Strains of Thought

I bought myself some clay today,like children use for play..
And then I realized,I could be the Creator,a God for a day!..
And so i set to making a garden of Eden,a place of Paradise..
A place of Understanding,Love and Peace,a Haven for the Wise..
But when i was'nt looking they harnessed the power of the Sun,
and in one flash of eternity my hard work had been undone...
Oh why,I thought,how could this be so? Why would anyone let this tiny planet go?
And then i realized that no matter how hard you try..
No one works on ways to better life,only hurtful ways to die..
So i took my clay and trudged back to the store..
Depressed and sad that my little world was no more..
When i got there i saw a sign, about an eight by ten in size..
It said You Break It,You Bought It,No Refunds,for Broken merchandise.

" This poem can be attributed to the musings of the one called LEGION."

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