i thought this one was interesting so here it goes

da raver Stereo Types

How to spot 'em: clothes have a washed out look, the prints on t-shirts faded, etc..
Where to find 'em: in the backround, the dark, ticket booth, and all anniversary rave celebrations
Pros: They can answer all rave questions, and talk about "when it was $5 to get in, and free water"
Cons:Complain about how it used to be $5 to get in with free water, and how raves used to be better and the people don't have the same attitude anymore.
How to spot 'em: Can't really miss 'em can you? In their huge phat pants, little kartoonz t*shirts,Wearing Glitter,and Bright Hair that*s every kolor of the Rainbow
Where to find 'em: Everywhere in the scene.
Characteristics: Stickers, glitter, Sesame Street, soft toys, backpacks, teddy bears and pacifyers.
Pros: Fun to look at. Some of them have the most interesting lives. They get in to parties for free.
Cons: When you're their friend, it's hard to get to talk to them cause everyone else is trying to do the same.

How to spot 'em: More glow sticks and bike lights on their bodies than even the average raver.
Where to find 'em: Every rave, seen dancing anywhere there are strains of techno; by their car, down the street, anywhere.
Characteristics:They are always there. When they wake up the first thing they do is put hard trance on and play it real loud.
Pros: Best person to call when you want to go out, they always go, they know where to go, and have directions to secret parties. And they'll always be there, and lend you lots of tapes.
Cons: Can become a burnout raver. They dont understand when you're tired and don't want to go out. Pray they don't live above you.


How to spot 'em: Shoes are a nondescript color of "blah", they haven't washed their hair for a month, in fact they haven't washed their clothes or bodies in a while either.
Where to find 'em: At every rave, clubs on weekdays, and cafes that play techno in the afternoon. In the day, sleeping among waterbottles, fliers and miscellaneous mess.
Characteristics:Always high, coming down or about to come up. when they laugh, it's a full body laugh where their heads flip backwards and jaws lock. They know everybody.
Pros: Great fun. They always find you the "candy" you want. Sometimes they give you some free.
Cons: Never have any money except for raves and "candy". Keep borrowing from you for important things such as food, rent and cigarettes.


How to spot 'em: One shoulder is lower than the other. They have bad posture from bending over their decks. They always have an entourage surrounding them-friends, managers, groupies, dj hoes, all with their gear.
Where to find 'em: Behind the decks or hanging out with other DJ's. Usually not dancing.
Characteristics: Either ultra arrogant or really cool. There is never an in-between.
Pros: We need 'em. If they're good they make you ecstatic, your life depends on 'em. When they are staring out, they give you tapes and play at your parties for free.
Cons: When they're not good, Your life feels like it's over. If they're your friends, you never see them, cause they are either playing or practicing. They don't go to raves unless they are playing.


How to spot 'em: The lone person or two in a group.
Where to find 'em: Around someone important, either a DJ, a promoter, a candy kid or drug dealer. Hanging out with the people who put on the rave.
Characteristics: They won't talk to you unless you know someone or are someone. If they do talk to you, they name drop.
Sample monologue: "Well, so I was there in this cafe, and I was having Sunday lunch with the promoters, yeah, and then Carl Cox comes over and sits down. Man that was the bomb! You know him? Good, he is the man!! Funny thing was there was this guy from Moonshine records, you know trying to sign my friend onto the label. You know Moonshine, right"?
Pros: They introduce you to people you might actually care to meet.
Cons: That is if you're cool enough in the first place to deserve to be spoken to.


How to spot 'em: Usually yells something subtle like "EEEEEEEE" or grabs you and says "I like your jacket, wanna buy some E"? Usually stands alone and sober.
Where to find 'em: Near the doors at parties, in parking lots.
Characteristics: Stands quietly by themselves looking for people.
Pros: Well, it's quite obvious really.
Cons: When you are really high, they keep asking you "Are you sure"? I can give you 5 and take $2 off, cause you might be so messed up that you buy them anyway. If they're your friend you never know if you want to give them a ride or not, due to the possession laws.