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Why You Like S Club 7

Hey! This is the Why You Like S Club 7 page. The page is looking good and I have many reasons why you, the fans, like S Club 7. If you have a reason why you like S Club 7, I kindly ask for you guys out there to send me the reasons why, right here. Send me your e-mail or name to so that you'll get credit. Everything you send me will be posted. Hope to hear from you soon!

"I like them because they're, just a 'feel good thing'. Listening to their music and watching the show just makes me happy and makes me wanna dance, and Jon is too hot!!!"~Megan

"I dont really know why I like S club. I'm not really into pop music but I saw there show in November and I liked them ever since :)"~Mike

"I love S Club 7! I've never really been into all the pop band craze but having a girl/boy group is great. I love all the girls of S Club but Tina's my favorite. Without her, I don't think S Club would be the same for me. She brings a presence to SC7 that I love. That's why I love S Club 7 so much."~Simon~

"I like S club 7 because they are good singers and dancers especially Rachel Stevens and Hannah Spearritt and my favorite song is S club party."~Monica

"They are positive, they care, they are all funny, they are all good singers, their music puts me in a good mood."~Brittany

"I like S Club 7 because they have great songs that I can just listen to all the time. I also like how they are seven people who get along great and are such good friends. I love their show and I'm glad I can watch it every week."~Brittany

"I like S club 7 because their music are great. I see them on TV, they are so happy & cheerful.They are funny, caring to each other. They are great friends. Seeing them on tv so happy playing on the beach make me feel like I also want to be on the beach with them. My favourite members is JO O'Meara &Jon Lee. I think Jo singing is great. Jon is so cute. That's why l like S club 7. =) "~Jennie

" I like S Club 7 because they have great songs and I love their TV show! "~Corinne (P.S.- Megan, I totally agree withyou!)

"I like S Club 7 because the TV show is great! It's really funny and the music and dancing are some of the best. They all seem to get along like really good friends, and they're also very cool. I like Paul and Jon (really hot!) and I can't decide which of the girls are coolest!"~Tania

"Hello to you ! I like S Club 7, because, they are the greatest band in the UK. Their songs are great, I listen to it all day long. They are funny, I like the TV show. It's cool. I like Bradley. Because he's funny. My favourite girl is Rachel of course. She's so beautiful. I haven't met the S Club yet, but I'm waiting for this day to come. That's why I like S CLUB 7. Thank You." ~Yaron

"Hi. I like Sclub7 because they are not just a band for me. They are more. I met them and they are so sweet!!! They are really good persons and they deserve all the luck in the world. Jon is a completely hottie, cuttie, gorgeus, pretty, sexy, etc etc... I LUV him from the bottom of my heart. I dream about them every night and i think about them every night. I canīt live one day without "being" with them. I mean, with their music, their pics... I just luv them and I canīt live without them." ~Fran

" The songs are great, their dance moves are inexplainable, and the guys aren't that bad on they eyes either. My favourite member is Jo, cos I can relate to her, we have some of the same past, so to speak. I just love S Club cos their great! ."~Karla

"I love S club 7, because is very good group. I live in Spain and I watching them serie. My favourite member is Hannah; I like hannah !!!!!!!!! ."~Leire

"I like SC7 cause they are cool down to earth they each have different personalities and Miami7, LA7, and Hollywood7 is just downright funny." ~Jamal

"I don't like S club 7. Who could like them? I LOVE them! The music is great to sing and dance to. Not to mention you can hear it on their show if you don't have the CD. And it's easy to learn their dance steps. I could just say they are amazing and leave and know you would agree but instead I'll just name one good thing about each of them. Jo is a good singer, Tina is a good dancer, Rachel has the best clothes, Hannah has the cutest haircut, Jon has that nice smile, Bradley has that good voice for rap, and Paul is x-tremely funny on the show. That is why I Love S club 7." ~Michelle

"Hiya! I love sclub!! They totally rock!! Their music is fab, their shows r brill, their personalities r wicked!! Hannah is way far the best, she is sooooo cool!! I luv seeing double n my fave song is Gangsta Love n dance!! I cnt wait 4 da tour n i cnt wait 4 da movie!!! SCLUB R DA BEST EVA!!!!!!!!" ~ Dani