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Chapter 2:

Torence sat in class on Monday morning listening to her English teacher lecture on a book they just finished reading. Tor wasn’t really paying attention. Then the door opened and the dean walked in followed by a girl. He talked to the teacher for a minute and then left, leaving the girl.

“Class, even though the year is almost over, we have a new student. Everyone this is Samantha. Samantha you can sit in that open desk in the back there,” Mrs. Richards said pointing to the desk next to Torence. Sam sat down. Mrs. Richards finished her lecture and then let the students talk amongst themselves.

“Hi, I’m Torence,” Tor said to Sam.

“I’m Sam.”

“It’s nice to meet you. Did you just move here?”

“Yeah from California. My dad’s job transferred us here.”

“That has to suck.”

“You have no idea.”

“Can I see your schedule?” Sam handed it to her. “Well this is cool. We have the next 2 periods and lunch together. You can hang with me.”

“Thanks.” Sam seemed like a nice girl and someone who would fit in with her friends, so she adopted her as a new friend. By the end of the week they had become great friends.

“So you’re still spending the night tonight right?” Tor asked on Friday afternoon.

“Yup. I’ll be over at your house around 5,” said Sam.

“Okay, see ya later.”


***later that evening***

“You wanna help me babysit tomorrow Tor?” Taylor asked.

“Not really,” said Tor.


“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because my friends are spending the night tonight and tomorrow we’re going to the mall.”

“I see how it is. You’re ditching your best friend in need for the mall.”

“You better believe it.”

“Fine then.” Tor laughed and layed down next to Taylor who was laying on her bed. Tay wrapped his arms around her. Even though Tor and Tay are just friends, they are very physical with eachother. They hold hands, hug, Tay puts his arms around her a lot, they do those kind of things. So if you just saw them walking down the street you’d assume they were a couple, but they’re not. They stayed on the bed and watched TV for a little while.

Around 5 the doorbell rang. Rachel answered the door. It was Sam and Kristy.

“Hey, girls. Tor is up in her room, go on up,” she said.

“Thanks Rachel,” Kristy said and lead Sam up to Tor’s room.

“Come in!” Tor called when there was a knock at her door. The door opened and Kris and Sam walked in.

“Hey,” Kristy said.

“Hey guys,” Tor said as she sat up.

“ ‘Sup Kris?” Taylor asked also sitting up.

“Not much. What’s up with you? I haven’t seen you in awhile.”

“I know, but nothin’ we’re just chillin’ for awhile.”


“Oh by the way Tay, this is Sam. Sam this is Taylor,” Torence said.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you,” Tay said.

“You too.”

“Well Tor, now that your friends are here. I’m gonna go over to my boring house,” Tay said as he stood up and slipped on his shoes.

“Okay. Call me tomorrow.”

“I thought you were gonna be at the mall tomorrow.”

“I will be. Call me tomorrow evening.”

“I’ll think about it.” He hugged Tor and then left.

“Are you 2 dating?” Sam asked once he left. Tor laughed.

“No we’re best friends.”

“Oh, cuz I was about to say that you’re one lucky girl if you’re dating Taylor Hanson.”

“Well if you ask me, she’s pretty damn lucky for being as close to him as she is,” Kris said.

“You’re friends with him too Kris,” said Tor.

“Yes, but not like you are. You 2 are always together.”

“Well we are neighbors and we did grow up together, so what do you expect.”

“Well, that’s really cool. I’ll have to come over here more often,” said Sam. They laughed.

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