The Smile
written by Jell*e
It seemed so long,
Times were filled with memories
Every where I go
Every thing I see
Every time I look
I see that smile.
Remember when we took a walk,
It was a pointless walk,
We talked on and on,
Then we burst into laughter because it was nonsense.
The first time I met you,
You made me laugh pointing at that red lacy panties.
The time when we sat on the rocks out in the beach,
We had some good talk,
With a nice Hawaiian breeze slowly passing by
Lying down, kissing,
Softly rubbing my cheek with your thumb,
Looking in into your emerald eyes
We smiled.
We had some fights,
Small ones and Big ones,
But that’s how we got closer,
Or so I thought..
It seemed so unreal..
Never thought it would be this day.
My feelings remain the same,
I still love you as much as I did yesterday,
Hoping you would give me a call
But I know it would never happen so.
So Every where I go,
Every thing I see,
And every time I look,
I see that smile,
And tears somehow make its way down my cheek.


this poem was made when my bf and i got very close to breaking up...
actually i thought we were already broken up.. i couldn't help crying,
so i decided to write a poem.. and this is how it came out. hehe.