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VocallyIntimate's A.W.T.R. Script( Errors has been fixed, if there are still any.. let me know. ) E-mail : Ground rules... ( ) = narrative description of the action in the movie, explains what's going on. facial expressions, moods.. etc. and [* ] = my quotes during the movie.. just to let u know. and finally [ ] = scene title/scene change.

( You hear a shout in the background... CANNONBALL by The Breeders come on )

[Scene: Cement Factory]

Dean: He here yet?

Walker: Nope.

Tracie: Maybe you scared him

Eric: Eh, I gotta take a massive piss.

Walker: You need any excuse to pull that thing out.

( Landon pulls up, Eric waves for him to go away, [*thaz funny] ) (West, Gould and Fitzgerald - So what does it all mean? plays on his radio)
Landon Carter: Ok, anyone got any beer?

Tracie: We finished it all back at school, besides.. you've had enough. (Landon shakes hands with Dean, Dean continues to make out with Tracie)

Belinda: I've got one, it's not cold.. but it's yours if you want it.

Eric: Sure, all you gotta do if you want it is sit up, beg, roll over and shake that booty. (Eric chuckles)

Belinda: Thanks a lot Eric.

Eric: Anytime, any day. ( makes a biting look at Belinda )

Walker: Heh heh, this is gonna be sweet.

Dean: I'm glad I thought of it.

Tracie: You guys are animals..

Dean: HEY!! (points finger)You've been talking shi..(quiets down shit ) the whole time here. Why don't you just be quiet! ( shoves Tracie against his car )

Landon: Hey hey, you know how it is.

Tracie: What's the matter with you?

Landon: No one's forcing him to show up..

Tracie: Dean ( concerned.. )

Belinda: Yah, but if he doesn't I want to go back to the dance. ( begins to dance.. weirdly)

Dean: Hey Belinda, I got an idea. Why don't you go back to the dance by yourself? (Belinda looks at Dean)

Belinda: I wasn't talking to you Dean.

(Landon points at Belinda) Landon: You know I don't dance.

Eric: It's true, I've seen the man bust a move and it just aint pretty, but a brother like myself is ready to get his freak on.( freaks Belinda, she looks disgusted ) So what you say baby?

Tracie: Why don't you put your freak away before you hurt somebody. (group talk and a ugly car is seen pulling up in the distance)

Dean: He's here! ( Dean weirdly puts his forehead on Landon's... )

Walker: Yo, check out the safari dump truck. I cant' wait to see him fly... ( Clay Gephart brakes squeek.. opens door and raises hand to them )

Clay: Hi ( says it shyly ) ( Girls say hi nicely, but That one kid mocks him. )

Walker: Hey, nice shirt Opi.

(Clay's face sinks, Dean and Landon laugh )

(Dean grasps hands)

Dean: You're late. I.. I thought I uh.. uh I.. I thought said to be here at Ten. But you know... when i say be here at 10 be here ok? You think you can remember that next time? (Looks as if he's going to sock Clay.. Clay just locks eyes on Dean) 'If there is a next time.. haha.. YAH..

Clay: He always like that?

Landon: Always man, so how about it? You ready to fly?

Tracie: Wait up baby!! (Everyone walks toward cement factory )

Dean: Ok, here's the deal. (points) You're going to jump from up there into here. That's it, then you're one of us. You ready? (Landon begins to take off his clothes)

Clay: Yah.

Dean: Yah? (Clay smiles)

Clay: Yah. (Dean grasps Clay around the neck)

Dean: Ok, let's do this ok? WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Landon: Hey it's cake man. Hell I'm jumping with you.

Clay: Now.. How.. how deep is this?

Landon: I don't really know.. let's go find out huh? ( hit Clay on the arm )

Walker: Let's do it. (Clay takes off his first layer shirt and looks at the scaffold)

Dean: WHOOO!!! Come on let's go!! (Clay looks over the edge)

Clay: You done this?

Landon: Yah, we've all done this. ( the people on the ground talk stupid crap.. ) On three. 1... 2... 3!!! ( Clay jumps off thinking Landon jumped as well.. )

(Clay belly flops.. and a pretty mean one at that, crowd laughs but Clay's body submerges and silence hits )

Tracie: Oh my God!

Dean: Oh shit..

(concerned) Belinda: Landon he's hurt!!

Tracie: What the hell happened? Is he ok?

Belinda: Landon get down here!

Tracie: Dean? Dean what the heck?

Belinda: He's hurt.

Eric: Come on man!! ( Everyone freaks out while Landon jumps in the water.. they all pull him out of the water. )

Security Guard: Who's down there?! (Flashes light in that direction)

Dean: Come on!

(talks over walkie talkie) Security Guard: We got some trespassers. You better get a squad car out here!

Eric: Come on Landon!

(Landon lifts Clay toward Eric) [*u notice eric and landon are the only one helping?] ( everyone else runs away )

Eric: Gimme his arm. ( They place Clay on the edge. )

Eric: We better get out of here! ( Urges Landon )

Landon: GO!!

Eric: Landon come on!!


(Eric runs off and everyone gets in the cars)

Tracie: I told you not to do this!

(Everyone takes off and a squad car can be heard coming from a distance) (Landon looks at Clay to make sure he's ok, then takes off, almost hits the squad car on his escape and is forced into trash cans)

Cop: Keep your hands on the wheel. (Landon just has a stupified face.. )

[Scene: Breakfast with Mom] (Landon sighs and limps to the table, you can hear the mom clanging the pan because she's so upset.)

Landon: You know mama, my leg really hurts today. I don't think I can go any place.

[*from now on.. only on the first line I will try to give full name of character if possible] Cynthia Carter: Maybe I should call your father? ( Disappointed )

Landon: No... ok? I'm not talking to him. There's no way

Mom: This has got to stop between you and him. You can't do that. You need a father. (Landon looks upset)

[Scene:Church scene]

Reverend Sullivan: Let us be thankful today that a young life was saved by our Lord. And let us pray for the lives of the others involved who are clearly not on the path of righteousness. (Belinda glances over at Landon, reverend nods at organist) (Organ starts to play)

Choir: Let the light, from the lighthouse. Let it shine on me. I wonder, I wonder... If the light from the lighthouse would shine would shine.. would shine on me. ( Jamie looks at Landon )

Jamie Sullivan: Here is my thought, This is my plea. Lord let your holy light shine on me. I wonder will you hear my prayer? I know I'm not worthy, but I need your help. Lord shine your light shine it this way, shine it so I can see which way to take. My faith is in you to be bring me through, I have one question.

Choir: I wonder.. I wonder... (choirs fades and is replaced with The New Radicals I think)

[Scene: In front of school]

(Various kids are in front of school, cheerleaders, other kids. Landon and the group are just kicking it in the front)

(girl walks past Landon just smiling, Landon smiles back.. ) [*WHAT A PIMP DADDY!]

Eric: How's your leg man?

Landon: It's uh, It's great.

Tracie: I can't believe you were in jail.

Eric: So I mean, what'd you tell 'em?

