Citydrone's Adventure into the Big City to visit Spook at Work

I TRIED to get into that high falootin snobbery you work at...but since i did'nt have a suit and tie they denied me access...then when i tried to explain that all i wanted was some MD20/20 and a can of spam they threatened to call the local constabulary and told me that trash like me belongs out back in the dumpster." WELL !! I NEVER " i said, and then i was told "You got that right!!" I told them i was an upstanding pillar of the community until i fell victim to REAGANOMICS..and then they told me to take my left wing, demmycratic,liberal ass back to Russia.So you can tell them Dubya lovin,snooty right wing conservatives to stick it where the Reverand Moon dosnt shine!!!! I'll just take my business to a place where my reputation wont be besmirched..The Village Idiot !!!

Note: The Village Idiot is a local pizza place/pub around the corner from where I work.

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