The Bowels of The Hall of Mirrors
Aka: The Hall of Mirrors Selective Guestbook Archive

richard upton pickman (
there were any number of cellar views,with monsters creeping in through holes and rifts in the masonry,and grinning as they squatted behind barrels and furnaces and waited for their first victim to descend the stairs... (30/12/02)

charles dexter ward (
many and multiform are the dim horrors of earth,yet,there is one that may not be openly named for its exceeding is that spawn which the hidden dweller in the vaults has begotten upon morality..the spawn of cthulhu (30/12/02)

nahum wentworth (
even as i looked upon them, the individual bones detached themselves,and went bounding away from the corpse,down the hall, and out into the night to rejoin that ghastly visitor who had come from the grave to keep his appointment with amos stark. (31/12/02)

legion (
They sleep not,except they have done mischief;and their sleep is taken away,unless they cause some to fall,For they eat the bread of wickedness,And drink the wine of violence. (2/1/03)

we were no vulgar ghouls.these pastimes were to us the most exquisite form of aesthetic expression.and we gave their details a fastidious, technical care.thus it was we were drawn with malign fatality to this terrible holland graveyard..for here,buried five centuries past, was one who had himself been a ghoul in his time and a defiler of mighty sepulchers,a molester of forgotten mysteries. (4/1/03)

brian ksenicz (
here i am in all my glory living in hell for all its worth,the walls i built around me have come crumbling down in a single blow,now the razor blades are playing games,and dancing on my wrists,with alcohol and valiuums i try to keep my pass me a bowl of ground glass,and fill my cup with draino,ill just sit here patiently and watch my sanity fly out the window. (5/1/03)

Lord Byron (
"so we'll go no more a-roving,so late into the night,though the heart be still as loving,and the moon be still as bright," for the sword outwears its sheath,and the soul wears out the breast,and the heart must pause to breathe,and love itself must rest."though the night was made for loving,and the day returns too soon,yet we'll go no more a-roving by the light of the moon. (8/1/03)

deus ex machina
For a thousand moonless nights i've waited, walking in shadows, too often sedated Now hope springs forth a wonderous new light, its all I want because, I can't stand another thousand moonless nights (11/1/03)

deus ex machina
To reach you on a different side, the kingdom of what I once held, I move the dreams to suit my will, and in the end I meet you still (20/1/03)

Melting Machine
If you spin your love around/The secrets of your dreams/You may find your love is gone/And is not quite what it seemed (16/2/03)

Arnold Breadmold
I thrive in moist,dark envioronments..even tho i prefer whitebread..rye isn't bad...i'll even settle for pumpernickel..i've been known to have grown on san francisco sour dough and even a roll or two..croissants? no problem..even a neglected left over slice of birthday cake will do..i've even spread my insidious spores on that nasty potato BEWARE!!! I'm lurking on your counter and your breadboxes and even in your bread drawers...DEATH and a POX on your civilized worlds grains !!!! Better take a closer look at that english muffin,and even give that cholesterol filled puffed death delivery injection from Dunkin Doughnuts a scrutinizing second glance...(31/7/04)

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