." He started to tear up again. Jaejoong frowned and opened his arms, moving his hands to get Changmin to come hug him. The younger boy squeezed in between them, hugging them both while he cried.
elegance tide (6:07:21 PM):Hugging Changmin close, Yunho spoke to him about the importance of not hurting his hyungs, and how they all needed to be together at this time. "Just please try to watch what you say, Jaejoong is very sensitive." Singing could be heard from the bathroom, mainly Junsu singing the rubber ducky song.
need to be brave (6:12:21 PM):Jaejoong gave Yunho a look which changed to confusion when he heard the rubber ducky song. Changmin lifted his head, sniffing as he craned his neck a little to hear the song. "Is Junsu singing?" he asked, removing himself from between the two. "I'll be careful next time, I promise," he said to his hyungs, then left the bedroom quickly. A few moments later, his booming laughter could be heard and Jaejoong smiled.
elegance tide (6:15:16 PM):Yunho smiled and hugged Jaejoong close, sighing deeply. "Our three children." He smiled again, looking at his fiance and laughing softly. "Gotta love them." Looking over at Changmin, Junsu had a serious yet confused expression on his face as he scrubbed Yoochun's hair. "What?"
need to be brave (6:18:46 PM):"What is a rubber ducky?" he asked, sitting down on the toilet, nearly murdering the English language. Jaejoong laughed, threading his fingers into Yunhos hair as he leaned in, just barely touching his fiances lips. "When we go home, can we plan where we're going to go to get married? It's not snowing in Canada anymore and I hear the very secluded places are very, very beautiful."
elegance tide (6:22:26 PM):He fished around in the water and pulled out a yellow duck, showing Changmin. "This is a rubber ducky." Nodding, he continued to bathe Yoochun, washing him off with body wash. Yunho nodded, stroking Jaejoong's hair. "We can plan it, but I want to get married when you can walk without any pain in your knee. I want you to walk to me and stand beside me, without crutches."
need to be brave (6:24:42 PM):He took the duck from Junsu and smiled, dropping it back in the water. "Can you teach me the song?" he asked, looking at Yoochun for a moment, then back to Junsu. Jaejoong nodded, closing his eyes as he pressed his lips to Yunhos, but not enough to kiss him. "I am going to make an appointment to take pysical therapy when we get home so I can get my knee back into shape."
elegance tide (6:28:10 PM):Junsu nodded and helped Changmin sing the song while he bathed Yoochun, correcting him when needed. Just closing his eyes, Yoochun listened to them while he tried not to fall asleep, enjoying the bath. Yunho smiled and nodded, kissing Jaejoong's lips. "Good, I want you to get better as soon as possible."
need to be brave (6:33:02 PM):The next morning, Jaejoong was the first to awake with ten minutes left on the alarm clock. Yawning, he stretched out his arms and legs, surprised his knee didn't hurt. Sitting up, he reached down and held onto it while he bent it, only a tiny bit of pain letting him know the knee was still injured. Thrilled beyond belief, he reached over and grabbed onto Yunhos shoulders, shaking him. "YUNNIE!"
elegance tide (6:40:00 PM):Yunho sat up quickly, his hair sticking out in every direction as he looked around. "What! What's wrong?" He looked at Jaejoong and rubbed his eyes, covering his mouth to yawn widely. "Are you okay?"
need to be brave (6:40:47 PM):"My knee feels much better today, look!" he pulled the blankets down, forgetting he was naked and bent his knee slowly a few times, then laid his leg out flat. "Isn't that amazing?!"
elegance tide (6:42:06 PM):He stared and grinned brightly, nodding as he touched Jaejoong knee gently. "Wow.. that is amazing!" Shifting, he rubbed his hands on the sides of Jaejoong's knee, feeling it carefully. "Do you think you can walk?"
need to be brave (6:43:39 PM):He shrugged and slipped out of bed, placing his good foot first. Gently, he eased his bad leg and started to walk, limping but walking none the less without the aid of someone helping him or crutches. "I CAN WALK!" he screamed, laughing boisteriously.
elegance tide (6:44:56 PM):Jumping out of the bed, he laughed and picked Jaejoong up, swinging him around a bit. "Oh my god, this is great! But take it easy, it could be a fluke." He nodded, kissing his fiance and smiling brightly.
