Various Quotes

"Too much faith is destructive; too little faith is self destructive." -TLM

"To the all the world I am but one person - I hope to one person I will be all the world." -TLM paraphrasing someone else

"HAM!!" -JNE

"I can hear Radio Free Europe in my head bones. I have many head bones." -Eric Gearman

"Music is a like a sonic painting..." -WB

"Conventional people are roused to fury by departures from convention,largely because they regard such departures as a criticism of themselves." -Bertrand Russell

"[beep][beep] [beep] Another special news anouncement for those mindless drones out there... If you ever see a fish making crunchy waffles do not approach him, he may be armed with a ladle !! There is more to come."-Miss CRUNCHY America

"It's wiggly and keeps moving!" -YesWeHaveNoBananas

"For my love I gave all that I had, and now I cannot exist without." - Dying Machine

"... have at this little tidbit to think about..... facism is a lie told by bullies. a writer who will not lie cannot live or work under facism. because facism is a lie it is condemned to litereary sterility.and when it is past,it willhave no history ,except a bloody nistory of murder. it is very dangerous to write the truth in war,and the truth is also dangerous to come by. -hemingway- look at the recent rolling stone issue (avril whatsername on cover)" - Oratorian

"I need scissors! 64!" - Turnip Pruning

"For your love I'll dig a hole; I'll dig till my hands bleed. For your love I'll fill that hole with girls in pearls and weeds." - Secret

"It stinks, It stinks,It stinks! Thats right Mr. Sherman everything Stinks" - "Jack Skellington"

"I wish for dancing umbrellas with ducks or maybe umbrellas with dancing ducks or maybe disco ducks with umbrella skeletons." - Mental Floss

"Some people think they are evil, but they're really just an ass. To truly be evil, you need to have a little class." - Evil 101

"ME RETIREMENT GREASE !!!" - "Jack Skellington"

"This must be what life is like for normal people... but without the jellyfish." - TLM

"Well just look at me nerdin' it all up!" - Beefbrain McHitfist