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[L-R: Mandy, Nikki, Veronica, Danay, Jenny]

         The group was formed and is managed by Lynn Harless [Jusitn Timberlake of NSYNC's mom]. Lynn decided to manage a group that would be similar to a "female NSYNC" as some call it. Nikki [DeLoach] along with Lynn and Brintey [Spears] initially started the group. Although Britney decided soon after to go solo. Jenny [Morris], Danay [Ferrer], Mandy [Ahsford], and Veronica [Finn] were then picked out of about 75 demo tapes and interviews to make up the rest of the group. Ironically Nikki appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club with Justin and JC of NSYNC [along with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera among others], Mandy was in the same dancing company as Lance, Danay and Joey attended the same high school and Veronica is an old friend of Justin's. The girls imediatly clicked when they met for the first time. Lynn came up with the name Innosense and spelled it different to help the girls send out a message to the world that you should have a good sense of yourself. They have recently been on tour with NSYNC [began July 10th] and will continue to tour with them. Look for their debut album "So Together" out on RCA records August 8th.


Full Name: Veronica Lee Finn
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Birthdate: July 5th 1981


Full Name: Jennifer De'Lou Morris
Hometown: Pickerington, OH
Birthdate: August 30th 1980


Full Name: Ashlee Nicole DeLoach
Hometown: Blackshear, Georgia
Birthdate: September 9th 1979


Full Name: Mandeline Elizabeth Ashford
Hometown: Clinton, MS
Birthdate: March 16th 1979


Full Name: Danay Ferrer
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Birthdate: July 25th 1974


"...We want to be a positive influence..." -Nikki
"We all grew up listening to different kinds of music--country, rap, pop and alternative. That's why we tried to incorporate it all into our sound." -Nikki

Here are a few pictures of the girls:

[Innosense poses with Justin Timberlake of NSYNC.]

[I don't think Danay looks too good here but overall the pic is cute.]

[I *think* this was from my YM magazine.]

[Nikki with pals Justin and JC.]

[Jenny and Mandy at Disney looking very pretty.]

[Nikki and Danay at Disney.]

[Veronica at Disney.]

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