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Check out everyone's favourite cute little dead girl at the official website of Roman Dirge. Nummy!
Lenore © Roman Dirge.
Feel your Mojo Rising? Reach out and touch someone, courtesy of Pinstruck!
An obsessive-compulsive's wet dream!
Marty's page. He dropped off of the face of the earth, but I'll forgive him I guess... I think he didn't realise that I actually valued our friendship. The site hasn't been updated in a while, but it's still interesting to check out.
Tour a Lovecraftian haunted house with more stories to tell than your old Great-Aunt Martha. Very well done, and quite fascinating!
Insert your Link here!! Just email Spook!!
Intriguing exploration of New Jersey folklore, haunts, phenomena, and the unknown. There's also a link to Wierd US, to see what's living in your neck of the woods!
Find the dirty truth on love and religion, while dressing up Jesus, wiggers, catholic school girls, good ol' Bob, and more.
This is George's site. Find out more about some spiffy music, see a side of me you've never seen before, and find out more about a really fascinating person. What a deal! The site has stuff from class left on it and is in need of updating, but it has a lot of potential. I hope he keeps going with it.
The site of the entity known as "Will". He says it is still in progress, but why not take a look around and check out his music, hmmm?
Welcome to The K Chronicles! This is another comic strip that I enjoy. It tends to celebrate the ironies of life and life's small victories. I tend to feel a bit more appreciative about the small things in life after reading this for a while.
Just a little something I think is really pretty. His site is difficult to navigate unless you can read Japanese, but he has some interesting Java toys you can play with if you look around.
A site that highlights how I feel about kids. If you get your panties in a bunch very easily, don't go... Or maybe you should. It might do you some good...
An admirable collection of morbid and gruesome sites. I find endless fascination here.
"Exit Mundi...A Collection of End-of-World Scenarios". Exactly that, intellegently written with delightful humour. It's the end of the world as I know it, and I feel fine.
Cosplay.com. Where crazy people like me like to get all dressed up and find some place to go. Also a good resource if you do any sewing and such of any type, though you have to look harder if you're not into cosplay.
The Net-Wide famous home of Squirrely Wrath. If you don't know Foamy, come out from your rock and worship!

An anime webzine that also features video games, manga and other media. Very informative and enjoyable reading.

One of the most complete and professional-looking Invader Zim fan sites I've seen. Contains lots of info, extra goodies, and more.

Feel culturally malnourished? Check out the Spiderwebart Gallery!
Home of such talents as the Brothers Hildebrandt and masters of the comics world,
you're sure to find something for those bare walls of yours.

Feeling the call of Cthulu? Maybe it's coming from here! This is a very well organised and indepth site about H. P. Lovecraft and the Mythos. If you can't read French, check out one of those online translators such as Babelfish - it's really worth the effort... or you could just avoid those sorts of problems and just learn French like I did. ;)

This is a comic strip that I really enjoy. It runs in the subtle to surrealistic vein, and I enjoy the simplicity of it. If you view the Sunday columns, the colour work is very nice.

This Links Page is still under construction. I made it available because I felt bad for having it down for so long, but I am still adding links to it regularly. Please continue to check back, and if you know any links you would like to see here, please email them to me or post them in the guestbook or forum. Thanks.

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