need to be brave (6:47:07 PM):He wrapped his arms and legs around Yunho, throwing his head back as he laughed, crying out when he saw Changmins half asleep form staring at them with confusion. He pulled himself upright and burried his face in Yunhos neck, realising finally that he was stark naked.
elegance tide (6:48:04 PM):He looked over at Changmin, laughing softly and biting his lip. "Jaejoong can walk without his brace or crutches now, he's getting better." Grinning, he nodded and slipped back under the covers with Jaejoong, hiding the other man's body.
need to be brave (6:52:55 PM):"Oh," he said, covering his mouth as he yawned. "I thought something happened. I'm gonna go take a shower before Junsu wakes up and hogs the bathroom." He closed the door as he left. Jaejoong, who had the covers over his head, removed them when Changmin left and looked over at Yunho. "I love you," he said softly.
elegance tide (6:55:47 PM):"I love you too, Jaejoong." He nodded and kissed Jaejoong's lips, smiling brightly. "I'm so happy right now, you're getting better." Kissing him again, he sat up and looked down at him. "We should wake Yoochun and Junsu, we really need to get ready."
need to be brave (6:57:43 PM):He slipped out of bed, being gentle with his knee as he got dressed. His things were already packed, which made the room look much emptier. Slipping a loose fitted sweater over his t-shirt, he put on his glasses and left the room, tugging his suitcase with him for a few feet, leaving it outside the door. He slipped into Junsus room and crawled onto the bed, laying on top of him. "Susu-ah~" he sang.
elegance tide (6:59:15 PM):Junsu whimpered softly, reaching his hand back to pat Jaejoong's head, lifting his hips off the bed. He was laying on his stomache, so he couldn't get Jaejoong off him. "Five more minutes." Nodding, he slipped his head under the pillow, yawning.
need to be brave (7:00:47 PM):"I called Hyukjae last night and he'll be at the airport," he said simply, waiting for Junsu to suddenly wake up and jump out of bed. Changmin stepped out of the bathroom, fully dressed with his hair still wet. He sauntered into the kitchen, sitting down at the table. "I'm kinda gonna miss this place." he said to Yunho.
elegance tide (7:02:53 PM):"Mkay, hyung." He nodded, pushing the pillow aside and sighing. "I'll get up if you roll over and let me help you off the bed." Nodding again, he stretched his arms and legs out, yawning loudly. Yunho looked at Changmin and nodded, pouring five bowls of cereal. "Me too, but we have some cleaning to do at the Korea apartment when we get back."
need to be brave (7:04:19 PM):He made a face, pouting. "I don't wanna clean," he whined, picking up his spoon and dinging into his cereal once it was placed in front of him. Jaejoong slid off to the side and grinned, tugging on Junsus arm. "You don't have to help me, watch!" He gently got up off the bed and limped around the room, a big smile across his face. "I can walk again!"
elegance tide (7:05:40 PM):Laughing softly, Yunho ate his cereal as he waited for Jaejoong and Junsu to come in, nodding. "I don't either but the apartment is probably smelly from not being used." Yoochun walked out of his bedroom slowly, dressed in a thick sweater and jeans as he walked and sat down at the table without a word, eating his cereal.
need to be brave (7:06:58 PM):Changmins pout turned into a deep frown and he finished up his cereal, leaving the table quietly to finish packing up a few more things. A few moments later, Jaejoong came out, taking his time so he didn't overwork his knee. He sat down at the table, grinning so wide it looked rather awkward.
elegance tide (7:19:05 PM):Yunho smiled as he saw Jaejoong, going into the kitchen and bringing his cereal out. He poured the milk and sat the spoon in the bowl, sitting back in his seat. "You're doing great, Jae." A few moments later, Junsu walked out wearing pajama pants and a jacket, sitting in front of his bowl. "Where's Changmin?"
need to be brave (7:21:06 PM):Jaejoong shrugged, happily eating his cereal looking up as the younger boy walked past the kitchen with his luggage, setting it by the door with the others, then disappeared into his room again. "He looks rather miserable, now that I look at him," he noted, nodding.
