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Nonny Price

*Basic Facts*
Name: Nonny Price
Age: 26
Home Town: Uniontown, PA
Current Location: Los Angeles, CA
Parents: Father - Earl, Mother - Cecelia
Siblings: Brother - Ronald
Official Website

*Other Intresting Facts*
One of Nonny's dancer's names is Dominic.

Although Nonny is considered one of Aaron Carter's former dancers, she (along with Stephen) was one of Aaron's dancers on a "Slime Time Live" appearance on December 17, 2001.

Nonny will be doing a CLUB TOUR starting January 2002. This will be an amazing experience for Nonny, as this is the start of something she has wanted and worked for a while. Currently she is busy rehearsing for the tour.

Nonny is featured in the new "Life Story" magazine out about Aaron! They have a picture of Nonny opening up for a show during Aaron's Summer tour, and have included a short article on Nonny! :)

Nonny first started dance classes at age 3, and studied throughout her school years.

Nonny's hard work and dedication earned her a scholarship to Point Park College, where she graduated in 1997. Throughout her college years, she performed in Point Park's Playhouse productions and did Summer Stock with the Kenley Players.

Not long after Nonny graduated, she headed for Los Angeles. Since then, she has performed in numerous music videos and with many artists - Aaron Carter, Britney Spears, Lou Bega and Guy.

How did Nonny become Aaron Carter's choreographer/dancer?
Nonny was in a dance class, and Leslie Carter happened to be there. Leslie pointed Nonny out to her mom, Jane, and she watched her dance. Jane later asked Nonny if she would be intrested in dancing with Aaron.

Aaron's mother Jane manages Nonny, along with Aaron and Leslie.

Nonny is writing some original material and plans to start recording later in 2001.

Nonny's producer is Simone Sello, who is also the guitar player for Aaron's band.

Nonny's music will be taking a different path from the pop stuff - her music is more European dance club type.

Brother Ronald is a student at Ohio State University.

Nonny is working on her own singing career. She is combining her many talents and becoming a celebrity in her own right.

On June 9, 2001, Nonny was one of the opening acts for Aaron Carter's concert at the Halifax Forum.

Nonny continued to be one of Aaron's opening acts on his sold out Summer tour of 2001. She sang one song, and danced. :)

Stephen Butler is Nonny's choreographer.

Not only was Nonny a dancer for Aaron Carter, she was also his choreographer for 3 years.

"They asked me if I would be interested in working with Aaron. That's pretty much how I got the job." -Nonny Price

"I'm really looking forward to it, because I've sort of put it on hold for the past few years, because I've been working with Aaron." -Nonny Price

"When I started dancing for other people in L.A., I started to think, 'If they're the front person, what makes me think that I always have to be the person dancing behind them?' I always felt that if they can do it, so can I." -Nonny Price

"It'll be difficult to separate from Aaron because we've got a really close relationship. It'll be hard to not dance with him on stage, but in order to do what I'm going to do, I have to get away from dancing with someone else." -Nonny Price

"Aaron has been a great big influence. He's been very supportive. He's sort of excited for me to go off and do my thing." -Nonny Price

"I'm really excited to go [to my home town] and show everybody what I've been doing since I graduated." -Nonny Price