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Blank Board   

        To make a Blank board you need a really scratched up board that you don't mind having blank. Then you have to take off the trucks. Next put a piece of tape firmly on the part of the board with the graphic then gently pull up the tape with the graphic stuck to it and that's it you now have a blank board.

  Finger Freestyle Walking Shoes   

        To make a pair of Finger Freestyle Walking Shoes you need to go to Wal-Mart or where ever you buy your boards from and look for a skateboard that comes with a man and little shoes. Second you need to get a hobby knife to cut out the center of the shoes mommy or daddy might need to help you on this part. Third put your fingers in the shoes take some blue masking tape and tape them on your fingers. I like blue masking tape because it looks like blue jeans. Now you have your very own pair of freestyle walking shoes so you can take a picture of you doing tricks with them and send um to me so I can put them on the site.

A Skint-up Fingerbike

        First you need a bike that you don't mind messing up. Now you need to get a nail file. Then you take the nail file and rub it as hard as you can until you see all the paint stripping off and then take some soap and wash it off as you are sanding I guess. Now you have a wrecked bike.

Sticky fingers

       If you are having trouble getting the board to stay stuck even though it's not really what I recommend but if you just can't ollie maybe this will help.  Take a skittle size dab of toothpaste and rub it on you're board and when you're friends ask what the white is on you're board say it's dead skin.

Dirt Jumps

      Ok, first you need to get an old table that your mom or dad doesn't mind getting dirty (It probably want get dirty but just to be on the same side ask them to make sure it is alright if it does.)  Then put a plastic table cloth over it this way when you get tired of it just rip up the cloth and dump the dirt out. After that you need to  wait till it rains or soak up the ground where you are going to get your dirt from then get a bucket fill it with dirt dump it on the table smooth it out to make your foundation.  Example Then all you have to do is add more dirt and start building the hills. This is what mind ended up looking like. 



Got a tip or trick send it to by e-mail.