elegance tide (7:24:27 PM):Not looking up from his cereal, Yoochun spoke up, with a flat voice. "He's upset because he and Yunho made out the other night and he got hard, and I won't forgive him just yet." He picked up his bowl, carrying it into the kitchen and washing it out.
need to be brave (7:28:25 PM):He nodded, pursing his lips as he stood and picked up his bowl as well, putting his weight on his other leg as he washed the dishes. When he was finished, he looked at his watch and saw it was time to go. "Is everybody ready?" he asked, sitting down on the floor to put on his shoes.
elegance tide (7:29:31 PM):A few hours later, when they were finally back in Korea at the airport, Yunho held Jaejoong on his back and walked out of the terminal. Junsu was in front, hopping every now and then to see if he could spot Hyukjae.
need to be brave (7:32:07 PM):Hyukjae was standing next to Heechul, fidgeting with the tie he was wearing. "Their plane landed, right?" he asked the other man, who wasn't even paying attention. A big smile broke out on Heechuls face and he ran forward, glomping Yunho once he sat Jaejoong down. "I MISSED YOU, CUNT!" he said loudly, nearly picking Yunho off of his feet. Hyukjae rushed over as well, starting to cry when he saw Junsu.
elegance tide (7:34:10 PM):Seeing Heechul, Yunho grinned and hugged him tightly, burrying his face in his friend's neck to get familliar with his scent again. "God, it's so good to see you. I missed you so much." Junsu burst into tears as well, hugging his boyfriend tightly and whispering in his ear. "I want to kiss you, but I heard cameras earlier."
need to be brave (7:36:11 PM):"You are coming back to the dorms and you're not going home until I have righteously loved you like I've wanted to these past months," he whispered in return, hugging Junsu as tight as he could without crushing him. Changmin held back for a few moments, then headed off to get the luggage. Jaejoong bounced in his seat, opening his arms. "Chullieeee!" he whimpered, making Heechul laugh as he actually DID pick up Jaejoong ot hug him.
elegance tide (7:38:19 PM):Not in a very friendly mood, Yoochun followed Changmin to get the luggage, though he didn't talk to him. Junsu laughed softly and nodded, pulling back to wipe his eyes. "I missed you so much." He nodded again, leaning against Hyukjae as he cried softly. Yunho watched Heechul and Jaejoong, laughing and keeping his hand on Heechul's back. "We get the rest of the month off, including the time off we would have gotten when we returned."
need to be brave (7:40:04 PM):He kept his arms around Jaejoongs back as the other wrapped himself around Heechul, nuzzling him. "Really? They're really going to give you that much time off, not a month and then say 'sorry only two weeks' kind of bullshit?" Hyukjae brushed his fingers over Junsus face, wiping away every tear that fell with the pad of his thumb. Changmin didn't talk to Yoochun either, picking up what he could and lugged it back to the others.
elegance tide (7:41:17 PM):He shook his head, a smile coming to his face. "No, they really mean it this time. Because of Jaejoong's knee, and we haven't told them it's better yet." Yoochun grabbed what he could and dragged it to the others, which made Yunho run quickly to get the rest of their luggage.
need to be brave (7:42:57 PM):The van dropped off the seven at TVXQs apartment and Heechul and Hyukjae helped with the luggage. "It's nice to see him walk, yeah?" Heechul said to Yunho, hanging behind with him while he watched Jaejoong limp a little up the walkway to the front doors. "It must've been hard to keep him happy."
elegance tide (7:44:00 PM):Yunho nodded, watching Jaejoong with a smile on his face. "We got through it, though, and we'll keep getting through it until he's approved by the doctor to perform again." He looked at Heechul, pecking his lips before walking with him inside the apartment.
need to be brave (7:45:45 PM):Heechul hadn't made it through the door before Hyukjae stopped and started making out with Junsu pretty hot and heavy against the wall. "Well!" he said with a chuckle, touching the small of Yunhos back as he lead him inside. The place was stuffy, but clean and it didn't smell at all. Heechul had a knowing smile on his face and took Yunhos hands. "We asked your managers if we could come in and clean the place up for you guys, so you wouldn't have to. Teukie, Hyukjae and I were here yesterday and fixed the place up."
