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Popping Up Fun

"Hey, Honey guess how much money I saved you this time...?"

While garage saling, I came across a super bargain.
I found a 1972 Starcraft Pop up for only $600. It needed some TLC, but was in pretty good shape for being almost 30 yrs old. It even has the 70's orange sink and stove. At first, we had planned to repaint them, but the more we thought about it, we decided to keep the retro look and accessorize...accessorize...accessorize.
We've spent the last month getting everything ready for our first real campout. I have been having so much fun going down memory lane while looking for the perfect items to put in our popup. It's going to look a little like a set from the 70's Show,
but I like it! :-)

Soon, soon, soon there will be pictures, tips, and camping experiences added,
so Please come again and take a stroll down memory lane with us! :-)


We have been away for a little bit...mentally that is. lol Shortly after our trip to Vermont, we found out we were expecting another blessing(must have been that Vermont water). Needless to say, camping excursions were put on hold for awhile. Now that out little guy has arrived safe and sound, we hope to be able to update with more camping trips. Well, that is after we get another vehicle since there are now 8 in our family. LOL Maybe we should buy a Partridge Family bus.

For all of you saying "What?"...
Never mind you are making me feel old! lol :-)

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Cheesy Lights
Duckey's Dawn-Meet another new addition to our family.

Click aboove to read about our Popup's Name
Love my Fishy Lights?**

This is the layout for our Starcraft. Just enough room for all of us.

Here's a few interior pictures. It still needs some work.

I found this full length curtain at a resale place and made it into a popup curtain. Still need to finish the rest.

Love my shag throw rug?
Oh Yeah Baby!!!

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Fix me Up...

Away we go...


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Bye, Come back Soon!

* License plate courtesy of Rt's Blank Plates

** Fish lights by Fantastick GmbH.