Landon: I just said it was a nice night for a drive, ended up hanging out at the cement factory. Found Gephart.. you know tried to give him some help. Got a little spooked and I figured I'd better leave before they thought I had anything to do with it and I split.

Eric: I gotta hand it to you man. You're a jedi master of bullshit man. (They hit fists and Landon laughs)

Tracie: Damn that Jamie Sullivan sure has style. (everyone turns to Jamie)

Belinda: Yah, wore that dress in the fourth grade.

Eric: Hey, it's the quiet ones you gotta watch out for. I mean hey man she might put it on a brother like a pop tart.(everyone gasps) But maybe she wouldn't look too bad you know?

[*One of my favorite scenes.. why she still so nice to them?!! ARRGHH!!]

Belinda: Nice sweater.

Jamie: Thank you. (everyone chuckles)

Eric: Thank You. ( jokingly immitates Jamie )

[Scene:Principal's Office]

(Places 4 bottles on top of desk.. Landon just looks at them)

Principal Kelly: A student claims you were drinking on school property saturday night. Lucky for you Clay Gephart isn't talking. The owners of the factory aren't placing trespassing charges.. at least not today. I told them I'd arrange appropriate punishment.

Landon: OoO, What are you going to do? Expell me?

Principal: Not yet. Besides attending all your regular classes, you will help our janitorial staff after school... ( interrupted by Landon )

Landon: For pay.. ( holding his thumb because he's counting punishments )

Principal: For the inner satisfaction it brings. On saturday mornings you will tutor disadvantaged students at our sister school, and finally you will participate in the drama clubs final event.

Landon: The spring play? (Principal leaves eye brows agreeingly)

Principal: It's time you started experiencing other things, started spending time with other kind of people. Don't blow it Landon.. [*Guitar rift comes on.. no idea who]

[Scene: Afterschool] ( A lot of kids around and Landon is sweeping with headphones on )

Jamie: This is a very simple device made of plastic wrap, a coat hanger and white out. Does anyone know what it is?

Landon: It's a star frame. (Jamie looks at Landon suprised but also weird like )

Jamie: This is a star frame and it will help you locate stars and planets with your naked eye. (His friends come in making fun of landon's sweeping) Mercury and Jupiter can be seen just over the west southwestern horizon after sunset.

Dean: Bet you can see angels up there flying around.

Jamie: In fact there are some things that can be called miraculous. Einstein saidThe more he studied the universe the more he believed in a higher power.

(jokingly) Dean: Well, IF there is a higher power then why is it he can't get you a new sweater? (Eric and Walker)

Jamie: He's too busy looking for your brain.

Eric: OoOoo.. [*says something.. D-EH??]

Landon: Eh laugh, it's a joke.

Dean: Eh man, come on let's just get out of here.

Landon: I can't, gotta stay.

Eric: Come on man, Principal Kelly is gone. Let's make some moves.

Landon: AAa.. I..

(Dean takes the crutch immitating Landon) Dean:Come on.. come on.

Eric: Come on..

Walker: I don't know, the studying thing kinda suits you.

Landon: Oh well thanks buddy. Thank you. (Looks back at Jamie, catches Jamie looking at him.. she plays it off and goes back to her project.. Landon leaves)

[Scene: Landon drops off Belinda]

[*This is funny, he sighs because he's dropped off Belinda before.. and it makes him feel awkward because he knows belinda has a thing for him.. stupid Belinda]

Landon: (sighs) So I'll see you at school?

Belinda: Well, my parents aren't home so if you want to come in.

Landon: (sighs again) Come on Belinda, nothing' s changed.

Belinda: I know it's just that..

Landon: It's over.

Belinda: Yah, whatever. (slams car door and Landon pulls away)

[Scene:Saturday Morning]

Mom: Come on Landon.. Landon, wake up. Come on.. UP UP UP UP!

(open eyes really wide) Landon: Hmm..

Mom: UP!

(closes eyes again.. quickly speaks with a funny tone) Landon: Saturday, no school.

Mom: Tutoring..

( scene now switches to the school )

(speaks with no care in his voice) Landon: Ok let's try this again? Which one of these are similar triangles? This one or that one huh? What do you think?

Luis: Man, i think this is bullshit. [* you go my man, math sux.. haha.. jp] (everyone in the room watches Luis leave, then Jamie looks at Landon disappointed and upset)

Landon: That makes two of us.

(Now on the bus, Landon closes CD player and metal blasts from this headset) (Jamie looks back and slowly approaches Landon and sits )

Jamie: Hey. (smiles) ( landon looks other way as if ashamed ) You want to buy some raffle tickets? We're trying to raise enough money so we can buy Jefferson some new computers.

Landon: No.

Jamie: So I saw you in there with Luis, and I know it can be very difficult. But.. maybe you should try backing into it from some where else. (silence) Are you going to visit Clay Gephart? ... that would be a no. You do know that they moved him from the hospital to that rehab place on oak street.

(Landon quickly removes his headset) Landon: Is this your idea of small talk or something? because if it is your social skills need some work. ( Jamie looks afraid ) No one forced him to jump.

Jamie: It's called peer pressure.

Landon: And how do you know about that? Did you read it in your precious book?

(Jamie closes her eyes, offended by Landon's comment) Jamie: Please don't pretend like you know me ok?

Landon: But I do, I do. We've all the same classes and same school since kindergarten. Why you're Jamie Sullivan. You sit at lunch table 7. Which isn't exactly the reject table, but is definitely in self exile territory. You have exactly one sweater. You like to look at your feet when you walk. Oh oh and yah, for fun you like to tutor on the weekends and hang out with the cool kids from the "Stars And Planets". Now how does that sound?

Jamie: Fairly predictable, nothing I haven't heard before.

(curious looks at Jamie) Landon: You don't care what people think about you?

(Jamie smiles) Jamie: No. ( walks back over to her seat and Landon watches her puzzled ) [* Itz like Landon can't believe there's someone that doesn't care about their rep. haha]

[Scene:Entrance to the Spring Play]

Eric: Well I don't know what your problem is man, but Ms. Garborough got some nice hoo hoos going on man. (Eric pulls out Landon's crutches)

Landon: Bullshit. (gives to Landon) Thanks.

Eric: I just can't wait to really see you in some stage make up, that's gonna be kinda cool. (chuckles)

Landon: Just be back in hour ok? (points) Don't flake.

Eric: Eh man tell her maybe do like west side story you know. Maybe get that nice big booty girl looking girl from Selena. Maria!! MARIA!!

(inside the hall)

Ms. Garborough: This years spring musical is a story of burning passion and blazing tommy guns. Written by our very own Eddie Zimmerhoff, by words and music by Jamie Sullivan. It follows the rise and fall of Tommy "The Gun" Thorton in prohibitionary New York. ( Landon steps in ) Mr. Carter, better late then never. Please join us.

Landon: Sure. ( Crutches to the left side of the group ) (Everyone looks puzzled to see him) [*Eddie Zimmerhoff's face makes me laugh, like he's saying "Shit.. there goes my play."]