elegance tide (7:47:57 PM):Wrapping his arms around Hyukjae's shoulders, Junsu closed his eyes and kissed him deeply, pushing himself off the wall. He broke the kiss only for a moment to pull him into the bedroom, closing the door behind them. Yunho looked at Heechul and smiled, slipping an arm around his waist. "Thank you, so much. We really appreciate it, all of us are so tired. Except for Junsu, obviously.."
need to be brave (7:50:09 PM):"Where exactly are you going to sleep if the five of you share the room," he said, raising his eyebrow. He pulled Yunho into the living room where there was a cake and a note on the coffee table. "Ah, Jungus hyung left this here like I asked him to." He pointed to the cake. "I wonder..." He left the room and opened the closet door, laughing as he saw Teukie making out with Kangin. "What is this!"
elegance tide (7:52:21 PM):"We'll sleep in the room, just like we always have. Hopefully we still get along enough to sleep there." He nodded, watching Heechul and walking over with him, laughing when he saw Teukie and Kangin. "Why are you two in my closet?" Putting his hands on his hips, he waited for an answer as a few of the others popped out of their hiding places, yelling "SUPRISE!"
need to be brave (7:54:05 PM):Jaejoong jumped, nearly bumping into the wall as he backed away when Shiwon came out from behind him. He put a hand to his chest, trying to catch his breath. "You scared me!" he exclaimed, then limped towards Kangin to give him a hug. The other man pat Jaejoong on the head before handing him off to Teukie. "Welcome home, Yunho," he said, opening his arms for the other man.
elegance tide (7:55:40 PM):Shiwon couldn't help but laugh, holding onto Hankyung as they closed in to hug the guys. Looking at Kangin, Yunho smiled and hugged him, letting out a sigh. "Good to be home." He nodded, looking around. "We're short a member, but..he's probably having sex right now." Teukie's head shot up and he watched Kangin. "Don't you dare go open that door."
need to be brave (7:57:26 PM):Kangin had a mischevious look on his face for a moment, then pouted. "Ah, but it would've been fun," he said, scoffing his foot on the floor like a kid told not to have any cookies until after he eats his greens. Jaejoong felt smothered and started to push everybody away, leaving for the living room. Sungmin frowned, looking at Shiwon and Hankyung. "Did we do something wrong?"
elegance tide (7:58:48 PM):Yunho watched Jaejoong and put his hand on Sungmin's shoulder, looking at him. "Not at all, he's just tired. I'll be right back." He left the room and walked over to Jaejoong, taking his hand. "Jae..what's wrong?" Yoochun picked up a hackey sack and smiled as he looked at it, starting to kick it around.
need to be brave (8:00:10 PM):He was laying on the couch, curled up against the back, shaking his head. "Too many people at once. I'm not used to it. I mean, we spent so much time just the five of us with our group hugs and stuff. It just kinda freaked me out, that's all." He took Yunhos hand, kissing the ring. "Are you going to tell them?"
elegance tide (8:02:10 PM):He smiled and tilted his head, stroking Jaejoong's hair off his forhead. "I'll tell them, yes. You just lay here and rest, okay?" Leaning in, he kissed his fiance's lips and nodded. "I love you." Yoochun accidently kicked the hackey sack at Heechul, hitting him in the hip with it and biting his lip, turning away.
need to be brave (8:06:20 PM):Heechul felt the hackey sack hit him and looked down at it a moment, noticing Yoochun was the only one turned away. He picked it up and bounced it against his foot a few times before hitting it back towards Yoochun. Kangin turned around when Yunho returned, opening his mouth to ask Yunho about Jaejoong when a loud moan came from the bedroom.
elegance tide (8:08:00 PM):Yunho's mouth dropped open and he stared at the bedroom door, while Teukie grabbed Kangin's arm. "Don't dare do it, no matter how much you want to." Listening for a moment, Yoochun burst out laughing, turning and pressing his body against Changmin's lightly.
need to be brave (8:09:26 PM):Changmin bit his lip and slowly eased his arm around Yoochun, just holding him against him. Kangin pouted again, tugging on Teukies sleeve. "Pleeaaase, just this last time? I doubt it'll even phase them." He kept pouting, trying to be cute.
