His Fantasy

"Let me out of here" Amanda screamed at the top of her lungs.

"No!" AJ said staring her down through the bars at the top of a narrow staircase.

"Why the fuck not?" She cried in frustration.

"Because your mine now." He replied walking away from the door.

Amanda surveyed the small room. "Where the hell am I?" She asked herself when she saw the 'weird' looking contraptions placed throughout the room. She saw a small table in the corner of the damp, dimly lit room. She hoisted herself onto it and placed her knees to her chest, she had no idea that the table she was sitting on would be the cause for the misery she was going to endure. After a while her fear was replaced with boredom. She began to count the bricks that the walls were made of. After she got to 503 she gave up…they went on forever. She began to untie her shoes then tie them again. She did that about 30 times before she realized how silly she was acting. She walked up the narrow staircase and peeked her head through the bars. No AJ in site. She couldn't believe AJ had taken this so far. She was eager for him to live out his fantasy, which was why she agreed to this. "This is going to far," she thought, as she tugged at the bars…no luck. "Fuck" she muttered out loud walking back down the stairs. "Okay" A voice at the bottom of the stairs answered.

Amanda jumped a mile and glanced at a corner of the room. "KEVIN!" She gasped.

"Hi Amanda." He said.

"How the hell did you get in here?" She asked, finally relaxing a bit.

"Don't worry about it." He replied. "Come on down the stairs." He said in his deep sexy drawl that Amanda had fantasized about on several occasions.

"Have you seen AJ…tell him to let me out." Amanda whined walking down the stairs.

"You see sweetheart, I can't do that for you…unless you do something for me." He said stepping aside so she could step past him.

"What do you want? Okay, I promise dance lessons for a week." Amanda offered. She sometimes had to give Kevin a little bit of tutoring.

"That is not exactly what I had in mind." Kevin challenged.

"You're scaring me," Amanda said backing into a corner.

"Come on Amanda, it will be fun." Kevin said.

"NO!" Amanda screamed..."Get AJ now please." She said trembling.

"Shows how observant you are, he is already here." Kevin laughed. Amanda looked to the top of the staircase and saw AJ sitting on the top stair fondling his cock through his pants. "Come here." Kevin growled.

Amanda cast another pleading look at AJ and decided that this was what he wanted. She walked slowly to Kevin's awaiting arms as he guided her to that small table in the corner of the room…

Amanda let Kevin lay her down on the cold metal table. She turned her head towards AJ, who had disregarded his pants completely and was pumping at his shaft slowly. She couldn't help but be turned on by the whole situation. She had Kevin in the same room with her boyfriend...both sporting massive hard-on's and she had the nerve to be upset! She decided right then and there that she was going to make the most of the situation. Kevin leaned down and held Amanda's head still so he could kiss her, he was shocked when Amanda's mouth opened to accept his exploring tongue. Amanda let her eye's stray to AJ once again. His eye's were at half mast and little beads of sweat had formed around his hairline. Amanda returned her attention to Kevin who was kissing a trail of fire down her stomache. "Oh God Kevin." Amanda moaned, latching onto his hair as he lifted her skirt. AJ began to stroke his cock a little faster as Kevin's tongue licked along Amanda's slit. "Oh Shit...thats how I want it." Amanda screamed. AJ felt like his cock was about to explode as he heard the very "vocal" cries coming from his girlfriend. Kevin lifted his head from Amanda's cunt and pushed his fingers deep inside her. Amanda arched her back as her fingers clenched Kevin's fingers tightly. Kevin couldn't wait any longer as he placed his cock at Amanda's ready hole. AJ watched as Kevin prepared to fuck his girlfriend. He didn't think that he could get anymore excited. Kevin pushed all of his manhood into Amanda with one might thrust. Amanda gasped at the pleasure/pain that he was giving. Kevin was extremely well endowed and much longer than AJ. She wrapped her legs around his back as Kevin pumped in and out of her in even strokes. Amanda felt herself getting close to the edge as Kevin lifted her legs onto his shoulders, allowing him to fuck her deeper. Pretty soon Amanda cried out one final time as Kevin thrust into her once more...pushing her over the edge. "Oh Fuck...yes...oh yes." Amanda cried. As she was regaining her breath she heard AJ cum, with a soft grunt. Kevin pulled out of Amanda, grabbed his clothes and left, giving AJ a glance. Amanda laid on the table rubbing herself lightly as the after-affects of her orgasm tingled through her. Soon AJ was at her side....his hands moving with hers....

Amanda looked up at AJ and smiled. "Are you happy now?" She asked, her voice husky.

"I will be soon enough." He answered climbing on top of her. "I think I would like to be the starring actor in this scene" he said planting small kisses down her neck line.

"Oh you do?" Amanda replied, "I thought maybe you just wanted to be in the audience." She said, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

"Your not mad...are you?" AJ asked a concerned look consuming his face.

"No, I am not mad...anymore." Amanda answered as AJ's lips lached onto her hardened nipple.

"Well, thats good" AJ said blowing lightly on her nipples which were damp with his saliva. Amanda sucked in a quick breath, raking her nails up and down AJ's back. "Can we skip the foreplay?" AJ asked grinning at Amanda who's eye's were shut.

"Hmmm, I don't know...I should think about it." Amanda said wrapping her legs around AJ's waist. AJ let his fingers trail down her body stopping at her dripping wet slit. He let his fingers explore Amanda's most intimate parts. He added one finger at a time into Amanda's body. "Can we skip it now?" He asked moving his fingers in a circular motion.

"Okay...okay...we can skip it" Amanda caved.

"Well, I don't know...I will think about it" AJ teased.

"That's it" Amanda screamed. She flipped AJ over so that he was beneath her.

"My aren't we impatient?" AJ said, placing his hands on her hips. Amanda smiled slightly and guided his cock inside of her. She let out a small moan as AJ filled her. She moved very slowly up and down his shaft. "Please Amanda, go faster" AJ moaned, his voice hoarse. Amanda obliged, lifting herself almost all the way off of his cock, only to glide back down.

"AJ...I'm getting close" she said, running her nails up and down his firm, tanned chest. AJ began to thrust himself into Amanda, anchoring her with his hands so she wouldn't fall off the table. He pounded into her as fast as he could.

"Oh...AJ...don't stop." Amanda panted. AJ reached his hand inbetween their sweaty bodies and pinched Amanda's clit lightly with his index and thumb fingers. That sent Amanda into a body racking orgasm. She clenched her walls around AJ's rigid cock and he flew into orgasm, right along with her....

Amanda laid on top of AJ, her breathing ragged. "Did you enjoy yourself?" She asked.

"I had the best time." AJ said stroking her hair softly..." But I have one more request........