Yummm~.. Donuts..

Oh! hey! wassup! how are you all? how was your visit to Jellybeanz? or are you just getting started stop by here and take my graphics and runaway!!??? anyway, no, this is my Take Outs page~* it is a dedicated page to all you Jellybeanz visitors because without all of you, Jellybeanz would NOT have come this far.. so heres my thank you gift to you all, the cute lil raver dollies! i know you all love it! yeaaa you know you liiiiike it! NEwayz, in order to do make a "take out" from here, you MUST save whatever images on to your computer. DO NOT link the images from my site. Upload the image onto YOUR server before using. aiight? okie you may continue! (lol)



*~Take Out Menu~*

Take out da DoLLiEz!