Jell-e's Links

** means Japanese text required to view the site

Helps n' Props

Rie Chan's web material site! best and the cutest web material u'll ever find!! ** Kandi*Land Webring Webring organized by Kittie:)
Cool site for all you Raver Girls! Java City 2000 Tons of interesting Java Scripts
Another Cute web designing site! wonderful graphics! ** Trailing Mouse Cursor This is where i got my jellybeanz to follow my cursor! check it!
Sophisticated graphics. ** TT House Cute icons! **
awesome site with JavaScripts Candy Kyds Unite! Yahoo WebRing dedicated to the CandyKids!
Digital Raver clique~! p.L.u.R all the ppl believe in PlUR gather up!!

Friends and Favorites

this site is too kute.. i luv it.. MeRLiN'z CrYpt PaGE My friend Wes' CryPt site~ haha
My KreW.. HGP! come in and find out! Everybody My frien' Ayu's site! kute kute. **
Rave Safe! know the facts before you act! Twinkle Lil Star LOL vicks' ooooold site
message board, pictures, everything.. all sorts of buddy icons for your AIM.
welcome to a Happy Happy Land! The Vaults of Erowid another drug info site! pretty kewl!
lots of kute fonts!!! PLURLAND kewl site with soundfiles you can put on your site!