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(a tired satire)

Get the Rap & Popfluff OUTTA HEAH!
Re: Music Talk
From: Tarquin Gotch
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 20:02:17 GMT

Today's "new" music is funky PATHETIC! We're in disbelief. Is anybody actually buying all this tripe?

Hey kids! Go play on the interstate highways! At night! Grrr.

The "Good Ole Days" must truly be fiction, based on the "excitement" caused by Y2K Top 40.

45 years of brilliant rock down the drain? Don't believe a word of it.

Oh I GET IT! This movie is a COMEDY! DUH!

Exit, stage right. SHAZZAMM!
RE: 1. Hey Gramma
by Bart & Britney
_diue747@aol.com_ ,
5/30/00 20:13:43 GMT

Dear Senior Citizenry,

Oh, please tell us how it used to be, old wise sage. Sounds absolutely captivating.

If only I was born earlier. Then I'd be dead by now, relieved of having to read your meaningless post.

Long live Modernism!

Pearl Jam ROCKS!!!

You know what I'm saying? Word? (I was, like, disaffected.)

Without YOUTH, what's left? Guy Lombardo?

Sin-cerely, BS / BS
RE: 2. Police Sting TV pilot
by Janet Reno
_nevadad ada@wetscape.orgy_,
5/30/00 20:25:37 GMT

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RE: 3. Children! Children! (Money)
5/30/00 20:32:01 GMT

Yo all --
Send your parents' credit card numbers to me, and I'll be sure to make generous contributions to all worthy charities.

Address: Beauregard Diddleysquat / 22193 Mange Street Apt. 69 / Hohokus NJ 07851

Music is the last thing on my mind, at this moment.

Jesus loves you (and Eminem).
by None on record
_non eonrecord@anonymous.virus_,
5/30/00 20:50:02 GMT

Sumbuttie gotta problum wif INTERNASHUNUL RAP OVUHTHROW?

Y'aint noticed its totul globoo dominence? Hey dweeb, its da onley music ALIVE!

Wrap wreally wroolz, az if y'homiez payin no tension ta current eventz. We be gohn take ovum da ho worlld! (Ainnt dat ratt, Brer Rabbit?) Wu-Tang ainnt no breffus drank, yo. It's da guvment!!


(BTW - quite fond of Celine Dion's upper thighs, we are)
RE: 5. Schumann Missile Crisis
by Rev. Billy Graham
_godslitt leacre@pope.org_
5/31/00 04:59:50 GMT

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