Ms. Garborough: Now then, let's see. Jamie will be our Alicia the mysterious club singer. Sally will be playing Caroline... and hmm.. Landon will read Tommy Thorton. (Landon looks really surprised)

Landon: What? (smiles and breathes nervously) No, no see I didn't plan on acting or anything.

(Scene switches to play read)

Sally: (reading Caroline) When did you know Tommy?

Landon: (half heartedly reading Tommy Thorton) Know what?

Sally: That we were in love.

(sighs) Landon: Love.. uh.. baby, believe me you don't want to go falling in love with a guy like me.

Sally: It's too late Tommy, I'm crazy about you. I'm breathing it, drinking it all in. Aren't you?

(Landon just looks at Sally) Landon: Yah, yah I don't know what I'm drinking doll face, but if this is love.. pour me another glass?? (chuckles) [*that always make me laugh.. stupid Eddie]

Ms. Garborough: Mr. Carter are you trying to be bad at this?

Landon: Oh no, just comes naturally. (everyone laughs)

Ms. Garborough: Alright everybody, let's go to the end. ( Jamie just smiles and nods ) [* I don't know why, but that stupid gold accord always catches my eye]

( coming down from inside )

Eddie Zimmerhoff: Don't even pretend like you're not going to be great. You'll be in the play for sure.

Jamie: Ok, I'll see you tomorrow.

Eddie: Ok. See yah. (Jamie sees Landon, says bye to one more classmate)

Jamie: So would it kill you to try?

(sarcastically) Landon: Yup, and I'm too young to die.

Jamie: Ok, so you don't care about classes or graduating. But you like school because you're popular and you'll never be on top again.

Landon: That's thoroughly predictable.

Jamie: Your act only works on an audience. (Jamie walks over to her car, Landon doesn't see Eric anywhere close) (Landon is in front of Jamie's car)

(sincerely.. [*what an ass, haha]) Landon: You feeling christian?

(scene cuts to Jamie driving)

Jamie: Seatbelts? (Landon puts it on... annoyed, Jamie sighs and turns on Radio. Rachel Lampa plays) (Landon switches it to a rock station, jamie switches back and Landon does it again)

Jamie: I forfeit. [*kinda of a weird line, who says forfeit anymore? Even in the late 90's]

Landon: Thank you.

Jamie: 42...

Landon: 42, what.. what do you mean 42?

Jamie: 42 is be-friend someone you don't like. (looks at Landon) It's a "To Do" list I have exempt from my life.

Landon: What? Like getting a new personality?

Jamie: Mm.. spend a year in the peace corp, make a medical discovery, ( Landon interrupts with "That's ambitious") be in two places at once, get a tatoo.

(Interested looking..) Landon: What's #1?

Jamie: I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. [*N-e-1 else find this weird, though it's a joke.... jamie..a killer.. haha.. that'd be weird] (Landon laughs with a smirk, see his friends and hides his face) [* what an ass]

[Scene:Eric and Landon hanging out]

(totally reading the lines stale.. ) Eric: (reading Alicia I think..)I come to see if you're ready.

(actually trying) Landon: Take a good look lady, because the only thing I'm ready for is a dirt nap.

Eric: Why don't you look inside your heart Tom Thorton? Your warrants have been heard, and not just by me.

Landon: When you walked into.. (stumbles line) aww shit. When you walked outta the rain and into my club that wasn't just a coincidence was it?

Eric: Nothing's coincidence baby, you know you're the only one who can make me sing. [*this scene made me tear up cuz I was laughing so hard.. that sucka is funny] Oh yeah Ms. Garborough! Oh you gonna put Eric in all your plays! Eric Imma put you in all of my plays. ( Landon laughs but annoyed as well )

Landon: Come on man, come on. You know I got 3 weeks to memorize this stuff?

Eric: You couldn't pull this shit off if you had 3 months man . Deniro couldn't even make this shit work. [*Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me? -Deniro]

Landon: Look I didn't write it ok?

Eric: No, but you're the one who's gonna make a jackass outta his self in front of the whole town, the school, your friends.

Landon: Look I don't have a choice, so will you just help me out please?

Eric: You know I'm just busting on you right? I'm going to be there opening night, front row and you can count on it... with tomatoes. (they chuckle)

Landon: Thanks man. ( they do their handshake )

Mom: Landon, boys can you help me with these groceries?

Landon: Yah.

Eric: no problem.


(Landon comes out of the class and sneaks over to Jamie who is reviewing something in her locker)

Landon: Jamie..

(surprised, but turns around) Jamie: What do you want Carter? I've known you for years. You've never been the first one to come up and say hello.

(sighs) Landon: I need help with my lines.

(Jamie looks back at Landon) Jamie: Landon Carter is asking me for help?

Landon: Yeah.

Jamie: Ok, I'll pray for you.

Landon: Jamie.. no look i really need help (interuptted by Jamie)

(smiles) Jamie: You obviously have never asked anyone for help before right? (girls says hello to Landon, he ignores them) A request likes yours requires flattery and grovelling. It can't be all about you. It has to be for the common good of everybody.

(offended) Landon: It is for the common good ok? Eddie Zimmerhoff deserves the best. (sincerely) please?

(sighs) Jamie: Ok. One condition though Carter.

Landon: What's that?

Jamie: You have to promise you won't fall in love with me.

(Landon smiles) Landon: That's not a problem.

Jamie: Ok, I'll see you this afternoon after school.

Landon: Ok. ( looks around to see if anyone saw )

[Scene:Afterschool at Jamie's house]

(Surprised) Reverend: Landon Carter is coming here? The boy's dangerous, he's careless He's the worst kind of bully.

(Pulling off leaves, making tea) Jamie: Daddy what about forgiveness? You know what? I thought we had discussed that I was going to be able to decide how I wanted to spend my time, and my life.

(wiping glasses) Reverend: Well, it's him I don't trust. Not you. (Door Bell pushed by Landon)

(Jamie opens door) Landon: Uh, hey.

(Smiling) Jamie: Hi(shrugs innocently)

Landon:So you going to keep me out here all afternoon or what?

(laughs) Jamie: Come on in. My script is in my room, so I'll be right down. Make yourself at home.

Landon: Oh yeah, (under his breath) not likely.

(Looks around.. now looking at the Jesus statuette) Landon:That is one scary looking.. ( turns around ) Jesus..

Reverend: No, Jamie's father. Hey Mr. Carter, I understand that you've manage to win the lead in the school play. Congratulations.

(Landon bites lip) Landon: Listen, thanks for letting me come over and me run lines with Jamie.

(Mean like) Reverend: I didn't let you.

(embarassed) Landon:Oh..

Reverend: It's a school night. Let's get one thing straight Mr. Carter. You think on Sundays that I don't see you from where I stand, but I see you. I'll be in my office just here.

(Jamie comes back down)

Jamie: Ready?

Landon: Yeah, let's go. (sighs)

[Scene:In front of school again]

(You can see the crew handshaking and just chillin outside by the tree) Dean: Landon!

Landon: Sup.

Dean: Where've you been?

Landon: No where.

Dean: Eh, come here. Hey listen.

Landon: Wasaap?