elegance tide (8:15:33 PM):Shaking his head, Teukie kissed Kangin's pout. "No, it's their first time. Let them be. Walk in on the second time." He nodded, wrapping an arm around Kangin to coax him into staying at his side. Yoochun slowly stopped laughing and just leaned against Changmin, closing his eyes. Suddenly, Yunho said "Jaejoong and I are engaged!" quickly, closing his eyes and holding out his left hand much like a female would.
need to be brave (8:17:08 PM):Sungmin bouced and let out a squeak, being the first to rush forward and look at the ring. "Ooh wow, Yunho," he said, surprised. "That is a very expensive ring, it's so beautiful." Heechul rushed over and moved Sungmin a bit roughly, taking Yunhos hand. "E.. engaged?" he sputtered.
elegance tide (8:18:47 PM):He smiled at Sungmin then bit his lip when Heechul came over, nodding slowly. "He proposed to me..and I said yes." Shiwon scooped Sungmin into his arms and held him close, stroking his hair gently as he watched.
need to be brave (8:22:05 PM):"I know this might come off as a bastard remark," he began, running his finger over the ring as he spoke, "but are you positive about this? There's so much to take into consideration. Like, if anybody found out. I'm not saying I don't approve, I do more than you could ever know - since I don't think I could ever be brave enough to ask or even accept such an offer." He looked at Shiwon and smiled sadly before turning back to Yunho. "I just don't want something so pure and beautiful to be ruined." Changmin listened to Heechul speak, squeezing Yoochun tightly.
elegance tide (8:24:07 PM):Yunho nodded slowly, looking at Heechul. "No one will find out. We're always changing our accessories and wearing rings on this finger, we even wear some for months at a time. No one will notice this ring, or question it." He shook his head, taking Heechul's hand. "I know you're worried but please, don't be. We're going to wait a while to get married anyway, and we'll do it privately."
need to be brave (8:25:42 PM):"All I ask is that I'm invited, and I better be your best man or there will be hell to pay," his frown broke out into a smile and he wrapped his arms around Yunho, hugging him warmly. "I love you, you cunt. I'm so glad you've found your soulmate."
elegance tide (8:26:54 PM):He laughed and hugged Heechul tightly, nodding as he closed his eyes. "Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way, twat. You will be my best man." Shiwon whispered in Sungmin's ear. "You can hug him once Heechul pulls away. Just run and wrap yourself around him." He nodded, smiling at him.
need to be brave (8:28:29 PM):Sungmin sighed and stopped squirming, bursting free once Heechul let go and flung himself at Yunho, squeezing him. "I am so happy for you!" he exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear almost. Hyukjae appeared next to Yoochun, his clothes inside out and hapazard. "What did I miss?" he asked, looking at him and Changmin.
elegance tide (8:29:56 PM):Yunho laughed and caught Sungmin, hugging him tightly and spinning around with him. "Thank you, Minnie! You're so cute today." He smiled and gently sat him down, pinching his cheeks. Looking at Hyukjae, Yoochun just laughed, pressing his face into Changmin's shoulder. Junsu showed up next, his shirt on inside out and backwards as he tried to smooth down his hair.
need to be brave (8:31:30 PM):Hyukjae smiled when Junsu stepped up beside him and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, nuzzling against him. He whispered something in his ear, then kissed it. Sungmin blushed, shrugging his shoulders. "I'm not cute, but thank you. Can I be your flower girl?" he asked, clasping his hands together and rocking on his feet. "I want to have pink flowers to throw."
elegance tide (8:32:58 PM):Grinning, Junsu looked at Hyukjae and kissed his cheek, leaning against him. "Of course you can, Minnie. We have plenty of time though, and Jaejoong will be helping me plan the wedding." Yunho nodded, looking at Kangin and biting his lip, as if awaiting his approval.
elegance tide (8:33:04 PM):of the news*
need to be brave (8:34:52 PM):Sungmin cheered and stared rushing around the room, singing and dancing about how he was going to throw pink flowers at the wedding. Kangin showed no emotion at first, then tears up a little and stepped forward, sliding his arms around Yunho. "Congradulations, little man," he said softly, giving him a tight bear hug.
