Wind blowing from east to west.
North to south.
Where they intersect, is where I stand.
Take me away, high above the sky.
Carry me away to the never-ending story.
Looking down and see the slight reflection of naked self.
Through the thin glass plate beneath my feet.
Fear is what I feel.
Never knowing when I would fall.
Wind, still blowing from all direction,
Surpassing me, leaving me alone.
Clouds start to gather,
Forming a dark atmosphere
Looking around,
Mountains in the west,
Ocean in the east,
Ice cap in the north
Desert in the south.
All seem unwelcoming
Drops of water starts to fall.
Making contact with my bodice.
Touch of cold never felt so comforting.
Rain hits harder, and harder as the time passes by.
In this world of confusion here I stand by,
Smile appeared upon my face,
Why, you will never know.

written by Jell-e