Dean: Are we cool?

Landon: Yeah. sure.

(Dean shakes his head and proceeds with arm over Landon)

[Scene:Night time Beaufort] (Landon is driving and sees Jamie going into the cemetery)

Landon: The hell?

(gate squeeks as she shuts it)

Landon: Hey! (Turns and around and surprised to see Landon) What are you doing here?

Jamie: I should ask you the same question.

Landon: What do you normally walk by yourself in the cemetery at night? (Jamies clicks on her flash light and flashes Landon)

Jamie: Maybe. (Turns back around to leave)

Landon: Where you going?

Jamie: Come and see. (Jamies clicks on her flash light and flashes Landon, Landon hops after her)

Landon: Ok, what is that?

Jamie: This is my telescope. I built it when I was 12.(Landon has an impressed face) Take a look. (looks inside, we can see Saturn in the distance)

Landon: Saturn.. very cool.

Jamie: Yeah, I'm planning on building a larger one so I can see the comet Haikutaki. It comes in spring but nobody knows when it's coming back.

Landon: Awww, natures miracles. (Jokingly) I get it.

Jamie: Get what?

Landon: That you're into all this stuff.

Jamie: This stuff? ( Looks down at her telescope ) I.. I have my beliefs, i have faith. But don't you?

Landon: No, there's too much bad shit in this world.

Jamie: Without suffering there would be no compassion.

Landon: Yeah well tell that to those who suffer. [*Haha, if homeboy only knew what he was talking about..] (Jamie just shakes her head)

[Scene:In School/Going to class]

Eric: Oh my goodness. See this is what I love about early spring. Where those legs been hiding all winter?

Tracie: She's trashy. Well if it isn't the virgin mary.

Dean: Oh dude, here comes your leading lady?

Jamie: Hey Carter, so I'll see you after school? (everyone looks at Landon)

Landon: In your dreams. (Jamie is hurt, but just walks away)

Eric: Hi, where's your sweater?

( They all laugh and part ways ) Dean: Let's get out of here.

[Scene:After school at Jamie's house.] (Landon pulls up with a nervous face, you can hear Jamie playing "Only Hope" on the piano. Then door bell rings.)

(Jamie opens door and her face goes from smiling to angry. She closes the door.)

Landon: Come on Jamie. Open the door, Please. (door opens) Whoa.

Jamie: What do you want?

(steps back and nervous) Landon: You're not in a good mood.

Jamie: You don't miss a thing.

Landon: Listen Jamie, I was hoping we can run lines together.

Jamie: Ok, but just not so anybody knows right?

Landon: Well I just figured we could surprise everyone with how good I get?

Jamie: Like, we could be secret friends? ( smiles )

(smiles back) Landon: Exactly, exactly it's like you're reading my mind.

Jamie: Great, maybe you can read mine? (gives a dead serious face) (Jamie turns around and heads back inside)

Landon: Jamie.. Jamie I can't just be your friend.

Jamie: Landon look. i thought I saw something in you. Something good, but I was very wrong. ( closes door )

Landon: Jamie.. DAMMIT! (door opens quickly and the reverend steps out, Cold - No One plays) Sorry.

[Scene: Landon's room] (Landon is looking through the yearbook and sees Jamies picture, reads " Ambition: To witness a miracle." (Landon thinks to himself)

[Scene:Back at Jefferson] (Luis is confused again, rolling his basketball on the table)

Landon: You know the answer? Ok I know you don't. (looks outside at the court) Ok, it's you, me and the basket. Ok we form the 3 corners of a triangle. Now take a step toward the basket. (they both step) Now is that the same angle to you and the basket as it's before?

Luis: Yeah.

Landon: Are you?

Luis: Yeah.

Landon: So what did we just make?

(thinking) Luis: Uh.. A similar triangle?

(relieved and points to Luis) Landon:Yes. Yes, ok make me an isoceles.( Luis moves a step to the left) You got it. Two sides the same. Ok,enough of this. let's play.

(Jamie is inside looking at Carter and New Radicals - Mother we can't get enough plays) (several scenes come up.. play rehearsal, Landon in his room practicing and one of Landon and Jamie passing each other in the hall way... they both look at each other at different times)

[Scene:Rehab Center] (We can see Flash Gordon from the 50's on the Tv) (Landon walks into Clay's room, Clay just looks at Landon)

(Sincerely) Landon: I came to say I'm sorry.

Clay: Well you did? You feel better?

Landon: No, I feel like shit.

Clay: You know what? I.. I actually thought I wanted to be your friend. (smiles and nods head) And now I have no idea why. No idea. (Flash Gordon continues and Clay looks back at the TV)

Landon: I made that jump once. I thought I was a bad ass. I remember actually saying I meant to belly flop.

(interested) Clay: Did it hurt?

Landon: Like hell.

Clay: Good. (smiles at Landon)

Landon: So I guess I'll see you at school then? ( They both smile )

[Scene: Play Hall/ Opening Night]

(1930's music is heard and you can see Landon and everyone all dressed up) Landon:(as Tommy Thorton) Pour me a drink Joey.

Sally:(as Caroline) You promised me Tommy. No more of your no good knit schemes. You promised me we'd go to Paris.

Landon: I'm not going to sit on my keyster and watch all the fat cats in this town get rich ok? Now trust me. It's a sure thing.

Sally: That's it. We are through. Go ahead and run your booze you big dope and I hope you drown in it. ( Jamie walks in cloaked ) So, you must be the new girl he's hired, the singer? You want some free advice about this one? Stay far away, he's nothing but trouble and cheap spats. ) ( She exits )

(Scene fades and camera pans and we get a shot of Eric asleep)

Landon: Look I aint blaming yah. I aint asking for forgiveness either. ( Jamie takes off cloak) Just did what I had to. ( looks at Jamie and begins to stumble his line ) When you walked outta the rain and into my club that wasn't just a coincidence was it?

Jamie:(as Alicia) Nothing's coincidence)

[*Listen to Landon's tone, it's as if he's talking directly to Jamie herself] Landon: Your face, you look so familiar. Like this dame I knew once only it wasn't real it was a dream.

Jamie: Tell me about this dream girl.

(still stumbling his lines because his focus on Jamie instead of his lines) Landon: Hell, I don't... remember. ( Silence.... ) All I know.. is that you're beautiful. (Jamie tries to fight the impact, but it can be seen on her face. She's nervous about Landon's re-write... Silence continues) The dream, help me to remember. Will you sing for me?

(Piano of Only Hope plays)


Stanza 1

There's a song that's inside of my soul, It's the one I've tried to write over and over again, I'm awake in the infinite cold, But you sing to me over and over and over again.


So I lay my head back down, And I lift my hands and pray, To be only yours I pray, To be only yours I know now, You're my only hope.

Stanza 2

Sing to me the song of the stars, Of your galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again, When it feels like my dreams is so far, Sing to me of the plans that you have for me over and again.

Repeat Chorus:

So I lay my head back down, And I lift my hands and pray, To be only yours I pray, To be only yours I know now, You're my only hope.


