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Reasonable Doubt and Vol 1... Hard Knock Life.

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Jay-Z - Vol 1... Hard Knock Life

Vol 1... Hard Knock Life
Intro - Hand It Down.01
Hard Knock Life.02
If I Should Die.03
Ride Or Die.04
Nigga What, Nigga Who.05
Money, Cash, Hoes.06
A Week Ago.07
Coming Of Age.08
Can I Get A ....09
Paper Chase.10
Reservoir Dogs.11
It's Like That.12
It's Alright.13
Money Ain't A Thang.14

Intro - Hand It Down

Sorry boys.. but all the money in the world couldn't bring me back again Lay down, lay down Gonna stretch my mic out in Ponce Funeral Home on Marcy All those new niggaz stop there but a lot later than a whole gang of people thought The last of the real hustlers, well maybe not the last Bleek's gonna be a good rapper New, IMPROVED Jay-Z I quit I'm retirin Ain't enough money in THIS game, to keep me around Sorry Big, I tried Honest Can't go with me on this ride though I'm callin the shots The bar's closing Where we going to for breakfast? Roc-a-Fella y'all OKAY, I'M RELOADED! "Bringin the drama" "Tryin to come up in the game" "Marcy" "Had a couple of dollar signs to my name" "Roc-a-Fella y'all" "One of the best!" "Waitin for my day to come" "Just give me the word" [Memphis Bleek] Nah this ain't Jigga it's your lil nigga Bleek Reportin to these motherfuckers live from the street Game I peeped those, my mind so advanced At nine I used to geese hoes for Easter clothes Peep the steez, I represent for all those with 28 grams, on a come-up tryin to creep the keys Large niggaz told me park the car, keep the keys Find a hoodrat and creep to Mickey D's First gun two bullets, niggaz know I do pull it Niggaz tryin to kill me dog, who wouldn't? Screw Gooden, I pitch in the PJ's Lit off the EJ, I split Dutchies with my ring finger You find a bitch that don't be cream, bring her Last seen with Bing, he got dropped between us Shit is constant, that's why I pack the Johnson and Johnson for the nonsense who wants it? I go to sleep with a picture of a Porsche on my wall Man I'm tryin to come up on y'all Get one up on y'all, that's why I hustle in these streets from sundown to sunup on y'all Mama said keep bullshittin they'll kill you dead One week of this hustlin brought a living room set Went to ? D's, niggaz mad, veins out Copped the Jordan's, two weeks before they came out Flashy, fly little nigga Nosy bitch from the third floor like "Why little nigga?" Bitch please, twist the trees Took a long pull, like bitch to breathe That's my answer, life's like cancer And I'm serious "Waitin for my day to come" "Just give me the word" Back to TOP

Hard Knock Life

Jay-Z: Take the baseline out, uh huh Jigga uh huh uh huh uh huh Let it bump though Annie Sample: It's the hard knock life for us (uh-huh) It's the hard knock life for us Steada treated, we get tricked Steada kisses, we get kicked It's the hard knock life!! Verse 1: >From standing on the corners boppin To driving some of the hottest cars New York has ever seen To dropping some of the hottest verses rap has ever heard >From the dope spot, where the smoke block Fleeing the murder scene, you know me well >From nightmares of a lonely cell, my only hell But since when ya'll niggas know me to bail? Fuck Naw Where all my niggas with the rubber grips, Bust shots And if you with me ma I rubbing your tits, and what not I'm form the school of the hard knocks, we must not Let outsiders violate our blocks, and my plot Let's stick up the world and split it 50-50, uh huh Let's take the dough and stay real jiggy, uh huh Let's sip the Cris and get pissy pissy Flow infinently like the memory of my nigga Biggie, baby! You know it's hell when I come through The life and times of Shawn Carter nigga Volume 2, ya'll niggas get ready Annie Sample: It's the hard knock life for us It's the hard knock life for us Steada treated, we get tricked Steada kisses, we get kicked It's the hard knock life!! Verse 2: I flow for those droned out All my niggas locked down in the 10 by 4 controlling the house We live in hard knocks we don't take over we borrow blocks Burn 'em down and you can have 'em back daddy, I'd rather that I flow for chicks wishing they ain't have to strip to pay tuition I see you vision mama, I put my money on the longshots All my ballers that born to glock Now I'ma be on top whether I perform or not I went from lukewarm to hot Sleeping on foutons and cots, the king size, dream machines, the green fives I've seen pies let the thing between my eyes analyze life's ills Then I put it down tight grill I'm tight grill with the phony rappers you might feel we homeys I'm like still you don't know me, shit I'm tight grill when my situation ain't improving I'm trying to murder everything moving, Feel Me!! Annie Sample: It's the hard knock life for us It's the hard knock life for us Steada treated, we get tricked Steada kisses, we get kicked It's the hard knock life for us It's the hard knock life for us Steada treated, we get tricked Steada kisses, we get kicked It's the hard knock life!! Verse 3: I don't how to sleep, I gotta eat, stay on my toes Gotta a lot of beef so logically I prey on my foes Hustlin still inside of me and as far as progress You be hardpressed to find another rapper hot as me I gave you prophecy on my first joint, and ya'll lamed out Didn't really appreciate it till the second one came out So I stretched the game out, X'ed your name out Put Jigga on top, and drop albums non-stop for ya nigga Annie Sample: It's the hard knock life for us It's the hard knock life for us Steada treated, we get tricked Steada kisses, we get kicked It's the hard knock life for us It's the hard knock life for us Steada treated, we get tricked Steada kisses, we get kicked It's the hard knock life!! It's the hard knock life!! It's the hard knock life!! Back to TOP

If I Should Die

[Jay-Z] Come on ... life ... death ... here ... gone ... Yo If I should die don't cry my niggas just ride my niggas bust bullets in the sky my niggas And when I'm gone don't mourn my niggas get on my niggas when it's real say word to Shawn my niggas If I should die *echoes* Don't cry my niggas it's been one hell of a ride my niggas in the middle of the trial I flip pies my niggas I did joints with Mary J. Blige my niggas I've eluded the coppers got booted with Big Poppa Skated through with the Ceasar Picadas At high school got head by the lockers gassed the baddest girl in the class to show me her knockers rocked jewels dropped school still didn't fail rhymes still written well hold court in the street never sit in the cell for a second then I'm gettin' my bail shoot it out with the bounty hunters fuck sittin' in the county for summers if they should down me everybody around us become one for that day to live life get your shit right & play Don't get it twisted like rays if I miss that's ok but life's short don't miss a day uhh If I should die don't cry my niggas just ride my niggas bust bullets in the sky my niggas and when I'm gone don't mourn my niggas get on my niggas when it's real say word to Shawn my niggas If I should die ... [Wais] ...don't cry my niggas it's been one hell of a ride my niggas say word to Wais my niggas when I'm gone don't mourn my niggas just keep gettin' it on my niggas say word is bond my niggas I got a lot to look back on in '88 got my crack on ten years later gettin' my rap on gettin' shorties like a thespian had an episode with two lesbians got a fetish for that drunk ginseng with Japanese chicks & pulled the root out squeeze my whole clip to survive shootouts been on both coasts fired all kinds of heat probably be kinda glad to leave these mean streets I got dead mens to meet and questions to fulfill like is that mystery God real? and how was Kennedy killed? I ain't mad I must've smoked a ton of reefer sipped Coronas with Latifah broke the code of Geneva I know when I reach the other side I'ma see the cat I had beef with who blood remains on my sneaker then it's on again if I could be born again I live my life through my son and tell him never have a friend just family reincarnated I'll show him the time that I waited to get paid tell him never be afraid niggas hearts pump Kool Aid and yo blood run thicker never shed tears cry liquor my nigga If I die don't cry my niggas it's been one hell of a ride my niggas say word to Wais my niggas when I'm gone don't mourn my niggas just keep bangin' these songs my niggas say word is bond my niggas If I die ... [Half Dead] ...don't cry my niggas just stay gettin' high my niggas don't wonder why my niggas when I'm gone live on my niggas just follow my path my niggas say word to Half my nigga I'm the aftermath of pleasure never die alone born to live forever through life's struggles I cut corners & took drastic measures see you niggas life expire right in front of me time could never mend what these cold streets mentally done to me too often I close my eyes and see my own coffin feelin' haunted ready to leave this world that I'm lost in my only chance to see the seeds I lost through abortion when I'm gone y'all niggas better not mourn keep flossin' as long as my name lives on what's most important I'll be down in hell scorchin' preparin' for life afterlife still torchin' & blazin' these mics It'd rain for 40 days & 40 nights & I'd return on the 3rd like Christ without my physical portion my spirit a poltergeist for sure I'll be back through the heist tomorrow blood over y'all fake niggas door What you thought? [huh] What you thought? [nigga] If I should die don't cry my niggas just stay gettin' high my niggas don't wonder why my niggas when I'm gone live on my niggas just follow my path my niggas say word to Half my nigga When I die ... [Wais] ...don't cry my niggas it's been one hell of a ride my niggas say word to Wais my niggas when I'm gone don't mourn my niggas just keep gettin it on my niggas say word is bond my niggas If I die ... [Jay-Z] ...don't cry my niggas just ride my niggas bust bullets in the sky my niggas and when I'm gone don't mourn my niggas get on my niggas when it's real say word to Shawn my niggas If I should die ... ...I'd tell Big they're still hearin' his songs run into Pac ask him where we went wrong tell him life is miserable when ya dealin' in the physical form Is everything that's invisible gone? I need to know will I still feel pain or will it be ironic? Will I chill in the flames for all the ills of my brain? Can I reveal the game to all the hustlers trapped in the race and if so can I leave this place? Can I puff cigars & drink Cristal? If this is heaven to me is this considered heavenly? Can I still touch lives answer they "whats & whys" make sure everybody in my fam' clutch five? If I should die... ... don't cry my niggas Back to TOP

