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I was born on February 24 in 1961, in the west of "Gran Buenos Aires". When I was 9 I had my first drum, after much insisting , my mother bought me in the famous "Casa America", a "Dixie", of very small sizes. Little by little I've learned to play, listening to The Beatles, and trying to catch everything Ringo done. I had the luck to see many rock and roll groups playing alive, and I always tried to learn something new from all the drummers, but without a doubt the one that impressed me more was Ruben Basoalto from Vox-Dei. It was incredible how he'd played, the force with which he beat the drum. That influenced so much my style, I also changed my drum for a "Caf ", the mark he used. With friends I formed several bands with whom we played in parties doing covers of The Beatles, Credence, etc. We've tried to sound as similar as the original ones, we spent many hours rehearsing , and that helps to perfect myself. Back in the year 82' I was part of bands with whom we played our own songs, in clubs, pubs, and discoteques. Once again I changed my drum, by an Imperial Tama Star . I was passing from a band to another, including one named "Los Senos ", with whom I only did 3 shows. Until 1984 when I formed with a friend "Los Prismaticos". We were a pop band, and admired bands like "Duran Duran", "The Cure", and "Soda Stereo". And obviously, influenced by "electronic ", I bought a Simmons SDS-1000, with X Drums pads. In addition I changed the Tama, by a Remo Encore, and had a "pretty " Zildjian cymbal set. Slowly we were gaining space, we played in several TV programs, appeared in some magazines and we participated in several festivals with other bands like "Fabulosos Cadillacs", Alfhonso Sentrega, among others; we also played with "Soda Stereo" in one of their concerts at the "Nada Personal" Tour. And we recorded our first album, that although the public didn't notice it , for us was so important. After "Los Prismaticos "I formed with Meno Fernandez: "Los Rancheros ", with whom I gained greater experience. To the shows, the appearances on TV and radio; tours around the country, trips , the recordings of several albums were added and I faced the world of music in a more professional way.

In all this time I can say that, although it was not easy, I reached many of the goals that I've planed. And to be a drummer, is one of the best decision that I took in my life.

Thanks for visiting my website!


Horacio Ardiles.

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