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About The Webmaster

"The Basics"

Full Name:
Stephanie Marie Lindstrom
Steph, Stepherz, Otis, Step-on-me-hard, Steven, Stormy and Hey You!
January 29th, 1985
Zodiac Sign:
Mom-Vicki Dad-Phil Sister-Jess Bro-Josh and Sister-Hillary
Eye Color:

"Fun Facts"

Favorite Food:
Pizza! Anything Italian!
Favorite Drink:
Milk, water and ORANGE SODA!
Favorite Scent:
Tommy Girl
Favorite Clothing Design:
Even though all her friends or at least most but Abercrombie and just basically anything she happens to wear.
Favorite Halloween Costume:
One year I was Queen of the Nile!
Favorite Album:
Stephanie LOVES every *N SYNC album! "No Strings Attached is one of my favorite albums. It shows how much the guys have changed musically and as people."
Favorite Group:
*N SYNC, Take 5, Youngstown, Nobody's Angels, LFO, Blaque, Limp Bizkit, Lit, and more..
Favorite Solo Artists:
Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Lauryn Hill, Mandy Moore, Mariah Carey, Robyn, Jordan Knight, Pink, Sisqo and more!
Favorite Fast Food Joint:
Favorite Thing To Do In Her Spare Time:
In Stephanie's spare time she likes to hang out and go online. "I'm a major internet junkie! I am on like all the time." Stephanie also loves to go shopping and just sit back and relax.
Favorite Saying:
"Never frown,cause you never know when someone is going to fall in love with your smile"--Justin
Favorite Sports:
Favorite Movie:
Space Balls! "I remember watching Space Balls when I was little and I watch it all the time still. Its like come on how many movies make fun of Star Wars!" Stephanie also like Princess Bride, Robin Hood, Monster Squad, Sixth Sense, Skulls and more.
Best Buds:
Kimberly, Crystal, Karen, 'Thee, 'Dite, Mindy, and all her buddies online and off.