Ride or Die

I'm rollin with Roc-a-Fella man Cause they got money man, heh heh [Jay-Z] Uh-huh, uh-huh uh UH, uh-huh, 'Hovah Yeah, Stevie J nigga Y'all ready? Yo, yo How many y'all wanna ride tonight (ride tonight) How many y'all down to die tonight (die tonight) How many y'all wanna ride tonight Nigga ride or die or ride or die (repeat 3X) Verse One: Jay-Z Aiyyo fuck y'all, niggaz I crush y'all, rush y'all with the four drawn and I touch y'all, plus y'all little motherfuckers ain't ready for war I seen your team in a Chrysler before, but I forgot? The same rules apply, don't try to switch up your style Y'all niggaz is pumpkin pie, and that's plain as I much better than you cat, shocked when I got the news that this nigga ready for war, well where that fool at? I bruise wack rap niggaz severely punish them Especially those that get fucked for they publishing, heh Always gotta be the weakest nigga out the crew I probably make more money off yo' album, than you You see the respect I get everytime I come through Check your own videos, you'll always be number two Niggaz talkin real greasy on them R&B records but I'm platinum a million times nigga, check the credits S. Carter, ghost writer, and for the right price I can even make YO' shit tighter I roast niggaz like ya, smoke niggaz like ya Take your little jewels and put the toast to niggaz like ya You know what the fuck we do and why we done it How I bring it to niggaz who, probably want it Keep playin, you gon' find me in your lobby blunted And I don't even smoke nigga, ain't no joke Niggaz cat fightin with Jigga, kickin sneaky shit Makin little tapes but keepin it secret Cause I kick that deep shit that divide your peeps shit Now I don't know if you fuckin with Jigga spittin that weak shit y'all How many y'all wanna ride tonight (ride tonight) How many y'all down to die tonight (die tonight) How many y'all wanna ride tonight Nigga ride or die or ride or die (repeat 2X) Yeah, yeah Niggaz don't want it with Jig, cause somethin got to give I got homes where you hide, I hustle where you live Jigga's the Don, bitches scream "Jigga dandy, dick is the bomb, about as thick as a arm" Mr. Exxon, gas 'em with the wit and the charm Bitch I'm tryin to tell you like Nichalous Bond I'm a big cat, listen mami, can you dig that? Cars, jewelry, homes, I did that Oh's, shootouts, keys, I live that Actresses, models, chickenheads, hit that I get stacks and still I kick back and run up on niggaz with the midac, where the shit at? How many y'all wanna ride tonight (ride tonight) How many y'all down to die tonight (die tonight) How many y'all wanna ride tonight Nigga ride or die or ride or die (repeat 2X) Time to seperate the platinum from the white gold, right from the door The real from the fake, ready rock from the raw The boss from the runners, cats who ride dick from the cats with the numbers, the five from the six I got cop n crash money, pop the dash money Press the button, alluva sudden, glock in the stash money Beef with Jigga, watch yo' ass Money It's El Presidente, top brass money Now I don't flash the steel, I blast for real My motto: you only good as the last nigga you kill I'm here to snatch this meal, nigga that's for real If you rollin with me grab the wheel, let's ride huh? How many y'all wanna ride tonight (ride tonight) How many y'all down to die tonight (die tonight) How many y'all wanna ride tonight Nigga ride or die or ride or die (repeat 4X) Back to TOP

Nigga What, Nigga Who (Originator '99)

[Jay-Z] Uh-huh uh-huh, gi-gi gi-geyeah Roc-a-Fella y'all, uh-huh uh-huh, Jigga Timbaland shit, nine-eight BEYOTCH Say what, say what? Uh-huh uh-huh, follow me beotch Nigga what, nigga who? Nigga what, nigga who? Switcha flow, getcha dough Can't fuck with this Roc-a-Fella shit doe Switcha flow, getcha dough Can't fuck with this Roc-a-Fella shit doe [Jay-Z] --> first four lines overlap the section above Can't fuck with me They ain't ready yet Uh-huh uh-huh Yeah, yeah Motherfuckers wanna act loco, hit em wit, numerous shots with the fo'-fo' Faggots runnin to the Po-Po's, smoke em like cocoa Fuck rap, coke by the boatload Fuck dat, on the run-by, gun high, one eye closed Left holes through some guy clothes Stop your bullshittin, glock with the full clip Motherfuckers better duck when the fool spit One shot could make a nigga do a full flip See the nigga layin shocked when the bullet hit I hate my high youth, no niggaz wanna buy you But see me I wanna fuck for free Now I gotta let her take this ride, make you feel it inside your belly, if it's tight get the K-Y Jelly All night get you wide up inside the telly Side to side, til you say Jay-Z you're too much for me Chorus: Jay-Z (with Amil-lion) (Nigga what?) Make you think you can fuck with me (Nigga who?) Recognize girl, Jay to the Z *repeat 3X* (Nigga what?) Make you think you can fuck with me (Nigga who?) Recognize bitch, Jay to the motherfuckin Z [Jay-Z] Got a condo with nuttin but condoms in it The same place where the rhymes is invented So all I do is rap and sex, imagine how I stroll See how I was flowin on my last cassette? Rapid-fire like I'm blastin a Tec, never jam though Never get high, never run out of ammo Niggaz hatin n shit cause I slayed your bitch You know your favorite, I know it made you sick And now you're, actin raw but you never had war Don't know how to carry your hoe, wanna marry your hoe Now she's mad at me, causer Your Majesty, just happened to be A pimp with a tragedy She wanted, us to end, cause I fucked with friends She gave me one more chance and I fucked her again I seen her tears as she busted in, I said, "Shit.. there's a draft, shut the door bitch and come on in!" Chorus (with variation in last line) [Jay-Z] Gotta friend that even though I been better Left him in the cold with a thin sweater Rap niggaz on Prozac get the bozack, niggaz threw two at me I threw fo' back, hold that Let the dough stack, way before Big had the gold Ac' Dame had the Lex black Motherfuckers wanna test that, stress that And right where you're stressed, where you rest at I suggest that, niggaz invest, in a vest, when I come through with the glock jet black, you niggaz step back I'm the best at, you know I ain't no apprentice to this Me and my niggaz we invented the shit I can't be to the finish with this, The Originator, non greater Jaz, so finish the shit [Big Jaz] Better learn, Jaz don't relax, stat ever heard of me? Worldwide Originator, say word to me The population holla certainly, I burn a nigga like a third degree, see me shine so bright Nigga I'm my light, runnin all over with rigor and vigor Nobody bigger than me and my nigga Jigga You fly-by-nights stop jerkin beef Heavyweights type work to me For the time, in this motherfucker ain't nobody hurtin me What? Cut your face in like surgery Who the fuck got a VS, fuckin BM's on the road when you had to be in bed at the PM Leave the info, Jaz on the seat, and then forever touchin my workers beginnin you're endin Nigga your style's no style my style's hostile C'mon, faggot nigga down to take the gun home O-R-I-G-I-N-A-T-O-R (can't FUCK with it can ya?!) Chorus (with variations) [Amil-lion] * repeat to fade * Switcha flow, getcha dough Can't fuck with this Roc-a-Fella shit doe Switcha flow, getcha dough Can't fuck with this Roc-a-Fella shit doe Back to TOP

Money, Cash, Hoes

Jay-Z: Turn the lights all the way Turn the lights all the way down What Uhhuh Yeah (Uhh) Come on Big flow (GGRRRRRR) Come on yeah come on Yo Yo J-A-Y- I flow sick Fuck all yall haters blow dick I spits the game those that throw bricks Money cash hoes money cash sticks what Sex murder and mayhem romance for the street Only wife of mines is a life of crime And since, lifes a bitch it maybe skirts and big chests How can I not flirt with death Thats lifes a nick long as life prevent us We gone send a lot of pretty price for guiness Fuck it Ice the rest and raise the price on these niggaz Yall cant floss on my level I ll invite you all to get wit us if ya ball is glitter When I go all the harlem playaz wall my picture If you get close enough you can read the scripture It reads money cash hoes I heard it was that nigga what Chorus: (repeat 2X) Money cash hoes money cash hoes (WHAT) Money cash hoes money cash hoes (UHH) Money cash hoes money cash hoes (COME ON) Money cash hoes (WHAT) hoes (WHAT) hoes (WHAT) Flavors robust platinum and gold touch Yall rap now, fat money lets slow it up Niggaz try to stop Jay-Z to no luck Roc-A-Fella foreva CEO what what Us the villain, fuck your feelings While yall playa hate we in the upper millions Whats the dealings (huh) its like we all have been soft Ever since Snoop came through and brushed the building Im tryin to restore the feelings fuck the lord keep dealing More money more cash more chilling I know they gone criticize the hook on this song Like I give a fuck Im just a crook on this song Bed-Stuy Brooknon took on the world Shit I led a life you can write a book on Sex murder and mayhem romance for the street Man and I tell ya itll be the best seller Chorus: (2X) DMX: D-M-X and my dogs bite Jigga my nigga rhyme all night Thugs for life one night with this rap shit Let em know when I rip they know what ll happen When we clap shit Actin like we owe em something Then we show em something Talk greasy I think they found em down the road or something Fuckin wit a madman in a bad mood Its like fuckin wit a mad dog that wasnt fed food And the only thing thats stoppin him is you Cuz the only thing that he ll be choppin is you Topic include Droppin a clue and the response from the street This was one dog that loves raw meat But gettin back to just cuz I love my niggaz I shed blood on my niggaz Let a nigga holler where my niggas All Im a hear is right here my nigga Chorus: (2X) Roc-A-Fella shit uhhuh Ruff Ryders My nigga Swiss Uhhuh uhhuh Dont stop biatch Uh Uhhuh yeah Second game yo Back to TOP

A Week Ago

[Jay-Z] Uh-huh [$hort] That's right [Jay-Z] Uh-huh-uh, it was all good just a week ago [$hort] Last week I had everything [Jay-Z] Uh, uh-huh-uh, had this all good just a week ago [$hort] I had the money.. had the cars, the bitches [Jay-Z] Uh-huh, yeah, it was all good just a week ago [$hort] and the jewelry.. and then my motherfuckin niggaz started snitchin [Jay-Z] Uh-huh, uh uh, yo [$hort] Beyotch! Verse One: Jay-Z Growin up in the hood just my dog and me We used to hustle in the hood for, all to see Problems, I called on him, he called on me We wasn't quite partners, I hit him off my P Met him unlocked doors, off my keys Yeah we spoke, much more than cordially Man he broke bread with me, my business spreads with me The Feds came to get me, we both fled quickly Wasn't quick enough to jump over the hedges with me Got caught, and that's when our relationship strayed Used to call me from the joint til he ran out of change And when he called collect and I heard his name I quickly accepted, but when I reached the phone he's talkin reckless, I can sense deceit in his tone I said, "Damn dawg, what, nine weeks and you're home?" He said, "Main man, you think shit's sweet cause you're home." I just sat, spat no more speech in the phone The crackers up there bleachin your dome, you're reachin I said, "The world don't stop I've got to keep keep on." From there I sensed the beef was on I ran to the spot, store to add some more features to my phone To see if I had bugs and leeches on my phone Can't be too safe cause niggaz is two-faced And they show the other side when they catch a new case It's on Chorus: Too $hort, Jay-Z It was cool when you had hella weed to smoke And you bought a new home where you could keep the folks I don't see how this side of you could be provoked (Uh-huh, uh-huh, it was all good just a week ago) Funny what, seven days can change A stand up nigga, now you sit down to aim Used to have a firm grip now you droppin names Uh-huh, uh-huh (It was all good just a week ago) Verse Two: Jay-Z Like I put the toast to your head and made you sell We both came in this game, blind as hell I did a little better, had more clientele Told you put away some cheddar now you cryin for bail Seventeen and I'm holdin on to around a mill I could bail out and blow trial and come around on the pill Had niggaz thinkin I was from Uptown for real I had so much hustle plus I was down to ill Like a Brooklyn nigga, straight out of Brownsville Down and dirty, down to fight the round thirty Freezin on them corners still holdin my crack Lookin up and down the block, the fuck is the dough at? Came from flat broke to lettin the dough stack You tell them feds I said I'm never goin back I'm from Marcy, and Marcy don't raise no rats You know the consequences of your acts, you can't be serious Chorus Verse Three: Jay-Z The lawyer I retained you said you leakin some things All this after a week in the bang I'm mad at myself cause I didn't spot the weak and lame I woulda bet the house you wouldn't speak a thang Nigga this was the oath, to the top of broke Even pricked our finger, anything that got between us we sposed to cock the ninas, what happened to that? Instead you copped out to a misdemeanor Fuck it, the same thing make you laugh make you cry That's right, the same game that make you mad could make you die It's a dice game, and sometimes you crap Who woulda thought you'd get popped one time and rap? Now you know that's bad when your sister is mad and your son gotta grow up like, "This is my dad?" The labelling of a snitch is a lifetime scar You'll always be in jail nigga, just minus the bars Chorus [Too $hort] Shit is crazy man All these niggaz out here snitchin We was one step away from takin this crack money and recyclin it through the ghettoes and buildin back up our own hoods Now all you niggaz start snitchin on each other I got partners doin 15-20 Wouldn'ta been doin SHIT if you didn't snitch Beyotch! It's about time y'all check that shit out man It ain't all good Shut your mouth Just watch the game And don't snitch It sure will do a lot for you Believe that baby Jay-Z, Short Dawg's in the house main You know I got it Got it goin on We got the money Ain't got nuthin to do with crime baby But I'm recognizing [Jay-Z] You rat bastard! Back to TOP