I give you my destiny, I giving you all of me, I want your symphony, singing in all that I am, at the top of my lungs, I'm giving it back.

Repeat Chorus:

So I lay my head back down, And I lift my hands and pray, To be only yours I pray, To be only yours I pray, To be only yours I know now, you're my only hope.

mmm.. Oo Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo

(Landon kisses Jamie, they both look at each other. Loud applause and curtains close) [*That was obviously a re-write because they didn't move after the curtains close, too shocked I guess.]

(everyone begins to leave).. Mom: Honey! I couldn't believe it. What a transformation!

(embarrassed) Landon: Aww, thank you. But please stop.

Mom: Don't be home too late.

Landon: Ok, thank you.

(heads for Jamie, then runs into Eddie) Eddie: Yeah, interesting re-write you did out there tonight Carter.

Landon: Look i did my best.

Eddie: And your acting didn't suck too bad either. Well gotta go. Take it easy man.

Landon: Ok (begins to head for Jamie and is stopped by Ms. Garborough)

Ms. Garborough: Landon you were marvelous.

Landon: Thank You. ( quickly jets off to look for Jamie )

(continues outside) Landon's Dad: Landon! (Landon looks over his shoulder) Fine performance son.

(angrily) Landon: What are you doing here?

Landon's Dad: Your mother told me about it, I thought you might want to get a bite after the show.

Landon: I'm not hungry. ( storms off )

Landon's Dad: Landon, don't walk away.

Landon: You taught me how. (Landon's dad sighs)

[Scene:School day after play/LunchRoom].

(Landon walks in looking for Jamie, eventually finds her and sits down)

Jamie: People can see.

Landon: And that would ruin your reputation how? What's that?

(Lifts book, "To Kill a Mocking Bird") Jamie: I'm reading all the books on Mr. Rothman's list of of contemporary American authors.

Landon: And.. how many books are there? ( Looks around nervously )

(Doesn't make eye contact, but answers question) Jamie: A 100, but then there's his british list and his european list.

Landon: So, is this on your list? To read all these books?

( Jamie continues to read her book, drinks her already empty carton of OJ. ) [*That's embarrassing, it's already empty, but she'd rather spend her time on a empty carton then on Landon, how sad. haha]

Landon: Jamie, I'm trying here ok? Maybe.. maybe I miss spending time with you. Maybe you inspire me.

(Jamie laughs) Jamie: Sounds like bull.

(offended) Landon: Which part?

Jamie: All of it

Landon: Well it's not.

Jamie: Prove it.

( Jamie walks out, Landon sighs then runs after her )

Landon: Jamie! Jamie!

(Angry) Jamie: You don't know the first thing about being someones friend.

Landon: I don't just want to be your friend.

Jamie: You don't know what you want.

Landon: Niether do you. Maybe you're just too scared that someone might want to be with you.

(Turns towards Landon) Jamie: And why would that scare me?

Landon: Because then you wouldn't be able to hide behind your books, or or or your freaking telescope. Or your faith. ( Jamie turns to leave ) No no, you know the real reason why you're scared? It's because you want to be with me too.

(Jamie stutters for a second, glances up and down at Landon.. then leaves for her car)

[Scene:Landon's garage]

(Landon is screwing in bolts inside his car, Eric puts on Missy - Get your Freak on )

Eric: Aww yeah. We gonna get this party up here jumpin real right. Come on.

(Landon looks at Eric) Landon: Can we turn down Soul Train just a bit there. Some people are actually trying to work. (Eric continues to do this ugly version of the Robot, he's funny)

Eric: You really know how to bust a robot groove up in here man, But it's all good, cuz you know what? We're gonna get club Landon-club Eric really jumpin up in here. What we got here? Oh Oh oh.. whoa. Ok ok, you're not feeling my hip hop, but uhm what the hell is this man?

Landon: Jamie lent it to me.

Eric: Mm.. now she got you listening to her people music.

(smirks) Landon: Ok, her people?

Eric: Yah, uh huh. Bible hugging, crucifix wearing, honk if you love Jesus people.

Landon: She's not like that.

Eric: Well uh, you know you got uh, Belinda thinking that.. that little lip action between you and Jamie was kinda real. (Landon stops... and there's silence) What's with you man? It's like you don't time for your real friends anymore?

(Wiping off his hands) Landon: I don't know buddy. I'm just over it. Sick and tired of doing the same old shit all the time.

Eric: This girls changed you and you don't even know it man.

Landon: Heh, yeah lemme guess. Did Belinda say that?

Eric: No, I did.

[Scene: night time at Jamie's house]

(Landon approaches with a bag) Jamie: You.

Landon: Me. (Landon raises the bag to Jamie)

(puzzled) Jamie: What is it?

Landon: I got you something.

Jamie:Thank you. ( sincerely )

Landon: Well I'll see you at school.

(Jamie nods) Jamie: K.

(reverend comes out) Reverend: Mr. Carter...

Landon: Later Reverend.

(Reverend looks toward Jamie, Jamie admires the sweater) Reverend: Jamie. Boys like that.... they have.. they have expectations. You know the rules around here are not going to change.

Jamie: Fine.

Reverend: Now you may not care what I say or think, but you should care about God's opinion.

(Jamie smiles) Jamie: I think he wants me to be happy. Dad, It's just a sweater. I'm going to make us some dinner ok?( Kisses him on the cheek )

(Reverend just sits on the porch and pouts while blowing out his air in frustration)

[Scene:Landon's House]

(Landon is helping his mom cook)

Mom: Well I talked to your Dad today. Said he saw you at the play... for about 10 sec.

Landon: Yeah, sending a check once a month doesn't exactly make him your father.

(disappointed) Mom: Landon there are a lot of reasons...

Landon: He left us mom.

Mom: You need to forgive him too.

(Landon just ignores her)


(Eric, That one kid, and belinda are walking in the hall way) Eric: Jamie Sullivan, oh me oh my. Look at Jamie Sullivan. She was looking hot in that play. I don't know man.

Belinda: She does not look hot.

Walker: She looked hot, and yeah I'd have to say that she did. She looked hot.

Belinda: Wait, i have the best idea.

(scene cuts to computer screen where they're editing the picture of Jamie) [*Those freaking butt mongers..] (scenese come up and tracie is helping pass out the fliers)

(scene cuts to Jamie and Belinda in the hall ) Belinda: Jamie! Hi..

Jamie: Hi.

Belinda: Listen I just want you to know, no hard feelings. Landon and I are way over.

Jamie: I really don't know what you're talking about. (Bites lip)

Belinda: Jamie, you'd be so beautiful if you knew how to do your make up. Come on, eat lunch with me. (Jamies answers ok and leads Jamie inside ) want a tic tac?

Jamie: no

Belinda: Okay.

(everyone quiets down as jamie enters.. laughing begins) Belinda: Wow, Is that you? (Jamie looks at flier) nice bun..

( a scene cuts to Jamie having an anxiety attack, she turns to run and runs into Landon) Landon: Look, This is about me ok. This is not you. Stay here.

