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I will supply as much news as I can get, but it will all be from the official site. If any of you out there would like to be a news correspondent please e-mail me here. Thank you!

U.K. News

Hollywood 7

Hollywood 7 starts (started) on September 28th. Be sure to tune in each week!

Fans Of S Club 7 U.K. News Sucks. Want somewhere that supplies up to minute news?

I know my U.K. news isn't too cool so go here. I constantly go to this site. I think it's absolutely brilliant.

American News

S Club 7 in Hollywood started on September 15th. Be sure to catch new episodes each Saturday at 11:00am. S Club 7 is also on everyday at 5:00pm. If you haven't taped your favorite episodes yet, now is the time. If anyone has news on if and when Don't Stop Movin' will be released here, let me know. Thanks!