Coming of Age (Da Sequel)

[Jay-Z] Uh-huh uh yeah, gi-gi-geyeah Time to come up, hold my own weight, defend my crown Gots to lock it down and when they rush -- part two [Bleek] Cocaine whiter now [Jay-Z] Operation is sweet [Bleek] Whole game tighter now [Jay-Z] Movin a brick a week [Bleek] Plus a nigga price is down [Jay-Z] We them niggaz to see [Bleek] Time to start the arisin now [Jay-Z] I don't know what's wrong with Bleek [Jay-Z] It seems, I'm like Keenan, pickin up on the vibe that he ain't too happy, I could just see it in his eyes I don't know if it's the chicks or how we dividin the loot Time to pay his ass a visit 'fore he decide to get cute Jumped out like a star with the flavest car Matchin the gator shirt, softer than my next door neighbors These young niggaz think I fell out the loop cause the last time they seen me hoppin, out the Coupe I hopped out in a suit [Memphis Bleek] Look at this nigga Jay frontin tryin to take my shine I didn't say this verbally, just had some shit on my mind Plus I'm puffin like an ounce, more than I used to puff Takin advice from these niggaz but they ain't used to stuff They had me thinkin, "Shit, I'm the one that moved the stuff while he drive around town in brand new Coupe's and stufF" Swear to God, they had me practically hatin his guts As he approached I spoke, "Jigga whattup?" Chorus: Memphis Bleek I done came up (uhh) put my life on the line (uhh) Soaked the game up (yeah) now it's my time to shine Time to change up (what?) no more second in line Nine-eight, these streets is mine (uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh-uh-huh-uh-huh) [Jay-Z] Look at that fake smile he just gave me, it's breakin my heart Should I school him or pull the tools out and just break him apart I felt his hatred it was harsh, 'fore this fakin shit start I should take him in back of the building and blaze him [Memphis Bleek] Uh-oh, this nigga Jay he ain't slow, he musta picked up on the vibe and had I, not been so high I woulda been able to hide Tried to cover up myself, as I gave him a five Hugged him, as if I loved him [Jay-Z] To the naked eye It woulda seemed we was the closest, but to those that know us could see that somethin was about to go down [Memphis Bleek] Stay focused I'm tryin to concentrate, but it's like he's reading my mind As if he can see through this fog and all this weed in my mind Could he see I had plans on, bein the man Ever since we first spoke and he put that G in my hand And I gave it back to show him, I was down for the cause As he approached ("Whattup Bleek?") and I paused.. Chorus: Memphis Bleek, Jay-Z I done came up (uhh) put my life on the line (uhh) Soaked the game up (yeah) now it's my time to shine Time to change up (what?) no more second in line Nine-eight, these streets is mine Yeah, you done came up (uhh) put your life on the line (uhh) Soaked the game up (yeah) now it's yo' time to shine Time to change up, no more second in line [Bleek] Nine-eight, these streets is mine [Jay-Z] Right, yo we wild out in Vegas, styled on haters Mouthed off at the cops, I done crammed every drop Copped whips the same color, we tighter than brothers with different fathers but same mothers, this life don't love us So til death do us, I'm never breakin my bond Nigga we Lex movers, V-12 pushers [Memphis Bleek] As I stand One leg of my pants up, in a stance like, "Man what?" I know these niggaz are peepin my mind cancer But in time's the answer Seems mind-blowin, this weed and Hennesey Got my mind goin, trust me nigga, I'm knowin Chicks used to ignore me, and my aunt sayin I need fifty not sixty-forty [Jay-Z] Oh God, don't let him control y'all Your gun is my gun, your clip is my clip baby [Memphis Bleek] Your fun is my fun (uh-huh) your bitch is my bitch Any nigga tryin to harm Jay I'm feelin for you I ain't only touchin you, I'm killin your crew [Jay-Z] Give it a year, you'll be sittin on a million or two records sold nigga, perfect your roll, geyeah Chorus: Memphis Bleek I done came up (came up) put my life on the line Soaked the game up (game up) now it's my time to shine Time to change up (change up) no more second in line Nine-eight, these streets is mine (what, geyeah geyeah) I done came up (came up) put my life on the line Soaked the game up (game up) now it's my time to shine Time to change up (change up) no more second in line Nine-eight, these streets is mine [Jay-Z] Yeah, you done came up (uhh) put your life on the line (uhh) Soaked the game up (yeah) now it's yo' time to shine Time to change up, no more second in line Yeah, yeah Coming of Age Two, brand new Back to TOP

Can I Get A ...

[Jay-Z] What? Well fuck you... bitch Bounce wit me, wit me, wit me wit me Can you bounce wit me, bounce wit me, wit me wit me Can you bounce wit me, bounce wit me, ge-gi-gi-gi-gi-gi Can you bounce wit me, bounce wit me, ye-ye-yeah Uh-huh uh-huh bounce wit me, bounce wit me Can ya can ya can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me Ya-yah-yah, ya-ya-yah-yeah bounce wit me, bounce wit me Ge-gi, ge-gi-gi-gi-geyeah bounce wit me, bounce wit me Get it! Verse One: Jay-Z Can I hit in the MORNING without givin you half of my dough And even worse if I was broke would you WANT ME? If I couldn't get you finer things like all of them diamond rings bitches KILL FOR would you STILL ROLL? If we couldn't see the sun risin off the shore of Thailand would you RIDE THEN, if I wasn't DROPPIN? If I wasn't ah, eight figure nigga by the name of Jigga would you come around me or would you clown me? If I couldn't flow futuristic would ya put your two lips on my wood and kiss it - could ya see yourself with a nigga workin harder than 9 to 5 contend with six, two jobs to survive, or do you need a BALLA? So you can shop and tear the MALL UP? Brag, tell your friends what I BOUGHT YA If you couldn't see yourself with a nigga when his dough is low Baby girl, if this is so, yo.. Chorus: repeat 2X [Jay-Z] Can I get a FUCK YOU to these bitches from all of my niggaz who don't love hoes, they get no dough [Amil] Can I get a WOOP WOOP to these niggaz from all of my bitches who don't got love for niggaz without doves? [Amil] Now can you bounce wit me, uhh [Jay-Z] Bounce wit me, bounce wit me Can ya can ya can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me [Amil] Uh uh.. Major Coins, Amil-lion [Jay-Z] Bounce wit me, bounce wit me [Amil] Uhh, yo bounce wit me [Jay-Z] Can ya can ya can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me [Amil] Yeah, uh-uh uh uh Verse Two: Amil You ain't gotta be rich but FUCK THAT How we gonna get around your BUS PASS Fo' I put this pussy on your mustache Can you AFFORD ME, my niggaz breadwinners, never corny Ambition makes me, so horny Not the fussin and the frontin If you got nuttin, baby boy, you betta "Git Up, Git Out and get somethin" Shit! I like a, lot of P-rada, Alize and Vodka Late nights, candlelight, then I tear the cock up Get it up I put it down erytime it pop up, huh I got to snap em, let it loose, then I knock ya Feel the juice, then I got ya, when you produce a rocka I let you meet momma and introduce you to poppa My, coochie remains in a Gucci name Never test my patience nigga, I'm high maintenance HIGH CLASS, if you ain't rollin, bypass If you ain't holdin, I dash yo Chorus [Jay-Z] Now can you bounce for me, bounce for me [Ja] Uhh [Jay-Z] Can ya can ya can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me [Ja] Uhh! [Jay-Z] Gi-gi-gi-geyeah-geyeah [Jay-Z] Can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me [Ja] UHH! [Jay-Z] Gi-gi-gi-gi can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me [Ja] Uhh! Yeah Verse Three: Ja (Rule) It ain't even a question how my dough flows, I'm good to these bad hoes Like my bush wet and undry like damp clothes What y'all niggaz don't know, it's eazy, to pimp a hoe Bitches betta have my, money fo' sho' Before they go, runnin they mouth, promotin half I be diggin they, back out, go 'head, let it out I fucks with my gat out, bounce and leave a hundred Makin em feel, slutted even if they don't want it It's been SO LONG since I met a chick ain't on my tips but then I'm DEAD WRONG, when I tell em BE GONE So HOLD ON to the feelin of flossin and platinum cause from NOW ON, you can witness Ja the I-CON with hoodies and TIMBS ON, cause I thugs my bitches VeVe, studs my bitches, then we rob bitch niggaz I'm talkin bout straight figures if you here, you wit us If not Boo, you know what, I still fucked you Chorus [Jay-Z] Now can you bounce wit me, bounce wit me Ge-gi, ge-gi-gi-gi bounce wit me, bounce wit me Wit me wit me wit me bounce wit me, bounce wit me Bounce, bitch, bounce.. wit me wit me wit me wit me Can ya bounce wit me wit me Ge-gi, uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh Uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh Can ya bounce wit me bounce wit me Geyeah Back to TOP

