Welcome to the Hall of Mirrors Gallery! These pages may take a few moments to load, so please be patient. I hope that it will be well worth the wait. I am always interested in new material for things already spotlighted here, or if you have any suggestions - just let me know!

Bela Lugosi Gallery
Tolkien by the Brothers Hildebrandt
Boris Karloff Gallery
Poe by Greg Hildebrandt
H. P. Lovecraft Gallery
Godzilla Art by Angelo
Voolpine's Gallery
Gallery: Giacomo Carmagnola
ANTH 591
These are from a facial reconstruction class I took.
View Everyone's Work View My Work
The Convention Circuit
These are from various anime cons I've attended. (New photos as of June 1!!)
Poster Art by ? A sample of my portifolio
photos and media (painted miniatures to come some day in the future)

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