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The story of Suck an elf

Suck an Elf

Suck an elf is a word I have been using a lot lately! Everyone has no idea where it comes from so I am going to explain it to the rest of the world. About a month ago I watched a mini-series called The 10th Kingdom, it is about people who find a time rip in the world and go through it. When get to the other side they realize they have entered fairy tale land also called the 9 Kingdoms. That is the story basis okay! The 9 Kingdoms are in war with the evil Trolls. (No not the Trolls with colorful hair and jewels in there bellies, real ugly, dirty, nasty Trolls) Anyways these trolls are very mean and rude so they swear a lot. Now since this was made for T.V they coudn't use big swear words so they made them up and that was okay because in different worlds you might not speak the same. The Trolls always swore and they said Suck an Elf a lot. (you could go to jail for swearing you could even go to jail for being to cheaky, also known as being a smartass! ) That is where suck an elf comes from and I have to recomend the movie! If you think it is cheasy you are so wrong, they have a part were the troll gets his head cut off. He! He! That is my story and I hope you enjoyed.

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