Paper Chase

[Foxy Brown] Uhh, uhh, uh-huh Uhh (paper chase) Bonnie n Clyde Y'all motherfuckers know how it's goin down (gotta get that paper y'all) That's right, uhh (Uh-huh uh, yeah, Roc-a-Fella, yeah Paper chase y'all, paper chase WHAT? Uh) Greyhound bitch, stay down bitch Bout to set up shop with Jay, round this bitch Half a brick of yea, bout to lay down this bitch (til November?) Nah, I'm here to like slay down this bitch What you think? I don't wanna have to spray down this bitch Call my whole team, from around the way down this bitch I'm tryin to stay down this bitch, play down this bitch Had a sound, so my nigga Jay drown the six Roll the windows down and, weight round this bitch But there's a couple things 'fore it's OK round this bitch Gotta talk to the natives, let em know I'm here for all to get the paydays, first I line up all the haters I got jobs for ya, drop stars for ya More arms than Green Bay's Brett Favre for ya Money providentials hope that's not a problem for ya If so, Jigga be here, day after tomorrow for ya (That's right!) Chorus: Foxy, Jay-Z [F] Gotta get that paper dog [F] Gotta touch that, love that, paper dog, uhh! [J] Gotta get that paper dog [J] Gotta have that grab that paper dog! [F] Gotta get that paper dog [F] Gotta spend that, bend that, split that, get that [J] Gotta get that paper dog [J] When I needs that, G stack, tell me where the weed's at? [Jay-Z] I got my two guns, I came to scoop ones A down ass bitch and she down to click Got a nice little hooptie that I get around with And my plan is, not to leave this town til I'm rich Gotta find a nigga sellin all them ounces and shit Tell them get down with the click or get found in a ditch See I drop down and strip, I turn around and spit Not to hit em, just to let em know the sound of shit Return later that evening in the club with Fox And I got the snub nosed for those that love to box I'm in search of them young niggaz that hug the block all day, til it's like gray outside Shoot dice talkin shit all day outside And even when it's hot, they outside Let em know, how it's gon' go, Bonnie n Clyde And aiyyo, you will want me on your side Chorus [Jay-Z] Yo, yeah, I got that stress and I got it the best I ain't got it to give but I got it to test And if you wanna get down, all you gotta invest is your time, I gotta move this in a, week or less For the next couple of days I brought her all I posess The Rolex, necklaces with the VVS Twin to drive in the passenger with a TV rest For my top draft picks I cop the new GS Now all the little soldiers wanna roll with my team Cause I ain't sold em a dream, I just showed em the cream Picked em up in the afternoons and told em some things You know the regular shit you do when you moldin them teens Yo, never lay your head where you holdin them things From family, to your business, nothing goes in between Never feared no man, put four in his Beem Drop your gun then, blow the scene, ya heard me? Chorus Back to TOP

Resevoir Dogs

[Sheek] Fuck -- shit is real right here Roc-a-Fella, LOX, takin the streets over motherfuckers Don't get it twisted Yo, aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo Yo shut the fuck up 'fore I blast and Banned From TV your ass with no mask, look at the camera like what? Yeah I did it like them sick white boys the court committed To the death of me, I'm spaz like I'm on Ecstasy Drop 100 bars for real like I'm lookin for a deal If I ain't hungry, who the fuck is, I'm worse than them African kids I ain't straight til my numbers match the Motorola ?bid? And walk the streets up in ? ? like I don't fuckin care If I ain't strapped that means I took em off my Nike Airs Get off mine, y'all talk shit like little children when I ride mine like bitched when I walk up in the building Cause I catch tans in the winter, with wild whores Jet-skiin, while you keep warm at corner stores I make it hot, floodin your block, the best way Professionally, they'll find poison in your X-Ray As I get roasted lookin at Biggie posted on my wall Takin shots of Louie til I fall Nuttin to lose, just load the clip up in the groove and kick rhymes to the poster, til I swear Big move My team, you would think was on Thorazine How we floss and don't give a fuck what it's cost-ing [Beanie Seagal] Yo, yo, pressure bust pipes, it's time to apply it now Pick out a quiet town and tie it down Make niggaz lock it down, y'all know where to buy it now Beanie Mac I supply it now My squad roll deep, in foreign cars with two seats Couple of 5's, a 6, a few Jeeps Bag enough coke to last a few weeks in case niggaz wanna test, vest and a few heat You really wanna test my name? And test my game? Until you have me, test my aim? Y'all niggaz nuts, like testricles ??Cut?? you up in your 'partment building, ??best of view?? ? ? It's best for you to keep on walkin Heat from the noggin, keep on sparkin Platinum prezzie, Bezzie, stay sparklin Cop off the lot never see me at the auction Pint of Bacardi darken, when it's hawkin Out on the strip, until I reach the margin Not tryin to meet the Seargeant, at the precinct Eatin cheese sandwiches, down for the weekend Locked up with dirty white boys and Ricans [Jadakiss] Now if I kill you I probably do ten in the box Come down on appeal then I'm killin your pops You feelin The LOX, nigga why you grillin The LOX If this rap shit don't work niggaz still in the spot You bring it to me, I gotta lose your family Gangstas don't die, they get chubby, and move to Miami Shit is deep now dog but it gets deeper Fuck it, the weather's nice and the price is much cheaper I put it on tape, you gon' buy it, I put it in a bag you gon' try it, y'all niggaz can't deny it Lot of cats still tryin to study my last bounce Tell you what, get a beat tape and a half ounce They got me where I can't be without my large gat Teflon long sleeve, and my hardhat Don't matter if I'm openin up, or headline Doin the speed limit or pushin red lines Six months in the county or fed time I'ma be the 'Kiss nigga, until it's bedtime Anything I'm on is a classic, any nigga ever had beef with, son is a bastard Anytime I spit, spit acid, L.O.X. Ruffryder you heard? We got the game mastered I told you the pain was comin You wouldn't listen You tried to play me like a joke? Now who got the last laugh? Now take these bullets with you to hell [Sauce Money] You motherfuckers is sick, don't think Sauce the shit So many niggaz on my nuts I thought I lost my dick Picture me fallin off, I'm camera shy Hammers fly, might miss you, but your man'll die What's the difference? Either way I'm stunnin your crew I fuck to win, y'all niggaz comin to lose Somethin to prove? Spit it, we can have a sprayoff I lay off wet niggaz and kill em on my day off Ain't nuttin for me to bust a trey off Murder the whole month of April nigga, just to take May off Run with more Germans than Adolf, you light crews Now I concentrate on your camp, like Jews Flow hot like a heatwave bitch Whips fatter than them shits they beat slaves with I'm a meal stackin nigga who pull quick, still packin for you Phil Jackson niggaz on that Bull [Styles] I don't give a FUCK who you are, so FUCK who you are I don't care about a pretty bitch, watch or a car I don't care about your block and whoever you shot I don't care about your album and whenever it drop I don't care about your past if I did I woulda asked I'm too busy lightin ? ? with a whole lotta hash Far as this rap shit, I'm ten steps ahead of niggaz Shootin backwards, just for practice Ride or die nigga, hoppin in your casket Bout to go to hell with you, blow the L with you Tell the whole world I'm spittin let em know the shells hit you I tell niggaz quick, suck dick and get a glock My name ring bells like Sunday at twelve o'clock I'm half past seven, bust six then eleven You know me, slide my man my joint say reload me I ruffryde and pop a fella for Roc-a-Fella Jay (what the fuck) spendin mozzarella [Jay-Z] I know pop you can't stand us cause you cock them hammers Run in your crib, no prisoners, pop your grandma Locked in the slammer? Nope, popped up in Atlanta Crossed up in a drop I popped up the antenna Whoa.. watch your manners when my veins pop like scanners Like raindrops you hear the thunder when I cock the cannon Big thang, big chains, ain't shit changed Get brained in the four dot six Range Shit main, switch lanes every town I hit, switch planes, bitch flipped big caine Flow with no cut, you take it in vain/vein to the brain Muh'fukas is noddin and throwin up, you know that You don't wanna owe that man He'll hit you, get the picture? Kodak man Gotta, love for war, I don't floss no more I just sit on my money til I'm above the law How the fuck you gonna stop us with your measly asses We don't stop at the tolls we got EZ passes, nigga Multiple cars and divas with D-classes Iceberg sweat with I.B. on the elastic Shit, beyotch! What the fuck, ya heard me? Put some more beat on that joint Back to TOP

It's Like That

[Jay-Z] Yeah, un huh, watch this y'all, come on,watch this y'all, Jigga Roc-a-fella ya'll, uhhhh, come on yea ! [Kid Capri} It's Kid Capri and Jay-Z, It's Kid Capri and Jay-Z Cause I'm Like That yo ! Cause I'm like that yo ! Verse One: Jay-Z As a young and dumb man, gun in the waist Sold crack to those who couldn't take the pain And had to numb it with baste Couldn't drink the henny straight, I needed somethin to chase I needed something to chase Nowadays I throw shots back,leavin nothin to waste Life is like a treadmill, niggas runnin in place Gettin nowhere fast, a whole year done past I vowed to never stop winin, 'til the earth stop spinnin Rock hot lenin, cop hot cars and hot women If it's not him then you got it confused, y'all not remembering, My motto is simply I will not lose, abide by the block rules, I buy my glock used, wit bodies on it, let me know anybody want it ? I'm raised, illrational, way misunderstood, If you ain't live like I live then run with the hood I done what i could, to come up with this paper 'til this day still Run with the hood, guess it's part of my nature, if hell awaits ya ? Nigga I'm coming with the razors, still flashin ya shit Try to pass me in a six, tight classy on the wrist Every bit of 30 karats, this is not a game This isn't why I came, make these words find a spot on your brain And burn, then I recycle my life I shall return Chorus: Female voice and Jay- Z [Woman] How tight is your flow ? [Jay-Z] Cause I'm like that yo ! [Woman] How right is your dough ? [Jay-Z] Cause I'm like that yo ! [Woman] How white is your blow ? [Jay-Z] Cause I'm like that yo ! [Woman] Only writers you know [Jay-Z] Cause I'm like that Verse 2: Jay-Z I'm a hop, skip, a jump, from rippin the pump Spittin a couple of curse words, and hittin you chump Shit, I get digits in lumps, I'm a motherfucking problem is this what you want ? Overachiever, I love chicks that puff chiva, And reefer paper, I hate the one's that blow up ya beeper Cause I, go in ya deeper, I only bone divas Inpregnate the world when I "cum" through your speakers [ha ha] Fuck hot my records got the fever Niggas kick dirt, get ya whole block sweeped up I creep up when the beef heats up, caught him with his feet up And shoes off, bout to snooze off Hatin, cause you can't turn the booze off You dudes is too soft, when I fuck with you all I might bark your ex, and spit at the locks But, other than that I ain't even fucking with cats Just me tied B.I., thug it like that, me,dame and biggs What's fuckin with that ? Y'all can never diss Jigga, get nothing for that Other then a couple slugs in ya back,[huh huh] Rappers y'all runnin around, like I won't gun ya down Last nigga that fronted, two spun him around Lord, except this offer here's somethin for your crown I admit no malice, I just met his challenge, In one Chorus : Repeat 3x [Jay-Z]: Repeat 2x til fade Girls and guns, all i want stock exchange, rocks and thangs Back to TOP

