“Bleeding Soul”

I look into your eyes,
you look into mine,
tell me what you see
for I've made myself blind,
do you see a man before you?
a single figure of shame?
do you see a fool before you now?
a scapegoat to take the blame?

I may see nothing now,
through these eyes of mine,
but in fact I see so much more,
than I ever did with you,
I know what all I've done,
and I live with it every day,
but there's still no excuse for you,
to have shredded my soul this way.

I let my bleeding continue,
for longer than I care to remember,
I'm healing here now that you're gone,
from punishment disproportionate to my crime,
you won't twist the knife so easily these days,
on this do rest assured,
I've learned what it is to respect myself,
and of your curse I shall have a cure.

Go ahead and take pleasure in the fact,
that even these words are written,
with blood that my soul has spilled,
but I promise you this last thing,
vengeance for each drop will be fulfilled!

Paul R. McKelvey III

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