This page is dedicated to all my friends, and people whom i love..
As we go on..
we remember all the times
we had together
and as our lives change
becomes whatever,
we will still be,
friends forever...

ALoHa my love! (rob's voice: riiite..) so homie, hows it goin? good? cool cool..
thanks ALWAYz for hangin out with a dork like me =) thanks for carin' and
thanks for lovin' a dork like meeh..*muah*
i know u won't be lookin at this for a while... but its okay..
you are a one cool dude i've ever met! u are genius! u are terrific!
ok sorry i sound sarcastic don't i?
no but i mean it!
wHaT!? u have a problem!? huh? HUH!??
hehe jokes, here...
i love you from the bottom of my heart,
and i cherish every minute and every second i spend with you.
no matter what happens,
even if u turn into a pig, monkey, turtle, gorilla, bird, cat, dog, whatever,
i'll continue to love you...
cuz u knooooww whyyy??
because you are my BITCH!
nah just keep in mind.. "12317731778312-143" <3

Hey gurl! (no) wazzaaaaaap! hmmm so, i've known you for almost 4 years?
it all started out as us being lost, in sacred hearts, then me mistaken you as being a genius,
and became extremely disappointed when u asked me how to spell "skateboard."
yeps and i'll continue to rub that in your face.
well u are the kinkiest horniest bitch i've ever known.
nah jokes. u are not horny... i think. well its a human thing rite!?
well we will discuss this issue later...
hehe nah, thanks alwayz for being there for me
especially those times when i get down on my knees and crying like a bitch.
& thanks alwayz for being my councelor, and helping me calm down
whenever i'm stressed and raging and throwing all those pissy words.
yea keep those things between me and u
gracias mucho
i <3 u

Hey mikmik. well we've been through many tough shits..
i still regret that whole pointless fights we've had. that was just absolutely
IDIODIC. *stab through my heart*
i miss ya sooo much!! can't wait till next time u come here!
hehe ma, i'm gonna bust out my inside joke hea..
utsnlimisk... Amos, vach,
"lonely blaze (?) of grass.. will u keep me company?"
"oh we better get our money out, (pause) or like (pause) the bus driver will like (pause) yell at us!"
massage dude @ shelter, gay beach, kaimuki high, butt tanning,
guy with bandage across his nose (eww), bagel sandwich after school,
rollerblading around diamond head, surfing, Larry (remember?), and
all those other things.. that cannot be mentioned here!!!
anywayz howz cali?
found someone as special as me? lolz
wait that didn't sound right..
well gotta finish this up..
so lets just say, u will alwayz be in my... oh sorry zoned out
hmm i think these deep stuff is just not our thing. so u know what?
u will alwayz be up my ass!

i've technically known u for almost 6 years.. ever since i moved here..
cuz i dunno if u remember but u were in my A+.. (remember those things?)
anywayz, hows life?
are u rollin like a bowling ball down the train track miss?
keep that shit away they're bad for you! (inside jokes)
and u know, keep away from strangers,
penis man may attack u again...
well think positive & live ur life 2 da fullest!
& of course.. Party on..

so bitch. hows it? huh?
tyte page u got, but not as tyte as minez j/k its nice =)
how are u doing? cocaine..
Asian Prydeeeee babyyyy!
all da wayyyy!
anywayz, how are u and chris? i'm glad u guys hooked back up! <3
oh yea let me see u do ur spaz attack c'mon!
i swear, sometimes i think u are from some other planet.. like the time u tapped me
during class and u started doing this weird hand motion..
its okay, u are welcome to open up ur problems to me any time..
oh yea i think u have lots of gas in ur stomach! trust me i know this!

Hey Slim Leslie
Howz punahou? & ur new bf?
well we had a whole guy phase over period of 2 years..
its kinda funny we sorta settled down quickly out of no where.
hope u've graduated ur eye contact thingy now that u have chris!
sam is a guy that thinks he's fly and also known as a FLIRT!
have u been to the island lately?
hehe its probably been isolated now that we've grown out of it.
well c-ya later.

hey u skankie booty bizatchhh.
back that thang up!
we gotta do that old navy prank again!
lets sell our body in front of old navy..
good luck with Sonny!
i'm sure if u bust out ur dancin booty moves on him,
he'll fall for u immediately, i mean fall for your
shkankieee self!
nah jokes
well KeEep oooon rollin babyyy!

Sexy Alexiiii
hey yo innocent bizatchhh! Notttt...
yes,i hereby helding upon the "THIRD GRADE FILES" which could
destroy ur innocent reputation...
Muaaaaahhahhahahaha *evil laugh*
so don't mess with me miss innocence!
nah j/k i'll never let that
slip out~*
soo wattaaap? how are u doin in tennis? u should teach me sometime!
not lolz

genki desuka ayu saaaaan?
nihon raishuu ikuze~*
iidaro iidaro~!
omiyage kattekuru kara ne~
ja bai bai~*

Hey cHoPstiCkzz
u eTard! keep away from that shit its baaadd for youu.
j/p (just poking)
well haven't seen u for a long time.
anywayz, i still can't forget that story about u gettin involved in a shooting.
that is the stupidest and most hilarious story i've ever heard!
hehe hope we keep in touch later ons..
bye bye

p.s. eat something.

Hey although u live far away and all, i still known u for a quite a while,
so i'll give a shout out to ya!
So sup G! hows everything going up in WA?
hahaha i get to go japan and u don't!
hey pimpsta, u betta treat ur girl rite, cuz girls can be scary sometimes k!
well alohaz

Hey tammie! aka Slink-e!
well thanks for understanding.
(u know what i mean)
u are one cool dude.
thats all.
hope u find some cool chic to go with it!

...:::Chris Y.:::...
Hey Chris! haven't talk to u for a while,
so u won't be lookin at this for while either but its ok.
did u get to clear up ur girl problems?
hope ya did.
thanks for inviting me to the concert that night.
i'm still thankful, cuz else,
i would've never met my loverly robbie doobie doo!
so thanks mucho!
& god bless

...:::Chris D:::...
Hey Chris!
wazzaaaaaaap! i'm glad u and vicki hooked back up!
u guys are sooo kyoooote <3
so are u really gonna move to cali this year??
that's sad dude!
oh well whatever's best for you~*
bai bai

...:::Kun Lin:::...
hey Kun Lin!
i dunno if u EVER gonna see this, but its all gud.
i don't see u that much anymore..
well just wanna say that u are sooooo
but not as much as my puppy rob.
hehe keep smilin'!

hey Skyler!
thanks mucho for having that sleep over that night!
it was soo much fun!
sorry for wreckin ur parents' boat! =(
hehe hope to see ya sometime soon!

Shout Outz to my Japan friends!

Masako, Tomomi, Yoshiaki, Taku, Kaori, Maki,

Junya, Hayato, Keiko, Mayumi, Okapiii~