It's Alright

Jay-Z: Bounce if you wanna bounce, ball if you wanna ball Play if you wanna play, floss if you wanna floss It's Alright, you heard?, It's Alright, Holla back Get ill if you wanna ill, smoke if you wanna smoke Kill if you wanna kill, loc if you wanna loc It's Alright, you heard? It's Alright, yeah yeah I need a ho in my life to blow on my dice So we can make our points twice and skate out a town I need that glow in my ice, E-Class Ladies screamin Jigga you know we ease that, flowin out like Jees-ass Jay-Z and me holdin the mic so when you like you find MC's so impolite And me I'm so into nice, got cats on the corner like Don't me and Jigga be flowin alike? Nah, Not in your life ain't nobody copin like Mr. Jay-Z, shit you're crazy I'm hot like the six maybe, Deep dish with the great seats I flow greater than you're navigator I drop in you're town, block you're data Pimps all comin through with a hot pair of gators And a crew with rocks the size of craters Can't touch like hot potatoes, Ya Heard? Bounce if you wanna bounce, ball if you wanna ball Play if you wanna play, floss if you wanna floss It's Alright, you heard?, It's Alright, Holla back Get ill if you wanna ill, smoke if you wanna smoke Kill if you wanna kill, loc if you wanna loc It's Alright, you heard? It's Alright, Holla back Memphis Bleek: In the middle of a war rockin a vest Who's the illest shorty alive, I confess I take nine to the chest and I swear to the heaven sky's, I bless The mics until the day I rest, till they can feel what I feel I'ma try my best, and if you real like I real you can provide the rest Anything left out, you can blame it on the brain, not the heart I'm playing my part, stretched out, just about the best out Any nigga realer than me, is in a messhall with their chest out Any rapper with less clout, sell more records than me We extort them as soon as they record 'em, Bleek My name is clear, back when a shorty used to braid my hair On the project stairs, Once I drop to a ceaser Ma I don't need ya >From the block to the hot two-seaters Jay-Z: Bounce if you wanna bounce, ball if you wanna ball Play if you wanna play, floss if you wanna floss It's Alright, you heard?, It's Alright, Holla back Get ill if you wanna ill, smoke if you wanna smoke Kill if you wanna kill, loc if you wanna loc It's Alright, you heard? It's Alright, Check On the two Jew-el's I blew more money than Latrell, who else? They don't know you, think they know you too well, you jell Like Flubber I hover above the city in a private jet, the livest set Press you're brakes, Feds wanna investigate, Mr. I don't cop nothin Less than eight, and anything involved with my name Regardless of the fame It's hard, I can't even walk through Harlem again, Charge it to the game, I'm platinum like American Express My boy died, and all I did was inherit his stress To make every jam tougher, you ain't my man fuck ya I suggest let you live right? Negative, I swear It's dough or die, I hope your soul provides you with an afterlife Close you're casket tight Take you're last two deep breaths and pass the mic To Jay-Z nigga, That's Right!! Bounce if you wanna bounce, ball if you wanna ball Play if you wanna play, floss if you wanna floss It's Alright, you heard?, It's Alright, Holla back Get ill if you wanna ill, smoke if you wanna smoke Kill if you wanna kill, loc if you wanna loc It's Alright, you heard? It's Alright Back to TOP

Money Ain't A Thang

Uh uh So So Def Yeah, yeah Chorus: Jermaine Dupri and Jay-Z [Jermaine Dupri] In the Ferrari or Jaguar, switchin four lanes With the top down screamin out Money ain't a thang [Jay-Z] Bubble hard in the double R flashin the rings With the window cracked, holler back Money ain't a thang [Jermaine Dupri] Jigga, I don't like it if it don't gleam clean And to hell with the price cause the money ain't a thang [Jay-Z] Put it down hard for my dogs that's locked in the bang When you hit the bricks, new whips Money ain't a thang [Jermaine Dupri] Come on, y'all wanna floss wit us Cause all across the ball we burn it up Drop a little paper, baby toss it up Ya slackin on your pimpin, turn it up See the money ain't a thang [Jay-Z] I flex the rol', sign a check for yo' hoe Jigga's style is love, X and O Save all your accolades, just the dough My game is wide, all lames aside Tryin to stay alive, hundred thou' for the bracelet Foolish, ain't I? The chain'll strain ya eye Twin platinum gun son, aim for the sky Ice on my bullet, you die soon as I pull it Willies wanna rub shoulders, your money's too young See me when it gets older, ya bank account grow up Mine's is one-zero-zero-zero-zero-oh-doub' Damn near out the rear trunk when I roll up Multi til I close up, it's all basic I been spending hundreds since they had small faces Rob your stash house, doubled out down in Vegas Me and Jermaine Dupri got it locked crazy Where you at haters? Repeat 1 [Jermaine Dupri] My cake thick, I live the life Eatin' crab, watching bitches shake shit all night I make the big moves, do the big things Take small groups, turn them into big names The big dog with the big chain, frost bit bracelet to match Cats say I'm the shit man The type of nigga that you need in yo' crew Type of dude that will do shit you won't do, can't do Get more burnt than a candle Too hot to hold, too much to handle In the black C-low, he know if she look She go bye-bye with da-da and I ain't gotta say no more I'm the truth like air, got the proof and stay fly In the safest shit you could never buy Know why? Cause I write the songs that the whole world sing I don't know bout y'all but every night I swing Repeat 1 [Jay-Z] Ya'll shit ain't for real til y'all ship a mil' And ya hit a R&B chick and she fit the bill Said she loved my necklace, started relaxin Now that's what the fuck I call a chain reaction Went from wholesome to Jigga, you owed some Baby, I don't play all my jewelry is light grey Platinum, spend your whole life in the day What's down is a bet, roll the dice [Jermaine Dupri] Yeah, yeah, so let's play So what, you went gold and rock a Roley with the ice bezel It's gonna take a lot more to see my level Where I'm at, your check, you better double that And personally your raps is where the trouble at I'm a Benz bubble cat, leather with the wood grain In the platinum frame screaming it's not a game Gleaming, from ear to ear, wrist to wrist, ring and chain Even me and Jay-Z got it locked, crazy Repeat Chorus So So Def, Roc-A-Fella, collabo' You know, all we do is rock Rock on Back to TOP

Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt

Reasonable Doubt
22 Two's.01
Ain't No Nigga.02
Bring It On.03
Brooklyn's Finest.04
Can I Live.05
Can't Knock The Hustle.06
Cashmere Thoughts.07
Coming of Age.08
Dead Presidents II.09
Feelin' It.11
Friend Or Foe.12
Politics As Usual.13

22 Two's

*people clapping* Yo whassup everybody this is Mariah Davis, Mad Wednesday's we here tonight to have a good time ("Yo! Start the show! Start the show!") Wait a minute; I see my man over there Jay-Z Jay-Z, Dam Deass let me hear that lil' tape of yours, and it's fat Why don't you come up here and kick a lil' freestyle Put that champagne down, and kick a lil' freestyle for me tonight [Jay-Z] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Can I kick it? (Yes you can!) *repeat 3X* Y'all motherfuckers musta hear that Tribe Called Quest, let's do it again Can I kick it? (Yes you can!) *repeat 3X* Well I'm gone... check this out Too much West coast dick-lickin, and too many niggaz on a mission Doin your best Jay-Z rendition Too many rough motherfuckers, I got my suspicions that you're just fishin to pull up sharks nigga, listen Too many bitches wanna be ladies, so if you a hoe I'ma call you a hoe, too many bitches are shady Too many ladies give these niggaz too many chances Too many brothers wannabe lovers don't know what romance is Too many bitches stuck up from too many sexual advances No question; Jay-Z got too many answers I been around this block, too many times Rocked, too many rhymes, cocked, too many nines, too To all my brothers it ain't too late to come together Cause too much black and too much love, equal forever I don't follow any guidelines cause too many niggaz ride mine so I change styles every two rhymes, hah, what the fuck That's 22 too's for y'all motherfuckers out there, yaknahmean? Shall I continue? Check it out, what? Can I kick it? (Yes you can!) *repeat 3X* Well I'm gone... yo, yo, yo Copped to reach my quota, push rock, roll up smooth like on ya Whole groove like hold-up, swoll up Too many faggot niggaz, clockin my spendin Exercisin you're, gay like minds like Richard Simmons If you could catch Jay right, on the late night without the eight right, maybe you could test my weight, right I dip, speak quicker than you ever seen adminster pain, next the minister's screamin your name At your wake as I peak in, look in your casket feelin sarcastic, "Look at him, still sleepin" You never ready, forever petty minds stay petty Mines thinkin longevity until I'm seventy Livin heavenly, fuck, felony after felony, what? Nigga ya broke, what the fuck you gon' tell me? ("Oooooooooooh!") Jay-Z, Jay-Z, now you know this is a fat track (aight) Now this is comin on your new album, on Roc-A-Fella records in ninety-six (no doubt no doubt) well, it is definitely the bomb But you know I do wanna say somethin to you, I know you've been havin a lot of problems with the law But I know you innocent, and I'm behind you 100% Mad Wednesday's, Ruby King, DJ Ace, Dang Dash Roc-A-Fella Records, we all behind you, you can come back anytime (Hah, thanks a lot) Wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute Ace, turn that music down I smell some reefer, now you see? That's why, our people don't have anything Because we don't know how to go in places and act properly ("Hey shut the fuck up!") Wait a minute wait a minute who told me shut the eff up? Who told me to shut the eff up? Get him out of here I'm not gonna continue this show, until you throw him out Get him out right now, then I'ma continue my speech Thank you, he's out of here now, now like I was sayin We gotta build our own business, we gotta get our own record companies goin like Roc-A-Fella Records ... Back to TOP