Dean: Hey man, no wonder you were keeping her locked up man. I had no idea this was under all that.( laughs )

(Landon shoves Dean)

Tracie: Stop it

(Dean turns to Tracie) Dean: You stay out of this!!

(Landon socks Dean) ( commotion happens ) Dean: We're through.

Landon: That's great.

Dean: We're through! We are through forever!

( talks to Jamie) Landon: You okay?

Dean: You made a mistake Landon!

Landon: Let's get out of here.

Dean: Hey.. you little chicken shit.

(easing Jamie) Landon: Baby, baby I'm sorry ok? They're animals alright? You want me to take you home? ( Jamie nods yes ) Let's get out of here.

[Scene:In front of Jamie's house in the car]

Landon: Are you sure you're ok?

Jamie: uh hm, I'm fine. But thank you for everything.

Landon: No, you're welcome.

(Jamie begins to get out)

Landon: Hey, uhm.. I want to ask you something.

Jamie: Okay ( quietly ) (smiles) Landon: Will.. you go out with me on saturday night?

Jamie: Uhm.. I'm sorry. I can't go.

Landon: Oh uhm.. you have something else going on?

Jamie: No, it's not that.

Landon: Then what is it?

Jamie: I'm not allowed to date.

Landon: Oh..

[Scene:Church hall]

(Reverend Sullivan is preparing for his next sermon)

Reverend: Do not be deceived, for God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows through his flesh will of the flesh re.. ( about to drink his water) Can I help you?

Landon: Uh yes sir. I'd like to ask your daughter to dinner on saturday night.

Reverend: That's not possible.

(upset) Landon: Well, all due respect sir. I ask you to reconsider.

Reverend: With all due respect Mr. Carter, I made my decision. You can exit the way you entered.

Landon: Listen I'm sorry if I haven't treated Jamie the way I should've. She deserves more than that. I am just asking you for the same thing you teach us everyday in church, and that's faith.

( Reverend looks puzzled and taps his hand )

[Scene:First Date]

( it's night time in Beaufort and the sky is clear, a restaurant scene is set )

Jamie: I can't believe you asked my father's permission.

Landon: It's no big deal. He was kool about it anyway. (leads her to table)

Jamie: Thank you.

Waiter: This is for you.

Jamie: Thank you very much. (waiter hands menu to Landon)

Waiter: Would you like to start off with something to drink?

Jamie: Sweet tea please?

Landon: Make that 2.

Waiter: Right away.

Jamie: Uhm, this restaurant is really nice. Are you sure this is ok?

(Landon smiles) Landon: Don't even worry about it ok?

Jamie: Okay.

Landon: Choose whatever you want. ( They both laugh ) So..what'll it be? (after dinner)

Waiter: Is everything okay?

Jamie: Uh hmm.., thank you very much.

Landon: yeah, me too. Thanks. (Landon sighs)

Jamie: Would you like to dance?

(Landon stumble with his words) Landon: Uh..sorry. I don't dance.

Jamie: Me niether, I mean. Not usually in front of anybody.

Landon: Well, no. I mean... I don't.. at all. As in I can't.

(smiles) Jamie: Everybody can dance. Come on you can't be that bad. Please? For me? Come on. (Landon and Jamie walk to the floor.. steps on her foot)

Jamie: Ooof. (smiles)

Landon: Sorry, I told you I was bad at this.

Jamie: But in all fairness you did warn me right? ( they laugh )

Landon: That's right... so what's #1 on your list? (Jamie shakes no) Ok.. uhm. #1 on my list is getting out of Beaufort.

Jamie: Mmm.. I don't think getting out is going to be a problem. It's more like figuring out what you're going to do when you get somewhere.

Landon: What do you mean?

Jamie: I mean, you can do anything. ( They continue to dance )

[Scene: Stateline]

( Landon is driving on the street ) Jamie: Where are we going?

Landon: Just hold on, you'll see. (acoustic strumming of TopLoader - Dancing in the Moonlight plays )

Landon: Come on Come on Come on! Let's go!

Jamie: What are we doing?

(leads her to the street) Landon: Ok ok, uh stand there.

Jamie: Alright.

Landon: One foot there and one foot here.

Jamie: Okay... you're acting like a crazy person what's going on?

Landon: Ok right now you're straddling the state line.

Jamie: Okay.. ( nods head )

(Landon looks toward sign " Welcome to Virgnia ")

Landon: You're in 2 places at once. ( Vocals of Top Loader comes on ) (they both smile.. Jamie laughs and they embrace )


( Top Loader slowly fades to Mandy's - It's gonna be love ) ( showing fake tatoo ) Landon: Butterfly, rose bud or star?

Jamie: You choose.

Landon: Butterfly. Jamie: Okay.

(Landon unpeals tatoo) Landon: So.. where do you want it?

Jamie: Mm.. right here. ( shows shoulder )

Landon: Okay....

( puts tatoo on Jamie )

[Scene:On the pier]

( they both are walking hand in hand to the end of the pier )

Jamie: How can you see places like this? And have moments like this.. and not believe?

Landon: You're lucky to be so sure.

Jamie: It's like the wind. I can't see it, but I feel it.

Landon: What do you feel?

(smiles) Jamie: I feel wonder, and beauty, joy...Love. I mean, I mean it's the center of everything.

Landon: I might kiss you.

(nervous) Jamie: I might be bad at it.

(Landon smiles) Landon: It's not possible.

(They kiss.... )

Landon: Jamie.. I love you. ( long silence... ) Now would be the time to say something.

Jamie: I told you not to fall in love with me. (quietly) ( They kiss again.. Switchfoot - learning to breath plays .. a scene is shown of them walking into school hand in hand.. upsetting the old friends )

[Scene: 2nd date]

( they both walk toward the house, they kiss and the reverend opens the door )

Reverend: Jamie! Say goodnight to Mr. Carter. Landon go home. The night's over.

Landon: Goodnight.

Jamie: Goodnight.

Landon: Goodnight sir.

(upset with Jamie) Reverend: Jamie you're behavior's sinful.. you're.. you're acting with that boy like you were..

Jamie: In love?

Reverend: Jamie you are a child.

Jamie: Dad, look at me. I'm not a child.

Reverend: Then stop acting childish. (Landon pulls away)

Jamie: I love him.

Reverend: Then be fair to him Jamie, before things get worse. ( Jamie looks toward Landon's direction )

[Scene: Cemetery scene]

(Landon pulls up)

Landon: Hey.

Jamie: Hey. (They kiss)

Jamie: Will you help me?

Landon: Yeah. So uh.. what'd you tell your father?

Jamie: The truth, I just left you out of it. So what do you want to see?

(Landon thinks) Landon: Uhm.. pluto.

(Jamie chuckles) Jamie: Uhm, Pluto only rises a few minutes before the sun.

Landon: Right. and I have brought us a big thermos of hot coffee, and uhm.. a blanket.

Jamie: You planned this?

Landon: Oh I hoped for it.

Jamie: Are you trying to seduce me?

Landon: Why? Are you seducible? (Jamie nods no ) That's what I thought, 'ere go.. a second blanket. One for me and one for you.

Jamie: Thank you.