elegance tide (8:36:40 PM):As soon as he was in Kangin's arms, Yunho started to cry into his shoulder, wrapping his arms around him. "Thank you," was all he whispered as he just stayed against Kangin. Teukie smiled brightly and walked over to the fridge, bringing out the three trays of finger foods they had made and brought over. "Food!"
need to be brave (8:39:08 PM):Kangin held onto him while they all rushed into the living room for food, rubbing Yunhos back. "Nothing would please me more than to see you marry Jaejoong. So you better make sure I get an invitation and I'll fucking go even if SM threatenes to fire me." He pulled back, brushing away Yunhos tears with a gentleness unknown to Kangin. "Now go in there and curl up with your fiance."
elegance tide (8:40:51 PM):He smiled up at Kangin, nodding slowly. "You've already quit your radio show, please don't get fired." Shaking his head, he kissed the other man's cheek and walked with him into the living room. He moved and sat with Jaejoong, whispering in his ear. Junsu sat in Hyukjae's lap as he ate the finger sandwiches, holding one to his boyfriend's lips.
need to be brave (8:42:30 PM):Hyukjae grinned and leaned in, biting on the end of the sandwich and chewed it, giving a thumbs up. "I give an A plus to the finger food," he said, pinching Junsus sides to tickle him. Jaejoong lifted his head, looking exhausted. His lips curled into a smile that he hid behind his hand and he switched positions, laying his head on Yunhos lap.
elegance tide (8:44:54 PM):Donghae walked over and lifted Jaejoong's legs carefully, laying them over his lap so he could have a place to sit. He grabbed a few sandwiches and sushi rolls, chewing on them as he looked around the room. Giggling, Junsu reached over and took Hyukjae's hand, holding it while he ate. Kibum came into the apartment a few moments later, carrying what looked like two dozen balloons. "Kangin hyung, here are the balloons. Do we still have time to tie them to the furnature?" He obviously didn't know the guys were back yet.
need to be brave (8:46:24 PM):Kangin rolled his eyes and came to the door, taking the balloons. "They're here, silly," he escorted Kibum into the living room with a chuckle, then tied the balloons around Changmins ankle when he wasn't paying attention, whistling to himself. Jaejoong fell asleep almost instantly, he racket not even phasing him.
elegance tide (8:47:40 PM):Yoochun saw the balloons and laughed, stuffing a sushi roll into his mouth. Once he swallowed, he put on a frightened face. "Changmin-ah..what's that on your ankle!?" Junsu looked over and then turned his head to hide his quiet laugh, feeding Hyukjae a grape.
need to be brave (8:49:02 PM):"Your laugh is adorable," Hyukjae said, sighing. If it were possible, his eyes would be in the shape of large hearts since he was staring at Junsu with a dreamy expression. Changmin cried out and started batting at his ankle as if there was a spider or something of the sort on his leg. When he saw the balloons, he stopped and turned crimson.
elegance tide (8:50:24 PM):"Kangin-sshi what a mean prank you pulled on our Changmin." Yoochun pouted and untied the balloons, letting them float up to the ceiling. Blushing, Junsu smiled and stuffed food into his mouth since he couldn't think of anything to say. Shiwon moved and sat down at Heechul's feet, leaning his head against his leg.
need to be brave (8:56:37 PM):Heechul leaned over and massaged Shiwons scalp with his fingernails, sighing softly. He wished deep down he could marry the younger man because he loved him so, but he was scared of what would happen. Hyukjae started placing kisses on Junsus neck as Changmin suddenly burried his face into Yoochuns chest.
elegance tide (9:01:25 PM):After a couple hours, Teukie stood up and said it was time to go. "The guys are tired and we have to go stop Yesung and Shindong from eating all of our food." He nodded and smiled, rounding up all of the SuJu guys.
need to be brave (9:03:10 PM):"I'm staying here," Hyukjae said, not removing his arms from around Junsu. "I wated two months to see him and I'm not letting him go." Jaejoong was sprawled out on his stomach by now, almost drooling on Yunhos lap. Changmin had fallen asleep against Yoochun, his hair falling over his eyes. Sungmin stood and stretched, grinning brightly when he heard Yesungs name. "Come on, let's go!"
