Taken from mandymoore.org

Mandy Moore was born April 10, 1984 in Nashua, NH but considers herself a Florida native since she moved to Orlando, Florida when she was seven weeks old.

Mandy spent two summers at Stagedoor Manor, a performing academy in New York, studying theater during the day and performing at night at the Catskill resorts. Mandy was even auditioned for Broadway and on her first try she made it down to the final two choices for "High Society".

She is known around town as the "National Anthem Girl" since she has sung it for all of the major sports teams, and even won a statewide contest to sing it for Chris Evert's Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament. She was a charter member of "Civic Kids", an elite performance troupe that performed all around Central Florida. She has also had solo performances at the White House and Opryland.

It was while she was in the recording studio working on a theme song for a TV pilot that Mandy was "discovered." One of the producers in the studio thought Mandy had talent and offered her a chance to complete a demo. A talent scout came into the studio one day while she was working on the demo and heard Mandy sing. He sent a copy of the unfurnished demo to David McPherson, Senior Vice President of Urban A&R for Epic Records/550. McPherson liked what he heard, and flew down to listen to Mandy himself. Word got out, and Mandy was also offered contracts by two other labels, but chose Sony because "they are the best!"

Since than, Mandy has released three successful albums and has dove even further into acting. With a minor role in Disney's 'The Princess Diaries' Mandy moved from supporting, to lead actress. She recently starred in 'A Walk to Remember', based on Nicholas Sparks' bestselling book. Mandy recieved critical acclaim for her portrayal of a gawky teen who blossoms in to a beautiful woman. Mandy has currently finished filming her third major motion picture, "Try Seventeen", co-starring Elijah Wood, and is currently working on Aurora Island co-starring Acadamy Award™ Winning actress Kim Bassinger and Joaquin Phoenix.