My Accomplices & Comrades

Welcome to the Accomplices page. This page is for all of those that are important in my life, although some of these souls I only hear from once or twice a year. I'm thankful for that, though, considering the number of wonderful people I've met over the years that have all faded away as life took them in their various directions. I only hope that no more will be added to that number, and that maybe someday we can all be as close as we once were.

This is Adam, aka Cheezypouf. We met back in the days of high-school french class and have been friends ever since. We're 2 states apart, but he's been there for me through all my ups and downs, and I've never known a time when he couldn't cheer me up. He's an incredible friend, and I am proud to say this one is one of the few old friends I have that time has permitted us to stay in touch with one another. I'm sorry the photo is so blurry, but it is the only photo I have of him. :( (Adam - hint hint!!) I miss sitting on the steps and watching the clouds go by with him.
If only I had a better photo....

Is it just me, or does he remind you a little of MST3K's Frank?
Clayba and I go back to the comic-book store days. We used to be pretty close friends, but life has moved us into different directions. He works at a bookstore and lives a state away from here, so I rarely get to see him. There are fond memories of playing chess at the Dunkin' Donuts and sitting in a car chatting for a couple of hours while it stormed outside. He has the most incredible taste in clothes, but it is very rare to see the Clayba gear these days. I hope life will give him a break eventually so we can be good friends again and that the Clayba I remember will return some day.

This is George. I've known him for about 6 years now, or something along those lines. He's the most well-travelled person I know, incredibly funny, and is a music and film junkie. He has a website which you can access from my Links page if you want to know more about him and to musically educate yourself. There's also pics of me in some funky stockings!

Cheezin' for the photo!
His name isn't really George, but if I told you his real name, I'd have to kill you. He just graduated with a degree in media arts, so watch for his films and videos down the road. When he's big and famous, you can say you saw him here first!

This attractive gentleman is Giacomo. He is an incredibly talented artist living in Italy. I've never met him face to face because there is an ocean in the way. I am always overjoyed to hear from him, although it has been a long while now since last time. He's very kind and thoughtful, and you can check out his artwork in the Galleries area. Along with visual art, he creates musical art with at least one of his innumerable brothers.
Jeff is another of my friends that I've never actually met, and again it's because there's an ocean in the way. He lives somewhere in Australia, Queensland, I think. The last note I sent him was returned saying that he's no longer at the address I have, so I really don't know where he is right now. (If you read this, Jeff, send me an email!)

I got to know Jeff something like 10 years ago. It doesn't seem like it, but it's true. I'm at the point in life where I realise I now can count how long I have had something or known someone in decades, and it's definitely a wierd feeling.

This entity is known as Luke. Once upon a time, we called him "Shadowspawn", but I don't know if that name really applies anymore. I've known him also about 10 years, and guess what? I've never met him either. I wonder how it is I have more friends I haven't met than ones that I actually have met. Whatever reason, I can't claim that there is an ocean in the way this time - just varying amounts of land. I say varying because sometimes he is only a state or two away, and then other times across the country, and then still other times dropped off of the face of the Earth somewhere. That's why I made his photo hazy. It wasn't clear to begin with anyhow, so I still don't know what he looks like since the last clear pic I have of him is from 1995. He has a writing over in the Tirades area of the Ventilation System.

Meet Sean, the guy responsible for unleashing Twisted Kaiju Theatre upon the world from his site, Neo-Monster Island. I originally got to know Sean from the comic-book store since I helped him find a few issues he was looking for and since he's a fellow Godzilla fanatic like me, but with lots more stuff than I have. "He's very sincere and thoughtful, and an all-around good friend to have." That's what I thought of him until this past February, when he suddenly turned all asshole on me. I no longer have contact with him, and I am perfectly fine with that. I only hope that he doesn't treat the rest of his friends that way.

In memorial, 5 December 2001
This was my guinea pig, Spiff. He lived a long happy life, cheerfully munching away on his alfalfa and guinea piggy chow and accompanying me as I moved to 3 new abodes. He had a cold the month he passed away, and on the fateful day, we went to the vet. The vet told us that Spiff was doing well, and once he recovered a bit more from his sniffles, we were going to investigate a lump that was growing on his throat. That night however, Spiff died in my arms of respiratory failure. I suspect that lump was probably a tumour or some sort of cancer that finally impaired his ability to breathe. I miss him very much and sometimes still hear him chirring in my mind. His constant cheerfulness (which he had until he became ill) was always a highlight to my days.

Stephen, Stephen, Stephen.... How in the bloody hell am I supposed to describe you? This is a friend I actually have met face to face . He has a bit of a habit of periodically falling off of the Earth as well, but he's pretty consistent in turning up again every so often. Gentlemanly and sincere, this guy dances a mean Irish jig when the spirit (spirits?) move him. My fondest memory of him is actually one night where he was doing that on the roof of my old car. If I remember correctly, I met him around 5 years ago, at the house where the band I was almost in would practice every week. Or Maybe I met him at the comics store where I used to work? Idunno. Either way, we still ended up hanging around the guy's house that I just mentioned.

I hope they will always be this happy.
Once upon a time, I went to high school. There, I became friends with Tina and Josh. They wound up high school sweet-hearts and later got married, almost picture-perfect style. We haven't kept in frequent contact, but we touch base every now and then. They have a 3 sons, to whom I may potentially be a distant Aunt-type figure. I haven't heard from them recently, but if they ever need anything, I'll be there for them.

This is Tommy, whom I knew for 6 years, I think. He is/was working on a degree in ceramics, and created a lot of musical instruments with his work, not necessarily just flutes and pipes and the usual ceramic lot, but things also with strings or for percussion. (He did much work outside of musical instruments also.) He plays a lot of different instruments (not all of his own making), especially if it has strings.

He has a floppy-eared Bassett hound named Horton (after the Reverend), who seems to be his mother's preferred child, and it's through Tommy that I grew to appreciate Tom Waits, Cradle of Filth, and the Sims, the last of which lovingly caresses and caters to the OC control-freak side of me. I don't have any contact with him anymore since the night he made the error of swinging at me not once, but twice.

This is my feline, Twitch! He's not very bright, and he is somewhat psychotic. I believe this is from licking lead paint on the walls of the apartment I used to live in; he licks everything (especially plastic bags) for some strange reason. I think that is where his um,... behaviour arose because he seemed pretty intelligent as a kitten. Either way, he's my baby. Stupid and confused, usually, but highly loveable and very entertaining (especially if you have a flashlight or a laser pointer), I wouldn't trade him in for the world. Give him a Cheeze-It, and he'll love you forever (about 2 minutes - his attention span does not last much longer than that.)

Well, here I am again. Not much to say since there's an "About Me" page and all, but thanks for checking out the people that inhabit or at least shadow my world. Life has sent us all in different directions, so there's not many people left in my little sphere anymore. I hope that we will all become close again someday, and to the rest of the world, I offer a small piece of advice: Appreciate the people around you. They may not always be there, and the brief time that their world becomes a part of yours may leave a mark on you that lasts for a life-time. Be thankful and hold on to them as long as you can. I've started making some new friends here in Savannah, so once I can convince them to let me photo them, maybe I can add them here and lose the dead-weight of people I've let go of - but if you still think of them, you haven't really let go of them, now have you?
Halloween, 2000