elegance tide (9:05:20 PM):Junsu looked at Hyukjae, patting his shoulder. "I'll come back to your room! That way Jaejoong can stretch out and there will be more space for them." He nodded, grinning brightly. Picking Changmin up into his arms, Yoochun said goodnight to everyone and walked into the bedroom, laying down with his boyfriend. Yunho looked up at Teukie and Kangin. "Come by tomorrow, we'll have lunch together." Yawning, Shiwon stood up and held his hand out to Heechul.
need to be brave (9:08:22 PM):Heechul took them and intertwined his fingers with Shiwons, leaving with the others. The apartment fell silent now that Super Junior and Junsu had left, which left only Jaejoongs faint snoring to be heard. Changmin made a sound when he was laid down on the bed, but didn't wake. He curled up against Yoochun and snuggled him, mumbling an 'I love you'.
elegance tide (9:10:58 PM):Yoochun held Changmin close, watching him sleep as he stroked his hair gently, a smile coming to his face. "Goodnight, Min." Carefully picking Jaejoong up in his arms, Yunho walked with him to the bedroom, laying him in one of the beds before crawling in with him. Kibum walked into the apartment with the others, not ready to go back to his own yet. He strutted around, rapping a song about engagement, cheese, and Ryeowook.
need to be brave (9:12:17 PM):Ryeowook turned pink when he heard his name and sat down next to Shindong on the couch, who joined in on the freestyle, rapping about eating all the food out of the fridge and beating Yesung at World of Warcraft. Sungmin giggled, sitting down beside Ryeowook.
elegance tide (9:13:54 PM):When the rap was over, and Kibum had rapped about everything from cheese to apples, he laughed and clapped hands with Shindong. He glanced at Ryeowook as he pulled away, a smile on his face while he walked into the kitchen. Donghae had caught the look on Kibum's face and grinned, whispering to whoever was closest to him that wasn't Ryeowook. "Kibum likes Wookie."
need to be brave (9:15:21 PM):Kangin stepped back, looking at Donghae as if he had two heads. "Yah! Don't be spreading rumours, Donghae," he said, wigglig his finger at the younger man, although he did notice something strange about the way Kibum had been acting towards Ryeowook.
elegance tide (9:16:42 PM):"It's not a rumor! You know it's true!" He flicked Kangin's ear and ran away, screaming about aliens abducting his mind. Teukie laid down on the couch once it was cleared, laying his head on Ryeowook's lap and looking up at him. "You missed a great party."
need to be brave (9:17:45 PM):He placed his hands on Teukies face and smiled down at him, then ruffled his hair. "Anything good happen? Like.. someone gave birth?" he joked, grinning.
elegance tide (9:18:28 PM):He laughed and shook his head, closing his eyes. "Yunho and Jaejoong are engaged, isn't that great?" Donghae came running back through the living room, flicking Kangin's ear on his way past.
need to be brave (9:20:14 PM):"YAH, STOP FLICKING MY EAR OR I'LL MAKE SURE THE ALIENS GIVE YOU AN ANAL PROBE NEXT TIME!" he shouted, nearly making the walls shake. Ryeowook sighed, then looked down at Teukie. "Really? Oh wow, that's awesome!"
elegance tide (9:21:02 PM):Turning his head to look at Kangin, Donghae ran right into the wall like they do in comedies, falling for a moment. He popped back up and brushed off his clothes, walking off. Teukie nodded, smiling. "Yeah, they're both so happy."
need to be brave (9:22:56 PM):Kangin joined them on the couch, turning on the tv while his fingers played with Teukies hair. Ryeowook beemed, sighing softly. "I'm happy for them. I wish they have a prosperous marage and that we're all invited. Although that might be a bit impossible."
elegance tide (9:24:03 PM):BAM! KYUHYUN CAME HOME >:o
elegance tide (9:24:20 PM):[lmao jk. i wish]
elegance tide (9:26:16 PM):Yesung came out of the computer room finally to see what all the noise was, running his hands through his hair. "Hey guys." He smiled and walked into the kitchen, having not seen Sungmin since no one had turned on a light.
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