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My Angel

You are always here with me
lulled in my thoughts...
I want you so deeply I spend my day
making love to you in my mind...

I believe that with you,
I can fulfill my dream...
I look forward to the day when
I would awake in the morning
and I would find you there
lying beside me....
And I would stretch my hands
to caress your hair...

These days my life
is built around when next
I'll see you,
when next
I'll receive your email,
when next
I'll hold you close in my arms.

You've been there for me
when I was up and down.
You've always been my inspiration
for everything I am and will be...
No matter where you are or what you do..
I'd give up my life to make you happy...
sacrifice everything even my own happiness...
it's what you mean to me...
Then give your life to me...
It's what would make me happy...

My Angel
you're the only one
holding the key to
my heart

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