Ain't No Nigga

[Jay Z] I keep it fresher than the next bitch no need..for you to ever sweat the next bitch ..with speed, I make the best bitch see the exit..indeed, you gotta know your thoroughly respected by me, you get the keys to the Lexus, with no driver you gotcha own '96 suh-in..the ride and keep your ass tighter than Versace thats why you gotta watch your friends you got to watch me they conniving shit the first chance to crack the bank they try me, all they get is 50 cent franks and papayas, from the village to the tele time to kill it on your belly no question I got more black chicks between my sheets than Essence they say sex is a weapon, so when I shoot mmet your death in less than 8 seconds still poundin in my after life.. laugin my shit is tight you who askin right... Chorus Aint no nigga like the one I got no one can fuck you betta sleeps around but he gives me alot keeps you in diamonds and leathers friends 'ill tell me I should leave you alone hah hah, hah hah, hah hah, hah ha tell the freaks to find a man of there own (man a they own, man a they own) [Jay Z] Fresh to def in my skeeno coach bag lookin half black and filipino fakin no jacks got you a beeper to feel important surrouding your feet in Joanie Dega's and Charles Jordan I keep ya dove but love you know these ho's be makin me weak yall knows how it goes 'b and so I creep Ive been sinnin since you been playin wit Barbie and Ken in you can't change a players game in the 9th inning the chrome rim spinning keeps em grinnin so I run way the fuck up in em and wrinkle the face like linnin I play hard-eh till they say God.. he's keepin it real jigga stay hard lawd don't even trip I never slip, nigga what you dont see is whatcha get weapons concealed what the fuck yall feel when you nigga play sick we can all get ill -whats the deal- Chorus [Jay Z] Yo, aint no stoppin this, no lie promise to stay monogamous, I try but love you know these ho's be makin me weak yall knows how is goes 'b so I stay deep [Foxxy Brown] What up boo just keep me laced in the illa snakes bank rolls and shit, back rubs in the french tubs makin this bitch, wifee nigga so when you flip that coke remember them days you was dead broke but now your style and I raised you basically made you into a don flippin weight..heroin and shit you know my pussy is all that thats why I get bagets 5 carats and all that from doshay?????from H Im ringing bells so who the playa, I still keep you in the illest gators Tailor made so we can lay up in the shade reminiscin on how I fuck the best a shit specially when Im flippin Baileys dont give a fuck about how you move with them other mamis I push disease, eatin shrimp diamond rocks larger than life fuck them Reebok broads, you made it known who your wife was I got you frontin in Armani sweaters before this rap shit when you was in letters and bullshit berattas and eek classes with mo in the glasses shows in Cali wit all the flavor suede Bally's now all your mens' up in your benz's high post, I swear you be killin me playin inside my pubic hairs I never worry bout them other chicks cuz you proved who was your wiz when you was spinnin that bitch I took a little when you was up north your comisary stay pilin how you livin large on the island all them collects have me vex but when you come home knew I was comin off wit half of dem checks now we on the rise your diamond mami wit the slanted eyes holdin this grip cocked the green and the shit folks know I see half the dough make you wonder a star pushin hundred thousand dollar cars Chorus Back to TOP

Bring It On

[Sauce Money] Aiyyo Jay word up; these motherfuckers Fuckin talkin that comeback shit like they cookin crack Shit I ain't frontin all I want my pockets green like slum change Yaknahmsayin? Front the roll we roll back like rubbers motherfucker For real; with no trace of AIDS We keep our pockets fully blown, Roc-A-Fella click nigga Aiyyo we pattin down pussy from Sugarhill to the Shark Bar Fuck a bitch D in the marked car We got the bad bitches gaspin for air in Aspen Searchin for aspirin when I ask then, we swing You cling we do our thing and bring Sling your ding-a-ling from Bed-Stuy Brooklyn to Beijing East coast hostess hostile colossal, money flarin like nostrils for drug dealin apostles, huh Al Pacino down to Nino Brown Me Jay and Primo, got it sewed across the board like poquino Teflon, make sure your jammy is full Cause I heard, Sammy the Bull lamps in Miami with pull Tropical leaves where I got a few keys with my man I'll stock a few G's, now it's unstoppable cheese Said we was garbage, so fuck college Street knowledge amazin to scholars when we coin phrases for dollars Star studded bitches with cristals, get fucked with pistols just to see my shit, discharge puss I drop the stellar, even acapella I got to tell all about Roc-A-Fella Chorus: Fat Joe Yeah, bring it on if you think you can hang And if not then let me do my thang (repeat 4X) [Jay-Z] Mannerisms of a young Bobby DeNiro, spent spanish wisdoms in a whip with dinero, crime organized like the pharoah I cream, I diamond gleam High post like Akiem, got a lot of things to drop Brooklyn to Queens, I gotta keep my steam Niggaz wanna try to hem my long jeans Uptown fiend for Jay-Z to appear on the scene In the meanwhile, here's somethin dope for y'all to lean Liason for days on in Money make the world go around so I made songs to spin Can I Live, did dough, with my nigs, dividends flow like the Mississippi riv', lookin jig' Can't do for dolo, had to turn away when Tony killed Manolo That's real, mixed feelings like a mulatto Thug thought he was O.G. Bobby Johnson I played him like Benny Blanco, mano a mano you ain't ready, I find no trigger straight up shoot my guns horizontal, get your weight up, I am two point two pounds you're barely a hundred and twenty-five grams Wouldn't expect y'all to understand this money Do the knowledge, do the few dollars, I'm due to demolish Crews Brooklyn through Hollis to a hood near you, what the fuck... ("Bring it on if you think you can hang..." --> Fat Joe) [Big Jaz] Money is power I'm into cheddick with facial credit Pure platinum fetish for cheddars Spread letters you move you're deadish I make moves that remove pebbles out of shoes You suck pistol like pipe with the cristal John Stockton couldn't assist you Cowboys or Benzes like we foulin in the U.N. So what the fuck you doin? Whatever nigga Fahrvegnugen, rugged yet polished Spankin dollars with the commas bangin bitches out the Bahamas On hides of llama we cry nada, fly frather Fry hotter, you die gotta Fuck with me witness manana Absence of malice in my palace Call cousin now Dallas trigger finger with the callous Tip scales from mail to keep these niggaz off balance Your frequent stops to O.T.B. you feedin me Steam a nigga schemin on the wrist action with the gleams Jewels for Pop Duke fulfill your dreams Never put the pure brown sugar before the dirty green cream Chorus "Yeah, bring it on... bring it on..." --> Fat Joe (repeat 5X) Back to TOP

Brooklyn's Finest

[Jay-Z] Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ay Yo peep the style and the way the cops sweat us The number one question is can the Feds get us I got vendettas in dice games against ass betters And niggas who pump wheels and drive Jettas, take that with ya [Notorious B.I.G.] Hit ya, back split ya, fuck fist fights and layin scuffles Pillow case to your face, make the shell muffle Shoot your daughter in the calf muscle Fuck a tussle, nickel-plated Sprinkle coke on the floor, make it drug related, most hate it [Jay-Z] Can't fade it, while ya'll pump willy, I run up and stunt silly Scared, so you sent your little mans to come kill me But on the contrilli, I packs the mack-milli Squeezed off on him, let the paramedics breath all soft on him What's ya name? [Notorious B.I.G.] Who shot ya? Mob ties like Sinatra Peruvians tried to do me in, I ain't paid them yet Tryin to put 700's, they ain't made them yet Rolex and bracelets is frostbit Rings too, niggas round the way call me Igloo, Stick who? Chorus: Jay-Z What, what, what, Jay-Z, Big Smalls, nigga shit ya drawers Brooklyn represent ya'll hit, ya fall Ya crazy, think a little-bit of rhymes can play me I'm from Marcy, I'm varsity, chump, your JV (Jigga) Jay-Z [Notorious B.I.G.] Nigga baby, My Bed-Stuy flow's malicious Delicious, Fuck three wishes, made my road to riches From 62 gem stars, my moms dishes Gram choppin, police van dockin, D's at me doors knockin [Jay-Z] Keep rockin, No more Mista Nice Guy I twist ya shit the fuck back with the pistols Blazin, hot like cajun, hotter than leaving holding work at the Days Inn With New York plates outside, get up outta there, fuck the ride [Notorious B.I.G.] Keep ya hands high, shit gets steeper Here comes the Grim Reaper Frank Wright need the keys to your Integra (That's right) Chill homie, the bitch in the Shownies told me Your holding more drugs than a pharmacy You ain't harmin me, so pardon me Pass the safe before I blaze the place and hit six shots just in case Chorus [Jay-Z] Yeah, yeah, yeah, for nine six, the only MC with a flu Yeah I rhyme sick, I be what your tryin to do Made a fortune off Peru, extradite, china white heron Nigga please, like short sleeves I bear arms Stay out the way from heron (Clear) gone [Notoriuos B.I.G.] Nea Gutter had two spots The two for five dollar hits, the blue tops Gotta go, Coolio mean it's gettin Too Hot If Faith had twins, she'd probably have two Pac's Get it, Tupac's [Jay-Z] Time to separate the pros from the cons The platinum from the bronz And butter soft shit from the leather on the Fonz The S1 diamond from my eye class don A Chan Don sipper from a Rosay nigga, huh Brook Na, sippin on [Notorious B.I.G.] Cristal forever, play the crib when it's mink weather The M.A.F.I.A. keep canons in they Marc Buchanans Usually cuatro cinco, the shell sink slow, tossin ya Mad slugs through your Nautica, I'm warnin ya Chorus Back to TOP

Can I Live

Yeah, hah, yeah Roc-A-Fella We invite you to, somethin epic y'all know? Well we hustle out of a sense of, hopelessness Sort of a desperation Through that desperation, we 'come addicted Sorta like the fiends we accustomed to servin But we feel we have nothin to lose so we offer you, well, we offer our lives, right What do you bring to the table? While I'm watchin every nigga watchin me closely my shit is butter for the bread they wanna toast me I keep my head, both of them where they supposed to be Hoes'll get you sidetracked then clap from closed feet I don't sleep, I'm tired, I feel wired like codeine, these days a brother gotta admire from four fiends away My pain wish it was quick to see, from sellin 'caine til brains was fried to a fricaisse, can't lie At the time it never bothered me, at the bar gettin my thug on properly, my squad and me lack of respect for authority, laughin hard Happy to be escapin poverty, however brief I know this game got valleys and peaks, expectation for dips, four percent pertation we stack chips, hardly The youth I used to be, soon to see a mill'in No more, Big Willie my game has grown prefer you call me William Illin for revenues, grateful dim the light channel 7 news, round seven jewels, hand gettin the mic Forgettin all I ever knew, convenient amnesia I suggest you call my lawyer, I know the procedure Lock my body can't trap my mind, easily explain why we adapt to crime I'd rather die enormous than live dormant that's how we on it Live at the main event, I bet a trip to Maui on it Presidential suites my resedential for the weekend Confidentially speakin in codes since I sense you peekin The INXS rental, don't be fooled my game is mental We both out of town dog, what you tryin to get into? Viva, Las Vegas, see ya, later at the crap tables meet me by the one that starts a G up This way no fraud Willie's present gambling they re-up And we can have a pleasant time, sippin margaritas Ge-ge-geyeahhh, can I live? Can I live? My mind is infested, with sick thoughts that circle like a Lexus, if driven wrong it's sure to hurt you Dual level like duplexes, in unity, my crew and me commit atrocities like we got immunity You guessed it, manifest it in tangible goods Platinum Rolexed it, we don't lease we buy the whole care, as you should My confederation, dead a nation, EXPLODE on detonation, overload the mind of a said patient When it balls to steam, it comes to it we all fiends gotta do it, even righteous minds go through this True this, history school us to spend our money foolish Bond with jewellers and, watch for intruders I stepped it up another level, meditated like a buddhist Recruited lieutenants with ludicrous, dreams of gettin cream let's do this, against T-D-S So I keep one eye open like, C-B-S, ya see me stressed right? Can I live? Can I live? Can I live? Can I live? Ha-hah, Roc-A-Fella y'all Back to TOP

