....:::::Jell-e's Diary:::::....

August 16, 2001

i cut my hair short again!! waaaah! my motherrrrr cut mah hair.. veri veri scary.. i'm a mushroom girl now. grrrr.


July 25, 2001

Jell-e spends a relaxing (lazy) day... first finishes reading a book about Holocaust. Jell-e's going intelectual? no.. i hadn't done summer reading in years... but it was very interesting book~! and suppose to meet rob today... but NoOOooO he didn't answer his phone.. hmm of course im not mad at you rob.. OF COURSE NOT!! j/p so i went to the beach by myself.. rippin on the waveeeez... yumz. grr. but im still peeling.. my arms look like it has major dandruff problems.. UgH gRosS..


July 3, 2001

ShoPpIn SpReeeEe!!
haha.. My friend from Cali and i been goin on a major five finger discounts since yesterday~! haha.. over 1000$ of stuff so far... "this is major theft" quoted by jell-e.
Miki (cali girl): "does this still count as petty theft?"
Jell-e: "uh.. no.." (looks at lorE)
LorE: "more like robbery"
twitch on everybody's face


June 18, 2001

My grandma in Japan died of cancer...
now my mom is going back there for two weeks and i'm gonna be homealone... *sigh* its so sad.. now both my favorite grandparents are gone. my grandpa died when i was 7, and now my grandma. i really wish she had lived for a little bit longer but then again, this was better for her because she didn't have to suffer so long... God Bless grandma, i love you.


June 15, 2001

HGP sleepoverz
wow never had done somethin like this in a while.. it was fun! i guess. some drama with my bf happened.. but its cool now. but yea it was a hell a lot of fun to spend time wit GuRLs OnLy.. ok no we did not have some huge orgy or anything, don't get wrong ideas ppl...


June 12, 2001

*~Summa Sku~*
can suck my penis. (if i had one) err i'm takin' SAT prep class. ohhh gawd my brain's dead (...weight trying to get my head straight...)
In class, we took TESTs. OoOooooOO.. how exciting.. yea i have a feeling i'm never getting in to college. why is that?


June 2, 2001

Love Fest i went to my friend jojo's house, and me and lori were triple c'ing. its a cough medicine but it like makes you feel really f**ked if u take enough.. it was my first time.. and o my, it was weiiiirrrd.. my friend and i were floored for 6 hours. haha. anyway, lovefest!! it was pretty boring for first few hours... but i got to meet a lot of ppl laters so it was overall fun! hehe and my bf came too so it was veri veri fun! music was good too.


May 31, 2001

Well it turned out that we didn't break up!! after some arguments, we got back together~* =) i'm really happy. i love him sooo much!


May 30, 2001

i had a majorly bad day today... my bf and i broke up... i can't explain..how sad i feel.. i still don't understand why this had to take place... i still love him so much.. like every other second, i'm crying.. like everything i see has pieces of memories we spent together...


May 28, 2001

I went to see Pearl Harbor!! i was crying for the half of the movie yo.. it was sad.. like it was too destructive for me.. ppl dying.. i can't believe that actually happened.. hmph..


May 26, 2001

Jellybeanz Major construction yo... *sigh* this is going to be a lotta work but hehe i think its gonna look nice. *hopefully* oo yes today's like the first day of summer vactation!! woohoo!! well..it officially starts on Monday.. i spent my day with my sweetie Rob!! =) =) Happieeeee!!