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Here There Be My Writings.

Some of My Rambling
Where Have All The Gentlemen Gone?

Some of my Articles
Anime 101
An introduction for the curious and the novice
Blackjack: Clinical Chart I
Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Shooting Stars (Episodes 1-4)
Lain (layers 1-3)
Record of Lodoss War (episodes 1-3)
Vampire Princess Miyu: Vol. 1
Princess Mononoke
Peacock King: Spirit Warrior I
Perfect Blue
Pet Shop of Horrors
My Neighbor Totoro
Vampire Hunter D

If you enjoy reading these type of reviews, please let me know. These reviews are over two years old, but I would be happy to get back into this! :) I'd also like to update these to give more of an accurate opinion since I could not be as vocal as I wished at the time since I worked at a store desiring to make a profit.

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