Aloha and Welcome to Zooper Facts!
DO YOU often have a trouble coming up with a new subject
when talking to your crush, your relatives, or even your friend?
No? I know you do, don't try to hide it.
Well if YES, YOU have come to a right place.
For the no people, just stay, its still a fun page to look at. :)
At Zooper Facts, you will find facts (duh), or
information of very utsnlimisk-ish things.
These facts may range from educational to non educational,
scientific to total common sense
or just simply, truth or false. OR! it may not be a fact! ha!
If you have a fact or something, that you would like me to post it up here,
(other than something like "did you know this page sucks?")
e-mail me!!
This page will probably be useful (can't guarantee)
for all you people who have nervous break downs in front of their crush.
So NE wayz... here are the ZoOper Facts.


if u drink 4rm a garden hose it can result in sevre dirreah (contributed by wes!)
wilt chamberin claims he did 20,000 girls (contributed by wes! thankyooo~!)

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