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Toy Box


This is all the stuff I own.



     Mask            Detonator


World Industries

Flamebo II, Hellraiser II, Wet Willy, Battle Deck



Lopez Horseman



Hawk Falcon



Pic coming soon

Drive By

Bought in deluxe package.


Black Label

Battle Star


Toy Machine

Kill You, Fists, 3 Eagles, Cane Sect, Evil Piņata

My Toy Machine Fists Board!


Blank Board


Toymachine and Hook-ups G4's



These are the new G4's well 2 of them anyway but they don't come with those trucks I bought a G4 parts pack and it came with those. Just wanted to mention that the G4's have new axles, bases, wheels, and also they have a deeper concave.


Finger Snowboards


Santa Cruz

Series 4200



Series 4230


Lib Technologies

Series 4250


Finger Bikes


Flick Trix


My Condor after I painted the tires and frame with a magic marker and if you take a nail file you can make it silver like it has been scratched up, yes and as  you can see no seat it kept on coming off so I left it off!

Mr. Lucky

TL - 88

Mine looks just like this except I am running freestyle tires with silver spokes.

Mine looks just like this except I am running freestyle tires with 5 stars.

DK General Lee

This is mine! 


Road Champs

These things are awesome they look exactly like the original bikes. They come with either extra handle bars, extra seat, extra pegs, or extra forks. You can change everything on these things except the cranks. I paid $7.99 at k-b toys but saw them at toys 'r' us for $5.99.

Cool bike comes with extra handlebars that are green.


This bike comes with grind master pegs and a gray haro seat.


This bike comes with regular pegs and a white haro nyquist seat.

This bike comes with extra tires and some ugly red grips.


This is my blue mako.


This is my Dave Mirra Pro it is in series #4

It now has white tires and silver rims.

This is my Ryan Nyquist backtrail it came with a spinner trick stick to do 360s,540s, ect.

This is my haro shedder.

Here are some of the trick sticks from series #4.

Finger Wheels (finger dirtbikes)


Click to see Larger.

These things are awesome they come with extra rims, wheels, and  axles plus a tool for putting on the wheels.

I have three the two above and also another Yamaha like the one above except it is purple.

The Yamaha came with yellow and aluminum silver rims.

The Honda came with gold and dull silver rims.