Works Inspired by Lovecraft's World
by Giacomo Carmagnola

I do not know if ever it existed - that lost world floating dimly on Time's stream - and yet I see it often, violet-misted, and shimmering at the back of some vague dream. There were strange towers and curious lapping rivers, labyrynths of wonder, and low vaults of light, and bough-crossed skies of flame, like that which quivers wistfully just before a winter's night.
(from XXXIII "mirage")

Dream 1

Dream 2

Number 0 - Mad

The way grew strange - the walls alike and madding - and far behind me, unseen feet were padding...
(from II "pursuit" a sonnet from the 36 sonnets compilation "fungi from yuggoth")

The Cats of Uthar (1980)
Dream 7

Star Winds

The Music of Erich Zann
At last the key was mine to those vague visions of sunset spires and twilight woods that brood dim in the gulfs beyond this earth's precisions, lurking as memories of infinitude.
(from III "the key")

The Temple

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