Can't Knock the Hustle

I'm makin short term goals,whonder whether foes just put away the leathers and put ice on the gold chilly with enough bail money to free a big willy high stakes, i got more at stake than philly shoppin sprees, copin three, duece fever i guess its fully loaded, ah yes, bouncin in the lex luger, tires smoke like buddha 50 g's to the crap shooter, niggas can't fade me chrome socks beamin, through my periphial i see ya schemin stop dreamin',i leave ya body steamin niggas is feenin, whats the meanin i'm leanin on any nigga intervenin with the sound of my money machine-in my cuff runnin over with hundreds im one of the best niggas that done it six digits and runnin, y'all niggas don't want it i got the godfather flow, the don juan demarco swear to god, don't get it fucked up Mary j. blige(chorus) takin out this time to give you a piece of my mind (cause you can't knock the hustle) but though you think you are baby one day you'll be a star that scene out of state where i drop my slang i'm deep in the south kickin up top game bouncin on the highway switchin 4 lanes screamin through the sun roof money ain't a thang your worst fear confirmed, me and my fam roll tight like the firm gettin down for life, thats right, you better learn why play with fire, burn we get together like a choir to acquire what we desire we do dirt like worms produce g's like sperm til legs spread like germs i got extensive hoes, with expensive clothes and i sip wine, and split ends exposed but y'all don't know...... yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, cause you can't knock the hustle Mary J.Blige but until that day then i'm the one whose crazy cause thats the way ya makin me feel (cause you can't knock the hustle) i'm just tryin to get mine, i don't have the time to knock the hustle for real y'all niggas lunchin, punchin a clock my function is lo make much 'n' lay back munchin sippin remy on rocks, my crew somethin to watch nothin to stop un... ...stoppable scheme on the ice, i gotta hide your crew i gotta let you niggas know the time like movado my motto, stack rocks like colorado bottle off the champagne, cristals by the bottle its a damn shame what ya knot though me slick like i got though (who?) fuckin Jay-Z pops knew exactly what he did when he made me tried to get a nut and he got a nut and what straight banana's can a nigga, see me got the US Open, advantage jigga serve like sampras, play fake a rappers like a campus (netigra???), son you're to eager you ain't havin it? good, me either lets get together and make this whole world believers at my araignment, screamin all these blacks got is sports and entertainment, until we even thievin, as long as i'm breathin can't knock the way a nigga eatin fuck you even Mary J. Blige takin out this time to give you a piece of my mind but though you think you are baby one day you'll be a star but until that day then i'm the one whose crazy cause thats the way ya makin me feel, i'm just tryin to get mine, i don't have the time to knock the hustle for real Back to TOP

Cashmere Thoughts

[Jay-Z has a conversation with some cat] Hah, hah, hah, hah, yeah, yeah What it is player? You player, it's all about you How you gon' say that man If I had your hand I'd turn mine in Far as I'm concerned, if I had your hand, I cut mines off Hah man, you know man, I'm just dealin that hoe money You know hoe money is slow money but it's sho' money Check this out man, when you run up on your bitch this this is what you tell her Stick they hands in they panties, grab that knot Stick they arm in a car window, drop it like it's hot [Jay-Z] Uhh, I talk jewels and spit diamonds, all cherry like a hymen, when I'm rhymin with remarkable timin Caviar and silk dreams, my voice is linen Spittin venom up in the, minds of young women Mink thoughts to think thoughts type similar Might you remember, my shit is col-l-l-ld like December Smoother than Persian rugs, the cashmere chromosomes make a nigga Jigga Jay-Z lethal drugs Eighteen carat gold pen, when it hits the sheets Words worth a million like I'm rappin em through platinum teeth I got the Grey Poupon, you been warned Cause all beef return well done filet mignon The Don, smell of Dom on my breath as I yawn, (slow) when you hoes try to con a pro As if you didn't know, Jay's about gettin dough Spittin flow like fine wines down your earlobe I'm smooth but deadly like a pearl handled pistol Honies hum in melody when I, rub it like crystal The proper ettiquette, when I drop the subject verb then the predicate, with this rich nigga preterite I'm solid gold, I rap like a mink stole I stick pearl tongues your world'll never know From New York, to Paris, the vocal style vary From nice to deadly like a bad bag of D, now notice, the child swift like a locust Focus on the loc' I be the greatest nigga that wrote it Return of the Jedi, from Rio Degenero Worn da red eye, yet I, still feel the need to be fly I did die when I'm rappin then slide like satin You know the black eye white china in the brain cabinet I never cry if I did I'd cry ice From my nigga Sauce, I hit you with this advice Life's short, so play hard and stick hard and the only time you love em is when your dick hard Whoooh! That's cashmere baby Nah, you know, that's just laid back man Man, shit, J to the A to the Y to the Z Yeah baby Motherfuckin pimp that's what he be Cashmere baby Don't get no hotter than that Sho' you're right Them niggaz know Check it out, check it out Ghettoes, Errol Flynn, hot like heroin Young pimps is sterile when I pimp through your burough in I gotta keep your tricks intact Cause I walk like a p-iyimp, talk like a mack man The star player, the golden bar layer The sweet Ms. Fine Thing puh-layah, sho' yo right I'm game tight, so watch it it change to night Go tell your peeps dawg I'm lethal til it ain't right I pimp hard on a trick, look Fuck if your leg broke bitch, hop up on your Back to TOP

Coming of Age

[Jay-Z] Yeah... Come experience... life as we know it As some of you should know it, yeah, yeah Place, Marcy, Brooklyn Actions... well, y'all know the actions Uhh, I got this shorty on my block always clockin my rocks He likes the style and profile I think he wanna mock He likes the way I walk, he sees my money talkin to honies hawkin I'm the hottest nigga in New York and I see his hunger pains, I know his blood boils He wanna, run with me, I know this kid'll be loyal I watched him make a few ends, to cop his little sneakers and gear then it's just enough for re-up again I see myself in his eyes, I moved from Levi's to Guess to Versace, now it's diamonds like Liberace That's just the natural cycle, nobody wanna be like Michael where I'm from, just them niggaz who banned from a gun We out here trying to make hard white into cohhhhld green I can help shorty blow out like Afro-Sheen Plus I can relive my days of youth which is gone That little nigga's peeps, it's time to put him on Chorus: Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek It's time to come up (and hold my own weight, defend my crown) Gots to lock it down and when they rush (stand my ground) It's time to come up (stick up my chest, and make some loot) Gots to lock it down and when they rush (stand on my own two) [Memphis Bleek] I'm out here slingin bringin the drama, tryin to come up in the game and add a couple of dollar signs to my name I'm out here servin disturbin the peace, life could be better like my man reclined in plush leather seats He's sellin weight, I'm sellin eight... balls sixteen tryin to graduate to pushin quarters y'all I ain't gon' sweat him I'ma let him come to me If he give me the nod then these niggaz gon' see I'm tired of bein out here round the clock and breakin day, and chasin crackers up the block for my pay I'm stayin fresh, so chickens check I'm tryin to step up to the next level, pushin Vettes to the Jets Diamonds reflect from the sun, directly in your equilibirum and stunned I'm waitin for my day to come I got the urge, to splurge, I don't wanna lifetime sentence just give me the word Chorus [JZ] Hey fella I been watchin you clockin [MB] Who me holdin down this block it ain't nothin You the man nigga now stop frontin [JZ] Hahahh I like your style [MB] Nah, I like YO' style [JZ] Let's drive around awhile [MB] Cool nigga [JZ] Here's a thou' [MB] A G? I ride witchu for free I want the longterm riches and bitches [JZ] Have it all; now listen to me You let them other niggaz get the name, skip the fame Ten thou' or a hundred G keep yo' shit the same [MB] On the low? [JZ] Yeah, the only way to blow You let your shit bubble quietly [MB] AND THEN YOU BLOW! [JZ] Hey keep your cool The only way to peep a fool is let him show his hand Then you play your cards [MB] Then he through dealin I understand [JZ] Don't blow your dough on hotties [MB] The only thing I got in this world is my word and my nuts and won't break em for nobody! [JZ] Hah, I like resume, pick a day, you can start [MB] From now until death do us part... Chorus 2X Back to TOP

Dead Presidents II

Who wanna bet us that we don't touch leathers Stack jettas forever, live treacherous all the etceteras To the death of us, me and my confidants Ya shine, ya feel the ombiants, ya'll niggas just rhyme By the ounce doe accumulates like snow We don't just shine, we illuminate the whole show Ya feel me, factions from the other side would love to kill me Spill three quarts of my blood into the street, let alone the heat Fuck em, we hate a nigga lovin his life In all possible ways, know the feds is buggin my life I spent all days reflecting when my man laid up On the uptown high block he got his side sprayed up I saw his life slippin, this is a minor set back Yo, still in all we livin, just dream about the get back That made him smile though his eyes said pray for me I'll do you one better and slay these niggas faithfully Murder is a tough thing to die, just It's a slow process, and I ain't got nothing but time I had near brushes, not to mention three shots close range never touched me Divine Intervision can't stop I, from drinkin my ties with ty ty Down in Nevada, ha ha, bye bye Word Life, I dabbled in crazy weight Without rap, I was crazy straight Potna, I'm still spendin money from '88 Chorus Know what, I'll make you and your wack mans fold like bad hands Roll like Monopoly, advance you copy me Like white crystal I gross the most in the end of the fist full year Than these niggas can wish to The dead presidential Canidate with the spankles and the presidental ice that'll offend you In due time when crime fleas my mind All sneak thieves and playa hatas can shine But untill then I keep the trillion cut diamonds shining real yen I'll tell you half the story, the rest you fill it in Long as the villian win I spend your pen yen to ten major events Catch me in the joints, convince my iguanas is biting J-A-Y hyphen, controling, manipulating And I got a good life man, pounds and pence Enough dollars make sense, while you ride the bitch Catch me swinging for the Feds Dead Presidents, ya know Chorus So be it, The Soviet, The Unified Steady Flow You already know, you light I'm heavy roll, heavy doe Mic machete's your flow, your paper falls slow like confetti Mines a steady grow, bet he glow Pay five then if it blow, better believe I have eleven sixty to show My doe flip like Tae-Kwon, Jay-Z The Icon Baby, you like Don, make be this Cristal's to change your life on Roll with the winners, heavy spenders like hit records: Rockefella Don't get it corrected this shit is perfected from chips to chicks just drivin a Lexus Make it without your gun, we takin everything you brung We cake and you niggas is fake and we gettin it done Crime Family, well connected Jay-Z And you fake thugs is unplugged like MTV I empty three, take your treasure, my pleasure Dead Presidentials, Politics as usual, Bla-ouw! Chorus Back to TOP