(Landon pulls out paper from his pocket, looks at it ) Landon: Can you find this star? Right here.

(Jamie looks inside telescope) Jamie: So why am I looking for this star?

(Landon pulls out a piece of paper) Landon: Because I had it named for you.

(surprised Jamie looks at landon, landon flickers the paper) Landon: See, it's official. It's from the international star registry.

(Jamie smiles) Jamie: This is wonderful. ( Iooks up at Landon ) I love you. ( they kiss.. again.. how sweet)

Landon: Ok ok ok, I'm sorry. I'm stopping. (They embrace and lie on blanket) So.. what's your #1?

Jamie: To marry in the church where my mother grew up. It's where my parents were married. ( Landon kisses her cheek )

[Scene:Landon comes home]

(Landon scares his mom) Landon: Hey!

Mom: Oh, did you just get in?

Landon: Yeah.

Mom: I'm thankful I didn't know.. I would've been paniced.

(Laughs) Landon: heh, sorry.

Mom: Were you with Jamie? Landon be careful she is the reverend's daughter. Please...

Landon: Mom, it's different with her ok?

Mom: Different with her?

Landon: Yes..

Mom: It better be different with her... I was doing laundry the other day. And I found this. (Landon looks embarrassed) Examine a moon rock, go to college. Get into medical school. Honey.. these are really beautiful ambitions. They're.. but you're going to have to work really hard.

(Landon's face looks sour)

Landon: I can do that.

Mom: Yeah, you can.

Landon: Mama, Jamie has faith in me. You know? She makes me want to be different. Better.

[Scene:The Truth] ( They're walking downtown Beaufort and the run into the gang, it's quiet ) ( Jamie's face is locked in a serious stare.. 311 plays)

Landon: That's great, from citizen high to citizen low. You worried about your college applications?

Jamie: No, I'm not applying to college.

Landon: But you said..

Jamie: No, you assumed.

Landon: Take a year off? Try the peace corp thing?

Jamie: No.( very suttle)

Landon: Okay, what are you going to do? (Jamie's eyes are teary)

Jamie: I'm sick.

Landon: I'll.. I'll take you home. You'll be better tomorrow.

(upset) Jamie: No.... Landon! I'm sick. I have Leukemia.

(smirks) Landon: No.. you're eight.. you're 18. you.. you're perfect.

Jamie: No, I found out 2 years ago and I've stopped responding to treatments.

(Angry) Landon: So why didn't you tell me?

Jamie: The doctor said I should go on and live life normally as best I could. I didn't want anybody to be weird around me.

(upset) Landon: Including me?!

(crying) Jamie: Especially you... you know I was getting along with everything just fine. I accepted it, and then you happened. I do not need a reason to be angry with God. ( Cries and runs away, Landon is speechless ) (SwitchFoot - Dare you to move comes on )

[Scene:Drive to Wilmington] ( Landon is driving from Beaufort to Wilmington to see his Dad ) [* If you look when the camera shows the car from the left side, you can see restaurants on the water in the back ground... one of those buildings is used for Dawson's Creek.. Joey's families restaurant, I know cuz I drove that bridge and checked out the site]

( Landon pulls up to his dad's house, bangs hard and gets ready to leave ) Landon: Dad, open the door!!

Landon's Dad: Landon?

Landon: I need your help.

Landon's Dad: What's wrong? Are you ok?

Landon: It's my girlfriend, Jamie. She's... she's got cancer ok? And I need you to come see her right now.

Landon's Dad: Okay, will you calm down.

(angry) Landon: Can you help me or not?!

Landon's dad: I don't.. I don't.. know her case. I don't know her history. I'd have to talk to her physician. I'm a cardiologist, I can't...

(upset) Landon: You know what? Just forget it. I knew it.

Landon's Dad: Would you wait? Landon wait!!

(turns on lights and SwitchFoot - You plays ) ( Landon drives back to Beaufort crying )

[Scene:In the back of the Landon's House]

( Landon is looking at the water side in his backyard ) Eric: Hey.. your mom called me. She talked to me man.

Landon: About what?

Eric: About you.. about Jamie.

(sad) Landon: What's there to talk about? She's the best person I've ever known.

(regretful) Eric: I didn't understand..

Landon: It's ok man, it's ok. ( handshake )

[Scene:Front of Jamie's House]

(Landon is placing Flowers on the porch... A LOT!)

(Talking to someone else) Reverend: So nice to see you again.. you're welcome. (looks) Landon..

Landon: I'm not going anywhere, please tell Jamie that.

[Scene:Landon's Garage]

(again Landon is checking on his car, shuts hood and Jamie is in the background) (He sees her, and gives her a "confused" look)

Jamie: I'm.. I'm so sorry. I really shoud've told you sooner.

Landon: No. I made you do to many things.. I kept you out..

(Jamie abruptly stops Landon) Jamie: No no no, if anything you kept me healthy longer.

(nervous) Landon: Are you scared?

Jamie: To death... lighten up.

(serious) Landon: It's not funny.

(They place heads together, Jamie is tearful) Jamie: I'm scared of not being with you.

(Landon holds Jamie) Landon: Oh baby, that'll never happen. Okay? I'll be here. (they embrace)

[Scene:Later inside the house]
(Jonathan Foreman - Someday we'll know comes on )
(Mom is reading book on the couch)

Landon: Mom, uhm..can you do me a favor?

(Scene comes up with Landon learning to dance, later cuts to one of Landon dancing on the balcony with Jamie, again fades off to the pier where Landon covers Jamie's bare shoulder with the sweater he got her)

(Landon is alone in the cemetery packing up the telescope when he sees Dean pull up)

Dean: So I talked to Eric... you need help with this stuff?

Landon: Sure

[Scene: In front of Jamie's house]
(Jamie wakes up to the sound of Landon working in the yard)

Reverend: Jamie, what's that boy doing in the yard?

(Jamie looks at her father and collapsed.. )

Reverend: Jamie? What's the matter? Jamie? Honey? (sound of ambulance can be heard)

[Scene: Hospital/Rehab Center]
(Landon is bedside, he never leaves)
(Jamie's father comes in)

Reverend: Landon, one moment son. (quietly)

Landon: I'm not tired.

Reverend: I need just a minute with her. (Landon kisses Jamie's hand)

Landon: I'll be back ok? (tired)

Jamie: Okay. (Reverend sits down)

Jamie: Daddy, so serious. (Reverend smiles and holds Jamie's hand)

Reverend: Do you remember when you were about 5 or 6? And you said you hated gravity and you wanted to jump off the roof and fly? (jamie laughs)

Jamie: I was so angry at you for making me come down. (voice begins to crack) Reverend: Honey, if I kept you too close, it's because I wanted to keep you longer.

Jamie: Dad..

Reverend: You know, when I lost your mother. I was afraid my heart would never open again. Jamie I couldn't look at you for days. But then.. ( smiles )

Jamie: I love you so much.. ( reverend begins to cry and places her hand on his head)

[Scene: Landon's Porch]

(Landon is outside then belinda comes up)

Belinda: Hi

Landon: Hey

Belinda: I wanted to give you these, it's the pictures from the play. (nervous) I'm sorry about the fliers.

