1. The Creators

  2. The Idea
    The basic idea behind Hall of Mirrors is very simple. The Hall will a place to find cool images, links, and more for no other purpose than its pure enjoyment. I do not support pirating or copyright infringement, so only files elgible for public use would be posted there.

  3. How It Works

    All contributions are welcome and subject to review.

    If material is used, the contributors/creators will be credited along with links to their site, if applicable. The source must be given if something is not of one's own creation. If you intend to send more than one work, please give advance notice. Do not flood my mailbox, or the work will not be considered, no matter how well done it may be. This site will be updated approximately every two weeks with new pictures and writings while new links will be added as I get them.

    Once submitted material has been accepted, it will be placed in the entrance area most appropriate for that contribution (lyrics, poetry, visual art, etc). If more than two works are submitted (and accepted), each creator is allowed a 2 page visual gallery or a single page listing of links to written material.

    In regards to submissions, there is no editing or censoring on this site. Everything posted is posted as I received it, though I reserve the right to resize visual art for ease of viewing and/or page loading.

  4. Why It Is
    It is because it needs to be. Besides, it will be fun. There seems to be a lack of single sites encompassing cool stuff - sites seem to be rather pigeonholed. There are not a whole lot of single sites with just lots of cool stuff from here and there and everywhere. If there is, it's all themed or a certian genre. It isn't broad. There should be something like that, so I think I will give it a shot and see what happens, Jah? Since this is a new project for me, feedback would be very helpful, with your ideas of what you want and catching any bugs.

    Nevermind that plot for world domin- er, world peace...

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