This shit is wicked on these mean streets None of my friends speak We're all trying to win, but then again Maybe it's for the best though, 'cause when they're seeing too much You know they're trying to get you touched Whoever said illegal was the easy way out couldn't understand the mechanics And the workings of the underworld, granted Nine to five is how to survive, I ain't trying to survive I'm trying to live it to the limit and love it a lot Life ills, poison my body I used to say 'fuck mic skills,' and never prayed to God, I prayed to Gotti That's right it's wicked, that's life I live it Ain't asking for forgiveness for my sins, endz I break bread with the late heads, picking their brains for angles on all the evils that the game'll do It gets dangerous, money and power is changing us And now we're lethal, infected with D'Evils... We used to fight for building blocks Now we fight for blocks with buildings that make a killing The closest of friends when we first started But grew apart as the money grew, and soon grew black-hearted Thinking back when we first learned to use rubbers He never learned so in turn I'm kidnapping his baby's mother My hand around her collar, feeding her cheese She said the taste of dollars was shitty so I fed her fifties About his whereabouts I wasn't convinced So I kept feeding her money 'til her shit started to make sense Who could ever forsee, we used to stay up all night at slumber parties now I'm trying to rock this bitch to sleep All the years we were real close Now I see his fears through her tears, know she's wishing we were still close Don't cry, it is the (beat?) In time, I'll take away your miseries and make 'em mine, D'Evils... My flesh, no nigga could test My soul is possessed by D'Evils in the form of diamonds and lexuses The exorcist, got me doing skits like Homie You don't know me, but the whole world owe me Strip! Was thought to be a pleasant guy all my fucking life So now I'm down for whatever, ain't nothing nice Throughout my junior high years it was all friendly But now this higher learning got the Remy in me Liquors invaded my kidneys Got me ready to lick off, mama forgive me I can't be held accountable, D'Evils beating me down, boo Got me running with guys, making G's, telling lies that sound true Come test me, I never cower For the love of money, son, I'm giving lead showers Stop screaming, you know the demon said it's best to die And even if Jehovah witness, bet he'll never testify, D'Evils ... Back to TOP

Feelin It

Chorus: I'm feelin it fill the glass to the top with Moet Feelin it feel the Lex pushin up on the set I'm feelin it through the high that you get from the lie Feelin it if you feel it raise your l in the sky Verse 1: I keep it realer than most I know your feelin it Cristal on ice I like those toes I keep spillin it Bone crushers I keep real close I got the skill for this On my back the fliest clothes lookin ill and shit Transactions illegitimate cause life is still a bitch And then you die but for now life close your eyes and feel this dick Since diapers had nothin to live for like them lifers but Makin sure every nigga stay rich within my cipher We paid the price to circular success they turned my mic up I bout to hit these niggas that'll light they life up If every nigga in your clique is rich your clique is rugged Nobody before cause everyone would be each others crutches I hope you fools choose to listen I drop jewels bust it These are the rules I follow in my life you gotta love it Jiggy jigger lookin gully in the joint If y'all niggas ain't talkin 'bout large money what's the point? (Chorus) Verse 2: Even if it ain't sunny hey I ain't complainin I'm in the rain doing a buck 40 hydroplanin what shorty (Where you disappear son?) Maintainin puttin myself in a position most of these rappers ain't in I'm livin the ill streets blues got you hunger painin Nothin to gain and a whole lot to lose you still singin fool I'm thorough in every boro my name be ringin Warmin it up for the perfect time to hit your brain and Ya Feelin it? to all the girls I bought the girdle to conceal my bricks No doubt they can vouch my life is real as shit 95 south and poppy on the hill and shit And all the towns like Cambridge that I killed wit shit And all the thorough ass niggas that I hustle wit Throw your joints in the air one time and bust your shit These fake rappers cant really know I'm lovin it ya feelin it (Chorus x2) Verse 3: What y'all ain't heard that nigga Jay high? The Cristals they keep me wet like Baywatch I keep it tight for all the nights my mom prayed I'd stop Said she had dreams that snipers hit me with a fatal shot Those nightmares mom Those dreams you say you got give me the chills But these mils make me hot y'all feel me Enough to stop the illin right? But at the same time these dimes keep me feelin tight I'm so confused OK I'm gettin weeded now I know I'm contradicting myself Look I don't need that now It just once in a blue moon when there's nothin to do and The tension's too thick for my sober mind to cut through I get disownin me and the chick goin to the island we're bonin I free my mind sometimes I here myself moanin Take one more toke and I leave that weed alone man It got me goin shit (Chorus x3) Back to TOP

Friend or Foe

Check one check two, you know what to do primo, cold crush when i give it to you friend or foe yo, state your biz ya tend to dough, ah , there it is me, i run the show, oh, and these kids don't like nobody commin around here fuckin wit they doe for shit you enterprisin though, and i like it but fuck with the big dogs though, i gotta bite ya, look, its out of my hands and you gettin money round here, its not in the plans so hop yo ass out of that van, head back to kansas i'm sendin niggas back up in campuses chance is slimmer than that chick in calvin klien pantses let me guess, they said it was money round here and the rest is me stoppin you from gettin it, correct? sorry to hear that, my guess is you got work at the hotel i'll take care of that , you'll see, now please give me the room key you're twitchin, don't do that, you makin me nervous my crew, well, they do pack, them niggas is murderous so would ya, please put your hand back in sight they don't like to see me nervous you can understand that, right? you draw, better be picasso, y'know the best cause if this is not so, ah, god bless you leave me no choice, i leave you no voice believe me son i hate to do it just as bad as you hate to see it done now calm your boys, cause i'm findin it a little hard to concentrate with all the noise get the point, i'll let ya go, before ya leave,i guess i aughta let you know, i need those keys and promise you never, no matter the weather evaevaevaevaevaevaevaevaeva come around here no mo' Back to TOP

Politics as Usual

You know how we do, Roc-a-Fella... forever... You can catch me skatin through your town puttin it down y'all relatin No waitin I'll make your block infrared hot I'm like Satan Y'all feel a nigga's struggle, y'all think a nigga love to hustle behind the wheel, tryin to escape my trouble kids stop they greetin me, I'm talkin sweet to keys Cursin the very God, that bought this wreath to be My life is, based on sacrifices, jewels like ices and fools that think I slip, you fuck around you get your guys hit, they built me to be filthy on some I-do-or-die shit, for real The price of leather's got me, deeper than ever and just think, with this here, I'm tryin to feel made nig-ga Politics as us-ual... I took my Frito to Tito in the district, blessed me with some VS somethins I can live with, stop frontin And for the dough I raise, gotta get shit appraised No disrespect to you, make sure you word is true I'm takin wages down in Vegas just in case Tyson have a major night off, that's clean money, the tax write-off You ain't seen money in your life, when it comes to this cheese y'all like Three Blind Mice A smokin bro, who pump Willie Ike spokes The furthest you Chiles been is the Pocanos My portfolio reads: leads to Don Corleone, nigga please Ten year feleon, heavy on the wrist, our face used with the diamond blooded Jesus and blind your face youse for life... sharight, Jigga, I keep it tight nig-ga Politics as us-ual... You feel my triumph never, feel my pain I'm lyin Low in the leather Zion, the best that's ever came The game changes like, my mind just ain't right We 'gwan get this dough, I guess it ain't your night Suckin me in like a vacumn, I remember tellin my family I'll be back soon, that was December Eighty-five and, Jay-Z rise ten years later got me wise still can't break my underworld ties I wear black a lot, in the Ac', act a lot Got matchin VCR's, a huge Magnavox to nitch, green like spinach pop wines that's vintage It's a lot of big money in my sentence Hittin towards a mil', lip a, written I kill like that chick faked me one-two cat, yeah, I do dat Ain't no stoppin the champagne from poppin the drawers from droppin, the law from watchin, I hate em Politics as us-ual Back to TOP


Stress Sunshine, geyeah I sold it all from crack to o-pium, in third person I don't wanna see em, so I'm rehearsin with my peoples high to GM, from a remote lo-cation in the BM, scopin the whole situation like, "Dayamm!" Metamorphic, as the dope turns to cre-am but one of these buyers got eyes like a Korean It's difficult to read em, the windows to his soul are half closed, I put the key in Pulled off slow, hopin my people flee-in Chink tried to knock the only link that tied me in Coppers was watchin us through nighttime binoculars This time they got us on tape, exchangin dope for dollars Make me wanna, holler back at the crib in the sauna Prayin my people bailed out like Time/Warner Awaitin call, from his kin not the coroner Phone in my hand, nervous confined to a corner Beads of sweat second thoughts on my mind How can I ease the stress and learn to live with these regrets This time... stress... givin this shit up... fuck Chorus One: This is the number one rule for your set In order to survive, gotta learn to live with regrets On the, rise to the top, many drop, don't forget In order to survive, gotta learn to live with regrets This is the number one rule for your set In order to survive, gotta learn to live with regrets And through our travels we get seperated, never forget In order to survive, gotta learn to live with regrets As sure as this, Earth is turning souls burning in search of higher learning turning in every direction seeking direction My moms cryin cause her insides are dyin her son tryin her patience, keep her heart racin A million beats a minute, I know I push you to your limit but it's this game love, I'm caught up all in it They make it so you can't prevent it, never give it you gotta take it, can't fake it I keep it authentic My hand got this pistol shakin, cause I sense danger like Camp Crystal Lake and don't wanna shoot him, but I got him, trapped within this infrared dot, bout to hot him and, hit rock bottom No answers to these trick questions, no time shit stressin My life found I got ta live for the right now Time waits for no man, can't turn back the hands once it's too late, gotta learn to live with regrets Chorus Two: You used to hold me, told me that I was the best Anything in this world I want I could posess All that made me want is all that I could get In order to survive, gotta learn to live with regrets... (when I was young) (repeat 2X) I found myself reminiscin, remember this one when he was here he was crazy nice with his son I miss him, long as I'm livin he's livin through memories He's there to kill all my suicidal tendencies In heaven lookin over me, or in hell, keepin it cozy I'm comin life on these streets ain't what it's supposed to be Remember Newton, mutual friend well me and him feudin On your life I tried to talk to him But you know niggaz, think they guns can stop foe niggaz Frontin like they're, Big Willie but really old niggaz Hoe niggaz, this year I'm sho' niggaz think I'm slippin I'm bought to send you a roommate, no bullshittin for my hustle's goin too well to hit him You was right niggaz want you to be miserable wit em Anyway, I ain't tryin to hear it, I think I'm touched this whole verse I been talkin to your spirit, a little too much Chorus One: repeat 2X Roc-A, Roc-A, Roc-A, Roc-A-Fella y'all Back to TOP

Jay - Z

Jay - Z

Jay - Z

Jay - Z

Jay - Z

Jay - Z

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