Landon: Hey, it doesn't matter.

Belinda: Yeah. I guess you're with who you should be. It's like she chose you.

Landon: Yeah, I don't even know why.

(begins to tear)
Belinda: I do.. oh. (kisses Landon on the cheek then leaves)

[Scene:Back in the hospital/Rehab center]
(Jamie's hair is braided and she sees Landon in the corner)

Landon: Hey. How are you feeling?

Jamie: I'm ok, how are you?

Landon: Pretty good.

Jamie: I have something for you.

Landon: You do?

Jamie: Uh hmm.. (Pulls out book) Don't worry it's not a bible. It was my mother's. It's got quotes from all her favorite books, and quotes by famous people. Her thoughts. (Landon kisses her hand) Come on.

Landon: Okay, let's check it out. (reading) Okay, what is a friend? A friend is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. Aristotle.

Jamie: Uh uh, here. (points)

Landon: Okay, if I know who you are, I'd do it on purpose. It's Dolly Parton.


Jamie: I always thought she was smart.

Landon: Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude( Jamie closes her eyes and speaks along with Landon ) or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. ( they both smile )

Jamie: You know what I figured out today?

Landon: What?

Jamie: Maybe God has a bigger plan for me than I had for myself. Like this journey never ends. Like you were sent to me because I'm sick. To help me through all this. (Landon touches her face) You're my angel. (smiles, and they kiss)

(scene cuts to Landon pulling up at the rehab center)
(Landon sees them wheeling out Jamie)
[*I heard the person pushing Jamie is the Director]

Landon: Hey, what's going on?

Jamie: Landon I get to go home, please thank your father for me.

Landon: What does she mean?

Reverend: Your father's been trying to reach you. He's going to pay for private homecare.

[Scene:Landon's Dad's house/Wilmington]

(Landon knocks on the door, they look at each other)

Landon: Thank you. (They hug, and Landon breaks down in his dad's arms)

[Scene:Night time in Jamie's yard]

(Reverend looks outside and sees Landon working)

(Working furiously)
Landon: Listen, I got to finish this tonight.

(reverend holds a hot cup of coffee I guess)
Reverend: Here, something hot.

(Landon surprised)
Landon: Ok, well I'm almost finished with the rocker. Did she order the mirrors?

Reverend: Yeah, they're in here. What are you going to use for the side bearings?

Landon: Using an old phono graphic turn table.

Reverend: You think you'll get all of this done by tomorrow?

(Scene switches to the next night, Landon finishes the telescope and is holding Jamie)

Jamie: Thank you. It's beautiful.

Landon: Ok, it's time. Go check it out.

Jamie: Okay.

Landon: Okay.
(Instrumental of Only Hope comes on, Jamie looks inside telescope and the comet Haikutaki is in full view)

Jamie: Wow, There it is. Come here, come look. Come here, come look quick.
(Landon looks inside and also sees Haikutaki)

Landon: It's kool. ( laughs, looks back at Jamie and sits next to her) Do you love me? (Jamie answers with a "mmm") Will you do something for me then?

Jamie: Anything.

(looks down then up at her)
Landon: Will you marry me?

(Jamie looks at Landon surprised then smiles, she kisses him, guess the answer is yes. Switchfoot - Only hope comes on)

[Scene: Wedding]
(Switchfoot continues and a pearl white church can be seen, the door opens and Landon can be seen in a suit. Jamie and her father enter arm in arm. They stroll down the aisle while shots of Landon's friends, his father and mother are shown. Reverend leads her to the alter. Jamie gives her bouquet to someone. )

Reverend: Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. ( they whisper "I love you" to one another) Love is never boastful nor conceited. It is never rude or selfish it does not take offense, and it is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people's sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope. And to endure..... (lip shakes) whatever comes.

(scene comes up with Jamie and Landon speaking their vows) [*I will seperate the dialogue with a " * ", but remember they are speaking at the same time]

Landon: I, Landon Rollins Carter, do solemnly swear to take Jamie Elizabeth Sullivan as my lawfully wedded wife. To honor, to cherish her all the days of my life. ( Landon's face gets saddens for a second, and Jamie looks at him. )

*Jamie: I, Jamie Elizabeth Sullivan, do solemnly swear to take Landon Rollins Carter as my lawfully wedded husband. To honor, to cherish him all the days of my life.

( scene cuts to both of them putting on each others ring )
(Camera pans from the Reverend Sullivan's position and leaves the Church from the entrance through the aisle Jamie and her Father walked)

Landon: Jamie and I had a perfect summer together with more love than lots of people will know in a life time. And then she went, with her unfailing faith. (Camera pans into the sky)

[Scene: 4 years later/ Returning to Jamie's house]

(Landon pulls up in a Ford and walk towards Jamie's house)
Landon: It's been 4 years, and with the vision of Jamie walking towards me will stay with me forever. (rings doorbell and takes off shades)

Maid: Hello Mr. Carter, come in. Have a seat please.

Landon: Thank you. ( Landon sits and a heavy sigh can be heard ) (Reverend comes out)

Reverend: Landon! Heh heh.

(stands) Landon: Hey!

(They embrace) Reverend: You look good.

Landon: Aww, thank you. You too.

Reverend: Oh, I'm getting by. (they both sit) What's new Landon?

Landon: Well, I got into medical school.

Reverend: Your mother told me that. We're so proud of you. Jamie would've been proud of you too.
( Landon's facial expression sinks )

Landon: Listen, I want you... to have this. ( gives book that Jamie gave him )

Reverend: Oh Landon..

Landon: No..

Reverend: Oh my... Thank you.

Landon: I'm sorry she never got her miracle.

(Reverend stops for a sec)
Reverend: She did, it was you.

(Landon face freezes and realizes that it was true.. sighs)

[Scene: Final Scene/Pier].

(It's afternoon time, same pier where he and Jamie kissed for the first time) (Landon walks and we can hear his inner monologue, during his dialogue strumming from Mandy - Cry comes on)

Landon: Jamie saved my life, she taught me everything. About life, hope, and the long journey ahead. I'll always miss her, but her love is like the wind. I can't see it, but I can feel it.
(Mandy's voice comes on and Landon looks up as if he can hear Jamie)

(Fade to credits.. )

[* Thanks guys for taking the time to read this script. I know there will be mistakes, but please let me know if there are. Here's my e-mail one more time just incase you guys need it. " ". This was one of the hardest and most enduring things I've ever had to do, but I love this film and I happy I'm able to share this with you all. It took me about 10 1/2 hours over a course of 3 days. My back really hurts after sitting for so long. I guess I admire Mandy that much. I don't mind you sending this to your friends, actually I encourage you too, but please don't alter anything saying this was yours. I spent a really really long time on this and I put my heart and soul in it for you guys. That's the only thing I ask of you all. Well thanks again, and be on the look out for the continuation of my Fan fic.. Jamie leaves something behind for Landon. Catch is, he has to find it. Okay people, I'll see you on the forums. Enjoy! ]