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This is the article page. It has articles from magazines. All articles are about S Club 7. So far I only have one article and I want many more to post, but not just from North America where I'm from, I want articles from all over the world to post. But that means I'll need your help. If you're interested in submitting an article send the article here along with what magazine the article came from and also your e-mail or name so that I can give you credit. Thanks!

BOP January 2000 issue

"S Club 7 Hit the Miami Scene"

"To tell you the truth, Tina Barrett, Rachel Stevens, Hanna Spearritt, Jo O' Meara, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee and Bradley McIntosh--the British tunesters behind "Bring It All Back"-- were a bit nervous about moving to Miami, Florida to film the new Fox Family Channel series S Club 7 in Miami. Why, you ask? Well, they really didn't know what to expect.

After all, they were leaving their families and the comfort of their quaint, English homes to go make their 'telly' debut in the United States. Quite intimidating, if you ask us--especially when you consider that being part of a regular series is a first for the seven young stars. 'S Club 7 in Miami was actually my first acting experience,' Jo smiles.

Still, the bright-eyed bunch packed their bags; said buh-bye to their sibs, mums and pops, and native England; and transplanted temporarily to our sunniest, southernmost state to film the show--determined to make it big-time. And, believe us, it's a good thing they did.

When we here at BOP met up with these cutie-patooties at a photo shoot, we were totally impressed. Not only are their upbeat personalities totally infectious, but they're also oozing with talent. The groupmates--who acted like total pros while fab photog Joey snapped away--are each talented in their own special way. 'Tina was a professional dancer, and I did acting before,' Hannah tells us. Bradley adds, "Paul is a fantastic actor and dancer, and Jo is a fantastic singer and I've also been singing.' 'And I've done acting and singing, as well,' Jon offers. 'Singing has always been in my heart,' reveals Rachel. 'We are all so different,' Bradley beams, 'but we have our very own strong talent.'

So how did it go once they hit the Miami beaches to film the show? Three words: They loved it! 'The weather in Miami is nice, and the shopping is so good,' Rachel, who is used to London's super-chilly climate, raves. 'Then there's the beach! We were really close to the beach.'

Aside form the great acting-and-singing gig ant the terrific beachfront tanning sessions, the talented troupe had total fun living together. And though they sometimes got weepy about their loved ones across the Atlantic--especially Rachel, who got really homesick on occasion--they found in each other the support they needed to stay smiley. Seriously, the experience brought the seven of S Club 7 thisclose! 'We get along pretty much like a family,' Paul proudly announces. 'We really care for each other.'

So Boppers, if you're anything like our staffers, who can't stop sing the catchy tune--don't stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top, let the world see what you have got, bring it all back to you!--don't say we didn't warn you. It takes just on earful of the bouncy single, and that's it--you'll love these boppin' Brit's too!"

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Smash Hits- Boys vs. Girls

We asked the Girls about


Hannah: Paul smells. He changes his pants about every 2 days!

Tina: He does wash, obviously-just not as often as we like.

Hannah: He loves it. He's always Belching.

Jo: And farting!

Rachel: They all fart. They go. ''Shh, can you here it?'' And then

Hannah: They point their bum in your face!

Tina: I have to say Jon's the least like that. He's very clean.

Hannah: Oh, probably better than us, actually. He wears Asda Y-fronts. Clean and White like a girl!

Tina: Don't be Nasty! (Pause) Does he really?

Rachel: Oh yeah,-remember when he was running down the hotel corridor in Y-fronts?

Jo: No, he was actually doing ballet down the corridor. It was the first time I met him, and I thought he was a weirdo.


Hannah: Oh my god! Paul is the messiest!

Tina: Jon's alright, but Paul is hideous!

Jo: No, no, no. Jon's messy as well.

Tina: I don't think he is.

Rachel: Not as messy as the others, but he's messy.

Tina: Paul and Bradley, though

Rachel: Bradley's room in America was bad.

Hannah: I bet Paul said I was messy. Yeah? Cheeky git.

Tina: (Concerned) You are quite messy. Did they say I was messy?

Jo: (Proudly) Well, I'm not messy.

Chat-Up Lines

Tina: Bradley's got his book, 100 Chat-Up lines. and he's done them all!

Jo: And they never work!


Hannah: Jon's walkedin on me in the bath.

Rachel: Oh, and me.

Jo: And me.

Hannah: He's got a bit of a habit of doing that, hahaha!

Jo: And their always showing their arses! Hannah: Oh yeah, Bradley just walks around with his boxer shorts down!

Rachel: (Threateningly) He could walk by here right now.

Tina: I've never seen anyone's, like, ''tackle''.

Hannah: No, Paul gets his willy out alot. He wrapped it around Nah,I can't tell you.

Rachel: Go on- they dished the dirt on us!

Hannah: He wrapped it around his wrist and used is as a watch! (L.O.L.) And then he said ''Hannah, ask me the time!'' Liking them as Friends

Rachel: (horrified) Why would you want to snog them?

Hannah: It would be like snogging your brother!

Jo: For a start their too annoying!

Tina: And their all to young for me. Even Paul.

Jo: Don't get me wrong their lovely looking blokes, but not my type.

Tina: Yeah,even if the future of mankind depended on it, then sorry world.

We asked the Boys about

Being in Minority

Paul: I suppose they've always got that extra bit of manpower, or womanpower I should say.

Jon: Yeah, but it wouldn't matter how many there were. If there was like, four million boys and two girls they'ed still win.

Bradley: But they can't stop us from doing boy stuff.

Jon: I dunno. Tina would put up a fight.

Bradley: And Jo would put up a couple of punches. She's scary!

Jon: Rachel as well, I reckon.

Paul: (shaking his head) We'd still win.

Toilet Trouble

Brad: They use to go to the toliet together all the time.

Jon: They still do! Rachel won't go in by herself because she's afraid of locking the door.(Shrugs) Don't ask me why.

Paul: I think Tina and Han will go in on there own. But them, Hannah's not that girly really, except when it comes to being, well, I don't like to use the word manipulative, but she.......

Jon:( Nodding ) She get's her own way.

Bradley: Oh yeah, Hannah's def the biggest flirt.

Jon: If she likes someone, it dosen't matter where she is or who they are, she'll just go for it.


Brad: Their all useless at sport.

Jon: Anything to do with exersice they give up.

Paul: Of course, Jo thinks she's brilliant.

Jon: Oh god, Jo's like '' I'm wicked at bowling'',''totally wisked''. And then you go bowling and she's rubbish.


Jon: Their favorite excuse is it's that time of the month.

Jon: After all that we've just slagged them off, you don't seriousally think we fancy any of them?

Bradley: Not anymore, anyway.

Paul: Their all beautiful girls, obviously, and hand on heart I can say I love them all.(Pauses) Well, maybe live is a bit strong.

Jon: ( Laughing) Oh, that's harsh.