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Prune Juice

"And in all my travels, I have found only one thing I can count on-PRUNE JUICE!"
"No problem is too big for prune juice!"

A web clique for fans of Digimon who believe that Prune Juice does, indeed, help solve most of life's problems.

Prunes are the dried fruit of the prune plum. Traditionally the fruit was harvested and sun dried. Today, most of the prunes out on the market are dried through natural gas heated dehydrators. The typical modern process is to harvest the fruit, wash and dehydrate. The fruit is then graded for size and sorted. The fruit is then stored in wooden bins until further processed. It is used for drinks, medicinal items, food, and many other things...
-Stapleton's Prune Products

So, you would like to join Prune Juice? O.O
Well, just copy and paste the code below onto your site or web page or whatever, then fill out the prune-licious form and you're on your way! *^_^*

Here's the nifty lil prune-licious code to copy and paste onto your site:

-This is for white backgrounds-

<a href="" title="Prune Juice"><img src="">

-This is for black backgrounds-

<a href="" title="Prune Juice"><img src="">

::And da prune-licious form to fill out quickly::

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